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supercoach flesh for fantasyG’day community,

Well, the toughest of the 3 bye weeks are upon us. The beast is licking its lips and ready to shred our scores apart. We’ll lose the likes of Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury, Patrick Dangerfield and Brendon Goddard in a week that could smash our overall averages.

But for most of us, we’re not thinking about that and focused on getting in Barry Mitchell’s son, Tom. He will hit the bubble this week and could be one of the most traded in players in SuperCoach history. On top of Tom, a number of premiums hit a juicy value worth considering as upgrades or band aids in this week of carnage.

We can see the end of the battle, but the biggest hurdle of the period is trying to break our spirits. Put your head down, grind it out and come of these bad times better coaches.

Let’s begin!


TOM MITCHELL (SYD) MID – $108,500 DT/$115,900 SC
– Next 5 Games: PORT (A), CARL (H), MELB (A), GWS (H), WCE (A)
– Recent Scores: 87, 126

If you’re unaware of this bloke’s exploits, then you’ve been living under a rock. This kid is a GUN!! 87 SC points in a half on debut, then backed it up with 31 touches and 10 tackles in his 2nd game. He’s been a stat hog through his juniors as well, which included 52 and 56 touches prior to making his debut. Shouldn’t need convincing, get this guy in!!

JOSH P KENNEDY (SYD) MID – $445,500 DT/$544,900 SC
– Next 5 Games: PORT (A), CARL (H), MELB (A), GWS (H), WCE (A)
– Recent Scores: 143, 151, 56, 126, 86

Last week Freo was the flavour of the week, this week it’s Sydney. Tom’s superstar teammate Josh Kennedy is another one worth considering. He’s dropped almost $100k from start of the season and for a player who can score that big, irrespective of his current form, he has to be looked at. If you look at his really big scores this season, they’ve come against quality opposition – 136 v NM, 143 v HAW, 151 v FREO, 126 v ESS. He’s a proven SuperCoach gun and given he’s started slipping a bit with a 56 and 86 in his past 3 weeks, the bye may have come at a good time. The Swans, bringing in Kurt Tippett this week, will start to crank it up a notch like they did last season and Kennedy will be a beneficiary of this. Worth looking at.

JOEL SELWOOD (GEE) MID – $430,600 DT/492,800 SC
– Next 5 Games: BRIS (A), FRE (H), HAW (H), MELB (H), ADEL (A)
– Recent Scores: 100, 83, 91, 73, 137

Started the season at $630,000, Joel Selwood has dipped under $500,000 and is now worth considering. To get a player of his calibre and potential at such a price is almost a steal. Geelong still have 6 more games at Simmons Stadium, and while Geelong’s run through the finals is tough, Selwood’s big scores are like Kennedy – come against the good sides. Much like Sydney, Geelong have been coasting their way through the season and reckon they’ll want to start playing themlves into serious form come September so expect Geelong to do their restings now, and prepare for a big 2nd half of the year. His form doesn’t grant consideration, but that price does.

GRANT BIRCHALL (HAW) DEF – $354,100 DT/$415,800 SC
– Next 5 Games: WCE (H), BRIS (H), GEE (A), PORT (A), WBD (H)
– Recent Scores: 59, 74, 30, 118, 105

Another one worth considering purely on value. Has dropped $90k from start of season, and after starting the season like a house on fire, he hit a significant form slump that has seen his price dropped dramatically. However, his last 2 games has seen a return to form which should be noted. He’s had 25 and 23 touches, but his I50s are back up to where they were at the start of the season, suggesting that Hawthorn are letting him off the lease a bit and freeing him up. This is having a positive effect on his SuperCoach output, and given his bargain basement price, should be considered this week.


BRENT MACAFFER (COLL) FWD – $369,300 DT/$355,300 SC
– Next 5 Games: BYE, PORT (A), CARL (A), ADEL (H), GC (A)
– Recent Scores: 62, 79, 100, 89, 39

With many of the significant forwards all done with their byes, it’s time to send Macaffer to a premium. With a BE of 92, there’s a risk now that he could start leaking money. He’s run his race and been good value (considering I wrote him off earlier in the season), however, with the cash available it’s time to send him to a premium forward and continue locking away our sides for finals time. Another possible option is to downgrade him to Joe Daniher, who would make you some quick-fire cash to spend. Whichever path you choose, with the bye looming this week, it’s time to say goodbye and thanks to Brent Macaffer.

JAEGER O’MEARA (GCS) MID – $408,100 DT/$424,600 SC
– Next 5 Games: BYE, ADEL (H), BRIS (A), RICH (A), COLL (H)
– Recent Scores: 109, 74, 72, 90, 114

I love this boy. The Jaegerbomb is going to be so special it’s not funny. This is why it hurts me to say it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t get me wrong; I believe he still has a bit of scoring potential left. However, given he has the bye this week, I just feel it’s time to send him to a consistent premium who will score you 100+ every week. Keeping him wouldn’t be a bad option, as he’ll still score you high 80s, low 90s, but I just feel given his inability to score massive, might be time to part ways for an ultra premium. Don’t worry, have a feeling we’ll be crossing paths with his jet for many years to come.


Here are this week’s break evens to consider when trading. A few popular players are starting to either hit the ceiling, or about to go up in value. As the classics say, it’s all about knowing when to hold them and when to fold them.

– Lance Franklin (HAW), BE 84
– Grant Birchell (HAW), BE 34
– Brett Deledio (RICH), BE 69
– Brent Staker (BRIS), BE 28
– Hamish Hartlett (PORT), BE 81
– Ryan Griffin (WBD), BE 88
– Brett Goodes (WBD), BE 59
– Joel Selwood (GEE), BE 95
– Jimmy Webster (STK), BE 40
– Kieren Jack (SYD), BE 99

– Jarryd Roughead (HAW), BE 130
– Trent Cotchin (RICH), BE 145
– Dustin Martin (RICH), BE 120
– Nathan Fyfe (FRE), BE 147
– Pearce Hanley (BRIS), BE 159
– Tom Rockliff (BRIS), BE 144
– Jimmy Bartel (GEE), BE 139
– Steve Johnson (GEE), BE 170
– Mark Blicavs (GEE), BE -16
– Nick Riewoldt (STK), BE 144
– Adam Goodes (SYD), BE 162
– Josh Kennedy (SYD), BE 125
– Nic Naitanui (WCE), BE 161



Finally, thank you for you questions. There’s a lot of coaches out there feeling the pain of the byes and the questions you have are probably ones many out there have too. Here are this week’s burning questions.

mr crimmins tweet 1

ANSWER: Interesting one. Was ok in debut against Carlton, but against the Suns was awesome – 17 touches, 8 marks, 3 goals and 98 SC points. After the bye, Essendon play WCE away, then Port, Dogs, GWS. His job security is an issue, however, I’m willing to put whatever I have left on the line and suggest they will stick with him for the next few weeks. Playing him as the forward and pinch hitter ruck has worked so far and given Hurley’s inability to stay fit, they may want to groom him so he’s ready if required in September. Good trade and probably the only chance to dump Macaffer this season for $$$.

mr crimmins tweet 2

ANSWER: The numbers there suggest Selwood, given he’ll most likely go up in value this week. However, I believe Kieren Jack is someone worth considering. Given how this season has panned out and going by form, you’d go with Kieren Jack. Sides also seem to be playing a really tight tag on Josh Kennedy, which frees up Kieren Jack, Hannebery and the likes. However, on a value standpoint, Selwood is rock bottom and cherry ripe to get in. But I’d go Kieren Jack based on consistency.

mr crimmins tweet 3

ANSWER: Both of those good options, but for mine, I reckon cheaper than both of those and with a good run home, Dusty Martin is worth considering. Never been his biggest fan fantasy wise, but he’s been very solid this season and after 2 disappointing games before the 126 v Adelaide, he has become good value. Richmond’s run home is well stated and he’s shown he can also score against the good sides (115 v Freo, 125 v Geelong). Definitely worth having a look at.

mr crimmins tweet 4

ANSWER: To be honest, I’d hold both this week. You’ll need their scores, especially Goodes given the carnage in the backline. That said, if you require an upgrade to Tom Mitchell, Vlas in the man – that will yield you significant cash and his BE is hitting dangerous levels. No trades, but if require one to get Tom Mitchell in, go Vlas.

mr crimmins tweet 5

ANSWER: A conundrum I had last week. It depends on the risk you’re willing to take. Cotchin is a safe 100+ majority of weeks, and his 103 v Adelaide came off a not so impressive stat line. Kennedy, however, can score big when he wants. Given the price he started at and the potential for massive scores – I’ll go Kennedy for mine, just though. Can’t go wrong with either.

Anyway community, all the best this weekend. There will be pain. There will be hurt. But at the end of it, we’ll be better for it. Remember to send questions my way at @Mr_Crimmins on Twitter, and remember, we’re in this together.

Mr Crimmins.

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Another good article Mr. Crimmins!
Just something to take note of though. Under the column "Breaking Point", you had Blicavs listed as going down.
With a BE of -16, he should be going up =)


Haha oops. He'd just about need to have statistically the worst game of all time to fall short of BE. Will fix that up!


Sorry Mr Crimmins but I think Mark Blicavs (GEE), BE -16 should be in the going up list not the going doing list


Haha I think you're right. Have a feeling he may get that… will fix that up


What do u think of random Ellis in for Dixon in defence. Playing through the mids has boosted his scores through the roof


I like it. Reckon Charlie Dixon has to go, and Ellis would be a nice point of difference with only 4% of coaches owning him


Kennedy or selwood?






Great article Mr C!
I'm currently tossing up between getting either Deledio or J Kennedy for my final premium mid. Who would you pick?


I'd go Kennedy. Just.


Tossing up between Maric & McEvoy…. What you think?


Either JPK Cotchin or J.Selwood who do you think?


I believe Mr. Crimmins would recommend JPK.


Yep, go Kennedy I reckon.


Kennedy for mine.

critical thinking

I cant think for myself, please tell me what to do.


Pass on some of the advice you obviously have an abundance of.


What’s the thoughts on maric?


does anyone know of any rookie defenders or forwards that i could trade in, they dont have to be playing this week either. Also who should i put as captain out of the following:

Nic Nat,
or Goldstein


Joe Daniher doesn't play this week but he is a good option..


Blayne Wilson and Mitchell Clisby both got selected. Both are rookies in defence.


Need a DEF for $500k
Thoughts anyone?

Birch's Buddy

Depends on who you have. Birchall is too good to resist. Not many have mentioned him yet, but give Malceski a look. Getting a fair bit of the ball.

Birch's Buddy

Oh, and Bachar Houli.

Rick Grimes

I concur on Malcheski. Got him a few weeks back as my D6 and he has averaged 100.


Agree on both those. Birchall would be the pick for the amount. Ellis isn't bad either. He's not going to get the tag and has been on fire. Plus big value spike with low be.


Let us know who you've got and we'll be able to give more specific advice.

Gibbs is $503k

Hanley, Heppel, and Hurn all begin with H and are less then $500k (Hurn has the bye this week though). Ellis has been ripping it up recently as well and has had his bye.


I've got Goddard, Hanley, Birchall, Goodes, Vlaustin and Terlich

Waters, Malcheski
Tossing Up Between them

Birch's Buddy

I'd look to Heppell, Gibbs, Malceski, Enright, Houli, Ellis, Shaw and Duffield before even thinking about Waters.


Can anyone think of better trades:

Viney OUT, T. Mitchell in.
O meara OUT, Cotchin in.

I have crouch still, and got cotchin over selwood for consistency.


Hard to say who's a better option to trade out between Viney and Crouch. I've also managed to keep both of them thus far. I'd probably do the same as you and trade Viney out before Crouch since Viney's had a couple of extended outs due to injury – Crouch had a few weeks off due to a Hammy, and was omitted last week.

I still reckon Crouch is more likely to play more games for the rest of the year. I've been verifiably wrong about Crouch before though.


Dees are playing it safe with Viney. Will likely miss another month of footy and if that foot gives him any more trouble they may put him in cotton wool until 2014.

So I wouldn't hesitate in trading him out for T.Mitchell.


I want to bring in a premium fwd who will score 90 avg for rest of season

My fwd line is Cox, Martin, Rockliff, JJK, Franklin, Macaffer

Thinking of trading Macaffer for N.Riewoldt?

Anyone else should I consider? will say S.Johnson or J.Bartel
but I'm after someone with a POD


cannot go past walker, bartel or stevie J because you are not spoilt for choice of premiums in fwd as you would be in midfield


Yep I'm thinking of bringing in Nick Riewoldt next week too coz his prive should drop further with a high BE. Solid choice! Every man an his dog has Bartel so Stevie J will be the bolder, better choice




Ryan Griffin is rarely talked about in the supercoach world, gets tagged every week and still manages many monster scores. Could he be the POD for a coach? Im looking to get him in when he becomes cheaper.

Rick Grimes

Totes agree. Just got to fit him in. Still need Pendles, but he'd be my next trade.


Threw Griffen in this week over Barlow. Just a monster. Consistently. Hard choice due to the $$$. But need points and he delivers.


Yeah agreed. I was going to get him in this week, but is a touch expensive for my liking. Hopefully he drops in price and turning Tom Mitchell into him down the stretch may not be a bad idea


Tossing up between Deledio or J.Selwood.. Thoughts?


Probably can't go wrong either way. Selwood is the value pick, whilst Deledio is the form pick. Depends on available coin and risk vs. reward.

Or toss a coin.


Lids for sure


Deledio for mine. Selwood's consistency worries me this season, and clearly sides are more worried about putting attention on Cotchin than Lids


Critical thinking……..its buffons like you that are the reason i havent posted comments in regards to trades, thoughts or ideas for the last 3 weeks……………people come here to do one of 2 things, seeks advice, and more importantly give advice…………if you have nothing constructive to say, then say nothing.







LOL! I realised that my spelling correction was also spelt wrong but couldnt be bothered with a 3rd attempt! Thanks FrontPocket!!


Get yourself an IntenseDebate account, you can then edit your posts (to get rid of evidence of bad advice and spelling mistakes).

* I am in no way affiliated with IntenseDebate.


i need to upgrade my backline , its pretty light on guns because ive upraded everywhere else first , ive got birchall, shaw goddard goodes ,laird thurlow pittard and terlich , any idea who i could bring in ? i want to trade out omera for mitchell , mcaffer for bartel or roughy and im looking at trading out laird , ive got $422,60 in the kitty , which backman could i trade in at that price who i will keep all year ?


If you don't have Gibbs in the midfield, bring in Gibbs for Laird. Gibbs is $503k which breaks Mad Mick's rule of paying over $500k for a defender, but I think it can be forgiven for what Gibbs is able to do both on the field and in SuperCoach.

And it's only $3k over the $500k mark.

Hanley and Heppel are good options as well, maybe Hurn if you want a POD. Hanley is going to go down in value this week, though, whilst Heppel will likely stay about the same.


Hi Boys;
Hurns B/E is 130 against Hawks (He is in my team) I expect him to score 101
Hanley is in my team (He is up against Geelong, This is the measuring stick for the rest of the year I expect Hanley to score 120 he will be busy back there): I hope


Team isn't looking too flash coming into this bye round..

DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Hiberd, Birchall, Goodes, Vlastuin, Birchall, Stevenson
MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendaz, Watson, Danger, Sidebottom, Kennedy, Priddis, Hrovat, Crouch
RUC: Cox, Nic Nat, Nicholls, Witts
FWD: Martin, Lewis, Rockliff, Kennedy, Franklin, Macaffer, Staker, Rowe

Without a doubt Tom Mitchell has to come in, and he will come in for Crouch.

Then I'm not sure what else to do .. i was thinking maybe just bringing in Webster for Stevenson to free up some more cash, leaving me with about 400k for me to upgrade Goodes and Macaffer next week.. i will probably chuck the captain on priddis as he the most consistent. Just going to have to bite the bullet with this 1 and keep those fingers crossed for the win!


This week going:
K. Mitchell to T. Mitchell.
OMeara to Cotchin (or another premium mid)

Wondering if I should bring Hrovat in for Crouch as well. Crouch not getting a game. Is it worth the trade?


Crouch has the bye this week, so he won't be playing. But I reckon with the way the Crows are going, his JS may be better than Hrovat's.

I have said this before about Crouch though, and been wrong. I'm sure I'll be right this time. I've kept Crouch, banking on the fact he'll play a few more games starting after the bye.

Hrovat has been named this week though, and he's on the bubble, so there are a number of immediate positives over Crouch.


Thanks man. I've been thinking the same about Crouch, but he just doesn't seem to get picked.

Can make $100,000 or so on the trade from Crouch to
Hrovat, but as you said, the latter's JS is probably no better, and costs me a trade.

Will probably stick with Crouch in the end. Mitchell will provide good cover after the bye rounds.


Should I go crouch to selwood not as much money leftover but I will still have my dpp of mid/fwd and I can go the caff to Daniher next week and have him as my f7 and be able to keep the mid/fwd swing or go macaffer to selwood leaving me with more cash left but no dpp mid/fwd swing?


Good question Callum. I'd go the first option, as both Macaffer and Daniher have the bye so you can make money off them. Plus you keep that all important DPP


After weighing up my team (14 players playing) and my opponents team (looks like 20 players playiing) I've come to the conclusion that the chances of me winning this week are pretty slim even if I do use all 3 trades>

So that said, would it actually then be a waste making any trades this week? I pretty much have my mind made up to take the lose, make no trades (only have 12 left) and focus on the next couple of weeks…….

O'meara, Kommer, Mayes and/or Crouch our over the coming weeks for Barlow, Mundy, Cotchin and or Lids….is my plan


My approach to the byes was simply to improve my team and try to reach a squad full of onfield premos asap which I will have by next week. Playing in 5 different leagues it didn't make any sense to focus on individual opponents anyway.

I then just traded in my targeted premiums in the most bye friendly fashion whilst also factoring in BEs.

So you may as well upgrade O'Meara this week to someone who has already played his bye such as a Barlow, Mundy, Cotchin or Lids.

Also T.Mitchell is a must have this week if you don't have him already whilst he is on the bubble.


Spot on SCA


Hello guys,
What is your opinion on these trades?
Neade~ T. Mitchell
Macaffer~ Who?!
I can get anyone accept Nic Nat, (already have Stevie J, Dusty and Buddy).


That is the hardest thing hey
No one has talked about an upgrade for Macaffer.

I upgraded him for N.Reiwoldt at 512 k avg of 108 and who hasn't scored 100+ for his last 4 games. Melbourne this week should get the job done

BE 143. Hope he gets close enough to that but getting premiums isn't about price fall is it.


Wat about the Orange Roughy? BE is 130 but he should get close to that, plus gives u the ruck fwd swing


Bartel an option, even Cox maybe. I'd go for best forward you can afford. Start locking down some serious premiums

vinny mac

What do people here think Houli will average from here on out? Premium status?


Almost. Currently ranked 14th for defenders. I have him in my draft league team and he has performed well.

However I reckon the money is better spent on Birch this week, or Hanley in a few more weeks once he bottoms out in price or even Ibbo right now for just $9K more than Houli.


what should i do with brad crouch? trade him for hrovat or k.martin or hold on to him?


Hrovat now!


He's been named


Team after is as follows….
Birchall, Gibbs, Duffield, Goddard, Heppel, Vlastuin, Laird, Thurlow
Swan, Ablett, Dangerfield, Kennedy, Mundy, Watson, Priddis, Fyfe, K. Martin, T. Mitchell
Daw, Goldstein, Jacobs, T. Nicholls
Macaffer, Martin, Rockliff, Franklin, Kennedy, Naitanui, Rowe, Staker

Trades I'm thinking of making are
OUTDaw ($264,500)INCox ($529,400)
OUTMacaffer ($355,300)INDaniher ($154,500)
OUTLaird ($315,300)INBartel ($565,000)

Creates a nice switching ability to play either Jacobs and drop a FWD or just play cox(with the cox/rowe switch)
These trades also allow me to scrape through with 18 players again this week to provide a decent score.
This leaves me with $181,500 and 7 trades coming into the last half of the year.
Any thoughts, ideas, alternatives?
Thinking of bringing in Shaw in the next few weeks, and possibly pendles when my other cash cows peak to complete my team.
How many trades should I leave for injuries coming into finals?


I like it the trade, bringing in some quality premiums. I reckon you should probably have 4 at the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, but try aim to have 6


Kane Mitchell to Hrovat worth the trade?


Depends what else your team is looking like. Do you need the cash?

Have you got T. Mitchell? If not I'd go for him first. If so, I'd be trading out K. Mitchell anyway. He's not getting on the park.


Should I use my third trade to go O'Meara to Joel Selwood, completing my midfield, or wait a week and do a double trade to turn him into Pendles?


Wait for Pendles, star you need to have him


O'meara to Hrovat for cash and coverage
Boak to Selwood for upgrade and coverage now Boak is injured for 2 weeks
Macaffer to Daniher for cash but no coverage

Had some other options but taking a bit of a punt on Macaffer to Daniher which leaves me with only 17 on the field because all the best forward lock options are either on the bye or have very high break evens this week so would be cheaper next round.


What do you think community? Get Hrovat in, or is his JS not too good once Koby Stevens comes back?

Birch's Buddy

Personally, I only need Hrov for a couple of weeks, then he can take as many weeks off as he likes. M10 will become as redundant as R4 after the byes.


Very good point – thanks Birch


So im getting tom mitchell this week already, but who should i get from


-kane cornes

-j selwood

-s selwood

Mr Selwood

selwood but i'm not saying which one


I'd say birch


Thinking of making 3 trades this week
Trade 1: o'meara out. Tom Mitchell in
Trade 2: Stevenson out. Birchall in
Trade 3: macaffer out. Stevie j in

Thoughts would be appreciated especially for trade 3


Stevie J's breakeven is 170, so not at that price mate. Either wait a week, or get someone cheaper this week i.e Dustin Martin, Nick Riewoldt etc


Agree with Jeremy, Stevie J will come down in price, especially if he stays true to form against Brisbane (around the 60-70 mark the last few otuings)

Definitely Dusty if you don't have him – will play well against the Bulldogs, otherwise Franklin, Nic Nat or even Bartel (risk of late withdrawl though), OR keep the trade for next round and pick up Steve cheaper or Andrew Walker who will be over the Bye.


Looking to upgrade b.goodes in the next couple of weeks to an elite defender, i already have heppel, gibbs, birch, shaw. the most obvious choice to me is hanley and he is set to go down in price nicely over the next 2-3 weeks. Any other elite defender that i should look at?
Was also considering trading him for b.ellis this week as a wild card trade as if u look at his stats, the games he hasnt worn the vest he has scored 100+ on 4/5 occasions with alot of those being jucy scores of 120+ now as a richmond supporter im very confident he wont get the vest again but with a b.e of 8 this week i would have to make the move this round, what do you think?




Slight change of plan from last week.
This week – Out Breust. In Dustin Martin.
Next week – Out Staker, Terlich. In Daniher, Gibbs.

Team will look like:
Def: Shaw, Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Vlastuin (Webster, Frost)

Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Watson, Deledio, JP Kennedy, Mundy, Priddis. (Mitchell, Saunders)

Ruck: Minson, Naitanui (Nicholls, Currie)

Fwd: Cox, Walker, D Martin, Rockliff, Franklin, Kennedy (Daniher, Paparone)

After that, only 5 trades left (yikes), but will be content with my team. May look at chopping Vlastuin in a couple of weeks, but happy to keep him with Richmond's easy draw coming up.

Aggressive strategy this year, and no doubt, there will be some crippling trades/suspensions at some point, but having 5 trades left with a team that should see 20 of it's players average 100+ for the rest of the year is something I can live with.


J Selwood or D Hannerbery




I've got two spots left in my midfield. Should I give them to Joel Selwood (super cheap this week) and Pendles, or wait a couple rounds and pay extra for Jobe Watson and Pendles?


jobe and pendles


who do i get? Franklin, Martin or Cox i have 539k too play with plz help any1


Martin probably out of those 3


have milked the cash-cows and would love to be able to go with more trades than the weekly limit to just get the team done. Currently have:
D: goddard, gibbs, heppell, duffield, vlastuin, terlich (thurlow, docherty)
M: ablett, pendlebury, watson, barlow, sam mitchell, priddis, o'meara, tom mitchell (hutchings, k.martin)
R: jolly, naitanui (nicholls, currie)
F: s.johnson, bartell, lewis, rockliff, j.kennedy, macaffer (staker, paparone)

plan over next three weeks with order to be determined – drop terlich and docherty for enright and heppell in defence, drop macaffer and paparone for n.reiwoldt and d.martin up forward, and drop one of o'meara or priddis for swan, then later look at upgrading one of the mid rookies to kieran jack.

not thinking of rucks at this point as they're less predictable/reliable and nic nat/jolly combo is ok.

any thoughts or advice on the plan? currently money is no issue, have $1.05mil – i know too much cash, but been busy milking to set-up for the run at the finals…


Hello Community,

My Current Team, Team Name: TITANS, Current overall rank 995…..

Goddard, Heppell, H Shaw, G Birchall, B Goodes, H Hartlett, (N Vlastuin, Terlich)

G Ablett, S Pendlebury, D Swan, JPK, P Dangerfield, M Barlow, N Fyfe, T Mitchell, (K Martin, M Blicavs)

D Cox, Nic Nat, (J Hannath, T Nicholls)

Steve J, J Bartel, J Roughead, T Rockliff, D Zorko, JJ Kennedy, (B Staker, J Daniher)

Trades done this week,

OUT: Dixon & B MaCaffer
IN: G Birchall & J Daniher

Next Week Trades,
OUT: M Blicavs & D Terlich
IN: J Watson & B Gibbs

My team will be set and good to go for the 2nd half of the season…….

Guys thoughts on the trades above……..comments / suggestions much appreciated….



hey guys

I have a midfield of ablett, swan, fyfe, barlow, cotch, priddis, murphy, tom mitchell, kyle martin and jaeger.
i want to trade out jaeger but unsure of who for, i like griffen but would appreciate your input!!


out Macaffer in daniher
out Laird in Birchell
out O'meara in Deleio
20 premiums 8 trades left




selwood wont cost you much as an upgrade from jaeger, he's playing this round and he had a 137 in last game before the bye


Should I get S.Mitchell, K. Jack, J. Selwood, anyone else. Would love some help!.

My midfield consists of G. Ablett, J. Watson, P. Dangerfield, J.Kennedy, R.Griffen, T.Cotchin, M.Priddis ????? Emg: N. Vlaustin and T.Mitchell

Thanks Community, Jimbob




Who for captain loophole this week
Got priddis, cox, natinui, cotch, JPK, or Stevie J?

What are your thoughts?


nicnat as they play tonight as he's been killin folk…then Cotch/JPK…Stevie J coming back from 2 weeks off with bye and concussion, picking at straws i know but i gives you a basis to exclude him and slot JPK or Cotch in instead (pridis is good but i dont think he gets north of 125 often)


please help me peoples:

I've just realised that danyle pearce from freo is an emergency this week. will he play or should i trade him out for a better premium?

Thanks guys


plus is marty pike worth keeping?


Considering doing Crouch to Hrovat and Marc Murphy to Josh P Kennedy. Which leaves me with 8 trades left and a full team. Thoughts?


Is that a full 22 or 18


Sully, 22 with good bench coverage for the rest of the season.


Well then it sounds good


Waters or Malcheski?




need one more premium who do u guys think out of Mitchell / Cotchin / Selwood


Hey guys first time to play sc this year and wouldn't mind some help…

My team look like this
Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, G Birchall, B Goodes, N Vlastuin, (J. Webster & S Docherty)

G Ablett, Watson, Deledio, Priddis, D Swan, JPK, N Fyfe, J Selwood (T Mitchell, Hrovat)

D Cox, Nic Nat, (D Currie, T Nicholls)

J Roughead, T Rockliff, D Zorko, JJ Kennedy, Franklin, B Staker (S. Rowe, J Daniher)

Thinking of upgrading B Staker next week to Martin and maybe a backman either goodes or vlastuin to Pearce Hanley but any help would be much appreciated community 🙂


got the exact team as you basically brad, i think you should be looking to trade jj kennedy and get rid of goodes next week


i reckon keep jjk and trade zorko – kennedy might be keeper for the year


I have used way too many trades only 5 left after this round and my team still has 3 rooks on the field plus jacobs who i need to get rid of. I am in huge trouble!!!!!!1


Hey guys, I have a HUGE dilemma on who to trade, which of the following option is best?

Staker to Ellis
Jaeger to Hrovat
Stanton to J Selwood


Crouch to Hrovat
Jaeger to JPK
Stanton to Selwood

Which set of trades is better?


second by far! depending on your situation ofcourse in the backline. But be sure to upgrade all your mids first!


Yeah I agree second one sounds heaps better


2 option IMO……