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The Defensive Headache Part 2

Published by Jock on

Supercoach strategy with MickHello there community and welcome to part two of this week’s Mad Irishman’s Supercoach Special. If you haven’t read part one then I’d flick on over before we go any further.


“The Unsung Hero’s”

The next group of men I will look at have been going about their business without much fuss or attention. While none of these players are in the Premium bracket, they have been performing quite amicably and providing those who picked them in their teams with solid consistent scores. Scores we could all to with, in this year of fluctuating inconsistent backmen.

Michael Hibberd

Average 98.42
Breakeven 129
Current Price $480,100
Priced to Average 93.4
Games Played 12

Michael has gone unnoticed by most in fantasy football this year but currently sits second on overall points scores by any defender in the competition, and sixth overall for average pts per game. Not bad numbers for a game who only finds himself in 8.9% of all the teams out there. I think Michael has suffered from the other “Big Brand” name defenders at Essendon in Goddard and Heppell who both come with that extra star quality that sees them appear in more media and pushes Micheal back into the shadows. Let’s say we change that and shine the light of Hibberd in 2013.

You might think Hibberd has come from nowhere to have this breakout year and if you where to go by his pervious numbers alone you could be justified. The table below shows his averages over his three year AFL career to date.

Michael Hibberd

However what this table doesn’t show is the promise Michael was showing last season until he got injured and then didn’t quite get back up to those heights again when he returned. He was averaging 96.25pts per game before he went down in round 5 against Collingwood with one of many soft tissue injuries the Essendon Drugers .. cough cough .. I mean Bombers came down with last season. He came back in round 13 but didn’t quite reach those same heights, only averaging 70 for the rest of the season. However the promise was there and he has proved over the first 12 rounds this year that he a fantasy relative backman.

In terms of his role within the Essendon team he is mostly utilised across the backline, pushing up on a wing and through the middle on limited rotations. Tends to find a lot of the ball and has been averaging 23.7 disposals per game, as the more marquee names of Goddard, Stanton, Watson and even Heppell tend to receive the attention of the opposition. Not only that but he uses it very well and has a current disposal efficiency of 77.2%, which is elite. This all bodes well for Hibberd to be considered by a lot more than the current 9% of teams he finds himself in.

My only concern going forward is that Michael hasn’t played out a full season in his short AFL career so there is nothing to judge how he’ll run out this season.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict:
2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 94-98pts

Final Word: In a year where we are short on premium stocks to choose from in the backline one must seriously consider the very consistent Michael Hibberd. Doesn’t get that much attention both on and off the field and could very well be that solid defender you don’t have to worry about. Sure he won’t go averaging big premium numbers from here on out but then again who will? Is likely to drop in value this week due to a 74 he got against Carlton in round 11 so if you can hold off a week you will save yourself a little $$$

Bachar Houli

Average 96.5
Breakeven 80
Current Price $487,400
Priced to Average 93.4
Games Played 12

Bachar has gone even more unnoticed by most in fantasy football this year but he currently sits 3rd on overall points scored by any defender in the competition, and 11th overall for average pts per game. Yet Bachar is only selected in 4.42% of all teams. Bachar is a little different to Hibberd in that it was even harder to see this break out year occurring. The table below shows his averages over the last five years.

Bachar Houli

Houli’s numbers where never terrible but they we’re the kind that would draw you in either. It appeared he was a good midprice player but was unlikely to breakout into a premium. Yet here we are 12 rounds into the season and Houli has been the third highest scoring defender in supercoach this year. So where has this come from.

There is normally a correlation between an increased supercoach average and an increased number of dissposals. This normally happens due to a change of role, new coach, more responsibility within a structure etc. However in Bachar’s case his disposal numbers haven’t gone up from last season to this season, well not enough to account for a 13.3pers per game supercoach average increase. In 2012 he averaged 21.4 disposals a game while this year he has increased that by 0.8, up to 22.2 disposals per game.

What has increased this year is his disposal efficiency which has gone from 78.5% up to 81.1% which is indeed very impressive in both years. Another point of note is that his rebound 50’s has also increased on last season, up to 3.9 per game from 3.2 per game last year. I believe these numbers may have to do with the fact that Bret Deledio is now a permanent midfielder who only goes back on occasion this year. Whereas last year Houli would have been feeding it to Delidio to run in out of the backline, this year he is taking it on himself and kicking it out of the backline more.

However I do air on the side of caution with Houli. Whereas his numbers so far this year are very impressive he has never had a disposal efficiency as high as he has now and I can’t say with any great confidence that he can maintain that for the rest of the year. It could be that he has just gone through a purple patch and his scores could align themselves with his past three seasons over the rest of this season. However on the other side of things he has been very consistent with his actual disposal numbers and I don’t see them changing for the rest of the year as Richmond too have marquee players in Deledio, Cotchin and Martin who will always receive the opposition’s attention long before Houli. If he keeps backing himself coming out of defence he will continue to produce solid scores.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict:
2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 87-92pts

Final Word: I personally would have more reservations about Houli than Hibberd, but a lot of the same arguments for Hibberd as a selection apply to Houli. Doesn’t get that much attention both on and off the field and should continue to produce solid scores for your team. I do have a gut feeling he is currently averaging more than what he’ll produce for the rest of the year but still it’s hard to separate him from the rest.

Harry Taylor

Average 95.45
Breakeven 138
Current Price $499,400
Priced to Average 97.15
Games Played 11

Harry too gets a quick mention in this segment. Only selected in 6.23% of all teams but has rewarded those coaches who selected him with very solid average, if not consistent performances. A little like Bachar it was difficult to forecast this break out year occurring. The table below shows his averages over the last five years.

Harry Taylor

Much like Bachar it’s hard to pin point in Harry’s stats where is increased scores have come from. It is even more so my option that Harry has gone through a purple patch in spells this year amassing scores of 125, 138 and 134 along the way. Then on the otherside he has had scores of 44, 69 and 78 to balance them good scores out. However this is normal practise for Harry as last year’s average of 86.9 also contained a mass of both super high and super low scores. It is for that reason that we shouldn’t pay too much attention to Harry’s average as it sits now as I’m betting his current average will align itself more with last year’s numbers as this season goes on.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict:
2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 82-87pts

Final Word: Of all the un-sung hero’s of this season Harry would be my least favourite option. His role hasn’t changed, his stats haven’t changed and his erratic scores haven’t changed. I’m betting his Supercoach average come the end of the year won’t change either. If you want a more solid option I’d go Hibberd or Houli in this group.

“The Breakout Contenders”

Ok community stand up and take note.

This next group have been categorised as potential breakout contenders. Their form this year has been solid but unlike the unsung hero’s above these men could potentially breakout into the premium bracket for the remainder of the season. Pick the right one and you’ll go a long way to improving your ranking and getting over the line in those tight league match ups. However, are these true breakout players or will we place them in with the flirts of Hanley and Hartlett come the end of the season.

Garrick Ibbotson

Average 103.38
Breakeven 66
Current Price $496,400
Priced to Average 96.57
Games Played 8

Garrick has had a true break out year in 2013 currently increasing his average from 72.62 to the 103.38pts per game he finds himself at currently. That is a massive increase of 30.76pts per game.

Garrick Ibbotson

He has scored really consistently too, with just a low score of 79 and two monster scores of 142 and 137. Everything else has found itself in the bracket between 82 and 112. The question then has to be asked where these scores have come from.

Garrick Ibbotson Supercoach

Simply put Garrick’s role has evolved, like a lot of others at Fremantle as Ross Loyns game plan takes hold. Fremantle are ranked number one in the competition for short kicks as they look to retain possession when they have it. So that been said everyone across the Fremantle backline becomes an option for them coming out of defensive. Garrick’s disposal numbers have gone up from 16.9 a game last season to 23.9 this year. He has also embraced this new game plan and seems to cherish having the ball in his hands more. His disposal efficiency has also gone up from 72.2% last year to 77% this year. He is also not part of the midfield group and where you might not think that is a good thing for supercoach scoring in this case it might actually be beneficial to his scores. Not being in this group has meant he is not part of the regular rotations of the midfield players and has played a staggering 97.8% of time on the ground this year.

The only side of caution I have with Garrick is that scores form the Fremantle backmen tend to fluctuate at different times. This time last year Michael Johnson was having a breakout year increasing his average from 72.1 the year before to 98.72 after round 11. I jumped on in round 14 and he only averaged 82.4 from then on out. It was a failure trade for me and is the reason I personally won’t be taking the punt on Ibbotson this year. His numbers are too similar to Johnson’s from last year, where it was the Dufman to came home like a train.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict:
2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 91-95pts

Final Word: I have predicted that Ibbotson will do better than Johnson did on the run home last year because the Ross Loyn game plan has really set in this year and Ibbotson has been a lot more consistent than Johnson was last year. However I still have predicted that he will not break out into the premium bracket as I just can’t trust he can keep his current form up and that it won’t be Duffield or Johnson that come home strong this year. Still a strong option down back and if you think he will be the man the Fremantle go to coming out of the back then jump on. Just not for me.

Trent Mckenzie

Average 97.25
Breakeven 58
Current Price $462,900
Priced to Average 90.05
Games Played 8

Trent too has had a true break out year in 2013 currently increasing his average from 67.28 to the 97.25pts per game he finds himself at currently. This is a massive increase of 29.97pts per game.

Trent Mackenzie

He has scored really consistently too, with just a low score of 76 and a high of 114. Everything else has found itself in the bracket between 88 and 108. Trent falls a little more into the typical breakout bracket playing in his third season with a team on the improve.

Trent Supercoach

I have to say I have had my eye on Trent for a while now and I am not over exaggerating when I say Trent is in the best 5 kicks I have seen in the AFL. He reminds me a lot like Bret Deledio and I will be watching him very carefully to see if he transitions into the same type of player Deledio has at the Tigers.

Trent has now become the go to man in the backline for the Gold Coast Suns. He is averaging 21.9 disposals per game with a very healthy kick to handball ratio of 2.42 to 1. Has an elite disposal efficiency of 77.2% and is averaging 5.5 rebound 50’s a game. All excellent numbers and explains his rise in Supercoach average. He also seems to be improving game on game just like the Gold Coast and the more the Gold Coast stay in games the more important Mckenzie becomes and the more weight is attached to his disposals.

Gold Coast also have a really easy run home during Supercoach finals and could very well be in the hunt for a finals spot themselves. They play Melbourne, Port, St Kilda and GWS in their last four.

The only side of caution I have with Trent is that he hasn’t been receiving any attention from the opposition. I can’t help but fear that his current form will draw some attention and he might find himself receiving a forward tag as more and more opposition teams get worried out by the GCS.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict:
2013 Predicted Status: Premium
Predicted Average from here on out: 100-104pts

Final Word: I am going out on a limb here and I am going to predict that Trent will finish out the season has a Premium defender. With Gary Ablett in his team he is never going to get the number one tag. His disposal is that good that even if he is limited in some games he should still score solidly and will more than make up for it in the games where he is let off the lease. I also know Jock is a massive fan so that says enough for me.

Now I am sorry I did want to go through a few more players but time hasn’t allowed me.

Honourably mentions to:


Any questions on any of the above, just leave a comment in the box and I’ll do my best to give you a second opinion.

Stay tuned ….

Mick the Mad Irishman

Mad as a cut snake, spews in Jock’s sink, brain the size of Phar Lap, and one hell of a fantasy footballer. Click here for more from the Mad Irishman

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Am tossing up between McKenzie & Ibbotson, no way I can afford Shaw at moment, tried everything. Who do I choose – have Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Duffield, Birchall + 1 Rookie. Will probably upgrade my rookie this week as he has a high BE. Only have up to $500K this week and $430K next. Of course, whatever I save this week I can spend next week.


Birchall is out for 4+ weeks… shouldn't you be moving him on first? Unless you have good bench cover of course…


No point in holding on to Birchall – he's out for 4-6 with a PCL so trade up one rookie and trade Birchall – I'm sure you can get in Shaw that way?


Hey guys. Sorry I should've mentioned. So trading up my rookie this week and Birchell next week. Have bench cover this week, plus Birchell won't drop in price. Therefore my rookie upgrade is the priority. Rookie upgrade will give me $510K to spend, then I need to do straight swap for Birchell + whatever money I have leftover from the rookie upgrade.


Where is Jakey Carlisle 127 SC last night, brought him in for Vlastuin very happy with that trade.


Lukey as I said in the article my choice would be McKenzie for the reasons I gave above.


Ibbotson – great Freo run home over SC final time


That is the question ibbotson or mckenzie?????
it seems mick prefers trent
but freo's run home is delicious
but trent is a chunk cheaper


Trent for me 😀


do i go trent mckenzie or malceski or bachar houli or even corey enright not sure what do i do??


I'm going McKenzie this round then either Duffield or Malceski the next that will only leave me with 3 trades though with 4 rounds till finals


i need some closure not to get ibbotson, why mckenzie?


Mckenzie's a sweeping defender, contested animal, his kick is arguably the best kick in the league and as you know super coach rewards players on kicking efficiency. He gets a lot of the pill and i highly doubt they will tag him when Ablett is going to destroy the place if they don't put 5 blokes on him. Ibbotson on the other hand if you look at his stats has had only 4 very high scores… And given its his first season of this kind of output. wouldn't rely on him.


Smitty spot on mate – couldn't agree more

Also scared of Ibbotson for the reasons I gave above


out of those 4 i would bring in mckenzie, he has a fairly low breakeven and will continue to pick off kicks and then kick himself plenty for the rest of the year, i have a similar problem, have you thought about or have ibbotson?
i am between ibbotson and mckenzie.


Ibbotson is a great option but for those lacking the cash would get McKenzie.
Like myself if I get McKenzie instead of Ibbotson then I can afford a power mid pricer next round like Duffield who will probably only cost me 450-455k


Yep I like McKenzie out of that bunch


malceski or enright need some help please reply guys!


i think they will be dead similar and score high 80's to 100 but malceski scored a 38 against hawthorn last time, you don't want that in your grand final so enright but i would take mckenzie over both if you don't have him


agree with Bruds – both in the 88-93pt range from here on out – My gut says Enright just ahead


I only have $420k to spend and Birchall must go. Is Hombsch my only option? A second year PA player, not confident…


your in a very rough predicament, any way to make more cash by bringing in a rookie for a bench player?


Hombsch is an interesting one – I'm afraid i didn't get to do any research on him this week – might have a detailed look for you next week – second year and PA both worries me – can you hold off for a week and have another look ??


Thanks guys.

yes, I think I will hold this week. Clisby is playing so that covers the donut.

I could consider trading down Blicavs to a non playing rookie ruck to free up cash as I still have 2 prem rucks + Nicholls.

That would ad a healthy $220+ to the kitty, although I was reserving that for my final premium mid.


What do you think of Hombsch? I’ve got Birchall but only $2700 & 5 trades. He seems the best option, but can he keep it up?


if you have to do it but if the rest of your team is set try and make some cash through a bench player to clisby or someone else and then get one of the better backmen. Collingwood this week, i doubt that hombsh will score above 80


maybe burygoyne or harbrow both kicking goals and playing through the midfield both point of differences and good pick ups for there price i wouldnt go hombsh


Yeah Burgoyne needs a mention now that Birch is gone could excell down back getting a lot of uncontested marks, kicks.
He has also avg 86 so far without doing a lot.
410k I think is bargain for some one who will avg 83-88 for rest of season.


Thoughts on Robert Murphy as a PoD? Hasn’t gone under 87 in his last 6 games


if no one in your league has him why not, doggies have had the luxury of etihad in recent weeks where murph seems to love it, i'd rather ibbotson or mckenzie this week though


and the Doggies have the easiest run home opponents wise as well.







Gibbs 100%… actually scale that down to 95% (Just in case :P)


Yep, Gibbs for sure…


100% Gibbs every day of the week


First time in a while that ive posted my team for the communities opinion(have copped some flak in the past)

Trades just made: Hrovat out – Colquhoun in, Vlastuin out – McKenzie in
My team as it stands now (Havent yet made moves for this week):

Def: Goddard, Heppell, Shaw, Gibbs, McKenzie, Staker (Thurlow, Sierakowski)
Mid: Ablett, Pendelbury, Swan, Dangerfield, Barlow, Fyfe, Stevie J, Crouch (Mitchell, Colquhoun)
Ruck: Minson, Leuenberger (Rowe, Currie)
Fwd: Cox, Bartel, J.Kennedy, Franklin, Naitanui, Mayes (B.Kennedy, T.Lee)

Now left with 8 trades and $152,600

Thoughts? advice? 🙂


Much better options than Colquhoun avaliable… surely!
Consider Hunter or Clisby. Also maybe wait and see if Hrovat is named this week. If he is hold him for one more price rise then go Hrovat to hunter next round depending on how hunter and hrovat go…
Vlaustin to McKenzie seems like a good trade.
And shouldnt mitchell be starting on instead of crouch?
Hope this helps 🙂


I like what you're saying! Yes Mitch should start on instead of Crouch…that was the line up after the trades (which i'm going to reverse i think) but havent yet set as my starting 22 for this week. Thanks bout7


Oh and Barlow's injured for a week or 2 btw..
Pretty sure he's not playing this week unless someone can correct me?


trade mayes out next week bring in joe daniher he will come back into the side then put ben kennedy on then you can upgrade crouch maybe to a premium


Thanks Carl…..was thinking of trading Mayes in another week or two……you've confirmed that for me as a wise move, cheers!!


Have Goddard Gibbs Heppel Birchall Vlastuin Goodes Terlich Thurlow

Thinking Birchall Vlastuin for either Shaw/McKenzie or Ibotsson/Houli ?
Thoughts please


Shaw & Houli although McKenzie is very tempting


IMO….Shaw and McKenzie… a good option mate…..I like it…….



I'm in some real strife guys.

Got Birchall, Goodes & Vlastuin and all looking to be donuts or price drops his week.

Only got $25,400 left in the war chest after splurging last week.

Any suggestions to help get out of this hole?

I can't really afford any two premiums or midpricers and with no great downgrades Im feeling pretty stuck.

Also got Staker so could DPP swing him back and bring in a forward. If only bloody Danniher was playing this week!

Thanks community!


Forgot to mention I have Goddard, GIbbs, Heppel too


OUT: Vlastuin & Birchall
IN: Shaw & Clisby (Rookie from melbourne, just wait for the team selection this week. If he is in the team then jump on him mate) or another option is SIMON TUNBRIDGE (Rookie) from WCE team who is in the team and also a valuable FWD/DEF DPP status…..which is very handy if you have Staker in the FWD line……..



Clisby could be a good downgrade option in DEF if he's named for his second game…
That could free up some cash for an upgrade somewhere. Maybe downgrade one rookie and upgrade the other…


Is Amos frank playing


yer mate clarkson said he would bring him in great pick up average of 130.9 in the vfl


Who is a better pick for defence;

Colin Garland or Garrick Ibbotson


That is too hard to answer mate. I feel a tag coming on Ibbotson but maybe not?
Garland could produce high 90's consistently. I would go Ibbotson though in form player and easy games in finals.

Birch's Buddy

Garland has burnt me before. I'm never going near him again. Stay clear.


Melbournes run home is the easiest in the comp after the Doggies, but lets see if he can score 100+ this week before jumping on this bandwagon.


I picked up Ibbotson for 390k and he hasn't let me down, If you want a proper POD go for Colin, however if you want consistency as well as the occasional huge score Garrick's your man.
Good luck deciding:)


Hi community. Just wondering my defence is Goddard, Gibbs, Dixon, B.Goodes, Vlastuin, Birchall (thurlow, docherty) and my forward is Cox, Bartel, jj.kennedy, rockliff, black, staker (mayes, daniher)
Thinking of doing with $223000
Dixon to a cheap defender/forward
Mayes to a premium forward/defender (switch staker)
What should I do?
Adive would be great thanks


your better off upgrading a defender considering goodes and birchall are not playing and vlastuin with a big break even who will start bleeding cash, your defence should be your priority right now.


Vlastuin & Birchall OUT

Ibbotson & H.Shaw IN


Birch's Buddy

Looks good mate! But I personally have a bad feeling about Ibbotson. Not sure if it's what Mick mentioned, or if it's because I foresee a Hartlett-esque finish to the season. But for now, they look like good trades.


sounds good

Birch's Buddy

Hey all! In dire need of advice here!

Here's my team with 7 trades and 144k left:
DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Birchall, Duffield, Vlastuin (Thurlow, Webster)
MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Boyd, Cotchin, Priddis, Titchell (Goodes, Hrovat)
RUC: Minson, Cox (Nicholls, Currie)
FWD: Bartel, Walker, Rockliff, Martin, SJ, Naitanui (Staker, Kennedy)

Defensive issues galore (surprise, surprise). Finishing off my midfield next week with Jobe (if the AFL do nothing in the next week, then looks like he's safe for the time being). Was wondering how to finish my defence.

Shaw and Clisby this week means I have very little cash (after bringing Jobe in) to spend on my last defender (unless Shaw or Jobe have bad games and drop further). Then I was set on picking Houli (and eventually Malceski/Enright/Hanley), but this article has turned me off.

Ideally, it would be Shaw and Malceski/Houli but looks like I'll be short.

Any ideas?




Ruck – GOLDSTEIN MINSON nicholls rowe

Fwd – COX, WALKER, BARTEL, NRIEWOLDT, SJ, NICNAT franklin, daniher

I dont know what to do with my team as there isnt much cash to be made. I need to get rid of Birchall but don't know which other def to get. Should I trade for Hanley (who seems to be the new Birchall) I have 7 trades left and 296k.

And what to do with Franklin because he is just a dirty player who has never played to the spirit of the game, always giving away stupid, childish frustrated frees and I don't want him in my team anymore.

Lance Franklin = the person who takes his ball away and goes home when things dont go his way


Why are you complaning about you team? you have full premiums and more… who even cares about Franklin and Birchall there on the bench. Only Weakness i can see is possibly Selwoods recent out put haha.


How in the world do you have that team?!


Only luck and being tight. I dont like to pay retail so I only buy value items dirt cheap plus lucky with starting rookies who all went fat. Had 4 cows all busting at the hinges once but only 2 trades and fluked right two rookies to sell meanwhile the other 2 I didnt trade fattened even more and almost popped. Last week got Birch and Jelwood for cheap, I chose Birch over Hartlett so now I can wait for Hanley next week for Birch or do it now. Plus I got nearly all of my upgrades rock bottom. Franklin 443k, Jelwood 492k, Birch 417k, Ibotts 388k, Watson 555k, Barlow 486k, Danger 547k, are some and also started with Minson, Glodstein, Nroo, GAJ, Pendles, Bibbs, Goddard, Cox, Hibberd, Heppell, Griffenn but had some donuts though year

Birch's Buddy

Keep your trades. Your team is perfect.


You have a team worth a hair under 14 million, 296k in the bank, and 7 trades?
I doubt you need any advice.


so you have J.Selwood and Franklin sitting on the bench? :S


looks like a great team mate


Wow that is an awesome position to be in!!!

Birchall to either Houli or McKenzie is the only trade I can see here. 3 bombers in defence is also a minor worry if they have a down game, but i’m being picky.

After Birchall is traded just sit back and trade only for injuries.

Rick Grimes

Mate, that team is outrageous. That you can have Birchall, Selwood and Franklin on the pine and still field an all star team makes me feel a bit sick about my rag-tag bunch of losers. What's your overall rank atm?


bullshit what is your team name

Rotten Ronny

Seconded. What's your team name mate? I'm not buying this for a second


did we end up getting this blokes team name??? maybe Harry Potter?


nice team whats your team name?


Who's going to score consistently higher for the rest of the season, Gibbs or Shaw?


Birch's Buddy

Can't split the two personally. I can definitely see Gibbs matching the output of Shaw for the rest of the season.


I'm going to go Gibbs, too scared of Shaw's erratic scoring.

Thanks for the reply! Now to decide whether I should also trade B Goodes to avoid a donut..


Hey guys!

What is the better option?

Do I upgrade maccafer to andrew walker, while keeping birchall on the bench for a week. (I also have goodes)

Or do I use that cash to upgrade birchall and then downgrade rory laird, making the walker trade next week?



i'd go for the second


Team this week post-trades:

DEF: Goddard, Hanley, Heppell, Gibbs, Ibbotson, Ellis (Webster, Clisby)
MID: GAJ, Pendles, Swan, Jobe, JPK, Bartel, Shuey, Priddis (B Goodes, T Mitchell)
RUC: Cox, Blicavs (Nicholls, Gorringe)
FWD: A Walker, JJK, Buddy, Cloke, Rocky, NicNat (Staker, Hitchcock)

Only 3 trades left + $264,500 in the bank.
First thought – praying for no more injuries!
Secondly, feel like I need to get Roughy in next week – both on form and for DPP.
Do I wait for Nicholls to ripen a little more (need another $50K for him) then do straight swap? Or do I do straight swap (+$5K or so) for Staker? Or should I hang on to what I've got? Any other ideas welcome guys, and thanks to all for putting ideas out there – not all will be right but it's the thought that counts!


Sorry to admit this, but I did look at another site and, while I won't name names, a certain tattooed female who supports Collingwood is stealing your content Mick!
I personally will not look again at her site but maybe you want to do something about it. She is constantly ripping your content and changing it a little – Goes up the next day or so after yours.

Tommy Lee

LOL Peanutz – i was thinking the same thing. I tend to read around the different sites too and couldn't help to think that I had already read what she was saying.

Thanks for the articles Mick. Never really comment but you always make good sense. Think i'll jump on McKenzie this week on the back of what you said.

Keep the good work up men. Love this site and if your competition are stealing off you it must be quality.


Need some help with my backline this week,
I currently have Gibbs, Goddard, Hanley, Goodes, Vlastuin, Staker Emg: Thurlow, Webster.
I only have about 10 000 in the bank with 12 trades left. I can afford to make 2 trades this week. I was thinking goodes out, and shaw in but then ill need to downgrade someone. Do i downgrade vlastuin to clisby which means either him or webster will have to play on my field which im not keen about but it will do. Or do i downgrade blicavs (his on my bench), even though he has a small breakeven. Or something different all together? What are your thoughts?


think you should go for the first option


HEY MICK! Backline reads:

Goddard (tick) Gibbs (tick) Shaw (tick) Heppel (tick) Ellis (not sure?), Lester (not sure?)
Goodes (out), Thurlow (out)

Thats not good odds – any news on Ellis? or Lester? either being rested this week? Its gonna kill me. Already used one trade on Birchall, Could manufacture a trade somehow with Staker to get him down back.

Who would be best fwd rookie option for me to go with if so? Daniher? will he play more games? You'd think or no?

Dilemna Dilemna!!!


I've got 8 trades & $381, 100 in the bank.
Need to get rid of Birchall, who I was going to upgrade to Heath Shaw.

My other move I was going to do, was upgrade O'meara to Pendlebury.
But with Ivan Maric not named this week & plans to upgrade him before finals, I have a dilemma.
Should I stick to the original plan & play Nichols as ruck #2, or trade out Maric for Roughhead & wait on Upgrading O'meara until closer to finals?

Some help would be great.


stick with your original plan. you need to be thinking long-term


What does the community think of Robert Murphy?


not sure about that though it is a good POD


shuey a late out and the fact that it's a hammy means he is gone from my team. Who to bring in?
I have 7k in the bank so very slim options. Do i bring in cotchin or waste another trade and bring in hunter or clisby so i can upgrade shuey to someone better?


Cotchin is not a bad option mate……instead of wasting a trade bring in Cotchin…….IMO…..



G’day fantasy football community, just wondering how long B.Goodes is expected to be out for? Not sure whether to trade him, Vlastuin or Terlich. Thanks fellow Supercoaches


Not sure how long B Goodes will be out for……but I will be trading out Vlastuin before Goodes or Terlich…… vlastuin if you got 22 players on field this week……if not Vlastuin should be your top priority to trade out next week…….

Hope B Goodes will be back next week…….and will be a good bench cover for the rest of the season…..I am keeping both Terlich and Goodes as my bench cover for the rest of the season…….


Rick Grimes

I've gone Trent to complete my backline:

Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Malcheski, Shaw, McKenzie.(Thurlow, Wilson)


Hombsch or Scotland ?


I think Scotland is too low scoring and up and down, Hombsch for me


which two should i get: shaw, ibbotson or mckenzie?


or any other premiums besides goddard, heppell, gibbs and hanley?




shaw and ibbotson


I forgot there was a game on last night until I got home from work. left Watson on the bench, anything I can do about that?


was he selected as an emergency?


If he was your emergency, you need to get someone that will not play into your midfield, to get Jobe's score into play.


Hey community,

I've got 10 trades left $230,000
I need to get Birchall out thinking of bringing in Shaw.

Which leaves me with $92,000 left.
Option 1: thinking of taking Goodes out and either bringing in a premium under 490,000
Option 2: downgrade option which would free up some cash so I could finally get rid of Jacobs and bring in Minson or Goldstein next week.

thoughts would be much appreciated thanks community


My Current Team is
DEF:Goddard, Hanley, Heppell, Duffield, Gibbs, Ibbotson & Clark , Vlastuin
MID: Ablett,Pendlebury,Swan,Danger,Priddis,Fyfe,Omera,Mitchell & Goodes,Neade
RUCK: Cox, Nicholls & Gawn,Currie
FWD: Riewoldt, Kennedy, Franklin, Jenkins, Naitanui, Harvey & Dwyer, Staker
9 Trades Left & $122 100 Curently Coming 1,1,2,4,& 8th in Leagues.
What should i do, Make no trades and keep them up my sleeve or start trading guys like Vlastuin, Goodes, Dwyer, Jenkins for low price players and bank the money for more upgrades?


Webster or Clisby on field this week?

Birch's Buddy

Webster a vest risk.

heath scotland

Do I pick myself or not? I'm up and down, but with Murphy out…there could be a spot for me in the guts?


nah your days are over

heath scotland

:'( Jimee y u do dis no luv 4 sctowand…


Terlich or Vlastuin on the field?

Birch's Buddy

Terlich for me.


thanks mate


Right, I'm gonna cop a 0 this week unless I can get Staker into the backline for Goodes. Staker is currently in my forward line, I have FWD/MID players in both midfield and forward, and DEF/MID players in both midfield and defence.

Is there any way to do a three way swing to get Staker into the backline, a defender into the midfield, and a midfielder into the forward to cover Staker's original place?


nah it only lets you do one at a time, I think they are looking into fixing it up for next year


Just wondering for the captain loophole can I put the C on B.Goodes because he is not playing, put the VC on Ablett and if Ablett doesn't perform(which I highly doubt) I can move the C from Goodes to Pendles as he is playing the later game this afternoon.


thats the idea….just make sure B.Goodes isnt a late inclusion


What a shit round for my team, predicted for 2454 and looking at 2140-2160 total.

Thank you to:
J.Selwood 54
Rockliff 57
Swan. 73
Naitanui. 73
JPK. 88

And now Deledio 34 and Martin 39 at half time not good.


same i was projected at 2496 ended up with 2189, not happy


oh bloody same thing happened to me mate my proj. score was 2435 ended up scoring 2087


How is my team looking
Def: Goddard Shaw Gibbs Heppel Hartlett Enright(Staker Clisby
Mid: Ablett Pendels Swan JPK Cotchin Deledio Selwood Mitchell(Martin Hrovat
Ruc: Natanui Kreuzer(Nichols Currie
Fwd: Cox Bartel Walker Martin Rockliff Franklin(Stringer Daniher
Any trade suggestions
I have $ 220,334 in the bank and 4 trades left


Maybe upgrade K.Martin

Tim Darbyshire

backline :GODDARD, HEPPEL, GIBBS,SHAW, DUFFIELD,GOODES,webster,colquhoun,




Any suggestions on how to improve my team Rank atm is 20,124