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Jock for PM – round 14 vodcast

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds videoGday community! A very special edition of the Wednesday video… just before I nick up to Canberra to contest the leadership ballot.

Defense headaches… as Jock goes for PM

Also – DO NOT miss this week’s podcast with Jock, Crouching and Higgo – CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE


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Great Policies Jock. Make Fantasy Football an olympic sport!


hi community

whos better for my midfield last premo spot

pendles or danger man??



Pendlebury is alot more consistant.


I would say Pendles should be your second premo spot, no idea why u still dont have him


Fyfe or Barlow?
Barlow clearly the better pick but Fyfe considerably cheaper?

Hopeful Coach

Barlow may be injured find out more if Barlow isn't injured get him in

Purple Haze

good luck for PM mate, you'd do a much better job than those two clowns.


Good luck for the PM you wonderful fantasy man!
If your still here Jock I would like your opinion on these trades….
Birchall~ Carlise
A. Black~ Roughy

Hopeful Coach

If you become PM ban the bye round plz


traded out vlastuin who to get in hamish to prove he can score well and break his tag or jump on the shaw wagon ?? worried heath might get a dud score !!


Jock with 9 trades left should I trade birchall or not?


yes. get rid of the burn man


No, i believe he will be back before 4 weeks as he kept on playing. I dont think it is as serious as being reported. If you have bench cover then I would use it.


When will Goodesy be back?


next week mate


Who do you reckon will score more, LECRAS OR JACOBS? can't decide who put on the field. Leaning towards Jacobs


hey guys, i have a big issue with my backline right now. i have 6 trades left and, due to my empty bank account, i will have to use 2 of my prescious trades to replace him with anyone good this week. my current defence bench is clark and thurlow. should i trade him, and if so, who for?


Jock you have my vote where do I sign?


Downgrading Vlaustin to Clisby and trading out Crouch to Watson.

Team will look like this…….

DEF: Goddard, Heppel, Gibbs, Shaw, Staker, Clisby (Birchall, Saunders)

MID: Ablett, Pendles, Watson, Dangerfeild, Selwood, Fyfe, Deledio, JP Kennedy (Mitchell, Hrovat)

RUCK: Naitanui, Cox (Nicholls, Currie)

FWD: Walker, Bartell, Martin, JJ Kennedy, Rockliff, Johnson (Mcaffer, B Kennedy)

8 trades after this week, holding on to Birchall and will look to upgrade Staker/Clisby. Defence has been too inconsistent so I'm not greatly concerned on upgrading there just yet. Birch will be back before finals at the latest, hopefully sooner. Trying to focus on being at full premium before anything else.


Hey Jock, Michael and the rest of the supercoach fans! I need some help here.
I'm looking to downgrade goodes to clibsy and upgrade birchall to someone, and
Here comes the conundrum:
Do I get Mckenzie for the easy draw and POD?
Or do i get Gibbs for the consistancy and more midfield time since murphy is out?
Or do I wait for Hanley to drop to around 400k next week and make a straight trade?
I currently have 7 trades left with 1 premium needed in the backline and ruck then my team is complete.
I really dont wnat to save my trades now as Im going for overall ranking(ranked top 3000 atm), so what should I do?
Appreciiate any advice, thanks


Gibbs for me.


Informative and funny, Joc and crew bring joy to our lives take a chill pill Matt

The Old Dylan

Who’s the kid in the background, Jock? You sly fox!!!


Brilliant again Jock