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Watson will be out for a while and stacks of us will be looking at other options this week.

A good option for mine this week is Watson to Joel Selwood. Jobe bows out at $529K so you can do a direct swap over to Selwood who’s almost exactly the same this week. You’ll snag Selwood just before he has a crack at Melbourne this weekend and just as he hits some form after a cracker against Hawthorn.

However if you don’t rate Selwood or already have him, there are some very tidy options around the $500K mark this week in the guts. I went through a stack of them on this week’s podcast (subscribe here on iTunes).

Over to you lot – out of these four blokes who would you select this week and why?

Which of these MIDs would you prefer this week?

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  1. rob says:

    ive had cotchin and kennedy all year , and by far kennedy has repaid me big time

  2. Joel says:

    With 8 trades remaining should I make two trades to get JPK?

    • Gary says:

      ohhh thats a lot of trades, depends on the trades you'd be making i guess

    • Cruz says:

      Definitely, 8 trades is quite a lot at this stage of the year!

    • Dolls_87 says:

      JPK – I've had him all year & disappointed. Hoping he steams it home the remaining games…

  3. footyinme says:

    What about Stanton now could now be the one to rise for Essendon he kicks goals gets a lot of marks and if he can avg say 3-4 more disposals could come home strong?

    Last 3 scores 104, 99, 117
    $481k now would make $47k
    His avg is only 100 now but who knows could come home with an avg of 105-110?

    Only putting this up for people searching for that POD and generating some cash at the same time.

    • Micko says:

      I think he’ll do well and even better without Watso racking up the points..

    • SharkBait says:

      he's a good pick with watson gone, but im unsure whether he will cop the tag that watson would receive.

      • BestCoastEagles says:

        Biggest SPUD with the tag on him. Had him a few years ago when the tag went on him he melted Big Time.

    • Mungo Man says:

      had him all year, fittest player at essendon however tag gets him and does damage, scores go well down when held on to. look elsewhere!

  4. Dan says:

    Should I burn two trades to get Danger or the one to get selwood.

    Midfield as it sits: Ablett, pendles, swan, JPK, Cotchin, Priddis, Watson

    9 Trades remaining

    • Gilly says:

      I'd use the one a get Selwood, has a lot of home games coming up, Danger faces Crowley in a few weeks.

    • Daniel says:

      one to get s.mitchell, more reliable

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      All depends on your other lines are they as strong as can be. If not i agree with the other lad's J.Selwood or S.Mitchell and burn only the one trade. Your mid's look OK Cotchin & JPK should start to fire soon the rest are solid contributors.

    • Pieman says:

      Danger has a date with Macaffer this week

    • BIGBOY says:

      Personally I am making two trades this week to get Dangerfield in as he is currently in good form after a bad start. I am also trading out Atley for a sub (Josh Saunders). Anyway, in accordance to this question I would make two trades to get Dangerfield into the side

  5. Micko says:

    Looking at trading Watson for either Selwood or Mundy…

    Who do you prefer put of the two???

    Please advise!!

    • Max says:

      I have the same preoblem. Im leaning towards mundy because of how good he plays at patersons stadium and his run home but selwood is a bloody good option aswell. Im also looking at S.Mitchell aswell.

      Tough Decision, leave this one up to jock!

    • Micko says:

      My midfield ATM.
      Watson……..,………trade for ?????
      K.Mitchell ……Sub

      What you guys think of my midfield.. Id really like to bring in Barlow but cant afford to without making two trades..

      • footyinme says:

        Stanton (could rise now Watson is out for 4-5 weeks I rate this one for POD)
        Mundy (one of the best performing midfielders atm)
        Fyfe (inconsistant scores atm)
        Cotchin (gotta come good now surely)

      • Daniel says:

        S.Mitchell/Mundy/could take punt on stanton

    • Gary says:

      Mundy, have brought both of them in in recent weeks, but Mundy is in ripper form, and always scores a goal or two which is handy.

      • Tim says:

        Ive had mundy since round 1 and hes only had 1 horrible game against hawks (63) otherwise hes had even spread of 85-100 and 100+ i think he enjoys playing the lesser sides as he is such a damaging player and considering his finals run he could be a good pod

    • Daniel says:

      Mundy, more reliable

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      I think J.Selwood will fire up from here on in. Stay Clear of Stanton as he is a Super Spud with the tag. Stanton is more of a Dreamteam scorer than Supercoach his average the last month is 94.

  6. Noah says:

    Should I trade in a rookie for Watson or a Premium (Pendles). If I trade him out for pendles, I'll have Tom Mitchell on the bench, and I'm not sure if I want a player averaging over 100 on my bench.

    • ashman23 says:

      For mine I'd start looking to have strong scorers and rookies on the bench (dangerous I know), I have Pendles and he's having a great year, get him in.

    • footyinme says:

      That's your call to make, if you back T.Mitchell to perform as a premium then do it mate.

    • Gary says:

      Im probably gonna trade Mitchell for Pendles when he reaches his peak in a couple weeks

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Seriously get Pendles in immediately. Tom Michell was only ever going to be cover anyway. Better to have Mitchell on the bench and the Rolls Royce Pendles smacking 150 like there going out of Fashion. You can always slaughter Mitchell closer to the finals

  7. @bradluma says:

    Jock. Not rating Cyril in the mix? Especially as a dpp.

  8. Robert says:

    hey jock are you trading out jobe this round?

    • Jock says:

      Yeah mate I have to pull the trigger

      • Robert says:

        just wanted to know thanks mate who are you most likely to go to mr jock?

      • Remy says:

        Who should I get?
        Also can anyone think of a POD for under 530k for my mid?!

        • James says:

          Wingard?? just thinking playing well and only about 460-480

        • pieofgod says:

          JPK is dirt cheap at $507,500…not sure if you have him…but only 27% of teams have him. It's a slight gamble but surely, if he's got no niggle he must turn it around soon

  9. joe says:

    Is it worth giving dane beams a go? had a nice return in the vfl and can score very highly and very consistently.

    • Sam says:

      Wait a couple of weeks to let him get the feel for AFL again, aswell as letting his price drop.

  10. The King says:

    Heres my midfield cobbers:


    I am very good at Supercoach by the way. Don't jealous. I also have an enormous penis

    • Zimmer says:

      I for one am very impressed on both counts.

      • Alex says:

        Sorry mate mines bigger…..


  11. Peter j says:

    Already got Fyfe and wouldn’t have any of the other guys. Selwood and ROK or k.jack for me

    • Richo says:

      ill wait for keiran jack to go down this this week with a pretty high be (hopefully) and then get him in. he is killing it this year with some big scores!!

  12. superfreak says:

    im still not sure out of selwood or ryan o'keefe… thoughts??

    • BestCoastEagles says:


    • pieofgod says:

      its about reduced price tag of selwood vs. easy run home for Barlow…i find these close calls are better decided by other factors…in this instance the money difference might make it easier to pull the trigger…freeing up dollars for an upgrade elsewhere

  13. richard says:

    Looking for a ultra premium for maximum scoring output. Who is the best option? Barlow, Dangerfield or Griffen

    • Nolz says:

      I'd go Dangerman – Griffen might have burst his bubble

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Both Dangerman & Barlow are Averaging 128 for the last 6 weeks. I have them both but i would take Barlow for the teams he plays in our finals. Griffen at 664,000K way too expensive his bubble will burst as he has a hard run coming up Ess, Hawks, W.C, Swans, Blues & Crows. without Boyd there those teams will TAG the life out of him.

  14. brent says:

    thumbs up for selwood thumbs down for o'keefe

  15. Blair says:

    (Vlastuin clisby)
    Ablett ,Swan,Danger field,Swallow,Delidio ,S.mitchell,Cotchin
    (T.mitchell Hunter)
    Cox, Ryder
    (Nicholls Currie)
    Steveie J, N Riewoldt, Martin, Kennedy, Franklin, Harvey
    (Mcaffer Rowe)

    Just traded out pittard for H.Shaw and and D Simpson for B.Harvey

    Any thoughts???
    (Dream team)

    • Nolz says:

      As a north fan Blair depending on how many trades you have I'd look at upgrading Swallow to an ultra premium. He will be a warrior but he gets crucified with efficiency as most of his touches are under pressure. Maybe to a Barlow or Mundy with a soft draw.

      • Blair says:

        Yea thanks mate I know what you mean I’m a north fan too swallows giving what I’ve expected this year more disappointed with cotchin from the mid premiums not sure if Harvey’s the right way to go or if that’s the bias coming through again!!
        But 2 trades a week with dream team so Mid upgrade might be on the cards

  16. SC Legend. says:

    Already have Selwood, JPK and Fyfe.

    Opinions on waiting a week and getting Redden as a nice POD, polls well at the Gabba and has a nice 10 weeks to finish off the season for Brisbane. Opinions?

    Cotchin or Mitchell safer bet or go for the POD in Redden?

    Midfield: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, JPK, Danger, Selwood, Fyfe, Priddis, (Mitchell, Martin).

    • CHRIS says:

      swing goddard to mid and pickup best defender you dont have

    • throttlefinger says:

      Sam is the man. Playing stronger ball more consistently. Teams are tagging the shit out of Cotchin. Responding well but not great. Mitchell is revving up for bigger scores to lessen sting of loss to Cats.

  17. Nolz says:

    Mids are GAJ, Swan, Barlow, Selwood, Priddis, Deledio, Fyfe with T Mitchell and Hrovat on the pine.

    Tossing up between Sammy Mitchell or JPK, both high quality. Thoughts community?

    Also, with only 5 trades is it worth doing a double and upgrading Blicavs to Goldstein which would lock my team in or would you save it and only do the Watson trade?

    • pieofgod says:

      depends on your goals i suppose….if ur after league win or total points damage??? If league win it depends on your run over the next few rounds – as to whether you spread the watson and goldstein trades out over 2-3 rounds…that way until you burn those trades you'll still have them to protect against more injuries. S.Mitchell and JPK both proven guns at relatively cheap prices…one might argue Sammy could get rested in last few rounds in prep (many still swear Hawks bad fatigue/longevity management cost them the flag last year). Where Swans will be pushing for double chance and likely not rest there core guys. Having said that if you can afford the extra $28,000 i'd do watson to Kieran Jack, playing season of his life. then find a way to get goldstein or the form ruck alternative on eve of finals But as Jock says "Go with your gut!!!"

  18. throttlefinger says:

    Quick Ruc query…

    NicNat looks like he's playing hurt. JProbably why the reserve came as emergency (forgot his name). And has tough road ahead with Ruc heavies Freo, Swans, Bullies. Can see low scores ahead.

    Thinking of going sideways for Goldstein. Putting up solid to monster numbers and has an easier SC schedule ahead.

    Problem: only 2 trades left. Is the combo of a shitcake sideways and low trades count enough to not warrant bringing in a points monster such as Goldstein?

    • Sam says:

      Dude even if I had 10 trades left I would keep Nic Nat.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yeah, I hear ya Sam the Man. But 73 and 79 in last two. Worried he might pull a last minute out. Close to making finals so overthinking. Goldstein, though, has been rock steady.

        • Sam says:

          I have both and I must say, Goldstein isn't letting me down. I suppose what your trying to say is with Nic Nat and even Cox, there is a usually a feeling that they will be a late out but with 2 trades left you should just leave Nic Nat. I have Nicholls as my emergency so not much to worry about but yeah, keep Nic Nat as he hasn't been showing it lately but we should all remember he is a hell of a proven premium scorer.

          • throttlefinger says:

            Ahhh, from the cushy couch of having both. Nice place to be. I have NicNat and Nicholls as starters. Blicavs and Rowe as reserves (Cox is in FWD). Guy I'm playing is in spot ahead of me in ladder and has Goldstein. So I guess that's been poking my ribs a bit. That and NicNat's value is going down after this round so I won't be able to make the trade if something happens. Just from watching and scores, it seems NicNat is playing with injury. But I'll try to exercise some patience and hope for the best.

            • Josh says:

              If you have the cash i'd try blitz to goldy. Then you would also have both. I agree with Sam: Don't trade nic nat, especially not with only 2 trades left.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Trade Nic Nat at you peril with 2 trades left.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Think so, BCE. Will hold. Those consecutive 70 rounds just made me very nervous. Hope he returns to form this round. Why did they bring the emergency ruck, you think?

    • Judd says:

      your team is set mate, you can not afford to be trading especially sideways trading. Keep those trades you WILL need them

  19. Matt says:

    pendlebury or Sam Mitchell?

  20. bod says:

    any love for Kieren Jack at 555k?

  21. SharkBait says:

    Is it worth keeping watson?

    im thinking of keeping watson because i have mitchell and crouch as backups who are in good form and if i wait the 4-6 weeks it will be finals and he will be a good point of difference maker because most will have him traded out.

    • pieofgod says:

      true…but with them likely to make finals with moderate ease he walks backin after 4 out…with a tender chest i reckon he'll take it easy as he eases his way back into form for finals. I'm thinkin he'll be rock solid for the last 1-2 rounds of SC finals. If that still looks attractive then go nuts…i reckon u'll be right about POD though with 34% of teams trading him out since the weekend

  22. jake says:


    Is having Barlow, Mundy and ibbotson a good idea?

    im thinking of getting rid of watson for barlow.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      No crime in that they are all scoring well. Barlow is averaging 128 the last 6 weeks. Don't forget as Master Jock keep telling everyone Freo have a soft run for our Finals. Have heard people talking about Freo resting players for the last few games that ain't going to happen as they will be fighting for a top 4 position.

  23. Bren says:

    Barlow or Dangerfield?

    TU – Barlow
    TD – Danger

    i like barlows run home and recent history againsts upcoming opponents and i like dangers high 135+ scores, but not his lows..

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Both Averaging 128 for the last 6 weeks. I have them both i would take Barlow for the teams he plays in our finals.

  24. Genco says:

    Hey guys i have a really annoying issue. i want to bring in stevie j for deledio which allows me to use the emergency bench loophole with zorko (watch zorko, if he performs as emergency sub tom mitchell for hunter) and effectively allows me to cover two of my biggest problems in deledio and zorko. The problem is i only have 2 trades left. Thoughts community would love any feedback.

    • Victor says:

      Why would you trade out Lids? You have 2 trades left, save them for injuries…

  25. Jordan says:

    Wanting to trade out jobe. But who for?? I’m thinking either Okeefe of Jack both from Sydney.

  26. Big sauss says:

    Who should I get in for Watson, already have GAJ, swan, pendles, k jack, okeefe, Barlow and swallow? For dt this is

  27. Guest says:

    Watson out for either:
    Stevie j

    • Genco says:

      Steve the Johnson mate. Missed the boat on Griffen.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Stevie J he is a demon. Griffen at 664,000K way too expensive his bubble will burst as he has a hard run coming up Ess, Hawks, W.C, Swans, Blues & Crows. without Boyd there those teams will TAG the life out of him.

  28. super says:

    hey guys
    if i have the cash should i go watson to barlow or pick up a trent cotchin/sam mitchell/kieran jack and save a bit of money?

  29. dan says:

    what do u guys think of WATSON to GRIFFEN, do you think griffen can keep up his scores?

    GAJ, Pendles, Sawn Danger priddis mundy fyfe and watson

    or i could go to barlow do u think 3 Fremantle players is to many ?
    I have 7 trades left?

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Griffen at 664,000K way too expensive his bubble will burst as he has a hard run coming up Ess, Hawks, W.C, Swans, Blues & Crows. without Boyd there those teams will TAG the life out of him. Not sure if the three Dockers will all fire together week in week out don't see why not. Barlow averaging 128 the last 6 weeks and has a soft Finals run.

  30. Chicken says:

    Should I be keeping Watson on the bench for now, considering I only have 4 trades left?

    • Nathan says:

      Nah mate, he will be out or too long. I’m
      In the same predicament with 5 trades left.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Depends on your circumstances (League win or Overall) and the cover you have. T. Mitchell has been the saviour for me the last few weeks. If you do trade maybe burn just one and trade Wato to J. Selwood. Food for thought.

  31. Ben says:

    Jack or Stevie J?

    • pieofgod says:

      my debate this week too actually. What decided it for me was how hungry Stevie J will be v Melbourne this week and the fact i can swing him into forward line when i finally trade out Jacobs and n bump NicNat into forward…at which point i might trade Jack in.

      My feeling is that Stevie J has the capacity to get huge numbers more consistently

      and theres a good chance JPK finds form again in the twilight of Home and away…chewing into Jacks disposal count

  32. Matthew says:

    Should I use Watson for Selwood and have about 80k in the bank or Dangerfield and have nothing left?

    My midfield is Ablett, Watson, Pendles, Shuey, fyfe, Barlow, Priddis and Swan (T. Mitchell, hrovat).

  33. Darren says:

    Are there any good defence options? I already have Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Shaw and Hanley. So undecided on my last defender. Thoughts anyone?

    • vinny mac says:

      Enright? Geelong have more home games coming up

    • The Old Dylan says:

      or even harry taylor, has been putting out some decent scores (but a few poor ones too…)

      • Judd says:

        Harry Taylor over Enright for me, also look at some Essendon defenders Dyson Heppel and Michael Hibberd in particular

        • Ben says:

          I have Heppell but is it a risk having 3 essendon defenders? Yeah i'm thinking enright or taylor. Thanks for the help guys.

  34. Dave2008 says:

    I am 3 games clear in the top 4 in my leauge so one more win and im safe and I have 9 trades left. Thinking this week McCaffer to Stevie J and hold Watson for a week or too to see how long he will be out. Otherwise trade him now for Swan or Okeefe. Other mids are:
    Ablett Pendles Danger JPK Barlow Priddis Fyfe MItchell Watson.


    • vinny mac says:

      I would go Watson>Swan πŸ™‚

      • Dave2008 says:

        So you wouldn’t consider holding Watson because I’m almost certain to b top 4 even to make sure who I bring in is fit for the first final? Is swan worth the extra cash over say Cotchin?

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      If you can manage and have the ca$h to pull McCaffer/Stevie J and Watson/Swan i would pull the trigger straight away. Swan is a Supercoach/Dreamteam points PIG he is worth the extra cash Dave.

    • Favalinko says:

      plenty of trades mate make the trade to swan. Watson could be out for 6-8 weeks

      • Dave2008 says:

        I can do McCaffer/Watson to Stevie J/swan but I have Mitchell as M 9 so is it worth the trade which might give me 20 to 30 pts z round and I could lose my last four league games and still finish top 4. What if I bring in a mid and they get injured before sc finals. Isn’t it better to bring them in just before the first final?

  35. vinny mac says:

    Should I get Swan from two trades or do a straight swap to Sammy Mitchell, Cotchin or Fyfe?

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Griffen, JPK, Danger, J. Selwood, Watson, Hannebery, (T. Mitchell, Hrovat)

    • Judd says:

      if you 5 or less trades, 1000% just do the straight swap, i would get Fyfe if i was you I've got him he should score well with Freo's soft run home, even if you have plenty of trades still consider doing the straight swap

    • TTT says:

      IMO, get Cotchin. He is generally consistent and should get 100 most weeks. Mitchell fluctuates from 120 to 80 to 100 to 90 and Fyfe's efficiency is a worry (I have him too).

  36. James says:

    I went Byrnes and Watson out for Hansen POD and M.Talia POD swung Gibbs into mid but thinking of getting Stanton/Hannebery because of Watson injury

  37. Matteus says:

    Hey fellas, just wondering who should take my final mid spot. Trading Watson out to either Barlow, O'Keefe, J.Selwood or Sammy Mitchell, but I'm not sure who will average most for the rest of the season (and cash isn't an issue). Barlow averaging around 128 in his last 6 with the real soft finals run, Selwood because he is looking to have found some form and ready to EXPLODE this week against Melbourne, Mitchell is finally on the bubble and always lets hell break loose in the last half (even though he is likely to be heavily tagged this week an next against Port and the Bulldogs), or O'Keefe – as mentioned on the podcast – will likely finish very strongly as he did last season (despite his tough run home) and will likely not be a tag target with Kennedy an Jack running around… I'm torn here community, what do you reckon?

    • Kane says:

      I think Selwood he had a huge game against Hawthorn and should go massive against the Dees

  38. schnik says:

    can anyone give me some help, stuck with vlaustin and he has cost me, who would be the best possible DEF to pick up for 392,900??

  39. ikn4l says:

    S.Mitchell or S.Johnson? keep in mind johnson is a DPP

  40. Julz says:

    Thank God I didn't buy Jobe last week as planned! I have another problem however in Marc Murphy, have had from the start, held fire on trading when he got injured as had backline debacles at the time. Now his price has plummeted, not sure if to offload or just keep. He didn't even look fit IMO on the weekend and prob will take awhile to get his confidence back.
    Thoughts? I have 6 trades left…

    • pieofgod says:

      i dont think he'll get worse…proud player…rushed back stupidly. i heard a carlton review of how much more a defensive role he's playing this year…i think he's probly not in your ideal finals side and if you agree with that, he's now got a BE of 185 and has a 54 rolling though the next 2 rounds…you wont get much in return but if youve got a spare $75 id look at JPK

  41. Hien says:

    minson or goldstein?

  42. TTT says:

    Hey community. Have 6 trades and little cash. Tom Mitchell is the last rookie on my field (and Terlich on bench although he warrants a spot ahead of Scotland atm!). I do not have Gary Ablett. Now, should I be trying to move heaven and earth to bring him in or, should I get an underpriced premium and either miss out on Ablett, or bring him in really late?

    On a side note, is Staker worthy backup for the FWD line? Seems to be scoring really well in recent weeks.


  43. Trent says:

    Thinking of waiting 2 weeks to trade Jobe out and rely on T.Mitchell for cover. My side is pretty much set but im thinking of bringing in either Cyril or Murphy in for Watson. This will give me extra cash as Cyril could be $450 and Murphy $380 to upgrade Monfries in fwd line and to Bring Griffen in for Priddis before Finals.
    My Side Is Backs: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Harteltt, Mckenzie, Goodes (Staker, Thurlow). Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Dangermouse, Barlow, Fyfe, Priddis, T.Mitchell (Watson, Crouch)
    Ruck: Cox, Nic Nat (Nichols, Currie) Fwd: Bartel, Martin, Kennedy, Franklin, Rockliff, Monfries (Kennedy, Rowe)

  44. Ash says:

    Hey community, which fwd or ruck is the best option with price not an issue, considering I have mcevoy, cox, Martin, bartel, franklin, rockliff and kennedy. I was thinking nic nat soon as he will drop below 500k and will gain more form as time goes?

  45. crabby says:

    O'keefe vs Jack?

    Side note – already got JPK, is it appropriate to have this many swan mids? They're no swan & pendles

    • Matteus says:

      I'd go with o'keefe mate, finishes the last half of seasons really strongly, and his ceiling is probably a tad higher than jack's

  46. SCattery says:

    Hey everyone, big decision this week. Who to get from ROK, Jack, Mitchell or Selwood.
    Currently leaning towards ROK as a bit of a POD. But also like the look of Selwood's draw and the consistency of both Jack and Mitchell.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    • torza says:

      It's a toss of a coin between Jack and ROK if you ask me and Mundy looks tempting also.

  47. Daniel says:

    Dangerfield or beams? Beams is a risk but I'm not sure.

    • torza says:

      Danger for sure 657k for a guy that hasn't played a game yet a bit risky for mine.

    • Matteus says:

      danger this round mate, they might start beamsy as sub, so if needed, you can get him in a few weeks for about 100k cheaper even

  48. Tyler says:

    Traded Watson out for McVeigh, averages 106 and lowest score is 88 apparently, thoughts?

  49. Shaneoo88 says:

    Swan or Stevie J as a replacement for Watson? Or should I bench Watson, start Mitchell and swap Franklin for Stevie J?