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How many trades do you have left?

Published by Jock on

How many supercoach trades in enough?We play this great game for different reasons.

Some of us strive to get as high up in the overall rankings as possible, keen as mustard to become among the very best Supercoach and Dreamteamers in the business.

But others come at this thing to take away a fantasy footy premiership flag. These folk are the beating bloody heart of this game don’t you forget that.

Could be a league with your mates at work or school. Could be a league with your family. Maybe you’re even striving to win the most coveted league title in the country – the Jock Reynolds Supercoach Premier League. Which ever way you look at it it’s the league player who wants to stick it up his mates and has most riding on the game.

Now this year trades have been very interesting. For the first time we have had a massive 30 trades. There are those out there that are only now coming to the realisation that even 30 trades will run out if you don’t approach this caper with discipline.

So lets whip around this week and get a feel for how many trades we all have left. As I said in Sunday night’s podcast I’m a big believer that you need at least 4 but ideally 6 trades in the kick if you want to win yourself a Supercoach premiership this season. Of course if you’re a Dreamteamer you don’t give a stuff about this article because you have unlimited trades.


How many trades do you have left?

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9 trades left. 7 away this round making some money for my last upgrade!


i would have 7 left but i went Birchall in one week and out the next. I only traded him in because i needed a win in the bye round and Shaw had the bye.


Hi Jock, thoughts on Daniel Pearce?


Currently have 10, but will have 8 after making 2 trades this round. Just not sure whether to upgrade to Heppel or Ibbotson. Please help


Heppel more consistent and higher ceiling IMO


heppell is that bit cheaper and should be a higher scorer, i'm hoping that in the next few weeks ibbotson puts out some shockers because i went mckenzie last week instead of him.


I'd be going to Ibbo mate, not sure why everyone is saying Heppell he hasn't been that good, only 5 scores above 100 and 1 score above 110 which was against the Dees!!! And last week he was on around 60 odd until he kicked a goal within the last minute to give him an extra 40 points. Definitely Ibbotson for me.


with freo's run home I'd take ibbo over heppell. Wouldn't worry about his ceiling with scores of 137 and 142


7 and only one more upgrade needed to full premium team. Sitting 3 rd in my league. Planing on having at least 6 come finals. Praying to supercoach gods to be kind with no more "birchalls"!


I have 6 left with a team with only one player averaging below 90 (zorko), though i would like to upgrade a midfielder to watson this week by moving martin fwd via zorko or monfries but i can't decide which one?

Then to make some cash for next week i can't decide if i want to trade blicavs to moller for a loophole in case nicholls scores 100+
if i should trade out brett goodes who is on the pine to clisby?
A little bit of advice would be appreciated.


looks at this stage that goodes will miss another week, blicavs' b.e is higher than his average – if you're looking to make some $$ make a move now.

I'd get rid of zorko over monfries


cheers kev!, blicavs had a stinker even though it was his first game against hawthorn rd 1, plus i plan to move the other player to bartel the week after anyway, the question is will zorko pull out some decent numbers on the way home?


With port on the upswing again monfries plays an important role. Zorko a bit all over the shop this year


Hey Kev, I have Goodesy on the field…. Is it worth trading him out for someone else for <400k. Thoughts? opinion on who would be a good trade in option….


7, but 6 after this week.


8 left, but probably 6-7 by Thursday.


Actually Jock I'd be really interested to see how everybody feels about how the extra trades are working this year. Personally I reckon 30 is too many as teams are all looking very similar. It's just a matter of which premiums u have vs everyone else. Really not much POD in having Dangermouse vs having Swanny etc etc. I reckon we need to go back to 24 next year to avoid the feeling of sameness most sides have this year. Love to hear yours & the communities thoughts on this.


great point griffo!
I think i've found that last year when i got in the top 100 overall around the byes i was flying because of my choices from the start and PODs but then i ran out of trades quickly and even though finishing in the top 1000 i didn't win my league because other people copied my team and i couldn't do anything about it. My point being too little trades is frustrating and you are likely to spend most of them before finals. With 30 trades this year i do see teams becoming more and more similar which is unfair to the better fantasy players and think a medium of 26 or 28 would be beneficial to the competition.


Yeah I just don't like the fact that already the majority of people (myself included) have a full team of premiums with trades to spare (I have 7 left). Only POD's in teams from here on in is which premiums u have.
All teams are like a saying the locals have in Thailand "same same but different"


hahaha no one copied your team mate- thats a bit full of yourself i reckon. Fantasy is all about LUCK and thats it. Someone who picks another C over Gazza is a fluke if that different choice scores higher than Gaz. You cant say definitively "so and so will score higher than GAJ this week". Thats luck. And everyone starts with the same $ and same amount of trades- from there on is luck- SIMPLE. And the fact is no matter how hard or easy fantasy footy is there will only EVER be ONE winner each year.


In the immortal words of one Peter Higginbotham "agreed Jock"
Perhaps when the season is done & dusted a poll of the community on this & a few other items (rolling lockout I'm looking at u) may be the way to go. Then you as the illustrious fantasy footballer u are could demand answers!!!!!!


yes take it back to 24 trades


exactly, last year i had sidebottom and danger from the start with most of my premiums being kept through the whole year and giles made it easy as well whereas this year picks like karnezis, bennell, jacobs and lecras buggered up my team from the beginning! next year surely premiums and rookies will be the beginning strategy.


I reckon if we are going to have 3 bye rounds then the first 3 games of the season should be league games and the bye rounds should not! Or something like that.


I like that idea Azz. Best idea I’ve heard mentioned in the thread.


Great idea. Straight into the season, and <beeeeeeep> the bye rounds right off.


Great idea Azz


This year is my first playing fantasy footy and I believe the increased trades and the 3 trades during bye rounds have done more harm than good. Mostly in terms of learning the nuances of playing. Especially holding on to certain players (Zorko excluded), making no sideways trades and up/downgrading when the time is right. To Jock's points, I got dinked by not paying more attention to his cheat sheets. Took three rounds to get to a have decent team. All said, great learning experience. But think 24 trades and no 3 trade rounds would make for stronger overall play.


Totally agreed Master Jock, take it back to 24 for the tactician and take away the luck from the thinking man's Buffoon. Keep up the great Podcast's coming. Cheers Captain


The extra trades provided to us this year was used to appeal to the masses. The "fine art" of fantasy footy isn't something that appeals to Mr Average who just logs in each week and makes a trade with no research. While I agree thirty trades is a few too many, I understand why it was changed and it will be highly unlikely to be changed back


I also reckon do something about the captaincy loophole. Dont agree with it. What coach has ever said to a player you are not the captain anymore halfway through a game. So and so is now even though he is not even on the ground and he is playing tomorrow????


I agree, however, this is going to be very difficult to manage with 24 trades if the AFL decides to implement x 2 byes for each team next year.


im goin to have to disagree, with so many freakin injuries 30 is the right amount just get rid of the bye rounds!


Yup totally agree…. Get rid of the bloody bye rounds and keep it at 30!


I'm with Adzz too .. I suggested the same thing last year, use the first 3 rounds as league games and have the 3 bye rounds as points only matches. It's a logical move that will improve the game for all levels of player. With the introduction of the Supercoach Draft game this year, players have the opportunity to avoid the "copy-cat" style teams of normal Dreamteam/Supercoach being discussed on here. For that reason, plus we've all seen how devastating injuries in one zone can be this season, I think the 30 trades should stay.


I agree Griffo – 30 is too many but I doubt they will go back as everything they put in place this year was to get more clicks to the site…. think continuous rolling lock out and 30 trades. They want to keep everyone as interested as they can for the whole season.


6 but still don't have a full side, with both Hawkins and Lecras onfield.

Was happy with my structure but made some poor selections ( E.g. mumford) and wasted a few to many trades trying to generate cash. Hoping to hang to have at least 4 trades for finals providing I can keep my top 4 spot.

Rotten Ronny

8 now but probably 7 or 6 come the weekend


Will Duffield play Jock?


Been ruled out.


How long?


Missing this week should be back the following week according to Ross Lyon on 6PR radio Perth.


Need Help! 6 Tardes left
Omera or Vlastuin out?

Omera to Griffen/Pendlebury
Vlastuin to Murphy/Hepp/Hibbard/Taylor
Sub Staker to Backline and could get Nic Nac/Andrew Walker
Help Jock oh mIghty one


I would get rid vlaustuin first, both Griffin and Pendlebury are good options, if you can afford to go Griffin do it, but Pendlebury is very consistent

Mungo Man

vlastuin out for one of the essendon players hibbard very consistent with 90s, hepple has higher ceiling, omera is flying right now hard to trade out on current form look to upgrade later before finals.


So u reckon don't sub staker down back?


g'day community

is it worth holding monfries or trading and to who considering i would have
485k ?


hey Joe! i have monfries as well and am looking to trade him up either this week to watson via martin into the fwd line or next week to bartel.
In your case as you are limited on funds, the only players i would consider would be riewoldt or tippett/watts if you have some kahunas and are looking for a POD.


Hey Joe where you going with that gun in your hand?


Should B. Goodes be back this week?


Nope. Confirmed that he'd be a possibility after the GWS match on AFL Game Day on Sunday.


Thoughts on aaron edwards? Really found his feet the last few weeks, can't see him getting dropped from here. 18 marks the last 2 weeks – 369k


if you are limited on cash and don't have a premium fwd line but i think there is the chance he could get shut down by a decent defender easily and he has had a free fun up the ground against fairly poor opposition. Perhaps at the start of the year he might have been a good option but heading into finals i would rather have proven performers.


Hey community!
Just wondering your opinion on which premium mid i should bring in. I plan to move dusty forward so i can then bring in anyone this week.
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Kennedy, Fyfe, Mundy, Priddis, ______ (Mitchell,Martin)




Chees Juddy, that is my current trade at the moment but danger, barlow and griffen are tempting me…


griffen for a POD


as good as he is, I'm wary on bringing jobe in at this point. Lots of calls for him to step down so AFL might buckle. Go danger


Griffin or barlow for me


Watson or Dangerman i would of said Barlow but you already have Fyfe and Mundy from Freo and i doubt the three will all fire together week in week out. Griffen will die in the ass soon


Jock, help me out here, I've got 7 left, but bloody Tommy Rockliff has been bleeding my forward line lately and i'm thinking Kurt Tippet (at a similar price) could be the POD to take me to the grand final, im uneasy about a sideways trade like this as they usually bite me in the ass.


Brisbane are playing GC at the Gabba this week, so maybe not the week to let go of Rockliff.


Just keep in mind also that Rocky is going to take a tumble in price after this round again. If you have enough in the bank, I'd be looking for someone more reliable.


Roughy or Nic Nat?


Hey kewgie, if you can wait a week, nic nat should drop again in price this week and will be the better pick, roughy did play well against the cats earlier in the year which he is playing but i think nic nat has a higher ceiling and can't be left out.


Agreed Bruds !


9 trades left – trading out Macaffer and Blicavs to Bartel and McBean this week then trading in Stevie J for either J.Kennedy or Jacobs (Cox/Nic Nat swing).
Who will most finish the season stronger out of the two or have the easier run?
Any other suggestions appreciated


u'd have to think JJK has earned his spot more….Adelaide showed some grit last week though and if they make a legit late run….it might be the motivation sauce needs to return to form….wait a round 2-3 if you can afford to.


3 trades left but trading in Hodge for Griffen and Priddis for Dangerfield….. Although I'm thinking Crozier out and Watts in? Thoughts….


No way you'd trade Watts after 1 good match. And it was a win which I doubt that the Dees will get many more this year.

Tough on on Ryan Griffen. Looks like a star but is very expensive for someone that is unproven over a full season. I'm still waiting for his streak to end!


So 1 trade left, hopefully no injuries as my team is locked with premiums… Holding onto that 1 trade till finals, definitely finishing between 4th to 7th, please no major injuries!! Fukkk Birchall too…. Wasted my time and trades on him this year, definitely the BURNMAN this season! Fly kick to the head is what he deserves….. LOL.


Calm down dee, you'll be right.


Have 6 left after using trades this round…. Worried


I'd say you're pretty well set. I've got 5 trades left without having made any trades for this round yet.

Find something better to worry about 🙂


Should I trade in Westoff or Tippet?


Neither. Who have you got?


Bartel, Franklin, Kennedy, Riewoldt, Martin and I am looking for one more forward under 477,00


^ ** $477,000 **


That's a risky price range. Can you downgrade to get some more cash to get a less risky upgrade such as a Roughead, Cox, or Naitanui.

Jordan Lewis is $478,200, a sliver above your $477k.

Within your price range is Rockliff, Christensen, Robinson, McGlynn, J-Pod, LeCras. I can't heartily recommend any of them though. Sorry about that.

Alan Bonnici

Hi Jock and Team. AL'S ARMY has 9 trades left. In 3 leagues and on top of all 3 league ladders and perfectly poised to make some trades in finals. Expecting a full list this week, so will hold of trades for another 2 weeks and re asses. I think it's key to give yourself at least 6 trades remaining going into the finals. For those who have trades up their sleeves there are some wonderful options at the moment. Guys like Kennedy and Cotchin are gold at that price. Shame I have had them since day 1.. Was very lucky to resist bring in Birchall just before he broek down. best regards all. Alan from


im thinking Roughead or dusty martin for final forward upgrade?

i already have Walker,Buddy,Kennedy,Bartel and Cox

Cheers Community


Roughead any day of the week.


So it won’t really matter having buddy and roughy?


I wouldn't think so.

Last three rounds:
Buddy Roughy
124 92
97 145
100 112

I'd like a piece of that.


6 trades left, $34, 800 in the bank
Mid, fwd and ruck is full premium
Def ; Goddard, Heppel, Shaw, Gibbs, Duffield, Birchall, Staker, Thurlow
Will have to trade out either Duffield or Birchall this round unless I want a donut as Thurlow will be unlikely to play.
Thinking Birchall out; Hanley in
Also any other ideas on solid form backmen to complete the team…..


I back your Birchall > Hanley trade.

Consider McKenzie as well, but he's $62k more than Hanley.


Thanks, can’t afford macenzie. ….


5 trades left. Far too many corrective trades at the start of the season when, in reality, they don't really count for much. I'm not unhappy with my team as it is, but there are a couple of luxury sideways trades I'd like to make, but I just can't afford to do it now if I'm going to have a hope in league finals.

Had a doughnut in defense last round but didn't have the cash to go to one of the premium defender options, and I was up against a spud in my league so I could win with 21.

Still have Birchall on the pine as well, but not enough cash to upgrade him to another premium defense option. I already have the ones I could afford (Hanley and Hartlett).

I've also got some late-blooming cash cows that I just won't be able to trade out. But they'll probably come into their own during the finals trade rush. Crouch, Gawn, Nicholls, Mitchell(san).

Regarding having 30 trades this year. I'm on the fence about that a bit. The additional trades is a bit like having the sub. If you get unlucky with a long term injury or two, then it takes this out of the equation. At the same time, however, it makes greater allowances for bad decisions early in the season.

It's a long season, however, and sound decisions when making initial team selections may not take long to become obviously un-sound through no fault of the selector.

I reckon split the difference and have 27 trades for the season. it's an odd number, but (and Higgo will like this):

– 27 is the only positive integer that is 3 times the sum of its digits.
– 27 is a perfect cube, ie. 3^3 (3 x 3 x 3)


whats your team name?


The Infallibles

Despite being rather fallible.

Rick Grimes

Only 4 left. I'm new to this so I have enjoyed having 30 trades. Made too many sideways trades and got carried away with cashcowing. But good learning curve, will be a better player next year.

One thing I've found is that a good player is like fashion. Hold on to him long enough and he'll come back round.

Rick Grimes

I should add that I would support a move to reduce trades. Put more emphasis on choosing a good team from the start. I'm also not sure about the rolling lockout. What might be interesting is enabling you to sub a player after he has played for a bench player who hasn't. For example: So on Friday night you have a player go down in the first quarter and are looking at 10 points. So you switch in your sub who is playing Saturday and take whatever he gets.


I like the active sub idea. It makes each member of your squad more accountable. There's less incentive to have a Sam Naismith type sitting permanently on your ruck bench because he was cheap.

Make it a kind of legitimate loophole, without the need of a zero-scoring player sitting around.


How about letting dual position players on the bench cover both of their positions. Last week I had to cover Birchell and Hurn, I had Staker in the fwd line but didn't shift him back. Then Vlastuin is a late out and I cop a donut with Staker as my emergency in the fwd line.


Who should i keep and who should i trade out of JACOBS AND LECRAS? Leaning towards culling Lecras.


lecras looked good running through the middle last week


hey jimmy, unless you have tonnes of trades and these two are the obvious weak links in your team i think you should hold until one has a stinker. Lecras to bartel or nic nat in one or two weeks might be a good option. Jacobs to minson, cox might be a good trade but jacobs did allright last week.


Hey Guys

Is B Goodes playing this week?



Already covered in an early post, he'll miss again


Won't know for sure until the teams drop on Thursday night. Unless the bullies have a press conference and rule him out.

I want him back too.


Do you dudes and dudettes reckon there's any value in trading out a Priddis/Swan type character to get in Ryan Griffen? The Griffdog has been delivering some monster scores and I love Priddis as much as the next bloke but not sure if he belongs in an ultra-premium midfield.


If you've got trades to burn then it might be worth consideration. Sideways trading is fraught with danger.

I've had the same question about Priddis though. You can almost guarantee a score between 85 and 105, but you'll very rarely get a monster score or an average above 110.

Swanny, if Buck's plays him in the middle, can score huge, as he did in rounds 10-12.

Jock's opinion of Griffen scares me away, but he's been unbelievable and consistently so in the last 7 rounds. Jeez, having a look at his scores I reckon I might do the Priddis > Griffen upgrade as well.

I reckon I might have convinced myself. Cheers RB, I wasn't thinking along those lines before…


With only 5 trades left and $106400 in the bank, my team is:
Goddard, Hanley, Shaw, Gibbs, Vlas, Goodes, (Clisby, Thurlow)
Ablett, Swan, Pandles, Watson, Danger, JPK, Deledio, Stevie J, (T.Mitchell, Mayes)
Goldy, Nicholls, (Blicavs, Rowe)
Walker, Martin, Buddy, JJK, Rockliff, Naitanui, (Macaffer, Staker)

Thinking about downgrading one of Macaffer/Blicavs and upgrading Thurlow to Mckenzie but would love some feedback.


Macaffer was ripe last week, and his 46 won't help his value at all. I'm hoping Daniher is named this week so I've got an obvious downgrade target.


How about we return to 24 trades but allow for more flexibility through the season for those players that are used in multiple positions…

Joe Bloggs is a forward but has been used as a mid and a FWD and a DEF at times… grant him DEF / MID / FWD status.

A real life example could be Sam Mitchell or Luke Hodge… both are mids but have been used in defence on a number of occasions…



Hodgey should have been a MID/DEF this year definitely.

Backline mess

Have 13 trades left hoping to have 2 each round during finals and are 2nd in my league. I will probably use 2 to fix up my back line


Were you asleep for the first half of the season? Must have selected a great starting side. Well done.


Bartel or Roughy? any thoughts on this or much of a muchness….


both didn't have their best games against geelong earlier in the year but i think bartel will be more consistent


Bartel but fingers crossed Geelong don't rotate him out for one or two rest weeks when Stevie J, Chapmen and Varcoe return.


worth holding shuey or trade him out to someone like pendlebury?


Is he the only weak link in ur side? If he is then yes, but if there is a rookie to upgrade or an under performing premium then fix that first.


thanks champ!


hey jacko, last week i went shuey to pendles because otherwise i would have had to take kyle martin's score of 51 and with a 112 i wasn't disappointed and that was one of his lower scores! look at pendles or watson if your going for a trade this week i reckon.


Finished my team by bringing in Hibberd and Hartlet this week. 2 trades left for any crap that may come my way.


10 trades left 2 short of full premium team (but one of those is Jaega what a little ripper he's hard to trade), this is the week for Blicavs to make way for a premium ruck. 2 trades this week can buy Minson, Goldstein or NicNat with a downgrade of maybe a Ben Kennedy, but just 1 trade for McEvoy or (possibly but less likely) Sauce Jacobs is pretty tempting, both well under $500k, after those other blokes that much better??
Appreciate your thoughts community. Also any news on Maric? He's my R1…


Don't get Jacobs


What would you do with Shuey, Birchall, B. Goodes and Thurlow?


birchall should be a priority upgrade to heppell, ibootson, gibbs, goddard, mckenzie for mine. I am using thurlow as a back loop hole because he hasn't been playing but if you need backline coverage you can trade him to clisby. Goodes can be kept if you have coverage or used as another upgrade. Shuey should be kept as well unless you're too frustrated and want to upgrade him to watson, pendles ect.


Looking to upgrade my defence but I am not sure who I should trade out, Vlastuin, Terlich, or Duffield, for Ibbotson or Heppell?

Also should we look to bring in Rioli, I have Lynch (Adel) and Macaffer, I am looking to get rid of both of them?

Thanks guys 🙂


hey daniel, i'd look at getting rid of vlastuin if the duff man is only going to miss a week or two and you have coverage for him and upgrade to either one because will both be really good picks and i can't separate the two to be honest. If you can't cover duffield then you may have to trade him and again flip a coin or look at what teams both have coming home and in finals and if they're likely to score well against them.
As for your forward line, i would hold to see if rioli comes back in with good form, if you want to upgrade, i think macaffer is fairly spent and you should look at getting in bartel, franklin, martin, cox or stevie j/nic nat in next week or in a couple. Good luck!


thanks mate


my team with 2 trades remaining:
Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Gibbs, Ibbotson, Ellis (Webster, Clisby)
GAJ, Pendles, Jobe, Swan, JPK, Bartel, Priddis, Shuey (B.Goodes, T.Mitchell)
Cox, Roughead (Nicholls, Gorringe)
Walker, Buddy, JJK, Cloke, Rockliff, NicNat (Staker, Hitchcock)
Holding tight for the moment, have enough cover to avoid donuts unless I get unlucky with injuries. Not really concerned about league wins, positioned high 1400's overall and looking to jump back in top 1000. Currently about 1200 points behind overall leader & 9 rounds to go – so need to score about 130 odd points more than them per round to win lol!


very sililar position to me last year, i ended up finishing in the 800's but i was 94th before the byes which was disappointing to fade so much rather than pushing for the overall win. Look at finding POD's with the very top teams i guess and try and find ways of using the captains loophole to maximise your score when so many people rely on ablett, eg. last week. But then again i shouldn't be telling someone who is obviously doing extremely well compared to me this year who is sitting outside the top 5000.


Interesting breakdown average by position for me last round (taking out capt double score):
DEF: 96.3
MID: 103.1
RUC: 79.0
FWD: 76.8
Overall have been looking at past rounds and average per position, interesting amount of rounds averaging 100+ (again ignoring capt double):
DEF: 2 out of 14 rounds 100+ average
MID: 11/14
RUC: 4/14
FWD: 6/14
Shows just how much of a struggle DEF has been all year! Also shows the importance of getting RUC right from the start, no thanks to you Sauce!


Top stuff, last week was a shocker, only my rucks were above 100, but mid and backline were both in the high 90's. The forward line on the other hand was disgusting, had staker on the bench and played zorko, 34 points down the drain.


who should i get out:

Terlich v goodes? AND get in

N.riewoldt v D.martinv mckenzie?


i would be looking at goodes because he probably wont play and terlich is in some nice form, look at which line has more work needed, if your backline is struggling mckenzie but if your forward line is then maybe wait a week as martin has a 133 be and roo 109 would be ok but he has lost a little form as the season has progressed but they are fairly even.


5 trades left $210 in the chest
def: goddard, hartlett, hanley, gibbs, goodes, staker
mid: ablett, swan, watson, mitchil, cotchin, selwood, priddis, hodge
ruck: kruezer, clarke
forw: cox, martin, walker, bartel, kennedy, rockliff

i am going to wait for staker to go up then trade out for premium, what should i do with goodes?
any advice will be appreciated!!!


i would look at moving out goodes to heppell, ibbotson or mckenzie this week, mckenzie has the lowest breakeven so i would probably be wanting him but the other two are just as good and you should be lookign to bring in another one of them with staker in a couple of weeks


even with only 5 trades left?


if you can put goodes on your bench and have coverage until he comes back then do that as you want 4 trades going into finals but then again you want a full premium team. If you have clisby or someone else playing on your bench you might want to hold and only upgrade staker in a week or two but many people have advised to make sure you have a full premium team asap regardless of trades. I don;t see any more changes that are vital to your team apart from you backline so you may want to put in 2 trades to complete it before finals but i'll leave it up to you.


Can't decide community, help would be appreciated!
Trade out zorko or monfries?
Bring in watson, dangerfield or griffen?


Ifld trade monfries. You picked him up to generate cash, you picked Zorko up as a lock. He should do well in the games for finals, some easy games with an improving lions. I’d get in danger. If u have the cash and its ur last premium upgrade get griffin… if u have more to go, danger with the run home


cheers nicko, i am hoping to bring in stevie j or bartel for the one i don't pick the week after, should i go zorko this week in that case because he will likely loose more value?
I'll have a look through the finals runs for the premo mids and try an work out who will be the best.


Been following your great work all year jock! Currently 8 trades left but going to use 2 this week. Currently on the ground I have:

Backs: Goddard, Heppel, Gibbs, Shaw, Hibberd, Malceski
Mids: Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Selwood, Priddis, Wingard, Shuey, Fyfe
Rucks: Minson, Nic Nat
Forwards: Cox, Bartel, Martin, Buddy, Kennedy, Zorko

Going to offload Blicavs from the bench as I have Nicholls as back-up and was thinking of getting rid of Zorko. I can get any forward so I was thinking Cox? Any help from the community would be great!


Slight mistake, meant to say I have Rockliff not Cox already in the forwardline


right, haha, well in that case zorko is probably the only weak link in your team, i want to offload him this week to a mid premium via martin but have monfries as well and can't decide which? zorko will plummet in price from that 43 so if you plan to trade him out at all i think it has to be this week. Cox is a very solid option, he should continually go 100+ all year. Steve johnson is the only other one to watch but zorko will have bled cash by next week when he plays. Go Cox!


Hey community , what do you think of my side? And also next week going to upgrade either goodes or vlastuin to McKenzie, who should I pick?

DEF: B.Goddard , B.Gibbs , P.Hanley , H.Shaw , N.Vlastuin , B.Goodes , (B.Staker , M.Clisby)

MID: G.Ablett , J.Watson , J.P.Kennedy , S.Mitchell , N.Fyfe , T.Cotchin , M.Priddis , T.Mitchell , (N.Hrovat , M.Paparone)

RUC: D.Cox , M.Leuenberger , (T.Nicholls , J.Witts)

FWD: J.Bartel , J.Westhoff* , D.Martin , L.Franklin , J.J.Kennedy , N.Naitanui , (B.Kennedy , J,Daniher)

*I was thinking of trading Westhoff out a couple of weeks ago but his form has improved a bit so I am going to keep him for the rest of the season.


Also my team name is Scorpions and I have 271,800 in the bank .


your side looks good, goodes probably won't play this week and vlastuin will loose some value so the sooner you can cull valstuin the better, goodes could be a good option for the rest of the season but won't change in value if you plan to upgrade him whereas vlastuin will loose value. Get rid of vlastuin!


Father of fantasy, friends and broader community,

I now have 9 trades with no cash and the following team;

Goddard, Gibbs, duffield, hanley,hartlett,birchall (goodes,thurlow)

Ablett, pendles, swan, Watson, fyfe, priddis, Dangerfield, j Kennedy, (Mitchell, hrovat)

Leuenberger, maric (nicholls, hannath)

Franklin, cox, n riewoldt, j Kennedy, zorko,Bartel (staker, Rowe)

Thanks to getting onto this site every night I am in 4th position in my league and looking good for a top 4 finish. There’s abit of reward in our league if you know what I mean and I want to win my league and give back to jock and the boys.

My question to you all is, where do I go from this position and how do I best utilise my trades? What would you do?

Being heavily linked with statistics, Higgo, your wisdom is much appreciated, although I am open to all suggestions.



I think you have to trade out birchall this week and perhaps look at upgrading maric and zorko if they have poor form, those three trades will leave you with 6 being plenty for finals, if you have to make some cash from goodes, staker or nicholls then an extra trade will still leave you with 5 being more than most i bet.


I think if you're sitting well for top four, then trade hannath to mcbeal to free cash and give a safety swing with cox (rowe on the wrong line unfortunately) Thurlow with broken jaw to clisby. Frees up some cash for your use in 3-4 rounds when u can take full advantage of your other cash cows.


I think to get the boys a few end of season frothies is a cause of great merit!


Birchall to go – upgrade using Hanath or Thurlow to generate the cash needed. Move Rowe to the ruck & bring in a fwd rookie, or there are a couple of options if Thurlow.


Thanks to all.


Thulow to clisby and bichall to trent Mckenzie or ibbotson.


Who should I get rid of Brett Goodes for?

Garrick Ibbotson or Bachar Houli


You only need 1 bench def if you can activate the staker swing. Ex Thurlow for oxley and use the cash to ex birchall for ibbo.

Jake p

Is Ivan Maric playing this week jock ?

Got him in 2 weeks ago

He played 1 game then got injured


no he's out this week and probably next week too


Tight Arse Tuesday?????


i need a forward premuim to bring in but not sure who do i go andrew walker? or even take the risk on cyril rioli? please any suggestions on forward premiums would be aprreciated thanks


wait a week or two then have a look at Cyril

Jake p

Also got Duffield and not much spare cash

And with duffields big price drop this week, i cant get any of the top backmen

So just wondering if Jack Watts would be a good choice as he seem to be hitting some form

Help please 🙂


Ballsy…but there’s method in it. New coach, being pushed up forward. It could pay of and undo your duffield drama…he’s so cheap he’s unlikely to get worse…all I’ve got to lose is a trade and duffmans potential scoring. I’d go for it if I was stuck


Hold Duff.

Bye round carnage

81k in the bank. I have Duffield, B. Goodes, A. Goodes, Vlastuin (not sure if he's in this week). Adam Goodes is definately out, was considering B. Harvey/Tippett.

Who's out and who's in?



Defensive headache continues for me, I have Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Shaw, Duffield, Goodes, Thurlow, Clisby.
With Duffield and Thurlow OUT this week and Goodes most likely out it leaves me with a donut in the backline, what should i do? HELP

9 trades left with $199,700 in bank but i wanted to do Macaffer/Blicavs out for Bartel, McBean this week. Any suggestions much appreciated


Keep Duffield since he is only gone for 2 weeks. Your sitting pretty with your 9 trades therefore you can go hard on upgrading. Upgrade goodes to one of either Mckenzie or Ibbotson


I will have 4 trades left after this week. Backline and Ruck issues have killed me this year.


ahahahah just remembered my draft team , did anybody acctually maintain thiers on a weekly basis?

Birch's Buddy

I have a weak league, so I was able to snatch some very, very, very good players from the start. I'm first by some distance, with players like Jack Steven, Goddard, Pendles, Dusty, Stokes, Roughy, Prestia, Ibbo, McVeigh etc.

Not very fun in a weak league to be honest.


Just a thought to all – I think trading based on perceived "easy" draw has been a bit of a false dawn this year so far, what do you all think?