Jock’s Round 17 selection advice video

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Jock's round 17 fantasy footy adviceThree weeks to go before the pressure cooker of the Supercoach and AFL Fantasy finals arrive.

Here is my weekly whip around the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy community, the issues we are discussing, the trades we are making, the direction we should go as we head for home.

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  1. Tom says:

    Great video Jock! Love your work
    One quick question, who should be traded, out out of Cox, Naitanui or Maric?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      On form, I'd say Naitanui, but I feel as though he'll rip it up the second I (you) trade him out. Remember, this is a player capable of scoring 170+ on a very good day. Surely you have other worries?

    • Rocksta says:

      I think you should keep them all.

    • dustin says:

      If you had to pick one it would be maric

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Nic Nat as it looks like he will be rested and could be out for some time with groin issues. If he play's he is hampered by that injury and won't score big and he is going to leak a truck load of coin. If you hold off on Nic Nat for a week or two and he play's he ain't going to be worth nothing

  2. The Camm says:

    No mention of the young lad Dangerfield??? What should do with him?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      If you have less than six trades, hold him. Word is, worst case scenario is four weeks, the beginning of the SC finals.

    • Rocksta says:

      It's a hard one.
      I traded him because I also have Watson on my bench. I traded him for Swanny and really can't justify trading him unless its for a like for like super elite mid ( Swanny,Pendles,Barlow,Ablett).
      They say he can't move his arm at present without pain.

      • Pete says:

        Hey Rocksta – I'm in the same boat with both Danger and Watson in my team, and I can only afford to keep one. Are you hanging on to Watson? Reports suggest he may be back around the same time as Dangerfield, and trading Danger out frees up more cash for me to bring in Pendlebury

  3. James says:

    Hi Jock,

    What should we do with Patrick Dangerfield? Do we hold or trade?

    Reports say 1-4 weeks which isn't helpful at all. I have 9 trades at the moment so should I trade Dangerfield and for who? Already have Ablett, Pendles, Josh P Kennedy, Fyfe, S Mitchell, D Swan and T Mitchell.

    Wanted to use the 9th trade on getting Stevie J in for Zorko but Stevie is suspended again.

    Would love you thoughts on Danger.


    • Cash cow$$ says:

      Maybe upgrading to Barlow if u have cash

    • womp says:

      maybe delidio or cochin

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes with that many trades I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger and get Danger out, especially as you already have Tommy Mitchell on the field so your bench cover is probably lacking.

      Would look at the likes of Barlow or Selwood who would be fine additions to any coach's midfield brigade.

      • James says:

        My backup this week will be Brad Crouch. Should I still trade?

        • SCaddict says:

          With that many trades I would in your position. Of course it's all contingent on where you are placed in your leagues. If you are sitting comfortably in the top 4 in all your leagues you could potentially hold on to him and wait it out for at least a week or two and see where things stand then.

          It's just he's a fair chunk of your scoring to lose especially if he does end up missing a whole month of footy.

          • James says:

            I'm currently 1st in my league so I will wait it out for the first week and assess things next week.

            Thanks for the advice.

  4. Remy says:

    Is Goodesy to Jack Grimes a good trade community?
    Or is it a waste? I'll only have 4 trades left:(

  5. Tom says:

    In the backline, who is a better option for the rest of the season?
    H.Shaw or N.Malceski

  6. big fella says:

    who should be traded out first from Zorko, Jacobs, or Staker? The last three problems in my team.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      If you mean this week, then I'd get rid of Jacobs. The Brisbane boys have Melbourne, and Staker looks a decent F7/D7 keeper.

  7. Kerrigan says:

    Love your work jock! Is rioli worth looking at in a couple of weeks?

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Kerro. Would certainly have a look at him for a few weeks first – we all know he's injury prone at the best of times so would want to see some very solid form before considering him 😉

  8. nick says:

    hay got bit of a problem who to name cap gaz swann or pendels and who to put in the team and leave on the bench priddis or delido got bit of a problem can anyone give me a hint

    • Gilly says:

      As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow Deledio will be tagged by Crowly and cant handle it, I think he will be licky to score 90 this week.

      Ross Lyon has never lost to Richmond, 8 wins and 1 draw might be another sad day for Crouching!

  9. Jimmy says:

    Currently sitting on 5 trades and planning to trade Terlich to McBean (swinging Staker into the backline) which allows me to move Cox into my FWD putting Zorko on the bench and Nicholls on the field in my RUC. This trade creates $332,500 which I'm planning on using to send Crouch to a premium sometime before finals and also pocketing ±$100,000 which I can use to patch another area on my ground (Hartlett and Franklin look most likely). If Buddy is not named this week then, it is a no-brainer for me to send him to Bartel with my 2nd trade to avoid a donut and generate an average of 17ppg. But, if Buddy is named and there is no reason for me to trade him this week, who should I be looking at to bring in for Crouch? I was thinking of waiting a week for Griffen to drop ±$30,000 and Crouch to rise ±$20,000, but I was also considering bringing in Mundy this week who is in great form averaging 126 in his last 3 and 118 in his last 5 and also has that great Fremantle finals run, what are people's thoughts?

    Just for the record, my current midfield is:
    Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Barlow, Selwood, JPK, Priddis, Mitchell, (Crouch, Hrovat)

    • Jay says:

      First trade sounds good, but Lions do play Melbourne this week, so you may want to have Zorko on the field this week at least….
      In regards to upgrades for Crouch…….I'm not sold on Griffen – sure he had a purple patch in the middle there, but far too erratic for a premium – I would go Mundy – no brainer considering Freo's draw & he did finish last year off very strong as well – also with Sandilands coming back, Freo's midfielders could get better and better..

    • toonking says:

      Trouble with McBean is the Richmond games are early in the round in the finals. I have Roughy, Nicholls, Rowe, NicNat, Cox FWD.

      Was thinking of trading NicNat in to McBean and using the ruck loophole. The loophole works fine until finals. You'd be risking that Nicholls is ok straight out for R2 without the safety of Rowe. I am ok because I have trades left so at any stage could trade up Rowe or Nicholls. I also need to win this week to cement a top 4.
      Anyway hope that helps

  10. James says:

    Goodes to hanley? thoughts

  11. Kony says:

    At this stage my team for this week is looking like:

    Goddard, Hanley, Shaw, Gibbs, Goodes, Staker, (Thurlow, Clisby)
    Ablett, Pendles, Swan, JPK, Lids, D.Martin, Mayes, TMitchell, (Danger, Jobe)
    Goldy, Nicholls, (Blicavs, Moller)
    Walker, Rocky, JJK, Buddy, Nic Nat, Rowe, (Stevie J, X.Richards)

    Only have 3 trades left with $611400 in the chest, Playing last place this week so easy win.
    Would love some opinions on what to do (if anything) as im stumped.

    • SCaddict says:

      Not too much wrong really so it's probably best to conserve your trades Kony.

      If you were going to make a move I would perhaps upgrade your D5 or D6 to HepD or consider replacing Jobe.

      However since you have an easy kill this round and plenty in the kitty there is no harm in waiting another week to contemplate these possibilities and to get a better update on Jobe's likely return date.

  12. Jimmy says:

    What to do with Dangerfield?
    My midfield currently is Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Dangerfield, Selwood, Swallow, Fyfe, JPK, Emg: T.Mitchell, K.Martin
    7 trades left with 70k in the bank

    • JJFYZZ says:

      Trade Danger and bring in Barlow, unless Martin is going to get a game again soon to offer cover on your bench

  13. @Jacko2128 says:

    Would like some trade ideas for my team please (47K left, 8 trades):

    goddard, heppel, gibbs, hartlett, duffield, mckenzie. SUBS terlich, clisby.

    GAJ, Pendles, JPK, Barlow, cotchin, Mundy, Shuey, Titchell. SUBS danger, crouch

    Jacobs, nicholls. SUBS rowe, currie.

    Rockliff, JJK, buddy, Zorko, Nic Nat, Staker. SUBS Steve J, bennedy.

    Was thinking terlich to dusty martin as my 1st trade and unsure about the 2nd trade.
    Feedback is appreciated.

  14. Darby dashers says:

    8 trades left playing soft team in my league this week. 8 trades left, thinking hold this week and bring Johnson in for the dangerman

  15. Chooka says:

    Hi community, I have 6 trades left.

    Should I trade Dangerfield out for Swan.

    I have T.Mitchell on the field and Shuey, Horvat on the bench.


  16. luke says:

    Hi Jock and community,

    My team prior to round 17 is:

    Trades Left: 6 || Remaining Salary Cap: $9, 600

    Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Hartlett, Hanley, Heppell (Clisby, Frost)

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Selwood, Priddis, Cotchin, Swan (Mitchell, Hrovat)

    Minson, Natnui (Nicholls, Currie)

    Cox, Franklin, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy, Staker (Lee, Daniher)

    Really desperate for some advice this week. With Dangerfield, Natnui and Franklin all injured this week, I am not sure what 2 trades to make this week. Was initially planning to complete my forward line my upgrading Staker to Bartel but thinking I might focus on the injuries before I upgrade Staker as he still does have a bit of cash left in him. I have good midfield coverage so Im thinking I might leave Dangerfield on the bench and put Mitchell on the field. Besides that, what should I focus on this round and what trades should I make? In real need this week.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Alex says:

    I'm trading out Nic Nat and Patty Dangerfield.

    Who should I get for the two.

    I was thinking of getting Andrew walker or dean cox for Nic Nat and Sammy Mitchell for dangerfield.

    What do you think?

    • JJFYZZ says:

      Not sure who else you have but how about Roughy for Nic Nat and JSelwood/Barlow/JPK for Danger. Not sold on SMitchell…not sure why though. Maybe it's his little legs.

  18. Gilly says:

    I've got the same situation, have traded Danger to Pendlebury but not sure what to do with Nic Nat leaning towards Goldstein/Minson

  19. Darby Dashers says:

    Traded danger for swan. Reckon swan will be on fire for rest of the season

  20. Shannon G says:

    Great form here Jock, thinking Danger must go! Has been a great ride by mighty danger mouse, but he won't come back in the same form.

    Sent you guys a nice donation during the week, just want to make sure you guys got it.

  21. [email protected] K1nG says:

    Hey Community!

    I currently have 74 k and 11 trades. If I downgrade terlich I should have 380k and 10 trades (1 this round). I currently have Goodes, Jacobs, Zorko, Staker and Dangerfield. I only have viney/hunter to cover danger. What are your thoughts on trades??
    Thanks in advance!

  22. Luke says:

    Thinking of trading out Natanui (as I have Nicholls) to Mcbean to generate cash. Want to either upgrade Staker or Lee to Bartel to complete my forward, but not sure who. If I upgrade Lee, ill have barely any money left, but will good forward coverage with Staker having good job security, whereas if upgrade Staker, ill still have 200k left, but will have a fragile forward bench with Lee's unreliable job security. What should I do?