The Gambino Fantasy Footy Punt Club – RD 7

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gambino supercoach punting clubWelcome again punters to Round 7 of the Punt Club. The season is in full swing now – which unfortunately means not as many of youse will be wanting my delicious ice creams in the colder months. However it does mean it’s time for us fantasy coaches to knuckle down. And it’s time to make some dough thanks to our friends at!

Check out the Dream Team odds they’re offering us at the momentIf you don’t have an account with the dudes at Sportsbet click here and they will match your first bet up to $150. Sick mate.

Brett Deledio – Over ($1.95)/Under ($1.75) 105.5 points

After copping some harsh criticism for his performance last week against Geelong, Deledio will be absolutely buzzing to get into the Power last week. Deledio is a proud dude, and you could see that some of the criticism he copped from people – especially former teammate Nathan Brown – really did hurt him. He’ll be looking to stick it up em this week and I’m backing Lids here to get OVER 105.5 points. In 2012, on both occasions when he played at AAMI Stadium he got over 105 points, it’s a happy hunting ground for him. Get into em Deledio!

Patrick Dangerfield – Over ($1.85)/Under ($1.85) 114.5 points

Surely now it’s official…the DANGERMAN is back! Thank god for all those of us who kept him in their sides cause my gut feeling is we’re finally going to see some consistent point scoring from him in the next few weeks. Against the lowly GWS, eclipsing 115 points shouldn’t prove to be too difficult for this dude. The Giants only play the first three quarters anyway, so Danger can afford to get off to slow start then pounce in junk time, sick!

Gary Ablett – Over ($1.85)/Under ($1.85) 127.5 points

It’s gonna bloody hurt me to say this, but I’ll be rooting against the great Gary Ablett Junior this week and backing him to go UNDER the 127.5 point mark. As we know the man is basically possible of anything, but I reckon 128 points may just be out of reach for GAJ. Melbourne are still hunting for that first win and showed a few glimpses last week against Carlton. Whilst his record against Melbourne is OK, he’s only once managed to crack the 128 point mark – and that was when he played absolutely out of his skin and could still only manage 130 DT points. Sorry Gaz you little champ, but I’m on the unders here man.

Kane Cornes – Over ($1.95)/Under ($1.75) 110.5 points

Great piece of value for OVER 110.5 points for Kane Cornes here. When the name Kance Cornes comes to mind I only think of one word: consistency. Remarkable that in every game he has played this season, Cornes has scored 100 DT points or over every single time. The Power boys are back home this week and I’m expecting nothing less than Cornes’s SIX consecutive DT tons to continue. Jump on the overs here dudes!

So there it is fellow punters! What do we all think? As always, ask me any questions in the section below or tweet me at @Vince_Gambino…follow the rest of the JR community whilst you’re at it.

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get pittard out with no salary cap space so need to bring in vlaustin or clarke
or do i bring out gibbs for shaw?


I’d get on Danger for overs at that price. Reckon he could make 115 by 3/4 time!


SC maybe, DT no


Yes I agree Vince I reckon Gaz is more likely to score under 128 in DT this week than over. That said I'm not brazen enough to put my hard earned on it.

Think I'll bet on the Supercoach markets instead.


its a brave man that punts against the little master isn't it! It's like he feeds off that stuff


Vince must have balls of steel that's all I can say!


Docherty or Rory Laird to get in this week?

Sam Winter

Rory Laird cuz he's actually playing.


Laird is on the extended bench and I don't reckon he'll make the cut. If you gotta trade a DEF in go Vlastuin, otherwise save the trade for next week.

The saMMan

Hey jock you are a great man and I listen and read your podcasts/info every week without fail and thanks to your advice im averaging 2,200 a game. thank you mate ur a bloody legend.

I do have a question mate?

I have $186,800 in the warchest so who its best to trade out next week for round 8?
My choices are (too many haha):
Stevenson, Luke Brown, Dwyer, Sam Day, Campbell Heath, Danyle Pearce, Rowe, Wines or Daw?


The saMMan


I can't help but not let you know that the Dees actually have had a win!! may have only been against GWS but it's a win! 🙂


Ah sorry man! can't believe i mixed that up