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Jock, Crouching and Higgo – round 13 vodcast

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds videoGday community! Here it is – my weekly pre round video advice… with a very special surprise for all of you.

Higgo and Crouching join Jock in a very special edition of the weekly vodcast

Also – DO NOT miss this week’s podcast with Jock, Crouching and Higgo – CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

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great stuff jock! appreciate it 🙂


Great vodcast lads, good to get a fix of Higgo and The Crouch midweek.

Crouch is on the money with putting VC on Barry Mitchellson, I had that lined up and ready to fire earlier in the week, and the mere mention of it by Crouch has me convinced.

Best of luck on RSVP Higgo, though I'm not sure the age range you're looking for is necessarily as hip to the internet dating scene as a computer guru such as yourself.


Cotchin or Josh Kennedy?


Cotchin. Think his returning form will yield bigger SC scores down the stretch. As Crouching said, did a lot in a little time last game.


IMO I would probably go for JPK….if you have read Mick's 'Tight Arse Tuesday" Mick has projected JPK's average to be ranging 118-122 from here on……I am not saying Cotchin is a bad selection at all… really depends on your gut feel and who do you think will be good for your team from here on mate……you cant go wrong with either of them……HOPEFULLY……..

I have got JPK in my own team though and don't have Cotchin and will not be bringing him in……..since my midfield will be set after I bring in Jobe Watson next week or in 2 weeks time…..



My 2c Higgo is to wait a week and pick up Nic Nat next week. Doing similar with Minson and giving Blicavs another week to fatten to $350K.

I will then too have a team full of premos albeit with fewer trades remaining than you:

DEF: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, HepD, Birch, Hanley (Pittard, Thurlow)
MID: Gaz, Watson, Swan, Pendles, JPK, Lids, Cotch, Selwood (T.Mitchell, Atkins)
RUCK: Minson, Maric (Nicholls, Rowe)
FWD: Cox, Stevie J, Dusty, Rocky, Buddy, JJK (Macaffer, Staker)


Great looking team 😀

Rotten Ronny

Amazing looking team. You must be right up there in the rankings with a side like that. Surely you can't have too many trades left?


Got off to a slow start but gradually climbing up the rankings at 2910 presently.

Yes this team has come at a cost as I've been trading my arse off so will have just 3 trades left.

Birch's Buddy

Yep, I'll have a full team very similar to yours in three weeks (don't want to trade Goodes out until he drops off), and 4 trades.


Lol @ 85 to 110, higgo you granny snatcher


Back – Goddard, Heppell, Birchall, Gibbs, Duffield, Goodes, Thurlow Saunders.
Mid – Ablett. Watson, JPK, Dangerfield, Barlow, Selwood, Priddis, Vlastuin, T.Mitchell, Crouch.
I want to get Pendlebury afta the bye but it seems like Cotchin woud be a better option price wise, what should i do?


get pendlebury!


Second that. Pendles for sure.


Pendles all the way mate…..he is a "Rolls Royce" of Super Coach as "Higgo" mentioned to me during the pre-season team building stage and is in my team since the day 1….very very happy with his season so far…. cant go wrong at all………



Pendlebury. He was my second lock after Gaz at the start of the season. Absolute gun!


Thanks to all now the ultimate question who should i sell for Pendlebury – Goodes, Vlastuin or Priddis?
I cant get rid of Thurlow, Saunders or Crouch as i dont have enough money for the upgrade, the 3 i previously i mentioned will have to make way at rd.14


Pendles definitely!


Nice one lads! Good stuff…..


Was I silly thinking I could win without Ablett? 🙁


Yes. In my ignorance I decided to try that strategy this year. I'll be bringing him in next week, I really had to think about my trades to make sure I could afford him.

Get him in, at any cost.


Yeah unfortunately I bought into the talk about him playing more forward, thought that might affect his scores. Clearly hasn’t panned out that way!


Gday gentlemen, another great vodcast! When it comes to supercoach, it doesn't get any better than you blokes! Thinking of 3 trades this week;
Have chosen Ellis for Wines (via DPP) which almost rounds out the back 6, but I'm having trouble deciding who to bring into the guts out of;
JPK/Cotchin/Jack/Deledio/Scooter or hold off one of these and bring in Watson next week. Your thoughts?


I already have Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Barlow, Dangerfield, Johnson in mids




Have Ablett, Pendles, Swan, JPK and Mundy. Wanting to add Lids and either Griffen or Barlow. Like the consistent high output of Griffenator. Barlow has the cushy SC schedule.

Thoughts, lads?


Good trades. I bought in Griffin last week and Lids this week. Both smashing it.


Think so too. Like Barlow but Griffen has been a beast.


Great work gents

Biting the bullet this week, taking a loss to make my backline premium. Got to have Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell in the backs IMO this year

All other positions are premium, bring on the finals!


Hey guys I have either goodes of vlastuin in the middle as my m8 should I upgrade this week or hold off till their break evens plateau?? Team is:

Def: Goddard, Gibbs, birchall, Hartlett, Dixon, vlastuin (staker,thurlow)

Mid: Ablett, Watson, swan, Kennedy, Barlow, fyfe, hodge, goodes (Mitchell, crouch)

Ruc: Cox, Jacobs (Nichols, currie)

Fwd: Walker, Johnson, Rockliff, Martin, Roughhead, Kennedy ( Kennedy,sumner)

8 Trades – $141K


Firstly your team looks solid…….

I will probably hold both Vlastuin and Goodes mate…..they aren't doing really bad…..and get rid of them once they start performing poorly… a premium…….



That's good advice raj. If you really want to trade, I would be looking more to trade up Dixon, his price is only going south atm.


should i get in dustin martin for monfires, zorko or robinson. thought?


Even I am in the same boat mate with respect to ZORKO THE CRAP…..I shouldn't have selected him to start with…….lessen learnt not to have a proven premiums in your side when your selecting your team before RD1…..

I still have him……not 100% sure whether to hold him or fold him……Tempting to fold him for Dusty……..not sure…..Hello community any advice on this….please….. the only thing which is stopping me from folding him this week for dusty is trades left…….is actually very thin ATM…..

In your case you need to decide on your forwards who do you want in your final SC team… it Monfries / ZORKO THE DUD / Robinson….?? and also depends on how many trades have you got left……However if you want to jump on Dusty, then i would ditch in the order below….IMO….

1. Robinson….may be get rid of him if you have enough trades…..this round since he has a bye…..and jump on dusty this week so that you will save that "0" in this weeks score……
2. Monfries



cheers raj. its a hard decision with all three of these playing being up and down all year. i was weighing more to monfries but now thinking robinson with him having a shoulder injury and avoid getting a donut this week. only have 11 trades left errr.


Dusty is a great trade in this week, but it is a really hard choice between those three. Monfries probably performing best when comparing to his original price, and Zorko the worst. (Note: Monfries big scores have all been against average opposition)

Saying that I reckon Zorko probably has the biggest chance to turn his season around, but I'm a biased Brisbane supporter and I've never been a big fan of Robinson

Rick Grimes

Tough call. People will tell you not to make a sideways trade, but if he's causing you angst, and you can afford the trade, then do it. Dusty is a more consistent proposition IMO. Then again, Brisbane have a tidy looking draw coming up, so Zorks could bag a few big collects. Go with gut.


hey guys just 2 question would appreciate any input
1. is griffin worthy of his price, and as a point of difference? (although i dont have pendlebury)
2. what is your opinion on nicholls? is he to risky to play on the ground ?

Rick Grimes

1) I am intending to go to Pendles as my next premium. i really want Griffen, but I think Pendles is a must,
2) I'm not prepared to give Nicholls the run on at this stage. I've been glad to have him over the byes, but I'm likely to wait until he fattens and cull him. Already have Cox and Luenberger, so hard to promote him to 22. But definitely a cash cow for all to enjoy.


could be used for the emergency loophole if you have a non-playing player, E.g. Currie


thanks grimey


I will have 2 to 3 donuts, depending on Bartel playing. What are your thoughts on Marc Murphy? Should i trade him to save a zero or cop a bad week? I would have to use 2 trades, seeing he has lost so much money. But there are not many good downgrade targets. Help?


You have to trade him for another premium. I’m holding onto him till next week and will trade him for Watson.

If you don’t have JP Kennedy he would be a good option this week.


1. I think Griffin is worth the price. I bought him in last week as a POD. He seems to work extremely hard all day. WB got smashed last week and he still racked up 129 SC points
2. I reckon Nicholls will probably put up good scores most weeks, with the occasional really good one. I considered keeping him on the ground 2 weeks ago, but opted to keep Mitchell on ground in mid for now, and upgrade Macaffer to Dusty in fwd. Having Nicholls on the pine with other fwd/ruck swings provides good injury coverage. Whether he should be played on the field probably comes down to your trading priorities.


Maric or McEvoy?


Great video guys!
Hey guys which rookie should I bring in this week. Should I bring in Hrovat or Blayne Wilson (Via DPP). Wilson managed 84 in his 1st game just b4 the bye. Is he worth considering or will he not get many games? (I already have Titchell and am going to get daniher next week…)

Trades this week are looking like:
Rowe to N riewoldt
Omeara to rookie downgrade



Wilson has only played 1 game, better hold off until his is selected for a 3rd. Hrovat would be a better choice if he is selected this week.

If you don't have J.Selwood upgrade to him from O'Meara and wait for Rowe to Danniher next week.

Hope this helps you out


Thanks mate 🙂

I was thinking maybe:
Omeara to J Selwood
Macaffer to N Riewoldt

And now I think youve convinced me 😛


Where to from here? Help needed

Do you keep Vlastuin and Goodes as starters on the field?
Should you trade Shuey out for a better premium?

DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Birchall, Goodes, Vlastuin (Thurlow, Terlich)
MIDS: GAJ, Pendles, Swan, Dangerfield, Selwood, Sam Mitchell, Shuey (K.Mitchell, T.Mitchell)
RUCK: Roughead, Nic Nat (Nicholls, Hannath)
FWD: Walker, Rockliff, J.Kennedy, Franklin, Zorko, Macaffer (Staker, Membrey)

13 trades left

Thinking about downgrading terlich, swap staker to backs, and bring in daniher. Leaving enough $$ for dusty martin?


Depending on who your 8th MID is? You've listed only 7 starting MIDs……I'm looking to bring in Swan for Shuey next week…..If your 8th MID is another top premo then leave Shuey otherwise look to bring in someone like Watson maybe….


Can afford any mid for $535,200. I already have Cotchin. Players I'm considering are Sam Mitchell, David Mundy, Kane Cornes, Joel Selwood, Scott Thompson, Dan Hannebry, Andrew Swallow, Jarrad McVeigh.

I need some wisdom. Right now I'm thinking Selwood. Because he is so cheap it will allow me to straight swap Vlastuin or Goodes for a premium defender if necessary. At the moment one of those two are starting for me. Otherwise my team is complete. If someone has some justification for picking another player, please lay it on me!


David Mundy – good PoD & scoring pretty well – 5Rd Ave of 111




thinking to do 3 trades this week:
Terlich – Dusty (Staker DPP)
Macaffer – Leuenberger (Cox DPP)
O'Meara – T. Mitchell

Leaves me with 8 trades ($139k remaining) for the rest of the season and pretty much full premium team – then will to look to upgrade Goodes & Vlastuin after a couple of rounds.
BAC: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Birchall, Goodes, Vlastuin (Staker, Webster)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Watson, Dangerfield, J. Selwood, Priddis, Shuey, Fyfe (T. Mitchell, Martin)
RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Nicolls, Blicavs)
FWD: Bartel, Martin, S. Johnson, Rockliff, Walker, J.J. Kennedy (Rowe, B. Kennedy)

Young J Blacker

G'day Jock, I'm a bit lost, and unsure where to go from here, my team is as follows:
Back: Heppell, Gibbs, Vlastuin, Goodes, Birchall, Terlich, Webster, Hutchins
Mids: Ablett, Dangers, JPK, Goddard, Barlow, Swallow, Fyfe, T Mitchell, and crouch
Ruck: Big Cox, Nic nat, Hannath and Nicholls
FWD: Bartel, Martin, Rockliff, Buddy, JJK, Zorko, Ben Kennedy and bloody Tom Lee

I understand that some of my backline needs upgrading, as well as Hannath, but I'll bring in young Daniher, (looked bloody good at etihad rnd 12) and then that leaves me with 13 trades to finish off my backline and touch up the rest? once ive upgraded the rookies should I look at trying to swap those like zorko, maybe swallow, to better premiums? what are your thoughts?


Backs: Goddard Shaw Heppel Hartlett Birchall Hanley (Vlastuin Thurlow)
Mids: Ablett Pendlebury Swan JP Kennedy Cotchin Priddis Selwood S Thompson (T Mitchell Hrovat)
Rucks: Natanui Bellchambers (Hannath Nicholls)
Forwards: Franklin Roughead Bartel Cloke JJ Kennedy Rockliff (Staker T Lee)

Ive still got 13 trades up my sleeves but interested to know peoples thoughts on weaknesses? Thinking Bellchambers for Minson/Cox and Staker for S Johnson/Walker

Overall ranking 6000ish

Thoughts appreciated.

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