Monday Poll: 3 BURNING questions

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3 burning Supercoach Dt questions.How are we all? Trust you’ve had a listen to the podcast or have plans to have a crack at it. We went through several big issues and we want to put some of these out to the community for assessment before round 9.

Remember folks… as individual fantasy footballers following the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community we are strong. As a team.. we are stronger.. let’s flesh these issues out:


Joel Selwood is a bloody animal and I love the bloke simple as that. Would spoon him without hesitation and he’ll cost you $545,500. He has dropped $85K since the beginning of the season.. has a high breakeven around 140.. but plays Port, GCS and GWS over the coming three weeks.

Then we have Jobe Watson. In the sweet spot this week with a nice breakeven well below his average and coming in at a very reasonable $571,300

This week would you rather bring in.....

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Grant came out and averaged around 127 the first 4 rounds and looked every bit the must have defender. Plenty jumped on board. Teams then realised that he’s a bloke that needs to be stopped… and as a result he’s averaged a putrid 60 odd in his last 4.

Will Birch learn to cop a tag.. and is he worth keeping as a premium?

Grant Birchall. Is he still a "keeper".

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Then there’s old Buddy. Will he stay at Hawthorn or will he bugger off? Will he pull his fantasy footy finger out or is he going through a Travis Cloke type rough trot..

He is cherry ripe at $443,100 having shed a whopping $174K this season. His breakeven is 70 odd…

If you didn't have Buddy yet would you trade him in this week?

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Join in the discussion below folks.. lets gear right up for a massive round 9!


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Got Buddy last week, started with Watson and decided to bring in Nic Nat over Selwood. At worst Joel will be a little bit cheaper after this round is over while Nic Nat won't get cheaper than this. I am after Selwood next week…Dane Swan has a be of around 180 from memory as well.


I'm praying that Hartless gets rubbed out by the MRP this week, so that I will have an excuse to trade him out. Anyone else with me in wishing that?


Haha, he does make an easy way to free up $300K to buy a Watson or Franklin or whoever.


I shot hit anyway… useless prick….


I gave up on him last week trading him out for Priddis. He was much better this week but hardly set the world on fire. Reckon he will try your patience all season long with his big ups and downs.

Will be interested to see how he goes against the Cats, if he plays, but I've moved on.


he'll make you pay in the SC finals not having him!


Brought in Jobe this week and Buddy last.. Downgrading this week aswell then going to be all over Selwood next week and tommy hawkins.. Geelong going to steam home led by 'the animal'..


I am not sold on Hawkins long term, that being said he has a chance to score big over the next 3 weeks.


I'd choose Watson over Selwood just because he has a low Be and is start for a pretty high price rise – this might be the only time to get him in yet selwood has a high be.
STICK WITH YOUR PREMIUMS! If you have Birchall you've gotta stick with him he will come good. I personally brought in Buddy last week hoping he'll go crazy. Didn't go so well but he scored a respectable 107. If you don't have him you have to get him this week with a Be of just 73.


if anyone has stuck with him this far it is to late to drop him, agreed. Your right about Selwood. Even if he scores big his chance of going up in price are extremely low. He is either stays the same bargain he is now, or becomes a better bargain


Decided to pass on watson and joelwood and go straight to the top shelf and pendlebury. His price will go down next week I know but I was also aiming to get the big 3 (ablett, swan and pendles) in by round 10.

Buddy last week, pendles this week, nicnat or stevie j next week and watson the week after to complete my set minus 1 mid.

Traded my arse off and will only have 10 left but I was always trying to fill up as quick as possible.

Is this good logic?


I spent the $ and the trade on bringing Birch in, so i'm not about to waste even more $ and another trade getting rid of him…for now. It's done, so i'll move on and make sure I can upgrade my team elsewhere and hope he turns it around. Now at the end of the year if I've got my other areas set and he's still stinking up the joint, then i'll look at moving him on if I can.




I've got an issue for if i should keep swan or not…


Dane Swan? Fantasy pig Dane Swan?


Buck's has been playing him up forward for the last 2 weeks. What does that mean………………………….he is carrying a niggle.
Better to play him injured than leave him out of the team he's that good! Pick him up next week if you have any sense as he will be around $580K ( steal)


If you are asking that question, then I think you do have an issue


Keep, as much as I hate Collingwood and most of all that out of shape bogan, he's an out and out ultra premium, he'll come back


Someone beat this guy into sanity


definitely agree

Kermit the Frog

I wish I had a team so good I could think about trading swan out!


Swan is and has been in the top 3 for years now. By all means trade down.


Kind of bleeding Jock, traded Dwyer into Daisy and this week dropped out of the 780th position having $1.45mill on my bench in Daisy, Shaw and Gibbs.

Have decided to turn Daisy into Stevie J – so can eventually move him into F6 after the byes as I need that DPP for the byes

Can't get Watson even though would like to as I have GAJ, Pendles, Swan, O'Meara in the guts – adding Watson makes 5 and would mean I would have to move O'Meara on which I don't think I will need to do this year on current form

Will give Wingard another week – finding plenty of football but disposal efficiency very poor like most of Port players the last few weeks. Cost them the game against the Blues on the weekend. Will trade him to Selwood next week.


probably a good idea to stay away from Johnson if injuries has been such an issue. I think you should find a safer option. O'Meara should be in all sides until after round 12

Too Hottie

Not sure whether to trade in Buddy this week or trade down to gain enough cash for Nic Nat next week as can’t afford the extra $150k for him this week without trading a premium ruck or forward!!!

Help me Jock


That is a toughie, who are your rucks and fwds?

Too Hottie

Currently, Roughie & the Leuycheesenhamberger in Rucks with Cox, Zorko, Rockliff, D. Martin & Stevie J in Forwards with cheapies Sinclair & Currie in Rucks & Rowe, Macaffer & Dwyer in forward.

Leaning toward turning Sinclair into Nic Nat next week and not touching Big Bud


Have too many "Round 13" Premiums in the team already to consider bringing in Watson, so going to bring in Buddy into the FWD line & Thurlow down back….then holding of from trading till the byes (barring major injuries of course!!)


Wines and Daisy Thomas OUT for Franklin and Mitch Robinson. Thoughts?


I am bringing in Buddy and Nic Nat this week but only problem is who do i trade for buddy because it either Kennedy or petrie to trade so which one ?


If they are your worst 2 of 6 starters in the fwd line, I probably wouldn't make that trade. Kennedy is probably the one to go of the 2 as he was essentially a cash cow with his starting price, but I won't be getting rid of Kennedy any time soon. He's averaging around 100 while Buddy's is 88. I know we're talking about Buddy but current form would tell me to keep those guys and not sideways trade. If you still have a rookie on the field or a mid-pricer then look to upgrade Buddy from there instead!


Yeah I agree with Sunka I wouldn't get rid of Petrie or JJK for Buddy. By all means upgrade a rookie to Buddy but don't reckon he's quite worth a sideways trade from either of those two guys.

I certainly plan to keep JJK all season long as my F6 so long as he doesn't get injured of course.


Want to downgrade a defender to Thurlow – it's gonna be either Goodes or Terlich,,,, Thoughts on which one of those 2 to keep?


Terlich's price will keep on rising the next two weeks and there's a chance that Goodes has topped out already. Goodes IMO Andy


Yeah I was leaning that way too, thanks mate!

The Old Dylan

But is goodes a keeper? Who are your other def rookies?


Can you swing a trade of a midfield rookie who has peaked & swapping Goodes into the middle?

That's what I plan to do.


M.Murphy in for B.Moloney.

Good trade???

G unit

I would be going selwood, mitchell, watson, deledio instead to be honest. I have Murphy but he doesnt shake the tag that well.


Who to bring in Boomer or Franklin?


Reckon both are great trade ins but you really have to get Buddy now whilst he's in the bargain bins one last week.


will do Varcoe to Buddy & Monfries to Boomer ..leave 386K in the Chest


Yes nice upgrades there.


You still have Varcoe? i'm tipping you've got a few more trades left than I have.


will do Varcoe to Buddy & Monfries to Boomer ..leave 386K in the Chest


I can't believe you still have Varcoe.
Have you been overseas or living in a Cave or remote area?




Don't go for buddy, go boomer


Hey guys

1st Option: Mayes>Nic Nat (194k left)
Leaving team
(B: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Goodes, Terlich, Vlastuin)
(F: Bartel, Rockliff, Franklin, Nic Nat, Dwyer, Macafer)

2nd Option: Stevenson>Hanley (231k left)
Leaving team
(B: Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Gibbs, Goodes, Vlastuin)
(F: Bartel, Rockliff, Franklin, Dwyer, Macaffer, Mayes)

Thanks heaps!


I would say Mayes to NicNat. Are you making any other trades this week? May be wise to trade out stevenson for Thurlow so you can eventually trade out 2 of your DEF Cash cows for a premium and a rookie in a few weeks.


Thanks mate, Yeah that's what trade i was going to do!


Should we trade Dale Thomas?


Yes, pending higher priority trades this week and further information as to when he's likely to return.

The Old Dylan

Looks like he's out for the rest of the season, or returning around r20 if he's lucky. Doubt it, trade! I will be offloading him either this week or next, I have other areas that need attention and can afford to bench him for another week.


I have swan, pendles, gaj and o'meara all in the guts. so should i wait till after the byes to pick up watson?


Hey Jock, I got a HUGE burning question,
Option 1: Trade in Watson and Franklin
Option 2: Trade in Boomer and Selwood,

Would appreciate any feedback!


Option 1. Boomer will burn you. Selwood and Buddy trades not an option ?


Actually did not consider that option, thanks a lot mate


Who do I bring in?
Franklin or


Or Ellis?


You have to go Buddy even though his form has been indifferent to say the least. He's capable of exploding for 150 plus on any given game and you don't want to miss out if and when that happens. It could be this week against the Suns.


Should i trade in
evans > priddis
evans > selwood?


definetly priddis
selwood will go down in price next week so pick selwood next week


Is it about time that we stop assuming that the guns will go huge against GWS and GC? They are both a lot more competitive this year, especially Suns.


Just ask Grant Birchall…


Who needs to be off loaded first out of Monfries and LeCras? Monfries has a high BE but LeCras has a huge BE.. But gws next week. Thoughts appreciated


Depends on your respective BYE round situations. Which Bye Round do you have more outs? They are much of a muchness


Had a very poor round , didn't crack 2000, traded in Watson for wines and turlow for Stevenson , I've got 19 trades left , is that too little or is it about right ?? I just had a look and I'm going to have very crap weeks with these byes …7 midfielders. Out in round 13 haha


Last year, throughout the 3 bye rounds, you had to do your best to make up 22 players to play on the field. The rule has been changed, so this year, your top 18 players will make up your team score for the round. This does not depend on position. If you were to have no ruckmen playing but playing midfielders on the bench, you would get the score for the midfielders on your bench, provided they are in your best 18 players. We are also able to make 3 trades per round for the 3 bye rounds (Rounds 11, 12 and 13).


Thanks for the heads up Helmet…. Cleared a few things for does that mean emergencies won't come in to effect in those 3 rounds right?! 18 highest scores right? Wether it be on the ground or on your bench….

Michael C

I thought you could still only count the players in the 22. Emergencies will still work, but only to replace players from the same position in the 22 that don't play.


That is correct Michael C, AND don't forget that the Captain Loophole is not there for the bye rounds.


I can understand not being able to use players from teams with byes as captains loophole options but pretty sure you'd still be able to exploit the likes of Sam Rowe or Dan Currie or other non players outside their bye rounds employing the same principle where you need to have the non playing captains choice team playing later in the round to your VC?


BYE ROUNDS – 'Best 18' Scoring – to better-reflect the actual competition, during the multi-bye Rounds 11, 12 and 13, you'll score from your best 18 players only in any position, from your selected, on-field Starting 22. You'll still need to ensure that your best available players are in your starting 22 line-up.


thoughts on Hartlett to Ellis? Bellis averaged 117 over the last 4 weeks – 30k cheaper than Hartlett and a BE of -10. Hartlett is sucking the life out of my team and may (hopefully as it will make the decision much easier) be rubbed out by the MRP. Surely the sub days for Bellis are over?




Lots of trades to Buddy this week, but I'm considering getting Roughead instead of Buddy……I know its costing 90k extra, but been on fire lately and seems to be really enjoying his new role going through the mid field? Worth considering Roughead or Buddy too good to pass up at less than 450k?


Only regret so far is trading Roughead in the first couple of weeks. Looking at getting him back in too.


G'day fellas,

Can someone tell me what happened too big stevie J ?


Stevie j has a calf problem according to AFL site.


Yes a corky to the calf. The Cats are quite confident he will be back this weekend.


What is a good amount of trades to have left at this part of the season??

The Old Dylan

depends on what you're aiming for, league win or 50K?


Hey all,

A lot of people are trading Stevenson or Heath into Brent Staker this week and when I add two and two for this trade I can only get to three. The reason it would seem is that Staker has better JS than the alternatives of Thurlow and Spangher.

Only issue I can see is that Port, Brisbane and Hawthorn all have the round 11 Bye.

To spread the load for this round i'm going to go with Thurlow.

People will probably be considering Mayes to Staker in the FWD's as well. With Buddy, Rocky, Roughy and Martin all in FWD's this is also a problem for round 11.


What's everyone doing with Daisy?


Punting him for Nic Nat or Stevie J. Can't decide which one yet. 🙂


Cheers mate











I am struggling for room, if I trade in Thurlow he will have to be on the field. Opinions? 🙂


Option two for mine due to Geelong's next three opponents and Mayes to Staker doesn't do much for Round 11 Byes.


le cras to Buddy?


Hi Guys,

Really struggling to make a right trades at the moment……need help…..

Currently have $508,600 in the warchest……

Option – 1:
OUT: Mayes & L Brown
IN: Nic Nat & J Thurlow
Will be left with $302,200 after the above trades…

Option – 2:
OUT: Mayes & Hartlett
IN: Nic Nat & JPK
Will be left with $45,300 after the above trades….

Option – 3:
OUT: Mayes & Hartlett
IN: Buddy & J Watson
Will be left with $203,900….

Option – 4:
OUT: Mayes & Moloney
IN: Buddy & Watson
Will be left with $236,200….

Option – 5:
OUT: Mayes & Moloney
IN: Nic Nat & JPK….
Will be left with $77,600….

Option – 6:
OUT: Mayes & Moloney
IN: Nic Nat & Watson….
Will be left with $104,300……

Option – 7:
OUT: Mayes & L Brown
IN: Buddy & Thurlow…
Will be left with $434,100…..

Struggling to select the right option……any comments / thoughts / suggestions / opinions would be highly appreciated…..



option 4


Out – birchall, mayes

In- Watson, Thurlow

That gives me Abblet, swan, pendlebury, watson, fyfe, kennedy, priddis, moloney in my mid


That's a stellar midfield you have assembled there Jess. Nicely done!

gee wizz

hey guys, just wondering how many trades should we have in the bank still , ive got 18 left and im thinking its quite low especially having to compensate the byes ??


Should we get rid of D. Thomas in for ankle surgery now?

Art Vandelay

Yeah Osh, he gone.


Need help my friends.
I'm a SC rookie and need help. My husband is saying get rid of Cloke. Is he right?
Others I have to get rid of are Neade, Health & Wines. Only have $16,600 in the kitty.
What do I do? HELP!
Thanks in advance, jalpiper


Hello community. I have the opportunity this week to trade L. Stevenson for Thurlow/Webster for bench coverage and Cloke to JPK and push Bartel FWD. Thoughts?