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gambino supercoach punting clubYo everybody! Hope all of ya’all at the JR Community are travelling along nicely. After a tough Round 6, the Punt Club bounced back last week and it’s full steam ahead as we move into Round 8!

Check out the Dream Team odds they’re offering us at the moment. If you don’t have an account with the dudes at Sportsbet click here and they will match your first bet up to $150. Sick mate.

Also have a gander at the Supercoach markets here.


Michael Barlow Over ($1.90)/Under ($1.90) 90.5 points

Woah! Surely I’m not the only man out there surprised to see the line so low for Michael Barlow? I understand that he’s playing Sydney at the SCG, which is never an easy task to rack up fantasy points, but Barlow is a ball MAGNET. With Fyfe returning to the side this week, I’m expecting Sydney’s taggers to pay much closer attention to Nat ‘Teen Wolf” Fyfe and Mundy rather than Barlow. Naturally Barlow will win a lot of the footy – it’s just a matter of whether he wins enough to top that 90.5 point mark. I reckon he will dudes. On the overs here dudes!

Patrick Dangerfield Over ($1.90)/Under ($1.80) 104.5 points

Ahhhh…Just like I told all of youse last week, the DANGERMAN is back! As expected he ran rings around the kids from GWS last week, racking up 141 DT points (and also getting a win on the overs for the punt club). But not only that, he was brilliant against Hawthorn the week before – 145 DT points for Danger that week. Credit to all of those who kept him in their fantasy teams cause I reckon we’re entering a big hot streak for Dangerfield. 104.5 points really shouldn’t be a problem for him if he plays anything like has over the past two weeks. He’ll cop a close tag from one of the Saints players but with the form that he’s in I don’t really think much is gonna stop him here. Overs, overs, overs!

Scott Selwood Over ($1.80)/Under ($1.90) 111.5 points

Firstly I gotta say credit to Scotty Selwood, always known as the lesser Selwood in the AFL rings but he’s definitely stepped it up a gear this year. However I don’t think he’s quite got it in him to beat 111.5 DT points this week. Unders for me here. Although there’s no doubting he’s improved his point-scoring this year, two of his better scores have come against Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs. His past record against North Melbourne is pretty poor too – 64 and 79 have been his two previous scores against the Roos. On both occasions it’s interesting to see that he played much more of a defensive role on Swallow and Wells. Here’s hoping he tags one of those two players again this week. $1.90 seems bloody good value as well!

Dustin Martin Over ($1.85)/Under ($1.85) 101.5 points

Haven’t our friends at been kind to us this week? $1.85 for Dusty Martin to get over 101.5 points against a WOEFUL Melbourne side? That’s mad man! Vincey will be having a large slice of this! (gamble responsibly though). I could ramble on all day about how bad the Bye, err, Melbourne are – but I’ll set the facts straight. Martin has been superb this season. The consistency doubts myself and many others placed over him at the start of the season have been put to bed. Dusty has averaged well over 100 DT points this year; and against a very, very ordinary Melbourne side I’m expecting the Dusty man to go large. A season high may well be on the cards. Coming off the back of a magnificent 144 DT points, I reckon Martin will comfortably take care of the 104.5 point line here. Overs!


Dean Cox (1.75) v Todd Goldstein (2.02)

Do the dudes at sportsbet even follow Supercoach man? What are they doing!?! Goldstein is back in a HUGE way with scores of 156, 132 and 119 over the last 2 – and has only slipped under the ton once this season. Don’t get me wrong – Coxy is a beast man – and yeah he has scored 105, 126 and 96 lately but with Nic Nat back in town and starting to rip it – big Coxy won’t be right in the thick of it. Take the $2.02 on the Goldmember I reckon. Goldstein is on the up – Coxy is on the down. Supercoach makets here

So there we are punters! What do we all think? As always, ask me any questions in the section below or tweet me at @Vince_Gambino…follow the rest of the JR community whilst you’re at it.

Happy Punting, Vince Gambino.


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They seem like some low margins for Barlow, Dangerfield and Martin. I'm assuming they let the line for Danger after seeing Murphy get the tag and not get much last week?


Cox over goldy though – coxy's record against nth is why he's the fave.


who should be in my supercoach team?

Cotchin or DANGER?


i have got cotchin and back him in against melbourne


Yeah completely agree on Dusty over 101.5. Very tasty indeed!

Unfortunately the return has now dipped to $1.65 as plenty of punters have already jumped on by the looks.