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Supercoach strategy with MickGood day all and welcome to the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Community’s newest focus piece, “Tight Arse Tuesday”, where we will be looking at the best value for money player of each round.

And what better way to start than with a little bit of controversy. I know a lot of you out there will argue who is the better pick up this week, Matt Priddis or Buddy Franklin but for me it’s an easy answer and that’s why this week’s “Tight Arse Tuesday” will be looking at:

Matt Priddis

Average 91.4
Breakeven 61
Current Price $451,500
Priced to Average 87

Matt Priddis is one of the most underrated players in the AFL and more importantly for us fantasy coaches he is one of the most underrated fantasy footballers going around. The simple fact is that Priddis is not just a Premium Supercoach player but he is an Elite. And his stats and supercaoch numbers back it up.

In the last two seasons Priddis has heavily featured in the top ten in some of the most rewarding supercoach stats.

  • In 2011 he ranked 4th in contested possessions per game, 8th in clearances per game and 4th in tackles per game.
  • He finished with a Supercoach average of 114.1 points.
  • In 2012 he ranked 8th in contested possessions per game, 4th in clearances per game and finished with a supercoach average of 110pts.

However what people must remember is that Priddis did suffer an injury affected score in round 7 last year where he was knocked out and had a score of 24. Taking this round out his scores last season he actually would have averaged 114 for two consecutive seasons.

So why is he so cheap now?

A little bit of deja vu here really. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand over the last three weeks I assume we all know now that Priddis was unfortunately knocked out in the first few minutes of the West Coast’s round 5 clash with Port Adelaide. A great tackle from Monfries pinned Priddis’ arms meaning he was unable to protect his head from hitting the turf which unfortunately resulted in the star midfielder being knocked out and unable to return to the field. This also resulted in a Supercoach score of just 5 which has now ran through his three week rolling average for the last time and has resulted in a $123,100 price decrease.

Matthew Priddis Supercoach

The table above shows Matt Priddis’ stats since 2011. As expected a lot of his numbers are down on the last two years because of that injury affected game where he basically didn’t get a touch. So don’t read too much into his numbers for this year because his averages are taken over 7 rounds – when in reality he has really only played 6.

However one stat that has exploded this year even with an injury affected game where he managed just two handballs. Priddis is actually currently leading all comers for clearances per game this year with a very healthy 8.1 per game over 7 rounds, which really should read 9.7 per game over 6 rounds. This just proves how important he is for the Eagles and even though they have a lot of up and coming midfield talent, Priddis is still top dog in that engine room.

The scary thing is the Eagles have played the first 6 rounds without the competition’s best ruck man and there is a good chance those clearance numbers will get even better with a fully fit Nic Naitanui giving first use to his team mates from the stoppages.

In fantasy circles Priddis cops a lot of slack for his heavy use of the handball. Yes it is true he handballs a lot, averaging 17.2 last year and I don’t expect this figure to change this year or any other year for that matter. It is also true that if he did kick more he would be at the higher end of the Elite spectrum averaging numbers more like Cotchin or Selwood.

However I don’t think this is any reason to be negative about picking Priddis as one of your midfielders, especially at his current price. The fact of the matter is Priddis will give you exactly what you should expect and is one of the most consistent scorers in the game. I’d expect his current average of 90 to creep up so that he’d finish between 107 to 110 pts per game for the season. This would mean that he would average somewhere between 112 and 114 pts per game from here on out.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict

2013 Predicted Status: Elite
Average from here on out: 111 to 115 points

Final Word

Don’t let this one slip by thinking you’ll find a better POD. Yes everybody else might pick him up but that’s for good reason. JUMP ON

Stay tuned…

Mick the Mad Irishman

Mad as a cut snake – but one of the hugest Fantasy Football brains in Australia. Lurking around the top 100 in Supercoach rankings this year. Click here for more from the Mad Irishman




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Hi Mick. Great to see you've got another article going, you always provide invaluable advice.

Bringing in Priddis for Koby Stevens this week. Will leave me with only 1 rookie midfielder starting and a midfield of Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Dangerfield, Moloney, Mundy, Priddis and O'Meara. Feeling good about that, especially since it shouldn't cost too much money to upgrade Mundy and Moloney later in the year.


Great article!

what do you think of:

Wines OUT
Priddis IN

Jake Neade OUT (Cox moved into forward)
Leuenberger IN

Not enough money to bring in Franklin missing out by 12k 🙁 unless you guys can perhaps suggest forwards in good form between 400k – 450k ??


Stokes and Walters have been on my watchlist and both pulled out rippers on the weekend. Cheap! I won't be grabbing either with a fairly set fwd line for now, but consider both!


You don't want Buddy. He is this years Travis Cloke. Breust is a better forward option if you want a hawthorn fwd, than Fools Gold Franklin.


Get on roughy!


@engzee have a look at Petrie


Had some cash in hand.

In Franklin, Priddis
Out (Tele) Karnezis, (Good) Evans

@engzee – have you looked at LeCras?


Considering the following trades:
Neade -> Sierakowski

Wines -> Priddis
Cash Left: $150,900
Wines -> JPK
Cash Left: $26,700

I dont think either are getting any cheaper and both have the R12 bye – leaning very firmly towards JPK……very much torn with this decision!?!


Go Priddis, as Mad has suggested. His numbers are great and he is a bargain!
JPK is a good pick also, but you can use the extra 124k to upgrade elsewhere


great article mate im wrapped with the priddy boy idea cos now ive traded out wines for him. now my midfield is GAJ, JPK, SWAN, PENDLES, BARLOW, WATSON, PRIDDIS AND O'MEARA.


Hey Mick….yeah made the Priddis trade last night….bit spewing you posted this especially after everyone jumped on Daisy last week as well but meh….you get that/nature of the beast…. its gonna be every on every SC site anyways….


Tight Arse Tuesdays though is a solid name 😛


I’m tossing up between Priddis and Hodge(40k more expensive) if you look at Hodge’s SC scores in 07,08,10,11 he averaged 110+ every season. With the injuries he had last year he started undervalued this year. The Hawks have played all the finalists from last year so their draw does get easier. With everyone jumping on Priddis, I’m leaning towards Hodge as a POD. Any opinions welcomed.


got hodge this week. POD!!!


I went with Hodge rather than Daisy last week and don't (yet) regret the decision. Especially as the Hawks have got the three bye teams in a row starting this week.

Having said that, I've jumped on Priddis this week. In the podcast Higgo thinks there's a chance Hodgey might get rested during one of the next three rounds.

Tough call. Do your calculations on break evens and projected price rises next week to see who's the best value prospect. Check this article for relevant calculations: http://www.jockreynolds.com.au/2013/04/10/trading


pass on Hodge, with the draw getting weaker for the Hawks they will want to keep Hodge fit for the season. They even played him in bursts against Sydney on the weekend. Hawks have a history of resting players, so be weary!


Yeah I agree. I like hodge but I wouldn't bank on him playing all remaining games this season


I looked at The General for a long time especially with the draw. Evenutally went with Priddis because he won't be rested and Hodgey almost surely will be. If not during the next three then certainly at some stage down the track.


Great article Mick, spot on. I think Priddis suffers from the WA syndrome where they don't get the credit they deserve because the rest of the AFL playing states don't get to see them in action very often.

I had Priddis last year, and he was as consistent as Pendles, although not quite as high scoring.

(I'm neither from nor in WA)


In case anybody needed anymore convincing Priddis has an avg of 140 in 8 games played against North. WOW!


After hearing this, I might consider putting VC on him this week using the captains loophole if his score is good!!!


What do you think about getting Priddis in for those that already have Luke Shuey in their team? Can we afford to have two WCE players as premos in the mid?


No and no again


Really unsure whether I bring him in as I'm eyeing off Watson next week. Either way I look at it, can't afford to bring them both in unless i also bring 96 000 bottom priced rookies that won't play or go up in value.

Will be on my mind all week tho, Priddis V Watson

Roo Boy

Who Should I bring In Buddy or pridds only afford one?


I went with Neade to Delidio at 544k dropped by 80k in price with a BE 116 against Melbourne should be no problem for him and will jump in price significantly with that 163 against Port in his system


COULD i possibly trade out O'meara for Priddis?


Keep omeara for now


Yes but only if you have no other logical way of getting Priddie in. I'll more than likely upgrade the Jaeger-bomb to Joel Selwood next week. But will hopefully enjoy one more good week from the Suns youngster against the Doggies then wooshka he's goneski.


What trade should I do this week?

1. Lewis Stevenson to Jackson Thurlow/Will Sierakowki and Campbell Heath to Paul Duffield.


2. Lewis Stevenson to Jackson Thurlow/Will Sierakowki and Jake Neade to Lance Franklin

Love your thoughts


they're all terrible options


Ok McFag, you obviously no nothing about supercoach.


Lol nice one. I like the look of Thurlow and may give him a crack myself. Job security bothers me though…


Option 1 with sierakowki


Appreciate the feedback Bill.


I'd go option 2 mate.
Stevenson to Sierakowski (try typing that without looking jeasus!)
Neade to Franklin – He's so cheap you have to jump on him! with GWS, Gold Coast and Melbourne his next 3 he MUST kick plenty.

Expect BIG scores!

… my 2 cents


Franklin over Priddis?


Nooooooo, Buddy is an awful choice this year, just put a line through him take ANYONE else.


I would get rid of Campbell Heath and Jake Neade, instead of Lewis Stevenson. If you look at their break-evens and compare them to their median score you will see that Neade and Heath are a bigger trade out priorities than Lewis Stevenson.


Sierakowski, Thurlow or Docherty?


See who gets named in the squad. If Docherty is named pick him.
If not I'd go Sierakowski purely because he's on the bubble – then next week you can pick up thurlow with either Heath/Stevenson (whoever you don't trade this week)


Thurlow is 19 years old. How many weeks do you think he will last in the Geelong backline? Not Many.
Go for others!


Are you going to try and get priddis in?


I would like get Priddis but my midfield is pretty much set. I think it's either Duffield, Franklin or Dale Thomas.


who should i trade in?
d thomas or m priddis for h hartlett


Traded Neade down to Kennedy (Collingwood), but am unsure what's a better trade to do next:

1: O'meara –> Priddis
2: Rowe –> Daisey


definetly rowe to daisy, daisy hitting best form.
o'meara still great average and playing well


definitely rowe to daisy, omeara is averaging around 90 anyway


Hi community would love your input on my situation. only have 42k in bank and want either priddis or franklin.

OPTION 1: OUT: Wines, Neade IN: B.Kennedy (MID), Franklin

OPTION 2: OUT: Wines, Neade IN: Priddis, B.Kennedy (FWD)
help appreciated


only reason im leaning towards buddy is because i have shuey.


option 1 all the way, franklin will deliver


thanks for input


Franklin to kick plenty on GWS, Gold Coast and Melbourne next 3.. if not then something is terribly terribly wrong down hawthorn




Luke Ball will be back this week, and Beamer within 2-3.
Thus, Ben Kennedy will not play after this week.


Fasolo and Toovey injured, Mooney and Dwyer still in the side. I reckon he's got a good chance of playing regular games. Looks good


the options im deciding on are

lucas/wines to priddis (definate), and

neade to thomas
lucas/wines to selwood/watson/mitchell

would love some input, ive had 2 bad weeks and need to improve my output.
thanks community


who do you reckon has more bang for their buck? JPK or priddis?


Go for Priddis mate at $450,000 you won't get an Elite player like him at that price again. Real bargain. Is $120,000 cheaper then JPK.


Should I be making 2 trades this week? I currently have 22 trades left for the season, and am thinking to upgrade Wines to Priddis, which will leave me with $97, 300 left in the bank. I am happy with making just one trade, but should I also downgrade a rookie to build up more cash for further rounds?


Do the Wines to Priddis trade mate and if your going to downgrade a rookie perhaps only if they are any of the well picked Port boys this year. Your Terlich's and Mayes of the world have more growth in them.


Ok thanks. Thankfully Ive gotten rid of most of the port boys already.Still Mitchell lying there (and Hartlett ofcourse), but I think Ill wait for Mitchell to go up in price a bit more.


Downgraded Stevenson for colquhon and Mayes for Ben Kennedy last week, as I knew buddy and priddis would both drop considerably. Traded them both in for neade and wines respectively. Now only have one port player in colquhon left on my team as a mid/def swing on my bench. Got off the port train rather quick its safe to say.


My midfield if I get priddis.gaj, watson, cotchin, dangerfield, dale thomas, JPK, priddis and o'merea. Pretty good


Interesting POD here guys. Trading in Hartlett in the coming weeks. Price will drop significantly and he is a quality footballer.


I have both JPK and Hannabery in my midfield wondering if I go Hanerbury to Priddis this week to get an extra 60 grand in the kitty? Thoughts anyone?


sideays trade…………….Waste


Sideways trade…………………Waste!


Yeah I guess it is cheers.

big dick

no it isn't great trade are these guys retarded


Tried to resist the obvious Priddis trade up from rookies…………………….couldn't.
Fact is, he will earn you more than upgrading a backman ( I already have a full forward line).
Its simple mathematics!
Thanks Mick the Mad Irishman!

vinny mac

Had to get rid of Neade in FWD so I traded in Franklin. Will be cashing in Lucas next week!


Sc Gold Mick, and still some will look the gift horse in the mouth. Rule #1: If and when the chance comes to trade a rookie to an elite at minimal cost, do not think – do.

Midfield now: GAJ, Swan, Danger, Priddis, Fyfe, Kennedy J, Moloney, O'Meara (Kommer, Vlastuin)


Have 160k sitting in the cap.. Couple of options this week:

1. Straight swap of Matt Jones to Priddis, 28k left over.
Positives: Obviously a higher scoring player
Negatives: Matt Jones is set to increase in value another 30k (approx) next week, which is more than Priddis

2. Downgrade Stevenson to Sierakowski, Thurlow etc, and upgrade Neade to a premo forward, i.e Riewoldt, Stevie J, Walker, Martin, Petrie, Boomer etc.

Which is the more pressing issue? Getting Priddis, or ditching the port boys?


I'd go option 2 mate. Have you still got Wines?


Aaron – i dropped wines last week.
And thanks Jock, great advice as always!


I'm trading out Neade – B. Kennedy (MID) to allow me to upgrade Stevenson… Now my question is this community! BIRCHALL or DUFFIELD? I know Jock said in he's podcast he'd go the Duff Man & yes he's BE is 50 and he's 25k cheaper & Birchall has a BE of 160! But who would you prefer in the long run? And no I can't wait another week for Birchall cause I'll be upgrading a MID next week. I also don't have a Hawthorn player.

Cheers guys!


Any thoughts on trading Liberatore to Priddis? I know it's sideways trading, but Libba has been poor for the last 3 weeks and is likely to drop in price even further next week.


I'd wait to do any sideways trades around the bye rounds. Concentrate on upgrading to guns that have dropped in price. Libba has the ability to put up elite scores so definitely hold for now. It's a long season my friend.


You've helped me grow, we have helped you grow. That's what it's all about.


Daisy or Priddis for M Jones this week? Daisy B/e – 17 Priddis B/e 60

Thinking Priddis as he still be only around 475k next week if he scores 100.

Daisy scores 100 and he's closer to 500k

Then it would be a Priddis or Franklin quandry next week!


How about this option guys,



left with $240k in the bank thinking of riding the MAJAK CAVIAR cash horse with a B/E -78 then upgrade him to NIC NAT.

Note: I only have 1 rookie in each position at the moment.



When are we upgrading JJ. Kennedy? BE of 115! And who are you upgrading to?

The Filth

Didn't have Kennedy Aaron but have Lecras – looking at upgrading to Stevie J after the Pies game. High price but premium player.

Cats play Port, GCS, Kangas (historically scores well against them) BYE then Brisbane. Loves to beat up on lower sides, expect some big scores.

Thoughts? Alternatives?


Yeah liking what I've seen from Stevie J. I'll look at doing the same with Kennedy.

If you don't have Martin definitely consider, he's flying!


Aaron – why are you thinking of upgrading him? Have you identified a forward who costs less and will score better? If so trade.

However, I suggest you get you Mids and Defenders sorted before you tinker with your forwards.


Because he's made enough cash to give him the flick to a more consistent MID/FWD premium like Stevie J. He won't be going this week as ill be going Wines – JP. Kennedy, but definitely keeping an eye on him over the next 2 weeks. Depending on how he scores of course.


pleased you held off on Stevie J Aaron. JPK was a winner all the way – well done


M.Evans is my only option to trade to Priddis this week, he still has some cash to make. Worth it?


Is it time for Moloney to go? Performed very well for me but now has an extremely tough run of opponents, and a breakeven of 101 to go with it. Thoughts?


Absolutely! Trade to an ultimate premium… Pendles/Swan, Pies have an awesome run after Sydney in a couple weeks and ill be looking for Swanny to explode! Not getting much attention either. Or Dangerfield of course, he's starting to fly.

Blue Balls

I feel sorry for all of you that decide to bring in Priddis. West Coast are struggling and Priddis is a massive SPUD!




A spud??? I reckon you need to have a look at his history! I still might go Jobe over him but Priddis will give you consistent tons and occasional huge scores at the price of a dim sim


And blues are going great too….


Franklin next week expected to drop about $24.000 and even if he gets a big score he will only go up like 5 to 10 grand


hey jock, really need your help,
i wanna dongrade stevnesnon is zac dawson from freo a good choice,
he seems to have a lot of experience and scores consistently, not to mention good job secuirty.


could it be his breakout year?


dont listen to diffoe he is an internet troll and he said that jock doesnt know anything, dont get dawson get thurlow


yea i reckon his set to break out


is it worth getting Priddis in for moloney?

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