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Jock’s Round 11 Video – what do we do about these BYES?

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Father of Fantasy vodcastGday community! Here it is – my weekly pre round video advice. The byes are here and I am here to heed your calls for help.

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jock your a bloody great man


Do you think i should use a trade this week to get rid of wines for swan




IN: Luke Ball or Jimmy Bartel
OUT: Birchall or Hodge?
I have enough money to do any combination or maybe some other suggestions?


I'd go Bartel. In fact I'm "upgrading" from Buddy Glove to Bartel. Consistently strong. Have a good season. Think big SC scores await.

Hodge isn't gonna get you the big numbers of Bartel. But he'll be as consistent as Priddis with greater numbers. Reliable. Birchall is, hmmm, yeah. I don't know. I have him too. I'm gonna Zorko him…ride him out and hope for the best.

Anyone else you can uptrade for Bartel?


hold on Buddy, remember the sideways trade rule (even though there's $100K difference I'd still consider it sideways), get Jimmy in another way, O'Meara / Dwyer / etc.


I hear ya, Michael. And I understand the rule and principle behind it. And I avoid sideway temptation often. Yet, like any rule, it should be broken from time to time. Especially when your gut is leading the way. And mine is that Buddy's current value is about where he's going to stay. Watched a lot of Hawthorn last year and this. Doesn't look right. The work rate. The execution. Now the bloody glove. You said Bartel is reliable. That's what I need.

Plus, my forward lot now features: Buddy, Walker, Cox, Zorko, Staker and Bennie K (Hitchcock and freakin Curran are my reserves). Need sack to my front line. Have $48K in reserves. Looking to move Nicholls for Sinclair and Mitchell for Viney. Open to all suggestions, my man.


Plus, I was considering Mitch R for Buddy. Think Bartel is the safer choice. And given how Buddy's playing, an upgrade (at least point/value wise)


I think you have other issues to address rather than a sideways Buddy move. Park that one IMO.


No doubt there, Pieman.


Bartel > Ball & ride the roller coaster that is Birchall (since you've held on to him & rode his price drop).

IMO, Ball and Hodge are irrelevant this late in the year from an SC perspective …. you're punting on the unknown …. both gr8 ageing players, and can crank high scores on their day. But not for me with their injury woes in the past, inconsistent scoring and will be rested throughout the year. Buyer beware.


Bartel easy.

Has only had 2 scores below 100 this year and they were 95 and 99


The 2 scores under 100 were actually 88 and 70


Unfortunate have to use trades. Shit opening selections (wish I knew about this community beforehand).

Can you have too many Freo players? I have Mundy. Getting Barlow next week. Considering Duff as an upgrade from Hooker on the Don's bye.

Is too much Freo a good thing?


For the finals run, absolutely. Your only worry in the meantime is other teams taking fantasy points away from Freo (remember only 3300 points are awarded in each game).

It depends what you're aiming to achieve this year. If it's league win, and you're in a comfortable spot on the ladder then you're on the right strategy.

If you want rank, then it's a tough call. I'd go with who you think is going to score the best for what you can afford, and if it's Freo players, then so be it!


I'm not in a comfortable spot. Feel in order to make some moves upward not to mirror everyone's team. Would like to make league finals but am in 13th place.

Enjoying the ride, though..

Thanks for your thoughts, Saltysalts.


Extra large BAHA i thought youd be abstaining from sexual relations until September Jock


I was very tempted to keep my trades Jock , but I just felt this was the best chance to get Swanny , I think he'll get his BE and at 525k that's too good to ignore . Got rid of O'meara for Swanny and got rid of Neade for Ben Kennedy , Still leaves me with 12 trades , I'm taking Jordans advice and only using 2 trades max for the rest of the byes , the trades will be getting rid of Viney and Couch , I have 3 options in Martin , Mitchell and Hrovat , see how we go 🙂


i have viney and crouch but keeping crouch because he is best on ground in the 2's every week so surely close to a call up


Mitchell all the way, absolute gun! Lock in for M9, may even be good for M8.


I am going O'Meara to Swan. There wont be a better opportunity. If someone said at the start of the year you can trade O'Meara to Swan for 99k you'd take it without a 2nd thought.


Hi All.

Does anybody know the answer to this question: If my VC gets a good score, am I able to put the C on a Bye round player that I have on the field to get that VC score as the default Captain?
I note that the Bye Round players I have on the ground do have a 'C' icon available but that just seems too easy.
The answer to this question will determine whether I put the V on Watson or Ablett.


Not 100% on that one, rocksta, but as essendon play friday night chuck the V on watson and see how he goes. Maybe you still have viney or crouch and you can play the loophole as usual


Yes Rocksta you have complete flexibility on players with blue dots on them (byes). You can even trade them out right up til Monday's game if you need to have an extra on field player to get you over the line for a league win.

Have a read of this article posted on the HeraldSun site…


There seems to be an anti trade sentiment as a strategy for the bye rounds, I wanted to take the other perspective and use it as an opportunity to get a leg up against the opposition. Im not trading this week but next week after some teams have had their bye i was thinking

Terlich – Birchall (has bottomed out in price and had some rest to get over niggles)
O'Meara – Cotchin (same thing, looks very juicy at $530)
Macaffer – Dusty

That way I use my trades both to upgrade my team and avoid donuts through the bye. What do people think?


I'd say use the bye rounds as a chance to get some cash and get rid of people on your bench who aren't scoring but if you have the money then I don't see why not as long as you don't waste heaps of trades.

Terlich – Birchall , I have both and I wouldn't be so confident picking up Grant , he did pull out his biggest score for some time but the real problem is will he be tagged again ? big risk .

O'Meara – Cotchin , I'd get Swan over Cotch who's at around 525 k but if you have him then Cotch is a good idea , interesting , Andrew Swallow from the Kangaroos who's at 535k , his a very consistent scorer 124,114 back to back averaging 110 . his worst scores has been 83 when he was injured and his always helped me in desperate times , hardly anyone has him , his one to think about it. Also has Gold Coast this week.

Macaffer- Dusty , I'd hold Macaffer seeing how his scoring well and seeing how Dusty has his bye this week , if you're are going to use that trade , get Dusty next week after his bye .


I have plenty of cash so dont really need to increase my war chest. These last three will complete my team full of premiums and help push me toward the top 1000
I agree wholeheartedly with Swallow, I think he's a gun and very under rated.
Birchall, I was gonna back him in to come through his form slump, a bit of a risk. Maybe ill consider Hanley and Dufield.
I was talking about holding this week and trading next after the rd 11 byes


Good work dude ,
Yeah i'd say if you feel confident backing your judgement then do what you want.
I think Swallow will be better than Cotch , never was a fan that's why I always pick Deledio over Cotch .
Birchall might come good , only worry is he'll get tagged like the weeks before this one and score 30-70 , Hanley is the number one defender to get even though he had a bad score last week from being tagged his a must IMO.
That's a good idea man .


Would anyone be so kind and please tell me how the captain loophole works. Im not a smart person, so please if possible could you explain it in an easy way? Thankyou for your time


sure mate, seems tricky at first but once ur round it its easy. first u need to select ur 2 (C) candidates. 2 criteria here: (1). that they will score well and (2). that they are playing in 2 distinctly different time slots. Once picked, slap the (VC) on the one playing earlier in the round. Now we need the 3rd ingredient: a guy guaranteed a 0 for the round. Pop him on the ground and make him your (C), meanwhile ensuring the guy he replaced on the ground is marked as an emergency.. Once your (VC)'s game is complete you have 2 options: (1). if ur happy with VC's output, leave everything as it is. (2). if not, sub your 0 out and pop the (C) on your 2nd candidate.

hope that helps


Thankyou. will try that. Fingers crossed LOL


Hey Jock , Have you ever considered putting Andrew Swallow in ?
I've had him in every time I've had in the 3 years I've played , and his always been one of the most consistent scores I've had , Hardly anyone seems to have him which is an advantage .


I don't have Swan or Pendles in my team, who should be the first perference to trade in for O'Meara?


Swanny for mine just cos of price…Pendles is a bloody consistent player tho so depends who you can afford.


Another "what happens" question community … If I have Blicavs as an Emergency on the Ruck bench can his score still be counted as part of my best 18? Any info greatly appreciated


not if you already have two rucks scoring


Daniher is in for Essendon this week


Watson and Kreuzer or Swan and Minson?? what is the better trade options…. vote please


swan and minson


anyone know a cheap rookie fwd and and a cheap (not staker) defender with some job security I have 2 of the biggest duds sitting on my bench…..i thought George Burberry but I don't think they'll pick him much unless they're resting players??


Joe Daniher if he gets named this week…. Looks solid as a player!


Word going around is he has been named this week.


Also I was wondering if I could avoid a doughnut in my fwd line by subbing ryder/nic nat on to my bench for one of my reserves if they get named…if I have him as an emergency will his pts go to my best 18??

thanks community!


Helmut. If you have Blicavs on the bench his score will NOT count. Only your highest scoring 18 players on the field in any position will count towards your score mate.


Stevie J as C? Named at half forward on young Josh Bruce for GWS. Could be a field day for Stevie! And if he under performs the big C goes on GAJ using the captains loophole with Currie.


What if I'm wanting upgrade some of my rookies? Should I trade this week?

jbombs jets

Had a couple of frothies ! Putting up a poll to the community ! Who would be the number one scoring backman for the rest of the season ???



jbombs jets

Thanks there ZoomiJ




a week ago i would have said hanley for sure…but there tagging rebounding backman right out of the game at the moment – and Macaffer messed him up friday at the GABBA with a 49. Heppel on the other hand is playing much more midfield minutes and is steadily pushing his average up. Based on that logic id bet Heppell


Wouldn't surprise me if it was Vlasty. He's making more seasoned SC backman look like nannas. Disposal Efficiency is outstanding, he tackles & kicks goals. Opposition teams have Cotch & Deledio to worry about first. If he retains his MPP he's a round 1 lock next year.


What do you reckon of my trades this week Jocko?

Have decided to go Viney to Kmart and Blicavs to Nicholls. 604k banked. Massive upgrade week coming up! Leaves me with 13 trades.

jbombs jets

whos Kmart


Kyle Martin….


JBomb are you trading this week? Can you scrape 18 together?


Who's a better option Heath shaw or Paul Duffield?


Both are locks for me in defence…. Will both finish top 5 defenders in SC this year!


Made three trades as soon as lockout opened.

Shuey -> Griffin (a POD failure to POD winner)
Laird -> KMart
O’Meara -> S. Mitchell

My mids now look like this:
Ablett, Pendlebury, Griffin, Watson, JP Kennedy, Cotchin, S Mitchell, Parker (Crouch, Kmart)

Only four more premium spots to fill, 2 defenders and 2 forwards. Possibly a 5th if I replace Parker. How many should we have left? For the two defenders I want Hanley and Shaw, for he forwards I want Walker and maybe Tippett.