Jock’s Round 8 Video – selection advice from the father himself

Published by Jock on

Enjoy Jock’s weekly pre lockout round AFL Fantasy advice video folks – and join in the discussion below!



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Hey jock I went Neade to Deledio thought he will go bang after Port 163 and now Melbourne at 544k won't get him cheaper than now. Think he will smash his BE 118


Fingers crossed they opt to give Cotchin another weeks rest for the Demons clash. Would almost guarantee more Deledio dominance and probably enough reason to place the big C on him.

the cranky one

nice pod tim, was a bit disapointed i didn't have Deledio with the big C forround 7.


J.Griffen, Goodes, Pittard, Thomas, Gibbs, Shaw all have been out for my team not to mention Buddy and Zorko up forward not producing great scores plus Murphy and we're only 7 rounds in! It's only up from here!!


Feel your pain. Last week cotch,fyfe,dixon,gibbs,goodes,mumford all out leaving me with a donut… plus buddy and zorko under performing arghh!! Now daisy. ouch hopefully the others all come back


Same with me mate


Wines – OUT. Priddis – IN

Stevenson – OUT Zierakowski – IN

Left with $89,000 in the bank

But I have J.Griffen… I am going to keep him on the bench and put MAJACK DAW ON and then next week:

J.Griffen – OUT Rookie – IN

Mayes – OUT Watson/Selwood/Swan/Danger/JPK – IN



Do you have a cox/ryder/roughead in your fwd who you can swing into the ruck??? Don't know about you, but I wouldn't feel safe with daw starting on ground permanently. jacobs,Mumford are cheap if they can turn their form around and nic nat should drop in price.


Cox is my other Starting Ruck. I could trade Griffen for Goldstein but then I have to keep Stevenson or Wines and I miss out on Priddis. Or I could do it next week.


I really think you have to trade Griffin for another premium ruck, you don't wanna be mucking around with the big boys there too valuable. Maybe have a look at Pyke, seems to be flying a little under the radar. Or yes you could go Goldylocks or Big Boy! Flip a coin between them 2. Also try and get one of the Port boys out mate.

Do not bring in Jacobs until I kick his ass into some form.

Also Selwood and Watson will be at there cheapest next week.


Thanks Now Thomas is out too!


wines out priddas in
now which juicy cow to i cull… stevenson, neade or rowe…
and which bubble boy to i roll with?
could roll the gamble with thurlow.


Stevenson and Neade are both projected to drop value by about $5K. Rowe is a chance to be recalled, but even if not, he won't be losing value. Thurlow looks good, but I'd wait one more game.

As per the video:
FWD rookie: B. Kennedy
DEF rookie: W. Sierakowski


Priddis, Mitchell In
Wines and OMeara Out

Need some cash in store for next week when I bring in Buddy and possibly Cox or another premium. It means costing myself some points this round (still forecasting 2000 DT and 2200 SC) but stablising next round.

this may change depending on what actually is the issue for Dale Thomas as I have him in my forward line so I might need to get him out and Buddy in a week sooner than plan


jobe watson or pendles??




Traded Jacobs for Munson and Shuey to deledio what's your thoughts


Surely keep Shuey mate. I've got Jacobs and I'm holding onto him for now. Too many bloody bargains out there to be doing this sideways business.


Roughhead or Walters? Both set to go up in price, Walters 50k cheaper but roughhead coming up against easy opponents over next 3 rounds


roughead for me


So I think I'll trade out Evans, even though he is set to rise I had to bring Pridda in somehow.

Thinking of going:

Out: Stevenson IN: Scotland
Out: Evans IN: Priddis



I'd go Duffield or Birchall rather than Scotland.


Hibberd? Thats who I'd go, a nice P.O.D also.

Michael C

New to the community and loving it!

Have Neade and Lucas both in midfield as targets to upgrade to Priddis, but I need to generate cash to to it. Could trade Atley or Stevenson to Sierakowski to generate cash.

It seems to me that Neade is more likely to fall in price than Lucas, but loses the flexibility of a DPP.
Atley and Stevenson are both set to fall, but Atley generates more spare cash for the future.

Out: Neade In: Priddis Cost 170300
Out: Lucas In: Priddis Cost 88500

Out: Atley In: Sierakowski Gain: 242100
Out: Stevenson In: Sierakowski Gain: 162700

Low on cash at the moment.


Hi Guys,

Here are my 2 trades that I am thinking of…….

OUT: Hartlett & Wines

IN: Priddis & Franklin……I could go for Deledio or JPK or Jobe Watson instead of Priddis…….What do you guys think…???

Thoughts Please…….



It's an interesting discussion right now mate weather you go the cheap as chips Priddis or your ultra premiums. Neither are the wrong option as Priddis has been around the 600k mark for a good 3 years now but I'm making my decision based on who I want to bring in to my midfield regardless of price. Everyone is jumping on Priddis because he's cheap, obviously. But what do you want your final side to look like? This is my theory and that's why I'll be jumping on a 650k player at around 570k which is just as good value and will get you those big scores and get you over the line come finals.


Hi Jock…..

Thanks heaps for comment above mate…….

Will be doing the trades as mentioned above…….But it will be subject to change based on the team announcements tonight…. what if Buddy gets rested this week? is the only concern at the moment……

JPK over Deledio…….i was thinking of Deledio…….for some reason i don't like JPK……but again you can't play SC with your likes and dislikes it should be played purely based on the stats…….will be going with JPK ATM……

Thanks again Jock very much appreciated………



Buddy shouldn't be rested.. I hevent even noticed him playing recently!!!
He will kick a bucket over the next 3 weeks… well lets hope so anyway.

Bring in BUDDY!


Hey Jock you have colquhoun as a forward in the video and screen grab above but he's a D/M. No biggie but just FYI.

It's a double downgrade for me this week as I look to offload neade (to kennedy) and heath (to siera). Nice war chest for the bargains ahoy over the next couple of weeks.

Not buying the priddis hype – good footy player, ok supercoach midfielder. But that's all. In the mids I prefer the uber premiums and will patiently await them. Joelwood and Lids looking value now/next week – there's always somebody top shelf slipping onto the value radar and priddis not top shelf for mine.

BTW I hit the donate button a couple of days ago and encourage all others to do the same – Jock and team doing a top job for us here and the internets are not free to run.


hey jock i have 240k in the bank at the moment and thinking of going wines to priddis and stevenson to docherty if hes named otherwise i'll just go neade to kennedy (port players need to unload looking tired) i noticed young thurlow from the cats on the weekend might just have to get him the week after looks a player! thoughts? from a loyal follower


next week im gonna use cash to get watson be of 155 and franklin be of 145




Macaffer champ


I'd get rid of Dwyer personally. Macaffer may average 10 less and his BE is a BIT higher but he is set in defence now Toovey + Thomas are out. Dwyer could be cut at any time


^ Agreed! seeya Dwyer!


going to possibly get priddis in a couple weeks for o'meara once he slows down…. that is he if slows down. Getting buddy in this week.


or trade priddis in moloney out?


Thinking of getting in b. kennedy and sierakowski this week, then maccafer to buddy and o'meara to priddis nxt week??


footy community i need help with a trade!!!
here is my trade dilemma

hartlett to priddis
burgoyne to priddis

both struggling, hartlett may come good in the next month
and burgoyne is averaging well below his predicted score at the moment

but which would be good in the long term?


If you have a player that's been likened to the great Nathan Bukley you do not trade him! Hinkley would have given him a good spray this week and he wil bounce back. In the coming weeks we could be talking about him as the best trade in option… Watch!

If I'm wrong and he continues he's poor form then pull the trigger but definitely Burgoyne out of the 2.




hartlett has only had 2 bad weeks, stick fat with the kid


Only traded in daisy last week.. Forward line was looking good, was reading Dwyer out for buddy this week.

What do we do with him… Trade him, or keep him benched for 2 weeks? Is he worth the keep.


Thomas may be more than 2 weeks. The grapevine suggests he could be anything from 2 to 10 weeks, The ankle has flared up and scans today revealed damage.
I was lucky enough to miss him last week.
Dwyer will still make another 50,000 at least yet so don't be in too much of a hurry to get rid of him yet.
Get rid of PTA rookies if you still have them.


Jock I'm all over Stevie J this week. Plonking him straight in the guts, ready for him to get another 35 and a few sausage rolls against the Pies.


Need some advice….. which rookie defender has the best job security?
sierakowski, thurlow or colquhoun?


Hard to say with Thurlow or Colquhon as they've only played one game so right now it would be Sierakowski

Jacob J.

Which two to trade in?

Vlastuin and Kerridge or…
Ben Kennedy and sierakowski?


Vlastuin and kerridge you have missed the boat on. Ben kennedy very good prospect up front, and sierakowski is not named to play.




That's a donut for me


G'day There, now with sierakowski not named i have to upgrade heath instead of downgrade. There is one option though, if i bring in justin clarke. he is still at 170k mark so still enough cash generation to go neade to priddis, which was my original idea. He looked bloody good on the weekend. And if i did upgrade heath i could afford any defender, who should i bring in out of: Birch, Hanley, and the duff man?


You could go Heath to Brent Staker who is named in the Brisbane side this week. He's only $128,000


Should I continue to hope that Docherty will get a game next week, and get a donut for the 3rd week in a row, or should I just burn a trade and get Brent Staker in?


Gibbs is still out! I've held him! Is he gonna be back next week? Because I also have Heath Shaw out, Daisy out, Griffen out?? Who do I trade?? Help needed???


I don't want to trade them out because making my whole team premiums will take longer! Griffen I may look to upgrade to Nic Nat next week he has a BE of 225!


Don't trade out Shaw or Daisy, only going to miss 1 and 2 weeks respectively. I've got the same problem with Gibbs and Shaw, going to hold both, and most likely get a donut with Docherty not playing either… (unless I give up and trade him out). Would feel like too much of a waste to trade out Gibbs now after holding him on the bench for so long




I have been waiting for Gibbs as well and have a back-line problem myself with Hartlett, Dixon, and Shaw.
Gibbs was initially a precautionary measure but it seems to me it is a lot more serious than first thought.
HAMMY troubles! he is out for me.

Good Luck
Old Ocker


Thanks! Shaw and Hartlett are a let down! Hopefully Gibbs and Dixon back next week! Good Luck!


Yeah if you still have Gibbs I reckon you have to hold him and pray he's either a late in this Sunday or at least back next week which should be likely.

Once I got a whiff that he had hammy issues wooshka I got rid of him straight away as this sort of injury can stretch on. I had Buddy last year and held on when he had that hammy problem and the weeks just dragged on and on and on. Never again I vowed to myself, even if it cost me a sideways trade, especially with 30 trades this year. You are just needlessly costing yourself points and ranking places.

I see that Dixon also appears likely to miss again so more pain for the community. Hopefully coaches don't have both these boys in their back lines as I'd be tearing my hair out right now.

Shaw you absolutely have to keep for he's almost certain to play next round after serving a week in the sin bin.

If you were to trade out any of these fellas it would sadly be Daisy even though you probably brought him in fairly recently. That ankle injury doesn't sound flash and appears to be a recurring problem. You can probably do a straight swap with him and Priddis depending on your team structure.


I did trade out Gibbs but reversed it! Hopefully it pays out in the long run! I'm going to hold all of them! And trade out Wines for Priddis and I was going to trade out Stevenson for a rookie but none are on the bubble. So will trade out Rowe (he is in my FWD line) for Ben Kennedy!?!


Wines for Priddis is a great move.


So, I held onto Gibbs and Dixon over the last couple of weeks and now Daisy. Do I sit on them all and go with my plan of upgrading Wines or do the maligned sideways trade? It's hard to know who to drop with all of them a bit up in the air… Sitting in the top 2,500 overall so I don't wanna waste these trades. Ahhhh, Supercoach…. any ideas?


I feel ya! I got Shaw, Griffen, Daisy, Gibbs and I held onto Goodes for the two weeks. I want to trade out Wines, and Stevenson but I'm not sure. I HAVE to trade Griffen out but may delay it a week to get Nic Nat I got Daw!


Nasty! Goodes back is handy timing for you. I ditched him a few weeks back. It does look like Griffen has to go for you. I was getting pretty stoked about a full team this week and then BAM! What would you recommend? If someone has someone inside knowledge of the Gibbs and Dixon injuries, please help.


As per my advice to Gillie above as you've come this far with Gibbs and Dixon then you really have to hold them now as they SHOULD be back next week. If you do decide to trade make sure you leave it to the absolute last minute as there is always the possibility (albeit unlikely) that they are late ins.

Daisy's injury isn't particularly encouraging. He may be back next week but it could be one of those things that drag on. So unfortunately he would definitely be a trade out consideration in my view. Of course it depends on your own team make-up and whether you can cover his absence or not.


Does anyone know Marc Murphy’s break even?

My thought:

This week – Murph out for Priddis & Neade out for Buddy

Next Week – Murph back in when price drops.

Your thoughts…


Murphy's breakeven is at 132.

This site lists them all


Outs and back ins just to make a little bit of cash are probably not the optimal use of trades.

So just upgrade Neade to Buddy and perhaps cull another rookie, perhaps in your defence, to build up that bank balance to steadily improve your team would be my recommendation.


BE: 132
Not worth It!!


Schweppes! Would have thought scoring 50 odd would see him plummet!


Its because he has dropped heaps this season and he got 131 against Melbourne! Next week it is 154 if he gets 100 exactly!


I don't know if i trust this Daisy injury… I'm already having to sit Shaw and Maric on my bench this week…

It sounds like there's a chance daisy could be out more than two, that being said, is it worth having a look at Matty Stokes?

Could be a nice POD, Geelong have three sodas in a row after this week (Port, GC, GWS); finally, Geelong have the handy R12 bye..



Mathew Stokes, 2010 played 15 games for an average of 68.47 two of those games were over 100.
2011 played 17 games for an average of 80.32 seven of those over 100.
2012 played 19 games for an average of 65.05 two of those games over 100 were against COL & CAR.
At his current price of $460.000 with an average of 98.6 and 73 B/E. He appears to have improved but I think you may have missed the boat.
When Chapman comes back will it make a difference?.
Have a look at Jason Winderlich for a POD. Injury concerns but has a breakeven of -23 for $270.300 and he is quite likely to be a keeper if he remains injury free. Hope that helps.

Old Ocker.


Who to get out neade or Heath and who to bring in got 30,000 in the bank


Neade for Jason Winderlich, Risky with injury but I took the risk. $270.200 with -23 B/E worth it in my book.

Old Ocker.


Trade Dale Thomas or keep?


Thomas may be more than 2 weeks. The grapevine suggests he could be anything from 2 to 10 weeks, The ankle has flared up and scans today revealed damage.




Out: Neade & Wines
In: Priddis & Mitchell or Thomas
Not sure who out of Mitchell and Thomas
Please Help


dale thomas is out for 2 weeks minimum. ankle gone again.


Out: Neade & Wines
In: Priddis & Mitchell or Kennedy
Not sure who out of Mitchell and Kennedy
Please Help


HELP i dont want to upgrade this week planning to get selwood and cotchin in the coming weeks. I want to trade out Stevenson and Neade to Clarke and Kerridge good idea??
Problems everywhere Gibbs still out, no backup in mid, Jacobs bad form and picked up Daisy lw only to get injured