Vince Gambino’s Fantasy Footy Punt Club – RD 12

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Yo! Welcome again everyone to Round 12 of the Punt Club.

I’m hoping youse all safely navigated your way through the first bye round.

Don’t worry community, 1 down 2 to go! As for the punt club we had a sensational round last week, went 4-1 and I was able to buy myself another gold chain.

Also community – if you get on board with the Sportsbet now they’ll refund first goalscorer bets of the first score of the match is a point. Click here and get into it.


Jarryd Roughead ($1.75) vs Jarrad Waite ($2.00)
Hurts me to back against my blue baggers, but the Big Rough should take care of Waite tonight. Waite was superb last week, kicking 7 goals on his way to 133 Supercoach points. But I’ve just a feeling he was playing out of his skin – in particular the first half – last week. He’s been a bit hot and cold since his return from injury. Big Rough n Tough has been on fire this year man! How about Roughy’s last three games against Carlton man?! Scores of 112, 101 and 146 win me over here. I just reckon Hawthorn’s backline will be super-cautious with Waite after last week and either Lake or Gibson should limit the impact of Waite. Get on the Rough Head!

Andrew Walker ($1.88) vs Sam Mitchell ($1.88)
Hasn’t Andrew Walker been an absolute revelation this year? Far out man, he’s averaging 112 Supercoach points – not bad considering he’s next best average is only 83 in 2011. Obviously the key to Walker’s increased output is his move down back. I tell youse all what else has got me licking my lips about Walker is his efficiency. That’s particularly important in the Supercoach version of this game. In every game he’s played this year, Walky’s SC score has been better than his DT. Mitchell has been as consistent as ever this year but doesn’t tend to get those massive SC scores that Walker does. Coming off 150 and 140 SC points over his last two weeks, I’m warming towards Walker. Jump on dudes!

Gary Ablett ($1.62) vs Jobe Watson ($2.20)
Battle of the two son of a gun’s! Backed against GAJ once and I don’t think I’ll ever be doing that again man! Gary, I love you. The community loves you. You are Fantasy Football royaly bro. There’s not a whole lot to say about this one. Although I reckon Jobe Watson will keen to impress after coming off two very poor SC weeks with scores of 79 and 73, with the form of Gary Ablett at the moment, I’d happily back him in against any player in the competition. Plus, $1.62 isn’t too bad value for Fantasy Footy God. Gaz, we love you. Get us one for the punt club here would ya bro?


Travis Cloke ($1.85) vs Luke Ball ($1.90)
I’m on the outsider Lukey Ball community. Just reckon $1.90 is too good to pass up here man. Clokey was alright last week, racking up the majority of his 110 DT points in junk time in what was another pretty poor game from him. He won’t have it all his own way this week with a spirited Western Bulldogs team following back-to-back wins. By the way, Clokey HATES playing the Doggies. He’s played the Dogs 8 times in his career, never cracked the 80 DT point mark and averages a meagre 64 DT points. Luke Ball has been very solid since returning from injury in Round 8. Scores in his last three weeks of 123, 110 and 100 make him hard to resist. His average of 96 against the Dogs is a helluva lot more imposing than Clokey’s. Put the dough on Bally!

Dion Prestia ($1.80) vs David Zaharakis ($1.95)
That little nugget Dion Prestia has turned into an absolute ball magnet this year! Seriously though man, he has been superb this year – in particular his last 5 games (averaging 113 DT points). He’s just got a habit of consistently finding the footy. I do like Zaharakis as a player, but his fantasy scores just don’t make the cut this year! No DT tons in last four games – he’s a bit out of form at the moment. Zacha’s two games in his career against the Suns have returned abysmal scores of 69 and 47. Do not fancy him at all here. Can’t keep ignoring that tough little ball magnet Dion Prestia here community. Get the coin on him!


Nathan Fyfe Over ($1.85)/Under ($1.85) 103.5 DT Points
The Teen Wolf! He’s had a well earned rest after a very good first half of the year and I’m expecting him to come out all guns blazing against a struggling Brisbane Lions team at Subiaco. Brisbane are pretty hopeless at the moment, let’s be honest here. And we all know how much Freo love dismantling weak opposition on their home turf. Pretty confident he’ll do enough to crack 103 DT points man. Overs!

That’s all for this week community. Let us know where your coin is going this week by tweeting us @Vince_Gambino or simply posting a comment in the box below.

Happy Punting!


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Think I'll go with Teenwolf over 103.5 dreamteam points Teflon, not such a DT man but looking at the numbers surely he'll crap that in?


Agree 100%


Yeah man surely that's one of the safest bets this week? Reckon he'll go bonkers against Brisbane


Bloody Knife got us wrong mate…. 77 pts! Mundy went bananas tho!


how about mclean over waite at $1.88?
against hawthorn mclean averages 101 compared to waite's 66.
by that rationale he should romp it in, specially if lake gets the job on him.


Like it Matty boy! to be honest I don't think it'll even take much of a score for Brocky to knock off Waite tonight. Hope they aren't famous last words but really can't see Waite doing much tonight


Absolutley agree with ya Vince. What do you think of these SC head to heads:

Treloar over Ebert – Treloar hit 129 vs Port last year and is cranking some good scores

Barlow over Fyfe – Barlow is leading the club for SC points. Av of last 3 games for Barlow is 133 vs Fyfe 116.

Griffen over Pendle – Griffen scored 152 vs Pies last year vs 107 for Pendles. Also, Griffen av over last 4 is 146 vs Pendles av of 122


Yes. No. Yes.


Have to agree with Dee on this one Greeny.

-Treloar been pumping out some decent scores recently, not so much Ebert. Like it a lot.
-Not so sure man. No way can you rule out Barlow, but I reckon Fyfe is too dangerous to back against. Always seems to have a much higher SC than DT cos his impact his often more damaging – eg efficiency, contested possessions. Barlow a ball magnet so too close to call for mine.
-Yep, again could go either way but Griffen is red hot at the moment. Pendles is going along nicely which makes it hard to back against him but Griffen has been churning out some monster scores recently


I would imagine Macaffer would go to Griffen, could completely shut him down!


keep coniglio or moloney?




With this weeks $10 i've gone

Luke Ball over Travis Cloke
Gary Ablett over Brent Stanton
Rory Sloane over Richard Douglas

Rolled it into a multi that'll net me $35.91 if I pull it off (the winnings are pretty thing when betting $2 a pop on these VS categories, so I usually roll a couple together)

Also went with Vince's suggestion of Nat Fyfe over 103.5 and Adelaide to win by 1-39.


Hey Vince,
Is there any chance you could give us an insight into your betting strategy?

There is always going to be something unpredictable each week causing a bet to lose. So if you pick four out of five winners, how do you make sure that you stay in front?

Obviously a huge multi only needs one leg to lose so that's not a great option. I was considering doubling your stake each time until you win, or only betting 5% of your kitty on each bet as singles, or maybe pairing up your picks and putting them into doubles?

best line betting tips going around good luck


That site has an extremely detailed write up about various strategies – EXACTLY what I was after. Cheers Falcon

And his tips were pretty well spot on too


Rough weekend, didn't nail a single one!

Back to the drawing board for next round.