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supercoach flesh for fantasyHello Community.Welcome to this week’s edition of “Flesh for Fantasy”. I trust you are working your way into the meat of this season with a sense of purpose and destiny. One is ill advised if they intend to drift into the middle part of the season with a view to “cruising” into their finals series.

This is the period of the season where men and women of robust constitution announce themselves as “the real deal”. Will you march towards finals with the regimented discipline of a battle hardened warrior? Or will you flail along like so many mangy dogs. Your call students.

The trade table is rich with pickings this week – lets dine.


MATTHEW PRIDDIS (WCE) MID – $392,800 DT/$451,500 SC
– Next 5 Games: NTH, GWS, RICH, STK, BYE
– Recent Scores: 97, 113, 5, 104

Have a look at that Supercoach 5 he scored 3 weeks back and thank your lucky stars for it’s existence. This was the day that Matthew himself saw more than a few stars as he was un-ceremoniousnessly knocked out. That 5 will be in his price calculation ONLY this week before it becomes forgotten to the 3 round moving average price calculation formula. I could bang on all night regarding the value that he represents but I wont. It’s very simple. GET HIM IN. If you really feel like the low down Mick The Mad Irishman explored Priddis as a selection in this week’s uncouthly names “Tight Arse Tuesday” Click here.

– Next 5 Games: STK, NTH, FREO, SYD, RICH
– Recent Scores: 147, 173, 89, 119

Great to see Patrick back in the land of the super elite premium. Here is one midfielder who will be  overlooked this week in terms of value and potential to win you a pennant and I would not be at all surprised if this week is the best opportunity for many to select him. I want to alert you to a very important fact re: Patrick and the rest of the Adelaide unit. They play Port Adelaide in the first week of our Supercoach and Dreamteam finals.. just as Danger will be peaking prior to his finals taper. Get on and get on with fervor.

LANCE FRANKLIN (HAW) FWD – $406,700 DT/ $459,500 SC
– Next 5 Games: GWS, GCS, MEL, BYE, CARL
– Recent Scores: 86, 45, 57, 116

I would be inclined to give Lance a sizeable clip above the ear if I was Mr Clarkson. Has been pathetic. And his hair stylings have been an outright blight on the name of the club who he represents. However. Lance will rather relish the opportunity to feast on a tired GWS back line who were powerless even to stop a freshman by the name of Thomas Lynch from the Adelaide football club last week. He will play himself back into form and he will tempt many away from Priddis this week. High break even around the 165 mark… so will be available at this price next week. Round 11 bye.


JUSTIN WESTHOFF – (PTA) FWD – $400,400 DT/ $469,300 SC
– Next 5 Games: CARL, GEEL, WBD, BYE, GWS
– Recent Scores: 70, 48, 53

Even the old fellow himself Mr Reynolds – with his staunch anti-sideways trade principles – concedes that Westhoff NEEDS TO GO. He is simply NOT long term Premium fodder.. nor would any self supporting fantasy footballer be pleased to enter a finals series with him stumbling around in their forward line. Has averaged a score befitting a tired young rookie in recent weeks and if you have him – and heavens hopes you have not – you need to show him the door post haste.

– Next 5 Games: CARL, GEEL, WBD, BYE, GWS
– Recent Scores: Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish

They are young. They are tired. They have appreciated enough value for you to make a fair old profit. It is time to take the money and run. Now. All the boys down back, Neade up forward, Wines in the belly. Get rid of the lot of them


And so it is that I turn now to the all important break evens of the upcoming round. Critical if you would like to assess the likelihood that a player will either rise or fall in value this week:

* = approximate figures

Going up

– Mark Blicavs (GEE), -1 BE
– Kane Mitchell (PORT), -9 BE
– Nick Vlaustin (RICH), -49 BE
– Tom Rockliff (BRIS), 74 BE
– Matthew Leuenberger (BRIS), 66 BE
– Majak Daw (NM), -77 BE
– Todd Goldstein (NM), 49 BE
– Will Sierakowski (NM), -36 BE
– Jarryd Roughead (HAW), 55 BE
– Paul Duffield (FRE), 54 BE
– Jack Hannath (FRE), -34 BE
– Ben Kennedy (COLL), -8 BE
– Sam Dwyer (COLL), 10 BE
– Brent Macaffer (COLL), 21 BE
– Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL), 41 BE
– Sam Kerridge (ADEL), -56 BE
– Rory Laird (ADEL), -25 BE
– Dean Terlich (MELB), 14 BE
– Jack Viney (MELB), -21 BE
– Max Gawn (MELB), -6 BE
– Jesse Lonergan (GCS), -10 BE
– Brett Goodes (WBD), 25

Going south

– Jobe Watson (ESS), 158 BE
– Jake Neade (PORT), 77 BE
– Hamish Hartlett (PORT), 218 BE
– Lewis Stevenson (PORT), 78 BE
– Olive Wines (PORT), 86 BE
– Dayne Zorko (BRIS), 164 BE
– Nic Naitanui (WCE), 226 BE
– Dean Cox (WCE), 131 BE
– Lance Franklin (HAW), 146 BE
– Grant Birchell (HAW), 165 BE
– Dan Hannebery (SYD), 135 BE
– Dane Swan (COLL), 166 BE
– Travis Cloke (COLL), 154 BE
– Scott Pendlebury (COLL), 134 BE
– Steele Sidebottom (COLL), 144 BE
– Marc Murphy (CARL), 132 BE


Community, if there’s one thing you do well – you’re not afraid to ask the big question in quest for SuperCoach supremacy. Here are the top 5 burning questions from you heading into round 8. Again, thank you for flooding those in.


ANSWER: Interesting question, and one I too ask myself when downgrading. You want to maximise the cash generation, and this includes those playing on your field and sitting on the bench. So in most cases, you should trade out a rookie not playing for someone who will generate cash. That said, if a rookie has hit their ceiling and under serious threat to drop in value, you got to pull trigger on them first. The rookie not playing won’t drop in value, whereas a case like Rowe won’t so you could almost sit on him ‘til a rookie forward/ruck hits the bubble. But basically, if a rookie has a high BE, trade them first before they begin to drop in value.


ANSWER: In short, yes. Gibbs was one of the first picked at the start of the year for a key reason: he’s a defensive premium. Unlike the midfield, the defence isn’t spoilt for riches in way of premiums. Players like Gibbs, who also as the DPP, is invaluable and when fit will push 100+ every week. Should be right to return this week, and with guys like Heppell and Hartlett not turning out consistent scores, you’d be mad to ditch him. HOLD!


ANSWER: I personally believe there’s plenty of merit behind it, and personally a plan of attack I’ll be undertaking. Priddis is a must this week, and if you’ve got Wines, you simply have to go up to him. A premium that’ll consistently bank you 100+ scores at $450,000 must be snapped up. So that’s this weeks trade now. Next week should be Operation Buddy, and I’ll tell you why. Lance’s break even is still quite high at roughly 146. Even if he were to cover this, I’d back the price of the rookie (if you have Dwyer) to rise more than Franklins. But, if you’re stuck with Jake Neade, there’s a significant chance that, given his form, Lance’s price may drop more than Neade’s. He is playing GWS, but did only manage 109 last time on back of better form. It’s a calculated risk, but one I would make.


ANSWER: Personally, I’d be waiting right up ‘till he hits the bubble before you make any decision on him. He’s coming off a significant injury and a limited pre-season, which saw a set back. Many coaches had Staker in their side when SuperCoach first opened up for this season, and the only reason was price. He is dirt cheap, and would be the ideal trade-down option as his job security would be high. He’s a wait and see for mine, because we saw what happened with Embley and sometimes these things can be too good to be true.


ANSWER: If you had of asked me this a week ago, I would of put Dwyer at the top of the list. A week is a long time in footy as they say, and with a BE back in the negatives, I would try milk as much coin out of him as you can. Sam Mayes has an achievable BE, so hold off on him, but start considering dumping him in the coming weeks. Terlich in similar boat to Mayes, however, he will have that 100 in his rolling 3 week average so BE will remain low and will continue to rise. That leaves the Port boys of Neade and Stevenson, and without justification…TRADE!! Get them out. Both been fantastic in generating cash, but it’s time to say goodbye and make yourself some money.

That’s it community. All the best for the weekend, and don’t forget to shoot us a question at @Mr_Crimmins, or leave a comment below.

Mr Crimmins.

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Trade or keep Daisy?




trade. 2 weeks for the ankel and how many weeks in the twos. not worth keeping


Trade him, this injury will be longer than 2 weeks

Supercoach rookie

Thanks for the great article!!! Out of these four port player who are the most important to get rid off. I have hartlett, wines, stevenson and neade. I t would be great to get some downgrade options with a good Job security. Thanks everyone!!!

John Travolta

Neade, Stevenson and Wines must go, it all depends who you want to bring in this week. The most popular choice is Neade> Ben Kennedy and Wines>Priddis.

Supercoach rookie

Thanks John your help is much appreciated.


Mr C.

Was intent on getting Petrie in this week as a POD. (trading out Viney for B Kennedy; and Neade to Petrie.) Now I'm unsure. Could get Priddis in and look at forwards next week. What do you reckon?

Thanks in advance.


Thoughts on Upgrading Campbell Heath to B.Goodes rather than a downgrade to perhaps Thurlow?
Goodes will be more reliable and consistent, but Thurlow will get cash in bank.


Go Thurlow for mine, use the cash to go to a premium. Goodes is a cash cow, better off banking the cash to go someone better


How does a straight trade, daisy to priddis/franklin sound? Then I could get rid of stevenson to generate a bit of cash for next week? How does that sound?


That sounds good Charlie, something I looked into doing this week. Execute


i want to downgrade stevenson for a cash cow
any ideas?


Thurlow is probably the only backman worth trading down too…could also go Brent Staker


Great article Mr Crimmins, a few questions

1. Who are some forward rookies to consider in the next few weeks? I already have Ben Kennedy, and Staker is coming in for his first game but not sure about other options?

2. Is Jackson Thurlow the best downgrade option in the backline this week? Only need him as bench coverage but are there any other options? Should we be worried about job security?

3. I won't be on the Matthew Priddis band wagon this week as he doesn't fit my structure so I went with a Heath to Thurlow (unless you say otherwise) and Stevenson to Duffield trade this week. With Gibbs still out I need my backline to strengthen up so I thought it better to leave Buddy this week and instead rescue my backline. I'll trade in Buddy next week.

I would appreciate the feedback and lets hope there are no more curve balls thrown at us this week.



There's not a lot atm in way of forward rookies ATM. Kennedy is the only one, but you've already got him covered…along with Staker.

Thurlow is best downgrade option, especially if you only need for bench cover. I'm concerned with his JS. Just reckon he's on play by performance…meaning that only stellar games will keep Jackson in the side.

Great call trading Buddy in next week. His situation is win/win. Get him in this week, he's playing GWS and will smash it as Hawks want to play him into form. However, his BE is upwards of 145 so he will either drop in price, or go up marginally. Can't lose, I'm getting him in next week myself


Thanks for the feedback.


Is trading in Priddis for Wines a better option than Deledio for Wines? What do you guys think? Great article by the way!


The number 1 ranked Supercoach at the moment isn’t touching Priddis and is going to Lids. So I’d say its a good pick. He did say that you have to be different and I completely agree. Got the Dees this week also.


I reckon go Lids if you've got the cash. If not, Priddis is such good value it isn't funny son


Please Please help, with so much opinion and advice floating around you could so easily burn all your trades very quickly. How many trades should I aim to have in the kitty when we hit finals time?. Please help its doing my Supercoach head in.


Bugger the trades. Well, a few would be fine. As long as you have a full team of premiums you’ll be right.


In previous years you aim for 6 left come finals time


6 is normally my lowest amount. 8 is the best so it gives you 2 trades each week. Went in with 4 last year and used them up by the GF, so I was unable to replace Taylor Walker who was rested in Rd23 against the Gold Coast. Lost by 49 in the end.


I always aim to have 8 so I can be open to 2 trades a week in case the general hits. That said, it never happens and sometimes I end up with 4. So 6 is about right I say


Hey guys , just wanting to get your opinions on this , I have one trade left for this round , I've already upgraded Neade to Franklin and have 217k in the bank , Should I either
1: Trade out Callum Sinclair for Ben Kennedy and earn an extra 136k making my war chest 353k ?
2: Trade out Oliver Wines for like Jp Kennedy or Watson ? i'd have around 9k in the bank , If I go Priddis i'll have around 133k in the bank ,
thoughts ?


Option 2 and Priddis he is at great value and will pump out great scores! Get Watson next week! Will be at his lowest!


Option 2 for mine. Bank the cash by going Priddis aswell.


does anyone know how much priddis will be next week because already spent me two trades this round and wanting to know if i can bring him in next round


I ma bringing him in next round against GWS. Maybe he will go up around 20-30k I think.


Just looking at the byes:
The rucks will be highly effected in round 12
McEvoy, Goldstein, Daw, Cox, Nic Nat, Blicavs, Gawn, Mumford, Pyke, are out and are all popular!
My rucks are Cox, Daw, Griffen, Blicavs three have the bye in round 12. Griffen doesn't but I will have to trade him out! But not many popular Forwards, midfielders And defenders have the bye in round 12.


Great article. Priddis is a certain in for me this week but need two trades to make it happen.

Going Heath to Priddis (Swinging Vlastuin from mid to back)

Then Neade to one of:
Lonergan (GC)
Kennedy (Coll)

Or should my other trade be Stevenson to Laird(if still named )?

Backing Wines to reach his BE over Neade and Stevenson, with Heath a must trade due to omission (and still having Gibbs and Dixon out through injury)


I'd go Neade to Lonergan because he's on the bubble and you'll yield the most cash from that trade. The others have similar JS, but have already risen in price


Trade Daisy for Priddis???

How bad is Daisy's injury really?


The only people who may know is Daisy and the Pies medical staff and even they might not know right now exactly how many weeks he will miss. The fact that it's the same ankle that caused him grief before has to sound alarm bells.

If you can cover him for a week with minimal pain then by all means keep him on your bench but otherwise I would probably move him on. Priddis is such a tantalising acquisition that I reckon it's a worthwhile sideways trade.


Priddis or Franklin? Still tossing up this one, I have a feeling that franklin is just going to go BANG this week! Help would be great right about now!


If you can, go Priddis this week and get Buddy the following. Priddis priority, only because Buddy's price will either drop this week or go up marginally.


ok so, that made an easy decision for me. Heath and Wines out, Stevenson buys himself a week.

Got a tough game this week, might need to pull something out of the bag. Ttrying to think how to setup captain lophole possibilties. What's better?

Cox (Fri)-> GAJ (Sat)

GAJ (Sat)-> Dangerfield (Sun)

Can use Crouch (Sun) to get it done either way.


Cox! He has a good record v North !


You would in my opinion have to make GAJ VC and just in case he doesn't perform then go Dander as long as you are sure you have a non player to cover.


which is a better downgrade option Mitchell or Kennedy?


Neither are that appetising to me but prefer Kennedy slightly although I see his JS as somewhat iffy even with all the Pies injuries.

Mitchell appears to be persistently sub afflicted so would avoid if possible.


Good chance for Mitchell to lsoe the vest with all the Port kids starting to go off the boil though. They were playing out of their skins the first few rounds, so hard for him to get a shot.


Trade Hartlett?

Absolutely woeful last couple of rounds…not sure if he'll replicate what we saw early in the season. Better to cut him before he drops $50-60K and pick up Stevie J (i.e. Neade > Kennedy, Hartlett > Johnson) OR keep him hoping his form picks up and get Neade and Wines out for Priddis and Kennedy?


I am resigned to taking the 50k hit. IF you dont plan on trading you dont actually loose the cash. Mind you if I had an extra trade this week??
with too many underperfomring rookies hartlett has stayed in the team.
Interested to hear what everyone else has done.


I'm going to hold him, only because I want to get Priddis in this week. I'll gun for Buddy next week so chances are I'll end up keeping Hartlett purely on default


Two Shitmuda Triangles:

Thomas, Goldsack and Neade:
Libratore, Viney and Crouch (Libratore has hi BE)

Before selections, was going to ditch Neade and Libratore for Kennedy and Danger. Now? Thomas and Neade for Stevie J and Kennedy.

Thoughts lads?


Love it. Priority this week should be to ditch Thomas, and no upgrades come as good as Stevie J. Execute


Thanks Mr. C!



I can not believe that there has been no mention of Justin Clarke, Robbie Warnock or Jason Winderlich in your going up list. I have only found this site this year and your podcasts are entertaining, BUT there has been no metion of these players in your podcasts. Why? I had Charlie Dixon in my team from round 1 because I saw him as being a future gun and with his back-line status made him a lock for me. Jock mentioned him AFTER he already put him in his team. Jason is an injury risk but I had the balls to put him in "I am too old to use them and the thing in between people think is attached to my head". Unfortunately I have Kreuzer and have stuck with him but anyone looking for a ruckman at a good price or dare I mention it a sideways trade should at least be looking at Robbie Warnock.
Justin Clarke I put in last week, He will be a gun given time and all everyone talks about is Sam Docherty because they have got him in their teams. I truly hope he is a late inclusion for everyone that has him but look at who has taken his place "Justin Clarke" and no mention?

I have 24 hours a day to be on this magnificent site and love what you do for the community, I am trying to help and will try and give the community any help they need with statistics as I have become disabled and FOOTY is my life now.

I do not wish to be critical but I am here to help the community with stats OR
maybe my opinion if they want it.

Thanks to the TEAM.

And let's not forget SC Addict for his contributions.

I will ask your opinion on Kreuzer? I am stuck with him at the moment because I have to get rid of PTA rookies and others.

Great Site and really enjoy logging on everyday and trying to contribute to this great community, I hope I am accepted by all.

Old Ocker.


good man


Thank you jeremey.
Cheers Mate.



Williy's Hotrods

Hi Ocker, any idea what sort of price rise and/or BE Justin Clarke is looking at.



Hi Ocker

I have Dale Thomas and I was wondering who would be the best player to trade him to. I already have buddy and my other trade is Wines to Priddis.
Thanks mate


Priddis locked in this week with out a doubt, Wines out. Kanye Mitchellson in, Jack Viney out….. Ranked 28,672 in Australia! Hopefully crack the big 20,000 this week! Good luck everyone…..


Ok lads. Is it imperative for me to bring in Priddis and Franklin this week above all else?

Franklin for Thomas is a given, should i just swap out Hartlett for Priddis, and leave Wines in for one more week?



I can not understand why you must have Franklin this week with his break even of 146 he is not going anywhere in price even if he hits the magical 200 he will only go up about $23,000
Give him another week because he is not going up that much, If he goes up at all.
Priddis yes.
There are other value options up forward I would give Franklin another week before including him in my team.

Old Ocker


You raise some good points Old Ocker!

& I guess trading Hartlett for Priddis this week makes more sense than Wines for Priddis – Hartlett’s price is dropping like a lead balloon!

Cheers bloke!


Hi Ocker,

I am currently struggling to make a right decision…..please help…..

Keep or Trade Hartlett…..????

I am thinking of the below trades this week….

OUT: Hartlett & Wines

IN: Deledio or JPK (who do you think?) & Daw (by switching Blicavs to midfield)……what do you think…??? will be left with $316k in the bank…..

Next week I will be trading out….

Blicavs and Neade….to one of the below premos and a rookie (possibly Staker)….

1. Jobe Watson
2. Joel Selwood
3. Steve J
4. Deledio / JPK – depends on who i will be bringing in this week……

What do you think……

Any comments would be much appreciated….



Hi Raj,
I have Hartlett myself and have decided to give him one more week, I have JPK and obviously prefer him to Lids. JPK has a 101 breakeven with a 118 average he will go up this week. (Big statement hope I am right). Swans will be hard this week after a loss.
Blicavs to midfield is my idea also but at the right time he still has money in him his break even is a solitary 1 and his last 2 scores are his highest so he is improving. Do you think he has made enough $ worthy of a trade or do you let him die on your bench?
The experts would say you have missed the boat on Daw and on this occasion I would totally agree as I believe his last game was a one off.
He will get plenty of attention from now on, He only had the 3rd best defender on him last game which was a total mismatch, He obviously has ability but I won't look at him until next year now.
If you have $316.000 in bank after that trade why not instead go JPK and Priddis if you don't already have him.
He is great value at $451.500 B/E of 62 and average of 91.4

Hope I helped in some way without knowing your team structure it is difficult to make a decision but rookie ruck trades at that value are in my opinion a last resort.

Selwood and Watson are on my radar for next week too.



this is urgent i need to trade neade out because he has hit the wall! i have 540,000 when i trade him who should i get?! i have stuck with franklin so cant bring him in have bartel, rocky, kennedy. i have traded him out for boomer but very unsure with that trade


The bargain up forward this week would have to be Roughead, Or If you have the balls Jason Winderlich who is an injury risk but could be a keeper at $270.000 with a break even of -23.

Old Ocker.


Despite all the experts saying get Priddis in at all costs I upgraded Evans to Dangerfield instead.

The reason is I've already got a midfield packed with premiums and guns and Daisy on the bench. Priddis is merely a premium, whereas Dangerfield is a super premium. The time is now to upgrade to guns like Dangerfield.


agree got kennedy (swans) for wines.


totally agree Jason and I am sure the experts would too. Great move if you have the War Chest to do it.

Old Ocker.


I have Daisy Thomas on my mids bench, Jake Neade on my forwards bench, and Sam Jacobs wasting a ruck spot. Should I a) Trade Neade for Ben Kennedy and Thomas for Priddis, or b) Trade Jacobs for Daw, keep Thomas, and upgrade Kane Lucas for Priddis? I know option a is more sensible, but option b will free up some more cash.


Do you have Gibbs in your team


Yeah, he's currently sitting on my bench too!


Hi Pete,
Daisy is at least 2 weeks and the grapevine says 2 to 10 weeks after scans yesterday, I have Gibbs myself and he is going as well with his so called precautionary taking off the ground at half time has turned into 3 weeks with Hammy troubles he is out this week for mine.
Hammy troubles = bad news.

Old Ocker.


Would like to bring Dusty in this weekend. I have plenty of coin so is it good idea? or should I wait on him?


Hi Kony,
Dusty is not going anywhere but up at the moment. Yes he is in my team B/E of 75 with a 111 average.

Old Ocker.


Priddis or Buddy?

Daisy and Neades out to make way for one one of them plus Ben Kennedy

The reason I debate this? My opponent this week has Buddy………Im just in the 8 in my league with 3 wins, 2 losses.

My heart says go with Buddy to cover of the possible smashing i might receive if i dont have him this week with him playing GWS

My head says Priddis as hes a good long term choice.

whaddya think?


Hi spinnerau 1,
If you are looking for a league win look a bit further than next week, Who is your opposition after this round? I would normally say go with your heart but in this case the way you put it go with your head and put Priddis in this week for the long term.

Old Ocker.


Whos a better VC for the loophole??

Big Cox??




Hi Bruce,
I am assuming that you have GAJ as captain if Buddy or Cox don't perform.
Quite honestly I do not like either this week with Buddy's current form and Goldstein going great at the moment.

I have gone back to front if that is your case my VC is GAJ if he does not perform to my expected standard, Captain will be Pendles.


Big C




I have Shuey in the guts. Can I afford to have Priddis in there too!? Please help community, Jock, everyone…


Hi mate
I have the same problem!

I already have mundy,fyfe and shuey so I did not want to bring in Priddis as well. But after reading this article I think his value Is just to good. LOCK HIM IN. It dosent really matter if you have them both the wide open spaces of Patersons Stadium might mean these perth boys can get plenty of the ball.


D.Martin a good forward to trade in this week?


Indeed he is. Finally hitting his straps and running out games – which is scary. If you're looking for someone to turn Daisy into, Dusty could be the man


Yes, but I went Stevie J. Reckon he's gonna smash it over the next month.


G'day lads
Got a couple for the loophole this week, Roughy, Buddy or Rockliff? Feeling Roughy could go ballistic, but so could buddy, then pendles captain that night if the VC doesn't work, anyway, thoughts?


It's almost building for Buddy to go nuts on GWS, have a feeling Hawks will use this one as game to get Lance back in form. Chucking VC on him wouldn't hurt, especially if you can C Pendles if gets nasty


can someone please tell me why no one is looking at L.Hodge who is playing top football at the moment and under 500k

i am trading neade to b.kennedy and wines to hodgy DPP


I think it's got to do with his price compared to Priddis. Sitting at $490k, he's turning out scores of someone priced at $590k, but fact Priddis is so darn cheap this week has seen him fly under radar. A gun who will score big with the Hawks run, keep that one on the downlow and watch as Hodgey carves it up


also FYI—-a lil birdie tol me daisy could be out up to 10 weeks!


I'm glad I didn't jump on that train. Pitty about the Hamish & Hoff trains I bought tickets for though.


Hey all,
Argueably one of the best fantasy sites going around.
Podcasts are killer!

Not hearing any love for Capt Hodge?
I know there are concerns on him and many other Hawks getting rested but too be honest if that was gonna happen you'd think this would be the week for it. Only Hawks out is Gibson!

Hodgey's BE is lower than Priddis (39 vs 62) and Hawks have an awesome run into the bye and beyond. Not to mention, since returning in rnd 2 Hodge has pulled in:
103, 123, 68, 80, 137, 120

Good POD with everyone jumping on Priddis?


Funny you mentioned Hodge, I discussed him a few weeks ago in my Flesh for Fantasy article. Besides those scores in round 4 & 5, he's been unreal. He's a great PoD, but a little more pricey at $490k, which is what's probably seen him go under radar compared to a Priddis. But you're 110% on the money, Hodgey is a gun, won't miss any footy and will be the beneficiary of an easy run for the Hawks.


I agree, Hodge is a gun and is unlikely to get rested over the Hawks soft run ahead


who should be captain this week and vc too


Ablett ever week for me. VC for me this week is Franklin


hey mr c,

is thomas to martin a good fwd line trade?


It is for mine. I've been a big critic of his, but Dusty has found form and become an ultimate premium. Execute


How many trades should we have at this point in the season?


20 or above depends on the team


Hey Jock & extended community. Love the work as usual.

What a week, probably the hardest so far. I'm unlucky enough to have Hamish and the Hoff, and have been deliberating their fate all week. Have decided to throw caution to the supercoach gods and stick fat with both of them. Instead traded wines for Lonergan and neade to Stevie J.

I am trying my hardest to stick to the Jock Mantra, cashing the cows up for premiums or down for future cows.250k left in the warchest to hopefully get in buddy on Nic nat in the next couple of weeks

Good Luck everyone!


Get in M.Priddis and J.Lonergan this week or get B.Kennedy and J.Lonergean? Can use the cash I make this week to upgrade to M.Priddis and L.Franklin


heath to who? downgrade options as I only have 30,000 in the bank after wines – Priddis


Clarke from Brisbane. $172K. May have missed the boat a little but he scored 95 last week after a 63 and 40.


heath to thurlow or
neade to lonergan heath price isn't going to drop so I could hold for one more week and see how thurlow goes this week


thoughts please


I considered the down trade to Thurlow but decided to keep Hartlett. Only problem is his Job Security at Geelong, but he did play well last week.


Neade to Lonergan!


should I trade Jacobs to big Roughie this week or concentrate on getting rid of a Stevenson or Neade first, already plan to trade daisey out and priddis in.
Some thoughts would be great as I am torn and no idea what to do.


I would hold Jacobs and concentrate on getting rid of stevenson or Neade. I have Jacobs and I am giving him one more week to prove himself a good R1.


Brilliant comments in here. Got the mind rollin.

Libratore/Daisy for Hodge/Franklin (loop him with Gazza)
Neade/Daisy for Kennedy and Stevie J
Libratore/Daisy for Danger/TT Lynch

Getting Priddis next week. Swap with Mundy.


Wait till next week for Buddy, and maybe Danger as he's probably a bit overpriced, but then he could get another massive score this week and justify his price. Stevie J is a gun, I traded him in this week. Not sure on Daisy, rumours he could be out for months?


Yep. That's where I'm stuck, SF. Want Stevie J but the Hawks run the next couple weeks could mean huge scores for Hodge and Buddy. Was going to wait to get Buddy but then 3 of my FWDs are out.


After this round Cats have Port, GC GWS & Brisbane


Very good point. But to get Stevie J, I'd need to pair him with rook. Hodge and Buddy I can get and keep $25K.

Appreciate the thoughts, SF.


Depends on your warchest. Jacobs will probably drop a little more. Probaby better to wait till Nic Nat's price drops in the next few weeks, then trade him in.


Sorry, should have been a reply to Morse' question


Who should i have as my R2!?!?!


help please!!!


I would go with Daw. There is a good chance of him getting a huge score!


Gawn, Daw will get focus and struggle against the best 2 rucks in the league tonight. Gawn a lock


Can't believe i forgot to get priddis in before lockout! I will bring in kennedy instead.


Hey there Crimmins,Should i bring in Thurlow, Staker, or prudden so i can trade neade for martin?Thanks


Birchall is a hack!


Mr Crimmins on the poscast you say Hodge quite likely to be rested in the coming weeks and Birchall to regain his MOJO and yet you give advice to Andrew in relation to Hodgey "I think it's got to do with his price compared to Priddis. Sitting at $490k, he's turning out scores of someone priced at $590k, but fact Priddis is so darn cheap this week has seen him fly under radar. A gun who will score big with the Hawks run, keep that one on the downlow and watch as Hodgey carves it up. Obviously Hodgey was in the team at the time. What are we going to do with Birchall now in your opinion?
How is Priddis at his price flying under the radar?
Do you have Birchall in your team?

Old Ocker.


Trade or keep Gibbs? And if yes who for? I want a player that show some consistency but can generate big scores every now and again. I have $487,700.
I also have Scotty Selwood in the team, i think i may have made a mistake there so again keep or is a trade needed? I have $526,200 to blow on him, so any suggestions?
Thanks community, and of coarse Mr. Crimmins!! 🙂

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