Jock’s post selection video – Round 7

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Enjoy Jock’s weekly pre lockout AFL Fantasy advice video folks – and join in the discussion below!


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  1. Jack says:

    Yeah Jocky! Love your form!

  2. adam says:

    what are yr thoughts on getting rid of westhoff for andrew walker

    • jockreynolds says:

      Can see the temptation mate.. but in my mind you've bought him in for a premium and you back your initial judgement. Concentrate on adding another premium rather than replacing him I reckon

  3. Michael says:

    I was thinking dwyer for walker and wines for cornes or steve j thoughts on that??? Or stick with one premium and bring in another rookie??

  4. frank says:

    Luke Brown and Koby Stevens out for Dale Thomas and Colquhon?

  5. Jeremy says:

    This week, i've done Wines to Vlastuin, and then Dwyer to Daisy.

    Leaves me with 160k, next week, can cash in on Matty Jones for Priddis, then downgrade Stevenson or Neade to Staker or the likes. The next week i can then bring in a premo for whichever of the two i didnt trade. At that stage, i will only have 3 rooks on field, Stevenson or Neade, Goodes, and O'meara. The latter two i consider near-keepers.

    Sound like a plan?

    I'm stumped with who to trade out this week though. Matt Jones with a score of 70 will increase 20k, Wines with a score of 84 will go up 8k. Jones plays GC this week though, so the question is, do i keep wines to use on field this week, and end up likely 12k worse off, or do i flip him and put jones on field?

    Thanks peeps

    ps. Not trading Stevenson this week, as it will cause a probable doughnut, as i have Frost, Goodes and Saunders (likely to be emergency) on the backline bench.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Mate – sounds like a fine plan to me. I have no drama at all in the fact that you're trading out Ollie Wines.. ready for the chopping block in my mind.

      Well done son!

      • Jeremy says:

        Thanks Jock! You're a champion

      • Sunka says:

        Totally agree…Dixon and Gibbs out this week swayed me to downgrade K.Stevens to Vlast and Neade to Thomas, so I can swing Vlast into the defence to cover a doughnut. Ollie to a gun next week : )

  6. James says:

    How does a Koby Stevens to Ben Kennedy and Oliver Wines to Patrick Dangerfield sound?

    I still have both Heath and Stevenson in the backline but have Fyfe, Crouch in the midfield so if I don't trade Stevens I'll have a zero scoring player in the middle.


    • @MRB37 says:

      Good stuff James. very similar to my trades for the week. Looks like both Stevens and Wines are near maxed out, so getting Dangerfield and another guy to generate cash looks like a winner.

      • James says:

        What should I do with Heath and Stevenson? Any rookie backline player coming up next week?

        I really want to get either Dale Thomas or Buddy Franklin.

  7. Sully says:

    get pittard out with no salary cap space so need to bring in vlaustin or clarke
    or do i bring out gibbs for shaw?

  8. @MRB37 says:

    Selling Goodes for Vlaustin and then bringing in the "Raging Bull" Patrick Dangerfield for Koby Stevens. Next week, selling Rowe/Dwyer and trading Wines for Selwood/Cotching/Watson type.

    I've taken a bit of advice from Jock on this video, I think I'm better off spending my $ and trades on upgrading rookies than fixing premium players (in my case Sam Jacobs), who aren't firing at the moment. Seems like the best course of action.

    • Callum says:

      I need rowe to be in the fwd line when i trade him out, so the only way i can do that without having a premium on the bench is trade jacobs for hannath. I will then use the money to go dwyer to thomas with still 200k left, which i will use to probably downgrade heath and upgrade one of my fwd rookies to a premium in the middle, maybe priddis. So i need to get rid of jacobs for that reason, but even if i didn't have the rowe problem i would still trade because he is going to down at this rate to sub 400k, so it is better to downgrade now, even if it means a chance to downgrade rookie instead.

  9. jake says:

    thoughts on dwyer to mitchell and jenkins to thomas?

  10. Adrian says:

    Whos a better person to trade in for Cotchin?
    Stevie J or Dangerfield? i cant decide

    • Sully says:

      i'd go for danger

    • jake7 says:

      Why are you trading Cotchin? Dump him on the bench, surely you have enough cover. And then the next round he will repay you with solid scores (see 144 against Freo at Patersons)

  11. James says:

    Who to put on the field out of Ben Kennedy or Brent Macaffer?

  12. Sully says:

    get pittard out with no salary cap space so need to bring in vlaustin or clarke
    or do i bring out gibbs for shaw?

  13. Richard says:

    Would you trade Stevenson or Heath?

    • Sully says:

      heath has a higher break even

    • Gilly says:

      Tricky one, I have the same problem looking to trade one of them for Vlastuin. I think Stevenson has more point scoring potential but Heath seems to have better js. I am leaning towards trading Heath due to his higher be

  14. jake7 says:

    Hey community,
    Im really confused on who to get, Laird or Vlas? I know laird is on extended sunday bench, but if he retains his spot tmr, do i go with rory or Tigger?

  15. Favalinko says:

    word is cotchin is out with a knee. Anybody in the community know how bad the injury is?

  16. Fabian says:

    Arghh selection headaches.

    Before trading I have 3 non players in the DEF and MIDS being

    Pittard, Gibbs, Goodes
    Cotchin, Fyfe, Crouch

    Thinking Pittard to Vlastuin and Crouch to Daisy, However, how long is cotch rumored to be out for??

    If crouch comes back next week, he could go up another 100k in a few weeks, where as if cotch is out for 3-4, he is not doing anything for me.

    Don't want to sideways trade but slightly tempted…

  17. Nick says:

    Thoughts on trading in Steve Johnson or Dangerfield? I can do both easily. Which do you guys think is a better trade in?

  18. Be_mirin says:

    Whats the go on Ryder????? he didn't get selected 🙁 🙁 🙁 after winning the game for Essendon in his last game!! i have held him for this long and now i have to wait??? James Hird you peptide induced twat!

  19. Scott says:

    Jock my lad, click on the option down the bottom that says keep the current colour scheme and don't show me this message again if you want that bloody pop up to go away 😉

  20. Don't do it says:

    Surely gotta keep your powder dry this week unless you really need to trade. Much juicier options than Lazy Thomas over the next week. Don't push the trade button unless you really have to. That's my advice to all SC'ers!

    • TJK says:

      Spot on don't do it! Much better options next week. I have 27 trades left and sitting 66th overall. Only the insane will trade this week….or the teams that have to as have too many donuts!

      • Zimmer says:

        Only trading this week because my backline has been decimated. Getting in another premium a bit earlier than planned, that's all.

  21. JuggernautPerry says:

    Hey guys I have simple question … A, Walker or J, Kieren ?!

    Not a simple answer ? .. or si it?!

    Cheers for your help

  22. JJFYZZ says:

    Thanks for anothe rgreat video Jock. Love you and love the help form the community.

    Taken your advice on premiums and I'm leaving Jacobs alone (for now).

    Koby out. Dwyer in to the mids.Daisy into the Fwds
    A McGrath out for J Clarke (Bris) on the bubble.



    • chandanrajdb says:

      Is J Carke's JS is good enough to bring him in?…

      • JJFYZZ says:

        Good point and something I need to think about (although he was just going to sit on the bench.

        I may look at Vlaustin

  23. Cowboy says:

    Thinking this week is setup for a structural mixup. Have no links yet in team for mid fwd ruc fwd etc. therefore cot chin to a walker. Rowe and cox swap to trade Rowe to Hannath. Next week majak to roughy. Thoughts?

  24. I'm tryin says:

    Any opinion on my two trades this week, only did them for cash generation and a donut in me midfield, went cotch & wines out for daisy & k Simpson, is this fair considering both in’s are at rock bottom & wines has nealy peaked. ( disappointed to get rid of cotch, but have to fill a side right?)

  25. Michael says:

    Rowe for hannath
    Stevenson for clarke

  26. Kevin says:

    Great video Jock, do you think Crozier will be getting the vest this week against Collingwood?

  27. Emily says:

    should I get rid of westhoff or stick with him?

    • SCaddict says:

      I'd be tempted to cash him out as Port's draw gets a lot tougher over the next few weeks with the Blues and Cats to come. So many great players you could trade him out for at his current price before it continues to dip.

      Nonetheless you still have to weigh up whether using a trade on him is worth it compared to upgrading a rookie to a premium instead. Perhaps you can do both if you have the war chest available.

  28. I'm tryin says:

    Na lookin at a donut if I hold cotch fife or crouch, but crouch doesn’t leave me any cash

    • jockreynolds says:

      If I was looking at a donut I'd pull the trigger and trade as well mate

    • cashcows says:

      Who is in your other lines for swings?
      Maybe pull the trigger on crouch, then move blicavs or a backman in the middle then bring in hannath or vlastuin?

      • cashcows says:

        although vlasty is a mid anyway…so straight swap if you dont already have him

  29. Dan says:

    hayden crozier vs aaron black?
    all advice will be graetly appreciated!

  30. FrontPocket says:

    There hasn't been much talk about Luke Hodge this week and a helluva lot about Dale Thomas. Hodgey has a BE of 63 and a projected price rise of $17K, whilst Daisy admittedly has a lower BE but also a lower projected price rise. I know that Daisy is at his absolute lowest price, and I know the projections are just that, projections, but my gut tells me that Hodgey is a better pick this week. Additionally, Hawthorn has the three bye teams in a row after this round.

    …but maybe it's because Hodgey was a great pickup three weeks ago, and everyone else already jumped on.

  31. Tom says:

    thoughts on the young jackson thurlow at the cats as a downgrade from pittard for bench cover? said to be very promising. What do you think Jock?

  32. Engz says:

    Hey jockstrap, just noticed Charlie Dixon copped the bandaid on SC, whats happening there? thought he was good to go, any insight?

    • SCaddict says:

      C'mon a bit of respect for the great man. To answer your question he just wasn't able to overcome that ankle injury to the Suns liking in time for Sunday's game. Strong chance to play next week I reckon so I wouldn't be trading him.

      Looks like the Big Mummy will also miss this weekend according to the late mail.

      • Cerkez Ismet says:

        LOL Brad Johnson calls him Jockstrap!!

      • Sunka says:

        Not cool! Gibbs and Dixon on the bench. Wondering if it's worth trading one now…

        • SCaddict says:

          I would definitely hang on to Dixon as I'm reasonably confident that ankle will come right by next week. He was tentatively named this week so it can't have been too bad.

          Gibbs is a tougher one. Once I heard he had hammy issues I traded him out straight away last week for Shaw for the same money. If he was guaranteed to be back next week I would keep him but who would know?? Ah the little joys of Supercoach!

          • Sunka says:

            Yeah I feel like I should hang on to both! I reckon they'll both be back next week. Got cover, so no doughnuts at least. One of those weeks where all you can do is pray that the rookies go berzerk!

            • FrontPocket says:

              I had to trade Gibbs, Goodes, or Dixon to cover a doughnut. I originally chose Goodes, but changed my mind to Gibbs for the same reasons as SCaddict above.

  33. Scott says:

    who to play on field out of kerridge, neade and dwyer?

  34. Jon says:

    who's the better buy? crozier or black?

  35. Sully says:

    two options here
    option 1: out pittard in vlaustin
    option 2: out gibbs in shaw

    thought would be appreciated thanks community

    • Sully says:

      option 1 would give me cash for priddis next week so i'm leaning to option 1

      • FrontPocket says:

        I would agree with that. Option 1 should earn enough cash to offset (and more) how much Shaw will go up.

  36. Callum says:

    Is it better to trade rowe for thomas or dwyer to thomas? Dwyer has a small chance in goign up but a decent chance in going down, but rowe is going no where. Need some help here.

    • FrontPocket says:

      I'd say Rowe because he's not playing this week and he's unlikely to play again in the short term especially since he didn't get recalled due to Waite's absence as well as Kreuzer being back.

  37. Sunka says:

    If I was brave enough to trade out Dixon or Gibbs for Shaw, who goes?

  38. dannyboy says:

    who should i trade in rory laird or justin clarke?

  39. Sunka says:

    Will there be time to change the vice captain from Swallow to Pendles if need be?