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Tuesday Poll – Which 2 rucks rule the roost?

Published by Jock on

3 burning Supercoach Dt questions.

Here’s the situation.. you need a ruckman… you’re waiting for him to have his bye then WOOSHKA – you’ll swoop…

With Leuenberger going down and others in the community not too happy with their ruck situation I thought it was time to put our rucks under the microscope.

Which 2 – regardless of their price – do you reckon will score the most Supercoach points for the rest of season 2013?

Which 2 ruckman will score most for the rest of the season?

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when will tight arse tuesday be out?






Really hope Maric can find some form in the second half of the year. I will most likely go JJK > Goldstein at some stage, making Maric my R2. Be a great X factor if he can average 105-110.


DEF – Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Shaw, Vlaustin, Staker (Thurlow & Saunders)

MID – Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Deledio, Selwood, Murphy, Fyfe, Kerrige (K, Mitchell & Crouch)

RUCK – Cox, Jacobs (Blicavs & Currie)

FWD – Walker, Stevie J, Bartel, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy (Macaffer & Kennedy)

I really want to get in Nic Nat this week and was thinking K, Mitchell – T, Mitchell & JJ, Kennedy – Naitanui. Kerrige is also giving me problems being on the field.

16 trades left.

Thoughts appreciated.


if you got the cash if you have trade up instead of a side ways trade in kerrige to nic nat and keep josh kenndy he had a bad game but will score out of sight with saints poor back line and that's if you can make that trade also like the move with tom mitch and kane mitch


Dont bring in t. mitchell reports say he out for rest of the season!

Your mate

T.Walsh you mean?

The Old Dylan

Hold until after the bye if you can


Voted Nic Nat and Goldstein, but Minson would be in there, I just don't like him is all. Hopefully Jacobs and Maric can kick it up a gear though.


Voted same…not confident in Minson's run in the second half of the year, got some great sides to play very soon, although melbourne in SC granny.

Good luck to him tho would be good to see a 2014 SC lock emerge!


Will is a he is a consistent GUN.


I think I am going have a awesome score this week some of my players I have are going score out of sight like stevie j jimmy bartel gary abblett dane swann and cloke is going have a field day with Melbourne and there poor back line Watson I think will have a field day against carlton and also think mitch robbison I just traded sam mayes for will have a great game as well. only have 3 back men in shaw which will also score unreal turlic and goddard but got 8 mids playing and last year stevie j scored 146 against gws but wont be getting the c on him that's going to abblett


Gotta be careful with Geelong this week, NICK. They have the Rd12 bye, so I can imagine them dropping a Bartel, or a Stevie J or whoever so they get two weeks rest.

I'm praying that doesn't happen, as i'm barely running on 18 players who look set to play, don't need Bartel or the likes being rested also.


Use the captains loophole with Stevie J and GAJ


Does anyone know if Thurlow or Dwyer will play this week?


I’d like to know that exact answer too


dwyer is avaliable but thurlow will battle for his spot


Sammy Jacobs in for a big second half after the byes, definitely not trading him out even though hes had a shocking year for me – going to back him in.


Go Sauce!!!

Hope so mate, he's done the same for my team!


Im thinking about picking up both gorringe and nichols from gcs to keep as cover for remainder of the season. At least one should always be playing. Thoughts?
My other option is McBean from rich as a non playint swingman with cox in fwd line.


and I doubt they will rest steve j again as they rested him in the port game maybe bartel I hope not just have to wait and see but I highly doubt it and with jimmy you never know what scotty will do


I ment the Collingwood game steve j rested


what to do with trades? got 200k in bank
Option 1. Leunberger- Kreuzer O'meara- pendles/kennedy/dangerfield/watson

Option 2. Leunberger- Goldstein/minson/roughhead O'meara- Selwood

Liking option 1 looks pretty good but selwood at under 500k is a bargain and just cant resist


Could go Kreuzer and Selwood, and keep some cash


Need some opinions. $370k in the bank and Moloney and o’meara need to go. Midfield currently is ablett Watson Kennedy dangermouse fyfe priddis Moloney o’meara. Who are the 2 best miss to replace? Considering pendles swan j selwood or mitchell

*not worried about byes


Pendles & Selwood


Pendles and D Swan……..Swan's record in the 2nd half of last 3 seasons is very good……which means IMO he will come good to finish off the season…..and he has bottomed out and wont be any cheaper than his current price……and to add one more thing to swanny, he is playing against Melbourne this week :)……

J Selwood…….I am cat supporter and IMO Steve J and other young midfielders are actually pinching all his SC points this season……not sure how well he will finish off the season???……..don't have too much confidence in picking J Selwood ATM……

I am actually thinking of bringing in D Swan into my team this week…….


Rotten Ronny

Barlow, Cotchin or Fyfe?


Fyfe for mine, Freo have a good run in the SC finals


I'll be bringing in Barlow next week although definitely tossed and turned between him and Teen Wolf. Reckon they are both great adds to anyone's midfield.

Will wait for Cotch to bottom out in price in another month at potentially around $500K before jumping on.


I'm struggling with that next week as well. Leaning toward Barlow. Seems to be decimating all in his way. Because of their friendly schedule, going to upgrade Hooker for Duffster the following round.

Not sure about Cotch. Leaning towards Lids. Seems to be more consistent. But neither will disappoint.


There's an elephant in the room and he's a whopper. Big Sandi is probably only a few more weeks away now from returning to AFL action. The forgotten man in the ruck stakes. Could be a factor especially with Freo's Supercoach finals friendly draw,

Unfortunately I don't have enough remaining trades to take the punt myself with the big fella's poor track record with injuries. Nonetheless I will be curious to see how many coaches roll the dice on him late in the season as a potential league winning POD.


Here's one I've been mulling (probably unnecessarily)…

I have Mundy. Looking to get Barlow after bye. Considering upgrading Hooker for Duffield on Don's bye. Am I over-Freoing?

Is their draw that friendly for that much SC love to be spread?

Birch's Buddy

I planned to ignore the byes from the beginning as I didn't want three weeks to ruin my finals structure. However, upon checking my bye structure two weeks ago (curious), I found out that I was set to enter the byes with a 10/10/10 field. Talk about lucky!


Is it to early to get Tommy Mitchell?


yes, get him after his round 12 bye


Yes it's ideal to pick him up after his bye when he's on the bubble. However if Viney isn't named, which appears likely, I will be bringing him in this round in place of Viney.

With Lids and Koby having their byes this weekend I could use the points. Will then upgrade Koby to Barlow next week.


great reading all the comments , but my emergencies always let me down , do we reckon crouch , thurlow, rowe , will play again soon. thnx guys


crouch should be back this week.

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