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Have you been Birchalled? Team talk round 13

Published by Jock on

Your Supercoach Mob

Birchall subbed off during the 3rd quarter with a crook knee without even reaching 40. Not a nice way to kick off the round community!

Take something from the fact that if you have him his break even was only 34ish so his price will still rise a bit. That’ll be a good thing if it turns out he has a long termer and we need to use that cash to go sideways to some other defender. Defense is a bastard of a thing this season make no mistake about that.

Enough of that rot – how is your team looking? It’s the last of the bye weekends – thank buggery for that. With most of the heavy Supercoach and Dreamteam hitters out it could be a week where captain selection is the difference between winning and losing.

You on fire this week.. or in struggle street?

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I want to shoot myself for ever buying Birchall. He has been nothing but useless since I got him and has lost me over 160k… oh well, i guess thats fantasy footy for ya!

Other then that, big Coxy and Kennedy have been absolute stars!


Birchall is dead to me… Getting on the Scotland train… Wooowoo


Calm down


Get scotland at your own peril!! He is too old and not much better than the Birch!!


Oh well


He was injured I got him last week so will not right him off yetHe was injured I got him last week so will not right him off yet

Dave Ruddick

Got him in this week and he was super cheap…not at all worried…it looked like a minor injury. He will still average 95-100 for the rest of the season.. For $ 415,800 he was a bargain.


I fell for the juicy BE traded him in for instant burn!


Not worried mate a tick over 25 percent of people have him and I feel that there will be more chaos to come in any direction.
He did score 40 for bugger all disposals so that's a positive for me, plus injury looks minor.


Very disappointed about birch just brought him in this week!

nic Nat only got 114 so who should I put the big C on out of:
or stevie J




I was tossing up between Birchall and Hanley, I went with my gut feeling and chose Hanley. My mobs doing well so far this week with Kennedy (125), Cox (115), Naitanui (114) and Franklin (97)


jock ive got the VC on Natinui at he moment, should i use his 115 or keep C on Fyfe


I've got the same debacle only might go with Lids as captain. Not sure coz 115 is solid.


Got the same issue. Gonna chuck the C on Deledio tomorrow me thinks 🙂


Yes with the Birch red vest an already nasty weekend just got a little nastier. Can feel quite a slide in the rankings coming up. The Thurlow omission did me no favours either.


438 with 4 completed. Pretty happy thus far. I had J.J.Kennedy, Naitanui, Priddis and Buddy.


I've gone the Captain loophole. Had the big V on Roughead for an easy 145 points. Docherty onto the pine and Gibbs onto the field with the C.
So far this weekend, Hodge 102, Roughy (290), NicNat 102, Priddis 114, Cox 115, Kennedy 125 & Franklin 97. All topped the ton except the new member for GWS.


Oops I mixed up NicNat and Priddis. It must have been the hair!


800 points (945 points with captains loophole) for 7 completed. Burchall's poor week should augur well for picking him up in a couple of week's time.


well done with the roughy C score! i was dissapointed with jpk for mine!


My teams gone well so far, NicNat, Cox, Roughy, JJK, Buddy to help get me to 636.

Unfortunately brought in Birchall this week for Terlich….ruins the above but oh we'll, at least he won't leak money


738 with 7 players used they were: birch, roughead, buddy, Kennedy, nic Nat, cox, priddis

Nick Kongos

Picked up birchall 5mins before start for thurlow……at least he will make me $40!!!!!


Bloody hell Birchall.. costing me my game!!
anyways fellas who do I whack the big C on this week
cotchin selwood or nat fyfe of the fremantle footy club?


Good start to the round 553 from 5 with Kennedy, Cox, Priddis, Nic Nat and Buddy. Just want to know your thoughts on Nick Riewoldt captain this week. Himself and Nick Dal's 250th and playing Melbourne so hoping for maybe 120+. Other options would be to take Nic Nat's score of 114 as he is VC or could go J.Selwood, Fyfe, A.Swallow or Mundy?


Great start 601 from 5

Question for you all: do i burn a trade (k mitchell -> hrovat) for the sake of having 15 on the park? Selections have been very unkind to me!

My goal is rank. I would still have 11 trades left after this. Currently ranked 413 thanks to you all out there in the JR community!


Just traded Birchall in this week. Oh well thats the way it goes. Hopefully he will bounce back soon.


VC on Kennedy. First time I've actually made a decent selection. Lucky I have 19 onfield, so hopefully Birch's score is the lowest.


Got birch this week & to top it off I have hurn….what a shocking start to this terrible week.

I have Rowe captain & josh Kennedy emergency. I will get jk's score yes?


If you leave Rowe as captain yes you will get Kennedys score unless you put the captain onto another player who is playing this week.


Birch very disappointing. On a completely unrelated note, if you had to chose b/w 2 rucks big willy minson or todd goldstein?


Goldstein for mine. Solidified himself this year. Not sure whether Minson will keep on cranking out tons in the second half, probably will though. I would just say goldstein is a more reliable pick.


I had 3 backmen playing this and 2 were subbed with injury last night, Birchall and Hurn. Great start


Had Kennedy, priddis, cox, and then there was birchall letting the team down! Going to put vc and jpk but not sure whether to put c on cotchin or Barlow, but NM have multiple taggers. Advice be great thanks


who is a good forward less then 420k???


Jack Riewoldt


Birchall is killing me mate! Last week getting 100 was a first in a while.

Using the captain loophole on tommy Mitchell. That could get me over the line this week if he has a huge game.


Could be in for a good one this week. 614pts from 5 played last night. Go Roughy. Have O'keefe, JPK, mitchell, and Hartlett playin atm. All doing well except Hartlett.

Glad I traded in Ellis instead of Birchall yesterday, but that could come back to bite me over the coming weeks. Birchall did look OK last night until he was subbed.


Have VC on JPK will I get his score as Captain if I leave the C on say Ablett who I have on the field. I ask this because I have not done this loop hole in the bye round yet.
I also have 18 players who will score for this round.


yep that will work


Who's a better option to put the C on:
Barlow or Fyfe or Stevie J???


stevie j put the c on but that's a hard one both teams playing weak teams


so far been screwed by birchel and also been conned into getting brett dellido by jock of all people who said he would be the right person to get should stuck with my gut and went with joel selwood he is a better player then dildo and can get a tag away oh well next wekk get rid of brett bring in selwood as brett cant handle a tag man why do I listen to jock


Deledio is a star, what's your deal?


my deal is Richmond players are no good only Richmond supporters will think they are good and selwood flogs deledio all over the field he is the package sorry but dids I should have went with my gut I never ever pick dids becoase he is no good and next sesson no Richmond players like cocth and dids come on they cant score over 100 its been weeks since cotch scored 100 and get rid of vlastin he is running out of gas


Wow , you sound like a 5 year old ,
I would put my faith on Deledio over Joel , Joel has been average this season and I have both of them , Deledio has been the better player overall .Look at the stas
Deledio : Avg : 113 , top 3 biggest scores : 163 , 141 , 140
Selwood : Avg : 107 , top 3 biggest scores : 163 , 140, 147
Deledio has been more consistent . If you're having a sook by not backing your judgement , why didn't you just do it ? Jock gives advice , he doesn't know how the players will score exactly so quit sooking .
You should've done the loop and put the vice on Deledio and put the C on a player with the bye so you could put the C on Selwood after Deledios match .
Deledio had 25 touches tonight mate , Picken had just 6 , I don't know what you expect but that's a pretty good night at the office for someone who was being tagged .
And haha , So Vlastuin scores one bad game and we should trade him ? so every player who scores well then has an off game we should get rid off ? joke of a bloke dude.


Will say that Vlaustin may be ripe for an uptrade. Way he played today and they way Newman and Houli went at it, may be good to trade as his value will start to go down. Would be surprised if he hit a ton more than twice the rest of the season.


Have to agree with you FP. I traded in Lids, Dusty & Ellis this week. I'm confident they will keep performing all year. This week I reckon they fell victim to the trend this year of players scoring lower against poorer sides. Most players seem to lift and score more points against better sides.


I just wish I had put the C on Griffen. The guy is a machine!


still cant belive I got delido instead of joel selwood listeing to jock again instead of going with mmy gut dids cant handle a tag selwood can oh well going have anther bad score thos wekk just have to hope cotch and dids turn it on the second half




I got Lids as well. Only thing I will say to that is today the Tiges showed they don't need Lids to score big to win. It was a group win. Think that may loosen things up for him. He's too much of a baller. He'll be back with 120+ next week.


Vlastuin, Goodes, and Old Man Cornesy letting me down today for sure to add to the Birchall pain


Birchall and Hartlett are killing me, week in week out. Also, I brought Cotchin in this week for Vlastuin. Is that a good trade or a bad Upgrade? Cotchin is down on form and really struggling, but Vlastuin has definitely peaked ( BE this week of over 70 and he scored 31). I also traded Crouch for Hrovat. I watched the game tonight and quite frankly Hrovat simply will not be played if he plays with that lack of intensity. He's only on my bench but from what I saw tonight, he's a long way off it.


If they had a medal for the biggest 'Burn Man', and the season ended after this Round, whom would win it: Birchall, Hartlett, Sauce, or Zorko ? ( or other?)


Hmmm. I'd go Zorko followed closely by Brichall. Zorko hasn't underperformed most of the season. Couple bright spots. Birchall shined bright early then got tagged and struggled. Started to show form last week. Hope injury is minor.

And I still have Zorko…Jock keeps convincing me to keep.


… and I've got all four of them. Hurrah for me!


Birchall is dead to me, burn man of the year for sure!


This was the round I planned to have a shocker and my predicted score of 1745 is pretty much on the money. Not concerned though as is the last bye round and from next week my team will almost be set with all my best players coming back in.

Liam Fitzgerald

Good trade if Cotchin was who you wanted. Vlastuin time to go. Only reason I held ontohim was to trade out sheuy as worried about bigger money loss with him. Pity about cotchin’s score. Ah well ablett is back next week. And with couch to hrovst its about the money to get in a premium so after this week shouldn’t be a concern

Liam Fitzgerald

This was a reply to ro chairs rocksta. Sorry phone typing messed me around


I just hope that all you Birchall Baggers are aware that he was hurt in the first 10 minutes of the game and was unable to run around the paddock with his usual zest. He was labelled by Alastair Clarkson in the press conference after as "Courageous" as he stayed on long enough so the sub could have a bigger effect on the game.


agreed….too harsh. Birch to bounce back next week against brassy with another 118!!!!!! p.s. i picked him up @ round 6 or something when he peaked and lost teh 160'000 too, he'll be sweet


Barlow or Fyfe for captain? Or do I keep Nic Nat's 114 VC score?


It's been a weekend of low scores (unless you have Roughy or Griffen) so I would probably bank Nic Nat's 114. I discarded JPK's score of 107 as VC and went with Lids as C but that obviously backfired.

Having the bye round from hell as I kind of expected after dominating in the first two byes. Just two more games and these blasted byes are behind us!


Yeah I reckon 1800 this week would be a good score for those who might score over 1900 this week followed by strong scores the 2 weeks before will be loving it.


All people crying about "JOCK THE LEGENDS" advice should give themselves a uppercut. It's advice grow some balls and learn to make a couple of decisions yourselves and have a bit of respect for the great one.


Nicely said Anton. Jock and this great community are here for a bit of advice and a lot of laughs. Keep up the good work Jock & Co.


Guys really need some advice, had Cotchin as vice but only the 86,
Who would you put captain out of Goldstein, Selwood or Fyfe?




No Mundy geez
Don't have him though ouch!


Yeah Jock must be in freefall in the rankings again. In addition to Mundy think he also has Hanners, McEvoy, Birchall, Webster and Vlastuin who all stunk it up this weekend.


We're gonna here about I reckon haha


I'm not doing that well myself though projected for 1730


Webster's a born skunk, I'll give him a couple of more weeks.


1745 for me damn it!
Had Lids as C oh well, would have only topped around 1800 this week anyway.


No, but I did get Rockliffed.


I got Birchalled and Vlastuined. But I expected it from Vlaustin…considering that, I'm actually pretty happy with my 1691 from 17! (only going for a league win of course)


1743 from 17 not too shabby yeah? Mundy killed me


Managed to scrape 1843 thanks to a good game from the Fyfe, as well as putting the C on Joel Selwood today paid off


Got Tom Mitchell and O' Meara. Who should I put as my 8th mid?


I got Birchalled, Vlustained, Hrovated and Pittarded!!!