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Vince Gambino’s Fantasy Footy Punt Club – RD 15

Published by Vince on

Teflon Gambino's supercoach punting club

Get excited community! We’re heading towards the pointy end of the season now and this is when the business starts to get serious.

I know there’s many of youse out there who are struggling with a lack of trades and all sorts of other issues. But remember, when the going gets tough…the tough get going man! Other than that, the Punt Club rolls through into Round 15. Come onnn!


Heath Shaw ($1.88) vs Steele Sidebottom ($1.88)
Ignore Heath Shaw’s last start against Port Adelaide. I backed him on here and unfortunately Monfries took him deep to the goal square and he couldn’t rebound out of defence like he usually does. Sticking by man here though community. He’s not the player to put in two bad performances in a row and I reckon he’ll come out all guns blazing tonight. Sidebottom’s been decent enough this year but I think Heater Shaw just has the edge on him in this one against my blue baggers.

Trent Cotchin ($1.88) vs Brett Deledio ($1.88)
My gut feeling is Deledio will come out on top in this one community. Interestingly, both of them average 108 SC points this year which is probably why you can get $1.88 for either of them with Just reckon Cotchin has been too up and down for my liking this season. We’ve been waiting for him to explode in the back half of the year and it hasn’t quite happened. Coming off a couple of lean weeks, Deledio is set to fire here community. His average of 93 against North Melbourne is comfortably better than Cotchin’s 81 as well. Get on Lids!

Matt Priddis ($1.85) vs Chris Masten ($1.90)
Matty Priddis! How good’s he been since we all jumped on him following the advice from the legendary Mick the Mad Irishman? He’s just been incredibly consistent. Although he rarely score 125+, he’s almost guaranteed to get us a SC ton. Apart from the Port Adelaide game where he was subbed out in the first quarter due to injury, Priddis has only dropped BELOW 100 points 3 times. Chris Masten on the other hand has only scored ABOVE 100 points 4 times. For me it’s a no brainer (hopefully). Coin is on Priddis in this one.

Colin Sylvia ($1.88) vs Colin Garland ($1.88)
Fancy Colin in this one…man, bloody Jock’s lame humour is rubbing off on me a bit! Nah but I do like Colin SYLVIA here community. I reckon he’s a very good player in a pretty average team. Sylvia’s last few games have been pretty decent and he averages 94 against Sydney in his last three… enough for me to have a little bit of dough. Garland was the name on a few people’s lips after a few decent scores but showed his true form last week with 74 SC points. Colin SYLIVA to take this one out dudes!

Dyson Heppell ($1.88) vs Michael Hibberd ($1.88) are being too generous to the Punt Club! $1.88 for Heppell to knock off Hibberd is too good to ignore in my opinion. Hibberd’s last 3 games haven’t broken the ton and he only averages 77 against Port Adelaide. Dyson Heppell aka Mr Reliable has three SC tons in his last four starts and averages 93 against Port Adelaide. Heppell has lovely set of golden locks himself and I reckon he is an absolute lock here. Jump on here dudes!

That’s it for another week community. If you have any queries about other fantasy footy markets or anything fantasy footy related, send us a tweet @Vince_Gambino or simply post a comment in the section below.

Happy Punting,

Vince “Teflon” Gambino.


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This week i've got for Dion Prestia @$5 in the Lions v Suns Round 15 Group 1. Lions have brought Raines into the side to run with Ablett, so he could have another quiet (quiet for Ablett at least!) game while Prestia gets to run free. Also went with Heath Shaw over Sidebum, Selwood over Bartel and Nic Nat in the Crows v Eagles Round 15 Group 1 .

Also, in the games, i've gone with two outside chances with GC over Brisbane and Port Adelaide over Essendon.

Heppell was kinda quiet last week Vince and his 90 score was inflated due to the last second goal he kicked that got him 40 something points. Still think he's the favourite there though.


Like it mate. Especially like your Gold Coast over Brisbane outsider – thats every chance of getting up this week they're not to far off becoming the real deal those Suns.


wouldnt be so sure on heps v hibs
heps only made the ton last week due to CD giving him 40odd points for kicking a goal when the game was already over time wise.


I'm trying narrow it down to 5 top picks, and take them all as triples (ten bets). My top six so far:

Liberatore over Murphy – very rarely does Murphy score better than Libs;
Harvey over Thompson – Harvey has avg 107 vs Thom 82 vs the Tigers;
Rich over Zorko – Rich is doing much better than Zorko this year – easy money;
Mtichell over Roughead – Mitchell has avg 112 vs Roughie 77 vs the Cats;
Priddis over Masten – same as you Vince – easy money here
Ebert over WIngard – Ebert last three av 119 vs Wingard 101, Wingard should attract the Hocking tag.


best of luck Dan – all look pretty solid to me mate

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