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Tight Arse Tuesday – It’s Back

Published by Jock on

Supercoach strategy with MickGood day community and welcome to this week’s edition of “Tight Arse Tuesday”.

We haven’t had a tight arse selection for a couple of weeks so I hope you enjoy this one. Personally I think we have found a gem and for those of you who are tight on funds, needing to take a risk to climb your league ladder, looking for a point of difference or all of the above, I say stand up and take note.


Bradd Dalziell

Average 66.43
Breakeven -21
Current Price $332,200
Priced to Average 64.63
Owned by 1,489 teams (0.48%)

Not the most talked about player in the competition but he has been somebody who has impressed me during his limited game time during the season and I always thought he was a little stiff not to be in West Coast’s best 21. The fact that he has been used as the sub on numerous occasions would have me staying away, however circumstances have now changed a little at West Coast that has made me think that he has now become a solid selection in 2013. With injuries to Scot Selwood and Luke Shuey, Bradd was given a key role playing on the outside in West Coasts midfield and appears to have taken his chance with both hands.

A little background on Bradd; he was drafted at pick 52 in the 2007 national draft to the Brisbane Lions. With limited opportunities at the Lions in his first two years he returned home to the West in 2009 sighting frustration at not getting games along with home sickness for his trade to West Coast Eagles. However opportunities at the Eagles were just as limited and Bradd only managed 11 games in his first three years at the Eagles. However good form in the preseason has seen him move up the pecking order, all be it still on the fringes of the best 22 but has now made 9 appearances this year.

Brad Dalziel supercoach

Above is a table showing all Bradd’s scores so far this year. Now I know what you’re thinking, apart from the last two weeks there is nothing to flash about those scores and you are correct. However what this table doesn’t tell you is that 5 of his 9 games so far this year have been sub affected. Put’s a different light on it doesn’t it. The table below shows his scores in the game where he has not been sub affected, along with his stats in those games.

Brad Dalziel statistics

Here you can see when Bradd plays he scores well. In his full games so far this year he has a very healthy average of 101.5pts per game. Not too shabby for a player priced at $332,200. He doesn’t have any problems finding the ball and has averaged 22.3 disposals a game with 9.8 of them contested showing that he goes and gets his own ball as well as providing some run and carry on the outside. His disposal efficiency is in the elite range averaging 80% per game which is as good as the very best ball users in the competition. Add to this that Bradd isn’t afraid to make a tackle averaging 5 a game and tends to find the big sticks when needed averaging a goal a game you can see why I’m not afraid to talk this guy up.

So why is he so cheap now?

Well as I have stated above Bradd has been the sub in 5 of his 9 games so far this year, meaning it has been hard for him to put a run of good scores together. What might be a better question is why do I think he is now a good pick up when it appears he has been given the dedicated sub’s role at the Eagles?

Again as mentioned above the Eagles are now down two very good midfield players. Luke Shuey is out with a hamstring problem and even though he is said to be a chance this week I don’t see him being rushed back with this sort of injury. We all know how long we were waiting for Bryce Gibbs to return. Scot Selwood is out with a broken thumb and is not due back until round 20. Since these two have been out Bradd has not found himself as the sub and has really stepped it up in their absence. He was superb at the weekend against the Crow. In wet and slippery conditions his ball use was magnificent, running at an amazing 85% efficiency which had many declaring him best on ground, pivotal to a West Coast victory. If both Shuey and Selwood were back this week there is no way you could drop Bradd to the bench in his current form. The fact his both won’t be back for another 4 weeks which will only give Bradd more time to cement himself in their best 21.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2013 Predicted Status: Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 101-105pts

Final Word:

If you are languishing in the bottom half of your ladder, if you are short on cash, if you are looking for a left field unique pick then look no further. Yes there is some risk with this pick but depending on your circumstances maybe now is the time to be taking these risks. Bradd is partially in nobodies team at present and by picking him you are certain to have a player that most other teams do not. He could very well prove to be the difference on whether you make up ground on your compatriots or fall away. At his current price I have no problem putting my backing behind this guy. Will you be jumping on ?

Stay tuned..

Mick the Mad Irishman

Mad as a two bob watch but one hell of a fantasy footballer. Click here for more from the Mad Irishman

And make sure you follow him on twitter

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Not sure on him at the moment, i think that you want to be trading premiums in at this point


cotchandmurph – would agree if you have the money i'd still be getting the proven premiums in, however for those light on trades (ie don't want to use two with an upgrade downgrade) or those light on cash then Dalziell is for them.. remember this is what tight arse Tuesday is all about – the bargains and sometimes they will be risky


Might look at him for my draft

Thanks mick


No worries Paul – definitely a good option for any draft league team


You also have to consider his opponents in his 4 full games.. Essendon being the only real solid team out of the 4


Don't know if I'd agree with that one Chris – people still not giving Port the credit they deserve. Adelaide are no push overs either. If his big scores were against GWS, Melbourne and the Dogs I would call it an easy run but there are no other easy beats in the comp.


Great Cheap POD. Love him to average 100+ for the remainder as we need him. West Coast in more trouble than the early settlers


A million cheers Master Jock.Heard news that Paul Roos has bought a house in Perth from a very reliable person. I don't think the smiling assassin is to keen on continuing. Think he might grab the fishing rod's and hang out over on Rotto. He has been a magnificent servant for the club.


Thats what the tight arse is all about, those cheapies – an added bonus is nobody has him and by the sounds of things nobody too keen to pick him up either.

You going to take the punt BestCoastEagles ??
PS go eagles


Think i will hold as my miid's are solid wish he was a defender as i have copped a flogging on that line.other wise i would be all over him like a Fat kid on a cup cake..Mighty Mick you are as tight as two a coat's of paint. God Bless Ya !


Pendlebury v swan?


Pendles. More consistent. Rarely a disappointing score while Swanny will give you a sub 90 once and a while.


agree with throttlefinger…getting older hasnt seemed to trouble the big gutted one. Sliding him up forward for 3 games this year however has dropped his scores big time….mick the mad irishman wrote an article on it rounds back…then he slides back and his scores return to as good as Pendles' scores. easy choice for mine


so pendlebury?




With Beams back this week it will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes between the three. Remember last year Pendles was the only one who's scores were not effected when all three played together. For that reason I think Pendlebury is the safest bet.


Hi Jock, im Inspired into what you have done. i am wanting to follow your footsteps and make a website and give people advice into Supercoach. Would you be able to tell me what you did? as a starter. thanks heaps you have made my supercoach so much better

Rick Grimes

Do you think coca-cola tells pepsi the secrets to their success. I'd imagine jock would prefer all rival websites to drop off the planet and for him to make a comfortable living spruiking SC advice. More luck to him!


Great Call Rick!! Im on ya!


Guys what do you think about jack grimes

He has gone under the radar he is averaging 84 and without his injury affected game he is averaging 95

Thats pretty solid for a mid prived defender !


Kane great call. I have him stored away in my watchlist at this very moment. With one more high breakeven to come we can all wait another week but I think he is definitely worth a look.

Might just see him up here next week

Rick Grimes

What do people think of Hanley? Seems at a bargain price atm.

Problem is I only have 4 trades left and am not sure how to finish my def – have Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Mckenzie, Malcheski, Burgoyne at present.

Burgoyne has to go, but do i upgrade to a Shaw, or go to a bargain like Hanley. Or do i switch Staker into that D6 role and hope he can bang out 90-100 frequently. That would allow me to get an all premium mid and fwd line.

Oh for just one more trade…….


Rick i got a similar problem in my defence and also only have 4 trades. i am trying to hold off until the finals and use them then. i'm not sure of Burgoynes scoring but i don't think it could be much different to Staker. out of hanley and shaw, shaw is the definate for me but if you can get a higher scorer in the mid or forward that's where i would use my trade and coin. hope this helps

Rick Grimes

Cheers Liam. You're right, Burgs is around 83 and dropping, Staker around 80 and possibly increasing. So not a lot there. You've gotta think that getting a Pendles with 130 output, is a better upgrade than to a defender who will likely hit 90-100.


Yeah mate I should have the same note to my self next year…. Wasted way too many this year… Bloody hell! Hanley is a bargain, got him last week and dished out a nice 117! Gotta get the mad Irishman I reckon! Not you Mick… Pearce of course LOL.


Really thinking about bringing in O'keefe for watson
but also tossing up between Jack, Selwood and Mitchell
Who to bring in ??????

Rick Grimes

Selwood seems a steal at current price. May have turned a corner.

O'Keefe is a slight gamble, but nice POD and the upside could be huge.

If you're flying high I'd go Selwood, if you need to make up some lost ground, perhaps take the punt on O'Keefe.


Might go Watson-dalziell then upgrade to danger in a couple of weeks.



Yep if you have trades to burn this could really work!


I am in a dilemma community.

I have 4 trades (I know what you'll all say). Unfortunately I've had a few injury affected trades. Brought dixon and grimes in. (4 trades) Watson (2) and others. Here is my team, I'm hoping your thoughts on it will ease my dilemma.

Def – Goddard, Heppell, Ibbotson, Mckenzie, Terlich, VLASTUIN (Clarke, Clisby)

Mid – Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Barlow, Deledio, A. Swallow, JPK (sigh), WATSON, (Mitchell, Martin)

Ruck – Minson, Nicholls (Blicavs, Currie)

Fwd – Stevie J, Cox, Bartel, Franklin, Monfries, JJK (Staker, Mayes)

My dilemma – 4 trades. Watson and Vlastuin basically have to go. My thoughts are Watson – Selwood/Danger. Then Vlastuin – Hanley/(insert other). I have the money so it doesnt matter (250k). Do i use the trade on vlastuin. Leaving me with 2 trades for 6-7 rounds? or just cop that he'll lose money to save that extra trade? I know trades are gold but they sure are addictive as well! Thoughts appreciated my fellow devoted Supercoachers


agree with mitchell good cover to try and save the trade and see if watson makes it back for supercoach finals. which Martin is on bench in midfield? does he have DPP? have you thought about flipping staker to defence (don't know if this would be of benefit or open open another option) i've only got four trades and am hanging on to them with as long as possible.


Its kyle martin so no dpp there. i have thought of the staker flip. but then who do i bring in up forward? besides trading maybe monfries my fwd line is pretty much set and im not using any of my last 4 trades on bringing in rookies..


Hi Reaper,

IMO…..2 trades is very very thin……but in saying that…….I would like to throw my opinion on 2 cases……

Case – 1:
If you are going for the overall / points…..OUT: Vlastuin & Watson IN: Gibbs & J Selwood……since you have got $250K in your bank I think you cannot afford Dangerman…..

Case – 2:
If you are going for a league wins…….IMO… one trade and HOLD on to your trades……If Watson doesn't returns for the SC finals then trade him out to whoever you want……

OUT: Vlastuin IN: Hanley / Gibbs / Shaw…..



Thanks Raj, unfortunately i traded out gibbs earlier in the year. I've opted for hanley and selwood. selwoods run is pretty good and brisbanes is actually good too. hanley purely because hes 140k less than shaw (my next option) which leaves me 210k of breathing room with those 2 trades left. Thanks for the opinions community.


sell watson, move vlastuin to mids ( he will leak cash but may well come good ), mitchell on ground, vlastuin on the bench, buy hanley or gibbs or shaw. you will then have 3 trades for finals and may well need them.


Trawling through the stats and I spotted Levi Greenwood. Break even of 8 and averaging 92.3. What do we know about him?


Oh and $300K


A little different than Dalziell in that not much has changed at north and job security may become a factor. A lot riskier pick, so if you were looking at taking a punt in the 300k mark id go with Daiziell


Who to trade in for Watson? Dangerfield, Barlow or Swan??


If it was me i would go Swanny as he is a points pig he has only scored low when Bucks play's him forward i think he will see out the remainder of the season in the mid's. But saying that Barlow has a easy final run. Barlow & Dangerman both averaging 128 in there last 6.


Would consider selwood…
Before his 73 v Gold Coast and 54 v Fremantle at Kardinia Park he had 16 scores over 100 in a row at this venue and 10 of those scores had been over 125. Considering he has 5 of his last 8 at kardinia park.

I think he would be the best pick a long with mundy (because of his draw)




Hi Jock and community, I would like your opinion on these trade options that I'm thinking about…..
Macaffer~Varcoe, Watson~Barlow/Dangerfield or….
Or guys should I trade down Watson to a Dalzeill then turn a Macaffer into a 550k forward which would give me a full premo forward line.
Which option looks to be the best? The 1st, 2nd or 3rd (The trade I did was the Watson to Deledio one, but I would like to hear your say)


How much do you have in the bank ross?


Great article Mick! Fantastic stuff!
You've convinced me to get in Dalziell this week.
My only problem is who for?
Should I go:
Viney to Dalziell
McKenzie to Dalziell

Since Viney's back this week and ive held him this long im reluctant to let him go but i think it might be the best option…


Do I bring in Hanley or Scott Thompson (NTH)?




Hanley…. proven premium… Cheap


shuey or watson to pendles?


or wait till next week to trade?


Watson to Pendles, Shuey good chance of returning this week.


have substantial cover (b.crouch and mitchellson)


I have Goodes and Staker on the ground at D5 and D6. With only 6 trades left I think Goodes is acceptable to stay at D6 and Staker as back-up. Question is if I trade my benchy Thurlow to a "premium" defender (are there even any left!!) – who's the better option Hanley or Heppell?
FYI – I have Shaw, Goddard, Gibbs, McKenzie as my other defenders


Hi Julz,

IMO do the trade what you are thinking of…..really good trade if you can afford Hanley………and just hope he returns to his start of the season form…….

Which is….

OUT: Thurlow IN: Hanley…..




Def: Goddard, Hanley, Heppell, Gibbs, Ibbotson, Mckenzie (Pittard, Clisby)
Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Deledio, Barlow, Priddis, O'Meara, Fyfe (T.Mitchell, K.Martin)
Ruck: Minson, Kreuzer (Nicholls, Ceglar)
Fwd: Cox, Kennedy, Buddy, Rockliff, Stevie J, Gray (Staker, Lee)

Who should I get between Minson and Goldstein?
Also planning to trade O'meara and Priddis to Griffen and Dangerfield, and Gray to Nic Nat/Rioli/Bartel?

Watson Dilemma

I'd say Goldstein. Griffen overpriced. Priddis i'd keep. Danger & Bartel a solid picks.


Don't you already have Minson? I agree with WD, I'd keep Priddis. Dangerfield is a great pick-up. How about Gray to Rioli in a couple? Nic Nat also should experience significant price drops in the next couple of weeks.

Bye round carnage

Reply to my post below Shinboner. I need help! 😀

Bye round carnage

(Watson dilemma)

Watson dilemma

Vlastuin + Watson out. 68k in the bank.

Who do I bring in? Is it worth holding Jobe if I have D.Martin as backup?



Jobe is an issue I'm also having. What I personally plan to do is wait for Pav to drop to about 450k in a couple, then go Jobe to Pav using SJ DPP (acronym overuse). Initially, I planned to hold on to Jobe, but the 4-6 week diagnosis worries me. He may rock up halfway through the finals, and that's not good enough.

With only 68k, I'd look at Vlastuin to Hanley (he hasn't completely convinced me yet, but you don't have much of a choice in terms of cash). With Watson, take a look at doing what I'm planning to do with either Pav or Rioli. If you must trade this week, there are a few who can fit your bill:

Sam Mitchell (might be played out of position again, susceptible to General Soreness); Joel Selwood even though he hasn't completely convinced me yet (see Jelwood vs Crowley); Leigh Montagna (due to drop in cash a bit more, but usually reliable, alright ceiling and slight POD); Brad Ebert (plays for Port, which is never a good thing, great form over last five weeks, great price); Jarrad McVeigh (never really receives the first tag, sometimes plays across half back which is a good thing, underpriced, consistent, plays for Sydney, which is a great thing); Trent Cotchin (good recent form, really good price, Richmond look good in recent outings if you disregard last week's mauling); Matty Priddis (great recent form, a lot of the ball goes through him following the absences of Shuey and Selwood, good price, renowned for consistency) or even Dalziell (see Mick's great analysis above).

watson dilemma

Some very goods points. My backline is currently: Goddard, Hanley, Vlastuin, Goodes, Gibbs, Enright.

I was considering potentially B. Reid as a POD or perhaps Hartlett.



Pendlebury or Stevie J for Jobe?






Pendles more reliable….


Should I keep Zorko or trade him for Bartel?

Joey Joe Joe

Get Bartel if you have the trades. Super consistent.

Zorko could be anything from 50 to 150. To unpredictable and not getting enough of the pill at the moment to suggest he is going to crack the ton regularly.


Do I get rid of Franklin or Rockliff?


If you must, I'd go Buddy.


hold both


Great write up as always Mick – reckon he is even more of a good option in AFL Fantasy, get him in cheap at say M8 or even M9, hold for a few weeks for cash generation with good scoring as well, turn him into a premo in time for finals


Who should I put on the field this week: Tom. Mitchell or O' Meara?


Mitchell will get 40 possies against GWS


Hi I've got 8 trades left. Have two options. Would appreciate your input.

Get Vlaustin out and replace him with Hanley. 1 trade
(Concerned Vlaustin is losing value….he is on my bench) Only non premium on field in backline is Staker.


Trade out Rowe for Grimley to get generate some cash and upgrade Zorko to Stevie J
(Use Stevie J up foward to replace Zorko) Only non premium on field in forwardline is La Cras

My Mids are all pretty much premiums…..

Appreciate yr thoughts


Kurt Tippett for Franklin…Take the risk, Thoughts?

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