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supercoach flesh for fantasyHello community,

Hope you had a successful fantasy weekend. High scores are starting to become more and more frequent as sides begin to lock away their premiums as we turn to the make or break period of the season.

Try as we might, all these injuries and suspensions are stopping us from having the perfect teams. Gibbs, Thomas and now rumors that Cox could be rested this weekend is making this great game of ours bloody difficult. Add the byes into the equation and it would be easy for the pea hearted to give up.

But that’s not what we’re about here at the Jock Reynolds’ Fantasy Football Community. Jock laid a hand on my shoulder after I’d been let go as PE teacher at Frankston Tech and was drinking my sorrows away at Seaford RSL. I’m doing the same to you. We can get through this mess together in our quest for SuperCoach glory.

Let us begin.


JOBE WATSON (ESS) MID – $481,400 DT/$571,300 SC
– Next 5 Games: RICH (A), SYD (A), CARL (H), GCS (H), BYE
– Recent Scores: 138, 126, 66, 123, 144

This son of a gun has been dropping in value ever since that 66 against GWS entered his rolling average. He has dropped $75,000 since the start of the year and hasn’t been this cheap all year. While his tackles and marks average is down on recent years, he is finding more of the pill, and such drop clearly hasn’t affected his SuperCoach scores. If you need an upgrade option this week in midfield, Jobe is the man. Ignore the 66, have confidence in him cruising past 100 every week.

NIC NAITANUI (WCE) RUCK/FWD – $417,700 DT/$575,000 SC
– Next 5 Games: GWS (A), RICH (H), STK (A), BYE, HAW (A)
– Recent Scores: 40, 102, 142

Nic Nat is back. After an interrupted pre-season he has stepped in and hasn’t wasted any time scoring. His last 2 full games have seen 2 tonnes, and because of the sub-affected 40, he is now at a delicious price. Nic Nat is a proven scorer, and given Cox’s age, he will heavy the ruck load even more than previous seasons. If a ruck upgrade is required, Nic Nat is your man.

LANCE FRANKLIN (HAW) FWD – $380,100 DT/$443,100 SC
– Next 5 Games: GCS (H), MELB (A), BYE, CARL (A), WCE (H)
– Recent Scores: 115, 57, 45, 86, 107

I know he was mentioned last week, but this is the time to get Buddy in if you missed out last week getting Priddis. He’s at a season low of $443,100 and now has a BE in the 80s. His form is slowly building if you judge it by scores, an 86 and 107 in past 2 weeks. He’s got a much-improved Gold Coast this week, before playing the hapless Dees the week after. With forwards like Thomas and Neade now out, an upgrade should be considered, and bring Buddy into your calculations, he’s building himself for a big finish to the season.

JIMMY WEBSTER (STK) DEF – $108,500 DT/$115,900 SC
– Next 5 Games: WBD (H), NM (A), WCE (H), BYE, MELB (H)
– Recent Scores: 33, 85

This week has been all about Jackson Thurlow, and rightfully so given the start he’s had to his career. However, another downgrade option you should consider this week is Jimmy Webster. Who you ask? Jimmy is the bloke who kicked that centimeter perfect pass to Spencer White that has Saints fans licking their lips. Webster has been rated as an elite kick on the St Kilda list, so his disposal efficiency will be high. This means that he’ll score well from minimal touches. Jimmy scored 85 points from just 14 touches (7 of those kicks) in his first full game against Adelaide. Given Watters has conceded the window is bolted shut and will start blooding the kids, and that St Kilda seriously lack quality users of the footy, I like his job security more than Thurlow’s. I’ll be getting Jimmy in, but you can’t go wrong with either.


MARK LECRAS (WCE) FWD – $387,600 DT/$419,800 SC
– Next 5 Games: GWS (A), RICH (H), STK (A), BYE, HAW (A)
– Recent Scores: 124, 64, 117, 65, 47

It’s been an irregular season for Mark LeCras. Coming off a game less 2012, he started the first game with a bang, before breaking his arm and missing a couple of weeks. However, the past 4 weeks (minus the 117 v Dogs) has been considerably disappointing and now it’s time to consider dumping the Frenchman. He’s not working as hard as he was, and scoring just 47 off 15 touches and 1 goal is major concern. His price isn’t crazy low, which means you can easily send up to a premium, or even Buddy if you’re looking cheaper. But unfortunately, I think it’s time to say “Au revior” to this French Eagle.

DALE THOMAS (COLL) MID/FWD – $414,800 DT/$452,600 SC
– Next 5 Games: Rehab
– Recent Scores: Irrelevant

Out ‘till end of season. Shouldn’t even need to persuade you. Trade.


There are 2 players in the competition who currently have coaches scratching their heads confused. They are the elephants of fantasy football. Try as you might to ignore the issue, it will continue to linger, like a bad smell. It’s time we address the issue. Hamish Hartlett and Grant Birchell.

– Next 5 Games: GEE (H), WBD (A), BYE, GWS (A), SYD (H)
– Recent Scores: 140, 144, 53, 29, 77

Bloody Hamish. I will shamefully admit I was one who jumped on the wagon have an amazing start to the year. However, not only has the wagon stopped, but it has fallen apart and now lays scattered across the road. To give you an indication of how bad the fall has been, here is a graph from his player profile on the SuperCoach website.

Hamish Hartlett Supercoach scores

That’s a significant drop. But why? How can a player go from the dominator to the dominated? His numbers have dropped dramatically since the Power comeback against the Eagles. Hartlett started season with 25+ touches a game and marking the ball for fun. Now he is forced to work harder for the pill, and this was shown through the season high tackles on the weekend. Teams aren’t giving him the license to roam free anymore and this has had a negative result on Hamish’s output. So, what do you do? For mine, I’d HOLD. He is a premium and you got to back your premiums in. Given the byes looming and downgrade potential, on top of premiums hitting bargain prices, the trade is better used elsewhere. Also, his price is now at the point where the money spent to upgrade him is better served on someone else. If he can work through the tag, I’m expecting the early season form and the old Hamish to return….but I’m not holding my breath.

– Next 5 Games: GCS (H), MELB (A), BYE, CARL (A), WCE (H)
– Recent Scores: 152, 80, 59, 74, 30

Grant is another one who has caused immense pain to coaches nationwide. The started so well and he was playing out of his arse, not dropping below 110 in the first 4 rounds. However, since then he has barely gone near it and the opposition too have worked him out. Looking at his numbers, I’m a bit more optimistic about Grant’s future than Hamish’s. He had 26 touches and 4 marks against the Swans, but his impact on games is telling, which just 30 SC points from 14 touches against GWS. If you got Grant, you definitely HOLD. Hawthorn’s run softens up quite a bit over the next month or so, with Suns and Dees to come in next 2 weeks before the bye. I’m backing him to return to form as the Hawks begin to crank it up another gear.


Here are this week’s BE’s (or, break evens). They are the most important numerical figure in the game, and it almost acts as the pulse for a fantasy footballer. Here are this week’s key BE’s. Note, they are approximates.

Going up

– Matthew Priddis (WCE), 81 BE
– Aaron Black (NM), -11 BE
– Majak Daw (NM), -15 BE
– Jobe Watson (ESS), 76 BE
– Matthew Leuenberger (BRIS), 68 BE
– Pearce Hanley (BRIS), 79 BE
– Tom Rockliff (BRIS), 88 BE
– Jarryd Roughead (HAW), 64 BE
– Lance Franklin (HAW), 73 BE
– Jaeger O’Meara (GCS), 52 BE
– Jesse Lonergan (GSC), -39 BE
– Koby Stevens (WBD), 36 BE
– Sam Dwyer (COLL), -31 BE
– Ben Kennedy (COLL), 3 BE
– Brent Macaffer (COLL), 37 BE
– Jackson Thurlow (GEE), -87 BE
– Josh P Kennedy (SYD), 65 BE
– Paul Duffield (FRE), 48 BE
– Jack Hannath (FRE), 11 BE
– Brandon Ellis (RICH), -10 BE
– Nick Vlaustin (RICH), -68 BE
– Brett Deledio (RICH), 46 BE
– Dean Terlich (MELB) -32 BE
– Sam Kerridge (ADEL), -56 BE

Going down

– Luke Shuey (WCE), 150 BE
– Dean Cox (WCE), 160 BE
– Mark LeCras (WCE), 140 BE
– Andrew Swallow (NM), 158 BE
– Brent Stanton (ESS), 202 BE
– Grant Birchell (HAW), 158 BE
– Scott Pendlebury (COLL), 172 BE
– Travis Cloke (COLL), 168 BE
– Dane Swan (COLL), 178 BE
– Joel Selwood (GEE), 144 BE
– Kieren Jack (SYD), 127 BE
– Dan Hannebery (SYD), 148 BE
– Andrew Walker (CARL), 155 BE
– Hamish Hartlett (PORT), 157 BE
– Travis Boke (PORT), 157 BE
– Oliver Wines (PORT), 82 BE
– Kane Lucas (CARL), 97 BE
– Trent Cotchin (RICH), 163 BE
– Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL), 137 BE
– Nick Riewoldt (STK), 132 BE
– Ben McEvoy (STK), 132 BE


Without you folk, there would be no community. This is the part of the week where you take over and dominate the forum. As the old saying goes, no question is a silly one and it may be a question 1000s of coaches out there want answered. So thank you once again, love being inundated with your questions. Those who don’t make the article will be answered on Twitter. Anyway, here are the burning questions this week.

Supercoach twitter question

ANSWER: Cash in Viney for mine. Generating cash for warchest should be higher a priority than worrying about the captain’s loophole. You don’t want to get stuck with Viney, best to ditch now. Who for? I’d go Jimmy Webster for mine. As mentioned above, beautiful user of the pill and will get plenty of game time as Saints to blood kids.

Supercoach twitter question

ANSWER: Goodes poses an interesting proposition. He currently sits at $354,700 and an awkward BE of 54 approximate. Brett hasn’t set the world on fire like he did prior to suspension, and with the bye looming; this could be the chance to cash in. Thurlow/Webster are at the bubble this week, and with Staker the following if you want to keep the DPP, this may be the week to dump them and upgrade to these cheap premiums. However, only dump if you can. Crimmins is getting rid of him this week because he’s no longer in my 6 defenders (provided Shaw and Gibbs return) and it’s just too much coin sitting on the bench. If you’re short on proven defenders, may be worth keeping for another week. Hartlett, on the other hand, has to be backed in. His numbers may be done, but he did lay a season-high number of tackles v Carlton (7), which suggests he is working hard. I’m going to hold purely because he is a premium and I’ll use the trades to upgrade scores elsewhere to cover the slack.

Supercoach twitter questionANSWER: Taking Thurlow, for me, is only super important if you need the cash injection. His job security isn’t great, as I believe his position is “play if you perform”. One poor game may see him out of side give the Cats’ depth, but he’s scoring well enough so that he will rise in price a bit. If you’ve got a Port rookie still in defence, you got to make the trade. If you’ve got a Goodes, you could offload for Thurlow if you’re thinking of upgrading this week. Otherwise you could wait a week and get Staker in next. His JS is almost at 100% I feel. So, the important of getting Thurlow depends on circumstance really.

Supercoach twitter questionANSWER: If you haven’t dumped Wines yet, I’d make that your number 1 priority. The Irishman would be a sensational option, as he is someone I rate significantly. Is it safe to play 3 common rookies? Depends on team structure. Sometimes you have no choice, but generally you want to get the guys in that will score well every week. In your case, given their current form, I reckon you’re safe playing Goodes, Terlich and Vlaustin. HOWEVER, given their lack of experience and what not, sometimes rookies are prone to the odd down game, so ideally, you want to be turning those guys into premiums eventually. But for now, play with confidence.

Supercoach twitter questionANSWER: Ahh the bye rounds. If Gary Ablett is a coaches’ best friend, these stupid byes are our archenemy. I hate them. Jock hates them. We all hate them. I’m not the biggest advocate for the swing sets. Some people build their teams around them. However, they become critical during that round 11-13 period. Who are the DPPs to bring in that may ease the pain you ask? Firstly, I would strongly consider Jarryd Roughead (FWD/RUCK). Not only is he firing on all cylinders right now, but he could be the perfect swing option for the likes of Cox or Nic Nat, who have their byes in round 12. Another player worth looking at is Tom Rockliff (FWD/MID). Again, like Jarryd, has the round 11 bye so he becomes significant for rest of bye weeks. Scoring well himself, but importantly could be a nice swing option for a Dwyer or Bartel. Finally, there is Nick Vlaustin (MID/DEF). Perfect swing set for a Goddard/Heppell/Gibbs and is playing out of his mind right now. Worth looking at. The bye rounds will be discussed in more detail in the coming weeks.

So that’s it for this week’s edition of Flesh for Fantasy. Make sure you keep browsing this great community, and direct any questions to myself at @Mr_Crimmins. All the best for round 9.

Mr Crimmins.

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Vic City · 23/05/2013 at 11:22

Great article, gave me some good ideas about trades. Starting to worry about # of trades left but this week doesn't seem like the one to be stringy. Right now I'm considering Stevenson -> Webster and either Dwyer -> Franklin or Moloney -> Watson.

    @MRB37 · 23/05/2013 at 14:42

    As long as you're using trades to upgrade players, I wouldn't be worrying about it too much. If you're wasting trades on sideways moves to chase scores, that's where you'll run into problems later.

nige · 23/05/2013 at 11:51

Dropped o’shae and viney, moved Bartel to the mid and brought in thurlow and Nic Nat. Now have a side that looks like….
hepp, Goddard, goodes, vlastuin, terlich, thurlow subs Dawson and stevenson
swan cotch, dids, Watson, O’Meara, hill, Bartel, danger, subs kommer and crouch
Jacobs, Ryder subs gawn and rowe
martin, zork, buddy, le crap, Nic Nat, Stevie j, subs Kennedy (coll) and Mayes.
where should I be looking to go next, avg 2107 for first year doing this, thinking le crap to roughy and Stevenson to Webster are my first priorities next week.

    Sammy · 23/05/2013 at 17:49

    do it mate le cras to roughy and stevenson to webster are pefect options

      nige · 23/05/2013 at 20:10

      Thanks champ, I feel like I need more trades than can be humanly possible!! Everywhere I look I want to do something else.. Thinkin O’Meara to GAJ after the bye weeks and potentially bring in j selwood or Hodge after their byes.. My beginners luck will have to run out soon..

jp · 23/05/2013 at 12:06

hey mr crimmins, understand you’re busy but would appreciate your help/ opinion on this one. Who would you trade in if you had a choice out of webster and thurlow. Thurlow has the smaller break even but i like websters js more. However i do think he has the risk of the green vest. Im currently ranked 213 overall but i got sucked in to picking saunders 3 weeks ago so i dont want 2 sitting ducks on my def bench. The player im trading in (thurlow or webster) will not be scoring unless they pull out a big score and i use the emergency loophole but i wont be able to use it with webster and saunders

    FrontPocket · 23/05/2013 at 13:14

    Quoting from the article above:

    "This means that he’ll score well from minimal touches. Jimmy scored 85 points from just 14 touches (7 of those kicks) in his first full game against Adelaide. Given Watters has conceded the window is bolted shut and will start blooding the kids, and that St Kilda seriously lack quality users of the footy, I like his job security more than Thurlow’s. I’ll be getting Jimmy in, but you can’t go wrong with either."

    Mr Crimmins is choosing Webster over Thurlow, "but you can’t go wrong with either."

    I'm choosing Thurlow myself, only because he has a lower BE.

Too Hottie · 23/05/2013 at 12:13

Thoughts on Cox out for Nic Nat?

    FrontPocket · 23/05/2013 at 13:16

    Too sideways. There should be better ways of getting Nic Nat in. If there isn't a better way, then save the trade.

    I think the generally understood way of trading from this point of the season is "one downgrade, one upgrade". It keeps a balance between the points scoring potential on the park and the bank balance – cash in the bank is cash that's not working for you – in SuperCoach as it is in life (except in SC it's earning 0%)

Josh · 23/05/2013 at 12:57

Cashed in goodes for thurlow, and upgraded kerridge to nic nat. Looking forward to next week (touch wood the super gods don’t stuff me up), considering upgrading Evans up selwood and terlich to hartlett.

Hartletts been a burn man but at 407k, is it worth the risk?

    FrontPocket · 23/05/2013 at 13:20

    The first rule of the SC Gods is don't mention the SC Gods.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:29

    If you don't have him, it's not right now only because you should see how he goes against Dogs and GWS. Still has a high BE so you can get even cheaper down the track

Dex · 23/05/2013 at 13:13

I'm getting rid of Neade and Thomas this week and bringing in Staker over Webster or Thurlow as my downgrade as he gives me DEF/FWD cover.
Can't decide wether to take Nic Nat or Harvey as my upgrade, any thoughts?

    @MRB37 · 23/05/2013 at 14:37

    Like Nic Nat myself, however that might depend on who else you have in your forward line (like how I have both Cox and Kennedy there).

      Dex · 23/05/2013 at 15:01

      Got Kennedy in the forward line and Cox/Leunberger in the ruck with good subs so I'd probably be slotting Nic Nat in up front.
      Just got a sneaky feeling Harvey might be a goer this season with the long rest he's had….

@Jacko2128 · 23/05/2013 at 13:25

is there midfield rookies on the bubble worth getting in for viney?

    Choppers · 23/05/2013 at 14:03

    Hey Jacko, Kavanagh,Saunders,Kent,Schroeder. They're all listed in the SC midfield stats. Not that hard to find.

    @MRB37 · 23/05/2013 at 14:39

    If you aren't completely worried about making $ from Viney, you can take a look at Brad Crouch (provided he's named this week). Still only 180K, BE is -24 so there's still room for growth and he should have pretty good JS going forward.

Curtis · 23/05/2013 at 13:53

Josh P Kennedy ($37,700 left in the war chest)
Jobe Watson ($42,800 left)

    Aaron · 23/05/2013 at 15:13

    I'd go Kennedy mate. He is flying this year, only missed the ton on one occasion when he got tagged and the Swans got smashed by the Cats. And you can expect another massive score against the Pies this week.

    Don't think you can go wrong with either though.

    Remy · 23/05/2013 at 16:27

    Up to you Curtus, both have similar BE's

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:27

    What a problem to have. But as we're talking just $5k, may aswell go all the way to Kennedy. See Aaron's comment, he's pretty much on the money

    dgusto81 · 23/05/2013 at 19:40

    Off the top of my head Kennedy has round 12 bye and Watson round 13. So your choice should depend on your bye set up. If you have a coupke out of ablett danger swan pendles (all round 13) then maybe avoid watson for now.

Matt · 23/05/2013 at 15:24

Not 100% sure what to do. I am going to get rid of Thomas should I do a straight trade for Priddis or trade Heath as well and get Watson and Thurlow instead? Also I was wondering if I should get rid of O'Meara yet or wait a while? Thanks 🙂

    udi · 23/05/2013 at 15:53

    i ll be trading O'meara after round 12.

      Remy · 23/05/2013 at 21:15

      Definitely, you could turn O'meara into a Deledio or a Selwood if he can produce some more big scores

    SCaddict · 23/05/2013 at 17:17

    The Watson / Thurlow combo sounds like good moves to me.

    Yeah the week commencing Rd 13 is the perfect time to upgrade the Jaegerbomb when he has his bye.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:26

    I would go Thomas to Watson trade. Jobe has been sensational minus game v GWS and a player with his scoring output should be seriously considered at such price. Hold O'Meara aswell, consider after the byes as idi said

udi · 23/05/2013 at 15:53

is paddy ryder a good Ruck 2 option.

    Owen · 23/05/2013 at 15:59


    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:25

    Not for me. Give his price, you may aswell go all the way to a Nic Nat

geoffmack · 23/05/2013 at 15:57

Hello community. I have the opportunity this week to trade L. Stevenson for Thurlow/Webster for bench coverage and Cloke to JPK. Is trading Cloke a sideways trade to JPK or do you think hold cloke? And Thulow or Webster? thanks guys im a tad confused.

    FrontPocket · 23/05/2013 at 16:15

    Cloke to JPK is mostly a sideways trade. Look to upgrade or downgrade. Once you've got Cloke in, you've gotta stick by him.

    Crimmins is choosing Webster over Thurlow, I've gone the other way. Coin toss mate.

      geoffmack · 23/05/2013 at 17:43

      Thanks mate. Ive got bartell in mid and was wanting to move him fwd and put either watson or JPK in mids hence the idea of moving cloke on coz i cant really fit JPK in wothout dumping a cloke or a jaeger at this stage.

        Michael · 23/05/2013 at 19:31

        not sure why you'd drop Clokey given his 100+ average…I've had him from the start, one of my first picked.

          geoffmack · 23/05/2013 at 21:59

          I have as well but It is his high be of 168 that is enough to make a swap to JPK who has a low BE of 68 strengthen the mids and push bartel fwd. JPK gets an avg 100 a week. cloke up n down.

Nick · 23/05/2013 at 15:58

Im trading out stevenson for thurlow definitely.
Should I trade out Viney for Webster and move Vlaustin into Mids? Ill have about 350k in the bank then.

Or should i just get nic nat for thomas??? Then ill have 150k in the bank

I have thomas to move out but I could move him next week out. I dont have buddy but not sure wether i want to bring him in. I could next week.

    geoffmack · 23/05/2013 at 16:17

    Depends on your situation with premos and bye coverage but a wise man said to me once "cash in bank = less points on field" so for me I would go stevo – thurlow/webster and thomas – nic nat.

    Aaron · 23/05/2013 at 17:16

    Thomas has to go he's out till round 20

Mick Klavins · 23/05/2013 at 16:16

Good read Crimmo! Decided to keep Hartlett and trade down goodes for thurlow and swing trade Whitfield for NicNat (fwd) works perfect in terms of getting ready for bye weeks. I have faith in Hamish! Not expecting him to score over 100 this week but likes to beat up on the weaker teams! Stevie J style. It was unfortunate he got injured against GWS.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:24

    Thanks Mick, and I'm with you all the way there. Hamish won't be belting out 140s again – not even Gaz can sustain such scores. But if he can become consistent again, could be a nice DEF 6

Jimmy · 23/05/2013 at 16:19

A bit worried about Thurlow's job security. Cant decide between him and Brad Crouch if hes named.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:23

    I reckon you're name-sake in Webster should be considered mate. I'm getting him in as I believe his JS is greater than Thurlow's. If you're really worried, could get Staker in this week

Callum · 23/05/2013 at 16:23

Are these good trades?



    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:22

    Sure are. Can't go wrong with Thurlow and Boomer looks refreshed and buzzing to play some footy.

joe · 23/05/2013 at 16:23

tough decision
should i trade cooney?
out for 2 weeks with injury and then has a bye

    SCaddict · 23/05/2013 at 16:45

    Yes I would move on.

      joe · 23/05/2013 at 16:47


        SCaddict · 23/05/2013 at 16:51

        I'd upgrade him straight to a premium like Jobe, Joel or Lids if you can perhaps by culling a cash cow if you don't have cash available.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:22

    Definitely trade. Price too much to sit on pine, especially with byes lingering. Good time to move to a discounted forward

      Remy · 23/05/2013 at 17:46

      Okay, thanks

Remy · 23/05/2013 at 16:24

Hi guys, Any thoughts on Mayes???
Do you think he'll get the vest again?

Should I hold or flick?

Adam · 23/05/2013 at 16:30

Brad Crouch OR Jimmy Webster in this week? Cheers

    FrontPocket · 23/05/2013 at 16:42

    Webster's Job Security (JS) is pretty good, so says the article above, he's on the bubble, and has a low Break Even (BE). If it were me, I'd go the Webster, but I've already (still) got Crouch.

    I'd actually go Thurlow. I did, in fact, go Thurlow. Crimmins went Webster.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:21

    Jimmy Webster, Crouch still in SANFL this week

      Adam · 23/05/2013 at 19:26

      thanks Crimmo i've gone with Nikki

davo · 23/05/2013 at 16:44

Anyone notice that Jobe Watson has a poor score every 3rd game this year. For example round 3, 67 points and round 6, 66 points, lets see what comes theis week

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:20

    Now you mention that Davo, I'll be keep a very close eye on his score this week!

scott · 23/05/2013 at 16:45

daisey to stokes a good move?

    joe · 23/05/2013 at 16:47


      scott · 23/05/2013 at 17:12

      cool 🙂

      still unsure on franklin.. going to give him another week before i jump on board i think

    @Mr_Crimmins · 23/05/2013 at 17:17

    Great call, I really like Stokes and is a fantastic POD. Execute

      Rotten Ronny · 23/05/2013 at 18:39

      Yeah I'm thinking of making the same trade too

Tom · 23/05/2013 at 17:32

Thoughts on going LeCras –> Franklin?
Or would it be better to go Rowe –> Franklin?

    Dave · 23/05/2013 at 17:41

    LeCras will most likely drop a LOT of money this week, where as Rowe won't gain or lose any value at all. As long as you are okay for scoring players this week I'd dump LeCras.

Remy · 23/05/2013 at 17:36

Who is a good trade in option next round?



    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:14

    Fantastic. Moloney's time almost up. Definitely execute

@MRB37 · 23/05/2013 at 18:28

After listening to Mr Crimmins advise i'm looking at trading

Goodes to Webster (Gibbs comes in for Goodes, still have Heath Shaw on the bench too)
Jacobs to Nic Nat

Can cover Neade this week, so i'll bench him to grab Webster and then next week I can trade Neade for Staker (provided he comes through OK) and then look to upgrade a mid to Cotchin or Selwood.

Shaneoo88 · 23/05/2013 at 18:30

I found this handy tool to help you organize your team for the byes. Go to http://footynerd.com/ when drag the green 'footynerd' button into your BOOKMARK toolbar. Go to your Supercoach team and click on the bookmark. Your team will appear like this.

    Michael · 23/05/2013 at 19:34

    nice work Shaneoo88, love it!!

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:13

    Fantastic Shaneoo88, bloody love your work.

saMMan · 23/05/2013 at 18:34

important players that are playing this week are:

Campbell Heath, GIBBS, Lamb, Colquhoun, Maric, Crozier, Will Sierakowski and Stevie J.

Important players not playing:

Heath Shaw, Neade, Horlin-Smith, Beau Waters, Jackson Merrett, Walters and Toumpas.

Shaneoo88 · 23/05/2013 at 18:37

Wines out for Thurlow, with Goodes subbed into the middle. Then Lecras for Nic Nat…

Sully · 23/05/2013 at 18:46

Mr Crimmins who should i get under $300,000 in the mid/fwd

James · 23/05/2013 at 18:51

How were you able to trade in Webster for Viney? Webster's a defender and Viney a midfielder? Is that because you substituted a defender or foward into the midfield?

Who should I downgrade Neade or Mayes for? Already have Ben Kennedy but not sure who else?

I want to do one downgrade this week and upgrade two next week as I'm unable to get anyone relevant this week.

    Sloan · 23/05/2013 at 19:11

    Cachia is good, although not bubble anymore. Has a BE -45. $159,900. Kane is another more expensive downgrade. I like Lonergan too (105 last week), but again, an expensive downgrade $159K. The cheapest would be Colquhoun ($109K) but he's only played one game so far.

Sloan · 23/05/2013 at 18:58

Dilemma with the the headbanded one Goldsack.

Sideways trade with Black


Roll dice on and get Staker?

    Sloan · 23/05/2013 at 21:40

    Not enough cash to upgrade. Other trade is bringing in B. Kennedy. Need points. Already have a zero this round. Advice, community?

      Aaron · 24/05/2013 at 02:33

      Bring in Staker and make some $$

        Sloan · 24/05/2013 at 02:36

        Leaning that way. Bit nervous that he's only played once. But did well in tough game. Thanks.

Anthony · 23/05/2013 at 19:13

Trades in SC this week – Heath to Webster and Wines to Priddis. 48.4k to spare.
Trades in DT this week – Stevenson to Webster and Wines to Watson. 283.5k to spare.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:12

    Like it a lot. Execute my good man!

Scott · 23/05/2013 at 19:18

What trades seem best?

Goodes -> Jobe
Stevenson -> webster / thurlow

Lecras -> Nic nat / Franklin
Stevenson -> webster / thurlow

    Sloan · 23/05/2013 at 19:24

    Webster and Thurlow is a toss up. Definitely get NicNat. Getting stronger each week. Should bring down the hammer on GWS.

      Scott · 23/05/2013 at 19:33

      or should i upgrade mayes to franklin and keep lecras. could get nic nat next week.

        Sloan · 23/05/2013 at 19:37

        True. He's only projected to go up $7K. LeCras is simply not playing well. Roll of dice either way. Franklin isn't playing as inspired footy as NicNat. The man has been a machine.

tommy · 23/05/2013 at 19:32

got 540,000 left, thoughts on a good midfielder or defender to bring in?

    Hazey · 23/05/2013 at 23:38

    Boomer Harvey could be a bit of a smokey!

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:11

    Go straight to the top – Jobe Watson or JPK for mine

Aaron · 23/05/2013 at 19:32


    saMMan · 24/05/2013 at 14:20

    he's got hamstring tightness aaron

Sully · 23/05/2013 at 19:35

who should i get under $300,000 in the mid/fwd

    sam · 23/05/2013 at 19:43

    I would get vlaustin if you want to spend your money but also look at thurlow or webster to bring some cash in

      brunzzzzzzzz · 23/05/2013 at 19:44


      Sully · 23/05/2013 at 19:50

      already got vlaustin and thurlow and isn't webber defender only?

jaroyd · 23/05/2013 at 19:40

SHould I broing in hanley pearce, fyfe or harvey

    Sunka · 23/05/2013 at 22:59


    Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:48

    hanley…doubt Boomer will keep this pace up.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:11

    Hanley. Get Fyfe after the bye rounds

Jimbob · 23/05/2013 at 19:41

I have Daniel Currie and Sam Rowe doing nothing on the bench providing no coverage or coin. I have Bellchambers and Cox on the field. I have $200,300 in the chest. Both need to go over the coming weeks as I have no cover and the byes are coming… Thoughts?

    Zimmer · 24/05/2013 at 08:18

    Wouldn't get rid of either, especially Cox. Can you bring another Ruck/Fwd swing player into your forward line and move things around during the bye rounds?

    Depending on the make up of your other lines, perhaps trade Rowe for another ruck rookie, even one that won't play, to generate cash. Could use him for Captain loophole.

HulkSmash · 23/05/2013 at 20:04

Trading Thomas & Goodes for either
Thurlow + Watson or
Thurlow + Boomer
Want both but can't afford it.
Would love some feedback

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:11

    Thurlow and Watson 110%

      HulkSmash · 24/05/2013 at 18:29

      Cheers Crimmo

Kevin · 23/05/2013 at 20:16

Loving your work Mr.Crimmins, do you think it would be wise to get Jobe and Buddy in this week and miss the boat on Thurlow, or is it important to get him in? Keep up the work mate

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:10

    I reckon get Jobe and Buddy this week, because you can get Staker next week as a defender. When one door closes, another opens as a wise man once said. Missing Thurlow not disastrous because I worry about his long term JS

      Kevin · 24/05/2013 at 19:03

      Thanks a lot Mr Crimmins, you're the wise man that said it!

Dinger · 23/05/2013 at 20:32


    Birch's Buddy · 23/05/2013 at 20:54

    SJ, mate. But I love Boomer! Could be a very decent (vital) POD if you pull it off. Remember that article a couple of weeks ago about defining moments? This could be yours. Just keep in mind he's 35.

Luke · 23/05/2013 at 20:47

Traded out Evans, swung Vlastuin into the midfield and got Birchall, and Im now left with only $2, 600. Is this a good trading option? Should I stick with it? Or is there anything else I can do?

    Dee · 23/05/2013 at 23:24

    I would wait another week or two until brining in Birchall. I'd be bringing in Thurlow or Webster this week for Evans to generate some cash.

      Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:43

      100% agree

Jacob J. · 23/05/2013 at 20:57

Which two to trade out from Campbell Heath, Sam Mayes, Dale Thomas and Oliver Wines?

I am either thinking Campbell Heath and Sam Mayes with D. Thomas out next round
Or… Campbell Heath and Dale Thomas this round and two rookies next round depending on how they go this round

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:09

    Option 1 for me. Thomas won't change in price so can consider holding for at least another week

      Jacob J. · 24/05/2013 at 19:39

      Thanks Mr Crimmins. I was thinking of doing the first option but wasn't sure. Now I am definitely going with option one thanks to your advice!

Chook · 23/05/2013 at 21:01

hi. who do you think i should get rid off for franklin? monfries or lecras?

    TomH · 24/05/2013 at 11:15


    Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:43

    Lecras, Lecras

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:08

    I'm going LeCras to Franklin this week

Ryan · 23/05/2013 at 21:05

Hey Jock are you bringing in Joel Selwood this week

    jockreynolds · 24/05/2013 at 11:18


Sunka · 23/05/2013 at 21:13

Will Cox and the like actually get rested when they have a week off with the byes just around the corner?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:08

    Possibly, but at same time, West Coast aren't in position to rest players – can't afford to drop too many more games.

Winko · 23/05/2013 at 21:49

Will Brad Hill play?

JB · 23/05/2013 at 21:53

Is it worth while holding on to Callum Sinclair?

    Sunka · 23/05/2013 at 22:58

    He's been put back on the rookie list and can't see him getting a game anytime soon. I've still got him too, just had more important trades to make. He'll go soon for me but I guess you need to wait until there's a rookie ruck playing. Witts may be a downgrade option?

      Sloan · 23/05/2013 at 23:47

      In the same ruck rut. Have him and Rowe in my reserves. Like Sunka. Busy fortifying other areas. May do sideways with O'Hailpin when he comes in. Witt is the other. Going to tackle this next round. Siiiigh.

Peter · 23/05/2013 at 22:13

option 1
Kane Cornes (Out)
Mark LeCras (Out)
monfries fowards
Jobe Watson (In)
Josh P Kennedy (In)

option 2
Goddard (Out)
Cornes (Out)
Watson (In)
Kennedy (In)

other ideas would be awesome

    John · 23/05/2013 at 22:16

    1 definitely

      Sloan · 24/05/2013 at 06:46

      For sure #1

    Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:42

    OPTION 1!

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:07

    option 1 without a shadow of a doubt – HOLDDDDD goddard

Osh · 23/05/2013 at 22:21

Do we get rid of J.Viney

    Sloan · 24/05/2013 at 07:34

    He's on the list for sure. No points for moonbooting.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:06

    Indeed we do. Webster should replace him

Nate · 23/05/2013 at 23:21

Now Community….a real TOUGH one!

Can you bring in Nic Nat if you already have Cox….hmmm??? Thoughts please…

    Art Vandelay · 24/05/2013 at 00:18

    Yep for sure just wondering if you wait till after the bye round for Nic Nat as price won't go up too much and it's a couple more weeks under his belt fitness wise.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:06

    100%, especially if you bring Nic Nat into the forward line, or visa vera

Tom · 24/05/2013 at 08:22

hey jocko two question on this fine sunny morning who do i get franklin or nic nat
and what is the case with heath shaw how long?

    macareec · 24/05/2013 at 08:24

    Go franklin, he is just to cheap to pass up and has gc and melbourne. Nic Nat wont go up very much

chandanrajdb · 24/05/2013 at 08:23

Hi Guys,

Need the community's thoughts on captains loophole this week……

Who do you guys think is the best person to use for the captains loophole this week ??? from the below options…..

1. S Pendlebury

2. JPK

3. Nic Nat

Thoughts please…….

Thank you,

    Liam · 24/05/2013 at 17:17

    JPK has dominated in recent games against the pies, Pendles is usually pretty consistent(besides the freo game) and Nic Nat has GWS so he would have a big game you would think. If I was to use the loophole on one of these 3 I would probably go Nic Nat. Pendles won't probably got 130+ and I think Macaffer could get a tagging role, as he has in recent weeks, on JPK but could be wrong.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:05

    JPK 100%. Crimmins' loves him

      chandanrajdb · 24/05/2013 at 18:25

      Hi Mr Crimmins,

      Thanks for your comments above….much appreciated…..however i have got a question for you,

      I have made the below trades this week, please give me your thoughts on it….

      OUT: Mayes & Moloney

      IN: JPK & Nic Nat…..

      Had $500k in the warchest before the above trades and will be left with only $77k after above trades…..

      Please note that i went for above premos instead of Jobe Watson and Buddy….JPK purely because of the rd 12 bye and Nic Nat because cant trust buddy too much at the moment as super preimium…..

      If i Get Buddy and Jobe Watson ill be left with a massive $230k in warchest though……

      Thoughts please….please reply…..

      Thanks mate,

udi · 24/05/2013 at 09:48

JPK two score above 140. jpk for me

Michael C · 24/05/2013 at 10:03

Forward issues: thinking of upgrading to NicNat, Franklin or Roughy.
Have: Zorko, Rockliff, JJKennedy, Black, Garlett, Stokes (Macaffer, Sinclair)

Thinking ahead to bye rounds, Roughy would possibly fix my Ruck when Cox out in Round 12, but NIcNat is more premium, but out with Cox.

Also who to trade. Garlett has risen well, but has probably peaked. Is he too sideways? He is still scoring well.
Sinclair? Would use ~$300000 and leave money on the bench.
Kennedy? Scoring well with some prospect of increase, but increased flexibility with a RUC/FWD instead.

Hmmm …

    Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:42

    top 18 scores are counted regardless of field position during the bye weeks. Nic Nat is in my opinion a must have in the ruck or fwd line, ahead of Cox. I think Kennedy will score big..GWS, Tigers and St Kilda before the bye. Then he plays Hawks, so look to trade him around then.

    Maybe Mcaffer out for a rookie on the bubble then Gartlett for Nic Nat…I don't have how much money you have to spend but if you can afford it I say do that.

    Roughie or Buddy in for Kennedy after round 11

Jeremy · 24/05/2013 at 10:08

Felt a bit sick to the stomach last week. I had daisy, and i knew he would be out longer than a week or two, so i traded him. I was going to go straight sideways to Matty Stokes (and his r12 bye), but for some reason i got goaded into Hawthorn's upcoming draw, and picked Luke Breust, who proceeded to reward me with a 52, whilst Stokes pumped out a 118. I know it was only one round, but have i made a terrible mistake?

    Choppers · 24/05/2013 at 10:35

    Hey Jeremy, The only thing you get from looking back, is a sore neck. What's done is done. Move forward and prosper.

      Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:35

      well said, every defeat is a learning opportunity. I had to burn some early trades on selection mistakes. made me better

JcS · 24/05/2013 at 10:55

Hey guys
wanting to pick up webster for either terlich or goodes this week, but i keep thinking should i wait and put staker in my defence for either 2 next week? or should i trade staker in to my forward line for kerridge next week?
19 trades left
goddard, heppell, birchall, goodes vlastuin and gibbs (terlich, docherty)
j kennedy, watson, swan, fyfe, mundy, parker, priddis and omera (mitchell, viney)
luey, 'saucey' jacobs (rowe, currie)
d martin, rockliff, franklin, cloke, j kennedy and macaffer, kerridge and b kennedy all in the mix for f6

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:05

    I reckon dump Goodes for Webster, that's what I'm doing. Then next week go Terlich to Staker, or even Macaffer to Staker

Della · 24/05/2013 at 11:02

Hi Jock/ All…

Am going to get matty priddis in this week, but who do you all think I should upgrade from- Kobe Stevens or Matty Jones? The one who stays will start on the field and probably stay there for the next 3/4 weeks..

Remy · 24/05/2013 at 11:20

What to do with Neade, do we hold for captains loophole or trade out as soon as possible?


    Zimmer · 24/05/2013 at 11:30

    Time to trade Neade out. Has peaked.

    Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:34

    You don't need to trade him now because his value will be the same next week. So if you have other rookies who you need to get out now because they will go down in value this week make that move and get Neade out next week.

      Remy · 24/05/2013 at 17:23

      Okay, cheers Shaneo

rosco_peco · 24/05/2013 at 12:09

G'day Crimmo,

I'm truly stuck this week. have the following on the chopping block this week;
Pittard (holding Hartlett)
Daisy (fwd)
Mayes (fwd)

Problem is cash. I have $90K in the bank and could either bring in Thurlow or Webster for for pittard/viney and bring in roughy for Thomas, or double downgrade for cash next week?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:02

    Hmmm, that's an interesting one. I'm stuck with Thomas and Lucas. I'll be dumping Lucas next week, and keeping Thomas up my sleeve for 1 more week. I personally would do the double downgrade, as Thomas' price won't change significantly and can build up a good war chest

      rosco_peco · 24/05/2013 at 18:32

      Thanks Crimmo, great advice. Goodes over Lonergan on field (mid)?

Shaneoo88 · 24/05/2013 at 14:31

long term question…I have Nic Nat, Luey and Mcevoy as rucks in my team (Nic Nat in fwd line). I think Paddy Ryder is the ruckman/fwd I will go after…thoughts on the best 3 man ruck combo?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:59

    For me Nic Nat, McEvoy and Leuenberger from that list, but I reckon keeping Leuey and using trade especially could be a better option. Leuey scoring well as a R2

Chiefton · 24/05/2013 at 14:50

Docherty in. Game changer? Or do you stick with Thurlow/Webster…?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:55

    I'm going to stick with Webster, just like his job security more than the other 2

Matt · 24/05/2013 at 15:44

Really wanted to get Watson in but ended up swinging Vlastuin into the Mids and trading Viney to Thurlow and Daisy to Buddy to avoid some donuts.

Now got $300k in the War Chest to splash around the buys with Terlich, Vlastuin, McCaffer and a few others ripe soon.

Finally beginning to ease the pain of bringing in Birchall at full price and having Jacobs bleeding cash 🙁

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:57

    That's it mate, I like your corrective trades. Don't worry, poor trades happen to the best of us. I started with Gaff and traded him out for Hartlett….

Callum · 24/05/2013 at 16:02

Should i use the loop with pendles or jpk?

    Aaron · 24/05/2013 at 16:51


    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:55

    JPK for mine

Sully · 24/05/2013 at 16:08

my two options this week are:

1.Thomas to lids, Watson or selwood and out mayes and bring In who?
2. gawn to natinui and take out mayes with his price dropping to get some extra cash to get in natinui. but mayes to who?

leaning to natinui trade as selwood has high breakeven and I think natinui could explode against GWS

your thoughts thanks community

    Sully · 24/05/2013 at 16:21

    or instead of mayes could get out Stevenson and bring in webster
    already have thurlow

James · 24/05/2013 at 16:09

Hey Mr Crimmins,

Decided to trade Viney out for Colquhoun this week. Trading Colquhoun allowed me to open up the defence – mid swing and can now put Goddard in the midfield and put Terlich on instead of Colquhoun in the defence. This will be my only trade this week and now have a war chest of $124,300 to upgrade someone like a Mayes or Neade next week.

Who should I upgrade to? Steve Johnson, Jimmy Bartel, Matthew Stokes, Nic Naitanui or Brent Harvey? If you have any other suggestions it would be appreciated.


    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:54

    I would go Nic Nat from that list, especially with the Ruck/Fwd swing. Stevie J also someone worth considering.

The Captain · 24/05/2013 at 16:12

Fellas, love a bit of counsel on 2 playing options this week…

Should I

– play Hannath or Blicavs as my second ruck this weekend?
– play Thurlow or Terlich in defense?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:53

    Play Hannath and Terlich for mine

      The Captain · 24/05/2013 at 18:20

      I had the same thoughts – thank you Mr Crimmins.

Sully · 24/05/2013 at 16:39

using the captain's loophole I got priddis, naitanui, and cox who to put the big V on

    Sully · 24/05/2013 at 16:41

    or even josh kennedy (wce)

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:49

    Nick Nat for mine out of that bunch, reckon he could go wild this weekend

jimmy recard · 24/05/2013 at 16:46

done stevenson to thrulow,
and now having a problem.. should i trade lecrae or upgrade sam mayes and who for? money not a problem

    jimmy recard · 24/05/2013 at 16:46

    someone please

      jimmy recard · 24/05/2013 at 17:01


        James · 24/05/2013 at 17:36

        Leave Lecras for now and upgrade Mayes. The obvious trade is to get Franklin but I rekon Matthew Stokes it a good POD. Averaging 100 and plays in the midfield. Others to consider are Bartel and Naitanui. I would go Stokes.

        Hope this helps.

          jimmy recard · 24/05/2013 at 17:42

          cheers james, i was thinking franklin at first but now seriously thinking zorko, thoughts on who to pick out of the two?

            James · 24/05/2013 at 17:47

            Would have to say Franklin purely because he has more upside. He has an easy run ahead and has the capability of big scores. Zorko is good to but out of the two would have to say Franklin. He is also cheaper so you'd be saving same money as well.

        @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:52

        I would upgrade Mayes. LeCras got GWS this week so he could score big against a side that won't make him work hard. I would consider going to Buddy and banking the rest, or if you want to go all the way, Nic Nat or Dusty

jimmy recard · 24/05/2013 at 16:55


Richard · 24/05/2013 at 16:58

Will Gibbs play? Backs are Goddard, Hartlett, Duffield, Goodes, Terlich, Vlastuin, Gibbs, Thurlow. Thurlow will definitely be on bench. Not sure about other. Thinking Goodes?

    Liam · 24/05/2013 at 17:07

    Gibbs is named to play but not sure myself whether he will play a full game. He might even start sub. I'm not sure. Ive got him in my team so if anyone could help it would be appreciated

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:48

    Must win game for the Blues, I reckon he'll play a full game. I'd go Goodes as well

      Richard · 25/05/2013 at 11:01

      Thanks Mr Crimmins. Have nervously gone with Goodes.

Scott · 24/05/2013 at 17:08

which option is best…

1) Daisey for Stokes & Stevenson for Thurlow
2) Daisey for Buddy & Moloney for Watson

    Liam · 24/05/2013 at 17:20

    Option 2 easy. If you are looking to generate some cash option 1 would be alright with the Stevenson to Thurlow trade

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 17:48

    Option 2 for mine. Can downgrade Stevenson to Staker next week

      Scott · 24/05/2013 at 18:01

      thanks guys, option 2 it is!

James · 24/05/2013 at 18:01

Hey Mr Crimmins,

Should I put Gibbs on the field or put Thurlow or Colquhoun on?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:16

    Get Gibbs on field definitely!!

      James · 24/05/2013 at 19:23

      Talk of him being sub though?

[email protected] K1nG · 24/05/2013 at 18:10

Howdy Community!

Was wondering who to get In this week Watson or Buddy?

To upgrade I have Evans (Midd) or Mayes (Fwd) / Maccafer (Fwd)

What are your thoughts guys? 🙂

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:17

    Get Watson in for mine – not expecting the biggest $$$ rise from Buddy so you'll have another opportunity next week

Nick · 24/05/2013 at 18:13

Im trading out stevenson for thurlow definitely.
Should I trade out Viney for Webster and move Vlaustin into Mids? Ill have about 350k in the bank then.

Or should i just get nic nat for thomas??? Then ill have 150k in the bank

I have thomas to move out but I could move him next week out. I dont have buddy but not sure wether i want to bring him in. I could next week.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:17

    Do the first trade 100%. Get the money in the bank first, then assess the field

      @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:18

      Especially with Thomas' price remaining stagnant

gaveday · 24/05/2013 at 18:22

List more bubble boys! feels like we are running out of downgrade cash cows after this round.

    gaveday · 24/05/2013 at 18:24

    Well after staker that is……..

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:27

    Here are some more on the bubble Gave:
    – Elliot Kavanagh
    – Jarrod Witts
    But that's about it. Not a long in way of bubble boys so gotta jump on when you can

Nick · 24/05/2013 at 18:24

So you reckon just get Nic Nat in?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:28

    If you can, yes. The big boy is back and firing

      Nick · 24/05/2013 at 18:38

      Cheers mate, would love to hear you on the podcast one time mate haha Bloody rip snorting genius Mr Crimmins.

@Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:26

Here are some more on the bubble Gave:
– Elliot Kavanagh
– Jarrod Witts
But that's about it. Not a long in way of bubble boys so gotta jump on when you can

Deanbartel · 24/05/2013 at 18:27

Play Thurlow or Terlich as D6 this week Crim?!?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:29

    Going by form, I'd back Terlich but rookies are hard to back with confidence.

      Deanbartel · 24/05/2013 at 18:33

      Agreed. Terlich seems the safe bet, getting plenty of the pill lately

gaveday · 24/05/2013 at 18:37

Slim pickings then! I reckon Gorringe might be value as an R4 downgrade but he's already high-ish for a rook.

Eyes on the dogs and dees to promote youth late on.

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:38

    Spot on. Gawn to Gorringe may be required in a few weeks. Gee I wish we had another expansion club sometimes

Jeff · 24/05/2013 at 18:38

Looking to bring in either Bartel or Dustin Martin, is Bartel likely to get rested in the upcoming weeks with Geelongs easy run?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:47

    Potentially, so it may be worth playing it safe with Dusty. He's scoring well and finally found the consistency. Go Dusty to be safe

JB · 24/05/2013 at 18:39

Vice Captain:
Pendelbury or Josh Kennedy JPK?

    Daniel · 24/05/2013 at 18:43


    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:47

    JPK 100%

Sully · 24/05/2013 at 18:39

neade to lonergan
or Stevenson to webster
thoughts please

    Daniel · 24/05/2013 at 18:43

    Stevenson to Webster every day

Callum · 24/05/2013 at 18:45

Ben kennedy the sub again! Bloody Hell….

Garry · 24/05/2013 at 18:45

Should I play macaffer or crozier on field?

smh · 24/05/2013 at 18:47

buddy or nic nat?

Sully · 24/05/2013 at 18:48

Stevenson to webster
or neade to lonergan

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:58

    Both? But probably go Stevenson to Webster, then Neade to Staker next week

JB · 24/05/2013 at 18:50

MaCaffer set as a emergency if he scores big put Rowe/Sinclair on field thoughts?

    @Mr_Crimmins · 24/05/2013 at 18:59

    I like it, smart loop holing

Maso · 24/05/2013 at 19:00

heppel birchall, jpk, swan, watson, stevej, hannath, jroo, stokes
hanely, gibbs, boak, hannebery, priddis, wines, goldstein, Lberger, walker

you think i got a chance with team 1 to get a slab from team 2 ?

Tim · 24/05/2013 at 19:04

Hi mr crimmins

I have got an idea for trading in the next couple of weeks,

My idea is to do aggressive downgrade all your rookies then when it comes to the byes you have a lot of money in the war chest to upgrade like crazy during and after byes.

Is this a good idea mr crimmins??

    Hayden · 24/05/2013 at 19:26

    yes it is a good idea if you pick the right downgrades

Hayden · 24/05/2013 at 19:27

Is it worth jumping on bothh harltlet and birchall in the coming weeks for goodes and terlich

    Aaron · 25/05/2013 at 17:49

    Birchall yes! Not sure about Hamish. Watch closely.

Bruce · 24/05/2013 at 23:07

Quick question.
Whos better to put on BENCH?
Vlastuin, Thurlow or Terlich?

    Hayden · 25/05/2013 at 09:29

    if u just have to put one on the bench going by form i would say put thurlow on the bench

Aaron · 25/05/2013 at 16:57

Do you think I should sub Jacobs out for Currie & bank Blicavs 100?

    footyinme · 25/05/2013 at 23:49

    Yes mate

Bruce · 25/05/2013 at 22:41

Need some help guys.
Im looking at almost a certain loss and i think the only way i have a chance of winning is to take the C off gaz as my opponent has the C on him, and put it on someone else in the hope gaz fails and my C beasts.
so my C options are:
brent harvey

who u guys rekon??

    footyinme · 25/05/2013 at 23:47

    It's always a risk but would have to say Harvey, he scores well against Adelaide should get 120+
    Next would be Buddy who will almost certain be after a bag of goals as his recent games have dried him up. He should get 100+

Chris · 26/05/2013 at 08:14

Despite the recent stories, would it be a bad idea to bring Hartlett into my defence? At about 400k that is reasonably cheap and he may have learnt to break a tag?

bugger · 26/05/2013 at 12:46

hey guys for the captains loophole to work should i have made someone other than shaw as my captain becuase i put the vice on pendles knowing shaw wasnt playing with the intention of making ablett captain if pendles didnt fire , however i couldnt change shaw as my captain, was this because he was locked out ?? i never attempted to do it till this week and its stuffed me up 🙁

Pete · 26/05/2013 at 14:05

wow Franklin is a Muppet this year!

    falcon · 26/05/2013 at 15:25

    Agreed his the cloke of last year, must be injured

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