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The heavy artillery from Collingwood went BANG Friday night.

Dangerfield looks as if he is in a bit of strife with his shoulder. Played the game out Β Friday night and did his coaches proud. I love him. There Ive bloody said it.

Plenty of discussion around loopholes and captains buzzing around, lets get the discussion started… whats on your mind this weekend?



Don't Argue · 13/07/2013 at 10:28

Hi Jock
Long term reader, first time commenter. Love the work from you and the boys.
How bad is Dangers shoulder? Do you think he will miss games?

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:44

    Great to have you mate! Looked like a 2 weeker to me – its a matter of wether he'll push through it. Either way his output will be negatively effected as I see it. They really should have subbed him last night – thought it was wreckless leaving him out there – precious cargo

      ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 13:00

      AFL website suggests it looks like a 3 week recovery. Fortunately for him (and us) it was a only a sprain. Sanderson considered subbing him out until the club doctor convinced him it wouldn't aggravate the injury further.

      Don't Argue · 13/07/2013 at 17:09

      Thanks Jock
      I've got Watson as well, so have some tough decisions to make. Tempted to trade Jobe for Mundy and keep Danger on the bench for a few weeks and hope he comes good for finals.

        Pete · 14/07/2013 at 10:16

        Can't believe they left him on the ground, silly player management IMO

    Jack · 14/07/2013 at 14:54

    He looked pretty good when he plucked that cracking overhead mark in the last quarter. Adelaide has a 9 day break before it's next game so, pending scans, he could be a chance to play. I'm in the same boat with Watson already in the JR Bungalow awaiting trade week so here's hoping he gets back quickly.

Jamie · 13/07/2013 at 10:30

I put Dangerfield on bench incase he did what happened last night, now have the choice of leaving Vlastuin on the ground or using the loophole to keep Danger's 70 pts. What would you do guys?

    ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 10:57

    Wow! How did you see that coming?? I'd keep the 70. Vlastuin has been downright pathetic recently.

      Jamie K · 13/07/2013 at 11:15

      My only 2 non playing bench players both play Sat arvo so didn't have any other options. Had Pendles as VC (my crystal ball has been good to me so far!). Thanks for the opinion!

Jamie · 13/07/2013 at 10:32

Just putting it out there, Pendlebury is as much of a lock each year as Gablett is.

    Jamie K · 13/07/2013 at 10:34

    Much agreed, have had him all year, great for the VC loophole as Collingwood play a lot of the earlier games of each round.

    Don't Argue · 13/07/2013 at 10:37

    I agree. Usually try to work the Loophole aground Ablett & Pendles as they have both been awsome this year

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:44

    Yep. Agree mate

    BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 16:20

    Jamie & Jamie K one of the same ?? As Above

Fabian · 13/07/2013 at 10:51

VC on Swan… opponent has it on Pendles. Argh! Gonna have to stick the C on Gaz and hope he puts out a massive one!.

I think Jobe and Danger's injuries showed us the importance of holding on to trades.

Jamie · 13/07/2013 at 10:52

Staker is a pretty good bench warmer to have. If he keeps scoring the way he does you would nearly be happy to keep him. I would hold off Franklin, he has been disappointing, and I don't think he will be playing.

Kewgie · 13/07/2013 at 10:56

Does Ablett play well after a break? Or take Swan's VC score of 126?

@Jakespoonman · 13/07/2013 at 11:15

Josh Thomas made the sub after being named. Trade to Sam Mitchell.

Danger does his shoulder and limps through the game, while my league opponent has Swan AND Pendles! O'Meara left on my bench.

Likely Buddy won't play. Think this week will be a bad one…

Jake · 13/07/2013 at 11:20

Hey community! Should i go buddy to stevie j?

    Jamie K · 13/07/2013 at 11:27

    I did Jake, although, I had 10 trades left before this round, Hanley in for Watson (Vlastuin into midfield bench), & Franklin out for Stevie J. Hoping he can punch out a 150 odd against the Dees!

      Jake · 13/07/2013 at 11:30

      yeah, i'm leaning toward it especially with buddy scoring poorly against some of the teams he will play in sc finals!

Sam · 13/07/2013 at 11:26

Scored alright with Shaw, Swan, Pendlebury and Dangerfield.

I hope Rowe can get a good score because franklin is out.

Should I keep Jacobs score of 83 or go with Nicholls????

    cotchandmurph · 13/07/2013 at 11:33


    Benni · 13/07/2013 at 12:33

    Weather in cairns today perfect, don't see the conditions being real slippery. I'd take sauces score.

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:44

    I'd just about take the 83 – very close call.

    CashCows · 13/07/2013 at 17:28

    Nicholls playing well

cotchandmurph · 13/07/2013 at 11:35

i moved the vc off pendels and put it on swan, now i need gazza to score big

glen · 13/07/2013 at 11:37

ok how does this loophole thing work? got ablett c pendles vc

    Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 11:40

    put the captain on a player not playing and have a player that is playing as emergency to get their score and pendles will become captain.

      glen · 13/07/2013 at 11:43

      ok think i've got it thanks bruds

        Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 11:46

        good stuff glen! an example would be to put C on thurlow in the backline and have a defender like heppell as emergency and then heppell's score will count but not become captain and pendles will give you 306!!

    cotchandmurph · 13/07/2013 at 11:45

    ok glen, if you have a non playing player like viney or currie, put them on the field and make them captian, then, say if you use viney, put tom mitchell on the bench as emerg and wait for the magic to happen

      glen · 13/07/2013 at 12:20

      put naismith (syd) on gawn (melb) off c is on naismith is that ok?

        Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 12:27

        beautiful, have gawn as emergency if you were planning on playing him to get his score and you're set!

          glen · 13/07/2013 at 12:41

          thanks for your help…pity i didn't find this page at the start of the season…might be sitting higher than 4th good luck e1 that helped for the rest of the season

Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 11:49

Hey community! I had shaw as emergency last night and am using his score but am wondering if i should swap goodes for heppell, mckenzie or hartlett, any thoughts?

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:49

    I reckon Heppell. Reckon he'll lift in Jobe's absence, plenty of midfield time, and aside from that the best pick of those three

      Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 13:08

      cheers jock!, i have heppell, goddard, shaw, hartlett, mckenzie and gibbs on at the moment, hopefully goodes who is sitting on the pine doesn't pull out another 111 like last week!

glen · 13/07/2013 at 11:50

ok how does this loophole thing work? got ablett c pendles vc

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:49

    Gday there mate. Whack a player on the field who is definitely not playing, and whack the C on him. You'll then get your VC's score. Just make sure you have an emergency covering your dummy captain πŸ˜‰

Jeff · 13/07/2013 at 12:08

I've got Watson and Dangerfield, haven't made any trades yet this round (5 left). Was thinking of going Watson to Selwood/ Jack this week, but do you think I should hold off trading until next week to assess the situation with Dangerfield?

    Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 12:14

    hey jeff, i picked up selwood this week for watson, selwood has scored well against the sides he has in finals and should have a monster game against the demonds! Jack's finals run is probably harder and he hasn't has as bigger scores against some of the teams he plays again as well as being more expensive. But with limited trades you have to assess if you can afford to wait the extra week?

      Jeff · 13/07/2013 at 12:28

      Thanks for the advice, think I'll pull the trigger on Selwood. My team is set so these last 5 trades were for injuries, might as well use them if I need to!

        Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 12:47

        to ease your conscience even if selwood doesn't go nuts today, he has scored 140, 163, 135 against north, sydney and brisbane who he plays again this year, 2 of which in finals!

LukeKilner · 13/07/2013 at 12:25

Why are people still asking how the Bloody Loophole works??? What round are we in?? Ridiculous…

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:46

    Gday there Luke – mate – one of the good things about this joint is people can ask a question without worrying about having the mickey taken out of them. Let's get behind everyone in here young, small, tall, beginner, expert – all part of the fun old mate πŸ˜‰

      BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 20:15

      Well said Captain, wise words indeed i definitely won't use the loophole while you are our Captain. A Million cheers mate. Hope JR BRUMBY FC done ok this week champ.

Garry · 13/07/2013 at 12:33

community shall i put the C on ablett, johnson or selwood

    ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 12:42

    I'm going with SJ.

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:46

    I'd say Stevie.. bt going against GAJ is just tempting fate!

    Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 12:48

    Gaz would be the safe bet you would think but the geelong boys have a lot of upside, go with your gut!

    @HJ_Mitch · 13/07/2013 at 13:11

    The weather radar is showing rain hitting Geelong very soon and probably lasting for a while. Take into account if choosing SJ.

      jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 13:35

      Good call Mitch – just posted a facebook image of the radar after I saw your comment old son. Wonder how it will affect him?

Josh · 13/07/2013 at 12:35

Hi Community,Who is likely to be out for longer between Dangerfield and Watson, I'm tempted to trade out Dangerfield because of his price and keep Watson on the bench with T.Mitchell to cover up untill he is ready to play.

    ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 12:42

    I'd probably say Watson. That was a clean break whereas Dangerfield managed to finish the game.

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:47

    I'd say Watson might be out longer, but Danger's shoulder could be a drama for the rest of the season wether he's playing or not

      Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 09:10

      I hope Danger recovers, I traded him in this week. I'm confident he will perform when he returns. The guy is a machine, played most of the game with one arm and still got 70sc point

CloneMan · 13/07/2013 at 12:49

Should I take Witts score of 83 or go with Nicholls?

    jockreynolds · 13/07/2013 at 12:50

    very close call – I'd take the 83

    Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 13:05

    nicholls has only dropped below 83 once out of his 5 matches but maric in will just bully him, unless you think your going to loose by 10-20 points i'd take the 83

    CloneMan · 13/07/2013 at 18:48

    No!!!! Nicholls 98 at 3Q time!!!!

Luke · 13/07/2013 at 13:02

Jock / community shall i bring in stevie j or mitchell from hawks matey

    ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 13:02

    Stevie J will monster Melbourne!

Adam · 13/07/2013 at 13:08

Should i sub off o’meara for crouch who scored 93? I have a feeling o’meara will do well against the tigers but not sure!

    Bruds · 13/07/2013 at 13:22

    that has got to be the tightest call i have ever seen! even if you get it wrong, the difference will only be a matter of a few points πŸ™‚ o'meara has beaten 93 6/14 games this year so maybe just go with the 93

    Sam · 13/07/2013 at 13:23

    Take the 93

Sam · 13/07/2013 at 13:23

Take Swans 126 or continue with either Stevie J or Ablett?

    @HJ_Mitch · 13/07/2013 at 13:29

    I'm in the same boat. I reckon a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. I'm going to stick with Swan's score, especially when it looks like it going to be wet for most of the afternoon in Geelong.

      alec · 13/07/2013 at 14:02

      ablett i would have to say!

jake · 13/07/2013 at 13:48

take pendleburys 153 or give the C to StevieJ/Ablett? pls help

    Sam · 13/07/2013 at 13:56

    100% take pendleburys 153!

    alec · 13/07/2013 at 13:59

    take pendles 153 as captain!!!

Joe · 13/07/2013 at 13:55

community shall i go stevie j geelong or barlow from freo im doing my head in lol

Jono · 13/07/2013 at 14:45

Ive been lucky this year with not picking both Watson and Danger so i have no worries about injuries with that!!
Im tossing up between puting the captain on Gablett and thinking he's gonna pull a massive score out or keep pendles score with the loophole!! any thoughts?

    ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 15:00

    Keep Pendles' score. Daniher should be in and out of the lineup across the remainder of the season. Currie doesn't look like displacing Goldstein/Daw any time soon.

    Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 09:00

    Bit late for reply so this is for future reference, but I would never pass on a 150+ score.

ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 15:08

SJ's disposal efficiency not looking good at all…

ACDC · 13/07/2013 at 15:26

I wonder what the ratio is of players playing in long sleeve shirts, to how badly they score that game. (Hartlett I'm looking at you)

    Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 08:58

    I dont think it matters what guernsey hartlett wears, he just continues to disappoint

David · 13/07/2013 at 15:30

Gaz vs Richmond or Kennedy vs GWS?

    ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 15:39

    Gazza all the way.

Craig · 13/07/2013 at 15:33

Guys, what's the score I should settle for with Stevie. J and not change to Ablett?

    ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 15:40

    His SC score might not look too good with his disposal efficiency, but I'd bank a 130.

Cujo · 13/07/2013 at 16:35

Sounds like I should lock in Gazza and keep Stevie in the VC jumper.

ShinbonerSpirit · 13/07/2013 at 19:10

Who will score fewer points: Nic Nat or Cox?

    Sully321 · 13/07/2013 at 19:41

    Nic Nat

    Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 08:56

    Nic Nat has been a bit off recently, but that could change. Toss a coin!

Jose' · 13/07/2013 at 19:14

Quick question guys
Nicholls just got a 112 . Do i take his score over Minson or Cox??

    cotchandmurph · 13/07/2013 at 22:36

    take nicholls score, i missed out but if you have a chance do it

    dan · 14/07/2013 at 00:26

    take the 112

    Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 08:55

    I would definately take his 121. Toss up who to replace though.

    ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 13:09

    Minson plays an Essendon side lacking in a top class bona fide in-form Ruckman (I don't think Bellchambers up forward counts). Cox is playing Sandilands. I'd probably go with Minson on the field, but it's hard to split the two. And I can't help but feel that Cox will go bang in the derby.

JB · 13/07/2013 at 22:35

Why do some teams have 2 Emergency for the same position? Which score counts?

    yelad · 13/07/2013 at 22:53

    lowest score

Guest · 13/07/2013 at 23:14

Who will score more points: Minson or Cox? Used emergency loophole on nicholls

Guest · 13/07/2013 at 23:52

Do we know what' the diagnosis is for swallow? Hand injury? Will he miss weeks?

Dan · 14/07/2013 at 00:23

Lads what do you think of the punt of Tom Mitchell on field as opposed to Matt Priddis?
Tom Mitchell playing the giants should kick a bag where as Matt Priddis may get crowley'd without the likes of Shuey or Kerr to cop the tag.

    Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 08:51

    You could be on to something there. Most of Priddis' scores are consistently 95-110, and with a tag that could drop sigificantly. Mitchell is almost a certainty to crack 100 against the giants.

    Michael · 14/07/2013 at 08:56

    Great observation Dan, have just locked that in!

Michael · 14/07/2013 at 08:57

Had SJ as VC but missed my chance to get the C off GAJ – end result 46 points down the drain!

Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 09:05

I'm devastated community. Finally brought in Danger this week and he gets injured. Crouch will be emergency so not a total catastrophe, as he is cranking out reasonable scores atm.

Anyone else feeling my pain?

    ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 09:21

    Happened to me with Birchall (40 points plus injury) and Watson (24 points plus injury) in the last three weeks.

ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 09:22

Finally, a decision of mine that did not go catastrophically wrong. Picking Jelwood over Mitchell and Montagna looks the goods so far. Sitting on 1778 from 15 with Captain SJ.

    Super_Freak · 14/07/2013 at 11:17

    Looks like you needed a bit of luck after Birchall & Watson. I'm 1421 from 13, captain on Griffen. Projected around 2500. Should definately be my best round. Good to finally see most of our premiums performing.

    BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 20:07

    Had the same problem with Watson, got J. Selwood in as well worked out nice. Got Dangerman dramas now but will hold that little gem. Managed 2448 with my Wet Toast Contingent letting me down BIG TIME. Will take that everyday of the week.

duck18 · 14/07/2013 at 09:23

I 'm a North supporter and they absolutely do my head in

    ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 09:25

    Hear, hear! You'd think after Richmond last week…

      duck18 · 14/07/2013 at 09:32

      how can you smash Richmond last week,be up by 32 points this week and lose? It's happened 5 or 6 times this year we get 30 or 40 pts in front then BANG! we blow up………bloody chokers mate I'm over it

        ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 13:10

        Times like these, I'd rather be a Melbourne supporter!

Sam · 14/07/2013 at 09:51

1960/16 looking to have a monstrous week! Chose Nichols over Jacobs πŸ™‚ tom lee gave me good bench cover for buddy, clisby did the job for duffield..

Should I go Mitchell or pridis though, pridis may get crowleyd

    Sam · 14/07/2013 at 09:52

    Also, can I trade Jacobs to a rookie ruckman, running with cox and Nichols for the rest of the year? Ten upgrading else where.. Jacobs has scored lower then nicols nearly every week

    duck18 · 14/07/2013 at 09:59

    wow with a score like that you may take out the Nissan prize. I would go Mitchell theres a chance Priddis will get Crowley and as you know he is the tagger from hell

Michael · 14/07/2013 at 10:46

What's par score for this week folks?
Currently 1552/13, GAJ as capt (stuffed up – had SJ as VC but didn't get C off GAJ in time), proj score 2446, T Mitchell, JPK, Heppell, Ibbotson, NicNat, Cox, JJK, Goddard, B Goodes to come. 100 average from now will get me to 2452. Crucial game is the derby – could either be massive or disastrous I reckon!

JD_Cereal · 14/07/2013 at 11:15

Myself and my opponent both have Gaz as captain, although I'm using the loophople and he isn't. I'm only forecast to win by 20 points, should I leave the VC on him or take a punt on Griffen?

gish · 14/07/2013 at 11:25

Was planning on trading Watson for Jack today but now thinking I should have gone with Selwood. Should I still make the trade or hold out until next week and grab Joel? Can cover Watson with Mitchell today.

@Jacko2128 · 14/07/2013 at 11:29

will tom mitchel get more than 93? tossing up between playin him or taking crouch's score??

    Michael · 14/07/2013 at 14:44

    hope you've gone Crouch, Mitchell on 30, 3:34 gone 3rd quarter.

      BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 15:58

      Big last quarter From Titch 105.

        @Jacko2128 · 14/07/2013 at 16:01

        cheering that i went mitchell!!

    Michael · 14/07/2013 at 16:28

    I take back my earlier comment, what a finish from Titch!

Darby's Dashers · 14/07/2013 at 13:40

Used the Ruck loophole with Nichols and VCR with pendles. Goldstein had a stinker

Osh · 14/07/2013 at 16:12

Worst thing I did this week was forgetting to put Tom. Mitchell on for Jaeger.

Michael · 14/07/2013 at 16:27

Tommy Mitchell you little ripper! Put him on instead of Priddis thanks to a fellow community member's advice – can't see Priddis getting 113+ against Crowley today! Projected score now 2461, currently 1772/15.

Michael · 14/07/2013 at 20:01

Finished on 2413 – highest SC score ever!
Projected score was 2384 – so first time in ages I'm in front!
Winners (scored more than projected): Rocky (BOG: +67), Staker (+33), Hanley (+28), Pendles (+24), Roughead (+22), Goodes (+21), Heppell (+13),Titch (+13), Ibbotson (+12), SJ (+10), JPK (+2).
Losers: Gibbs (WOG: -35 on projected), Cox (-31), JJK (-28), Jimmy B (-26), NicNat (-24), GAJ (-18), Walker (-18), BJ (-11), Cloke (-11), Ellis (-10), Swan (-4).

    cotchandmurph · 14/07/2013 at 20:06

    well done mate. great to see. You wont belive me but i scored 2414

      Michael · 14/07/2013 at 20:28

      nice work mate, shoulda coulda woulda I know, but forgot to take C off GAJ with VC on SJ – so lost 46 points there! Also had Nicholls' 121 on the pine – swap that with Cox and there's another 51 points – so all going spectacularly well could've got 2510!

cotchandmurph · 14/07/2013 at 20:07

This was the first week i think where i had a player in every game

Matteo · 14/07/2013 at 20:09

2407 jock.

Disappointments (85-)
S Mitchell 51
Bartel 80
Gibbs 69
Tippett 83 (although not complaining too much at F7)
Griffen 76
Natanui 69
Ablett as captain and not Pendles!

Pendles! 153
Selwood 130
Martin 120
Rockliff 147
Staker! 111
Minson 118
Roughead 130

SCaddict · 14/07/2013 at 20:16

Had an excellent round in both codes with 2544 in SC and 2323 in DT to win all 6 league matches.

Will have my fingers crossed that Stevie J escapes MRP attention on Monday but otherwise managed to escape the carnage this weekend!

    ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 20:19

    Nice score! No Dangerfield?

      SCaddict · 14/07/2013 at 20:27

      Yes SS managed to dodge that one thankfully. Had Watson last weekend though so feel sorry for those who have both.

    BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 20:37

    Have Dangerman & Stevie J, i will light a candle for Stevie and pray to the Footy God's and hope he does the Harry Houdini

ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 20:19

Limped to a 2479, with the pathetic performance of Cox.

    BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 20:28

    I am a West Coast supporter so i got double whacked with JJK, Cox, Nic Nat and Priddis a well as losing to Freo .

      ShinbonerSpirit · 14/07/2013 at 20:34

      Tough luck mate. I had Priddis too, but subbed Nic Nat out for Nicholls.

        BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 20:43

        Cheers Shinboner, i suppose you wouldn't be feeling the best either after the Kangas last quarter. Oh well i will have a nice ale to sooth my emotions

    cotchandmurph · 14/07/2013 at 20:29

    yes, it was disapointing

BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 20:21

Well done to the Community that cranked out the big scores this week 2400+. To the rest there is always next week. Exiting times leading to the Finals. Just need to control my Trade Finger for a week or two and she will be apples

Dimmawit · 14/07/2013 at 20:28

2467 for me. Carrying Terlich. Sitting 3rd overall. Hopefully hold top 5.

    BestCoastEagles · 14/07/2013 at 20:33

    You could jump into poll position with a little luck. Then you will be the hunted. All the best.

    cotchandmurph · 14/07/2013 at 20:39

    great team i just looked at it, lucky for malceski, you should hold top 5

    Michael · 14/07/2013 at 21:34

    up to 2nd mate, awesome effort, keep it going!

Champ · 14/07/2013 at 20:52

2546.. Benched Cox & Priddis(156) & Played Mitchell & Nicholls(234) = 78 pts.. Woohoo… Dropped to 303 after 2 ordinary weeks, could go back up a little now??

    Michael · 14/07/2013 at 21:36

    up to 159th Nifty, nice job!

      Champ · 15/07/2013 at 15:02

      Cheers Mick…

Kewgie · 14/07/2013 at 21:11

Won in my main league by 3 points!

Marc Murphy has crushed me, down almost 50k this week. Had since the start and seems like I will have to deal with him till the end.

Turner · 15/07/2013 at 02:44

Ok get rid of terlich or no?
It’ was already driving me mad, wanted to swap to Hanley preRD16
Now looking for immediate bang into action for r17,
Can I trust terlich for a bit more yet…

I have shaw,Goddard,Gibbs,hartlet,goodes terlich
and clisby/oxley(staker fwdbench to cover buddy)
– Hanley is cheapest for value but thinking hibbard now 444k or eski with massive roof and good for 90
– Thompson is big p0d in league

Any help appreciated cheers SCT community
Need a big 3 week push for the 8!!

Ozzie · 15/07/2013 at 04:14

in some serious trouble in the backline!

sitting birchall on the bench still have vlaustin and terlich on field, team complete everywhere else with 4 trades left!
do i..
trade out terlich high b/e this week and gonna leak some cash?
trade out birchall for premo and put vlaustin on bench? keep in mind the 4 trades left.
out of contention for overall prize but first in semi serious league and 4th in serious league, thinking of holding on to the trades for finals? what you think!?!

    Skintip · 15/07/2013 at 22:45

    Vlastuin is done for the season I reckon and terlich is slowing but they are both parts of their teams and will still play. Birchall is a waste and perfect to upgrade to finish your defense, and it will leave solid bench cover also.

    Ive got three trades left which are for sideway injury trades over the next 7 weeks.

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