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Tight Arse Wednesday the 2nd – Round 12

Published by Jock on

Supercoach strategy with MickGood day community and welcome to this week’s edition of “Tight Arse … Wednesday”.

Last time we’ll be coming to you this late in the week as this Monday Football is really throwing me out of whack. The only thing I do like about Monday football is I only have to wait three days before teams are named for the next round.

I trust if anybody of you did decide to break the mould and trade last week that both Selwood and Swan both made excellent pick-ups, both on the bottom of their price curves. I will be reminding you all again next week about Selwood who is still very much an ideal pick-up after their round 12 bye but I fear Swan will no longer feature in this article’s format again as he will be costing you around $570k after his bye in round 14.

Now with round 11 over and done with I don’t think you will find anybody recommending holding your trades this week. No this week is all about getting in those players who have just come off their round 11 bye and if you are looking at value for your buck there are a few players out there that might tickle your fancy. However if you are really looking to squeeze every last cent of these players most to the bargains coming off their bye are due to fall even further next week as their breakevens are still quite high.

Just to illustrate just what I mean take a look at the potential bargains who have just come off their bye and their respective breakevens. The scary thing is these are just the round 11 bye relevant players. Next week we get to add the round 12 players to this list. Going to be a big tight arse Tuesday for me next week.

Post bye supercoach options
So if you want to spend big this week I’d go after you’re Minsons, Fyfes and Barlows and wait another week or two to snap up any of the potential bargains above.

I’m looking at you Trent Cotchin.

The one exception from above list might just be Grant Birchall who I think could be ready for the taking this week.

Grant Birchall

Average 96.78
Breakeven 105
Current Price $417,800
Priced to Average 81.28
Bye Round 11 – no worries

Birchall’s breakeven is still a little on the high side but by no means un achievable and he is still very relevant for all those who are looking for backline reinforcements for round 12 and beyond. Let’s take a quick look at Birchall’s numbers from over the past few years to give us a better idea of what we can expect for the remainder of the year.

grant birchall stats

As defenders go Birchall has been a very solid pick up averaging 94 in the past two seasons and starting this season on fire averaging 127.5pts a game up until round 4. It had appeared that with Suckling going down in the preseason that Birchall would have the rebounding role all to himself and might just become the premium defender of the competition. We now know that such a thought proved to be just like Higgo’s only ever sexual experience, premature.

So why is he so cheap now?

Community you might remember back in round 5 I did a little piece called “Sucked In”, which featured one Grant Birchall and at the time I picked up a fair amount of flak for the piece. Let’s just say I was called a lot worse than “Mad” for my troubles. In the article I stated;

“The tag is coming. Very interested to see how his disposal numbers will be affected by Brain Lake coming into the team. At his current price there are enough doubts to keep me away. Am sure he will have low scores like the 68, 71, 75, 66 and 55 he had last season and once a few of them run through his rolling average I will consider bringing him in at a lower price. Anything over 500k is too pricey for a defender at this stage of the year.”

Now before I go blowing smoke up my own arse I think it was obvious enough that he was going to have a few low scores throughout the year but even I was shocked to the extent and frequency of those low scores over the next few weeks that followed. So bad was the dip in form that he was given a week off in round 9.

As bizarre as this sounds I think Birchall’s downfall came because he was so darn good. He was so damaging as Hawks go to man coming out of defense in the first four games of the season that the opposition teams singled him out as the man to stop in the Hawthorn team. In the first four games he was averaging 31.5 disposals a game and 127.5 SC points.

Starting with North Melbourne in round 5 until the GWS in round 8 he was given the first tag from each of the oppositions teams, and in this period his averages dropped to just 19.25 disposals a game and 60.75 SC points.

grant birchall stats again
The encouraging thing for everybody who has him and for those looking to bring him in, is he bounced back after his break to produce a 118 SC point game. All be it against Melbourne who aren’t exactly renowned for their hard tags.
With another break just passed due to Hawthorn’s bye, the good news for Birchall is that his early season form is now even further behind him and not in the forefront of opposition coaches anymore. I suspect he won’t be given as hard a tag as he has experienced through rounds 5 to 8, and I expect to see his scoring come back to what we are used to seeing from Birchall. However I don’t think people should be getting him in thinking he will rediscover that early season form and should really gauge his further scores from looking at his past stats over a longer period of time.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer

Predicted Average from here on out: 92-97pts

Final Word: As I have stated earlier, anything over $500k is too expensive for a defender, as they are all likely to produce some low scores that will reduce their price back down to realistic levels. Birchall is the perfect example of this and now can be picked up at a bargain price well below his probably output from here on out. No brainer for me, if you need another defender then Birchall at this price is your man. And remember if you can’t get him this week he will still cost you roughly the same next week as his breakeven is still on the high side.

Stay tuned..

Mick the Mad Irishman

Mad as a cut snake, brain the size of Phar Laps, but one hell of a fantasy footballer. Click here for more from the Mad Irishman

And make sure you follow him on twitter


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Having troubles decideing on my last prem out of Barlow, Griffen, Jack or Cotchin. What do you think?




T. Mitchell…. is a 120 avg good enough for the M8 position?


Will have him on the bench as my emergency.

The Old Dylan

great emergency cover, but as we get to the business end of the season you want someone you can rely on, a hardened veteran who won't miss games or get tired from playing at the elite level week in, week out. He is aweosme at the moment, and a definite in, but I'm not sure he will maintain his average over the rest of the season.


People we need to be a little smarter when it comes to T Mitchell .. We won't have to go back too far in time to draw comparison ! O'Meara and Wines both knocked out 120+ games in the first couple of weeks .. Look at their averages now .. Don't be fooled into thinking Mitchell will be any different because just like O'Meara and Wines, he is a rookie

My predicted average from here on out 80-85pts.

Not a permanent M8 keeper


Jack is a nice POD. Will be getting in Tom Mitchell but watching his output over the next few weeks to see if he can sustain this super impressive form. If you need someone this week, Barlow is the best option but I feel lots of people will be jumping on this fella this week


Barlow for sure

Jager-bomb –> Barlow for me


I like Cotchin out of that bunch … then Barlow, Jack and Griffen in that order


Any of the 4 you mentioned are good choices. Not too many people talking up Griffin, but if he keeps scoring the way he has been, he'll be a great POD.

Reckon Mitchell could be a great M8, at least for the short term. If his numbers drop you can always trade up.

Er, Significant Jock

Waiting one more week on Birchall. Looking for a straight swap from dud Pearce.


dud Pearce ?? Not Pearce Hanley right ???


Danyle Pearce I think he meant mate… LOL.


id love to see how comparative our teams are mick as often making the same reads each week – as done with priddis and daisy – ive made this trade already the only one i didnt get was walker as couldnt afford and when i could i grabbed stevie j

i do remember that article as i thought both birch and cloke looking at best SC seasons but felt cloke especially a risk – i got him last year instead of zorko and it cost me bigtime

your instincts were right but yeah i thought birch still a solid pick and you slightly mad


lol – I am mad Salshakers

You can search team names on SC site if you want to see how close we are.

Team Name: Mad Mick's Mahem


"Anything over 500k is too expensive for a defender"

I think Shaw and Goddard would have something to say about that Mick!


No I stand firm on this one Clayton. I did mean that when you are upgrading in your defence anything over 500k is over priced. Always a fallen that is much better value.
Yes Goddard and Shaw are premium defenders but have a look at their scores and their fluctuating prices.

Goddard is currently 505k and likely to be less than 500k after his bye – if you the 39% of coaches that don't have him then round 14 is your time to jump on.

Shaw has been as low as 484k already this year and I will eat my hat if he doesn't drop below 500k again before the year is out.


I agree Mick. I have always believed that a rock solid defence is the key to a good SC team, but this has been no easy task this season.

Since AFL coaches have finally realised that tagging these free running, ball magnet defenders is vital to limit F50 entries, we have been subjected to painfully inconsistent scores.

Looking to upgrade 2 defence cash cows to premiums in the next 2 weeks, but its a hard choice. I have Goddard, Gibbs, Hanley and Hartlett. I like H.Taylor, but I don't think I can justify Shaw's hefty price. Any suggestions?


a little left field here but trent mckenzie looks like he could be a very handy pick up – he was someone i was eying up for next year but could be worth a punt on the run home.
Only down side i can think of is he too is likely to cop a tag has he becomes more and more damaging as the go to man out of GC defence


If I've only got 11 trades remaining, with the view to upgrade o'meara to a premium next week – is it still ok to trade both crouch and k.mitchell to martin and t.mitchell? This will leave me with 8 trades for the rest of the year, but my squad looks pretty strong.


Definitely…. Do it mate! Mitchell is a must….

Rick Grimes

Every man and his dog will have Mitchell by next week. I will as well, but gee some teams must be getting very samey.


I will definitely bring in Mitchell after his bye, I suppose my only issue is whether to bring in Martin as well and burn the extra trade for the cash


I did both trades. Provides good bench cover and spare cash to fill out team with Premiums.


Definitely K. Mitchell to T. Mitchell. I'd hold Crouch at least until his round 13 bye. You've held onto him for this long and he's only just played one game after coming back. He'll go up in value this week, and I'm sure he'll play.

Er, Significant Jock

Crouch has a BE of 0. Definite hold.


Nice one Mick…. Been waiting for this all week! Bloody worth it…. Good on ya mate! Just a quick one, you said your looking at Cotchin this week…. In your opinion is it worth bringing in Cotchin when I already have Deledio, Martin & Vlastuin…. Bringing him in will make him my 4th from the same club, is that too Richmond heavy? Would love too hear your thoughts mate…. Thanks


I think Mick was saying he'll be looking at Cotch next week, not this week, due to his high BE.

I've got Cotch, Martin, and Vlastuin myself. I'd grab Deledio if I thought he was the best MID that I didn't have without regard to being heavy on a particular team. Interested to hear other people's thoughts on the matter though.


Yeah fair enough…. Deledio for me is a better midfielder, kicks goals too and so far has had the better year than Cotchin….. Anyways the point I'm trying to make or the question I'm asking is…. How many players selected from one club is too heavy?! I would think 3 or maybe 4 would be the maximum selection from one club, because surely 5 or 6 players is too heavy even if its after the byes. I mean, they would just be stealing points off each other in the end. I would much rather have 5 midfielders from all other clubs than to have 5 midfielders from the one club….. I hope I make sense! LOL


I personally have 5 players from Collingwood (Pendlebury, Shaw, Swan, Kennedy and Macaffer) and 4 from West Coast (Hurn, Priddis, Cox, Kennedy) and I don't think it's a problem. Out of all those players, Ben Kennedy is the only one I definitely won't be taking into finals, maybe Macaffer, but I think it's fine. Get Cotch!


I think it depends a bit on positions, If you have 5 players from one club I don't think its to much trouble as long as they are spread over different positions.


Dee great to hear from you,

Yes I will be looking to bring Cotchin in next week as he will drop even more this week. With regards to been Richmond heavy, I think you've got to look at it another way.
Who would you bring in if you weren't bringing in Cotchin ?? Bringing in Cotchin won't change the out put of the Richmond players you already have. They will score what they score regardless if Cotchin is in your team.
What you need to decide is Cotchin going to out score other options that are out of your team. For example if you don't have Selwood you would have to decide which out of them two is going to score the most from here on out. If Cotchin is what your gut feeling is say then go with him.

Hope that makes sense ??


I don't think you can be too club heavy (post byes) as long as the players are quality, and the ones you've named are. Even when a team gets thumped, the good players find a way to get points.


do i trade whitfield for tom mitchell ?
whitfield has a BE of 90ish but mitchell has the bye
what are your guys thoughts ?


If you can still fill a side without Whitfield this week, go for it.


agree with Jack on this one


If you are looking for a final defender to round out your team Mad, should we be paying more for a Gibbs or saving the money on Birchall.

I say this in the context of most teams probably having almost filled out their positions with guns.


Yeah good question…. I already have Birch, just tossing up who to Putin my D6 position after round 14. Gibbs or Hanley…..

My defence:
Shaw, Heppell, Duffield, Birchall, Hartlett, Vlastuin (Thurlow, Webster)


Dee I would be happy to run with Vlastuin for a few more weeks until he shows signs of dropping off.

Out of Hanley and Gibbs i'd go Gibbs. Hanley copping a hard tag in round 10 would have me worried. Gibbs should be more consistant.


Yup as I thought…. I was leaning towards Gibbs as I had him at the start of the year, traded him out when he apparently done he's hamstring. Thanks Mick, appreciate it!



Yes Gibbs too is great value and if you can wear his doughnut in round 13 i'd be selecting him ahead of Birchall – Think he has more upside and less risk


Currently sitting on 11 trades with $401k in the bank. My plans this week were to trade Terlich to Fyfe (or barlow) and swing Vlastuin into the DEF and trading Gawn down to Nicholls, then next week trading O'Meara to Cotchin leaving me with around 203k.
My question is, I still have Sauce Jacobs and could use that money this week to upgrade him to Minson this round. But, will 7 trades be enough for the rest of the season? I am worried because I will have Tom Mitchell, Goodes and Vlastuin still on the ground and not sure whether they will all continue their good form.
What are your thoughts?


Mitchell, Vlastuin and Goodes scoring output so far this season has been excellent and I would definitely back them in for the rest of the year…. Their definitely in the top 5 rookies this year! I'm not too sure if 7 trades is enough for the rest of the year, me myself has only 7 trades left after making 3 this week. I hope it's not to thin…. I heard some one say that you should have at least 6-8 trades pre-finals, I'm also looking at bringing in Gibbs/Hanley, Selwood and Danger/Watson after Round 14 which will leave me with 4 or 5 trades for the rest of the year! Praying for no injuries in my squad for the remainder…. I think I'm skating on thin ice I reckon! But then again I've heard other Supercoachers who were looking at 2/3 trades left after the byes…. Who knows?!


I have the same issue with Sauce. After next week my squad should be completely filled with premiums, apart from Jacobs. Im going to hold onto Sauce for abit and hope that he scores reasonably to keep me going, then before finals will upgrade him to Big Will or swing Cox/Nicnat to my rucks and bring in someone like Walker. Still a long time til finals though…


Hello Community,

My Current Midfield….

Gazza, Pendles, JPK, Danger, Fyfe, Jaeger, T Mitchell, M Blicavs, B Crouch, S Kerridge…..

I am chasing 3 off 5 Premos listed below,

1. Jobe Watson
2. Dane Swan
3. M Barlow
4. T Cotchin
5. J Selwood

Cotchin Vs Barlow – To jump on this week…….

If I bring in Barlow this week and Cotchin next week then I will not be able to bring in Swan or Jobe Watson….I can only bring in one of them……..since i will be done with my midfield……

I need to make sure i use these trades very wisely and do not want to regret any trades……so seeking experts opinions from JR community…..

Which Three premos from above i need to be bringing in to my team???…..

Any comments / opinions / suggestions would be highly appreciated……

Thank you,


Selwood next week, Watson after the byes…..done!


Hi Dee,

Thanks for your reply above mate….

But I need 3 premos to complete my midfield……Selwood & Watson is fine, but who do you think will be the other one ??….Swan or Barlow or Cotchin ???

Thanks mate….


id say Swan as he has a higher ceiling then Cotchin or Barlow,



What I am Personally thinking is,

1. D Swan
2. Jobe Watson
3. This is where I am struggling, to decide between Barlow / Cotchin and J Selwood…..


Well id probably take a punt on whoevers going to be cheaper, personally I have J Selwood myself, his season has not been crash hot up and down at the moment and I think Stevie J playing more midfield could have something to do with it but in overall he is a fantastic supercoach scorer,

Cotchin and Barlow kind of fall into the same basket for me, not massive scorers specially Cotchin, I don't see him getting more than 120 week in week out, Barlow has got more than 120 a few times before I believe, might be a pod too, all depends on your structure and how much money you have in the bank I guess. also ask yourself who would you feel more comfortable with going into the finals?

Hope this helps.

good luck



Thanks for your comments above mate….really appreciated…

OK, After giving a good long thought I am going with,

1. D Swan – will be getting him this week for O'Meara…
2. M Barlow – will be getting him this week as well for S Kerridge….
2. Will be getting N Hrovat for J Hannath through M Blicavs….

My Team "TITANS"…..ranked currently 774 overall will be….

Goddard, H Shaw, D Heppell, H Hartlett, N Vlastuin, B Goodes, C Dixon, D Terlich

Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, JPK, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Barlow, T Mitchell, N Hrovat, B Crouch

D Cox, J Roughead, M Blicavs, T Nicholls

Steve J, T Rockliff, Nic Nat, D Zorko, JJK, J Bartel, B MaCaffer, B Staker

Will be left with 7 trades and need to upgrade B Crouch / N Hrovat to J Watson after RD 13 or 14 and Terlich to Duffield and Goodes to Gibbs / Hanley to complete my team…..will be left with ONLY 4 Trades to run for the finals……JUST HOPE NO ONE GETS INJURED…….




all three will be so close with their averages from here on out so I wouldn't stress too much

Id go Cotchin Selwood Barlow in that order


Hi Mick,

Thanks for your comment mate….hmmm i was thinking to go for Barlow and leave out Cotchin……I think I will have to reverse my current trades and bring in Swan this week and go for Cotchin next week when he bottoms out……

Thanks mate,


If you want to bring in Swan then now is the time…. Still priced at a low 535K, but if you want to bring in Cotchin then you should look at him next week as he should drop in price with a BE of 153. Personally I would go Cotchin over Swan…. I agree with Jock, he's too fat and too slow! LOL. Cotchin vs Barlow is a toss of the coin mate… I'll leave that one to you! What about a Deledio, Priddis or Murphy??!


Hey guys, just a quick one.

Hanley or Birchall ?




I already have Gibbs,

Its pretty much out of those two to complete my backline.



birchall, or wait two weeks on hanley


Birchall…. I don't have Gibbs and Hanley, who would you prefer out of the two?!


and i assume you have goodes or Vlas?
trade one of those to hanley in a couple of weeks!

good luck mate!


I've accepted my fate in rd 13 and am going to cop risking a loss by not being able to field 18 as I think my trade plans over the next two weeks will benefit me.

OUT: Terlich IN: Hrovat. Swing Vlastuin into DEF.
OUT: Blicavs IN: Nicholls.
OUT: Stringer IN: A. Walker

Leaves me with $250,600 in the kitty. Next week will be;

OUT: K. Mitchell IN: T. Mitchell
OUT: K. Stevens IN: J. Selwood
OUT:Vlastuin/Goodes IN: Nic Nat/Stevie J/Dusty/Bartel/Boomer by swinging Staker back.

Will leave me with 8 trades, not too much coin, but a solid team.

DEF: H. Shaw, S. Hurn, G. Birchall, B. Gibbs, D. Heppell, B. Goodes/N. Vlastuin. EMG: B. Staker, J. Webster

MID: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, J. Watson, D. Swan, P. Dangerfield, T. Cotchin, J. Selwood, M. Priddis. EMG: T. Mitchell, N. Hrovat

RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Kruezer. EMG: T. Nicholls, S. Rowe

FWD: D. Cox, J. Kennedy, T. Rockliff, L. Franklin, A. Walker, F6 of choice above. EMG: B. Kennedy, B. Macaffer

May even look to dish Kruezer come finals for Hanley if Nicholls performs or swing Cox into the ruck if he begins to fail and get another forward for him. Sam Rowe is going to be burnt for a non-playing Western Bulldogs ruckman to exploit the loophole. I believe it will be crucial come finals.



lovely team mate, making me jealous 😉

Er, Significant Jock

Jack, you will need to get in T. Mitchell this week as he is on the bubble after playing 2 games. Otherwise, he will be $70-80k more expensive next week.


Sydney have the bye this week..


Very nice…. All the best mate! Mite do the same with Rowe…..


My team: SWAT SQUAD…. 7 trades remaining!

DEF: H. Shaw, D. Heppell, G. Birchall, H. Hartlett, P. Duffield, N. Vlastuin.
EMG: J. Thurlow, J. Webster.

MID: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, JP. Kennedy, B. Deledio, N. Fyfe, L. Hodge, M. Priddis, J. Selwood.
EMG: T. Mitchell, K. Martin.

RUC: W. Minson, D. Cox.
EMG: T. Nicholls, S. Rowe

FWD: D. Martin, N. Natanui, J. Bartel, L. Franklin, A. Walker, S. Johnson
EMG: B. Staker, H. Crozier

Thoughts please…. Appreciate it! Thanks….


Hodge is my POD…. But if doesn't do enough, can still trade him to a Watson or Danger before finals! Could look at trading out Vlastuin for a Gibbs/Hanley/Goddard…


what a great team! only Vlas left to upgrade when he maxes out! beautiful!


Great team – where you ranked dee ??


36,022 Mick…. I got to as high as 8,000th in the early rounds and have gradually dropped! I was ranked over 130,000 last year, so that’s a great improvement from my point of view…. Can’t win the 50K no more so just looking at the league title, but it’s all a learning curve for me. Next year should be bloody massive for me I reckon…. LOL.


hey community!

is 820K too much to have in the bank between weeks?

thanks 🙂

Team: Lucas' Legends


No man… More money the more you can get players after the byes!! All the best to you mate…


Should i keep Montangna or trade to swan or barlow


What to do jock? URGENTLY NEED HELP

So I still have bloody viney and crouch on my bench.. And I don't want to burn to many trades only got 11..
Should I get rid of viney this week for Hrovat and crouch for Mitchell next week to free up some cash, or keep viney under the expectation he will play soon??
Or do I keep crouch and trade viney for Mitchell next week because I have enough players not to need Hrovat this week.

Also what to do with kerridge? Any down grade options? Eg. Sumner?


Mitchell is a must. I would probably trade viney


Hey guys i got 14 trades left
Trades this week are:
Should i trade out viney or crouch for Mitchell
I can play 19 players this week


if you can play 19 this week, focus on next weeks bye, it will be a tough one!


Is anyone going on Ryan Griffen. You gotta be at least considering him with a price of 606 K and a BE of 56. He could nearly be at the same price as ablett!


one week below 100 and his BE will rocket! im staying clear! and id rather fill my team with premiums from stronger clubs!
cant rule him out though


Traded him in this week, still not sure if I should change it to Cotchin or Fyfe. Has been smashing it, and seems to cope with a tag. Not too worried about break even cause I wont be trading him back out.


guys I'm in a bit of a pickle this is my back line birchal, burgoyne, hibbered, heppell,gibbs and vlastuin and i have thurlow and goodes on the bench as you can see I don't know who should take a field spot and who should sit on the pine. Also if anyone can explain how the emergency loophole works


Emergency loophole, which you can't use during the byes, is basically giving yourself insurance in case one player bombs.

Example: If Pies are playing the Friday night game. Gold Coast is playing Saturday. You put a player on the field you are for certain is not going to play this round and whose game is after the Pies (for me, that's Curran. I'll use that as the example). You take the player you swap Curran, let's say Staker, and you put him on the bench with an emergency tag, making sure he's your only reserve as emergency in that position.

Works like this: You put a VC on Swan and a Cap on Curran. Swan goes off for 150+, you keep the set up as is. And because Curran doesn't play, you get Staker's points.

BUT say Swan only gets 101 SC points. You can switch your Cap to Ablett before the game and earn Gazza's points.

It's basically giving yourself two chances, if the first one goes ass in their game.

Hope that helps.


Why can't this work during the bye rounds? e.g if you have a non playing player from a team that does not have the bye why couldn't you tag him as captain after your vice captain has played?


I think it's because it is the top 18 on the field. If you have 20 playing and cap the non player, I'm not sure you could loop.

Honestly John, I read that the loop wasn't doable during the Byes. Think mainly it's about having no emergencies and still getting the points for the top 18.


if anyones interested this is my team
mid-s mitchell, omeara, ablett, pendulbury, swan, jpk, hannerbry, priddis, t mitchell and crouch
fwd-j kennedy,bartel,franklin, zorko, rockliffe, lecras, b kennedy, staker

and for trades going omeara to selwood next week and will try to get dustin martin in when his price drops

thoughts lads?


All good, except for LeCras!


Here's what I need help with:

Option 1:
J. Lewis for Wines
Hrovat for Couch (already have Mitchell)
Carlisle for Hooker
(like this because have MID/FWD option in mid. Save kitty for next week to upgrade to Duffield for Terlich)

Option 2
Barlow for Wines
Hrovat for Couch
(will probably upgrade Duffield for Hooker after bye but will need to trade Rowe to get the cash)



Possible Trade Options:

1: Moloney to Fyfe
2: O'Meara to Cotchin
3: Kerridge out, moving Nic Nat to the foward line and getting Nicholls in the Ruck.

For this week my rucks will be Maric and Nicholls and next week with the leftover money i was going to get Goldstein. Any thoughts on this or should a different approach be taken?


Look like solid trades to me.


My Team: Wolves in Winter… 7 trades remaining … 241k … (Already used trades this round)

DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Duffield, Gibbs, Goodes, Vlastuin (Terlich, Thurlow)

MID: GAJ, Pendles, Watson, JPK, Danger, TeenWolf, Priddis, O'Meara (Mitchell, Hrovat)

RUC: Nic Nat, Jacobs (Nicholls, Currie)

FWD: Walker, Cox, Johnson, Martin, Rockliff, JJK (Kennedy, Staker)

Already used my trades this round, next week looking at O'Meara –> Selwood and maybe Jacobs –> Minson/Goldstein (really depends if Currie plays or not to avoid that ruck donut). Want to get in Hanley for Terlich/Goodes and downgrade the other to a rookie in the upcoming weeks.


PS. Word is Sanderson is playing Danger on the half back line vs Richmond on Saturday! Good or Bad??

Cheers 🙂


If its true then I reckon that’s definitely bad….


Yeah its true mate, but why bad?


I heard about Sanderson talking about this too mate, but actually doing it on the day is a different story…. Maybe he will, like he said he wants to experiment. I say its bad because as you know most points in a SC team are more heavily scored in the midfield or in the forward line… Defence is the lowest scoring average out of the four positions, but then again we are talking about Danger who is a ball magnet…. One would think he will find the ball being the champ that he is, also if Richmond play the way they did against PORT and WCE and get it in their F50 55+ then Danger will have his chance getting possessions, marks, tackles etc. But if the ball is more in Adelaides F50 and Danger playing back then he's output would be minimised…. That's of course if Sando plays him at half back and the time he spends down there, I'm sure the coach won't leave him there for the whole duration of the match. It would be interesting to see Danger play that Birchall, Gibbs, Goddard, Enright attacking half back type of role. But like I said, I think he scores more when he goes in the guts. That's where he produces his best work so far, could all change on Saturday with this so called experiment. It can either be bad or good and personally I reckon him playing half back won't do Adelaide any good, they need him in the midfield and if he's not there Richmonds midfield will thrive. Danger if played half back all day will score below 100 and Richmond will win by 7 goals IMO!


Well said mate, agree!


struggling with decisions!
Should i go blicavs or rowe to nicholls?
Should i go evans to martin or hrovat (i have 18+ on field rounnd 12/13 anyway)
I am looking at getting swan beacause i will have 18 on field at least anyway round 13 but i would have to move vlastuin back and miss out on his score /hartlett/goodes' or upgrade o'meara?


Trading out Terlich, Rampe and Viney.
Bringing in Fyfe and Barlow but then can't decide between Martin and Hovrat for my benchwarmer.
Any thoughts?


Wondering which midfielder to pick out of cotchin, Sam Mitchell or Richard Douglas.
I like to be a bit different and it doesn't matter about the bye rounds.

Mad as a cut snake

Mick I've got a cunning plan that I need a second opinion on…
I hear all the rage about trading in Cotch or Barlow or Selwood and I've thought to myself I need to look at doing something a bit left field… Something a little 'mad' you might say.
I'm considering spending a little extra coin and bringing myself in a dog of a player in R Griffen… Do you think that this is a wise POD?

That will bring my current midfield to look a little like:
Ablett, Pendles, The ugly duckling, JPK, Shuey, Fyfe, Selwood & Griffen
My intentions will be to trade in Watson after he takes a well deserved rest.


My thinking exactly, I traded him in last night. He's not getting much talk this week, but his scores have been huge, and I reckon he could be a great POD. Hefty price though.


Hmmm…. Nice POD mate, I reckon your on to something here! What about L. Hodge as a POD? Thoughts?!

Mad as a cut snake

I reckon Hodgey is no doubt worth considerable thought but I just don't think he's enjoying the same form… Another concern that springs to mind is whether or not he has the capacity to unload massive sc scores or on a consistent basis. With all that in mind he's still going to be a worthy POD to some degree.


me trades this week
L. stevenson out- birchall in
daw out – nicolls in
jenkins out- roughead in

yes used all the trades this week and now have only 8 for rest of season but i think i made good trades that were needed any thoughts on my trades and who should i bring in next week with omeara terlich and goodes on the chopping block especially omaera with a round 13 bye. what trades do you guys think i sould do.


My forward line needs help and i dont have much coin 123K

Forward: Bartel, Franklin, Johnson, Kerridge, Dwyer, Porplyzia with Byrnes and Steinberg as benchwarmers i am going to wait 1-2 weeks for Rockliff/Martin

Any ideas who i could get


Roughead, Nic Nat and Martin. Downgrade a mid to T Mitchell to gain the required cash.


Who's a good rookie ruck option other than Nicholls


There is none. Why do you need someone other than him anyway? Breakeven -159.


I've got Nicholls….