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supercoach flesh for fantasyG’day community,

Welcome to another edition of Flesh for Fantasy.

It was a high-scoring round last week, with many coaches breaking the 2300 or there about. We have the usual suspects in Jobe Watson and Gary Ablett to thank for that. Also, those who were still stick with Kane Lucas and Koby Stevens were rewarded with 110 and 127 respectively.

However, I feel it’s the footy gods giving us some SuperCoach happiness before they smash us over next 3 weeks. The byes are looming, and as much as we might think we’ll be OK, averages and rankings will be smashed.

So this week I’ve come up with a something to help get the mind ticking over about just how to go about tackling the bye rounds. It’s a big 3 weeks and can mean the difference in winning league/prize.

Time for some Flesh.


The most dreaded part of the year is a week away, and for many, it can make or break where you stand at the end of the season. While for others, the league win and bragging rights over fellow office workers is everything.

The bye rounds span from round 11 to round 13, with 6 sides having a bye on each of the 3 rounds. Here is the breakdown of which club has what bye.

  • Rd 11: PA, RICH, WBD, BL, FRE, HAW
  • Rd 12: NM, STK, WCE, SYD, GEE, MELB

So as you can see, there will be no way to avoid some carnage unless you’ve really structured your team and got a serious swing set going. How do you tackle the byes? There’s 2 ways to go about it:


For some, the appeal of winning a league premiership is greater than the ranking. If you are setting sights for ultimate bragging rights, I believe you approach these next 3 weeks with an eye on season end. So if you’re in a good position on the ladder, treat the next 3 weeks as any other and don’t be too concerned about poor scores. The team you have at the end of the season is more important than the one you have for 3 weeks.

However, for others, the bye rounds could be a good opportunity to get a few wins under the belt and launch yourself for a 2nd half assault to the season. In this case, I would trade to win. By this, I mean timing upgrades throughout the byes to get the edge over your depleted opponent. It might mean sending O’Meara to a premium midfielder if it means having one extra scorer than your opponent. Plan strategically throughout next 3 weeks, because it could be difference between minor and major finals.


There are also those want the prize at the end of the season, and are gunning for that high overall ranking. This one provides a more delicate situation compared to those aiming for the league win. It’s all about trading smart to ensure you’re not blowing the extra trade you get, while also having some in the kitty for when the general (soreness) arrives in town.

Having numerous dual position players (DPP) in your team is critical for this time of the year. For example, if you’ve got Tom Rockliff (yes, he is out this week, I know) in your midfield, and a Jimmy Bartel in your forward line, you can simply swap Bartel to midfield in round 11 and bench Rockliff in your forward line if you’re lacking mid rookies like myself. Visa versa when Bartel has the bye in round 12. Swing sets provide flexibility to interchange players who are out in the bye and minimise trades used to cover players.

Another approach is to trade your way through. The people at Virtual Sports are very kind in giving us an extra trade throughout the bye period, jacking it up from 2 to 3. So, this means we’re able to cover more zeros and ease the short-term pain. All well and good, but it can also be a trap.

If you’re going to trade out zeros for points, keep 2 things in mind. 1, swing sets. Look for DPPs who will be an asset later in year when the general takes his victims. Also, be smart when you trade. If you trade out a player with round 12 bye, don’t get in a player with the round 13 bye. Get in a player with the round 11 bye, otherwise you’re only going to end up in the same predicament as before.

It’s a big time of the year for those with rankings in mind, and how you attack the next 3 weeks can go a long way towards the prize at the end of it all.


BRENT STAKER (BRIS) DEF/FWD – $132,600 DT/$128,00 SC
– Next 5 Games: COLL (H), BYE, FRE (A), GEE (H), HAW (A)
– Recent Scores: 73, 98

The ultimate cheap FWD 6/DEF 6 player that was taken from us at the start of the year has returned. After a delayed start to the year, Brent Staker is back and on the bubble. With a price-rise due this week, do not hesitate to get him in. Rookie priced players won’t come with as much job security as Staker. He will play every game from here on in (barring injury) and as he’s shown so far, has ability to score quite well. We didn’t fret getting him in when SuperCoach opened, and don’t fret trading him in. MUST HAVE this week.

WILL MINSON (WBD) RUCK – $422,100 DT/559,700 SC
– Next 5 Games: PA (H,TIO), BYE, COLL (A), RICH (H), MELB (A)
– Recent Scores: 102, 106, 120, 127, 109

He’s flown under the radar for the past 9 weeks, but now it’s time to consider the man who can speak 1033242 languages, Will Minson. He’s had just the 1 game under 100 this season (94 v Richmond) and has the round 11 bye. Another club that has the round 11 bye is Brisbane. Most likely your second ruck plays for Brisbane, and I can take a stab at his name…Matthew Leuenberger? Going Leuey to Minson makes sense. It’ll cost you a touch over $100k, but you’re swapping him for someone with the same bye, and who’s dropped under 100 once all year. Going Jacobs to Minson is also another trade worth considering. When there’s a Will, there’s a way.


JAEGER O’MEARA (GCS) – $399,600 DT/$425,600 SC
– Next 5 Games: GEE (A), NM (H), ESS (A), BYE, ADEL (H)
– Recent Scores: 119, 90, 89, 109, 74

You look at that list of recent scores, and you’re probably thinking what mad man is silly enough to get rid of a player like Jaeger. Don’t worry, there’s a method to Crimmins’ madness. Firstly, his BE is dangerously high. 74 is the magic number, and it’s a worry. You don’t want him leaking money during the bye period and unable to trade him out. This leads me into my next point. He has the round 13 bye, so even if you don’t ditch this week, it would be wise to do so for a Fremantle jet like Barlow or Fyfe, who have the round 11 bye and an easy run home. It may not be this week, but it’s almost time to drink this Jaegerbomb, it’s ready.

– Next 5 Games: Resting that thumb, maybe back for 5th game
– Recent Scores: Irrelevant.

Poor Leuey. He just can’t get a good run at it, and it’s extremely frustrating for us coaches who had high hopes for the great man. An injured has created an awkward conundrum. What do we do? Well, if you’re aiming for the league win, holding him might be the way to go. You’re not concerned about how you go in the bye rounds and going to cop the low scores either way. However, if you’re all about the rankings, he has to go. He’s fluctuated a handy $150k and now it’s time to use the big man as a stepping-stone to Nic Nat. How you deal with Leuey depends on way you attack the bye rounds, but I would strongly consider getting rid of him.


Going up
– Sam Dwyer (COLL), 39 BE
– Brent Macaffer (COLL), 33 BE
– Adam Goodes (SYD), 34 BE
– Daniel Hannebery (SYD), 70 BE
– Steve Johnson (GEE), 90 BE
– Mark Blicavs (GEE), 19 BE
– Jimmy Bartel (GEE), 91 BE
– Nic Naitanui (WCE), 69 BE
– Josh J Kennedy (WCE), 65 BE
– Matt Priddis (WCE), 77 BE
– Jimmy Webster (STK), -20 BE
– Jackson Thurlow (GEE), -9 BE
– Brent Staker (BRIS), -93 BE
– Sam Docherty (BRIS), 8 BE
– Marc Murphy (CARL), 78 BE
– Jobe Watson (ESS), 58 BE
– Brent Stanton (ESS), 94 BE
– Nick Vlaustin (RICH), -9 BE
– Lance Franklin (HAW), 69 BE
– Sam Kerridge (ADEL), 17 BE
– Michael Barlow (FRE), 58 BE
– Nat Fyfe (FRE), 72 BE

Going down
– Dane Swan (COLL), 177 BE
– Josh P Kennedy (SYD), 151 BE
– Joel Selwood (GEE), 140 BE
– Dean Cox (WCE), 136 BE
– Nick Riewoldt (STK), 175 BE
– Ben McEvoy (STK), 179 BE
– Andrew Walker (CARL), 158 BE
– Dustin Martin (RICH), 144 BE
– Tom Rockliff (BRIS), 168 BE
– Brett Deledio (RICH), 144 BE
– Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL), 159 BE
– Dean Terlich (MELB), 38 BE


Here we go community; Pub Talk is upon us for another week. In the perfect world, every coach in Australia will be at the Seaford RSL spinning yarn about our great game. Unfortunately, it’s not logistically possible, but Pub Talk is the closest we’ll get. Thank you for your questions, here are the burning issues for this week. Questions that don’t get answered in this week’s edition will be answered personally on Twitter.

Supercoach tweet 1

ANSWER: Only you will know if you’re burning trades too fast. As long as you have got enough trades to cover yourself in the finals, when some serious carnage can occur, you should be right. Also, sometimes trades must be burnt to get rookies and premiums in. If it’s any consolation, I have 15 trades left. But yeah, as long as you’ve got a set plan and not side-ways trading for the sake of it, you’re not burning trades.

Supercoach tweet 2
ANSWER: Leuenberger for 2 reasons. Firstly, Rockliff claims it will only be a week injury and they have the round 11 bye, so he’ll be given extra week to get ready. This injury are tricky in that it could be longer than just 2 weeks, but for now, we got to hold him to his world. Secondly, it’s the perfect time to get Nic Nat in. Leuey hasn’t been scoring that well recently, and an injury like this is an excuse to upgrade to a consistent scoring DPP ruck. Last thing you need is a player like Leuey sitting on the pine throughout the bye period. Make the trade and get as many points as possible in a time where they’re scarce.

Supercoach tweet 3

ANSWER: Sensational midfield, envy of most, me especially. For one, I’d get Nathan Fyfe. Easy run home, and if you’re planning to get in during the byes, has the round 11 bye. Another player to consider is Trent Cotchin. He too has that round 11 bye, and a reasonable run home. Price has dropped from start of season so you can get him on the cheap. Worth considering those two, but really depends on when you make these upgrades.

Supercoach tweet 4

ANSWER: Interesting question. Has dropped $100,000 in value from start of season, but that’s because he’s either been good, or very poor. 3 scores about 100, but also 3 scores below 80. While Griffin does cop the tag, I’m not convinced just yet. I would have another look before considering, has the round 11 bye so if he backs up the 155 against St Kilda with another good score, going O’Meara to Boyd in round 12 should be considered.

Supercoach tweet 5

ANSWER: Great question, because even the premiums can become too expensive. I think you need to judge price based on output. You want to get the best value possible from your purchase – you’re paying big bucks for these players. Bartel’s price should stay around $550k and I reckon that’s good value given his output. Dropped under 100 twice this year, and while he may be a rest risk, I would not let that sway you too much. Bartel not too expensive, get him in.

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition. All the best for this round of fantasy footy. Send any questions to @Mr_Crimmins, and also comment below. If you do have a bye strategy you want to share with the community, don’t hesitate to post that too.

We are all in this together.

Mr Crimmins.

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You have Terlich in the wrong "Breaking Point" column ya silly old fool. But otherwise a great article 🙂


Well would you look at that. Got lost in my numbers…
Thanks mate!


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Is Stevie J too expensive to get guys?
Also who is the best ruck option to trade in under 400k


bailey or kruzer best ruck options for under 400k


I can get in any mid (already have Swan, GAJ, JPK, Danger, Fyfe). Pendles the obvious choice?




I'd go Jobe. He'd be coming into my side if I didn't have to dump Leuey


Do you reckon I bring in Minson, Johnson or Bartel (via cox dpp)


For me it would be Stevie J all the way! (A two trade option including downgrading to Staker if money is short may assist if money is short) but he comes at a premium price!


Stevie J for mine.


Is Stevie J too expensive to trade in?
Also who is the best ruck option for under 400k??


I was going to bring Stevie J in at $585K but he was a late out so I am happy to pay an extra $20K to get him this week.

I need to win my next two league matches in my money league so I am prepared to pay that price.


Crap with Mayes out I think I might have to trade him to Bartel rather than Jager to Stevie J.


Teams have forced me from being able to buy any mid, to having to buy any forward (credit Dwyer, Mayes, Rockliff). Not sure on Stevie J (scared of jumping on an in form player after experiences with Birch and Hartlett). Considering Riewoldt, who is having a ripper season, Dusty Martin, Stokes, Roughie, Franklin?


Stevie J is a gun!


Both pretty solid mate, Reiwoldt as the consistancy pick, Stevie J as a form rider risk but could pay off seems to be flling Chappy's shoes while he's out. Will his scores dp a bit when he comes back? I really don't know!

Up to you mate, depends what your aims are this year. Want the prize? Go for Stevie J


Get on Stevie J with confidence, he's a gun. Matty Stokes a nice PoD too


Upgrading daw this week. Who do I get in nic nat or minson


Yep, go Nic Nat.


i have traded o'meara down to staker and put dwyer on my midfield bench, should i upgrade dwyer this week? If so who should i get? or i could hold and use the money for the bye round upgrades?


Hold for a week, and then trade him during the byes. Don't want to be stuck with a 0 throughout the 3 weeks due to trigger happy trading.


Losing Mayes, Rockliff and Dwyer in my FWD line is gonna be bad.

Originally planned Terlich to Staker – Dwyer to Stevie J with 70K leftover, but had to rejig that to Mayes for Staker and Dwyer for Bartel (Only had enough for him, not Stevie J or Nic Nat). Reckon that's an OK trade?


Still reckon thats a solid trade mate, i'd be happy with that.


Need some help community!
Backline: Duffield, Birchall, Gibbs, Goodes, Vlautsin, Staker bench Docherty, Frost
Midfield: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, JP Kennedy, Fyfe, Stevie J, O'meara bench Lonergan and Evans
Rucks Maric and Cox bench blicavs and daw
Forwards: Martin, JJ Kennedy, Franklin, Macaffer, Nic Nat bench rowe and b kennedy

I have $105k in the bank and was think of moving stevie j into the forward line, benching rockliff in the middle and trading lonergan to luke ball to cover rockliff while he is injured and to make some cash and then upgrading ball round 13 when collingwood has the bye.

I scored 2358 last week and will have 15 trades left after making one change this week. Would love some feedback!


I would hold Rockliff to be honest. Bris have bye next week, and according to him, if Lions were playing Sat/Sun this weekend, he would've got up.


Option 1
Daw to NicNat
Wines to Hrovat

Option 2
Daw to Kreuzer
Wines to Mitch Robinson

Leaning 1 but like pluses of 2. Thoughts, community?


Option 1 for me


Only reason I'm hesitant on 1 is I want to wait for after the bye to get Hrovat. Recommend any other rook mids (other than Hutchings…think he'll get the vest).

Thanks Super_Freak.


Hi Sloan,
Get on Dog dog mate . This is the last time you will get him for <600K for a long long time
Over to you


Hey Dools. Agree. Struggling with rook downgrade for Wines. Want to get Hrovat after bye. Martin kid worth a roll of the dice?


Or I can do Burbury for Neade. Risks abound to get NicNat!


Hi guys, what do you think about Dwyer~Hawkins good or bad move?????


Not a fan. If you can't afford to upgrade Dwyer, then look at downgrading him to free up cash for another trade elsewhere.


He is cheap for a reason. Way too many dud scores to go with the occasional good one. Probably not too many good forward performers in that price range though. Downgrade to Staker if you dont have him already


Question regarding the bye rounds folks – I know it's best 18 on field but can emergencies still be used for late outs for example? Also can loopholes still work as they usually do?


Hey Jock,
Bit of a traded dilemma.
Watson or Naitanui?


Who are you trading out?


Upgrading Sam Mayes but can use his fwd/mid eligibility for either Watson or Naitanui.


Tough choice. I'm not sure NicNat is not gonna get much cheaper than over the last 2 weeks. So he's value. It might be best to trade Watson in after his round 13 bye. Assuming u have a few round 13 bye players like Gaz, Pendles, Swanny, Danger and O'Meara.


Thanks mate you're right on the money there I reckon. I'll keep that in mind.


dwyer to staker then mayes to Watson or stevie j?


I'd go Stevey J is in fantastic form like Watson. They don't have the easiest run home but either would be a great addition to your team.


I like Watson to be honest, but really, you can't go wrong with either.


this week I'm trading Rockliff to Stevie J and Leuenberger to either Kruezer or Max Bailey
I really need help deciding who to pick.


I'd hold Rocky & find another way to bring Stevie J in – maybe trade O'Meara instead if you can afford it?


Yup, definitely hold Rocky. if game was played sat/sun this weekend, he would've got up. They have bye next week, will be valuable to have


Omeara for cotchin or Martin ??
Any thoughts?


Cotchin, but no reason to trade them til after round 11


Kruezer every day of the week


Trades this week:
Out-Leuenberger, In-Nic Nat
Out-Mayes, In-Staker
Would love feedback or any other suggestions as I have Rockliff and Dwyer not playing and Sauce Jacobs in pretty poor form……still


Solid trade there Liam, I've gone the same only Stevie J instead of Nic Nat coz I've already got him. You've just got to have Nic Nat.


I have 548 000 for a ruck,

Who would be the best option out of McEvoy, Roughie, Maric, Kreuzer or someone else??



I'll be bringing in Mullet Maric in a few weeks as I believe he represents excellent value and fits in nicely with my bye strategy. Tiges also have a decent draw over the crucial Superocach finals period.

Big Boy and Roughie are valid options too although I'd expect Roughie to get rested an extra week at some point so just be mindful of that possibility.

Going Kreuuu is too tight @rse for my liking and I held him last year and burnt me when he played exclusively forward so I won't be returning to that well again.


Well Crimms reckons Minson for around 556000 if you can make some cap room, I would say maybe a fwd downgrade to Staker if you don't have him (then I'd go Nic Nat!)

Otherwise of those I'd honestly go with Roughie, he's in great form at the moment but don't expect his price to rise much. If generating cash is your objective, go Kruezer (or as a wildcard maybe Mummy).

I'm guessing you have Cox, otherwise he'd be my number one for that price.


I'd go roughy mate


stevie j or Watson???



Tough call as I now have both fine fellas in my team after this week's trades but I'd say Jobe by a bee's you know what.


thanks mate


Yeah SCaddict on the money, Jobe for mine too.


Already have Kreuzer. Need to trade out Big leuey and got 80,000. Who should I get. I was thinking Ben 'Big Boy' McEvoy or the mullet msn Ivan Maric?


Yes like both those picks. Big Boy has really delivered the goods this season although had a couple of quiet ones lately.

However I'll be bringing in Maric as I like the Tiges draw late in the season and should be a steal at around $450K after this round.

If you still can't split them perhaps consider how their bye will affect you.


Both great picks Sully but I think Jobe who is in career best form is a better pick for 6k more


Agree Remy


Who should I trade out first Leuenberger or Dwyer? Trade in options for both??


Nic Nat should be your first priority, I'd then look at Staker and bank the cash for the bye rounds.


Leuey 100%.


when to get out sam rowe/?


Hold, hasn't generated enough cash but very valuable DPP.. If you don't have swing set yet I would trade in a premium DPP, eg Cox or Nit Nat in the opposite area of the field.


Whose better Mitchell or Martin

Birch's Buddy

If this is Kyle and Tom, then talent-wise, I'd go with Tom.


Big call…. K. Martin went bananas last night at the Gabba! Radar definitely on both players plus Hrovat from the Doggies…. All good downgrade options in the midfield!


tough one, if you have cash (lots of…) you can use him for an upgrade, or maybe see how Sam Michael from Brizzy goes – first game this week replacing Luey, could be a downgrade option to pick up $100K. Or you could hope the Blues get decimated with ruck injuries so he actually gets a game! I'm in the same boat but more pressing trades before I look at him.


who to get out first: Terlich, rowe or lecras??


I'd upgrade LeCras if you can as he is really leaking cash now. Conversely you could also downgrade him to Staker to free up cash if you don't have Staker already.


I'd have to say Rowe simply cause he's not playing. Downgrade to Staker and use the cash to upgrade.


Rowe to valuable with DPP, hasn't made enough cash to waste a trade yet I reckon



What does anyone think of this trade:

Leuey to Vardy
Dwyer to Nic Nat
$21000 left

Otherwise I'm stuck with

Dwyer to Ben Kennedy (FWD)
Leuey to Nic Nat
$130000 left

I much prefer option 1 but am willing to take criticism for hasty vardy trade in would love to hear second opinions


I'd honestly go Dwyer to Staker, Leuey to Nic Nat if you haven't got Staker yet


i need some help supercoaches……
my team is ;
taylor, enright, heppell, goodes, gibbs, terlich (thurlow, colquorn)
GAJ, kennedy, hannerbery, cotchin, priddis, omeara, hodge (viney, caddy)
roughhead, leuenberger, (gawn, currie)
bartel, monfries, franklin, le cras, sam reid, mccaffer (rowe,kennedy)
got about 430,000 in the pot. would like to get staker in, but not sure whether i trade terlich or sam reid?? and maybe trade luey out too??


You have to trade Leuy because both Gawn and Currie aren't playing. Terlich has been named so I'd go Reid to Staker. Staker is a must have. Probably Nic Nat for Leuy


^ This.


Need some advice from the community. I have the choice of Nic Nac, Lance Franklin, bartel, dangerfield, kennedy(swans) or cotchin for Captain this week. Can anyone help??????????????


Do you have captain's loophole?

If so I'd wack VC on Lance and see how he goes (could smack out a massive score v Melbourne).

I'd put the C onto NIc Nat tho. Richmond have been smashed out of the middle lately and Nic Nat will probably have a massive contribution against the out of form Maric.

If you don't trust me tho then slap the C onto Danger-man. His highest average scoring team is Freo…

Good luck!


thanks salty, good advice

Rotten Ronny

Apart from Ablett, I wouldn't risk putting the C on any midfielder playing Fremantle. Because of the Crowley factor


Who will score higher out of Ben Kennedy and Dean Terlich? Any late rumors about Terlich not playing this week?


Terlich out


Terlich is a chance to miss, will be 50/50 but if both play, Terlich definitely


Terlich. Although Kennedy won't be the sub this week.


Hey guys need some help!
I want to get Staker in to free up some cash for upgrades during the byes who should i ditch?

T/U – O'meara
T/D – Jacobs


Trade down Jacobs for mine, then send O'Meara up in a couple weeks time


Hey guys, When will we know the Monday final squads for the eagles tigers game? Looking at hutchings for the money boost he will get if he plays but its tough with him named on an extended bench and even if he gets named in the final he may well wear the vest….


Saturday afternoon we will find out. I would stay clear of Hutchings, not a fan of his JS long term. Better options coming up in Mitchell, Martin and Hrovat


well im sticking fat with terlich and jaegor bomb, rocky and sauce.
gone with the big large gut of mine and getting in willy for leuy with one trade leaving 50 in the kitty.
get around me.
thoughts? currently sitting in 245 overall. dont want to burn 2 trades to get in nic nat….
although i get erect for him


I like it. Will been super consistent, been scoring only 15-20 less than Nic Nat so far and really, that's not worth the 2 trades. be confident in Minson, we'll perform.
Haha I would too, but the little fella stopped saluting ages ago


Want to keep Hrovat until after the bye. Already have Staker. What new rook MID or FWD are worth down option? Burbury? Martin?


Burbury's JS isn't great I reckon. Martin will be picked on form, and likewise for ball magnet Tom Mitchell.


Going Martin. Easier go against depleted Lions and think Pies midfield needs he has a better chance for a couple rounds of nice SC points.

Thanks Mr. C.


Who is a bigger priority to bring in this week… Stevie J or Nic Nat? Can afford either with cash from Staker trade. Thoughts?? (DT & SC)


Depends who you're sending to who. If you're going Leuey to Nic Nat, that's PARAMOUNT, or if you're sending a 0 to Stevie J thats important. But if you're going just an upgrade, I'd still go Nic Nat over Stevie J


Have to think that Stevie J would be a priority for those that dont have him…..2 easy teams coming up before the Rd12 bye – he's already had a week "break' and should score heavy against Suns and Giants……I had originally planned Leuy to Minson and Mayes down to Staker

but going Leuy -> Stevie J (Cox DPP), Mayes -> Staker, put Blicavs as R2 – should go up in value with 2 easy games & come R12 upgrade Blicavs to Minson after R11 bye

Minson's BE is 102, so he wont go to much up in value this week, whereas Stevie J's is "only" 90 – if he were to get 130+ he would be 620k+ then very difficult to bring him in..

Rotten Ronny

Trade out Neade, Mayes or Rowe for Staker? I was all set to get rid of Neade, but at least he's playing. Rowe doesn't look like getting a game anytime soon and I haven't got a single emergency playing this week (apart from Neade if I keep him).


Mayes & Rowe wont go up or down in value this week….Neade will most likely go down in value (BE of 79)…..so if you've got fully fit starting team then i wouldn't worry about emg & hold Mayes and Rowe this week and trade out Neade…


Dump Neade. WIll drop in value this week, compared to Rowe and Mayes as others have said.


Hey Crimmo,

Bit of a conundrum this week with so many outs, i'm not going to have any bench cover mid, fwd, or ruc (just Webster down back). At the moment I'm looking at trading out Thomas & Lonergan for Johnson and Staker with $240K left in the bank. The other trade out options include Lucas & Leuenberger, but I may hold for another week. Do you know how long Lucas might be out for?

Thanks mate!


G'day Rosco,
Reckon Lucas shouldn't be out for too many games. Keep an eye on it though, if he doesn't play next week, dump. I like those trades only if you've got cover for Leuey. I reckon he should be number one priority to get out. Bit of carnage this week, must manage well, but make sure you trade for needs and not wants


Who should I trade have backs -Goddard,birchall,terlich lester,vlastuin,Dixon,Clark,thurlow ,mids-ablett,peddles,Mitchell,swan,priddis,omeara,b.goodes,lonergran,j.thomas,b,kennady, Rucks,roughed,blivcas,gawn,daw,forwards,cox,j.kennady,a,walker,j,westoff,t,,cloke,
dwyer,macaffer,s,Rowe, was thinking Dixonto staket and daw to mins on any help appreciated


Not sure how long Dwyer is out for, but i would probably look at
Dwyer – Staker
Lonergan – Johnson (or other affordable premo)


This. Like it a lot Rosco, go with it Darren


Hey Mr C. and community.

Going Berger > Staker (Swinging Cox into the ruck)
Dwyer > Nic Nat.

No trades next week, then Terlich out for Duffield RD 12 and O'Meara out for Premo mid RD 13. Team should be almost set then with around 10 trades left.

What do you reckon. Is Nic Nat the one to go with? Was looking also at Ryder (who I had originally).

Any feedback appreciated.


Solid Trades……I had exactly that thoughts – but having Priddis, Shuey, JJK and Cox already from WCE – I'm still little concerned bringing Nic Nat into my team…..I don't think all 5 can score near 100+ week in week out?!

Ryder is a good option, but too hot/cold this year for my liking – Minson has been very solid all year & has been on my list as the upgrade from Blicavs after R11 bye…


Who should I trade for staker? Rowe Mayes or terlich? Terlich is my first bench option. Rowe is my ruck swingman and Mayes was there as a cash cow. Currently have $143k in the bank. I want to get rid of Rowe but that will limit my bank, while terlich provides good cover if shaw gets too ‘fat’ or Gibbs has hamstring ‘tightness’


without seeing the rest of your team, Terlich is good bench cover assuming you are fielding a strong backline (I currently have Terlich on-field with Webster as the only bench cover this week). If Rowe is sitting as your 4th ruck it probably isnt as impportant to get rid of him if cash is what your chasing, especially coming into bye rounds. I guess that leaves Mayes, who could come in handy over the bye rounds, and isnt going to bleed cash this week being dropped. In saying that, if you dont need the bye cover up forward, i would look to trade out Mayes.


My backs are Goddard Gibbs heppell hartlett shaw goodes. Nathan wright is the 8th player. Mayes is the one I have completed but I’m thinking more of the cash than anything which is why I can’t decide. Staker and wright are good bench coverage. Once wrights jaw heals he will be back into the saints no problems
Fwd line is Martin franklin rockliff roughhead macaffer j Kennedy b Kennedy Mayes. Ben Kennedy and macaffer are good bench coverage once rocky is back and I use the terlich money to upgrade Mayes


Mayes out.


Mayes to Staker now that Mayes is out


Wanted Watson and Staker for Dwyer and Karnezis but they'd have jiggered up team balance too much during the bye rounds. Will get Staker in week 12 after the bye.
Round 11 had 5 DEFs and 6 FWDs on the pine (had 13 out in total)
Round 12 had 5 MIDS out, 3 RUC and 10 out in all.
Round 13 had 4 MIDS out and 7 out in all.

Brought in Bartel for Karnezis as a MID/FWD swing and Hrovat for Evans as a MID to help cover Round 12 & 13. Will do some more fiddling into Rounds 11 & 12 to stabilise the team for the run to the finals.


Hey Mr Crimmins,

Not sure what to do with Terlich. Talk is he is going to be a late withdrawal, if this is the case I have no one to bring on once the round starts as Melbourne play on Sunday. The only way I can cover him is if it put Goddard in the backline and sub Colquhoun into the midfield and bring on Ben Kennedy. Terlich will go to the bench. If he plays he will most likely score more than Ben Kennedy so what should I do?


Yeah that's a tough one James.
He's priced at $350k so if you really wanted to, you could send him to a premium or even down to Staker. Personally, I would trade him down to Staker, Don't want him on the field if he's going to be a late out. Could also send to premium. Make sure you cover your other zeros first before dumping Terlich, but if you're got a couple spare, I'd dump Terlich


Stevenson to Hanley or Jacobs to Nic nat?


Depends what cover you have for Stevenson? Dream would be Jacobs to Nic Nat, but I reckon you probably should send Stevenson to Hanley


My backline looks like: Goddard, heppel, Shaw, Goodes, terlich, Gibbs, BENCH: Stevenson, Webster. So pretty good cover I guess


Who scores lowest out of parker, moloney and o'meara?


Toss of the coin between Parker and O'Meara. I might go Jaeger…JUST


Daw to Johnson and Goodes (Brett) to ball GOOD TRADE ???


Watson or stevie j whot bring in?


I'd go Jobe. More consistent, whereas Stevie J can pull out freaky scores, but prone to the odd poor one.


sorry who to bring in


who to keep in dwyer or terlich
if terlichs out will bring staker in either way if terlich is out will have to take a donut this week


how can u trade leuy to staker? leuy is ruc and staker def/fwd? im not sure how u attempt to trade a straight rucman into a fwd def, as leuy is not dpp.


you can trade out luey, then if you have a fwd/ruc eligibility player, such as cox or nic nat you can swing them in via the little s icon on the left hand side, that way you can bring in a forward.


Terlich > Staker (locked in)
Macaffer or Mayes > Nic Nat or Stevie J

Which second two should I get out/bring in?


I'd dump Mayes for Stevie J. If you've got a DPP in your rucks, get Nic Nat

The Captain

Crimo, need to bench Rocky – who should I play up forward b/w Kerridge and Staker?


Staker for mine…just. Tough one, but worry about Kerridge against a quality outfit


Mayes > Staker
Berger to Minson? Or should I go steveie J or Watson.
I have nic nat already!

Mid: GAJ, Kennedy, Swan, Danger, Priddis, Fyfe, Omera, K Mitchell, Viney, B. Crouch,
Ruck: Nic Nat Berger
Forward: Cox, Bartel, Rockliff, Walker, J Kennedy, Neade, Mayes, Dwyer,


berger to minson sounds good


pendles or danger for captaincy loophole this week?


Pendles good for 120-130 tonight
Dangerfield not a chance it's a flood game at AAMI and with Crowley holding nod to him all game nooooooo.


G'day community,

So I put the VC on Swanny last night and he got 131. I still reckon Stevie J can smash out 150+ though. What should I do?

TU Take Swans score coz its wet in Geelong
TD Stevie J is gonna bash the Suns so pick him!


Urgent Help!
If I use the loophole on gazza and I put Currie capt. This will mean gazza gets the points. But if I have rowe and McEvoy as emergencies should Mcevoy score be added towards my team beacuse rowe didnt play. I know that the lower emergencey score is put in the team. But what happens when one of the emergencey's dont play. Do i get the donut or the score from the other emergencey.

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