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gambino supercoach punting clubWelcome again community to Round 10 of the Punt Club! As we brace ourselves for the wrath of the byes in the upcoming few weeks I must urge all of you stay calm. With the help of the likes of Jock, Crimmo, the Mad Irishman and Higgo we as a community must ride this storm together!

And who knows, there may be a pot of gold at the end of it for one of youse. In the meantime, let’s have a look at what our friends at have got for us this week.

Head to Head Dream Team Markets:

Travis Cloke ($1.88) vs Pearce Hanley ($1.88)
Friday Night special this one! Can’t believe are giving us $1.88 on Pearce Hanley to beat Travis Cloke. The raging Irish bull Hanley is one of my favorite players in the competition and he’s been the premium fantasy defender this year. He averages just under 100 and oozes consistency. Cloke has been an OK fantasy player this year but his average gets fluctuates by massive scores against weak opposition. Cloke averages a paltry 60 at the GABBA and has never scored a 100 DT points there – his highest score ever is 80! Being Hanley’s home ground, he generally runs amok at the GABBA and I’m fully expecting my boy Hanley to get the job done easily in this one.

Michael Barlow ($1.80) vs Scott Thompson ($1.95)
On face value it appears that it would be impossible to split these two. But after closer inspection I’m fairly confident Micky Barlow has it in him to comfortably knock off Scott Thompson. After a somewhat lean start to the year, Barlow’s recent form has been irresistible man! His 3 Round average is 124 and I’m fully expecting another score like that this week. And how’s this everyone? Barlow averages a lazy 113 DT points against Adelaide with 100 or over in every game except one. Playing at AAMI clearly doesn’t bother him either (averages 116 there). Scott Thompson record against the Dockers is very inconsistent. I reckon he loses sleep over Ryan Crowley as well man. In their two regular season games last year, Creepy Crowley kept Thompson to 65 DT points on BOTH occasions. He gave him an absolute bath despite Adelaide winning both times. Get the coin on Barlow!

Jobe Watson ($1.75) vs Josh Kennedy ($2.00)
Jobe Watson. He is a man on a mission to retain his brownlow! After Watto’s blinder and JPK’s absolute stinker last week it’s just too hard to look past Watson at the moment. He’s in career-best form and will be brimming with confidence after his 122 DT point and BOG performance last week. Kennedy could only manage a measly 50 points – and that’s not the first time he’s bombed out against decent opposition this year – remember that 59 against Geelong a bit over a month ago? Watson averages a very respectable 98 against Sydney whereas Kennedy’s average of 76 against Essendon is 7 points below his usual DT average. The only thing that could work in JPK’s favour is that the game’s at the SCG which suits his style but the tough footy that has to be won at the SCG won’t faze Jobe one bit and I reckon the son of a gun will run away with this one easily.

Dane Swan ($1.75) vs Scott Pendlebury ($2.00)
Just struggling a little bit at the moment Swanny isn’t he? Not sure if he’s been having the same problem as Heath Shaw and enjoying a few too many double scoop cones from my van recently but he’s just dropped the ball the last couple of weeks with scores of 85 and 90 which are definitely down on his standards. Whilst the scores themselves aren’t too worrying I reckon he’s looking a tad unfit at the moment and is hanging for that week off. I’d be surprised if Swanny improves before having that week off. Pendles hasn’t showed nearly as many signs of slowing down and his three previous games at the GABBA returned scores of 135, 119 and 119. It’s the $2.00 odds that our friends at have on offer for us that wins me over to Pendles as well. I reckon that’s decent value so youse all better jump on before Teflon’s avalanche of money starts winding those odds in.


Group Specials

Some great group markets on offer this week for us to get stuck into. I like the looks of some of these groups and reckon you can find some great value. First one I want to have a look at is the Bulldogs v Power Group 2. One name sticks out to me there is Robbie Gray. Since Gray has returned from injury he’s been one of the rare bright sparks for Port. Admittedly his Supercoach scores have been better than his DT scores but I reckon he’s still got a lot to give to Port and will only keep improving. Considering there’s eight players to choose from it’s a very open field with plenty of chances so whilst I’m not saying put the house on Robbie Gray, if I had to choose one it’d definitely be him.

Dreamteam Group Specials

That boy Ryan Bastinac is the name that sticks out for me here. He was very, very good last week with 94 DT points and showed huge signs of improvement. Looking at this list of names I’m not sure he’ll even need 100 points to win man! The favourite Dal Santo hasn’t been great this year; his 111 point against Gold Coast the only ton he’s recorded and he’s only managed to average in the mid 70’s. McEvoy and Goldy have been struggling recently and I don’t think the rest of them have it in them to challenge. Get behind Ryan Bastinac here dudes!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts/who you’re backing this week. Send us a tweet at @Vince_Gambino or simply post a comment in the section below.

Happy Punting

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Scott Thompson usually struggles against Freo. They'll probably be targeting Dangerfield more than Thompson now, but it'll be an interesting one. Douglas has arguably been more damaging than Thommo this year, so you might find he cops the 2nd most attention which leaves Thompson a bit more free. I've stayed away from pretty much anything Freo/Adelaide this week, entire thing is too close for me to call

Put my $ on Hanley over Cloke, although i'm hearing Cloke could miss due to sickness. Also put a cold coin on GWS to lose by less than 40 since the odds were at $39 and it'll annoy my mate who's a Carlton fan.


Sorry, meant GWS to win by less than 40.


No where near it mate, they copped an absolute shellacking!


Hi mate
Not a big fan of Head to Head Dream Team Market why don’t you bring back line betting or are you obligated by sports bet.


Get a Free $250 bet for signing up to sportsbet here


1 out of 3 time for a spell. Bring back last year’s line betting

Beer Gut

I too wish fo the return of Higgo's Punting Machine.


Gambino your so bad


if you bet on Hanley over Cloke this week did you win cash or get your money back because cloke didnt play?