Jock’s Round 10 Video – selection advice that may change your life

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Jock Reynolds Father of Fantasy vodcastEnjoy Jock’s weekly pre lockout round AFL Fantasy advice video folks – and join in the discussion below!

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 **Thursday arvo post video edit – Matthew Boyd is OUT – scratch him from your radar for this week**

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Great advice as always Jock. I've got Jacobs, and I'm only a couple of weeks away from pulling the trigger. The only thing saving him is higher priorities. I can no longer see him in my final side, but it all depends on having a spare trade up my sleeve for a, god forbid, sideways trade from Jacobs to Minson.

In my defence, it may be an upgrade from a mid-pricer rather than a sideways trade though…


Hold Jacobs, as JR mentioned in today's podcast. Must be hard to do in his current poor form.

It has been widely reported that he doesn't have any injury woes; just a drop in confidence. He will come good. Just needs a good platform to launch off which the Fremantle ruckless (i.e. recognised) team will provide. Reassess after the byes.


Yep, i'm in the same position. Gotta make upgrading rookies to premiums a higher priority than trading under performing premiums (who still have a chance to come good) I reckon.


Great stuff JR keep up the good work!
I've got Leuey and Jacobs as my main rucks planning to put Cox/NicNat in ruck and sell Leuey for Staker for some extra coin.
I'll have Cox/NicNat, Rockliff(out), J.Kennedy, Franklin, LeCras, Macaffer (sub) B.Kennedy (sub) in my fwd should i sell LeCras or upgrade Macaffer to Hawkins?
Any suggestions or ideas would be awesome


Strongly suggest that you trade LeCras over Macaffer. Recently been getting the role of a tagger and anticipate avg output to be in the 60-70 range. Caffa a good Fwd sub in finals.

Not too sure if the Tomahawk is the best use of a trade; noting that he did finish strong 2nd 1/2 last year. Mitch Robinson another option in that mid-price range. Or as JR said "just hold and assess after the byes". Your call.



need some help in the ruck line with all these injuries.

Need to get leuy out.. Want to bring in either maric, Ryder or kreuzer.

Already bringing in natinui to the forward spot.

Any advice on rucks would be great


Toss of a coin. If you've got the budget for Ryder, why don't you just get Minson – a reliable ruck option for an extra $9k and you won't have any ruck headaches. Personally, I'm going with Kreuzer b/c I have other priorities.


I'd go for Goldstein Macevoy or Roughead.. There's a few available. All depends if you need some cash then Kreuzer is great value.

Jacob J.

Keep Majak daw?

Jacob J.

Has a breakeven of around 100


Thanks for the quick $149k and show him the 'Daw'. A future star; but not for me this year.

Personally, I'm hoping he won't be named this week; cos I've other pressing issues.


Get him out as quick as you can


Getting in Staker and upgrading Dwyer then I think I'll hold on the trades over the 3 bye weeks to leave me with 16 trades. Is that a reasonable number?


Terlich out this week? If he is Staker in for Terd-licka, leunberger to NIC NAT. What you guys think?


Thanks Jock. Words of wisdom that I hope are a cooling salve on my rashy team.


Leunberger hold him or trade?? Is Terlich playing this week, is it also time to slaughter him?


let me know if this is okay….

i have gone for luey out, nic nat into the ruc with cox… franklin in…

then stevenson out for stacker….. i have terlich on the bench and birchill on field… hoping staker will cover.. what do you think?

cox and nic nat in the ruc okay?


Is it really wise to have two rucks from the same team just as we are approaching the byes?


well this is really my only option at the moment considering the injuries to my team..


Like it mate. Stevenson is a must anyway and Naitanui is a no-brainer.


Hold Maric? or upgrade to Nic Nat?


Hold mate


Hold the mullet no question. Be grateful you don't have Jacobs my friend.


Oh but I have Jacobs aswell :/


Jock mate what are your thoughts on Selwood being rested against GWS before there bye? I really wanna bring him in this week.
I also noticed that Geelong only play five top eight teams for the remainder of the season & 7 games at the cattery, bloody significant I reckon.


So why won't SC let me trade OUT leuy and move nic nat to ruck, then move Ben Kennedy from mid to fwd and trade IN Watson…?


can't sub 2 players for 1 trade dude


need some advice fellas… this is my team at the moment

goddard, hibberd, birchall, heppell, goodes, vlastuin, terlich, stevenson
ablett, pendaz, watson, danger, side bottom, jpk, prides, omeara, mayes, crouch
cox, luey, rowe, witts
martin, rockliff, kennedy, macaffer, dwyer, nic nat, kerridge, neade

ok so i can think of 2 option…
OUT: luey, stevenson
IN: franklin, staker

OUT: luey, dwyer
IN: kreuzer, franklin

what should i do…!


How do you trade a ruck for a forward?


put nic nat in ruck and trade out luey for franklin is how he does it.


I still don't understand? You can't swing Luey forward so you'd have to trade him for another ruckman? Isn't that right?


when you trade a ruck a s should come up on a fwd who is dpp, this button lets you switch that fwd to the ruck and use the moeny of the ruck your trading to spend on a fwd.


There you go! Didn't know that one.


And yeah mate you gotta replace Luey, Don't think you can rely on Witts for cover I doubt he will even be picked.


T/U – Griffen
T/D – Mitchell

Help please guys!


who to get in this week watson or nic nac? (i can cover luey this week with hannath)


leuy out for Stevie J or Nic Nat??


when do we trade out sam rowe?


worth trading staker in for him rather than terlich?


now he wont get many more chances with carlton’s depth


Nic Nat or Stevie J?


guys who should i bench
dwyer or staker?



Who is a better option up foward Natainui, or Stevie J????


Can't download this podcast to play in my car on the way home?? ANNOYING


Need your help people. Obviously would love Nic Nat. In the ruck I have McEvoy, Cox, Cloke, Mayes. Who do I trade out or do I leave it.


get rid of mayes for nic nat up forward


I have 70,00 spare, and i would like to
Sell Dwyer to get some extra cash to buy Nic Nat
Buy Nic Nat for Leuenberger

who do i replace dwyer with ?