Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – end of bye party

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the end of supercoach bye party

To say that JR Central has been abuzz this weekend is the understatement of the bloody century.

All of the community heavyweights gathered in Jock Studios this week to celebrate the departure of the bye period and we bring you exclusive audio directly from the heart of the party this week. Things MAY have gotten just a touch out of hand at various stages but rest assured all were in good health and reasonable spirits

We run through some of the best selection options in the lead up to round 14 as well and there is no shortage of value around let me assure you.

Now enjoy the show and don’t forget after listening… VERY important POLL below. We need to vote to select the intro to Wayno’s Hot Tip.. here are the options:

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  1. joe says:

    great podcast jock
    what do you reckon community
    is it worth trading monfries to rockliff?

  2. Matt says:

    Would just like to draw attention to

    Hawthorn. Top of ladder

    Box Hill. Top of VFL ladder

    Box Hill Dvpment Team. Top of development league ladder

    As a supporter of another club this is pretty scary jock.

  3. Matteo says:

    Shaw, Hanley, Swan, Fyfe, Barlow, Andrew Walker, Stevie J, Tippett

    I need one backman, one midfielder and one forward. Who would you pick from this bunch to fill those positions? Who are the most urgent two?

    Thanks in advance Jock.

    • Michael says:

      Barlow shaw steve j

    • Zzzzzzz says:

      Shaw Fyfe Stevie J

    • woggyboy1796 says:

      i think that you must get Barlow, as his run home is just to good to over look and his form is amazing, i think shaw and stevie J are also the better options because there both having good seasons

    • Vasco says:

      Shaw, Swan, Stevie J.

    • Spifflicator says:

      A big issue here is that both Barlow and Setvie J are in doubt for next week. Barlow under an injury cloud and SJ may get rubbed out for his bump on Hanley.

      Wait until MRP review and injury lists are out before pulling the trigger on this one.

  4. James says:

    In what Order should I trade these people out

    Dwyer, macaffer, vlastuin, goodes

    • Vasco says:

      From which ever has the highest breakeven to the lowest.

    • dools says:

      Hi James
      Dwyer, Valstuin 1st to go
      I think I ll keep MacAffer and Goodes as bench coverage

    • Josh says:

      vlastuin, dwyer, macaffer the goodes. Hold onto goodes for a bit longer and wait to see how he goes

  5. Bruce says:

    Hey everyone

    Final upgrade and then i have a full premium team
    its staker upgraded to:

    Which one you guys rekon?

    • Logan says:

      Wouldn't touch fremantle defenders ….. too erratic or Hanley who has been tagged out of the last 3 games. With the exception of Goddard, HShaw, Gibbs & Hep D (to a lesser extent), the defense line has been of gr8 pain to most coaches (incl. myself).

      IMO, toss a coin & pick a proven 90+ defender who is less than $500k; unless it is one of the forementioned names. Luck mate …. we all need it.

    • Guest says:

      Hanely but wait 1 more week

  6. Ryan says:

    I have a lot of money. I can get anyone.

    I want to upgrade Vlastuin. It is out of Hanley/Hombsch/Ibbotson. What do people think of Hombsch? He's killing it.

    Also final upgrade in midfield. Griffin and Barlow have gone up, but should I pounce? Or should I go for a Kieran Jack, JPK or Cotchin?


  7. Peanutz says:

    That Mick really is a mad Irish [email protected]!

    Wish I was at that party. GOLD again. Thanks guys.

  8. Footynut says:

    1. Downgrading kerridge to daniher and upgrading McRae to S. Mitchell

    2. Downgrading McRae to K. Martin and upgrading kerridge to cloke

    What do you reckon would be the better trade?

    • John says:

      Haha don't get cloke.. I have him, worst trade in I reckon, would prefer a Bartel or a non key position fwd.. Go for maybe stokes or someone

    • FrontPocket says:

      Daniher is the better downgrade option as he's likely got better JS than K. Martin.

      Plenty of better forward options than Cloke. I agree with John. J. Roughead, D. Cox, N. Riewoldt, Stevie J, D. Martin, A. Walker, take your pick.

      Probably better midfield options than S. Mitchell as well, his SC scores have been pretty up and down.

  9. MelbourneTrackClub says:

    Hartlett > Shaw
    Rockliff > S.Johnson

    Hartlett is just poor, but Rocky aint doing too much either!

    • Genco says:

      Reckon shaw would be your priority mate

    • Logan says:

      Rockliff is a proven premo. Don't trade him even as temptin as Johnson is. Hartlett can core big as everyone knows but is in a SC form slump. Would go option 1 in Def if you have the trades.

      At this pointy end of the season, I would categorise your trades as luxury & wouldn't make them unless you have a full team of premos & 3 spare trades for the finals. Not too sure if I've been of any help but hope I have provided some food for thought.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Hanley Enright Duffield

    whos the best to upgrade to?

    • dools says:

      Hanley is getting Tagged effectivley, Duffield is subject to Ross the Boss's whims on the day but Enright is a proven all Austrailian performer over the years so my Advise Jeremy is Enright

    • vinny mac says:

      May I suggest you have a look at Heath Scotland as well?

    • chandanrajdb says:

      I'll have to completely agree with dools here……Enright for me as well…..


  11. Cloneman says:

    Looking for premium forwards, who to go for out of

    Franklin,Bartel and Stevie J

    • throttlefinger says:

      Franklin for the price. Bartel will be the most consistent. Stevie J will be your biggest point getter BUT injuries could be an issue (and maybe getting clipped a game for his hit on Hanley). Would go Bartel.

    • SMH says:

      Bartel all the way.. Franklin is too inconsistent and Stevie J is suspended for 2 weeks

  12. Birch's Buddy says:

    Great one boys! I am personally one away from a full team following this week's trades. Bringing a bottomed-out Jobe Watson at 555k thanks to Vlas and a Daniher downgrade from Goodes with some DPP magic. Staker to Shaw will be my last upgrade. I can afford now, but I'd rather wait for Staker to max-out and for Shaw to drop (I have a rule of not paying more than 500k for a defender).

    • Judd says:

      Shaw has a break even of 55, he is predicted to go up almost 30 grand this week, if you can already afford it maybe now is the time.

  13. @MarkVassett says:

    D.Swan or M.Barlow? Leaning towards Barlow but would like to hear other peoples thoughts.

    • Curtis says:

      Barlows getting scans o his jaw freo said that he had a bit of selling

  14. Wayne says:

    Which of the following (if any) to trade this round. Happy to keep them all for another week also: B. Goodes, Terlich, Pittard, Webster.

  15. Sam says:

    If your looking to upgrade to a premium defender get HOULI INTO YOU TEAMS

  16. Aaron says:

    Jock surely Higgo needs to turn it up! Fairdinkum!!!!

    And I say this with love

  17. Logan says:

    Community, I would like to highlight something from this round. There has been talk that Jaeger Bomb has stiff competition from Vlastuin, Tom Mitchell & a few lesser noted players for the 2013 Rising Star award. After this weeks below par performance by Vlastuin & what will inevitably occur with Mitchell son (due to his age), can I just stress that da Bomb is the most consistent rookie (onfield, DT & SC) & a shoe in to win the 2013 Rising Star.

    Can I also say that with the plethora of champions in the horizon, the AFL is just going to become even more of a spectacle. Bl00dy excited.

    Cheers, K Logan – Footy Tragic & Hack.

    • FrontPocket says:

      Good observation, I agree. Let's hope so for the good of our great game. Having a whole team of youngsters learning from The Little Master can only be good for Aussie Rules as a whole.

  18. Wayne says:

    Terlich and Pittard >> Cotchin and Lachie Hunter? This means I cant get Pendles in at all for the year, but Cotch's price is almost impossible to ignore, and Richmond have a nice run home.

  19. SMH says:

    I think my team is taking form quite nicely… Trades this week are Vlastuin to Gibbs, and Macaffer to Daniher.

    Team as follows:

    Goddard, Heppell, Hibberd, Gibbs, Birchall, Goodes, Terlich, Staker
    Ablett, Swan, Pendaz, Watson, Danger, Sidebottom, Kennedy, Priddis, Mitchell, Hrovat
    Cox, Nic Nat, Nicholls, Witts
    Riewoldt, Martin, Lewis, Rockliff, Kennedy, Franklin, Rowe, Daniher

    What are peoples thoughts on those trades? I have about 230k in the bank and will most likely upgrade goodes or terlich next week. I want to get rid of Birchall so badly but it makes me cringe when i think about how much money he has lost me. I will keep him for now and just cross my fingers that he will come good! Franklin also needs to pull his finger out otherwise I may upgrade him to a stokes or bartell

    • throttlefinger says:

      Think that is very solid. Well, I did similar…Vlas to Goddard and B. Kennedy for Daniher. But your team is much better.

      Got the same feelings about Birch, but you have to hold tight and believe. Your thinking with Goodes and Terlich is worth considering (although I'm gonna keep Terlich on my reserve). Good to save some trades for latter as well.

    • vinny mac says:

      Very solid team SMH! One trade up to Shaw or whatever def you want to gamble on seems good!

  20. Remy says:

    Who's time is up out of the following Vlastuin, Black, B. Goodes or Macaffer

  21. Genco says:

    Which of these trades is a priority:
    1. Terlich- Hanley/Duffield
    2. Brent Harvey- Steve Johnson
    3. Matthew Priddis- Patrick Dangerfield

    Help would be very much appreciated

    • throttlefinger says:

      Upgrading Terlich to Hanley is probably the most sound move. Getting Danger, though, may give you best results. He's been a BEAST this year. Rarely lets down.

    • JimmyJay says:

      All of those are rubbish trades. Sideways trading is for chumps

  22. Callum says:

    Who should be on the field out of Nicholls, Daniher or Staker This week?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Staker had a great game but I'd go with Daniher, who has been playing each game. Concern would be bye week. But his confidence is gaining so I expect bigger scores. Nicholls I like but I think his 130 game was a freak.

    • SMH says:

      Nicholls for me… probably the more consistent pick of the 3

  23. JD_Cereal says:

    Worth getting Ryan Griffen at this price? I've got Ablett, Pendles, Watson, Fyfe, JPK, Jack Steven and Priddis, any other suggestions for my final MID? After 2 this week I will have a full premium team bar Brett Goodes with 5 trades remaining, should I hold these or ugrade lesser players like Steven and Zorko

    • throttlefinger says:

      Results is what Griffen gets you. Seems guaranteed 120+. Only other person you can say that about is Gazza. So yeah, worth the price. More important, not many people have this fantasy tornado. If not him, Barlow or Danger would be next best bets.

    • vinny mac says:

      Dane Swan?! Still a bargain at his current price IMO, price will go up next round. I've got R. Griffen btw, one of my fav upgrades.

      • Guest says:

        i agree with vinny mac, swan is around 100k cheaper than griffen and will score just as much if not more by the end of the season

  24. Jay says:

    Two Options this weeks, but one of them would leave me with 6 trades only? bit risky but would pretty much get my team almost to full-premo (bar Goodes as D6):
    Upgrading Vlastuin is the main priority, so I have enough cash to get someone like:
    Houli, Hibberd, Ibbotson, Duffield, Hanley or even someone like Hombsch or Mckenzie – this would cost only 1 trade.
    However, DEF being a pain in the *** this year……really think going all out and getting Heath Shaw – but that would force me to downgrade of Rowe -> Daniher in the FWD?
    Worth risking 2 trades to get in Shaw or get in a hot-cold mid range defender? Suggestions much appreciated! 🙂

    • Riley says:

      Shaw is worth the risk mate . I had Rowe and did the same trade SHAW WORTH IT NO MATTER WHAT.

  25. Marouane says:

    Should I get jack hombsch from port Adelaide or should I get Michael talia from the dogs??

  26. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    2nd year player of SC and to be honest I am Ecstatic at the moment being ranked 454 overall, I would like to thank the JR community for all the support and help provided for rookie SC player during the season and hopefully will continue to hold on to my overall position and may even go up in the ladder, which I know is very tough job to achieve……very very happy ATM…….Thanks once again guys…….


    • jockreynolds says:

      Very well done Raj! You've been trying your guts out mate – I'm proud of your. Noticed you've started giving some of your mates a hand as well in here which is SENSATIONAL!

      454… shoot for #1 mate!

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Thanks Jock……Actually I am ranked 464 not 454…..sorry typo from my side……


  27. Adam V says:

    Thinking of trading Jacobs out for Daniher and putting Naitanui in the ruck?

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Can't see how you could go wrong with that. I offed Jacobs for Luerenberger and it made me feel really good. Until I got Birchholed and Vlastruined.

      Anyone know what happened to Thurlow?

  28. Purple Haze says:

    I have a lot of money in bank but having some trouble what to do with these.

    I have Vlaustin in back, Black in forward and hill in Mid.

    My first instinct was to trade Hill out for Pendlebury

    But then I also want to trade in Shaw and Stevie J in the back and forward.

    I can do Pendlebury but then I have to hold off on the other 2 or I can do those 2 and hold off on Pendlebury.


    • pie.of.god says:

      stevie j maybe out due to bump on hanley – narrows to too…then choose lowest BE

    • chandanrajdb says:

      OUT: Vlastuin & Hill

      IN: Pendlebury & H Shaw…..

      If you can afford the above trades I will go ahead and do it……not bad trades by any means……


  29. Ryan says:

    Last midfield upgrade:

    I have Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Watson, Dangerfield, Priddis, Mundy and ???

    Can afford anyone.

  30. Here's two questions for the brains.

    1/. My final mid upgrade: Pendles or Barlow? That leaves me with 5 trades.

    2/. Should I burn another two trades to upgrade Goodes to Shaw, leaving me with 3 and team set.

    • Aaron says:

      3 trades is a bit to thin mate. Go Pendles no question

    • Josh says:

      1. Both are very good options, Pendlebury is very consistant with 96 being his only score under 100 and Barlow is in red hot form but he may miss out on his next game with a jaw injury.

      2. If I was you, I would blow the two trades on getting shaw to complete my team as 3 trades should be enough to cover any injuries

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Firstly I'll be getting Pendles on to the team……he is a "CLASS ACT" IMO……..

      Regarding the 2 point…..I would probably getting the team full of premos as quickly as possible and you just need to hope & pray to the SC gods that no premos in your team gets injured and plays consistently for the remainder of the season….however make this trade as priority only if you are going for the OVERALL prize……if not then I'll probably wait to see if there are any other chep def premos out there who puts their hand up in the coming weeks…….DEF this season is a 'BASTARD" as Jock mentioned in his Podcast……


  31. Riley says:

    Pendles And Shaw best combo in the game

  32. Aaron says:

    So I have a problem this week community! I have 2 positions to fill to be at full premium, they are Crouch and Vlaustin, with only 50k in the bank I was thinking of trading down Vlaustin to Clisby obviously to give me the $ to upgrade Crouch to Watson. This would see Staker being my D6 and I would look to upgrade him when he makes some more $

    OR I just trade up Vlaustin to God knows who? I have Shaw, Goddard, Gibbs, Heppel, Birchall and have T Mitchell as my M8 but then I'm not sure ill find the $ to get another premium MID unless Crouch and Ben Kennedy make some more $ :/

    Need some opinions please?

    • Jay says:

      I'm in the same boat mate. Thinking up downgrading vlastuin in the mid for $$. It all depends on how many trades u have left.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Firstly how many trades have you got……

      If you got many, then trades will be,

      OUT: Vlastuin & Crouch
      IN: Watson & Clisby / Blayne Wilson / Adam Oxley (For a FWD/DEF switch through Staker only if you need, since he may not get many games for collingwood and even if he gets he may be sub in most of the games…..IMO)

      B taker is not very bad option to have him as your D6 and upgrade him to one of the cheaper premiums in the coming week…..

      Hope this helps…..


  33. Josh says:

    Good feeling noticing that you have the top five highest averages in your team

    Ablet, Pendlebury, Griffin, Swan and Watson

  34. Riley says:

    Good Trades ?

    Out:Vlaustin In:Goddard
    Out: Seedsman In:Cotchin

    Have 5 Trades left and keeping them for finals

    Team as is :

    Def:Goddard Hartlett Brichall Shaw Heppell Terlich : Bench Webster Saunders
    Mid:Gazza Pendles JPK Sammy Mitchell Cotchin Fyfe Hodge Ball:Bench Tom Mitchell Kyle Martin
    Rucks:Cox Blivcas :Bench Nicholls Currie
    Forward :Buddy Stevie J Rockliff Cloke Josh Kennedy Roughy :Bench Staker Daniher

    Projection = 2400 this week good team? And trades?

    • chandanrajdb says:

      First trade looks really good…..

      I am not so sure on your 2nd trade……WHY Cotchin ??? he isn't performing too well and his scores have been affected by a huge margin this year……

      Why not Jobe Watson or even Joel Selwood?????…….


    • Jay says:

      Cotchin won't spend as much time in the middle as last yr so his scores will be affected. Still a good choice only dropped below 100 3 times and was tagged to the bench by Boyd

    • CHRIS says:

      trade birchall keep vlastuin

  35. Paddy "O" Furniture says:


    Team below with 578,000 in the bank
    what moves are priority !!! need your input

    Goddard, Heppell , Shaw,
    Hanley , Gibbs, Birchall (Terlich , Thurlow)

    Ablett , Pendelbury, dangerfield, O'meara
    Kennedy, J.Selwood, Priddis, Swan (T Mitchell , N. Hrovat)

    Cox, Kreuzer (Nichols , Currie )

    Franklin, J.Kennedy, Roughhead,
    Zorko, D.Martin, Mcaffer (staker, dwyer )

    • Aaron says:

      Depending on how many trades you have I'd look at trading out Kreuzer for Naitanui and Mcaffer to Stevie J but keep in mind he will be looked at by the MRP and could have a little holiday.

      O'Meara to Watson. You've got a few options with all that cash you've got but yeah I think Naitanui is a must have and won't be much cheaper than he is right now.

      You could even go Kreuzer to Goldstein and Mcaffer to Naitanui.

      All that said I think your first priority would be another FWD premium!!!

    • chandanrajdb says:

      OUT: O'Meara & MaCaffer

      IN: Jobe Watson & Nic Nat…..

      If you can afford the above 2 trades I will probably be doing it……..

      Or else you can wait for one more week for Jobe, Jobe's Price drop and Jaeger's Increase in price……this is actually based on your overall ranking and no. of trades left……..IMO….

      If you are going for the overall I'll probably be doing the above mentioned trades if not I'll wait one more week to do the Jaeger to Jobe trade……IMO


    • Daniel says:

      O'meara to r.griffen
      Macaffer to c.rioli (should be back, worth the punt)/a.walker
      Could upgrade kreuzer next week into nic nat when he's a bit lower

  36. dools says:

    The SC Gods have looked at my team with a Baleful eye
    I had Hurn a massive 8 pts and a 50K drop in price I got in Birchell for a whopping 40 before Knee injury, Hanley has pearsed me off. Had Cotchin as the Captain 86pts…Aggghhh Stevie J will be at the MRC prob get a few weeks off Agghh!!! Oh and now I have to deside from here on if I want T.Mitchell playing as I have 8 Prem Mids…Not happy Jan!!!
    Great Pod lads
    Jock 3 (mainly for pixxing off Higgo)
    Tiger 2 (for egging Jock on)
    Mick 1 ( for the colorful Gaelic Swearing that started the whole thing)
    Higgo minus 111teen for being a party Pooper

  37. vinny mac says:

    IN: Daniher, Heppell
    OUT: Vlastuin, Frost

    DEF: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Heppell, Birchall, Goodes. (Terlich, Staker)

    MID: Abett, Pendles, R.Griffen, Watson, JPK, Dangerfield, J.Selwood, Hannebery. (T.Mitchell, Hrovat).

    RUC: Naitanui, Minson (Nicholls, Moller)

    FWD: Cox, Roughie, J.Lewis, JJK, Rockliff, Franklin. (Daniher, Rowe).

    Will look to upgrade defense next week to either Hanley, Enright or even Scotland. Thoughts?
    Also, upgrading Hannebery to Swan – too crazy? I belive Swan will avg at least 15+ than Hannerbery

  38. Bod says:

    Hoping the heavens align for me so Blicavs tops out and Sandilands returns at around the same time to do my last upgrade. In the meantime, should I play Blicavs or Nicholls on the field?

    • Dools says:

      Blicavs for me mate he has really turned it on

      • Bod says:

        Cheers dools, the guy I'm playing this week has Nicholls on field. Do you reckon it is a better Idea to play Nicholls and cancel it out or play Blicavs and hope for another 90-100 score which he has been doing quite a bit lately?

        • Dools says:

          Hi Bod ,
          How many players have you got in Common mate. Thats the big question do you want a Point of Differance in Blicavs or do you really want to cancel Nicholls score by playing him.?
          Is it possible for you to move Blicavs to the mids and play Nicholls?

  39. Curtis says:

    Hey guys need some help who to trade stevie j, viney, evans, or birchall need to trade 2 preferably at least one mid as i have hutchings and barlow in my side who both might not play

  40. Matt says:

    Hey community this is my team thus far

    Shaw, Goddard, Ellis, birchall, goodes, vlastuin EMG: terlich, thurlow

    Ablett, Watson, dangerfield, deledio, shuey, prided is, omeara, Tom Mitchell EMG: viney, crouch

    Minson, natanui EMG: daw, nicholls

    Forwards: bartel, cox, rockliff, socko, franklin, Harvey EMG: staker, daniher

    Only 128k in the bank. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • chandanrajdb says:

      OUT: Vlastuin & Viney or Crouch
      IN: Clisby & G Ablett……..IMO you need to have Gazza in your team mate…….


      • Matt says:

        I've already got ablett haha but thanks mate

        • chandanrajdb says:

          Sorry Matt….

          I don't know how i missed Ablett's name above……

          Pendles is a very valid option……for a POD Griffen is a very good option……

          • Matt says:

            Haha all good thanks for the advice, who would you recommend I trade out?

            • chandanrajdb says:

              I would probably get rid of J Viney before Crouch……Viney's injury is just dragging too much whereas Crouch atleast playing in the 2nd's team and may return to the seniors sooner than later….IMO….

              Or just wait till teams are announced later this week……..


  41. Adam V says:

    Really considering Higgo's mention of Mckenzie form GC in the backline as POD

  42. Curtis says:

    Boyd, j.selwood, montagna, a.swallow, dangerfield or gibbs

    • Chumpy says:

      dangerfield if you have the $$, but can't go wrong with Selwood or Gibbs

  43. Sam says:

    should i bring in watson this week or wait a week and bring in barlow?

  44. Luke says:

    Upgrading Vlastuin to fill my midfield with premiums. I can afford any midfielder and Im currently in the dilemma of choosing between Pendlebury and Griffen. Griffen is in better form but Pendlebury is cheaper. If there are any other midfield premiums to suggest please feel free.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      I would probably bring in Pendles mate…..Griffen IMO is too pricey ATM……


  45. Daniel says:

    Great podcast jock and the crew! My forward line is bartel, cox, rockliff, j.j.kennedy, black, staker (daniher, Mayes) got $223000 in the bank. Thinking of trading out Dixon for cheap forward/defender (switch staker) and upgrading Mayes to a premium forward then next week I can get a cheap premium defender next week like duffield. Who do i get?Advice be great thanks

  46. Outatime says:

    Is it worth trading Ben Kennedy down to Daniher to profit 80k?

    • Chumpy says:

      only if you really need it to make another trade up, probably be better if you had a macaffer or someone to trade down that has peaked in money

  47. Luke says:

    Hey Jock and community!
    My current team is as follows:

    Goddard, Hartlett, Gibbs, Shaw, Goodes, Staker (Webster, Frost)

    Ablett, Swan, Cotchin, Dangerfield, Watson, Priddis, Fyfe, Vlastuin (Mitchell, Hrovat)

    Naitnui, Minson (Nicholls, Currie)

    Cox, Franklin, Kennedy, Rockliff, Martin, Macaffer (Kerridge, Lee)

    I have 12 trades left for the season, and roughly 100k in the bank. I am pretty definite with my first trade, which is to downgrade Kerridge rather than Macaffer (around the same price and Kerridge has been omitted) to Daniher. This will give me about 300k, enabling me to afford any premium if I decide to upgrade a rookie in any position. My ruck is just about set for the rest of the season so I will probably ignore it for the rest of the season unless an injury pops up. My instinct is telling me to fill up my last space in my midfield to my final premium because Vlastuin has lowered in price and will probably continue to do so. If I do decide to upgrade Vlastuin, I will suffer from the dilemma of which midfield premium to choose from. I have currently chosen to upgrade Vlastuin to Griffen, which leaves me with 63k in the bank. I can easily reverse this trade, but I want the opinions of the community. If there are any other midfields I should upgrade Vlastuin to, please let me know. If I should completely ignore my midfield this round and focus on either my forward of defense, please also let me know which position, which rookie to upgrade and to which premium.
    Thanks in advance.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Out: Vlastuin & Kerridge
      IN: Pendles & Daniher

      I am not saying Griffen is a bad option, IMO he is too pricey ATM……

      Finally its your team mate, make the call based on what your gut feel says, You cannot go wrong by picking either Griffen or Pendles……


  48. Mark says:

    want to go Vlastuin > Swan and McCaffer > Daniher thi week, only problem is I lose DPP mid > def swing,

    any ideas on how I could keep this option open?

  49. Remy says:

    My team at the moment guys
    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Ibbotson, Carlisle, D. Pearce (B. Goodes, Thurlow)
    MID: Garry, Jobe, Swan, Pendles, JPK, Redden Hanneberry, Priddis (T. Mitchell, Hill)
    RUC: Goldstein, Kruezer (Blitz, Nicholls)
    FWD:D. Martin, Kennedy, Roughy, Buddy, Daniher, Macaffer/Mayes (whoever I decide to put on the field) and Stevie J sitting on the bench.
    I have $200 (haha) and only 5 trades left (gonna have to ease of the trades now)….
    What are your thoughts?

    • Samuel says:

      d. pearce and macaffer are probably your best trade out options.

      Go for Trent Mackenzie in for pearce and caff out for maybe stringer or robbie gray

  50. Jimmy says:

    My Team:
    Salary: $378,300 | Trades: 9

    DEF: Goddard, Hartlett, Birchall, Gibbs, Goodes, Terlich (Staker, Thurlow)

    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Barlow, Priddis, Vlastuin, T.Mitchell (Crouch, Hrovat)

    RUC: Cox, Jacobs (Nicholls, Currie)

    FWD: JJ Kennedy, Johnson, Franklin, Rockliff, Zorko, Naitanui (Macaffer, Kennedy)

    Any thoughts on trades this week?
    Was thinking Vlastuin -> Dangerfield and Macaffer -> McBean, allowing me to swing Cox into my FWD line via McBean and put Nicholls on the ground to cover Johnson’s absence in the next 2 weeks.
    Next week I was thinking Crouch -> Watson and Terlich -> Heppell, leaving me with 5 trades and a tight salary.
    Would love people’s feedback and if there are any other options, I’m open to suggestions.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      All your trades looks really good mate… it…..


  51. John says:

    Finalising my team this week and can finish my midfield with either Pendleberry / Griffin or Dangerfield.

    I am thinking Pendleberry but would appreciate the communities thoughts on the best option.

  52. Vic City says:

    Need to start cleaning up my backline, everywhere else is in a decent position.

    Was originally planning to go Dixon -> Gibbs and Staker -> Martin but now thinking about Dixon -> Shaw and Terlich -> Franklin and trying to get Gibbs in next week (maybe by downgrading Blicavs).


    • chandanrajdb says:

      OUT: Dixon (keep him if he gets named this week, he has potential to go big in scores)
      IN: Gibbs
      OUT: Staker
      IN: D Martin

      Don't worry about the price rise with respect to H Shaw and change your team structure…..IMO Franklin is too inconsistent this year…..whereas Dusty is doing good ATM…..and also Gibbs BE is also low & he will go up in price and remember M Murphy is out of the team which means more game time for Gibbs in the Midfield……IMO…..


      • Vic City says:

        Thanks mate that is what I'll do. Yeah inconsistency is what kept me from jumping on Franklin a couple weeks ago but he seems to be doing better now, but for how long. Not sure what to do with Dixon if he is named, could go big but also has a high BE and I have a feeling is going to faulter.

  53. SMH says:

    Very low confidence with Birchall at the moment… I think I'm going to park his ass on the pine this week and bring Terlich onto the field.. anyone else feeling the same?

  54. Dools says:

    I can’t (I have Hurn on the Pine until I trade and seriously looking at Hartlett) and I woundn’t do that SMH , He is beleive it or not a Premium.
    Depending on Stevie J outcome I may trade out Cotchin and move Stevie to the mids on to the Sub bench and get Walker in, But knowing how my luck rolls Cotchin will churn out 170 and Walker will decapitate himself running thru the banner ……..

  55. SCL says:

    ok guys, need your opinion, I have the option of a combination of



    which do you think is the best in terms of consistency?

  56. Trent says:

    Birchall 4-6 week

  57. PMS says:

    thinking birchall to clisby
    then vlaustin to shaw
    will hav 8 left ….
    and 197k in bank

  58. Adam V says:

    Well I was going to have a full premo team but not now 🙁

  59. Jay says:

    This week could turn out worse than the Byes……Birchall out for 4-6, Stevie J facing 2 weeks, Mundy could be out, Barlow likely to miss, B Goddes likely to be out, S. Selwood out for a month – this is the definition of carnage!!!

    I have almost all those players across my DT and SC teams – pure carnage…..thinking might have to keep Vlastuin in order to avoid donuts – i think many people might be in the same boat, I presume?

  60. help!!! says:

    roughhead, goldstein, nic nat or minson?

  61. Jack says:

    Somebody please bloody help me.

    This week was my lasy week of trading (unless injury) for the season. It was Ben Kennedy to Joe Daniher and Vlastuin to Brendon Goddard.

    Instead, I've got Grant Birchall and Shannon Hurn. I'm in strife, community. What the s*%t do i do about this?

    DEF: Hurn, Heppell, Birchall, Gibbs, Shaw, Goodes. EMG: Vlastuin & Webster

    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Swan, Dangerfield, Priddis, J Selwood. EMG: Hrovat & T Mitchell

    RUC: Goldstein, Kreuzer. EMG: Nicholls & Rowe

    FWD: Cox, Franklin, Rockliff, Walker, Martin JJ Kennedy. EMG: Staker & B Kennedy

    I'm bloody beggin' yas!

    • James says:

      You really only need to trade one of hurn or birchall this week, due to you having vlastuin who will provide good bench cover. Depending on how much cash you have, I'd trade out hurn to get Shaw or Houli.

  62. footyinme says:

    How many trade you have left?

    • footyinme says:

      Try and sideways Birch and Hurn for these defenders:

      Brian Lake – like his prospects now Birchall gone.

  63. Callum says:

    Bloody birchall out for 4-6 weeks, may just keep him on the pine for then, I have to really because I have 8 trades left two upgrades this week. Terlich has had better form than birchall anyway he’s good enough cover. Or would it be wiser to trade him in 2 weeks maybe for a solid defences option if there will be any? But he could be back in action sooner, leunberger was marked 6 weeks and had 2 including a bye.

  64. JB says:

    Will Thurlow get a game this week?

  65. Fraser says:

    Gday community,
    Its in times like this that we need to come together.
    This is the week from hell.
    Injuries and Suspensions have hit as hard and to think we thought after the byes we were home!
    Birchall, Hurn, S Selwood, Goodes, Stevey J, Barlow, Mundy. The list goes on
    Jock I speak for the all the community when I say we need some guidance. We need your Supercoach wisdoms even more this week and the community would be forever thankful.

  66. Tyler says:

    Bloody Grant being out for 4-6 stuffed me right up ,
    my last trades for this year until the finals , I've done my benches so if anyone gets injured I have people backing the injured players.
    My 2 trades this week.
    Birchall for Wilson
    Vlastuin for Shaw.
    201k left , will keep the money and the trades for the rest of the season .

  67. Wayne says:

    Im in a pretty bad spot in my league, so need all the wins i can get. What's everyone's thoughts on trading out Stevie J, rather than having Staker on the field for a couple of weeks. Trading him out may get me the points but Im low on trades.

    • Tyler says:

      i'd keep Stevie J mate , with low trades you don't want to trade our a premium for a premium , Stakes being scoring ok for his price , Just wait it out , better to have Stevie J back then getting rid of him and having score big when you've traded him out .

  68. Wayne says:

    Which of the following options:
    1. Roughead and Malceski
    2. Roughead and McKenzie
    3. Houli and Franklin
    4. Houli and Stokes


  69. Bill says:

    Nick Malceski. Thoughts?

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Sydney's no.1 rebounding defender at the moment. Getting plenty of kicks. I'm struggling to pick between Houli and Mal to replace Birch.

  70. mcareec says:

    mcareec, mcareec, mcareec

  71. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    Need help very badly…….

    Struggling to bring in a consistent and reliable premium defender to my team from the options below……please let me know who to go for……

    1. G Ibbotson
    2. P Hanley
    3. T McKenzie
    4. B Houli
    5. P Duffield
    6. C Enright
    7. N Malceski

    I know the above list is bit big, but that is why I am struggling……I am not able to decide who to go for……..if you go based on SC history C Enright fits into the calculations, but if you go with respect this particular season then the confusion starts……

    Who do you guys think will be reliable option in the backline to bring into my team…….I cannot afford to make a wrong selection at all…….since I am very thin on trades left and whoever comes in to my team will be locked for the whole season……and I am ranked 464 currently overall so need help from the community to make the right decision…..since I can't afford to make any mistakes at this point……Please community help me…..



  72. Dools says:

    Hi Raj,

    1. Ibottson 3 tons in 8 games and Duffield 3 Tons in rd 6,7 & 8 are subject to Ross the Boss’s fancy – but they have a pretty easy draw from round 15 on.

    2. Hanley (5 tons in 11 games) and Houli (6 tons in 12) have respectively the easiest draw from here on and in houlis case till round 16/17

    3. Enright (4 Tons in 12) has home ground advantage for the next 6/7 games – Also mentioned he has been there and done all this before All Austrailian, Premerships etc

    4. Malceski – (5 tons in 12) Harder draw but thats when the cream starts to come to the top and he is beauty.

    5. Mckenzie – 4 100 plus scores in 9 games

    As a pure Def I’d be looking at Enright and Malceski

    As A POD Mckenzie and Houli

    As Attacking / rebounding Def Duffman Hanley

    As A prayer to the gods Ibbotson

    So your call Raj , I hope I have not ruined your thinking Cheers

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Dools, thanks for your reply……!!!…

      Your comment made my decision even harder than before……

      My initial thoughts were to get C Enright………set and forget consistence and a very reliable option at the back…….IMO

      I think I will be going with C Enright…….if you think too much it will get harder and harder……


  73. T-Bone says:

    I have $831,700 to spend on 2 Backman look at either-
    H, Scotland and H, Hartlett — left $ 6,200
    H, Scotland and D,Pearce — left $ 35,600
    B, Godard and D, Glass — left $ 11,400

    I also have steaker in my forward line so i could swing him back to buy a forward
    H, Scotland and J, Riewoldt — left $ 17,700
    B, Godard and J,King — left $ 4,800
    H, Scotland and J, Garlett — left $ 15,400
    A, Christen and H, Scotland — left $ 1,700
    Not look for a major forward my back line needs more help
    Open to any ideas?!?!

    • sss says:

      scotland and either garlett or christienson

    • Dools says:

      G’day T-Bone
      I just can’t see an upside to Scotland playing a lock down role for Mick.
      Harlett is interesting but I feel it’s a punt (Hail Mary at the least)
      Pearce and Goddard are the pick but read my comments to Raj
      I refuse to have BGodard in my team and any Def over 500K is too much this year as def is all over the place

      • T-Bone says:

        Im $62,900 short for both Pearce and Godard is there any other players i havent said who i should look into?

      • Lucas says:

        Im $62,900 short for both Pearce and Godard is there any other players i havent said who i should look into? And Why Pearce?

  74. Dools says:

    Hey Raj sorry I ment to add M. Talia from the Doggies

    has steped up. 2 nd year player AVG 84/85 up nearly 30 Points on 2012 season…..Food for thought

    Jack Hombsch Pt Power only 406K and is a real player played 9 games last year for 65 odd avg played in just 3 this year for 121 in a loss to the doggies, 98 in a win and 101 against Sydney last week ya he has played just 3 but his spot is secure IMO and He would be my pick Hanley like Def/rebounder able to play all over the Park

    • chandanrajdb says:


      No mate not for mine….not a proven premos to bring in at this stage of the competition……….not willing to take any sort of risk with very less trades available…….


  75. cotchandmurph says:

    I can get any defender for Birchall, i already have Goddard Shaw Heppel Enright Hartlett Birchal, who should i get, im thinking Hanley or Gibbs

  76. Tynan S says:

    I have $831,700 to spend on 2 Backman, I also have steaker in my forward line so i could swing him back to buy a forward.
    Not look for a major forward my back line needs more help !! If i had to get a forward it would be a raging rookie?!?!
    Help Please

  77. Lucas says:

    Heey is it worth me trading out vlastuin cause i dont have much in the bank and he is one of me major point winners?
    If i should get rid of him who should i get for $411,000 can will keep getting big points?

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