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Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – Bye week 2

Published by Jock on

The Queen joins us for her traditional Queens birthday podcast

One down. Two to go.

Many of us are battle weary. Some of us are flat as we enter the heart of darkness – the middle of the bye period. What a perfect time for our traditional visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Elizabeth and Phillip both join us for the traditional Queens Birthday podcast at a very interesting time for many Supercoach and Dreamteam coaches.

Fremantle, Brisbane, Richmond, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide and Western Bulldogs have had their byes now – so it’s the perfect time to assess which of their players might be fit for our fantasy footy teams.

Now make sure you head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast – this is the best way to get the show delivered each week. Even better – leave us a review over there as well if you can we would love to hear from you.

Over to the community – let us know the trades you’re planning as we head into round 12?

Jock Reynolds


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Who to get nicholls in for? out of currie, rowe and hannath?

also get hrovat for viney or hold?


Currie or Rowe would be what i would say. Hannath is playing, i would rather a warm body than a person thats stone cold!


Keep currie and dis Rowe! Currie is 2 weeks away from his broken thumb and currie will take over majaks spot in the norths side


Why would Currie take that role… doubtfull currie will play until the final 2 rounds.


Reckon Currie would be next in line as 1st ruck behind Goldstein. I'm keeping him as insurance for Goldy.


Sitting 1200th overall Jock! Looking at upgrading Terlich/Daw for Hanley/Nicholls. Will leave me 13 trades for the remainder.


Probably wait another week to get Hanley, BE of 162


Viney > Hrovat or save the trade?


I am doing that trade so I can upgrade Hutchins from GC to Birchal


how many trades do you have left?


Hey Jock, my trades this week are:
Gawn for Nicholls
Neade for Walker

Are these trades ok? After this I'll have 9 trades left…


Duffield, Shaw or Hanley?

Leaning towards Duffied as he’s already had the bye plus a good finals run.




Duffman man!




im thinking shaw after his great game


Hanley has had the bye as well, but Shaw hasn't, so rule out Shaw for this week. I've got Hanley, and I like that I've got Hanley. I don't have Duffield, and don't like that I don't have Duffield. So it's pretty much a coin toss. Check their averages, check the team's draws, who has the most home games etc, let the stats decide.

Hanley doesn't have a theme song like Duffman though, does that tip the balance?


Already made 3 trades for this week, Jock.

Shuey -> K Martin
O’Meara -> Griffin
Laird (coloqhuan to defence) -> S Mitchell

My team will now look like
Goddard, Heppell, Birchall, Gibbs, Goodes, Vlastuin (Coloqhuan, Thurlow)

Ablett, Pendlebury, Griffin, Watson, JP Kennedy, Cotchin, S Mitchell, Parker (K Martin, Crouch)

Naitanui, Maric (Daw, Currie)

Forwards: Bartel, D Martin, Rockliff, Roughead, A Black, B Kennedy (Rowe, Staker)

For the rest of the reason I’m looking at
DEF: Goodes/Vlastuin -> Hanley/H Shaw
MID: Crouch, Parker -> T Mitchell, Swan/Fyfe
ATT: Black, B Kennedy -> A Walker, SJ/Cyril/Tippett

Just wondering how many premium spots the rest of the fantasy football community have to fill?


After my upgrades this week (Birch, Fyfe) all I will have is Crouch in mids, I think Goodes as D6 and JJK as F6 is good value.


I'll be full after the next bye which will be Yeager to griffen


after I trade O'meara I will only have Vlastuin and goodes left to upgrade


Wanna bring in barlow for prittas.. setting up for run home.. what u think


Nup silly side trade hold priddis

Look to generate some cash mate, trade down a midfield rookie for hrovat/Mitchell (Mitchell for mine) and once they've matured in price, WOOSHKA, trade in fyfe or Barlow or whoever you like mate you'd have the money for it!!

Still plenty of time until finals to make your team significantly better


i scored 1900 with 15 players -_- good thing i made 3 trades 😛


Jock help me out here. I have two mates one had 20 players on the field the other 18 – the guy with 20 on the field won because of the two extra players. How an that happe? It’s ONLY the highest 18 players that count right? Think there may be an issue with these buys and final scores!!


Jock I take that back my calculations MAY have been wrong!! Keep up the good work!!


i scored 2013 this week. maybe its a sign that this is my year


Just curious… I made one trade last week with the two remaining holding and I've just used my three for this round but don't have the two from last week?

The Old Dylan

That’s correct, they don’t carry over. During the byes you can make up to three trades per round. So if you went in to this round with 15, you could have made three and had 12 remaining, or just the one and have 14 remaining


They don't carry over from bye rounds? So why did we all hold last week? Or are they available after the byes?


you get a max of 3 trades per week during the bye rounds, and if you dont use them then they stay as a part of your total trades. dont worry they haven't disapeared


and we were holding so we dont use them all up, only having 30 for the season.


Bugger, was looking at 5 this week but probably for the best..

The Old Dylan

Plus, no point bringing in someone who has the bye this week, unless you are going for cash generation and need to dump someone who is losing value.

How would you need o do 5 tardes thsi week? do you ahve a lot out with the bye? As long as you can get 18 on the park you'll be right. even 17, remember that many others are in the same boat. take a look at your opponent this week to see how many outs he or she has 😉

The Old Dylan

wow, dyselxic fingers… "why do you need to do 5 trades this week?"


Only 3 trades maximum during bye rounds…2 every other week, with a 30 trade limit for the season.

The maximum trades are fixed regardless of trades used/not used in prior weeks. Sorry mate!!


Team at the moment looks like
DEF : Goddard , Hanley , Hartlett , Birchall , Vlastuin , Terlich , Thurlow , Docherty as EMG,
MID : Ablett , Pendlebury , Swan , Swallow , Deledio , J Selwood , Fyfe ,Priddis , T Mitchell , Hrvoat as EMGs
RKS : Nic Nat , Maric , Nicholls , Currie as EMGs
FWD : Cox , Rockliff , Franklin , Zorko , Lecras , Macaffer , B Kennedy , Staker as EMGS ,
I don't really want to upgrade Macaffer , Vlastuin , Terlich , all 3 are scoring well and i'll back my judgement and keep them unless they either , :Lose form or not play . Lecras I'll get rid of , just not sure when . maybe wait until a premium forward drops price so I don't have to make any downgrades .


Loved waynos intro and will be getting hrovat in


Need help guys! So stuck on what to do…

DEF: Goddard, Heppel, Hibberd, Birchall, Goodes, Vlastuin, Terlich, Stevenson
MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendaz, Watson, Danger, Sidebottom, Kennedy, Priddis, Dwyer, Crouch
RUC: Cox, Nicholls, Rowe, Witts
FWD: Martin, Kennedy, Rockliff, Macaffer, Franklin, Nic Nat, Kerridge, Staker

Thinkin of getting in Hrovat for either Dwyer/Kerridge.. This would leave me with about 350k in the bank..

Maybe trade out Rowe n put nic nat in the ruc n get a FWD, or get another RUC… What do i do!?


Maybe Dwyer to Hrovat and Kerridge to Stokes.. i know stokes isn't playing this week but i will easily have 18 players this week and i am going to be very low on numbers in round 13!


Dwyer to Hrovat is a good option this week , then you could put Mitchell and trade out Crouch .
I'd say Walker is a good trade in option for Kerridge , but have you thought about getting rid of Lewis Stevenson and putting in Hanley ? that would be another big name in for your backline ?
Sam is 214,400 + the 350k gives you 564,400 , Kreuzer is around 432,200 scored 89 averaging around 85 , Option there .


The Mitchell Crouch trade was for next week when Sydney come back after their bye .


yeah but most of them are out R13… i think i might bring in jordan lewis from the hawks


Mate I’d do 3 trades this week. Kerrige has to go has a super high BE and will lose you plenty. Chop him for Hrovat, chop Stevenson and upgrade Terlich to Hanley (forget he’s BE his a lock!)

Then next week you go Dwyer to Stevie J/Bartel once they’ve had there bye. Swing Nic Nat into ruck for Rowe and you have a team full of guns!


cheers mate!


For starters your gonna struggle big time in Rnd 13 with only 2 playing mids.

DEF: Goodes should be upgraded to Gibbs after the Rnd 13 bye. Downgrade Stevenson to someone like Colqhuon and use that cash to upgrade Terlich to Hanley. Keep Vlastuin as he is a very handy 7th defender.

MID: Downgrade Dwyer to Hrovat this week, and Crouch to Tom Mitchell next week.

RUCK: If you have the cash bring Goldy or Minson in for Rowe.

FWD: In a couple of weeks downgrade Kerridge to Daniher and use the cash to upgrade Macaffer to one of Riewoldt, Bartel or Stevie J.

john d

need help! who to get, Cotchin or Delidio?


A lot will go Cotchin, but I feel Deledio is the better pick ,
When his on his going to pull ripper scores out .




Deledio for sure. Just having a better year. Strong and consistent play.


Listen to podcast, cotchin


Awesome stuff guys! Made my night to hear my name read out in the podcast!


What price would you get rid of J. Thurlow? Anything > $250k thoughts …


I think I’m gonna go Thurlow to Birchall this week.


Tough to say with rookies where and when you should slaughter them…watch his BE and chop once you expect him to begin to dip in price, but yeah I'd expect that to be around 250-300k


Hey all , who should I trade in for Sam kerrige he has a high BE,I wanted walker but have so many non scorers that round so I have to get someone in who will score ? I already have buddy ,Kennedy, Martin ,rockliff ,Johnson staker , macaffer , kerrige and b Kennedy ? Also looking at trading in Mitchell , should I trade omera down to generate loads of cash to help with my backline or get rid of viney after I've held him this long ? Any option is appreciated


Maybe J-Lewis or Roughead? Hawks have had their bye already, might be good picks in you situation.

Maybe even Zorko..? Has had his bye out the way too, bit of talk about him in the podcast…I'd say a big low scoring risk though.

If it was me, I'd go with Roughhead, but I'm sure people would equally get behind J-Lewis…good luck mate hope I've helped!


Thanks for ur help champ 🙂 what do do u think of nic nat ? He's a bit expensive though , should I wait for him to come down a little , I knew I should of got him earlier but had other issues with my side 🙁


Have two options this week:

1. Trade out Kommer, Blicavs and Macaffer; trade in Minson, Nicholls,Mitchell. Then next week make Terlich into Hanley

2. Trade out Blicavs and Terlich; Trade in Nicholls and Birchall. Then next week, bring in Mitchell and either Minson, Riewoldt or Stevie J…

If I do option 1, I have coverage for Mitchell, and it stops a potential Kommer price drop, also it allows for Hanley’s price drop this week. So pretty much, I need to decide if I’d rather have Birchall or Hanley.

Team will be pretty much set after these moves, and SC gold is projecting a score of over 2500 for me from round 14… Placed at around 2000th, I’m set up for a late charge.


hi how the hell do u get supercoach gold to give u your prejected score for round 14 now.


You go to the 'analyser' tab, and scroll down – it's on the right


Barlow vs Fyfe?


barlow out of the two

barlow vs J selwood?


J Selwood for mine…his potential is massive for under 500k, and even in a quiet year so far, easily acceptable scores for his price anyway!


Hrovat or Kyle Martin?

Who do you think has the better JS and potential scoring average?

I probably won't be trading in any more midfield rookies – already have Mitchell. Martin is a mature recruit so may go the distance, but everyone is talking Hrovat…


Yeah probably… But I’m not to keen on K Mart’s job security, a lot of players still to come back for Collingwood. It’s a hard one but I’m actually leaning towards HORVAT!


I'm thinking Hrovat he has had the bye and I think that his JS is better at the moment than Martin, also with Martin yet to have his bye Hrovat will have a 2nd price increase while Martin is having the bye.

Martin may get pigeon holed as a marking forward which often means inconsistent scores.


Hrovat or Martin?

Leaning towards Hrovat because he’s had the bye but who do you think will make the most cash?


Hanley vs Shaw?
Nic Nat vs Bartel?


J selwood V Barlow who will score more

D - banger

Selwood posting a few too many lower scores this year for my liking. I'm tosing up between barlow and griffin this round. But if low on $, selwood is a decent grab.


Definitely Nic Nat & Hanley V Shaw is a tough one. Don’t think you can go wrong with either but keep in mind the pies have a better run.


Hi Jock,
Ive done my trades for this rd

My team for rd12 is currently

Back: Birchall, Shaw, Gibbs, Goodes, Staker, Colquhoun (Taylor and Thurlow)
Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Watson, Swan, Thompson, Mundy, Cotchin, Crouh (K.Mitchell and T.Mitchell)
Ruck: Nicholls, Osborn (Cox and Currie)
For: Franklin, Dwyer, Kerridge, Porplyzia, Byrnes, Steinberg (Bartel and Stevie J)

I am getting J.Selwood for Crouch next rd but need a lot of help with my forward have 12 trades and 123k in bank.



Current team.
Backs: Gibbs, Heppell, Hartlett, Enright, Goodes, Terlich, ( Sierakoswki, Thurlow)
Mids: Ablett, Kennedy, Swan, Dangerfield, Shuey, Priddis, Fyfe, O'meara, (Blicavs, Mitchell)
Rucks: Nic Nat, Bellchambers( Nicholls, Hannath)
Forwards: Cox, Martin, Kennedy, Rockliff, Franklin, Macaffer ( Rowe, Staker)
Remaining salary: $507,300 with 11 trades left

Anyone have any ideas of the trades i should trade in other the next 2 rounds? I could get rid of Bellchambers for either Minson or Goldtein next week or Walker/ Johnson by bringing cox into the ruck. I'm also probaly looking at making one last backline upgrade which would probably be Hanley next week and then trade out O'meara as well.


this week swing cox into ruck and bring in walker(even though he has the bye)
next week trade in j.selwood for omeara and terlich to hanly


Sir Jock! I require your urgent assistance if you could be so kind! Got 298K in the bank and need to upgrade terlich and evans this week. Options for evans is Barlow, Deledio or Cotcho and for Terlich Birchill of the Duffman? Also need to get Nicholls in this week for Ruck but have Sauce the dead weight, Currie and Max Gawn who is a spudding it up large, with Cox and Rowe swapping between the Ruck / FWD position. Who would you suggest would be the best option? Will upgrade Jeager bomb the maddog next week for Selwood to complete the Mid Premiums. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated from the community! Cheers!


gawn/rowe to nicholls
evans – barlow as pod or cotchin who is really good
terlich – duffield (birchall to inconsistent – gets tagged)


still not sold on this 'freo only' policy that seems to be sweeping fantasy footy…there are much better players than barlow on offer, ie. Joel Selwood who has hit bargain basement price for a potential ultra-premium @ $492000!

duffield is a valid pick though. Pretty consistent, but I'd even suggest to have a look at Hanley, better still if you can wait until round 14 after his price has dipped.

I can see the logic in Freo's final run, but I've never been much to overread a players run against inferior opposition. A great player in these situations may be rested or played out of position to conserve energy, especially for AFL finals! Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that bad opposition doesn't guarantee great scores…


JPK could only must 80-odd against a hapless Adelaide. Franklin averaged 95 in his last three games against GWS, GC, and Melbourne. Joel Selwood averaged 100 over his last three games against Port, GC and GWS. Jobe Watson score a meagre 66 against GWS, but then 166 against Melbourne (and the same against Richmond). Marc Murphy scored 73 against GWS but 131 against Melbourne. Patty D scored 84 against Port, but 147 against GWS.

I'd say you definitely can't rely on massive SC scores from playing against weaker opposition. It looks as if the weaker oppositions actually cause greater scoring fluctuation and it's just as likely to go way down as way up.


Cheers for your help guys.


paul duffield or Jordan lewis


Duffman has a good run home plus scores big at patty.. I'm trading terrify for Duffy


Crouch > K martin
Gawn > Nicholls no brainer

Still deciding wether to do Hannath to Minson
or Terlich to either Birchell or Shaw

Or just hold off and save a trade???


hannath to minson


Do you have any other options than Crouch in your mids? If you've held onto him this long, you might be better off keeping him a bit longer as he's still going to go up in value with a BE of -1.

Wait until at least next week to trade him in for Barry Mitchellson, unless you've already traded him in.


Hi FP….. Nice work mate. I have Crouch as well but do you reckon he will get a game this week against the Tigers? Played below average last week against the Swans with a score of 46…. That being said what do you think his JS will be for the rest of the season? Just a bit worried mate….. I was actually looking to upgrade him next week to a Selwood, hmmmm…. What do you reckon? Thanks mate! Appreciate it…


I think his JS is pretty good. He was out for a while because of injury, and the Crows were doing OK so he had to wait a couple of extra weeks to get a spot in the team. I've heard that coach Sando wants to get game time into him as he's a young gun.

Regarding his performance last week, that applied to ALL of the Crows, so I doubt he'd get picked as one particular under-performing player, especially since it was his first game back in the big league in his first year. He'll be right for a few weeks yet, but the Crows have a bye in Round 13, so the upgrade to Selwood then would make sense.

I'd guarantee he'll play this week though.


Great stuff mate…. Thanks for that champ!


Crouch out…. I'm spewin!


my only options really r crouch and O'meara but i could also downgrade Zorko


crouch out makes my decision alot easier


Hey Jock,

Who are the top five forwards that we should trade in?



Hrovat or Martin?


I've been trying to figure this one out too.

Hrovat has finished his bye, and probably has better job security than Martin – especially with Goldsack, Dwyer and Ben Johnson not far away, plus Dane Beams back in 4-5 weeks.

If Martin can stay in the team I reckon his average could be higher than Hrovat – he certainly knows how to find the goals. Martin is also a mature-age recruit so could be less susceptible to end-of-season fade out unlike a 19-year old Hrovat.

Difficult one for me, as I don't think I'll be trading any more midfield rookies in, so trying to keep ones that have JS, not necessarily price increase potential.


Hmmmm…. I think it's fair to say that Hrovat's JS is better than K Mart's…. Chose Hrovat but its definitely a hard one! JS is more important now than making money…


Martin i rekon his JS is pretty safe considering his performance

Vic City

Thinking of going Evans -> Hrovat and Currie -> Nicholls this week then Terlich -> Duffield, O'Meara -> Selwood and Crouch -> Mitchell next week.

That should finish off my def, mid and ruck and just need to worry about upgrading up front in the coming weeks (maybe a Franklin if he goes down a bit more). Thoughts?




My team at the moment:

Def: Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Birchall, Gibbs,Goodes (Pittard, Thurlow)
Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury,Swan, M.Murphy, Deledio, Fyfe, Priddis, O'Meara (Crouch, K.Martin)
Ruck: Minson, Kreuzer (Blicavs, Nicholls)
Fwd: Cox, Rockliff, Buddy, JJK, Gray, Macaffer (Staker, Lee)

I have 16 trades and 70k in the kitty at the moment and thinking of making these trades next few weeks:

Round 13 trades:
Macaffer>Stevie J

Possible trades after byes:
Staker>Nic Nat

What are your thoughts on these? I still have plenty of trades and currently ranked 10k.

Cheers 🙂


Here's a nice little thing I've discovered.

If people want to cash in on Rowe but are worried about losing the dual position value, if you have Staker in defence, bring in Oxley at 96k for Oxley.

Oxley, like Staker, has fwd/def status. My view is Bucks is favouring kids over older players this year like Johnson. Has played really well in VFL, has the kicking skills Bucks is after and so maybe also shades out Clarke. But even if he doesn't play much more, you get 118k in the trade and can use Staker up fwd Oxley doesn't play


Great Podcast again Jock

The first bye round was an absolute stinker for me. Started with only 15 on the paddock, even after one trade (I couldn't help it), and then J. Kennedy was a late out. I didn't even scrape up 1500, it's embarrassing to admit. Jobe down, Dixon back but barely noticeable, Sydney's J. Kennedy down despite (or perhaps because of) Sydney's domination of Adelaide, and then both Jacobs and Cloke on not-quite-satisfactory scores of 76 apiece. A round to forget. Onwards and upwards though, I shan't be turning my back on SuperCoach in the presence of Royalty…oh, and Queeno and Big Phil.

The next two rounds I'll be able to field a full 22 using just a couple of cash generating trades (barring injuries of course). The standard ones, Hrovat (for Viney) and Nicholls (for Rowe) this week and Barry Mitchellson (for the Jaegar bomb) next week.

I'm still keeping the faith with Sammy Jacobs, and have got the dagger sitting over Dixon should he require more time to recover his darn ankle, which it looked as if he tweaked yet again.


Here's hoping he charges out of the blocks and releases the beast next year. With the way this year is turning out for him he could be a mid priced but premium performance player to keep season-long come 2014.

It makes me feel better to predict a good future far enough away that I can't be proved wrong.




Griffin or Barlow for the run home? What does the crowd reckon??
Griff has had an easy run up to here, might turn south….

Birch's Buddy



probably Barlow – he's a machine and usually doesn't get tagged – the taggers usually take Mundy & Fyfe before Barlow, so will keep scoring…


Paddy Ryder or Kreuzer?!


Help me Jock and community.
I'm bringing in a Premium forward this week and I really want them to of had there bye so I'm tossing up between Roughhead, Jordan Lewis or Dusty Martin any other suggestions?


thoughts on brandon ellis as a POD?


Get on board


This week I traded in barlow/griffen/franklin for o’meara/kommer/kennedy

Whats people’s thoughts on kennedy for franklin so I had enough to bring in the other two


Great Podcast guys…….made 1 trade last week – couldn't help trading Daw out to Nicolls & it paid off – 2152 for the week, over the moon with that score ……Trading my ass of this week…..3 trades

O'Meara -> Fyfe
Terlich -> Lewis (Staker DPP)
K. Mitchell -> Hrovat

Next week, just 1 trade:
Crouch – T. Mitchell

This will leave me with a 9 trades after R13 and the following team:
Goddard, Heppell, Birchall, Gibbs, Goodes, Vlastuin (Staker, Webster)
Ablett, Pendles, Dangerfield, J Selwood, Watson, Fyfe, Priddis, Shuey (Hrovat, Mitchell)
Cox, Nicolls (Blicavs, Rowe)
Bartel, Walker, Rockliff, Stevie J, J Lewis, JJK (Macaffer, Kennedy)

Almost a "full" team – will look to upgrade Blicavs to someone like a Minson/Maric around R15 & Goodes/Vlastuin to Duffield/Hanley once they bottom out – but still not convinced on the Defense Premiums!!


O'Meara > Fyfe Or Dane Swan??
worth using a trade in an emergency brad crouch to kyle martin or nathan hrovat??
Downgrade Terlich to BACK/FWD Option,
Already Have Staker move BACK or keep forward,


Hello community is it true that JJK has a niggling ankle injury again? If so is Zorko a valid trade in option for a good POD????


They rested a few players so it was just to avoid risk and he now has the bye so i wouldn't worry, personally i wouldn't risk Zorko but he could end up being a good POD.


If it's true they'd have to rest him for probably 6 weeks. His tap dance preparation for goal kicking would tear up even a healthy ankle.

I'm not sure if Zorko is much of a PoD. He's owned by 16% of teams. I'm not sure where the line is drawn where one becomes a PoD though. I wouldn't recommend him as he has been quite up and down.


G'day Jock,

Thinking of going;
(1) Leuenberger – Nicholls
(2) Wines – Barlow
(3) Terlich – Martin/Hrovat (DPP) or Terlich – Ellis

Your thought mate?


Out of these players, who would be best 6 to have in back line?

Goddard, Heppell, Birchall, Waters, Gibbs, Shaw, Hanley, Hartlett, Duffield

Thanks, finding it tough to only pick six.


Hi Scott,

Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Shaw, Hanley, Duffield…..


Waters…..injury prone this year…
Hartlett & Birchall…..Not too consistent IMO, but again I may be wrong here….may average more from this point…..


Goddard shaw gibbs heppell Hanley Birchall


Shaw, Duffield, Gibbs, Birchall, Heppell, Hanley…


Exclude Waters and Hartlett (I'm sensitive 'cos he's lost me a lot of dough so far) and the rest are a toss of the coin I reckon.


Hey jock and community just wondering how do I use the emergency loophole eg I have naitanui and Minson in the ruck and I have Nichols and currie on the bench and if I can use the loophole on players with the bye


Disclaimer: I don't think this will work during the bye rounds. They take the best 18 scores for players on the park, so I don't think emergencies come into it.

Similar to the Captains loophole, it only works for bench players that have played before those on the paddock, and you need a non-playing ruckman to sub in, in order for the emergency players score to be picked up.

Using your example, assuming Naitanui and Minson are named, with Nicholls on the bench as emergency and Currie not playing. Naitanui plays Friday night, Nicholls on Saturday and Minson and North Melbourne (Currie) on Sunday. Naitanui has played, so he can't be switched. Nicholls plays out of his skin and scores 187 points, and there's little chance Minson will match it. Before Sunday, sub Minson out for Currie, and pray he's not a late in. Currie's score of zero will cause the emergency's score to be included, and, BANG! there's your 187 points.

It's easy to get this wrong. You've got to have the right combination of players playing in the right order throughout the weekend.

As far as I know the theory works for any position, not just Rucks, but it's more likely that we've got non-playing rucks on the bench.


So can I do this process on a player that has the BYE this week? Thinking of whacking the big C on Priddis and putting the V on Walker for Friday nights game….. Thoughts?


Not sure whether it'll work for the byes. The rules are slightly different


Hello Community,

My Trades for this week…..what do you guys think???….

OUT Kerridge ($319,300) IN Hrovat ($114,500)
OUT Dixon ($461,300) IN Duffield ($515,800)
OUT Hannath ($209,400) IN Barlow ($558,000)

Will be left with 20 premos in my team and nicely covered for the R13 as well……

Next week i am thinking of,

Terlich to Hanley / Gibbs……

And then in R14 jump on J Watson…… trading out B Crouch…..

Will have 22 premos and my bench players will be as below….

BENCH Players…..

N Vlastuin
B Staker

T Mitchell
N Hrovat

M Blicavs
T Nicholls

B MaCaffer
A Oxley

Will be left with only 5 trades…..i know this is ridiculous……..but just hope no one in my team gets injured…..and giving a shot at $50k….currently ranked 774 overall…..

Any suggestions / comments would be highly appreciated….

Thanks Guys,


Looks good Raj, your all set mate by the looks of your team…. Good luck for the rest of the season!


I'm not quite that low on trades, but not far behind, but I'll be dead in the water as well with any long term premo injuries. Looks like you've got the top rookies that are, or will soon be, on the bubble.

I've been burnt once by not having enough trades come the fantasy finals season "rests", so make sure you save every one of those 5 trades for finals, even if it means a league loss or two…


Hey guys,
Been having sleepless nights about my midfield premiums this week.

Got O'meara and Goodes to upgrade
with goodes to cotchin next week to account for the price drop/rises.
this week i want omeara out but cant decide who to get barlow or selwood.

My mind says barlow but i sc heart is saying selwood will come good.
comparing the run homes freo's is quite easy but geelong have PA,WCE,SYD,BL. can i count on selwood to avg 120 from here on in?


I hope so jay as I am also looking to bring in selwood. Another tempting option is Dan hannebery as they are a round abouts the same price.
Just wondering if Hartlett would be a good in this week? Very low price for a player of his quality and low breakeven. Considering trading Terlich out for him. Thoughts…


That's interesting…. I've had Hartlett all season, disappointing over all I reckon but he is gradually getting better after he's form slump. I was actually gonna wait and see how he goes against GWS, if he scores below 80 I'm actually looking at trading him out for Gibbs/Hanley….. But your right he is a quality player and I hope those crazy low scores are a thing of the past! Be interesting to see how he finishes the year…. But at the moment I would think there are a few defenders in front of him right now.


I've got Hartlett, and I'd recommend strongly against having Hartlett. As Dee said, there are plenty of better and more consistent options out there. Hartlett just causes me stress, but I ain't got the trades up my sleeve to do anything about it.


Well said mate…. Looks like we're in the same boat, gonna have to stick fat with him too!


Hey jock, I have kerridge in my fwd line, should I trade him this week for eithe Daniher, Hitchcock or sumner. Or wait a week and lose money and upgrade next week?


Can you swing a ruck or a mid into the forwards and get Nicholls or Hrovat instead?