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How’s your mob going round 10?

Published by Jock on

Your Supercoach Mob

Not sure how I feel about this Monday night footy caper. Plenty will walk into work or school on Monday not sure if they’ll take out the round 10 honors or not, especially with the likes of Cotchin, Deledio, Martin, Cox and the great Nic Nat still to strut their stuff.

But you’d have a fair idea of how you’re getting on so far. The Fantasy Footy Gods haven’t smiled on me this week. Every one of Watson, Gibbs, Goddard, Hannebery, Mundy and bloody Marc Murphy have dished out sub 100 scores. One of those weeks for JR Brumby FC.

You reckon I’ll drop my bundle? Reckon I’ll throw in the towell? Reckon the old bottom lip is trembling just a touch? COURSE BLOODY NOT. We all have these weeks. Fantasy Footy genius does not immunise even me against the odd week like this.

How are you travelling? What are you thinking about and what are your queries as we look towards round 11 – the first of the bye rounds?


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Hi Jock,

Im looking good this week on 1637 off 15. Managed to use the emg loophole to get lairds score on the field. GAJ captain and swanny, jacobs finally showing me why he shouldn't be traded


Jock, what do you think I should do about Blicavs, he scored 107 as an emergency so if i put currie on for a ruck I get his score. Do I put him on for cox/roughy/nic nat, or just eave him?


Thanks alot for your help!

jbombs jets

Take the 107 from the bic or play big dean cox ??
thoughts anyone !

scotty "FARCUES"

bloody hell johno no.3 in the country reckon i`d be taken your own advice old mate

jbombs jets

[email protected] it , taking the 107 Scotty ! Points in the bank . Done


I’m sure Jacobs will average 100+ now that I traded him. 1706 with Terlich, buddy, roughy, Kennedy, cox, and Nic nat to come. Probably 2350 ill finish at. Had moloney on instead of jaeger but anyway.

scotty "FARCUES"

bloody hope so held the big ginga sauce headed giant still not convincing though but jock says hold so i hold!!


Lookin good with 1517 after 13 played! Thanks to walker, minson, swanny, danger and Kennedy smashing it. Might be looking at my biggest score of the year


Good on ya mate, have som vegemite!


1900 with vlastuin, Martin, cox, Kennedy and priddis to play. I’ve never gotten more then 2350 so hoping for 2400 plus!! All thanks to you jock thanks 🙂


Looking nice on 1466, 9 still to play, tossing up whether to play Matt Jones or Brad Hill today, gone with the more mature body of Jones, looking at a 2300+ score Jock!

jbombs jets

Hey there Jock
Just like to thank you for all of your supercoach wisdom .
My overall rank 0f 3rd is all thanks to your fantastic team !


Looking average with 1708/16/Stevie J Captain. Used the Emergency loophole twice this week with and took Browns 86 and left Wines 63 on the bench and playing Vlastuin. With Cox, Maric, Priddis, Vlastuin, Birchall and JJK left hopefully breaking the 2300 and with a ranking of 3364 i should break the 2000 again 🙂


Jock what do you reckon is a safe score to take regarding the cpatains loophole? Pendles got me 119 but i wasnt satisfied and went watson and now hating myself.


sometimes you just have to bank a decent score then risk it
Don't feel bad about it mate, I had Pendles as my VC and took the risk on Minson for my C and scored 133. Just luck which is involved in risk.


think I wasted a trade on buddy he will be going to gws next year and all you hawk fans better get used the idea he will leave for the 9 mil deal hawks will do better with out him


Agree mate – buddy looks completely out of sorts, and out of favour with the rest of the dawks. I reckon they’ve ignored him in space at least 5 times today, and he just doesn’t look into it. Got to keep him though.


Always manage to pick the wrong one out of Macaffer/Kerridge, missed out on Kerridge's 139 last week, and missed Macaffer's 100 this week. At least Sammy Jacobs is coming good


how does birchall sound as a trade in option after next week's bye? is very cheap


He looks to be picking up on his form again but still doesn't look like the player we saw in the first few rounds, but still a decent trade in option…


1740 with Goldstein and 4 to go.
Not looking good


What's a towell, Jock?

Jacob J.

It's something you dry yourself with


u fukcing retard


It's a joke. Calm down….I hope it's a joke :/


not having a great round but should win in my comps. Taking a punt on Stevie J as captain for the round was a miscalculation for sure. Lucky for me I am playing bottom ranked sides this week.


Aaron Black!!!! 131 supercoach points, what a effort!


Doing ok with 1622/16 Still have Cox, Nic Nat, Kennedy, Martin, Deledio and Vlastuin
Had no back up on any position just had to roll with the 22 I have which resulted in poor scores from Hanley 49 Evens 47 on the bright side had Minson as my C 133


Jock, on 1943 after 18 played, thanks to players like Barlow, black and minson. Still have Cox, Kennedy, Cotchin and Vlaustin to play so feeling good about this round, looking for a season high!


Well done mate good luck fo tomorrow


For haha


Cheers mate haha


who is a good ruckman to get, i have daw and 330 in the bank


Minson, Nic Nat or Kruezer




I have vc on Ablett. Will get 258 points if I make Ellis captain. But something is telling me to go with nick nat? Thoughts


take Gazza's and bank em!


Jock, I need you to find out the inside track on Dixon. You've stuck with him this far, but it's been, what, four weeks out for a minor ankle injury? I don't buy it, what's the real story? When is he likely to be back? GC have been flying without him, does he fit into a structure that's been working well?

The above means that my team isn't doing particularly well and I'm looking to blame someone or something. 1400 from 16, Nic Nat, Dusty, Cotch, Vlastuin, Priddis and Kennedy to come. Cloke's late out gives me a doughnut up forward with Dwyer and Rockliff also out.

Choosing Watson as Captain didn't help much either. At least Jacobs got a satisfactory score. He's still on notice though.


Yeah I'd love some news on big Charlie! If he's back next week I'll be glad that I stuck with him. There's little to no chance that he doesn't fit the structure or just not being picked. A big agile guy that kicks goals is exactly what will take the Suns to the next level!

Where's Barry

yeah, half a mil sitting on the pine is killing me, would love some positive news…


got 1600 with 5 left cox pridis nick vastin cotch and josh kenndy looking at 2150 I hope or maybe 2165


Hey Jock, i'll easily win all of my leagues except one: i should win down 20 points and our different players are i have nic nat and shuey and he has vlastuin. i'm just worried about a late out to nic nat with no cover on my bench (rocky and dwyer injured)
Am i getting worriew over nothing?


1. Who would you trade Robbie Gray to?
2. I have Cox and Roughead in the Ruck, would you trade Leunberger OUT?


yes, downgrade him to a rookie and spend the money upgrading a rookie that you have starting


looking at 2200 with buddy goddard and watson letting me down.
How many guns do you think we should have upgraded to by now? for eg.6 mids
5 def,5 att and 1 ruck.


I've got 5def, 7mid, 2ruck and 5fwd. What you said doesn't sound too bad tho.

I would say wait till after the bye rounds to fill your team mate there's some great prem price drops on the horizon (Hanley, J Selwood, N Riewoldt)


Stinking it up this week but should just get over the line. Just wondering if anyone knows where to find the pre-game of Saturday night where Peter powers was hypnotizing the cats as I thought it was pretty hilarious. Thanks


Had a shocker of a week to be honest, one of the worst I've ever had..
Got a zero in the fwd line because of cloke and rockliff both out
Then had shockers with Hanley, kerridge (every time I play him on the field he does bad and when benched kills it) hannebery, Selwood, Watson, Goddard..
And scores that aren't that great from buddy, duffield, omeara

Not even gonna crack 2000 this week, very frustrating 🙁

Who would you rather trade in next week, walker or swan?


swan because he is going to be cheap and is much better than walker


Those plum-rollin' fantasy footy gods seem to revel in testing coaches' pain tolerance levels with rookies .. play them on field and they are rat schizen, put 'em on the pine and the gods give ya a big ol' squeeze and benchie comes up with a ton +!!! At least those big scores soothe the pain a bit by putting some cash into the warchest for upgrades.


Jock…couldn't be more happy, old fella!

1909 pts currently, with Cox, Kennedy, Shuey, Martin, and Vlastuin to come.

Hopefully will crack the 2450 mark 😀

Thanks for everything, mate! 🙂


1992 – Priddis, JJK, Vlastuin left. Went with SJ capt (86), quite annoyed. Still proj 2269.


Jock mate what do we do with the Blicavs boy?

I’m trading Luenenberger out for Kreuzer this week, and had planned to downgrade Blicavs to Nicholls or Gorringe. But Blicavs is looking more and more at home, so maybe downgrade Gawn? Do I take the extra cash or the extra emergency ruck?


288k in the bank will trade Luenberger for Mumford and Daw for Nic Nat and also have blicavs for the bench


1626 with Cox, Nic Nat, Priddis, Deledio, Martin & Vlastuin to come…. Thoughts on who would you rather bring in next week Jock, Will Minson or Kreuzer??!


Sitting on 1812 with Prids, Coxy, Twinkle-toes Kennedy and Captain NicNat to come. Might end up my best week yet.

Tomahawk was more like a butter-knife (again), but I loved my Minson trade-in.


Heaps of players down. Was going to trade in Barlow instead of Selwood and look what happened . Looks like I am not alone with this week being the shits!


Used the captain loophole to get Walker's 300 and the emergency loophole for Macaffer's hundy. All set to beat my leagues number one so no complaints.


The greatest app I have on me phone. Saves me buying the paper now as in WA it is always only about the buggies & shockers with the team playing either just getting a mention
So much info one would have thought would be helpfull but I’m looking @ 2100 this week. Took a punt in stevie j as Cpt and got rid Rockcliff for buddy. Should I get rid o buddy or hang it tough also had Cloke Mayes and Snottie Green (lions) all with donuts in me fwd line. Am happy with rest o side at moment. Have $400000 in d bank



Sorry buddy for Rockie


I've got 1645 with Deledio, Cox, Nic Nat, Kennedy, Vlastuin and Shuey left to play.

Looking at winning both of my league matches, largely thanks to Swanny as my VC. Took his 131. Glad I didn't put the C on Stevie J!

Going to sit out the next round as far as trades go and save it for before Rounds 12 and 13 when I'll potentially trade Blicavs/Gawn/Thurlow and/or O'Meara/Kommer/Dwyer/Macaffer when they have their byes.

Looking at some bargains, Jock. Any suggestions?


1799 with 5 players left – Priddis, Shuey, Cox, Kennedy & Vlastuin……the predictor has me losing the League Match by two points….my estimated score 2277, opponent's prediction 2279… say i'm nervous is an understatement…..looking for big games from Shuey and Priddis – Opponent has Dusty, Lids & LeCras with Cox, Kennedy and Vlastuin common to both…….hating this Monday night wait to get the game result!!! Wishing i kept Gaz as captain instead of Stevie J the additional 46 pts would've almost sealed the win by now….


Hey Jock I was wondering if you do Dream Team as well or just Supercoach?
Personally I'm only doing DT this year but do you reckon I should try out Supercoach next year?
Advantages/disadvantages of both?
Oh and if you only do Supercoach, why the preference?