Tight Arse Tuesday – Round 9

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Supercoach strategy with MickGood day community and welcome to this week’s edition of “Tight Arse Tuesday”. 

This upcoming round is the most important round of the Supercoach home and away season for me. It’s the round I face my arch nemesis “Maso’s Muppets” in my local Supercoach league. Now at this current point in time there hasn’t been any terms agreed – but usually the winner takes out a slab of his choice. Unfortunately I always seem to come out of this round thirsty, but not this year. Oh no. This year the “Muppets” are going down.

You see I know a lot of you are coming off a pretty low scoring round and you may be feeling a little down and wondering if you can be bothered anymore. But remember fantasy footy isn’t always about high scores, top rankings and sitting on top of the ladder. It’s about those games when you can get one up on a mate and then let them know about it. Hopefully this edition of “Tight Arse Tuesday” will give you that little bit of an edge and see you get over the line.

Now I have a lot to get through this week so I’ll jump right in.

Nick Vlastuin

Average 89.25
Breakeven -69
Current Price $295,800
Priced to Average 57.54

I would normally be very reluctant to recommend any first year player, and especially one that has already had two price rises but given the circumstances most of us find ourselves in with our under performing backlines I still think every coach should still consider this young man.

So who is he and what can we expect from this 4 game player?
Nick went at pick 9 in last year’s national draft and was a perfect fit for what Richmond would have been looking for a tough inside midfielder that could be groomed as a replacement for the likes of Tuck and Foley.

He has been quoted as saying he has modeled his game on Luke Ball and Brad Sewell and many so called expects have said he has a bit of the Damien Hardwick about him as well. I personally over looked him in the preseason as I thought he’d be brought in much like Elis and Morris were last year playing off the halfback and copping the vest on numerous occasions. I thought I got that judgement spot on when he made his debut in round 5 coming on as the sub and predominately playing across the halfback line.

However a couple things have changed in the last couple of weeks. First up Cotchin missed the round 7 clash against Port. As a result Nick been given more responsibility in the midfield starting in the centre. He finished that game with 23 disposals, 11 marks, 1 tackle, 1 clearance, 3 inside 50’s, 1 rebound 50 and finished on 105 Supercoach points. However what was potentially more significant is that both Chris Knights and Shane Tuck came off injured. That in effect meant that Vlastuin could retain his midfield roll in round 8 when Cotchin came back in. In case you don’t know how that ended up Nick finished with 25 disposals running at 92% efficiency, 16 marks, 2 tackles, 1 clearance, 1 inside 50, 1 rebound 50 and 141 Supercoach points.

Now before we all get too carried away I do want to stress that even though I do believe he will be groomed into a hard inside contested possession player he is actually playing an outside role at this moment in time. 20 of his possessions at the weekend were uncontested and he had a game high 16 uncontested marks showing the opposition didn’t pay him much attention. He won’t be playing Melbourne every week and he is fast making a name for himself so I’d expect him to receive a little more attention than he’s been getting. He is also a first year player and we have all seen what has happened to the likes of Wines, Mayes and Viney already this year.

However if he continues to be named and play most of his games running through the midfield I still see him having a very solid average from here on out. I know a lot of teams will be wondering what to do with the likes of Birchall and Hartlett and maybe Vlastuin is the answer you are looking for. He will most likely be more expensive that both those players in a fortnight’s time and a good chance he will out score both in the short term anyway. There is every chance Birchall will get an early rest before the bye and Hartlett will be given a week for his rough conduct on Murphy at the weekend.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 80-85pts

Final Word: I know people don’t like trading players in that have had two price rises but have a good look at your backline before you completely rule out Nick. His breakeven is -63 after all and is still only priced to average 58. Still Value there.

Nick Dal Santo

Average 80.62
Breakeven 56
Current Price $398,500
Priced to Average 77.52

Not too much talk of bringing in Nick Dal Santo this week but at his current price I’d say there is value in his selection especially if you are struggling for midfield output and can’t generate the cash to get in your Selwoods or Watsons. Let’s have a look at him anyway and I’ll let you be the judge.

There is no doubt that Nick has been a champion of many fantasy sides for the best part of the last decade. Just to remind everybody how strong Nick was take a look at Nick’s averages since 2006.

Nick Dal Santo

Nick had finished in the top 10 fantasy football players from 2006 to 2011 before falling to 24th last year on the back of a 101.8 point average. Typically Nick would finish in the top ten in all the major Supercaoch makers for midfielders, from high disposal numbers, effectiveness, tackles, clearances etc

So why is he so cheap now?
Well unfortunately at 29 Nick is now very much in the twilight of his career and his form has dropped dramatically both last year and into the current season. This drop in form has coincided with the closing of the Premiership window for the Saints and this new period of building for the future. Let’s have a quick look at his numbers so far this year compared to his last elite year back in 2011.

Nick Dal Santo Supercoach

As you can see he is down in every major stat form 2011 which coincides with his current Supercoach average of 80.62. The major standout stats from this list that is hurting his fantasy scores the most are the disposal numbers (down 4) and his disposal efficiency which is down a very unhealthy 8.7%.

It must be hard for a champion player to know that the team you play for are not going to challenge for the flag in the remaining years of your career, especially when you have come so close to the holy grail not that long ago and left it behind. However that is what Nick is having to deal with and I’m sure it’s playing on his mind that he might have a couple more years left in him where he can contribute to a team that has their premiership window open. With him available as a free agent at the end of the year this might just be an option open to him and I think the uncertainty is contributing to his current dip in form.

Scotty Watters did challenge Nick to lift a couple of weeks ago and to be fair to the player he responded as champions do, lifting his output. He had 26 disposals at 62% effective for 86 supercoach points against the Blues just over a week ago and had 23 disposals on the weekend at 73% effective for a Supercoach score of 97 against the Crows.

While I don’t think we will ever see the days where he will regularly pump out the 120+ scores you could have expected him to produce a few years back I do think he is very capable of averaging out the rest of the year around the 95 point mark. A lot will depend on what he wants to do next year and if he comes out and commits to the Saint Kilda Football club he could very well average 100+ for the remainder of the year.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 93-98pts

Final Word: Probably not relevant to anyone chasing the big prizes but if you are struggling outside the 8 in you league and looking for improved midfield output you could do a lot worse. Is currently at a ridiculously low price and could be the POD you need that will help improve your team.

Lance Franklin

Average 88.75
Breakeven 73
Current Price $443,100
Priced to Average 86.2

Ok I couldn’t do this week’s “Tight Arse Tuesday” without mentioning Franklin. For me, this is an incredibly difficult decision to make this week whether to bring Lance in or not. If someone had told me after round 1 that Lance would be available in round 9 for $443,100 I wouldn’t have even given a second thought to bringing him in or not. However 6 weeks is a long time in Fantasy football and a lot can and has changed.

I don’t think I need to remind everybody what kind output you would expect from Franklin but just in case here’s a quick reminder anyway.

Lance Franklin AFL Supercoach
Simply put at the start of the year Franklin was the competitions best power forward and a strong argument could have been made that he is worth his $618,000 starting price. Eight rounds in and that argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on but a whole new one has emerged. Is he worth bringing in now?

Let’s first ask why is he so cheap now?
I think we all know now that Franklin will be out of contract at the end of the season and he has put all contract talks on hold until the season has ended. I’m not sure of the reasoning’s behind this decision but I suspect it’s more about strategically placing himself in the best place to achieve the most rewarding contract as possible (form Hawthorne I might add, he aint going anywhere) rather than a footing decision. But whatever way you look at it the speculation surrounding his contract is a distraction and it’s clearly affecting his form.

We don’t have to go back to far to find parallels with another of the competitions power forwards. Only last year Travis Cloke found himself at the centre of fierce speculation after he too put his contract on hold until the season was over. His form suffered as a result and his output and form was well down on his best. From a fantasy stand point Cloke appeared to offer great value in round 10 last year and I brought him in when I assumed he had bottomed out. Unfortunately for me and the many others who got sucked in with that low price tag he would only go on to average 77 from then on out. Not the result any of us wanted or expected. One year on and we have a very similar decision to make.

While Franklin’s worst will more than likely be better than Cloke’s worst I am still not convinced that we will see the output that will justify bringing him in. The Hawks have been playing some amazing football and are finding plenty of avenues to goal without Franklin. Franklin’s movement seems to have dropped off too and he doesn’t appear to be presenting up the ground like we are used to seen. The speculation regarding him isn’t going anywhere and is here to stay for the season as well. Add to that the fact Franklin has never completed a full season and there is enough doubt to keep me away.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2013 Predicted Status: Strong Midpricer
Predicted Average from here on out: 95-100pts

Final Word: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice then shame on me. Still believe he will achieve a fairly respectable average but don’t trust him to give me the premium output required or to play every game this year. I’m spending the extra money on a player I do trust and bringing in Nic Naitanui instead.

Stay tuned…

Mick the Mad Irishman

(P.S Maso’s Muppets are going down)

Mad as a cut snake but we love him. Thanks Mick. Click here for more from the Mad Irishman


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Brought in Buddy last week, brought in Nic Nat this week. Aiming for Selwood next then Cotchin and Hanley after their respective byes


Would you still rate Selwood over Watto this week, despite Selwood being likely to go down again this week and Watto having hit bottom price?


Brilliant stuff. Was thinking I might bring in the Stevie J-monster myself as a mid/fwd swing

Brad Dowdell

Now on unsure of Watson over Selwood. As long as I have both in two weeks I guess. I don’t really want to not pick up JPK like him in my side.


Recon a few of the Geelong stars will be rested or spend more time on the bench over the coming weeks. Been a tough start to the season, recon after the bye rounds will be there time to shine again


Who will you be trading out for selwood this week jock?


Only way to play Fantasy Sport is to plan ahead.


Great Tuesday read =]
Nicky Dal could be a good SC draft option but I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford Watson this week. Glad I got Vlastuin in a few weeks back. Do you think he could become a season keeper?

Actually played against Maso's Muppets earlier in the year in the supercoachpaige league, has a very solid team.


No, while Vlastiun is having a killer run, he won't continue to produce 100+ scores for the whole year. I'm looking to trade him up to a JPK or Cotchin later in the season.

Brad Dowdell

I got Buddy last week. Had some coin in the bank and have put in Watson and JPK this week for Mayes and Moloney. Next week Selwood I reckon for wines.


ice cold carlton draughts will do ya mad bugger 🙂


LOL – I'll make sure I clean out the fridge to make room for that slab so 😛

Muppets going down 😛


lol like your overall rank the last 2 weeks i will be knocking down those frothies


is it a good time to slaughter Goodes?


Depends on how your back line is holding up Tom. For me he has great JS and will cover for the inevitable out. I'd be looking at other rookies to move on first.


Now not sure whether or not to bring in Buddy, great article Mick!


I’ve traded Daisy to Franklin and Stevenson to Thurlow. Next week looking at Wines/Viney upgrade and downgrade. My team atm, any advice welcomed.

Backs: Goddard, Hartlett, Heppell, Goodes, Telrich, Vlasty (Thurlow, Docherty)

Mids: Ablett, Pendle, JPK, Dangerfield, Watson, Moloney, Omera, Wines (Crouch, Viney)

Rucks: Goldstein, Luey (Gawn, Hannath)

Forwards: Cox, Martin, Kennedy, Franklin, Roughead, Monfries (Mayes, Macaffer)

Got 370k in the bank.


Averaging 2200+ atm too.


upgrade down back


A viney downgrade/ DEF upgrade may be better as the DEF is your weakest line. However Wines will probably start to go down in value so if your worried he is going to drop off, may be best to upgrade him.


What's everyone's thoughts on Birchall? Really don't know what to do with him.
My team: Looking to bring in Nic Nat too at some stage but don't quite know how with only 40k in the kitty.

Backs: Goddard, Birchall, Roberton, Heppell, Goodes, Terlich (Thurlow, Colquhoun)

Mids: Ablett, Watson, Selwood, Cotchin, Hannebery, Dangerfield, O'Meara, Vlastuin (Viney, Mayes)

Rucks: Goldstein, Cox (Gawn, Daw)

Forwards: Walker, Buddy, Bartel, Kennedy, Macaffer, Kerridge (Rowe, Lee)


birchall down to thurlow, maccafer up to nic nat…boom!


I think he said he already has Thurlow…


Hold him. He will come good again have faith in the premiums! Maybe try and downgrade viney (injured for 4 weeks) and rowe(doesn't look like he will get a game anytime soon) to generate some cash so you can eventually bring in nic nat or another premium FWD


I wouldn’t be trading out someone people are looking to trade in!

vinny mac

Pretty decent-looking team. The only decent trade options I could find are:
Birchall OUT, Staker IN,
Macaffer OUT, Naitanui IN.

vinny mac

That being said though I would hold trading this week with what you have.


Good luck Mick. Defeated my arch nemesis, Le Large Air Biscuit, in Rd 4 and what a magnificent victory it was!! Put the big C on Don't Hassle the Hoff who managed to pull out a huge 147 to get me over the line and in the process gave me bragging rights for the remainder of the home n away season!! Best be getting him to drop over a box of those ice cold Carlton D's as well!!


Need a forward upgrade for Daisy this week, which do you reckon is the best bet of D Martin and Naitanui at their current prices? Already have Franklin in the forward line. Every other line on the field is in good shape, as usual the forward line is quickly turning into the basket case of my Supercoach side…


I find it funny that the 1 line is everyones worry
FWDs are always fluid
Mids is where you gen coin fast and score big $$$ and points; then you hit the delima whom do I play
DEFs are the back- bone of a premiership team if this line ain't right say goodbye to 2013 campagaine
My thoughts are this you unload the hartless one and the decideous tree (Birch) or the Dangers & Son of tim (Past weeks) or even the Cambridge Tom or including the contractually confused ie Cloke last year and Buddy t
his year this is when all SC players should be picking up their ears and going Wack POD city so after a slab of Draught and 1/3 of a bottle of shiraz I'm trading out Hanley for Birch; pocket the coin and upgrade/dowgrade a JPK before the bye
Madness maybe but KrakenKat1 Madness at its best!!!



Can I suggest you reassess in the morning?


Classic Rocksta +1


Let me get this straight: You want to trade out the HIGHEST AVERAGING DEFENDER for a player whose form would shame mid-price KPPS, and not only that, also trade out a player who is the 4th highest averaging player of the year.

There is no genius without a hint of madness, they say. But there can be madness without a hint of genius.

Gee, I hope this rather harsh appraisal of your plan doesn't blow up in my face.

But I reckon you'd be safer upgrading rookies, my fellow coach.

Of course, I'm no wizard at this game myself.


Translation please.


What do you reckon guys, franklin is a bit inconsistent for mine, I will be hopefully pushing towards the top 1000 this week, I wanted to grab selwood this week, but I can’t do so unless I trade out a b goods or even a Moloney, are they two players I should be keeping? These articles you boys put out have helped me heaps throughout the year! Thanks a bloody lot jock and the gang!


I traded out Goodes for Thurlow for cash reasons, but it feels a bit stupid to have traded him out after one game back after holding him for the two weeks he was suspended. He has made a bit of cash though, and the Doggies aren't travelling really well at the moment.

Neither Goodes nor Moloney will be going up in value much more, if at all. Of the two, I think Goodes may be the more likely to increase in value, but Moloney seems to be more consistent.

Tough call. Now I'm questioning whether to reverse my Goodes trade…


Was struggling with that myself. One game back Goodes may have been cold. Think regardless he won't be going too much higher. Thurlow will generate some cash fast. I'm holding him this week, cutting him next (another reason due to R11 bye).


I've reversed the trade and traded out Moloney, shifted Goodes into the MID and traded in Thurlow.

No guarantee's I'm not going to do something wildly different when the teams are announced though.


You make plans and the Footy Gods laugh, it seems.


Who should I trade out this week, Viney, Mayes, Neade or Macaffer?

I'm unable to upgrade to anyone this week so I'm thinking of downgrading this week and upgrading next week.


Neade, overdue by a week or two. Thurlow is probably the best downgrade option this week, but he's DEF not FWD. Maybe Staker up FWD, but he's not on the bubble until next week.


Neade being rested this week. Makes the decision easy.


Hi all would love some help this week. I have 200k in the kitty and this is my team

DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Birchall, Goodes, Terlich (Laird, Stevenson)

MID: Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Danger, Shuey, Fyfe, O'Meara, Evans (Crouch, B.Kennedy)

RUC: Jacobs, Leuey (Gawn, Currie)

FWD: Martin, Cox, Monfries, JJK, Rockliff, Neade (Macaffer, Rowe)

Im thinking of trading Neade to Franklin and Stevenson to thurlow leavingme with 168k.

I can then go evans to j.selwood and rowe to staker next week, Thoughts?? What would you guys do.

any help is much appreciated.


That's what I'd suggest too. Both of them are past their cash cow peaks. Next week's trades look pretty sound too. You don't really need much help 🙂


thanks mate.


Any suggestions for Daisy Thomas? Should I trust that its only 2 weeks or just ditch him?


out for the season, had surgery today


Can anyone please give me some help was getting over 2000 for the 1st 4 rounds now ive lost the past 3, my team is:
BACKS: Birchall-Heppell-L.Stevenson-B.Goodes-Ibbotson-Vlaustin-Pittard-Staker
MIDS: Ablett(cap)-Pendlebury(vc)-Goddard-J.Selwood-O'Meara-Wines-S.Johnson-Mayes-M.Evans-Viney
RUCKS: Goldstein-Roughead-Blicavs-Daw
FOWARDS: D.Martin-Cloke-J.Kennedy-Franklin-Dwyer-Winderlich-Macaffer-Neade

was thinking about trading out Birchall and Winderlich for M.Johnson (freo) and switching mayes foward and picking up J.Kennedy (swans)
THoughts would be awsome , suggestions would be amazing thanks


Keep Birchall.

Pittard -> Thurlow
Neade -> Nic Nat


Hold birchall Curtis Hold. Like any premium you must roll with the SC Gods but the players ability is why he made your team in the 1st place so Have faith..Winderlich is a good one to ponder but looking at the listed team above you have different priorities IMO you have PT ADL players on 3 lines Stevo and Pittard have done their run also Wines, Neade may reward you in a game or so if you hang on but he has to go too as does Viney "Hotspot on the Back" = 2 -4 weeks so let the culling begin mate
trade up or down but some animales need to leave the yard


thurlow or webster
who will be better in the long run with job security and points?


By the numbers, Thurlow looks the stronger and more consistent. 77 and 85. Nothing for sure but Action Jackson seems the surer bet. Plus, Cats have PA, GCS and GWS in the next three rounds. Sure he'll strike a ton in at least one of those games.


is it worth bringing in nic nat for daisy considering i already have 4 west coast premiums, shuey, priddis, cox and kennedy?


Most definatley billy Nic Nat and whom ever else from the same team if their premium they are still premium and what a player …watch shuey's score now he will hit the 110s regularly with Dog Dog back in the Squad Cox will be free to rest and kick goals up front and JJ Kennedy will just plug away crashing bashing and breaking packs up front Solid move Get him


Should I trade in staker this week?


I'm waiting until next week when he's on the bubble. Unless you immediately need the downgrade cash, then save a trade.


Would wait if you can. He and Spangler need another look to see if first game luck. Also Jock mentioned Staker is injury prone.


Thanks Mick, brilliant segment as always! Given your thoughts on Vlastuin, do you reckon the same rationale could be applied to Sam Dwyer, especially considering injuries to Dasiy, Beams and Fasolo meaning his JS has improved. Mature-age recruit – could turn out to be this year’s Zorko? Currently $318K and projected to go up another $50K + based on his impressive performance against Geelong. I’m rueing the decision to cut him at $250K, but seriously considering brining him back in as my F6 – at least to replace Daisy through the next few rounds…not many downgrade targets up forward…am I crazy?


Personally I'd move on, but that might just be pride talking. Look at bubble boys like Thurlow and / or wait for Staker next week.

Dwyer's scores have been up and down, so no reason to think that he's suddenly going to be consistently scoring 85+ every week.


Thanks for the cool head FrontPocket – can't afford to waste a trade going (relatively) sideways at this stage. Need to get Mayes out as a priority, and can't really trade down in the forward line this week (going to wait on Staker), so prob Thurlow in for Pittard


Pete great question
I too got rid of Dwyer to bring in Daisy two weeks back and he'd gone and scored two massive scores which sickens me. Dwyer did score big in his first full game too and I actually thought then he could turn into a premium keeper but he followed in up with pretty average scores until the last two weeks.
If you were to bring him back in you would have to do it this week but I think that would be incredibly risky as I believe there is every possibility that his output will drop again to scores of less than 60
For me i'd say no, let him go and good luck to those who managed to keep him


Thanks for the words of wisdom Mick – only option is to burn a trade bringing in Dwyer for Mayes, but like you said, whose to say that Dwyer's output drops back and Mayes picks up? The more I think about it, this is just chasing my tail – better to bring in a proven premium like Franklin – preferably Nic Nat or Roughie if I can afford them – still trying to work out the permutations!


yeah in the same boat Mick Dwyer > Daisy has hurt me – thank god for terlich


Which one on the field in defence out of Lester, terlich, thurlow and Goodes


i mean which 2 on the field


Playing the percentages: Goodes + Lester

On recent form: Terlich + Thurlow

It's a toss of the coin. I always get them wrong. Had Terlich and Dwyer on the bench last round, but my reasons for doing so were sound.


Your reasons where unfounded but I to have been in the Boat without a paddle in a creek called "Sh*t" But I was incorrect in my forcast but your reasons are your reasons mate.
Goodes to come good & Terlich to be the one this round but having all 4 is great as you watch the coin grow and make the upgrade? to Hartlet


Can anyone give me some feedback about me team already spent my 2 trades for the round and 90k in the chest

DEF: Goddard, Duffield, Heppel, Goodes, Terlich, Vlaustin ( L.Stevenson, Colquhoun)

MID: Ablett, Swan, Barlow, Cotchin, Moloney, Priddis, O'meara, Crouch ( Gibbs, Viney)

Ruc: Leuenberger, Jenkins ( Daw, Currie)

Fwd: Martin, Walker, Nic Nat, J.Kennedy, Monfries, Franklin ( Macafer, B.Kennedy)

Thinking of upgrading moloney or/and Barlow next round to super premiums
Thoughts would greatly appreciated


Stevenson has already dropped in value. Depending on what trades you did this week, I'd reverse at least one of them and trade out Stevenson for Thurlow.

Moloney is definitely ripe for the slaughter now or soon.


Hey guys who should i bring in out of Joel Selwood or Nathan Fyfe? Selwood going t drop abit to around $525,000 with a BE of 144 but Fyfe's BE is 118 which is achievable against Melbourne and won't drop much but i'm scared that he will get injured again??? Please help thanks guys love you community 🙂


Fyfe was suspended, not injured, and he's in 14% of teams, so there will be plenty of others feeling the pain if he does get injured.

Watson's BE is 75. I'd go with him over Selwood or Fyfe.

Selwood hasn't been the SC beast that he's been in the past, and I don't see him turning that around consistently over the course of the rest of the season. The Geelong midfield load seems to being spread more this year with Stokes and Stevie J playing more of a midfield role and scoring highly while they're at it.

My opinion may end up looking silly the next three weeks as Geelong are playing the bye teams, and James Kelly still with a week to go on his suspension, but after the bye I reckon I'll be on the money.


Selwood is just simply too good to be down for too long.
He will be the player to benefit most when Hamish McIntosh begins to play. I know he has resumed training and thus I'd imagine will play seniors in about 3 weeks.


I don't necessarily think he's down, I just think Geelong's structure has changed such that he just won't get as much of the ball. He's still a beast of a player, that hasn't changed, but Geelong's wins this year haven't been built on Joel Selwood's back as much as they have in the past.


I already have watson but thank you guys


don't worry about B/Evans that is a round by rd thing Who do you think will generate Points in th e long run Ryan Joel or Teen wolf;me I think Joel such an easy run home given their current form and with players old coming bak I think Suicide Selwood will AWESOME…but that's just MO Ryan


I'd go with Fyfe. Like you said, better break-even.


Thanks James, please guys any other opinions?


selwood. ultra premium proven peformer.


your the same guy?


If I was upgrading to an elite mid this week I would pick Watson first, followed closely by Selwood. So if you already have Jobe then lock in Joel.

Teen Wolf is someone who you probably needed to get on from the get go to maximise that selection so wouldn't be a trade in target for me at his current pricing especially with his track record with injuries.


I already have Watson started with the brownlow meddalist how could you not but thanks man will probably go selwood


How about this trade Harvey for Lacras?


Sorry LeCras


Look it's not the worse trade idea I've heard as I believe Boomer would be a great inclusion this week and in fact will be doing exactly that myself.

However I still reckon LeCras is a keeper at this stage of the game so it would be better if you could upgrade a forward or mid rookie like Neade, Macaffer, Stevens or Wines to Boomer if you can and keep LeCras for now.


Boomer or NicNat? Leaning towards Harvey now. NicNat later.


Mick, I know it's Tight Arse Tuesday but Nicky Dal?
Surely no-ones that hard up




Nicky Dal = Dumb Arse Tuesday, the bloke is gone, finished, finito, kaput.


Brett Goodes break even this week, anyone?!




69 actually


Down grade options in the midfield, any suggestions from anyone? Except for B. Kennedy…


Depends how much you want to get. On the expensive side Lonergan has looked good. Strong and works his arse off. $190K. Good upside. Kavanagh didn't look bad. Got clunked but sure he'll get some time. Bubble boy at $139. Cachia doing better with each play. 80 last game. $159K isn't bad. Crouch is still a viable down grade option at $181K. BE -24 but returning from injury.


Is it a good time this week to go O'meara –> Watson??
Or would it be better to do Rowe –> Roughead/Franklin??


Better to get rid off Rowe.
O'Meara can go in round 13 for a round 11/12 premo, better for the bye strategy.


Roughead or Franklin?





The Old Dylan

franklin is a steal, but roughead is in form… i'd be leaning towards the orange roughie


For the money I think it's hard to go past Buddy this week. A proven premium at mid price money. Cheap as chips really!


is josh kennedy (wce) a keeper?


Looking for some advice thinking of trading harlett for thurlow then using extra to buy Watson or ? Teams is backs -birchall,harlett,goodes,terlich,lester,vlastuin,Dixon,Clark, mids-ablett,pendelbury,swan,Mitchell,Goddard,priddis,omeara,j Thomas,b Kennedy ,viney,rucks-cox,daw,blivcas,gawn, forwards-a walker,cloke,westoff,j kennady,j j roughead,Dwyer ,mcaffer,s Rowe

Any idea and feedback thanks


Hey all i need help with my last trade of the week i have 25k in bank just got in
S. Mtichell for mayes… this is my team

Back: Goddard, Birch, Shaw, Gibbs, Terlich, Vlastuin (laird, j CLarke)

Mid: Ablett, JPK, Watson, Swan, S Mitchell, Dangerfield, Cotching, Omeara (viney, Kommer)

Ruck: Goldstein, Leuenberger

Fwd: A Walker, Rockliff, Josh Kennedy, Zorko, Dwywer, Staker, (neade, Kerridge)

I have 15 trades left (1 this round) but dont know who too trade for cash please help!!!!!!!!!


Downgrade Neade. He's not going up any more and won't be playing this week


I wouldn't. Not playing this week is a blessing, plus who for? Ben Kennedy the only real option. I'd either go Laird to Thurlow or Viney to Lonergan. Probably first option as it suits the byes.


With that set up I'd be sitting on my remaining trades as long as possible. Wait until round 11 to trade Neade as it's unlikely he will play again until post-bye and as such, wont go down in price. You have plenty of cash to come from your remaining rookies and a very solid team so I reckon .. SIT


(Gawn and Rowe ) Other two rucks


Thomas to Martin and Pittard to Thurlow, with O'meara to Watson next week. Or Thomas to Buddy and O'meara Watson, missing out on Thurlow. ?


Ok so i downgraded Stevenson to Thurlow this week which leaves me with about 430k in the bank. I can use this to upgrade to any premium using any rookie. The rookies i am looking at getting out are Neade, Rowe, Macaffer and Sinclair. Probably gonna upgrade to Naitanui, Buddy or Stevie j, but which one should i slaughter?!
advice would be greatly appreciated! cheers


Out of the four I would say Neade, is being rested this week and his scoring output is dropping as he is getting tired. He has the highest breakeven out of the four at roughly 78. Steve J would be great pick, I certainly want him in my team. Have you considered maybe a Matthew Stokes or Boomer Harvey trade to just be a little different?



i have, but i really think stevie j is the one to get right now as a POD because i need league wins!


Mick/anyone: Thoughts on B Harvey? At 511k but averaged 120+ in his two games would you consider him a good pickup – or is Nicky Dal the better option 100k cheaper? Harvey also has the DPP positive…


Spangher or Staker as a rookie downgrade?


Staker, Spangher's iffy with Hawks to return


Am I the only one who didn't overlook aaron black. Brought him in at 200k two weeks ago after his scores of 87, 84 and have been rewarded with a 93 and 116. Will this scoring continue?


Am I the only one who didnt overlook aaron black. Brought him in two weeks ago at 200k after his scores of 87 and 84. Have been rewarded since with a 93 and a 116. Will this scoring continue?


i was looking at him chose robbie grey instead…. was dirty when he scored that 106 before grey played.
he scored high, but he looks like he is very capable of scoring low very often

Selwoods brownlow

Terlich, Vlastuin, Goodes, Lester…

who goes out for Thurlow?




Talk about Gibbs needing to come back for alot of people like myself but how about Dixon, when is he coming back?


Most likely next week but no guarantees of course. Listed as 1 week on the Suns current injury list.



do i get watson or nic nat this week? will get both over 2 weeks, which one would will work out better


okay i need everyone advice here as i am in a sticky spot here
possible trade number 1- Zac smith and Kennedy out
– Nic Nat and Buddy In

possible trade number 2-Zac smith out for Cox

possible trade number 3- Zac smith and Whitfield Out
-Ivan maric and dal santo IN

what are your thoughts ? if you can think of a better trade please let me know
i have 164k in the bank


yes i picked up Aaron Black last week. with a score of 116 i was wrapped. thinking of going Kommer to Watson and Wines to S Mitchell?