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Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – Bloody Byes

Published by Jock on

Supercoach bye time

There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. The byes are here our beloved community.

We stand here this week looking out over a battlefield strewn with land mines. Watch your step. The inexperienced will fall away this week – some will burn too many trades. Some will outsmart themselves trying to trade too aggressively around the byes. Some will refuse to take the medicine that they need to digest over the next 3 weeks.

Will you come out the other end in a stronger position than your rivals?

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Jock Reynolds

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Who do you get rid of first? Jaeger o'meara or dean terlich?


whoever has the higher breakeven!


Whoever has the most achievable BE


Keep omeara so he can play round 11 and 12, get rid of terlich after round 11, he has the round 12 bye. Then omeara has the round 13, so that’s the time to get rid of him


After two horribly low scores in a row, I'm well out of contention for the 50k. But I've listened to your advice, stuck with my premiums and I'm looking at 2300+ this week. You're a bloody legend Jock! And Crouching. And Higgo. But especially Wayno with his miraculous hot tip!!! Not so keen on Braxton though.

Birch's Buddy

Mate, you've taken my name!

Bald Birchs Buddy



Agree with you lads that identifying who are the must have defence premiums has been perhaps the greatest fantasy football challenge in 2013. It's frankly been a a nightmare with all the form swings, injuries and opposition coaches wising up to curtailing the influence of quality rebounding defenders.

Already burnt more trades in that line than I care to mention with the likes of Hartlett and the Birch letting me down at various stages.

However with my onfield mids and forwards now set I need to sort out my R2 to take to the finals along with Nic Nat as my R1.

Who does the community reckon is the best ruckman to take into Superocach finals out of Goldy, Big Boy, Maric, Minnow or someone else? Already have Cox in the forward line as swing ruck backup.


I'm making Minson a priority after his bye.


Yeah he does look the pick of the litter right now doesn't he. I guess I will just have to pony up the hefty cash differential then, once the Blitz has fully fattened around Rd 14/15 and hope the Big Wilba has a quietish game or two between now and then.


communities on him too apparently – plenty of reports of of Minow for captain this week – 133 aint bad


Ok thanks for that. I took a punt on Stevie J as C and it backfired badly. Should've banked Swanny's 131 as VC but got greedy. Live and learn ha ha.

By the way I pressed thumbs down on your comment accidentally. Meant to press thumbs up but my fat finger pressed thumbs down on the ipad mini by mistake. Whoops!


should get urself a homer simpson dialling wand. I fell asleep at the wheel on saturday night and forgot to swing C to GAJ, missed the 129 for NicNats 104…not for the faint hearted

Birch's Buddy

Same here.


I was thinking of downgrading Neade and Viney this week so I can earn some cash to upgrade O'meara or Evans for a Fyfe after his bye round or even maybe Swan who's losing value , Should I downgrade them 2 this week or hold off the trades ?


If O'Meara has a 3 digit BE, then I reckon i'll be trading him this week.


Also , I have Maric and Nic Nac in the rucks , should I take the 107 from Blicavs and put Ivan on the bench or take the risk ?

Bomber brigade

Yep hibberd all aus half back just keeps delivering I might make some cash from Jim Webster and get him in what do yous thinj


how do i do emergency ruck loop hole? ive got blicavs and currie on the bench and sam jacobs and maric in ruck 1 & 2 can i do it?


Just listened(my usual start of working week routine).
Thank you Jock, Higgo and Crouching! BRILLIANT EPISODE that had my mates at work laughing at me for laughing so much(headphones in). In fact, I don't listen so much for the gold SC tips anymore, I just listen for the characters that I am really enjoying.
Placental disposal, Ivan Vardy, Wayno, …. you guys are a rare talent.
I am ready for a good working week now.
P.s. I just hit the donate button. Worth every cent!


how do i do emergency ruck loop hole? ive got blicavs and currie on the bench and sam jacobs and maric in ruck 1 & 2 can i do it?


No. you needed to move Currie to the field and Maric to the bench BEFORE North played yesterday, with the "E" on Blicavs. Just hope Maric scores more than Blic.


ahh thanks mate hope he does playing a mate gotta win


Absolute gold from Wayno and his Dad "hanging on to some magazines from the 80's", have actually dribbled my coffee on my shirt at work!


Excellent entertainment yet again Jock and Co.

I’m still laughing at the Crouching Tigers pill episode from last week, and backed up again by Wayno’s dads “Car Magazines” Gold lads


Any thoughts on a Moloney to Swan trade?


It's one i'm thinking about, Remy. Maloney looks cooked and his 30 score means he'll lose even more cash over the next two rounds. He's done.


Do we have to do two trades a week? I was told if we dont we lose them. Please let me know if thats true or not


In Dream Team you get two trades a week that you lose if you don't use. In Supercoach you use them as you want


Thankyou for that. I play both and thought it workd the same in both. thankyou for the info.


I gotta stop listening to the podcast on the tram ride to work in the morning. I'm trying not to laugh and I just end up looking like a maniac who's giggling to himself.

Moloney's poor score is annoying. I was hoping to keep him until after the byes, but that 30 score is going to ruin his cash price for the next 3 and he's SOOOOO close to being a cheap upgrade to a Swan or Selwood type. So i'll have to get off him in Rd 12 I think.

I'm with Crouching One, my team is shot, so I gotta go for the league win, not the $50K like I was aiming for at the start of the year. Although it's frustrating, Birchall finally gets another decent score, only to see Hanley get tagged out of the game. Jacobs managed a decent return in poor weather, so there's that at least.


What is your overall rank mate? I'm 4,400ish and still feel like I've got a slim chance of the overall with a nice looking team now.


I'm 16,499, which is a big disappointment for me this year as I don't think I ever dropped below 2500 last year.


Did anyone consider getting Joel bloody selwood at 510k he’s dirt cheap and what about Kyle Martin definitely has potential what about Cochin?


I got on Joel 2 weeks ago but I have to say he is concerning me.
Joel is ussually a very consistent performer. Last year, he only scored less than 100 3 times in the entire season.
This year, he has scored less than 100 5 times in 10 rounds, with the last 3 on the trot ( although he was subbed at 3/4 time last week and thus we may forgive that one).
Anyhow, Im stuck with him now but he definitely isnt travelling that well. I reckon he's carrying somehing and hoperfully the Round 12 bye will be just the tonic he needs.


your bloody right mate 491k bargain basement. Tom Mitchel good as well


Who's a better option after the bye: Barlow, Ryan Griffen or Cotchin?


Freo have GWS,Melb,Port and Saints in the Supercoach Finals Rounds 20 – 23, as alluded to in Jock's Podcasts.
Apart from the fact that you simply cannot ignore this fact, Barlow is back to his best this year having fully recovered from his very serious injury from several years ago.


That said, I reckon you go Cotchin, and leave one rookie in the midfield until around Round 17 to upgrade to Barlow.


I have barlow in my team he is in my opinion better than cotchin. Ryan griffin is turning in some awesome numbers. Initially i was annoyed with Barlow, great player, poor returns but he is now coming good.


Is Maric going to perform tonight or another dud game from the mullet?


Another great podcast jock and the crew! Thought it might be time to review my team since it's mid season. Think might have to trade through the bye rounds so I can have a nearly full premium team.
Goddard, Gibbs, Dixon, vlastuin, terlich, b.goodes (thurlow, docherty)
Ablett, pendlebury, swan, Watson, Murphy, wingard, priddis, o'meara (kommer, crouch)
Leuenberger, kreuzer (blicavs, currie)
Bartel, rockliff, cox, jj Kennedy,, staker (Mayes, daniher)
Thinking of doing with $541700 in the warchest at the moment
Round 11
Leuenberger to Minson
Kommer to T. Mitchell (so can do other trades in other bye rounds)
Docherty to hartlett
Round 12
O'meara to fyfe
B.goodes to d.martin (switch staker to def)
Terlich to b.ellis
Round 13
Wingard to j.selwood
5 trades left for rest of season and around $40000 left for rest of season
Advice would be greatly appreciated thanks


5 trades left after byes simply not enough, whether you are going for league Glory or the $50K!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree – 5 trades simply not going to be enough – injuries likely to occur later in the season – have some trades up your sleeve going into SC finals…..also Leuy to Minson in R11 is a bit of a wasted trade IMO – can do that in R12 – As the guys suggested in the Podcast, HOLD for this week…


Pardon me, but I'm gonna have a rant.

Monday night footy. In SuperCoach land we're a bit iffy on the whole idea of Monday night footy because it means we've got an extra day of nail biting and unknowns and we have to endure it all whilst trying to earn a living and ignoring all those fantasy footy questions that remain unanswered that we're trained into expecting to be answered come Sunday evening.

The saving grace of this whole farce is being able to come home from work, have a nice family dinner, put the kids to bed, and then get serious for a bonus game of footy on the TV. A great way to end the worst day of the week.

Except, however, when the Monday night footy hasn't been picked up by the champion of free-to-air landscape Channel Seven.

The NAB wants to "footify" Australia.

The AFL wants to support grass roots footy, get the kids involved, make a family occasion. I've got a tip for the AFL: know your market.

Who loves Aussie Rules football? Everyone

Who has Foxtel? Families that probably aren't going to let their children seriously pursue careers in Aussie Rules.

Who doesn't have Foxtel? Families that are struggling to pay off the loans they got to buy their iPhones. Families that need My Budget. Families that need Chrisco. Families that had to forego the tattoo of their children's names around their necks. Families that need the joy that Australian Rules Football can provide in order to make their daily grind that bit more bearable.

Grass Roots aren't gold plated.

(P.S. I could actually fit Foxtel into my monthly budget, but it's 98% trash and that ain't value for money in my book. That does take the edge off this rant, but either way, you can't seriously say you're encouraging grass roots footy and emerging markets if you limit your viewing audience to a minority)



Fantastic Comment! Agree 100% perhaps there needs to be a Facebook protest page or other?


Rant all you like FrontPocket I am right with you. I am a disability pensioner and very frustrated that I couldn't watch Richmond thrash the Eagles. I have asked Austar to give me sports only but you have to have the basic package crap and waste money. The AFL and 7 have well and truly stuffed up this year.

Birch's Buddy

Agreed mate!


Is that the real Birch’s Buddy



Buy the AFL app.. only about $90 and you can watch every game. Hook your phone up to your TV and enjoy. (as long as you have a decent internet connection, which in this day and age, everybody does)


You compliment me beyond my deserving Jock, humble thanks.

I don't tee off very often, but when I do, I try to make it worthwhile. CHEERS to Grass Roots Footy, and CHEERS to community spirit.

Give my regards to Braxton, there are such things as necessary evils


Subbed Cox to the bench for Sinclair at the last minute to take Macaffer's 100. Looking like a good move! Gotta love the loopholes…adds another dimension to the great game.


Higgo – Will the captains loophole work the same way during the bye rounds? Anything we need to understand to get this right over the next three weeks?


Dusty 67? what's that about Supercoach. Tell you what it is 25 touches and a goal means he was average at best. I want to laugh but I have him ….sigh


Dusty's disposal was not very good with only 54% efficiency which dropped his points for the night.


Better FWD upgrade: Robinson or Goodes?


Is Luke Ball a good trade in option for O'meara?, or are there any other good cheap mid's to have a look at?


I'm not convinced on Luke Ball – maybe upgrade O'Meara to a Barlow or Fyfe or maybe better option to downgrade him to Tom Mitchell or Kyle Martin and use that cash to upgrade else where


Where do you get your scores that you read out in the podcast Jock?!
They're almost always wrong!


With all the uncertainty and tagging in the defense line – seriously considering holding onto B. Goodes and Vlastuin – both producing consistent points and both have good JS? Was considering Duffield and/or Hanley after their bye, but seeing 83 and 49 for those two doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence….Seeing what happened to Birch, same seems to be happening to teams……..Vlastuin and Goodes are unlikely to be tagged as there are far more dangerous players in their respective teams for them to be tagged……Is it worth keeping them or should upgrade them to the so-called "Premiums" that will be tagged till the cows come home?


Hi Jay,

I am in exactly same situation….I am leaning towards holding both of them in my team……DEFENDERS this year is a looking like a total mess ATM… confidence in bringing in any premium defenders………

My Backline Currently,

Goddard, Heppell, Hartlett, H Shaw, Dixon, Goodes, Vlastuin & Terlich………



Exactly mate….Def is a mess, so looking at Def upgrades last, get MIDs and FWDs first……I'm looking to hold both Vlastuin and Goodes…….one R12 trade I'm really considering is Terlich Out -> Jordan Lewis (Staker DPP)

The Rookie!

Hello Community, I’ve got a pickle.. Moloney traded for Swan, O’Merea out for Mitchell and Leuenberger out for Nic Nat, BUT! I need to know, who would be better for my team and my cash?? Nic Nat or Toddy Goldstien…


Hey guys who do you reckon i should pick up Stanton, Watson, Hannebry or Swan and need either a cheap defender or foward who will score good and is in the 3rd round of byes cheers


watson. i got booth


both of them will be in the top 6 highest scoring midfield group this year


Thanks but whos a good cheep defender or foward


b goods, vaults, hibberb, HARRY O


Troy Menzel!


Hello Community,

Need help…..

What to do with Charlie Dixon?……Looks like he will make his come back through reserves this week…….which means another couple of weeks in the reserves IMO…..may be he will be back after the RD13 bye for GCS…..$482k is sitting on the bench and doing nothing……held on to him for last 4 or 5 weeks….Really not sure what to do with him……HOLD or FOLD ?

Any opinions / suggestions / comments will be much appreciated…..



If you've held him for 4-5 weeks already – i would lean towards holding him – i think once he's fully fit – he will be very valuable and considering current mess with Def, i would look to hold or if you've got Staker in the FWDs swing him to Def and look for a premium upgrade in the FWDs – some one like a Nic Nat?


DEF – Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Shaw, Vlaustin, Staker (Thurlow & Saunders)

MID – Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Deledio, Selwood, Murphy, Fyfe, Kerrige (K, Mitchell & Crouch)

RUCK – Cox, Jacobs (Blicavs & Currie)

FWD – Walker, Stevie J, Bartel, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy (Macaffer & Kennedy)

I really want to get in Nic Nat this week and was thinking K, Mitchell – T, Mitchell & JJ, Kennedy – Naitanui. Kerrige is also giving me problems being on the field.

Thoughts appreciated.

Adam V

Dont forget over the next 3 rounds only 18 players score not 22

Adam V

Really dont want to trade but really considering trading O'Meara this week as he is highly unlikely to get his BE and don't want to lose out on cash.
Maybe down to Mitchell or even up not sure.


Downgrade, take the cash for mass upgrade next week – with likes of Barlow, Fyfe, Mundy, S. Mitchell, Lewis, Roughead available after their bye!


Sorry that was for the wrong post – I would still keep JJK, 90+ 5rd average!! I think he maybe a keeper till late in the season…..I may look at upgrading Def first……your MID and FWD line is pretty solid…


DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, H Shaw, Terlich, B Goodes, Vlastuin (Thurlow, N Wright)

MIDS: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, J Kennedy, Dangerfield, Priddis, O'Meara, Cotchin, (Crouch, Kommer)

RUCK: Cox, Hannath, (Daw, Naismith) (struggling)

FWDS: J.Kennedy(WC), Cloke, Franklin, Monfries, Vickery, Macaffer, (B Kennedy, Staker)

14 trades left with a tiny $4700 in the bank. Got many ideas, but unsure what to do. Keen to follow Jock's advice and get one of the Freo midfield blokes in after their bye. Team needs some work all over the shop though. Ideas lads?


trade omera to swan


Good news for all the Tom Rockliff owners, the Herald Sun posted

"They will get some big names back in the next few weeks – Tom Rockliff is a confirmed starter in Round 12"

One less bye annoyance to worry about!


Have both Omeara and Moloney. Really want to trade out one of them, and I’m thinking of upgrading Moloney to Watson. I can afford basically any player, so should I go on with that trade or is there any other options?


do you have swan already?




Wayno's spot on. No trades this week.


when is dixon coming back? need to no!!!


when is dixon coming back?

Jonah mate

do i consider andrew walker???? trading him out for rockliff because i dont think rockliff will still be fit after byes because of injury and for doughnought reasons gonna pick up walker???? anyone else for around that price who is worth considering


i havent heard anything on j.selwood for a little while – his average is still ok, his BE is high…surely after their buy he's a proven mid looking to run a muck with a lowely run home? Jock? anyone?


should read bye

Bryon Sondrup

Szczupła, zadbana blondynka o aksamitnym ciałku i soczystym biuście zaprasza Panów poszukujących spełnienia w igraszkach miłosnych na najwyższym poziomie. Intymne spotkanie wypełnię doznaniami erotycznymi o których nigdy nie zapomnisz, oczaruję Cię swoim uśmiechem i towarzystwem.


Klem doster pok offa binshinky? Tolko ra voibanasius! Glimpa bok penkilsian twendle abski con-con buckanara. Nidgent yolo plipstoke, foprinkaloid gu wurgle honk fi smastapoink inna Cometti ooza le Dennis! Chinlag tintrot issa boot chillska frewda stix. Centipedo perfume. Che?


Who do you think is the best Backman under the price of 437k


Ellis or Mackie


what to do with trades? got 200k in bank
Option 1. Leunberger- Kreuzer O'meara- pendles/kennedy/dangerfield/watson

Option 2. Leunberger- Goldstein/minson/roughhead O'meara- Selwood

Liking option 1 looks pretty good but selwood at under 500k is a bargain and just cant resist


i need help with my team because desperately

Goodes hanley hepple Vlastuin Terlich Birchall Bench Docherty and thurlow

Swan cotchin Bartel Jobe Watson Omeare Gibbs Ablett

Ruck Cox and hannath Bench Daw and witts

Franklin Kennedy Gray Cloke Staker Karnezis Bench Lee and Caffer

I have 358,500 in left please HELP ME ASAP

Thanks robert


my bench for my mid is viney and crouch Above***


Me too, when will crouch and viney play again?


Crouch is fit, just not getting a game. Probably won't see viney until after the bye


jock i know you said no trades this week but im really tempted by mayes to tom mitchell. it will get me more points on the field for 2 weeks and frees up cash to trade in players in the next 2 weeks. i have moloney who im hanging to get rid of. but i have been abusing my trades with 14 left going into rd 11. do i stick fat or pull the trigger?


okay so i think i have a plan..

i think im going to trade out o'meara for gibbs this week.. also going to bring in burbury on the bubble to make some extra cash

then next week i will trade out mayes and bring in Hrovat who will be on the bubble

then after the cats have played i will upgrade dywer to bartell/stokes, and also get in tom mitchell

then once the pies have played i will bring in swan who should be at a decent price

just trying to think in advance… any thoughts?

Er, Significant Jock

Just 2 simple trades this week:

Viney > T. Mitchell
O'Meara > Swan

Viney ain't gonna play any time soon, O'Meara has peaked and Swan is dirt cheap.

Midfield now complete:
Swan, Pendlebury, JP Kennedy, Cotchin, Fyfe, S. Johnson, J. Selwood, Priddis (T. Mitchell, Crouch).

Happy Days.


Got a feeling that mitchell will find himself in the vest more often than not. I'd rather martin from the pies