How are you travelling in round 12 community?

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Your Supercoach Mob

JR Brumby FC received an early kick in the pants with poor old Marc Murphy subbed off early with next to nothing.

We wish young Murph all the best in his recovery – looks as if he might have busted his jaw. I wont remind Marc that as skipper of Karingal circa 1971 premiership team I played three weeks with a compound fracture of the femur to set an example to my team mates. However these are different times – and on behalf of Higgo, Crouch, Vince, Crimm, Mick and the community as a whole I’d like to pass on my wishes for a speedy recovery.

Let’s kick off the round 12 conversation nice and early this week eh? So how is your mob coping with round 12 so far? How many of you have the required 18 warm bodies on the field of battle this week? How many trades do you have left?

I’ll tell you one thing – you’re old mate Jock needs a big one this week and with Murph off and Mitch Robbo playing with one arm it looks as if the bloody Supercoach gods are playing marbles with the old plums this weekend.

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  1. rob says:

    419sc 4 played ..

  2. jonathan says:

    I finally brought in Bloody Buddy Franklin this week Jock and he bloody gun you say me!!

    Bryce and Birch also providing the goods for "True Guns" this round.

  3. Jake says:

    Gibbs+Buddy 248 pre scaling, great start, have to recover after 1768 from 16 players last week

  4. Slots'Superstars says:

    550SC from 5 tonight. 21 playing this week, 17 last week and 19 next week I think.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Good Job Mate!

      • Slots'Superstars says:

        Ended up being scaled to 619 from 6, I forgot Sam Rowe finally got another game. Held onto him this entire time for the Fwd/Ruck part he plays with Cox.

        • Saltysalts says:

          He was a late inclusion for carazzo…dont beat yourself up noone saw it coming! At least i didnt

    • @remy_brown says:

      Sitting on 544SC with Buddy, Gibbs, Kruezer, Birchall and Hill all getting good scores.

  5. 491 from 5. Have Vice loophole on Gibbs at 132,keep this or go little baby Jesus>

    • jockreynolds says:

      Ahh bugger!! The percentage play has to be take the money and run.. but jeeeesus… youd almost have to lock GAJ in wouldnt you?

      • Dazza says:

        The little master will match that at least..probably better it.

      • Tough one, might have to see Hocking history on Jesus.

        • Dee says:

          147….. Absolute legend! Gazza is a lock for me every week for captaincy, why would people even contemplate on who to captain? Seriously…. The greatest ever and will win the brownlow medal this year!

          • Saltysalts says:

            I made an extra 6 points on Dangerman from the loophole…was it worth the risk? Baha! Probably not

  6. Marc says:

    3 for 361.

    Bye rounds are annoying me. At least I haven’t had to do any sideways trading and will have accomplished all my planned upgrades.

  7. footyinme says:

    361 from 3 have 20 players for best 18 scores this round and 9 trades left, going to pick up Swans beast Tom Mitchell and Fyfe next week after bringing in Barlow and BIrchall this week.

    • micki S says:

      Hey footyinme, I'v also put in Barlow and Birchall. I got Duffield too. I probably should've got Ibbotson instead.

  8. Jake says:

    what do people think of hrovat possibly not playing?
    I have coverage so went martin this week

  9. EthanM says:

    Supercoach is alright, can't say the same for the blues! :(((

  10. PhilM says:

    457 with Buddy and Kreuzer. Have 18 playing but buggered this year with only 6 trades left. First year for and it has been great fun. Go the Suns

    • PhilM says:

      Whoops 235 it should have been. Mixed up my NRL and AFL. We multitask up here in the Sunshine State

  11. Michael says:

    453/4, thanks to Birch (brought in this week!), Buddy, Gibbs, Walker. 19 on field in total, looking at around 2000 for the round.

  12. NutSack says:

    It sounded more like Murphs had a serious busted skull. If he is on morphine for a couple weeks it will be 10 weeks minimum. Hodge will get a month off for both incidents. He looked down and saw Murphy, then extended his elbow on the way out. The other one was a stupid high contact.

    Dont pick GAJ as your C…………… at your own peril…….many have missed his scores this year. His average is better than most players ceilings.

    Great with Hrovat missing- can jump on him next week- but will he get anymore games now?

    • Osh says:

      Why is Hrovat not playing?????

    • Liam says:

      I think they said its a fractured cheekbone for Murphy and will miss a month of footy

    • Top_Cotch says:

      Nothing for Hodgey i'm sorry. He is considered a tough but fair player and the MRC always goes soft on them. Ala Juddy.

      If he was Jack Ziebell on the other hand he'd miss 8 weeks.

      • Saltysalts says:

        Im no hawks supporter, but it looked to me that the extended arm was caused by his body’s sudden stop of motion. He has his head over the ball, but more importantly he elected to go the footy and not the man. Contact was incidental and Marc Murphy was extremely low down at the contest causing contact to the head.

        Hodgey will get off that one…didnt see the other one..? Also agree with Top_Cotch here as well MRP has Hodgeys balls cupped

  13. Jeremy says:

    Walker and Buddy's combined scores were decent.. Very displeased with one of my 'PODs' in Breust. Got him after round 7 where he was averaging 93, has averaged 67.5 since. He's the one weak link in my team

  14. Rocksta says:

    480 odd from 5, but have 19 warm bodies and thus one of my 2 low scores may be thrown out ( Rowe 55).
    Have 9 trades left and only plan to upgrade last rookie mid to Cotchin next week( 1 trade).
    I want to keep 3 trades for league finals thus will be very conservative with trades from here on in. That said, I only have 2 more rookie to upgrade to get a full team of premiums ( if you can call Robinson a premium). Yea Jock, looks like he hurt a shoulder in the 2 nd Qtr tonight but Murph had already been subbed out.

  15. Chumpy says:

    Not happy with Jordan Lewis, traded him in this week hoping for a POD, and he came out with just 57 SC points. Should have just bitten the bullet and spent the extra 80k on Nic Nat.

    • Yeah, I had a similar choice on Daisy V Johnson weeks ago.

      I reckon at this stage if you have cash and low on cash cows, best to spend more for the known quantity.

    • Favalinko says:

      Think Lewis might be BURN MAN. He only ton up against GWS Gold Coast and Melb. Should have gone for Nic Nat he proven gun. Hope im wrong Chumy good luck. Welcome

  16. Dan says:

    Ok, Burgoyne is gone next week, Drivin me to bloody drink! Thinking Gibbs if I can raise the cash.

    • Top_Cotch says:

      Must hold Burgoyne Dan he premium …. and still good value if you didn't pay too much.

      If he drive you mad do you have any of Jobe Watson, Grant Birchall or even JPK ?

      Me think they make you very drunk sometime.

      • Dan says:

        I have Jobe, Birch & JJK (WCE). But thinking to get kieran Jack or Hanneberry next round. Traded Omera for Barlow this round. Sorry DT’er hijacking this SC discussion. I can’t help it.

        I like to have a tipple every now & then.

  17. Osh says:

    453 sc 4 played. Really happy with Gibbs and Buddy starting to put out premium scores now.

  18. Favalinko says:

    HI Community please answer me this does the captain loop hole still work with bye players on the bench or do they have to be on the ground? You answer me this, welcome.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      You can do it, however!!! If you 18 players on the ground you're emergency's score doesn't count

      • Favalinko says:

        Thank you have a full team on the park and all bye players on bench so no emergencys. Welcome.

  19. Liam says:

    Good start to the round with buddy and Gibbs 100+ each. I'm just wondering whether this loophole works as I have only done it twice this year. I put the vc on ablett, c on thurlow as he has the bye, Vlaustin as emergency and if GAJ under performs I put the C on swanny for tomorrow? Does this sound alright?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      If you have 18 or more playing the Emergency's score doesn't count, do you have 18 on the field?

      • Sloan says:

        I'm playing a guy who has VC on Ablett and Cox as Cap playing the loop. BUT he has 20 other players on the field who will score so Cox's bye zero won't factor in.

        So because one of his 18 isn't a zero, won't he lose his double cap points?

  20. Mr_Consistent says:

    What are your thoughts on Matthew Boyd, Community???

    • Chris says:

      I put him in my sides couple of weeks ago but en had to reverse my trades.. He is a proven player.. Although maybe give him a week to adjust back to afl I reckon

    • Favalinko says:

      Boyd could be a good POD he very cheap and can pump out some big scores. He play melbourne and brisbane in finals also. He Boyd is good pick he gun. welcome.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Cheers Fellas!!!

      • Dee says:

        Cheap as chips at the moment… Could be a good POD! It's either him or Griffen at the moment for the bulldogs and Boyd bloody 100K cheaper! Hmmm…. Something to give serious thought on mate…. Nice one!

  21. @remy_brown says:

    Hi Jock, do you think I should bank Buddy's 124 or wait for GAJ to play and use him as the captain?

  22. Top_Cotch says:

    Pretty happy with 321 from 3. Mr Burgoyne a little disappointing with only 65 though. Have 20 "warm bodies" on the park which seems about standard checking across my league games.

    Due to the fact that I quite like a theory and I love looking ahead I would like any opinions on this one. Noticing how the byes have affected things this year I can see that perhaps (if the choice allows) mid priced/rookie players with Round 13 byes may be good targets for SC 2014. Cachia, O'Meara, Dwyer and to a lesser extent Brad Crouch, Nicholls and Sumner all playing through the early byes then presenting themselves promptly for slaughter this Monday may seem like winning moves.

  23. hayden says:

    I am thinking keeping Murphy untill after is bye and the upgrade to swan, does anyone no when he will return because i will trade viney for Murphy when he is 450.000

  24. hayden says:

    I need big games from my richmond trio Cotchin dusty and lids.
    also Does anyone think droping jacobs for nichols was a bad idea

  25. Pete says:

    Dear lord

    Traded in Jordan Lewis (silly FWD tagging role last night) over Dustin Martin


  26. footyinme says:

    857 from 7 players jock

  27. Michael says:

    pleased with Ellis / Vlastuin combo today, although Vlastuin slightly down Ellis more than made up for it! What a great couple of buys! Sitting on 659/6, Rocky / Hanley / Staker next in play for me. Still on track for 2000.

  28. FrontPocket says:

    724 from 8 after the Tigers v Crows game. A. Walker, N. Vlastuin, and S. Jacobs failed to reach the ton. Gibbs and Dusty impressive. Should have 20 warm bodies on the field, 4 ultra-premium mids.

    The sad news is that I've been burning through trades. 8 left. 2 planned next week and then my side is set, barring injuries. Not ideal, lots of games left, just hoping for my stars to remain uninjured for the rest of the season (but now I've gone and said that… I don't have Murphy though, feel for him).

    • Bob says:

      Can't really complain about Walkers score, only 8 off the ton

      • FrontPocket says:

        Yeah, the wording was a bit tough. Jacobs' score was good given his form, and Vlastuin's 79 I'm happy with given I picked him up at the rookie price.

        Zorko a bit disappointing again, and Hanley's and Rockcliff's numbers close to but just down on projections. Looks as if Brisbane didn't give much of a yelp over in the West.

  29. Hayden says:

    do you need a scoring player on the bench for the loophole to work

  30. Chris says:

    I'm confused and need help
    So I have garza as vice captain and swan as captain and also have 20 players playing.
    If I change my captain to say, hanneberry who has the bye. Will I get gazzas vc score doubled?

    • FrontPocket says:

      I think that's the case. I'm pulling that manoeuvre to take Watson's 130. Don't ask me why I don't have Ablett as Captain (it was a bad strategic decision I made earlier in the year).

    • Justin says:

      YES, i'm in the same boat and did this last week, this week i've got ablett as VC and Pendles as Capt, but will move the big C onto Josh Kennedy so ablett gets doubled

  31. macareec says:

    This is ridiculous! Heppell scores 122 in dt and then only 90 in sc! Goddard gets 153 in dt and then only 129 in sc (still pretty good though) Luckily i am on track for a league win and a decent score this week

  32. Luke says:

    Are you allowed to do the captain loophole with someone who has the bye?

  33. footyinme says:

    Looking good so far 1754 from 15 Gaz my captain and could score 2200. Have 2 low scores of 53 and 49. Pendlebury, Swan, Minson, Macaffer and Kennedy to go hope that Macaffer and Kennedy score over 60 each to replace my 53 and 49.

  34. Dee says:

    1494 15 played, Gazza as Captain! Including scores of Crozier 20, Staker 53, Rowe 55 and a disappointing Duffield with 71! Ah well….. Playing Crawfs Crew who is on 1187 13 played with his captain Griffen still to come! I still got Hartlett, Shaw, Minson, Pendlebury, Macaffer and hoping for a late in with Hrovat! The graph shows I should just get across the line…. But I don't trust the bloody thing tho!

  35. Dee says:

    Hoping that Griffen gets below 100 against the pies, get tagged hard by Macaffer. A score of 60 maybe…. LOL. So his price tag plummets and I'll be able to get him next week…

  36. Jordan says:

    Have 19 on field, have 1596 after 14 played
    Still have, Minson, Hrovat, Macaffer, K.Martin and Goodes.. Best 4 will count.
    Should get a decent score!

  37. Rocksta says:

    Projected to get 1970 odd, thanks to using the Captains loophole on Danger this week.
    Should win my match by 300 odd, making it 2 from 2 in the bye rounds ( only 3 trades used).
    Only intend to make 1 trade next week to give me 17 warm bodies and I think that will get me over the line with next weeks opponent. Thus hopefully 3 from 3 with 4 trades used – That said, I'm sure the Supercoach Gods will throw a spanner in the works some how

  38. Osh says:

    1756. 16 played. That included disappointing scores from Duffield, Fyfe, Zorko and Staker but good scores from Gibbs, Franklin, Watson, Ablett and Goddard. Overall looking at maybe 2000 plus with Pendles, swan, B. Goodes, Mcaffer and Kennedy to come.

  39. throttlefinger says:

    Every time I pick someone up, they seem to shat their pants as welcome aboard gift.

    Looking for better results out of you next week, Jordan Lewis!

  40. throttlefinger says:

    But Mundy….oh Mundy. You are glorious!

    Hooker did better than I thought. Zorko…are you looking for someone to write a ballad about you? Looking at 1826. Think Swan and Martin will pile on against the Dogs.

  41. Genco says:

    So glad i picked up kreuzer three weeks ago. My ruckman are now Goldstein, kreuzer, nicholls and currie!

  42. lach says:

    Hey jock, I need to trade out terlich to a player who is playing today, I have 150k in the bank. I'm only doing this because if I don't I will loose this wk. it's a very close game. Any suggestions?

  43. Remy says:

    Looking great on 1773 with Pendles, Swanny, B. Goodes, Macaffer and Neade to come. Hopefully I can get over 2150 with big scores from Pendles and Swanny.

  44. John says:

    1567 with 6 players left to play this week so should come up pretty good. Next week is probably going to be a tanking week as I only have 9 trades left and lots of round 13 bye players. Team is only about 3-4 trades away from being set so feel I am in a pretty good position. Also pretty well cemented in finals in all my leagues so can afford to drop a few games in latter half of the season if my low amount of trades come back to bite me and I have to cop a few donuts.

  45. Daniel says:

    One of the victims of Marc Murphy and docherty which have let me down and do use the captain loophole or do I have swan/pendlebury as my captain?

    • John says:

      who did you have the VC on? if Ablett then take the points for sure. anything could happen today with the others they might get knocked out in first 5 minutes.

  46. Weaves says:

    Currently sitting on 1821 with Swan, K. Martin, Macaffer and Hrovat (if he's a late inclusion) to play. Looking good for a 2000+ score this week.

  47. James says:

    Have 1347 from 14 with 3 scores under 100 and 3 doughnuts looking pretty good this week want about 1900

  48. Deanbartel says:

    1614 from 14 players

  49. aaron says:

    looking to score 2000

  50. aaron says:

    gws are playing shocking thought they would give port a run for there money

  51. aaron says:

    who should i get in my backline hanley or goddary any suggestions and dangerfield or pendles

  52. Callum says:

    1666 with 5 to go

  53. Jack says:

    I have more than 18 playing. Will I get abletts vc score doubled if I put the captain on a bye player?

  54. @emhoy says:

    1749 off 15 with Swan, Pendles and Macaffer to come

  55. david says:

    Who do people think the top 5 bulldogs scorers will be today?

  56. SCaddict says:

    Having another strong bye round and should register 2200 plus to fly up the rankings again.

    Next round I should come back to earth though when my midfield and back line will be decimated.

    Very pleased that this week's trade ins of Maric and Birch paid immediate dividends.

    • Jack says:

      Hey, do you know whether abletts vc score will double if I put the captain on a bye player? I have more than 18 players playing is the only thing.. So not sure if it will double or not?

      • SCaddict says:

        Yes so long as you have your bye player as C on the field your VC score will double.

        • dan says:

          yep same boat here scored 2150 ish tosY 2100 last week i have 12 players on the field next week and only 2 of my full super premium midfield πŸ™ 3 trades to make it up to 15 players maybe

  57. McLegend says:

    Looking at 2050 this week after a 2150 last week. Bringing in JPK, Barry Mitchellson and Cotchin next week to have a full team of premiums and only one donut. If all goes to plan the bye rounds have really worked in my favour, pushing into the top 1000 (currently 1013). but……………………… the gods don't reward hubris so only cautiously optimistic.

  58. Dee says:

    KMart looks the better option now than Hrovat…. Bloody hell! Thoughts anyone?

    • Tyler says:

      Hrovat was the preferred pick because his JS was higher then Martin , but worst luck , Hrovat was dropped and Kyle played and played another great game so at the moment Martin is the better option at this stage , I was one of the poor sods who picked Hrovat and paid the price.

    • hayden says:

      i got hrovat too, this week i used him as my loophole but not happy with him

  59. hayden says:

    so happy with 2179

  60. footyinme says:

    2130 not bad only had 1890 last round.

  61. jbombs jets says:

    What is the par score this week ?
    Got myself 2157

    • footyinme says:

      I think 2100 this week because all of the high scores are owned by a high percentage of SC.

  62. Jmizzle says:

    lost by 12!!! Marc bloody Murphy ruined it for me

    • hayden says:

      Give him break i have him to and he would have scored over 100 if it wernt for freakin hodge, but dont worry he will get suspended

  63. Tyler says:

    Won in 1 out of 3 leagues , Scored 1931 with 19 players scoring , lost to one kid who scored 2054 with 18 players used (unreal)
    and against a rival he beat me by 8 points and I would've won by 7 points had they not taken Docherty's 15 away , bloody bye rounds , should've won that one .
    Hrvoart being out didn't help me either .
    As angry as I am i'm not going to quit , just move on to the last bye round .

  64. Veg says:

    Going to swapping Omeara or Vlastiun for Tom Mitchel. Who would you go?

    • hayden says:

      If you still have viney, crouch or K Mitchell downgrade to T Mitchell but hold O Meara and Vlaustin, but if you can upgrade O Meara this week

      • Veg says:

        Back: Hanley, Houli, Dufffield, Gibbs, Goodes, Staker [Russel], [Thurlow]
        Mid: Pendles, Watson, Boak, Mundy, Omeara, Lucas, Vlastiun, Hrvoat [McVeigh] [Viney]
        Rucks: Cox, Nichols, [Blicavs]. [Currie]
        Forward: Buddy, Mayne J. Reiwoldt, Macaffer, Rowe, Karnesis [Kennedey] [LeCras]

        484k with 10 Trades.
        I think Lucas -> Mitchel and
        Boak -> GAJ or Swan

        With in 2 weeks
        LeCras -> Walker or Bartel.

        Any one else think of better trades?

  65. Tyler says:

    I'd keep both mate , they both are still scoring well .
    Do you have anyone else in the mid you could downgrade to ?

    • Veg says:

      Lucas is the next one on the chopping block… But the extra $300k from downgrading either would be nice

      • Tyler says:

        Lucas is what around 380 ? maybe a bit more ? if you chopped Lucas for Mitchell that would be around 280k you earn + Bringing Mitchell in ,i'd say axe Lucas for Mitchell , he was the sub this week Lucas , and O'Meara and Vlastuin are going to play full games unless they get injured so you might as well keep those 2 and axe Lucas for Mitchell and take the 280k .

        • Veg says:

          Yer, great point thanks for the advice. First year on SC… took me 6 months to get my team to this state:

          Back: Hanley, Houli, Dufffield, Gibbs, Goodes, Staker [Russel], [Thurlow]
          Mid: Pendles, Watson, Boak, Mundy, Omeara, Lucas, Vlastiun, Hrvoat [McVeigh] [Viney]
          Rucks: Cox, Nichols, [Blicavs]. [Currie]
          Forward: Buddy, Mayne J. Reiwoldt, Macaffer, Rowe, Karnesis [Kennedey] [LeCras]

          484k with 10 Trades.
          I think Lucas -> Mitchel and
          Boak -> GAJ or Swan

          With in 3 weeks
          LeCras -> Walker or Bartel.

          Any one else think of better trades?

          • hayden says:

            Well done then, i agree though trade out lucas for Mitchell

          • Tyler says:

            I like the Houli selection ,I feel his underrated in the Supercoach community , good job.
            Yeah , having Mitchell in and taking out Lucas would strengthen your midfield even more mate .
            Without a doubt get Gaz , Swan is great but Gaz is the number one player to get .
            Because Gaz and Essendon have their byes this week coming up , if you don't want Lecras , You could downgrade him to Danniher , who is looking impressive and looks like his job security is solid because his loved at Essendon , that would give you roughly 695k in the bank You could trade Ablett in for Viney who's about 211 grand giving you 217 k left in the bank .
            Or you could do what you're planning and swap Lecras for Bartel or Walker and swap Boak for Gaz , but I think Boaks a good player to have in your team , so i'd go for option one if I was you mate but it's your team so your choice πŸ™‚
            All the best .

  66. Rick Grimes says:

    2030. Won by 15. Made a last minute call to swap Kennedy (WC) for Cloke. Got me the win but now I'm stuck with him for the season.

  67. SharkBait says:

    Scored 2113, with the likes of Docherty(15), Murphy(22), Staker(51), Kennedy.B(48) and Macaffer(39). I did have 20 playing so only 3 counted but i would say i could of pushed to 2300 nearly if they had their full scores

  68. Robert says:

    should i get rid of
    maccafer for kurt tippet


    Should i get rid of pearce hanley or hepple and if so who should i get

  69. Rd 12 bandwagon says:

    I got 2305, how you think that will go with the weekly winner?

    • SCaddict says:

      That will be right up there so nicely done! But there will probably be some prick out there who flukes 2400 though.

      I finished on 2256 so just happy to move up the rankings and win all 5 league matches again. Not looking forward to next weekend though which I expect to be my bad bye round.

      • hayden says:

        Well done, do you think that you could get 2000 next week

        • SCaddict says:

          Think that may be a tough ask with Gaz, Pendles, Swan, Watson, Goddard, Heppell, Shaw and Gibbsy all sitting out from my team.

          So I'd happily take 2000 but expect to come up short from that.

      • Rd 12 bandwagon says:

        yeah i think everyone will have that problem no doubt, most of the top mids out and quite possibly geelong giving bartel and selwood an extra week, could hurt a few

  70. hayden says:

    I am sick of these byes, i would have scored 2600 this week and 2500 last week if i had my full team, but it is setting me up for a strong second half, i want to average 2450 for the second half of the year and still win the 50,000

  71. hayden says:


  72. TheScorpions123 says:

    Does anyone know what time the podcast is on?
    and 1950 is alright this round considering I only managed 1550 last round.
    Thinking of upgrading O'Meara to S.Mitchell and Terlich to Birchall, what do you guys reckon?

  73. JJFYZZ says:

    2154/GAJ 5 from 5 wins.

    Now on to next week with all the outs!!

  74. Mr_Consistent says:

    When will Supercoach be updated, anyone know community???

  75. JJFYZZ says:


  76. dan says:

    i got beaten by my wife πŸ™

  77. dan says:

    sounds like high par scores this week all the common premiums scored well this week 2150 for me and i lost

  78. Dylan says:

    Should I bring in Dusty Martin or Franklin (at 40k less) this week to complete my forward line? After that trade I'll only have O'Meara, Goodes, Nicholls and Terlich as my on field rookies, and I'll probably wont even have to get rid of O'meara Goodes or Nicholls.

  79. John says:

    2128 not bad and still won in all my leagues but next round is a problem as I will have at least one doughnut. Thinking of tanking and not stressing about it this week.

  80. Westy says:

    So annoyed. Was bringing in Ibbotson for Dixon, Nicholls for Gawn and Hrovat for Evans. Somehow the choices didn't get confirmed and the weekend was so busy that I only got Hrovat in (that was useful) after the GC and Freo games!

    What a monumental foul up! Cost about 200 points and lost all 5 games for the weekend!

  81. Michael says:

    2025 this week, a little disappointed, Hitchcock, Gorringe, Staker not cutting it although to be fair went close to their projected. Vlastuin & Nicholls particularly came crashing back to earth. Only one trade this week so far – finally getting rid of Stevenson (lol) & bringing in Ibbotson with $35K spare (had $200K+ in war chest). Have 20 on field after this including JJK & Hitchcock subject to fitness test. Also saw mentioned earlier about Bartel being rested? Didn't he get a rest last week with the bye?? Did he have a run with the Falcons or something? I think the days of resting are fast disappearing the better GCS & GWS get. Oh hang on there's still the Demons….

  82. JB says:

    Trade OUT Robbie Gray for Birchall via Staker thoughts?

  83. Liam says:

    O'meara out this week even though I think he is an absolute gun. I only see two upgrades for him at bargain prices. J.Selwood and Dan Hannebery. Which one is a better pick up? At the moment I am leaning towards Selwood.

  84. Sam says:

    Dustin Martin or Bartel????

    I can't make my mind up

    • footyinme says:


    • SCaddict says:

      A real toss of the coin but I'd go Dusty with the Tiges Supercoach finals run. Plus I reckon there's a greater chance the veteran Cat may get rested at some point.

  85. cam says:

    who is better to get rid of for t.mitchil- K.mitchil, Viney. or should i hold the trade?

    • John says:

      K MItchil is the sub too often

    • throttlefinger says:

      Getting Tommy Michellson should be a priority. Has been steller.

      Kane not seeming to get any playtime love. Viney supposedly back this round. Toe injury…who knows how he'll respond. -18 b/e so doesn't have to do much.

    • SCaddict says:

      You can NOT afford to miss out on T.Mitchell whilst he's still on the bubble. Either guy is fine to be chopped to make space for him.

  86. John says:

    Any chance the podcast is going to come out soon or should I go to bed??

  87. throttlefinger says:

    1900. Hitchcock's injury didn't help. Zorko crapped it again (considering move to Dusty) Jordan Lewis didn't deliver (as Mr. Crimmins said he would from time to time). Great performances from Mundy, Birch, Shaw.

  88. Jason says:

    looking to bring in another premium mid for K Mitchell. Selwood or Kennedy?

  89. Ozzie says:

    Here is my team its my first year doing supercoach just wanted peoples thoughts on how im traveling and any suggestions.
    7 Trades left 256,100 left in bank

    IBBOTSON (G), VLAUSTIN (N) Emergencies (TERLICH (D) and DOCHERTY (S))




    Went all out on getting midfield locked and had way too many silly tades early in the season but looking at downgrading dwyer and upgrading macaffer to walker after bye? (open to suggestions)
    and blicvas to minson soon also want to eventually go vlaustin to a hanley or shaw
    let us know what you think

    • micki S says:

      That's a super team for your first year! How many points do you average a week?

      • Ozzie says:

        cheers mate average 2,157 and ranked 6,157 just waiting for my team to go bang all at once

  90. aaron says:


  91. Curtis says:

    Hey guys what are your thought?
    Option 1
    O'Mera OUT
    Dwyer OUT

    Tom Mitchell IN
    Dean Cox IN

    Option 2
    O,Meara OUT
    Heppell OUT

    Tom Mitchell IN
    Scott or Joel Sellwood IN

    or option 1 but instead of cox any foward who will score huge already got stevie j bartel and martin

  92. lochie says:

    Whos the better option Birchell or Duffield?

  93. Tim says:

    Hi All – need to get rid of Neade this week. Need replacement cover option because he is doing NOTHING.

    Got $350k to spend.

    Looking to bring in Bolton or L Hansen? Any advice?

    • Curtis says:

      Have you got any one to switch from the midfield to foward then pick up tom mitchell

      • Tim says:

        Got him already. Ended up trading

        Neade, Laird, Hartlett


        Birchall, Ellis, Hrovat