Hartlett and the Hoff stink up the joint – Round 7

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They were warned.. but many have their head in their hands about Justin “The Hoff” Westhoff and his vomit inducing output over the last 3 weeks. He’s averaged 57 in his last 3 and his owners have assumed the fetal position. Many have not surfaced from their bedrooms this weekend.

And his old mate Hamish Hartlett thought he’d have a bit of the same action. He scored 29 in a Simon Prestigiacomo inspired display this weekend. He’s averaged 43 in his last 2.

This is hard to swallow for those effected I know that. But as I’ve said before this will make you a stronger fantasy footballer. What did you learn from the situation? What factors lead to their downfall? What wisdom will you take from this into future seasons?

But the news is not all bad this week.. Joshy Kennedy from the might Swans is back to his old tricks, Jobe was solid, the return of legend Boomer Harvey was a challenge for the front seam of my trouser front. Majak Daw showed why he will be one of the most marketable players in the competition over the next 8 years.

How are you getting on folks? What score are you looking at and what are your trade options looking towards round 8?

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  1. @Jacko2128 says:

    Use JPKs score as captain, or wack the Big C on Gaz?

  2. Frank says:

    Take the 142 I reckon

  3. Anandu says:

    1514 of 16 Played. Ablett (Captain) still to play. Is it a Good or Bad score for this round Jock?

  4. jonathan says:

    I think I will have the lowest points of the season so far with the West Coast trio of Lecras, Kennedy and Shuey letting me down, Young Libba not producing and having Gibbs and Dixon Injured didnt help.

    However, I will be bringing in Priddis and Buddy for Neade and Karnezis and with my settled Rucks (Cox and Leau) I am pretty set for a strong few weeks.

    When's the Podcast Jock?

  5. @emhoy says:

    1412 off 15 to come Gazz (c), Murphy, Scotland, Jacobs, Omera, Hutchins and Jones. Can't believe Hanneberry got 43 will mark it down to a once off. My trade ins of Daisy and Valstuin worked a treat. Hoping to get near 2200.

    I have avoided the Port hype and just need to trade out Neade and Steveson next week .

    • @emhoy says:

      OMG hutchins is a spaz why in gods names did I pick him ahead of Terlic worst trade ever.

      • theazzyg says:

        I agree. I made a double mistake of trading in hutchins and then trading him out for Josh Saunders. Worst trade ever! he got 20 and then dropped

  6. SharkBait says:

    Dangerfield or Ablett as captain? im thinking the danger man but can he back up 2 scores in a row?

  7. FrontPocket says:

    Don't forget to mention the reek that Cloke afflicted upon the SC community this week. Both Hartlett and Cloke in my team and scoring worse than $100K rookies with the sub vest.

    Vlastuin, though, marvellous. Dwyer, only through covering doughnuts did I not trade him and I accidentally left in on the field, so a bit of luck there. Happy with choosing Hodgey over Daisy, but that just means I'll have to trade Daisy in at some point in the very near future or I'll have missed the boat – but there may be better options on the horizon, ie. Priddis and Franklin.

    Hartlett and Cloke's performances will mean I'll struggle crack 2100 and might even need some luck just to get over the 2K mark. Bit shakey looking forwards, but just gotta keep wiping the birdshit from eye.

    • Helmet says:

      think Daisy only goes up about $15,000 this week so still very gettable …

  8. Jono says:

    AGHHHHH!! What do we do with Hartlett. Do we hold? Or have we made a big mistake picking this spud?He is fast becoming the new burnman!! :/

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon he has to go. 3 scores below 60 out of 7 starts and Port have had a reasonable opening draw. Put any kind of tag on him and where's wally…he's nowhere to be seen!

      May as well get something from him whilst he's still worth around $500K as he just hasn't proven he will be one of the top 6 or 7 defenders this season.

      • Helmet says:

        Shaw is the only premo defender that has shown any consistency of decent scores in recent times .. Birchall was down again so will be prime in a couple weeks. In saying that, scores in the 20's and 30's make him a serious PLUM ROLLER!!

  9. Gillie4 says:

    1501 with J.GRIFFIN 🙁 only got 5 players to go but With Ablett as Captain

  10. SCaddict says:

    Doing ok despite sustaining 3rd degree burns from the Hartless one. Tracking around 2250 but hoping for Gaz to go berserk at the G and perhaps can crack 2300.

    Sideways trading be damned Hartlett is gone for Goldilocks Priddis next week! In fact I reckon it's high time to cleanse ourselves of all our Port players as it's not getting any easier for them with the Cats and Blues in waiting.

    In my book the Power experiment is officially OVER!

    • Azza says:

      Totally agree. I'm ditching Heath and Neade this week. Not sure what rookie to pick up in the back line – maybe Colquon to warm the bench…Can't really afford any other options.

      Also gonna get Daisy while he's cheap.

  11. charlie22232 says:

    To start things of, Dwyer and Majak Daw were on my bench, I traded out Walters who got 120 and put in Thomas who got 78. Wins and Burgoyne did absolutely shite. At least im predicted to win every match and crouch and goodes are back next week……….

  12. Luke says:

    Happy enough. 1500 from 14. GAJ danger riewoldt walker lbrown terlich jaeger and Evans to go. Put majak and Dwyer on ground this week. GAJ to get big C.

  13. Ben says:

    What are the thoughts on ibbotsan, he has been carving it up this year, granted he has only played 3 games.

    Is he a potential breakout, or this another westhoff copy cat.

  14. Benny says:

    1443 with 7 to go. Have the vc on danger, so if he goes well I will have a very small window of opportunity to put the c on dixon

  15. udi says:

    should we stick with hartlett?

  16. Mick Klavins says:

    1640 with 6 to come including Gaz as C! Looking forward to Gaz cam on fox footy! #50disposalscomingup! #200SC

  17. James says:

    Another bad week Jock, 1281 from 16. Gaz as captain still to come but Hartlett, Swan, Neade, Zorko, Lecras and Pendelbury all scoring well below there expected scores.

    I'm going to stick with Hartlett despite trading him in for scores of 53 and 29. I chose him for a reason as I think he will be in the top 5 defenders come years end so i'll stick with him.

    I'm not going to trade in Buddy Franklin this week as his form is not good enough and he will still have a high breakeven. Defense needs fixing first. What are some premium defenders Jock?

    Hope your having a better week then me.


  18. Deanbartel says:

    2060 with 2 to go.

  19. Liam says:

    Sam Jacobs another failure, 77 with Daw's 139 sitting on the bench

  20. Callum says:

    Stuffed up captains loop, accidentally put the big c on fyfe, instead of crouch, so pendles score was doubled and it didn’t make 200! 1836 3 to go, if I get 2100 I will be happy.

  21. Chris says:

    Got a proposal for you jock,

    Is it to late to jump on Hannath. Considering he is going to be a certainty for the next month.

    Jacobs down to Hannath,
    Then a rookie mid up to pridis this week
    Then a rookie mid up to a Selwood/Boyd etc..

    Then in the future swap out Hannath for a ruckmen?

    • Liam says:

      Sounds like my plan, but I don't know if it will come back to bite me… I just have this feeling that Jacobs' form could change.

  22. falcon says:

    ?should I take dangers 147 or go with ablett as caption

    • SCaddict says:

      Depends on how you're tracking in your leagues but it would probably be prudent to double bank the 147.

    • Mick Klavins says:

      Go Ablett! Take the chance! It’s a lot more fun that way! #pressredforGaz #getaroundhim

  23. Mark says:

    Why is Hartlett playing so crap.
    Is he getting tagged?
    Playing mostly in defence?

    Havent seen any Port games as only have free to air tv, so anyone know why.

    • FrontPocket says:

      If he was playing in defence I would have thought he'd get far more points

  24. Deanbartel says:

    going to finish on about 2250 with a shit captains score (Pendles). Would have hit 2350 if I stuck it on JPK or Danger

  25. Smittzzy says:

    2 absolutely horror weeks after averaging 2200+ first 5 rounds, ive slipt into the 1800-2000's

    Birchall, Selwood, Zorko, Franlin all performing poorly with Ryder and Gibbs sitting on the bench, 100+ premiums have been put to shame.

  26. Tim says:

    Forgot to make Ablett captain!
    And please, I know I should hang in there with Zorko, but I don't want to!

  27. geoffmack says:

    What to do with HArtlett???? Hold or dump???? IM SHATTERED

    • FrontPocket says:

      I think the standard advice is to hold faith with your premiums, but that's if they're scoring even half of what you might want or expect them to score. Hartlett is re-writing the rule book. His combined score over the last two weeks (82) would still be disappointing if it was one weeks score. He also scored a 38 in round 2, so it's not just that he's having a down couple of weeks.

      Having said all that, with some of the premiums ripening up nicely next week, you might be better off upgrading some rookies before turfing the Hammer. Pearce Hanley may possibly be re-ripe for a sideways trade this week for those who missed snagging him early in the season.

      I would like to know other peoples thoughts on this too though. I'm sitting right on the fence, I've got plans for next week, but don't want to lose too much of the value gained from trading Hartlett in… aaah those fickle SC gods.

  28. Mick Klavins says:

    2305 with Scotland to come! I think par score this weeks gotta be 2300 surely jock?

  29. SCaddict says:

    Finished with 2323 after Gaz and Viney came to the party. Terlich on my bench hurts a little as does Majak.

  30. blake says:

    All players done got 2243 and am reasonably happy. For me anything over 2200 is respectable.

  31. Sam says:

    Finished with 2358, not sure how good that score is for this week but hoping to move up at least 120 spots to crack the top 1000!

  32. Kobe24 says:

    2210 from 20. Marc Murphy and Ben McEvoy to come! Hoping for 2400+! Not sure how I’ll fair overall. Currently 3000th, hopefully move up a few. Big wins with Daw, Clarke, Terlich, Danger, Gaz, JPK, Rocky etc. Only negative is Buddy for me. Looking at Stevie J and Nic Nat very very closely.


    2322 – had a good week – still got some cows to milk and return of Gibbs and Goodes in my backline

  34. @MRB37 says:

    2210, and that's with stinkers from Hartlett and Neade and poor scores for the likes of Birchall, Jacobs and Pendlebury. Looks like I picked a good week to upgrade Wines to Dangerfield though.

    Next week, Jacobs gets the chop, Cox swings into the rucks and I'll look at bringing Buddy in.

  35. NICK says:

    scored 1935 made up my mind was going dump dwyer but he is doing well so going keep him for one or two more weeks and dump the port rookies in lewis stevsion and jake neede they stink up the score line big time jake neede what a waste of trade for me and talent he is a shocker the port players and rookies stink up the points get rid of them all

  36. @mrseiterj says:

    2260 for me had Gazza as C safe as houses!!

  37. Daren says:

    2298 with c on Pendles not Gaz

  38. Micklicka says:

    Who invited Cloke to my team??

  39. David says:

    2234 with 1 to go in Roberton the Rabbit man should get 2300-2320
    Neade and Jacobs crap

    What do I do with Jacobs?

  40. The saMMan says:

    Hey jock you are a great man and I listen and read your podcasts/info every week without fail and thanks to your advice im averaging 2,200 a game. thank you mate ur a bloody legend.

    I do have a question mate?

    I have $186,800 in the warchest so whose best to trade out next week for round 8?
    My choices are (too many haha):
    Stevenson, Luke Brown, Dwyer, Sam Day, Campbell Heath, Danyle Pearce, Rowe, Wines?


    The saMMan

  41. Osh says:

    Who's a better option next week colqoun or sierowkoski?

  42. frank says:

    Gonna take Jono Griffin's injury as a blessing and downgrade him to Daw then go Kennedy to Buddy, leaving me with a considerable amount of cash

  43. is dun is good says:

    hey jock just wondering what you think of my trades next week o meara for priddis and neade for franklin i have 240,000 k in the bank or i could swap wines for priddis and get in thomas for neade

    • Deanbartel says:

      Why would anyone in their right mind trade o'Meara before Wines? o'Meara looks fitter, has more opportunity in a younger midfield, has a lower BE and is scoring more consistently at the moment.

  44. matty says:

    Hartlett is bloody killing me and Birchall is stinking it up, both are doing their best to stuff my overall chances, I was ranked just outside the top 100 but with a score of 2246 I will drop a fair bit.

    DO i stick with Hartlett…? Not many downgrade options either…bloody heck!!!! Feel like I need to climb my tree and not come down for a while, help me Jock…!

  45. Voss wtf? says:

    What’s the deal with Voss subbing Lester early in the 3rd Q? He was easily one of their best players, was on 75 points & the game was still in the balance. Seriously wtf is with that, give the vest to someone actually spudding it up.

  46. Johnny says:

    Hit 2432 with Gibbs not playing and neade hitting 28 and Stevenson hitting 48

  47. Gillie4 says:

    1966 with J.Griffen 🙁 got MURPHY and WALKER to go should get 2,200 which isn't bad with GRIFFEN and wines Stevenson, birchal, Zorko, Pendles and lots under performed!

  48. Jayke says:

    2385 with Andy walker still to come, hoping to crack 2500!

  49. weags says:

    scored 2172 with Riewoldt, to go tomorrow hoping to hit near 2300 for my highest score this year

  50. Jim bob says:

    Par just under 2300 I reckon
    Over 2400 seems to be a good score
    Over 2500 very good I'd say

  51. Pete says:

    Hartlett = vomit in mouth


  52. Craig says:

    2464 with Walker to come. Got to be happy with that.

  53. Dwain says:

    I have 2198 with Riewoldt and walker still to play. No more trades for me until some better rookies come along

  54. YappaDog says:

    Birchall isn't doing much better with his scores. Also can't handle a tag.

  55. Pete says:

    A few big names in trouble at the MRP it seems

    Being a cat fan, i would pay the bump on Goddard!

  56. Dee says:

    Hartlett = Burnman 2013

    • Pete says:

      Hartlett has been taken around the back of the shed alone with Neade

      tough bubble – looking at J Longeran

  57. Stuart says:

    I think you mean "affected", not "effected".