Fantasy Footy byes week 1 – how you coping folks?

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Your Supercoach MobThis great games capacity to reveal intense beauty in the face of complete carnage continues to amaze me.

This week’s podcast has been released – click here

The byes are a terrible time for many. Resolve is tested. Confidence is battered. Hardship abounds. Many of us are struggling for inspiration as we enter the heart of fantasy footy bye round darkness. But two magnificent bright lights of hope and prosperity have emerged. They remind us that greatness can emerge at the most unlikely time. When all seems lost. They both answer to Tom. And I consider them both friends.

Tom Mitchell, Sydney, Midfielder
31 possessions. 14 contested. 10 tackles. 126 Supercoach points. 144 Dreamteam points.
Tom Nicholls, Gold Coast Suns, Ruckman
16 disposals. 10 tackles. 33 hitouts. 139 Supercoach points. 113 Dreamteam points. 

Lets stay strong folks… lets stay disciplined. Lets remember that everyone is having just as much trouble with these bloody byes. I want to know how you’re travelling this week? Anyone looking at scoring up around 1800?

Also.. the podcast will be on Monday night this week – needless to say she will be an absolute cracker.


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  1. ray says:

    looking at 1784

  2. Jett says:

    looking at 1800+

  3. Nathan says:

    1456/12/Ablett, have 19 playing and one is JJK so hoping his not playing due to the fact everyone will be relying on him to make up their 18. Jumped on Mitchell for Saunders, Nicholls for Daw and Martin for Brown via Vlastuin. Going to have a full premium team by Round 14 with 6 trades left and back-up on each line.

  4. Zimmer says:

    Heading for a league win, around 1800-1900. Sub loop worked well, as has the Captain loophole.

    Can someone just confirm for sure if you have make a bye player Captain, it the loophole still works? It's making me nervous.

    • Logan says:

      Good score buddy. Pretty sure it works… might want some1 else to confirm b4 executing. And make sure the loophole bye player is selected b4 the Pies/Demons 1st bounce.

      • Zimmer says:

        I have Gawn on the field, and saw that he played yesterday, so I might play it safe and put it on him. Thanks.

        • Mark says:

          Can't put the C on Gawn if he's played. You can put it on a player with the bye this round, and you'll get your VC score doubled.

          • SCaddict says:

            I think Zimmer meant he played in the VFL yesterday so no chance of playing again on Monday in the seniors.

            But yes you're right the byes take the sweat out of captain loopholes. One of the few upsides to the bye rounds.

    • NICK says:

      hay zimmer it dose not work like that I looked over the rules for the bye round and it states if u do that the vc points dose not count it sucks but that's what it says

    • Bill says:

      Yes, the captain loophole does work

      • Zimmer says:

        For those still wondering, here is the relevant section from the rules and conditions:

        Club Byes and 'Best 18' scoring in 2013

        There will be three rounds (11, 12 & 13) in 2013 where six teams will have a bye in each round.
        To better-reflect the actual competition, you'll score from your best 18 players only (therefore your Best 18 scores) in any position, from your selected, on-field Starting 22. You'll still need to ensure that your best available players are in your starting 22 line-up.
        During these three rounds, you'll simply need to manage your team as you normally would – select, trade and set your Starting 22 with as many 'non-bye' players as possible in your starting 22 line-up.

        Remember, it's the Best 18 from your Starting 22, and does not include your bench as per any other week.

        If you have further available players in any position during these multi-bye rounds, you may set Emergencies for those positions as usual. Emergencies will continue to replace non-starting players in your Starting 22 with the usual rules, in the same position (including any 'bye' player that you may have left in your Starting 22) and their score will only count if it is in your Best 18.

        Set a Captain (and Vice Captain) as you normally would for double points. If your Captain's doubled score is NOT in your Best 18 scores, then their points will not count – you simply get your Best 18 scores only. Similarly, if your Captain's doubled-score is NOT in your Best 18 scores, you do NOT automatically receive double points from your Vice Captain – your Vice Captain only receives double points as per any other round, if your Captain does not play for any reason.

        To allow for maximum squad management flexibility during the rolling lockout, you'll be able to substitute and trade players who have a bye right through the round – up until the start of the last match (when SuperCoach goes into full lockout).

        You'll not receive any points from players whose team/s have a bye, and don't play in any of the multi-bye rounds.

        • Zimmer says:

          So, even though it's worded in a confusing manner, it's cool either way.

  5. Logan says:

    Team Fly High Bombers scored 1409 with 12 played (stars were Walker, Murphy, Gibbs, T Mitchell & Captain GAZ – no loophole reqd.). Hoping to score around 1800. Strategically brought in T Mitchell to save the inevitable mids mayhem in R13 bye – expecting to take a huge hit with only 2 non-R13 mids. Showed restraint in not procuring the services of Dane Swan to prevent further pain in R13.

    Bringing in T Nicholls next round to assist my R12 rucks. Will make me heaps of money but unsure whether he is a flash in the pan (aka M Daw) or a consistent 80+ scorer ….. Surely can't be considered by the community for the Ruck1/2 position this late in the season. Thoughts appreciated??

    • Dee says:

      Showed restraint on Swan too… But I think Selwood is the better option now for the M8 position! In the rucks I'm bringing in Tom Nic next week to replace Hannath! So that will leave me with Minson R1 Nic Nat R2 Nicholls R3 Daw R4 and I still got Cox in the forward line, I think my Rucks are set for the rest of the year so is my backline… After the byes just gotta get either Selwood/Watson/Danger, gotta work on my forward line still…. Just don't know who is a good forward premium option! I was thinking Walker or Stevie J…. Hmmmmm

      • Logan says:

        Gr8 work Dee. Your rucks are locked & ready. No changes reqd. for the rest of the season. I might be starting rumors but I've a slight suspicion that Tom Nic must be the gr8 Nic Nat's son or nephew ;-). N b4 any1 says I'm racist, u should note that I'm SriLankan.

        Die hard bombers fan ….. Watson has been v. erratic recently. Dunna wotz goin on wit him …. hopefully he turns in some consistent performances for my SC and teams sake. You're prob right about Selwood but would like to see another performance like that with a Top 8 side b4 trading.

        In the fwds, Walker has been tearing it up. Personally, I've got Walker over Johnson b/c of his age & decreased likelihood of being "managed" throughout the season. Your call … toss of a coin. Good luck mate.

        • Sleepy says:

          This comment sought of infers that you have to be Australian to be racist???

          • Pauline Hanson says:

            Sleepy, your comment infers that there are only Sri Lankans & Australians on this planet. I think you meant ‘non-Sri Lankan’

  6. Peter says:

    looking at 2000-2200 at the moment

  7. NICK says:

    got 1086 with 8 big scorers left looking at between 2000 to 2100 that's if my cap who is dane swann has a huge game and cloke as well and just hope josh kenndey kills saint Kilda and dean cox also got heath shaw I am sure he will score between 120 to 140 and got priddis and dean turlic so maybe looking at 2100 if I get that I am happy with 18 players

  8. Mark says:

    Currently 10/1140, GAJ captain. 10 left to play, so with a couple low scores (Kerridge 30) getting replaced, should be well over 2000 hopefully.

  9. oliver says:

    This week is looking good for me ,1158 scored from 10 players. I'm looking at a predicted score of 1926 but could possibly get it up around 2000 if Swan and a few others score above their predicted. I still have Swan, Nic Nat, Priddis, Shuey, Cox, Josh j Kennedy, Macaffer and Terlich to play.

  10. Fabian says:

    Coping the losses on the chin. Having a woeful week with only 2 100+ scores so far; Gaz and Gibbs.

    Traded in Hawkins for the gold coast game thinking he will score well against the expansion teams and become a f6.. or at least a good stepping stone to a stevie j type… that isn't looking like a good move

  11. That Nicholls plays like a champ, Blicavs out next week. Was out pointing Goldstein. Mitchell to come in post bye.

  12. footyinme says:

    1102 from 10 Gaz Captain 46 from crouch will be replaced with only a 50 from Dixon.

  13. Michael says:

    Currently 1041/9, VC on GAJ C on Pendles so will move C onto bye player on field, looking at around 2050-2100 depending on whether Kennedy plays today.

  14. footyinme says:

    Looking at 1800-1850 this round and I have balanced my team to score 1800 + for the next 2 byes. Not compromising my team in the process. Only made 1 trade in this round in Tom Nicholls as my ruck 3 but was useful for covering Will Minson's bye.

  15. Jock I was hoping for 2000 this week and tacking that way too .. I hear JJK might be a late out which will hurt

    Hoping its just a rumour

  16. @emhoy says:

    1587/14, I am looking at getting around 2000, I have 20 players and Gazz C witth Tom Nicholls on the field. Can't wait to bring Tom Michell in for Cachia round 13.

  17. Taylor says:

    I reckon i'll be around 1900-2000, but i've got a question about emergencies and would really appreciate if someone could clear up my confusion as it will affect my score a lot:

    I brought in Tom Nicholls yesterday for Hannath (you ripper!) but had him on the bench, but i put the emergency on him. I currently have 16 scoring players on the field (got fyfe on field as captain loophole for gaz, with pendles on the bench to cover) and took ben kennedy and terlich off, so nicholls could come into my best 18 (pendles and nicholls making up the last 2 spots).

    But I thought about it a bit more and was just wondering if i could have both terlich and kennedy on the field (hoping that they will score more then hawkins' and crouch's scores of 48 and 46) and still get Nicholl's score of 139, even though he is an emergency and i will already have 18 scoring players on the field.
    Sorry if this is a bit confusing (and long) but it's hard to explain.

    I would be really grateful if someone could help me out!! Thanks 🙂

    • jockreynolds says:

      That's a fantastic question Taylor – I'd assume that as long you have the E on him, and your onfield scoring players = 17… and he's you're only listed emergency it would take his score? If you have multiple E's listed.. it might take the lowest scoring E??
      Anyone clear this up? Great question

      • Taylor says:

        Thanks for the reply Jock!

        I've got 16 on the field (pendles on the bench as captain's loophole, as well as nicholls) and having jj kennedy out means that i can have ben kennedy in the starting 18/22.
        I dunno whether to risk having terlich on the field/ or as an emergency so i can let everyone know what happens (as i've got one close game this weekend, but the other 2 i'll win by a fair bit). I think i'll try having terlich on the field, which will make it 17 scoring players, and then pendles and nicholls take up the last spot in the 18, as well as the other replacing brad crouch's score, as he is the lowest in my team at the moment. Hopefully that works, will let you and everyone else know how that goes 🙂

        • Zimmer says:

          Taylor and Jock, I posted the section from the rules and regulations above as a similar situation was stressing me out as well.

          I think if you have 17 on the field and a non-scorer and the line that Nicholls is on you will get his score. Don't quote me on it, as its pretty confusing but i think it works that way. Check out the section above in the I started. Hope it helps.

          • Zimmer says:

            Here's the relevant paragraph:

            "If you have further available players in any position during these multi-bye rounds, you may set Emergencies for those positions as usual. Emergencies will continue to replace non-starting players in your Starting 22 with the usual rules, in the same position (including any 'bye' player that you may have left in your Starting 22) and their score will only count if it is in your Best 18."

            Think you'll be right.

            • jockreynolds says:

              Thanks Zimmer – appreciate it mate

              • Taylor says:

                Thanks Zimmer, yeah went with 17 on the field, so i'll get nicholls' score as the 18th player.

                I did read over the rules quite a few times, but still couldn't get my answer, so thanks for clearing that up, sure we weren't the only ones confused by it!

                • Hugh says:

                  I'm in the same boat. 17 on the field including hannath with nicholls's 139 on the pine with an e next to it. As of yet it hasn't been added to my overall score. Anyone else with this issue???

  18. Will says:

    I'm pushing for 2000 jock with some ripper scores from Mitchell, Nichols, gazza and walker
    Got swan captain tomorrow and hoping for some bulk scores from Pendles , Ben Kennedy and Kyle Martin

  19. Jett says:

    any news on Josh J Kennedy

  20. Shaneoo88 says:

    1479 with McEvoy, Nic Nat, Terlich (possibly Gawn), Kennedy (WC), Shaw and Pendles to play. Daniher and Crouch are my lowest scoring players but I have 21 possible available players for this round.

    I am going to have to get Nicholls in next week, plus Fyfe is ready to be brought in. Might wait on Hanly and then Cotchin because there price will go down again.

  21. ZoomiJ says:

    I'm projected to get 2037 with incredible games from all my players instead of watson and jack hutchins. i thought he wouldnt count as i have 20 playing but dwyer not playing and now jjk out his 5 will count. Still hoping for at least 1950

  22. NICK says:

    still will have 18 players with kenndy pulling out I had 19 players on the field so should still looking good for a good score

  23. Joel says:

    Looking at 1700 with JJK out

  24. Kim says:

    Bloody Nightmarish…
    Im about to lose the unlosable…

    It was 18 vs 14…
    Then I lost Blicavs and Taylor to managment…
    Huthcings outted…
    now Kennedy outted…

    I didn't have walker and gibbs. They do.

    What a balls-up.

  25. Mick Klavins says:

    Looking at 2100! 1726(prescaling) with 3 scores to come out of pendles swan Terlich macaffer B.Kennedy!

  26. NICK says:

    got 1292 so far after 13 with 5 big scorers left in my cap swann he will have a field day with Melbourne tomorrow and cloke if he is on fire he could kick 10 with melb bad back line also shaw and he could score 120 maybe 130 if he is on fire and macaffe he could score in the 100 plus and turlic so looking at maybe 2086 or 2100 maybe if I score just under 2100 I will be happy

  27. davo says:

    1630 atm, gazza cpt 306 :), got Tom Mitchell this week, got Pendlebury, Cloke and terlich left to play.

  28. Dylan says:

    Is Sidebottom a valid trade in option? Im looking specifically at players with Rd 13 bye and if you take out two horrid scores of 40 he's averaging 120. Great POD. Dwyer – Sidebottom very tempting. An extra player on the field this week should get me the win as well.

  29. Theo says:

    15 played for 1808. Pendles, Macaffer and Terlich left.

  30. Twobob says:

    15/1576, shaw, pendles(C), Evans/macaffer projected 2,001

  31. Scott says:

    Well i have had a number of players under perform this week…
    Hibberd & JPK screwed me..
    Danger & Watson were not up to scratch
    Kerridge was useless…
    JJK a late out

    Bloody hell, lucky im playing bottom of the league this week..

    One positive tho.. Nicholls; you bloody beauty!

    • Hayden says:

      Bad luck mate, not my best week either, but super impressed with Tom Mitchell.
      Just got Pendels and Shaw to play, im on 1444 at the momemnt

  32. Nanna says:

    going for 5 wins across my 4 leagues. should deinifitely have 3 out of the 4 (have higher scores and more players to play then opponents), but the fourth is going down to the wire. he's top of the league and i'm fourth. we've both got 3 players of difference left and there's 10 points between us. I'm up by the 10 and need jolly, pendlebury and terlich to outscore swan, cloke and ben kennedy… could happen, but….

  33. Dexta says:

    had some underperformers, but still just managed to scrape together 18 players…not happy with Charlie Dixon's reinjury and sub-off though.

  34. NICK says:

    so your saying if you have 17 scoreing players and got a e on someone you will pick up his score if you had a player pull out and it dose not matter what postion the e is in as josh kenndey pulled out so just woundering if I still pick up the score of a mid if he has the e named on him

  35. ZoomiJ says:

    projected to make 1953 with pendles macaffer terlich and swan to come. I'm on 1530 atm

  36. matty says:

    Thinking I could get around 1900 from only 17 players due to JJK's withdrawal. Currently ranked 350, does anybody know if that will be good enough to move up the ranks…? I have cover for the following rounds as well so placed well to try and catch.

  37. SCaddict says:

    Pushing 2K if Swan, Pendles and Heater have reasonable games against the Deeplorables tomorrow. Fingers crossed there are no sneaky late withdrawals to rest up some of the Pies stars.

    Looks like Tommy Mitch will make a legit onfield M8 proving last week was no fluke. Stoked I traded in Nicholls this week and was instantly rewarded. Can't wait to bring in Big Wilba and Duffman for Rd 12 action. Life's good!

  38. Skitz says:

    on 1600 with Swan Pendles Macaffer Kyle and Terlich still to play looking very healthy

  39. Geoff says:

    Hey guys, I’m 1299 from 13 played. Got Swan, Pendles, Cloke, Terlich, caf to come. Using the C loop on Ablett with a bye player. Score ain’t too bad. Looking at a win. Can someone confirm C loop works on bye player?? Cheers

    • Taylor says:

      Looks like you'll be getting a good score 🙂
      I'm using the loophole on Gaz as well, but to answer your question- the loophole does work on bye players (i'm using a bye player also), so you're all good!

  40. Ally says:

    1169 with 6 to play still, lots of under performers with only cox and gaz breaking the ton for me so far . Kennedy being a late withdrawal yesterday hurt because I had a doughnut on the field !! Hope swan pendles shaw Kennedy caff and terlich get me some smashing scores .

    • hayden says:

      only cox and ablett,where is j.selwood priddis, heppel or even steveie j

      Swan and pendels should score over 120 each

  41. hayden says:

    I reckon if it wernt for the byes, this week i would have scored 2400,

  42. hayden says:

    Just heard that sam dywer will miss 1-2 more weeks

    • Big Z says:

      glad i got rid of Dwyer then, phew I was tossing up whether to toss Neade or Dwyer. I'm glad i picked Dwyer:)

  43. JD_Cereal says:

    Chucked the C on Zorko and the VC on Ablett, when will GAJ's score double? Conclusion of round perhaps?

  44. scotty says:

    18 played with mccaffer and turdlicker left to play currently on 1866 if both play well could crack into the 1900`s next 2 rds also evened out to ten outs thanks to some planning, which pretty well started this time last year after scoring 900 odd in last years 1st week of the byes . was hoping it will see me break my way into top 1000 currently ranked 6500th or there abouts !!play no.1 in the country next week .during byes i know but would still be helluva scalp if can pull it off . awesome work jock and co heres to u boys looking forward to many more years of you blokes and your sh%t hot website !!! cheers

  45. Westy says:

    The only thing worse than my team this week is the toothache I've got!

  46. Daniel says:

    Had a few let downs this round but I'm not sure if I should the captain loophole on ablett or have pendlebury or swan as the captain. Advice be great thanks

  47. Daniel says:

    Looking at a big one…1760 with five to come today! Projecting 2170 with pendles, swan, shaw, terlich and mccaffer to play today! Had plenty go right including Mitchell and Nichols on top of Hannabery, Selwood, Walker, Cox, Nic Nat, vc Ablett, Gibbs etc. Danger and Hibberd a bit below average but can’t really complain!

  48. gaveday says:

    I must gloat. I tradined in Nicholls this week for leuenberger, cash in the bank and 130 score = intensely massive smiles.

    Hero for a day.

    • Deanbartel says:

      Traded Gawn to Nicholls. Kept Leuenberger on the bench for a R15 comeback, although if Nicholls avgs 80-100 i'll just trade leuey to a rook

      • genie says:

        Same as you DeanBartel although i traded leuey up to minson the week before.

  49. sleepy says:

    Dirty weekend for me. Start of round proj score 1743 and opponent 1736. Now me 1454 and opponent 1993. What happened? Kennedy times 2, Petrie, Swallow, Dixon and Gawn is what happened plus opponent picked T. Mithell and Nicholls and big C on Gaj. Got 3 players over the ton but opponent had same 3 LOL Oh well thats what the game is all about.

  50. STP says:

    1778 from 15. Swan, Pendlebury, Macaffer and Terlich to play so the Pies v Demons might actually be worth watching. Got to be happy with trading Sinclair and Neade out for Gibbs and Nicholls (Staker moved forward for Neade)

  51. Seleucid1 says:

    I feel I have found a long lost family, my first post here, feeling a bit teary.
    I am looking up the barrel to 1795.

  52. Sulzeer says:

    Looking at around 1750, playing one of my best mates and he has a side full of port, lions and hawks, not having a good time of it this round, not a nice way to win

  53. Hubo says:

    2005 thanks to Pendles and Swanny going bananas!

  54. Birch's Buddy says:

    With the subtracted scores, I should be on 2060. Pretty stoked with that!

  55. bout7 says:

    Hey Jock, will it be Tight Arse Wednesday again this week because of the monday game or will it be back in its normal place on a tuesday?

    • Rotten Ronny says:

      Get the bloody thing back to Tuesdays for Christ's sake. Enough of these Monday games! Gah!

  56. footyinme says:

    Scored a total of 1890 from 18. had scores to forget like 54, 50 46 and another 46 sigh!
    Feel that people who have scored over 1950 will jump in ranking significantly.

  57. Ram-Rod says:

    Cannot believe it… My Terlich score doesn't count as he is an emergency! Cost me the W… Not happy 🙁

    • Zimmer says:

      Are you sure? You sure they aren't still calculating. If you had a non-scorer on field that should count.

      Did you have a full backline?

  58. Peter says:

    thanks to a good performance from the pies guns i scored 2287 this week

    • Craig says:

      Wow. I thought my 1995 was good. Nice one.

    • david says:

      Wow that's a massive score.
      Managed to get 2179 myself and was quite chuffed until i read your post

    • footyinme says:

      That's insane but how would you fair in the next to bye rounds?

      • Peter says:

        my forwardlines gonna get destroyed next week and my midfield the week after but i should hopefully pull through all right

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes that's a fantastic score mate. Finished with 2190 to take out all 5 league wins. Next week is looking ok too but will be vulnerable in Rd 13.

    • Ash says:

      Great work peter, well done

  59. Michael says:

    Wow I thought my 2004 was OK until I saw some of the above scores! JJK caused me to have a donut so could’ve cracked 2100 otherwise.

  60. Ash says:

    got 2105_

  61. Hayden says:

    Well i was happy with 1778, considering i have had alot of players missing, but well done to anyone that scored over 2000, i should do that next week (Rd 12)

  62. Dee says:

    What’s on the menu for tonight’s PODCAST Jock?! Can’t wait mate….

  63. Big Z says:

    Finished with 1993 with GAJ as captain and Swanny as vice, I ended up winning by 18 points. I am absoloutely stoked, but very, VERY lucky. He had Adam Oxely on the bench, If he played on the field I would have lost by 2 points!!!!!

  64. Jake says:

    1768/16 with 4 out of the 16 not in my starting 22, pretty stoked, won 5/5 leagues and have 18+ in round 12/13 before any trades!
    GAJ (C) Shaw, cox, gibbs, priddis all great scores
    Unfortunately had to use evans' 46

  65. MelbourneTrackClub says:

    Ranked 192 and only scored 1825 – comfort me Jock 🙁

  66. Hayden says:

    No trades this week, i want to get into the top 1000, i think i will need at least 2100 this week

  67. Spiraldeath says:

    scored 1905 this with special thanks to Tom x 2 league high score. Game plan is to win this week (done) and next week then throw away rd 13 so many not playing, will try and plan for the long haul.

  68. Robert says:

    Have 378k and should i upgrade







    Please answer asap

  69. footyinme says:

    Jock we have to talk about Charlie Dixon in tonight's podcast mate.
    Held him for weeks and thought it was worth the wait for his return but have to say even coming back from injury he looked ordinary and now that ankle injury puts a very big question mark on having him in our teams. What would you do Jock? please help us with our trades.

    • Hayden says:

      Should'nt have had him anyway mate, i never got sucked in, but for you i would trade to a Heppel, Gibbs type player

    • SCaddict says:

      I'd wait for the prognosis but if he misses even one more I'd move him on considering he has the bye in Rd 13. Would trade him out for say a Duffman or Hanley.

      The fact that it's the same problem that kept him out for a month is alarm bells territory.

  70. SPIFFLICATOR says:

    2064 for the Spifflicators, thank to young Tom Mitchell. Very happy and looking fwd to week 12.

  71. John says:

    2047 and managed to win by 6 points to stay undefeated in my cash league so far! Pretty happy with how it is going thanks in a big part to the help of the community!

  72. Dexta says:

    In with Fyfe, and dare I say, Birchall in for Terlich?

  73. Frase says:

    had a shocker this week but only had about 16 play. Bringing in pendles and hanley as locks this week and and nicholls in the ruck. Got a full premium team now if you count vlastuin and t mitchell at the moment got cover in each line and looking the goods with 8 trades left for injuries

  74. @Jacko2128 says:

    who should i get rid of to bring nicholls in?

    currie? OR

    • Supercoachwarrior says:

      rowe, you can at least generate some money and then upgrade elsewhere

      • Dee says:

        I would leave Rowe… Should get a game in the 2nd half of the season, fingers crossed! Currie is still weeks away and Hannath only scored 11 in his last game…. Honestly I think Hannath is the one you should let go, he doesn't get enough of the ball plus he won't be needed I don't think once Sandilands comes back. Nicholls is a great IN thou….

  75. Remy says:

    Is it to late to bring in Nicholls for the suns?????

  76. Remy says:


  77. Dee says:

    I would leave Rowe… Should get a game in the 2nd half of the season, fingers crossed! Currie is still weeks away and Hannath only scored 11 in his last game…. Honestly I think Hannath is the one you should let go, he doesn't get enough of the ball plus he won't be needed I don't think once Sandilands comes back. Nicholls is a great IN thou….

  78. Supercoachwarrior says:

    2113 – gaz captain

    Options for Moloney upgrade?
    Thumbs Up: Fyfe
    Thumbs Down: Deledio/Cotchin

  79. Johnny says:

    Fyfe or Barlow to bring in this week?

  80. JB says:

    Is B. Goodes a keeper? Thoughts …

  81. Liam says:

    only thinking of doing 1 trade this week. Terlich out Hartlett in. Another trade I will consider is Tom Mitchell in out Michael Evans. Next week I will look to use my three trades upgrade jaeger to a gun mid, and upgrade Brett goodes and vlaustin to birchall and Goddard!

  82. dannyboy says:

    im spewing 1814 from 15 players and finished ranked 36000 overall for the week. if only i had 18 on the field. bloody bye rounds. at least i can field 18+ players the next 2 weeks.

  83. Westy says:

    1646 with 6 donuts!

  84. Michael says:

    Hey Jock going against your no trade theory again this week – looking at 3 trades again – in comes Hrovat, Barlow & Mayne, out goes Dwyer, Viney, Stevenson. Current overall rank 1187, do you think I'm still in the running for $50K? 878 points behind overall leader.
    Current Team:
    DEF – Heppell, Hanley, Gibbs, Goodes, Ellis, Vlastuin, Staker, Webster
    MID – GAJ, Pendles, Jobe, Swan, Barlow, Priddis, Shuey, Hrovat, JPK, T Mitchell
    RUC – Blicavs, Nicholls, NicNat, Currie
    FWD – A Walker, JJK, Cloke, Rockliff, Buddy, Mayne, Cox, Bartel
    Only ones I need to remove down the track at this stage will be Webster, Hrovat, otherwise pretty set. What do you think Jock me old mate?

  85. bloke says:

    against advice from more knowledgeable blokes on here than me… i've gone trade mad. last week and this;

    OUTKennedy ($466,100)INMartin ($530,400)
    OUTBlack ($403,000) INWesthoff ($439,500)
    OUTCurrie ($109,500)INNicholls ($115,900)
    ROUND 11
    OUTMoloney ($409,800)INMitchell ($115,900)
    OUTStevenson ($262,400)INThompson ($464,000)
    OUTLeCras ($359,200)INJohnson ($601,300

    lucked in 2018 this week and got 5 wins from 5 leagues. should have 20 on the park this week with bonus crouch emg for the mids. i like the bye rounds so far.

  86. Dee says:

    Jock how highly do you rate Nathan Hrovat and what's his job security for the rest of the year? Really thinking about getting him in….. Thoughts community?

  87. Callum says:

    1850 with 17 who played

  88. 1977, pretty happy with that.

    Just a question to the brain's trust. Is it best to bring in Joel Selwood as the final mid piece or Watson?

    Pros for Selwood is he's a gun who'll have a rest, a better finals run than Bombers and should be 50k cheaper than Watson. Watson has ASADA spectre and a hard finals run but is a solid player.

    Any info on how both have performed in later part of seasons over the years? Does one run it out better?

  89. woggyboy1796 says:

    whats Tom Nicholls JS like? is he a good downgrade option for gawn ?