Jock’s Round 9 Video – selection advice from the father himself

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Enjoy Jock’s weekly pre lockout round AFL Fantasy advice video folks – and join in the discussion below!

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  1. #1 Jock Fan says:

    thumbs up jock my friend! thumps up

  2. Hank Jones says:

    Love your work Jock.
    Going the Thurlow trade for the coin. Wanted Jobe but doesnt fit my structure, brought the big Kruezer lad. Bit of a gamble but hoping some return to form and he's a bargain basement price. Lets hope Buddy fires up! Keep up the good work.

  3. Guest says:

    Blessed are the meek, but they've got nothin' on you Jock. Great stuff.

  4. FrontPocket says:

    What's with Dixon still being out? Has his ankle turned into a hammy or something? It was supposedly a minor ankle injury.

    Dixon + Hartlett + Birchall is proving very character building…

    • Ocker says:

      WHAT! don't you have Gibbs as well? I do.

      • FrontPocket says:


        I did, until I had to cover a doughnut and couldn't trust that Gibbs was "just one more week" away.

      • Top_Cotch says:

        I killed off Gibbs after one week on the bench. Shane Crawford said its a hammy and its four weeks …. nothing less. I was very lucky to listen to that piece of info.

  5. Judd says:

    Love it Jock.
    Community help me,
    im trading in thurlow for down back and trading out Daisy in the middle.
    ive got $700,000+. do i get selwood while his cheap or do i just lash out and get kennedy or pendels? or any other premiums for that matter?

    My midfield is as follows:
    Ablett, Dangerfield, Swan, Watson, Hannebery, Priddis, Omeara..
    I just need one more midfielder premium and hopefully ill be set for the season in the guts then I can concentrate on fixing my forward line.

    • Gedransom says:

      Pendlebury old son.

      • Zimmer says:

        I'd agree with that. You're going to be thin in the middle come round 13 though, that's the only consideration.

        • Judd says:

          Yes I was thinking that and for that reason I think i'm going to go kennedy, hes got a very low breakeven unless he drops form this is the cheapest he will be this season.
          Thanks for the opinions though boys

  6. jjj says:

    Beautiful piece of video jock!
    However I have a dilemma, I'm generally not the biggest risk taker in SC so not sure.
    My options are,
    No trades for the week (18 left)
    Out:Neade + Macaffer
    In:B.Kennedy/Staker + Stokes.

    Currently ranked 2,000.
    Thoughts anyone? Cheers jjj.

  7. @MRB37 says:

    All I've heard on Cox is he's not injured, but they'll just rest him against the traffic cones, but he's currently #6 on the consecutive games player list with 79 which is impressive. I've also seen it said he's chasing Glen Jakovich club game record (he's currently 20 behind), so he won't want to be rested because of that either. Guess we'll have to wait and see tomorrow.

    Wanted to buy Watson or Selwood while they're cheap this week, but my FWD line is messy so Franklin looks appealing. Now I just have to decide if I sell Goodes or Hartlett down back.

    • Dean says:

      Yeah i agree with getting in Watson over anyone this week. I'm not to sure about Franklin even if he is named to play it wouldn't surprise me if he is a late withdrawal just so they rest him, if not this week then quite possibly next week.

      It's a tough call I understand. I would have suggested getting rid of Hartlett if you were asking this last week, I traded him out last week before his massive price drop and got Priddis in and gained $30,000 in the bank. His price dropped $61,000 after round 8 but considering you kept him in, he will drop approximation $30,000 after round 9 but then his B/E should decrease quite a lot if he scores around 80 – 90 this week and his price should start increasing either in round 10 just before the BYE round or most certainly after the bye round when they play GWS when you look carefully at Hartlett's scores there either very very good, or at least 3 scores are unfortunately very very bad, here are this years scores of Hartlett: 123-38-118-144-140-53-29-77

      I think Goods is about at his peek in price, so for that reason I would chose to trade out Goodes and get either THURLOW or WEBSTER and then get JOBE WATSON in, I would stay clear of SELWOOD for at least 1 more week.

      I just think Hamish Hartlett is a much more consistent player then Goodes that's for sure and I believe that he can regain most of his price drop over his next few games.

      Good luck which ever way you chose mate.

  8. Hermit says:

    greetings Jock…please understand that You and the team behind you bring so much mirth and joy into our lives…A breath of fresh air in an often stale world .
    Please say hello to Crouching…his philosophy is inspirational and very amusing as well

  9. NICK says:

    mrb37 wait a few weeks if you don't have birchel now and trade out goodes in round 12 that's when I am planning on getting rid of goodes for birchel and going trade in hartlett for turlic as those guys will bottom out under 400 mark this week trades did daisy for franklin and Dixon for robton and next week going get rid of mayes for nic nat and nick suban for staker

    • @MRB37 says:

      I unfortunately have both Birchall and Hartlett. I reckon both can turn it around however, so i'll probably just eat the price loss from here.


    great vid jock – back in 88 in yr 9 had a small dark kid come to our school who we gave the nickname "web" after the show "webster – little bastards we were, he was of muslim faith and we tricked him into eating a Hungry Jacks "YUMBO" ….first time he ever ate ham…he loved it

  11. Sloan says:

    Thanks Jock. Wisdom went will with my morning coffee.

    If Cox is out, think any chance Sinclair will be brought up? If not, need Hitchcock from PA to jump in to avoid zeroes on front line.

    • FrontPocket says:

      Fingers crossed Sinclair is in. I haven't had the opportunity to trade him out yet, so he could earn a sneaky extra $20-30K, which will come in mighty handy.

    • @MRB37 says:

      You'd think now that Nic Nat is back they'd be able to get by with just Lycett as cover for one of their bigmen. Plus they'd have to put Wellingham on the LTI to upgrade him again? So i'm not sure if they'd want to do that or not.

  12. razor5 says:

    whos the better option this week selwood or delidio

    • FrontPocket says:

      Selwood: BE: 144, Avg: 109.75 Next games: PORT, GCS, GWS, Bye
      Deledio: BE: 46, Avg: 112.25 Next games: ESS, WCE, Bye, ADE

      Deledio for the break-even, Selwood for the draw.

      If you've got Cotchin then choose Selwood.

      If you haven't got Watson, choose Watson…

  13. Westy says:

    Thurlow in – Docherty out but it's tempting to let "Charlie Horse" Dixon go instead as he's made me some moolah.
    Boomer Harvey in – Viney out

  14. Top_Cotch says:

    Come on Deano aka BIG COX – butch it up. If not princess then Callum surely has to come in.
    In NFL Fantasy terms having Sinclair to back up Cox and Nic Nat is called a Handcuff.

    Buddy in trouble drinking too much hopefully he doesn't cop a club suspension – that would be a FWD disaster.

    • @MRB37 says:

      Sinlair is back on the rookie list though, so they'd have to upgrade him again, which seems a bit silly to cover just 1 game when you've got Lycett to fill the roll.

      • Top_Cotch says:

        Thanks, didn't know about him going back to rookie list. That could create some pain if Cox is rested. 🙁

  15. Jay says:

    Pretty much had my mind made up with these 2 trades:
    Mayes -> Thurlow (Vlastuin in MID)
    Daisy -> Buddy

    but with all the rumors surrounding Cox – is Nic Nat a better option that Buddy? If Cox is out Nic Nat could go on a scoring blitz against GWS?

  16. Xavier says:

    Have 1 trade left this rd but only $6,300 in the bank. Have 2 duds in X, Richards and J, Redpath clogging up my bench but think next week I might downgrade Macaffer to Staker for some more $$?

    Goddard, B, Duffield, P, Broughton, G, Terlich, D, Vlastuin, N, Thurlow, J, (Colquhoun, S, Richards, X)
    Pendlebury, S, Watson, J, Swan, D, Selwood, J, Barlow, M, O'Meara, J, Jones, M, Gibbs, B (Viney, J, Mayes, S)
    15. Leuenberger, M, Ryder, P (Witts, J + Currie, D)
    Cox, D , Westhoff, J, Franklin, L, Darling, J, Black, A, Naitanui, N (Macaffer, B + Redpath, J)

  17. frank says:

    Have enough money to trade Dale Thomas to any forward. Already have Cox, Bartel, Rockliff. Suggestions? Leaning towards NicNat.

  18. Joel says:

    Who should I trae out for buddy?

    I tried to trade Sam Rowe out but I was $18, 000 short.

    It is either Sam Kerridge or Brent McCaffer

    • Aaron says:

      I'd go Kerridge mate. I reckon McCaffer will be a good option for the pine all year.

  19. James says:

    A bit worried about Thurlow's job security. Cant decide between him and Brad Crouch if hes named.

  20. SCattery says:

    So jock im going to upgrade Cal Sinclair in my forward line but i want a bit of a POD, so i havent gone with buddy or nic nat. Who would you guys think is the best option out of Stevie J, Roughy, Dusty, Harvey or Stokes?

  21. Rotten Ronny says:

    Jesus Jock love your work mate but for the love of god do something about that colour scheme ad that pops up during your videos. Probably best to get sorted out for your own mental health too mate. Over the last few weeks I've seen it eating away at you slowly. Just grinding away at you mate. But you've kept it together. You've kept your cool. But last night when the thing raised its ugly bloody head I could hear a month's worth of anger boil over in you mate. Gee whiz it was comedy gold but I really worry about what might happen next week when the inevitable happens again. You'd have to be a chance of breaking altogether and putting your fist through the computer screen. As I say, just concerned for your mental health Jock

  22. Denzel says:

    Should I trade Moloney out? He has a high breakeven

  23. mark says:


    Got Atley, Terlich, Hutchins in my back line , who should i get rid of….

    thinking Atley for Thurlow then doing Viney for Watson…

    Money not an issue, any other suggestions would be appreciated

  24. Daniel says:

    Opinions on the rookie Hutchings from WCE?

  25. jalpiper says:

    Need help my friends.
    I'm a SC rookie and need help. My husband is saying get rid of Cloke. Is he right?
    Others I have to get rid of are Neade, Health & Wines. Only have $16,600 in the kitty.
    What do I do? HELP!
    Thanks in advance, jalpiper

    • Gilly says:

      To me Neade, Wines and Heath? are more of a priority than Cloke.

      Neade out this week so if you have cover for him hold as his value won't drop. If you have Heath trade for your pick of Thurlow or Webster.

      If you have a def/mid in your back line consider trading wines move your def/mid to mid and then can bring in both webster and thurlow or consider staker but he has only played 1 game.

  26. Dee says:

    Keep cloke and trade out neade and heath for franklin…

  27. Dee says:

    Who should I bring in this week, Dangerfield, Watson, Kennedy, Selwood or Nic Nat? Please help, I have the money but just can't decide, contemplating really hard…. Who should I get? Thanks…

    • Art Vandelay says:

      Midfield is key I think Watson and JPK are where it's at this week as Selwood will be a great get next week. How are your mids and fwds looking?

  28. Ruffy says:

    Gday Jock & community,
    I've got two trade options I'm tossing up between, being which premium out of Naitanui and Watson, but I can't decide..

    My team is:
    Bank: 221k
    Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Hartlett, Goodes, Vlastuin, Terlich, Brown
    Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, J.P.Kennedy, Fyfe, Mundy, Priddis, O'Meara, Lonergan, Crouch, Viney
    Ruck: Maric, Leuenburger, Blicavs, Gawn
    Fwd: Martin, Cox, Rockliff, J.J.Kennedy, Franklin, Mayes, MacAffer, Rowe

    My first trade will likely be OUT: Goodes, IN: Thurlow. But after than do I trade out Mayes, MacAffer or Rowe for Naitanui? Or do I trade Viney or O'Meara for Watson?

    The way I see it Watson averages more and will go up more in price, however I'm keen to hang on to Viney as he's still got plenty of $$ to make and is a walk up start for the dees. O'Meara isn't far off plateauing but still has a little to make with his BE of 52.

    Whereas in my fwds Rowe has a low BE so still $$ to make but can't see him returning anytime soon, Mayes has a high BE but if not vested again will still make more $$ over the next few rounds and MacAffer's not far off topping out but is at least playing every week.

    So I put it out to the community.. what are your thoughts?

  29. Gilly says:

    I think Macaffer short term is a keep (until round 13) he probably only scores 50-70 points in his role as the tagger but he will get a game every week.

    I also have Viney and will try to hold as I agree re his value and game time, Rowe unfortunately is now dead weight. Could only make the emergency list the week Jarrad Waite was suspended, looks as though Mick wants to roll with Waite, Kruezer, Hampson and Walnock. Omeara is a hold till round 13.

    If you go for Nic Nat you will have less premo's out in round 12 than if you go watson as you will have watson, ablett pendlebury, goddard and heppell out.

    Not sure how you can turn mayes into watson as you dont seem to have a mid/fwd link to swap mayes into the mids unless I am having a blonde moment!

  30. jalpiper says:

    Is it possible to move players from def to mid within your team. If so, how?

    • Gilly says:

      They need to be dual position players such as Heppell, Goodes, Goodard etc. To do it without a trade you need to have one in each line then you just substitute them from one line to the other.

      If you only one in your defence when you trade out a mid you have the option to sub the def/mid to your mid and then bring in a def.