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Gazza down! Gazza down! How are you coping?

Published by Jock on

Your Supercoach Mob

So the little master will be having a bit of a spell this weekend – wasn’t that a nasty little last minute surprise community?

The focus for many of us will be who to select as captain for the week.. with any luck you’ve had the VC on Swan or Pendles and if that is the case you would be a very bloody happy little Vegemite.

So how is your team travelling this round community? What are your thoughts around captaincy? Does the fact that the little bald magnet is out end up playing in your favor or are curled up in the fetal position under your computer desk sucking your thumb humming nursery rhymes to yourself wearing your mothers clothing?


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The VC on Pendlebury and now a nice little loophole with Tom Mitchell as sub….!!! Not a bad solution at all I think!!!!!

Mick Klavins

3/571 great start


Wow Good Job Mick


have ablett as C and pendles as VC….tom mitchell as emergency so very happy


Randomly had the C on Pendles so all good. Hopefully young Tom Mitchell bangs out a 100+ as Emg.


Chose not to trade this week with only 6 left have 2 donuts happy to cop a few losses this week though


Wines was my sub and Pendlebury my VC – so pretty happy.


Had Danger as C, Swan as VS, should I take a punt as I’m in a really close struggle?

The Old Dylan

Take swannie’s score!


Swanny and Pendles last night was like Christmas in July.


Well said. I was also happy to have Cloke in my team (first time for a while I've been happy about that).


went squibs as VC. Now have to decide which of my under performing premiums to select as the C.

I think Cox is a safe bet considering late withdrawals and blokes like cotch, JPK and fyfe having had some poor games. .. but tempted to do something stupid like Hawkins


Had Pendles as VC GAJ as C so very happy with that. Also have backup mids with T Mitchell & B Goodes to replace GAJ & Shuey, so hopefully won't lose too much in points (TM/BG proj 181 vs GAJ/LS 235).
Thinking ahead for a moment – considering trading Shuey to Stevie J next week.
Pros: Shuey with hamstring may be more than 2wks; SJ big match performer with better draw; more flexibility with DPP – would have Bartel/SJ in mids & Walker/Rocky in fwds
Cons: the old sideways trade; only have 2 trades left
This would pretty much complete my side, going for best overall pos I can get, not worried about league win, currently around 1500th, aiming for top 1000. What do you think Jock?


Shuey could be a month out according to Karl Langdon on 6PR radio Perth. 2 trades left is a big concern though.


Hmmm looks like trade is on in that case. BCE I take some comfort in the fact that previous winners have run out of trades prior to finals lol!


News is Shuey could be back as soon as next week.


No bench cover, OUT Shuey and Birchall IN Clisby and Griffin thoughts?


sounds pretty good to me JB, how many trades left?


100% with 8 trades left going for League Glory. Griffen is a points machine don't know what your backs are like but Shaw will drop cash and so will Gibbs in the next few weeks. All the Best JB


DEF: Goddard Shaw, Gibbs, Hartlett, Ellis, Goodes, (Thurlow, Birchall)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, JPK, J Selwood, Shuey, S Johnson, Fyfe, (T. Mitchell, Martin)


Have you thought about Thurlow/Clisby for cover then Shuey/Barlow. Then unload Birch to Heppell next week or is cash the problem ?


Cash: $35,300

was going to do only one trade this week Thurlow to Clisby but need to account for variable change Ablett OUT no mid cover


News is Shuey could be back next week.


8 trades left Michael going for League glory


Good luck mate!


Thnx Buddy


The first week I take the VC off Pendles (when I actually need it) & he stars. And my opponent doesn't have Ablett. Griffen VC & now Watson capt. C'mon Griff, surely you can carve up GWS. Let me use a capt loophole on you. Watson as capt worries me a little.


Loop hole on Griffo good as he will get Leather poisoning against GWS
. Supercoach has been a roller coaster ride for most of us this year. Good Luck Rosco


Bloody Hell. Knew I should have put the VC on Pendles. Might go Nic Nat now, and see how he goes. Jobe playing last game on Sunday if he doesn't do the job. Then again, Cotchin against North in what should be a close game is one to think about for the VC too. Seems to score well in the close ones.

What do you reckon?


Supercoach this year has been a Topsy Turvy affair. It's like i feel into a 44 gallon drum of nipples and came out sucking my thumb.


A million Cheers Master Jock, i heard on the grapevine your into surfing if your ever up on the Goldy and keen for a paddle let us know. Have a garage full of boards. Top of the day to ya Mate


Put the VC on Pendles 308 points

Who to replace ablett crouch or Mitchell?




Changed my VC to Pendles at the last minute!!! Had GAJ as my VC & Watson as my C. But after the change, threw the C on GAJ, I do have cover for GAJ in Rockliff, just hope the Rock can score something decent! Disappointed with Gibbs’ 59! Hopefully it IS the only disappointment!!


4/469. Gibbs was disappointing (doesn't want to get the hard ball). Walker, Swan and Pendles were impressive. Have got the (C) on Danger.

Regarding Ablett, I think we should be grateful the Suns mentioned it on Friday, rather than name him and withdraw him seconds before the game.


Should i take the bench loophole on Caffers 85 or risk it with staker? thoughts on staker hitting a ton?


Yeh I think i have to bank the 85 i figure it will be +/- 15 points, but then hopefully no late withdrawls. 85 it is


Take the 85!


Staker 110…. LOL.


Has put me under the pump as I have the VC on Griffen and was counting on Gazza as my backup. Means I missed Pendles 154 so prayin Griffen can come up with 130 plus so I don;t lose too much ground,

If Griff doesn't come through who would you go as captain out of Dangerfield, Joel Selwood and Barlow?


Nic Naitanui or dean cox might have to sit out…. Is it true??


I'm sitting pretty on 548 from 5 at the moment, and that's without have Pendles' score doubled since he's the VC. Lucky enough to have Pendlebury, Swan, and Cloke. A. Walker tonned up again. Gibbs seemed to be the Carlton barometer; had a good first quarter then just disappeared. Did he cop a knock or did they start tagging him in the 2nd?

I think Shaw scored half of his SC points in the last quarter. His score was looking a bit skinny at half time.


Not sure about live SC scores, but he was on 46 DT at 3QT, and 101 DT at FT. Regarding Gibbs, he just didn't want to get the hard ball. And Collingwood's pressure meant practically all of Carlton's possessions had to be contested.


Spot on with Gibbs .. softer than Rexxie Huntt without a blue bomber!! Collingwood didn't need to tag him as he circled around every pack and every contested ball .. and I just brought him in this week!!!


Got Pendlebury as VC and loophole on Tommy Mitchell!


Do I take Nichols score or Jacobs


I would take Nichols score as Jacobs will have it hard against Cox and Nitnatnui


Who should be my Captain out of Watson, Nitnatnui and Dangerfield or should I play it safe and VCR loophole Griffins 107


Oooh, tough call Josh, maybe just put Danger captain and hope for the best:)


Thanks Remy


Who should I put captain Goddard, Fyfe, Terlich or T.Mitchell


Fyfe is the best option there, should wreak havoc against the poor old Saints


Thinking for finals, who would u bring in out of Stevie J, D.Martin or maybe Cyril who could peak come SC finals?


Wow Embley scores 98 SC points sub in during the 3rd quarter!? Good performance for someone who has been really struggling lately.


Who do i make my captain? Barlow or JPK need a hand, or do i take dangerfields score as he was my vc??? Help My league win depends on it


Take the 136 for mine but if you need to be all or nothing leaning to Barlow even though back from injury.


Take Danger's score.


Don't get greedy Dangerman score OK


Not flash, Didn't expect Gaz to not play so left the VC on Nic Nat , had the choice of picking him or J Selwood but I got back to late and Joel pulled a 150 out , But my teams pretty solid at the moment ,
currently sitting at 1815 with Clisby , Fye ,Goddard , Hartlett and T Mitchell (emg for Gaz) to play , so anything over 2200 will be good πŸ™‚


On 1564 from 13 thanks to Pendles Loophole and lots of help from Swanny, Goldstein, Kruezer, Redden and Priddis.

Very happy with the way my score could turn out!

I have JPK, Hannebery, T. Mitchell, Ibbotson, D. Pearce, Jobe, Goddard and Carlisle all to play today.

What do you guys think I might end up on?!


Looking at 2400+ there mate, great score


Thats great, thanks Chumpy:)


Who should I capt Barlow, JKP or Jobe?




Jock, oh wise master. Been loving your mighty fantasy football tips this year, you’ve got me on track for a good finals run. After being 2 and three , i held tough on my premiums and have won the last 7!

Anyway mate, I’m a dreamteamer, and with all these trades I’ve got too many premium eggs in my basket! Especially in the forward line. I wanna upgrade/sideways trade someone. Who do you think? My fwd line is:

M Stokes

D Martin

J Westhoff

T Cloke

J Kennedy

T Rockliff

L Franklin (emg)

T Hawkins (emg)

Maybe Franklin to rioli when he drops? And Rockliff to danniher for more cash?


Why do you say you have too many premiums in the fwds, then ask for advice on how to choose yet another premium?

Upgrade your mids, def or rucks.


Can anyone explain why JJK did not pick up the winning goal bonus last night in Eagles game?


Mystery !


He Did he was only on 68 before he kicked that goal


1804/16…. Captain played!


16/1848 with my captain Dangerfield. Historically, whenever I've had a very good Friday/Saturday, the proceeding Sunday has always been appalling fantasy wise. Fingers crossed.


Thats the same with me, every round this season


17\1965 With JPK T Mitchell Goddard Heppel Hartlett, hoping for a 2400+ score


This year has been the year of inconsistant defenders. You have got the likes of
You all string together 3-4 good games and then average 70 for the next month
I feel like i can always relly on
Goddard Heppel Hibbard
Has anyone else found this really frustrating


It's been the Killer for me most of the season. There is always one or two that will Spud it week in week out. Hopefully all will be good from here on in.


Im Looking at scoring 2435. buddy and nic nat costing me a 2500 at this stage


Nice, most of us are in the same boat just need Barry Mitchell Son to crank out a ton+.


hey guys Barlow or Watson for c. What your thoughts?




cheers mate JOBE it is

Adam V


Gary V.





That's honestly saddening.

Tim Darbyshire

Staker or goodes for the backline if i had to trade which one who?


2161 from 18. will be a chance at the weekly


watson, heppell, goddard and fyfe to come




now ranked 113 overall. dont mind it at all


1960 from 18, looking at just under 2400 if all goes well, Ibbotson, Jobe, Heppell & Goddard to come. NicNat, Gibbs, Cox, Buddy, Roughead, Ellis all underperformed to varying degrees so reasonably happy considering. Also had Staker & Nicholls on the pine so lost 69 points worst case there. Thank god for T Mitchell, what a star!
Jock would score do you think is par for this round? Thinking prob 2250-2300.


Hmmm…. 2400 was a touch optimistic haha, looks like 2256 for me!

Over Projected: Pendles +31 (VC – gold!), Swanny +38, Cloke +26, Walker +10, Rocky +23, Hanley +42, Priddis +26, JPK +6, Goodes +29, JJK +14, T Mitchell +7.

Under projected: Ellis, Bartel -7, Roughead -13, NicNat -33, Ibbotson -33, Jobe -95 (!!), Heppell -32, Gibbs -55 (!!), Buddy -35, Cox -22

On the pine: Clisby -20, Nicholls +12, Gorringe -1, Staker +34 (NO!!!!)

Using Staker instead of Buddy & Nicholls instead of Cox would've brought me 2321 instead – makes a difference!! Oh well, woulda coulda shoulda – didn't!


gonna cry myself to sleep tonight jock, need your podcast to cheer me up mate! (put this in your podcast haha)

tried for the 3rd week in a row to use the ruck loophole with nicholls and Jacobs, didn't work out and had Jacobs onfield πŸ™
didn't hear about the news of abletts injury until the Collingwood game started, meaning I couldn't vc either swan or pendles. decided to vc cox and captain jobe and he got injured.. was predicted 2400 πŸ™

not gonna get anywhere near that now.. probably 2250


Dammit! Jobe down! Was on course for about 2360+!! Now looking at 2250+!! Had Rocklilff covering GAJ, but really annoyed now as Nicholls' 99, Staker's 110 & Hrovat's 83 are warming the pine!!!! That's 110+ pts there!!


What could be worse than not realising that GAJ wasn't playing and leaving C on him… having the V on Jobe for S.F.A!!! Damn it. Hurting πŸ™




Double ouch….


Don't worry, I had the C on Jobe after Nic Nat had the VC. Think I just scraped over the line in my league though.



Adam V

Tyre 35 touches only 89 points was he going at like 10%???

Adam V

Fyfe I mean


Don't get it either mate, he had decent efficiency too, feeling ripped off for sure


High number of clangers screwed him.


Supercoach scoring is rigged! Absolutely fukt…. Dodgey fkn game!


True , but he had more handballs then kicks and almost every one of his handballs were effective and the majority were contested and he had what 35 touches ? i predicted he'd get at least 105 but only 82 points ? shocked.


Just when the Cake was looking decorated Jobe goes down like tinnies in a dust storm. Oh well still have beers in the fridge. So life ain't that Bad. As coaches say one bloody week at a time. Back to the trade table. Come in Barlow.


What to do with Watson


Trade for Mundy/Barlow…. He could be out for the season!


Ouch for Watson owners and double ouch for Watson C's. 2410 with VC Pendles. No thanks going to Bibbs, Nic Nat, Heppell, Franklin, Cox and Ibots. Special thanks to Swan, Pendles and Jelwood.


LOL. Jelwood and Bibbs….