Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – pre round 7

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Jock Reynolds Father of Fantasy podcastIs DANGER on your Supercoach or Dreamteam menu this week? Or Daisy Thomas? The time has come to make the most of premiums who have dipped in price as their form turns around.

As per usual we look at all the best trade in options – but also players who are causing the community some pain. Sam Jacobs.. should we keep him? Is Kane Mitchell again a relevant midfield rookie? When should I take my cash cow to the slaughterhouse? Who has the easiest run over the next four weeks or so?

Settle into a comfortable chair, get your pen and paper ready, and let’s rip right into it!

Enjoy the show folks!


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  1. Gillie4 says:

    Fantastic Jock!! Waited all weekend for this!

  2. bob says:

    hayden crozier?

  3. Adrian says:

    I want to downgrade Neade/Dwyer to free up some cash so who would be the best person to downgrade to?

    • @MRB37 says:

      How much cash? Brent Staker for 128K could get a game this week. Was looking like a solid choice in the pre-season. Also have Sam Kerridge if you only need to make 100K or so. Not sure on Ben Kennedy's JS, so i'd hold on him for now.

  4. Matteo from Parkdale says:

    Ryan Lester





    • AFL Guru says:

      i traded Stevenson out for Lester in. Should appreciate $50,000 next week

      • inside word- job security average as they try mould him in 2013 to a full blown midfielder instead of a utility. will be in and out of the 2s as they run him at 100% game time in the midfield in the 2s. massive risk at his price

        • JPM says:

          haha matty bolitho. get around him

          • haha easy when you went to school with him JP 😉

            • JCC says:

              He played 19 games last year and injured his Abductor in after round 2. He was back last week and I'll be surprised if he isn't named this week with 5 confirmed outs (and maybe a 6th). If Pittard or Stevenson are on your bench either will be a good trade if you never use them.

              • JCC says:

                Ryan has just been named starting in the forward line. All he has to do is walk on the park to make $$$.

    • Paul says:

      I'm with Matteo, whats the deal with Lester? Two games and two scores over a hundred, he had a very average year last year. What kind of game is he playing? Is he filling a spot for an injured player or are we likely to seem him week in and week out. Price rise is good, but looking for a consistent 100 point player is this him?

  5. DT_Legend says:

    Another great podcast Jock. This week was a very frustrating week for many but we will all be stronger for the experience.

  6. Marc says:

    Honestly don’t know if I can keep Jacobs anymore. He had a better game against the Hawks, but it didn’t translate into SC points. I really want Dangerfield in my side this week though, so I may need to use trades to grab him instead. He was bloody amazing against the Hawks, got ’em close to the win. Jenkins owners should have cause for excitement. Now that McKernan is the 2nd ruck, Jenkins is spending the entire game up forward. 6 shots on goal, if he can change that 2.4 line to 4.2, you’d be bloody rapt with that.

  7. Emma says:

    I traded wines to muprhy this week . I also have Jacobs but will keep him not worth trading could look to upgrade hi to nit nat later .

    • Marc says:

      Same thinking I have. Crows play GWS next week, so hopefully he can use that as a springboard to some better form. Of course they may also use it as a chance to rest him for a week too.

    • se4no says:

      I dunno about Murphy, I'd be looking at A.Walker if I were you…

  8. Osh says:

    I have 240k in the bank. Who should I get up forward: JJ.Kennedy, Robbie Gray, Lecras or A. Walker? PLS REPLY

    • Marc says:

      You’d have to go Walker, Osh. Looking like a season keeper, the other 3, not so much.

    • SCaddict says:

      I agree with Jock that you've probably missed the boat on Walker so save that precious cash. I take it you already have Daisy as I reckon he's the best value forward premium pick up this week.

      • Matt says:

        Even if you can get Dusty? Need to get rid of Hawkins. Going back and forth between Daisy and Martin.

        • SCaddict says:

          Yikes that's a tough one Matt. I already have Dusty so the decision is a no brainer for me.

          But if you have neither I'd still say Daisy as he's a $100K cheaper and likely to deliver similar premium output to Dusty. I'm sure you could always find a use for a spare $100K.

          • Matt says:

            Thanks SCaddict. I agree. Plus if Zorko lays another egg, I can get Dusty or Rockliff with the savings.

          • pdid says:

            lol @ similar output to dusty. never happening. where as dusty is a higher cab in a rank @ richmond and will get substantial midfield time, daisy thomas instantly suffers from the return of ball and beams. not to mention he will consistently suffer from pendlebury swan and sidebottom. this guy had a once off 150, why all the hype? he's cheap for a reason guys.

    • Michael says:

      Walker for sure 1 goal 21 disposals managed 141 gota be doing somthing rite

      • pdid says:

        yeah he's running around in 20 meters of space kicking the ball straight on to the chest of a carlton player. pretty easy SC points. wait till the pressure comes on and teams start to tag him – BURN.

  9. @MarkVassett says:

    so trade neade or dwyer this week?

  10. Gillie4 says:

    Great podcast again! Very inspirational!

  11. harry says:

    Which trade should I make
    Neade to Johnson
    Neade to dale thomas
    Or Stevenson to heppel

    • SCaddict says:

      Without hesitation Neade to Daisy. That's exactly what I'm doing in both SC and DT this week. Bargain of the week I reckon. Dwyer to Daisy is the other alternative if you still have Dwyer.

  12. @MarkVassett says:

    L.Stevenson (OUT) N.Vlastuin (IN)
    J.Neade (OUT) D.Thomas (IN)


  13. Jimmy says:

    Need to get rid of Dwyer and Luke Brown, both with high B/E's. 50k in bank, any suggestions?

    • @MRB37 says:

      Brent Staker? FWD and DEF so you could use him to replace either one. Reckon he could be named this week?

    • jjdoesmusic says:

      im trading dwyer for bartel and brown for lester… this way you upgrade to a player that has avg over 90 for 6-7 years and only has a break even of 60 while lester will earn you more cash… good luck

  14. Matt says:

    Murphy for Stanton
    Dusty for Hawkins
    Pendules for Stanton
    Daisy for Hawkins.


    • Marc says:

      I like the 2nd option, Matt. Pendles is playing awesome this year. Two games 160+, one 130+, two 120+ and no game below 100, guy is killing it. He’s the perfect guy to use the Captains loophole on too since Collingwood get plenty of Friday/Saturday games as well.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks Marc. Yeah. I've been using Swan as the loop. Pendules is much better option.

    • Osh says:

      Yep I think 2nd option is better Daisy probably better than Dusty and Pendles is in sublime form.

      • Matt says:

        Agree Osh. Pendules has been impeccable. Think with shift Daisy will have more games like that. Can get Dusty later…especially if Zorko keeps producing cringers.

    • Michael says:

      Pendles for sure playing some awsome footy

  15. @MarkVassett says:

    second option looks the better one in my opinion

  16. fraaaaser says:

    Great work as always jock strap.

    was holding tight on frost from the colliewobbles but rumour has it has done his knee! need to pull the pin.

    Any news on Docherty or Laird? or am i better off subbing a mid back and making room for Kanye Mitchelson… now he has played a full game will he keep the trend up?

    • Marc says:

      Laird should hopefully be back this week. Was only a corkie, so if they're serious about getting games in him this year, he'll be back.

  17. Osh says:

    Got Stevenson in my team so who should I downgrade him for to get extra $ to get Dale Thomas for PLZZZ HELP!!!

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon Staker is a chance to play this weekend after a few successful runs in the magoos (NEAFL). So if he gets named in the seniors and not given the kermit costume on Saturday then he's an option to consider for $128K.

      Otherwise Vlastuin is probably your next best option if you don't already have him, although he will cost you $159K.

      Anyway I thought you had $240K in the bank already so can't you just upgrade one of your forward or midfield rookies directly to Daisy? Either Neade, Dwyer or Rowe would be a perfect choice.

    • Marc says:

      Look at Rory Laird, should hopefully be back in the side this week.

  18. SCaddict says:

    Really enjoy this website and the weekly podcast so am more than happy to hit that donate button.

    I'm sure a lot of time and hard work behind the scenes goes into making this the superb place that it is so I can certainly spare a little bit of loose change to ensure the ship keeps sailing strongly.

    Keep up the great work lads!

  19. Judd says:

    Good work Jock, Higgo and crouching..
    No talk about winderlich, rested this week and played very good on Anzac day against the pies with an 123, he is ONLY $250,000 with a breakeven of 7, surely to get a significant price rise this week… Those of you who are getting rid of rowe or dwyer this would be a great straight switch if you wanted to spend cash elsewhere.. Whats everyones thoughts?

    • Mikey mike says:

      A risk seeing he has played little football in the last 3 years. Had a ripper of a game vs Adelaide last year and didn't play again, and kicked 13 goals in the first 2 weeks of the vfl despite not playing a full game either weeks.
      Scored well Anzac Day despite at times showing rust. If he can play vest free football for the next month and stay on the park could make a quick 150k.

      • Judd says:

        Yer i think Hirdy likes him and he was great down forward on anzac day i dont think he will get the vest they have enough young players for that role and he has always been a very fit player. Time will tell i guess. If he is named in the side this week I will most likely pick him up.
        Tell me what you think mike
        J. Elliot out Winderlich in to free some cash and,
        Stevenson out H Shaw in with

  20. Matt says:

    Well said. And completely agree.

  21. Marc says:

    I'm distrusful of CEO's Braxton, I hope you're not friends with Steven Trigg, cause we won't get along if you are. But because Jock, Crouching, Higgo, Crimmo, Vince Gambino, Mick and the entire community are dead set legends and because you've all helped me tremendously i'd love to show my appreciation for all the hard work you do and help you guys out.

    Now i'm facing a bit of a trading dilema this week. Do you guys reckon it's worth upgrading Mundy to Dangerfield? I have two options i'm looking at

    Rowe to Hannath or Witts (This could be any downgrade trade that nets me 100K though, Dwyer to Kerridge, Goodes to Vlaustin other options)
    Wines to Dangerfield

    Jacobs to Daisy Thomas (With Cox moving into my 2nd ruck spot)
    Mundy/Maloney to Dangerfield

    Jacobs 140 BE is worrying (and that I have Maric with a 160BE too), but Mundy to Danger isn't as big an upgrade as Wines to Danger.

  22. Matt says:

    In fact, Jock and the boys much more valuable than SC Gold.

  23. clayton says:

    Fellas, love the podcast as usual!
    This week, i'm going against the crowd and NOT taking daisy. The reason for this is simple, so I can afford to bring Buddy Franklin in next week, whilst upgrading stevenson back to Goodes.
    The way I see it; Buddy next week > Daisy this week

  24. Dashmasha says:

    LEWIS JETTA, is he worth grabbing, dropped 120,000K, is 300 K now. BE 29.
    — Jock or any Sydney supporter, can you let us know what's happening with Jetta. He just got a massive score over 120, is he back and is he worth it………………..

    Jetta, dropped 120K, cost 300K, BE 29
    Winderlich…. cost 246K, BE 7

    Does this sound ok——
    VINEY to Jetta – or – Winderlich (with using a swing man)
    Wines to Daisy Thomas

    • Sean says:

      We've got a very tough month ahead – Hawks, Freo, Collingwood and Essendon. He looks fired up again, and is a big game player, but probably won't get 21 possessions and 16 kicks again.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah I'm a Swannies supporter too but wouldn't touch Jets either. Like the idea of Wines to Daisy much more.

  25. James says:

    Any options for grimes

  26. Max says:

    Hi guys,

    Considering if I should trade down O’meara then upgrading Dwyer to Franklin?!?!

    Please help out guys!


    • Jay says:

      Why consider trading O'Meara!! he's worth $357k with a BE of -18!!! Absolutely hold….i think he will get to $400k soon, but i think he may end up being a keeper for the whole season……Wines is starting to slow down – I would look to trade him out before O'Meara – but not this week….

      • Jay says:

        Also Franklin has BE of 171, so maybe worth holding till next week – he maybe under $500k next week before he takes on the Giants……

    • udi says:

      get buddy next week. hang on he will go down in price over the next 2 weeks.

    • Osh says:

      I think wait until after next week with Buddy because he might not get a good score against Sydney and with a BE of 181 he might even get below 500k. but after Sydney the Hawks have GWS, Melb and GC so probably a couple of 100 plus scores there.

  27. Jimmy says:

    westhoff BE of 220. what do i do?

    • SCaddict says:

      Have a nice cry!

      Then get off the Hoff and do the much maligned sideways trade to either A.Walker, Stevie J, Dusty or Rocky whilst you still can. Or better yet downgrade to Daisy and make $100K.

      • JCC says:

        If you have the cash and don't have Cox yet bring him into the forward line, dual pos player with decent average. Might need to cash out a cow to make up the extra $$$.

    • Zac says:

      Get rid of him, there is no way he was going to keep up his form. Maybe downgrade to dale Thomas who just came through with a 150 for a but of cash generation

  28. Tina says:

    Big Call but how about getting rid of Buddy!

    • Osh says:

      No don't get rid of Buddy after Sydney he has GWS, Melbourne and GC he would surely get a couple of 100+ scores.

  29. Jay says:

    Fantastic podcast as usual guys!! Top stuff..

    Was only considering 1 trade this week – Neade to Stevie J, but Viney's huge BE got me thinking….so 2 trades this week are:

    Neade to Stevie J
    Viney to Wano's man J. Hannath (with Blicavs into the MIDs)

    Worried about Shuey, so that 2nd trade may change depending on extent of the injury!!

    Next week Priddis is the man!!

    • SCaddict says:

      I'm actually hanging on to Viney for the time being. Once that 9 gets out of his rolling price average he should start making cash again.

      But yes Neade to Stevie J looks like a winning trade to me.

  30. Jay says:

    I like those options, but you may look to do one and one….i.e a Premium Upgrade + Rookie Downgrade, otherwise the premiums may become unreachable in the next few weeks….

  31. Liam says:

    What do with Jacobs? Swing Rowe into the ruck and make an upgrade in the forward to a Daisy Thomas? Or stick with Jacobs and hope he comes good?

  32. Brian says:

    Setanta O'Help-me due back this week (on the bubble, breakeven – 25) and has got to be a quality exchange in the ruck and maybe a good point of difference too.

  33. David says:

    Is dale Thomas really worth it ?
    He's never been a huge scorer in this game and fri night was a fluke he won't get that away with that against good sides and with ball and beams returning soon I don't like his chances think ill be looking else were.

    • Adam V says:

      If he continues to play at half back, like he did on Friday night then absolutely but if he goes onto the wing/ half forward flank then its a no.

    • ABC says:

      Thinking exactly the same thing. Would rather get NicNat.
      Not sure why everyone is going on about Priddis too. Same thing happened to him last year. I picked him up but he was average in terms of a premium mid.

      • Birch's Buddy says:

        Last year he dropped because he was in bad form, and just slowly dropped. This year, he's looking good, pumping out 105+ scores (bar his first game), but has been affected by an injury-induced 5.

    • Dean says:

      Daisy actually scored real well last year hence why his price was so high this year. However in saying that, I tend to agree with you, I wont bother getting him as he isn't playing that well.

  34. Osh says:

    Who's a better option to downgrade Stevenson to: Laird, Staker, Corr or Sierowkoski

  35. mcareec says:

    rookie mid option please somone to downgrade to

  36. Adam V says:

    Which is a better option?
    Out: Wines and Stevenson
    In: Laird and D Thomas it leaves me with $169k
    Out: Stevenson and Rowe
    In: Laird and D Thomas leaves me with only $7k but i keep Wines who i can cut next week for Priddis or Franklin

  37. Brad says:

    Hannebery… Thoughts? worth getting in averageing pretty good 98 in DT

    • Judd says:

      Ive had him since the start and he has been gold, the best mid pricer on my side.. He averages 110 in SC and he was the only reason I persisted with dangerfield because i could afford to with him scoring so well and thank god i did…
      However you may have missed the boat he has crept up to 530,000 (In SC) however he has been so consistent and im a real fan tough choice, he should still rise in price a bit more…

  38. Paddy 'O' Furniture says:

    Help me out jock Me Old Mate,

    Not happy with Lake, he's about to bleed the coffers dry.

    Worth trading for Shaw ?? or too Sideways for your liking

    Need your wisdom

    • jockreynolds says:

      Padd O – there's a good irish name great to have you here mate.

      Lake of Fire mate. Lake of Fire. Think he is burn worthy and being on the bubble this week – and provided you dont have other priorities re: injury, etc… would put some real good hard thought into showing him the door mate

  39. Ryan says:

    I'm 20th in Supercoach,

    Jacobs is killing me, can't afford to keep him.
    I have 132k in the bank. Thinking:
    Goldstein for Jacobs
    Wines for Dale Thomas


    • SCaddict says:

      Yes looks like solid moves to me.

      But ranked 20th overall you should be giving us advice. 'Dusting Martin' is a killer team mate. Glad you're not in any of my leagues ha ha!

    • vinny mac says:

      I personally would hold Jacobs!

    • pdid says:

      lol, 20th and looking for advice. Luck out much?

    • Daniel says:

      Pretty good team you got, but do Jacobs to Leunberger and walters to a.walker, wait a week for wines

  40. Kevin says:

    Great podcast Jock! Was thinking of bringing in Dale Thomas but am considering getting Petrie because I already have Cloke and Pendles, thoughts?


    Grimes > Lester

    Dwyer > Thomas

  42. would suck jock off! says:

    who would you pick marc murphy patrick dangerfield trent cotchin or joel selwood??
    and dale thomas or luke hodge please need some help any feedback would be great from would suck jocks cock! 🙂

  43. Robert says:

    Really need some help

    Getting rid of mummy and mundy and that comes to 900k

    Sholud i get Robbie gray and dale thomas


    Gray and Walker ( Carlton )

    please write down any other combo down need forward and mid


  44. Sunka says:

    Nice work Jock and crew! I'll be chipping in to the donation kitty for sure. A lot of hard work and pure comedy from you guys! Respect.

    A couple of questions… Should I hang on to Chris Mayne as F5? He was my hopeful breakout contender and while he's been solid, I can't see an average of 100 coming. $426,000 and has barely dropped in price. A sideways trade to Thomas? or upgrade Neade to Thomas leaving Mayne at F6?


  45. mattywheelahan says:

    Either Walker or Danger!! which one omg

  46. Anandu says:

    You guys think Docherty will play this round?

  47. SamBoy says:

    Could I please have some help with my team for this week:

    DEF: Goddard, Harlett, D.Pearce, Heath, Stevenson, L.Brown (Gibbs, B.Goodes)
    MID: Pendelbury, Swan, Watson, J. Kennedy (SYD), Rockliff, Barlow, Wines, O'Meara (Bradley Hill, Kommer)
    RUC: Cox, Gawn (Daw, Currie)
    FWD: Bartel, D. Martin, J. "Twinkle Toes" Kennedy, Chapman, S. Day, Macaffer (Dwyer, Rowe)

    I brought in PEARCE for pittard i dont know why, I thought he was a good option.

    So with 2 trades to use for the week and $35,900 in sal.cap who goes and stays?
    Please help me guys

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      hey Sam

      Would probably move out Stevenson for vlads or docherty.

      The maybe its time for Dwyer to move on as well.perhaps to Kane Mitchell (if you think he will avoid the vest) by moving rocky forward.

      Will give you some cash to chase buddy or priddis next week.


  48. jonathan says:

    Just traded Wines out for Mitchelson and Neade out for Daisy.

  49. Tim says:

    Hi community

    How are these trades looking for this round?

    Trade 1- Out Bennell In Kane Mitchell

    Trade2 Out Dwyer In Walker

    If any other opinions please say

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      hey Tim.

      Like the first trade. Think we might have missed the boat on walker. Plus I still wonder if he can sustain it all year. Could put in 60 score still.

      Daisy is the obvious one however if you have the coin I would grab Stevie j. Or even hold the second trade for next week and go for buddy or priddis.

  50. James says:

    Should I trade out Koby Stevens for Patrick Dangerfield or Macaffer for Dale Thomas?

  51. Chris says:

    i'm getting ablett. Should i get rid of watson or cotchin?
    All advice will be greatly appreciated.

  52. Jimmy says:

    Im thinking JJ Kennedy to Dale Thomas and Dwyer to Staker this round, which will leave me 200k in the bank and hopefully enough to upgrade Neade to Franklin next round. Thoughts?

    • jel says:

      JJK to Daisy – risk of hoping on the bandwagon that goes nowhere.
      A sideways trade of a 100+ avg player…. I'm keeping JJK a bit longer.
      I managed to do the Wines to Daisy swap instead.

  53. ABC says:

    Raj, there's no point constantly bombarding us for advice otherwise you're not really playing.
    Is it your team or the websites?

    • Rob says:

      Yep… Totally agreeABC. Raj you need to have a crack yourself at some stage.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Hi ABC,

      Thanks for your comment mate…..much appreciated…..for the above reason you have mentioned i have deleted my post…..

      But at the same i would like to ask you a simple question,

      "WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING A COMMUNITY LIKE THIS?"…..Please answer your opinion…..

      I will tell you mine, in my opinion if you have any sort of confusion or not sure of something post it on the forums and get some opinions or suggestions…..and make the call based on the comments received and also your gut feeling and research……that's what most of them are doing….

      As you can see most of them are asking for some opinions / suggestions from the experienced SC players in the community……you may be getting some of your questions answered by someone already……if this not the case why are you even considering to read the people's comment in any article…..

      i know that i need to be making the call….since i am only a 2nd year player in SC i have some doubts which i need to clarify by throwing a question in this community……i am still learning mate…..

      I would like to let you know what happened before rd 6….i asked a questions regarding the OUT Gibbs, IN Dixon…..most of them said HOLD Gibbs…..but i just went with my gut feel and traded off Gibbs for Dixon….may be a bad trade?..if yes its a mistake i did…but you learn from your mistakes…..

      If you got a problem with people asking the questions, then you shouldn't be reading any comments which are posted in any article in JR website…..because most of the comments are actually someone asking some sort of advice from the community…….

      And please, if you are not interested in giving any advice then please don't…..and also please make sure you are not posting some negative things about someone's post……

      This forum is up for discussion, people ask for advice and give some advice mate…..ultimately its you who will be making the call…….IT'S YOUR TEAM NOT WEBSITES…….


      • Sam says:

        Well said raj and your right..ppl if you don’t like to help anyone then please ignore the comments they make..

      • ABC says:

        I don't think that anyone takes it as far as you and writes an absolute essay on what is troubling you in the supercoach world. Every single time you put your whole team and all these options.
        Mate, no-one has the time to go through it just for you and think about all these things. Just ask a question or two and don't get aggressive by constantly using capitals and begging for help.
        You clearly have way too much time on your hands.

        • chandanrajdb says:

          Thanks again mate for your advice above i will take it…..would not want to drag it on and on…..

          • Birch's Buddy says:

            See this is why I love this community. No hostilities, friendly advice and open ears. Good on ya Raj!

  54. Liam says:

    What about Aaron black? Might trade Dwyer down to black, (averaging around 85) priced around 210k? Good trade?

  55. Chris says:

    What do you think about these trades?
    Tex to Stevie J and M.Murphy to Daisy

    • Sam says:

      1st one yes, 2nd one no.

      • Chris says:

        why no for the second one?

        • SCaddict says:

          Unless Murphy has an injury I haven't heard about I'd absolutely hang on to him with the draw the Blues have from now til the byes.

          I'm huge on getting Daisy in this week but definitely not at the expense of Smurf. Reckon he has some big scores coming up.

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      Like both trades. Still think Murphy is growing into the captains role and is affecting him. Plus I like daisy.

    • Daniel says:

      Daisy for Tex?

  56. Lewis says:

    what do you guys think.
    Jetta IN Wines OUT
    Daisy IN Dwyer OUT

    • ABC says:

      Jetta has had one good game.
      Never go off that. Just look at Nick Suban, Danyle Pearce, David Armitage etc etc

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      jetta no! Please god no. Oh the humanity!

      Even though he is a vest risk, wines to Mitchell might be better. Or even crouch next week?

  57. Daniel says:

    Which trades should I do
    Monfries to d.thomas
    Viney to Evans
    Monfries to gray/
    Wingard to k.jack

    • Sam says:

      None, but if you had to do one I'd go Monfries to Daisy.

    • Callum says:

      You must get rid of viney! You would look to upgrade to a thomas or downgrade to a vlastuin.

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      keep monfries. Averaging 99 as a forward makes him a potential keeper. Or a mid season upgrade around the byes?

    • Daniel says:

      What about jj Kennedy to daisy and wines to l.Parker

  58. BBE says:

    Another great Podcast fellas
    I'm surprised however though you didn't mention the likes of JJK. He now has a breakeven in the 60s and with the delicious likes of Stevie, Daisy and Walker surely he's a valuable upgrade option.

  59. James says:

    How does Heath to Docherty and Wines to Dangerfield sound?

  60. James says:

    Is dwyer to thomas the order of the day?

  61. Chris says:

    Sam…why do you say no to murphy to daisy?

    • Matt says:

      Well Murphy hasn't been that bad! No reason to get rid of him

      • Brocky says:

        Murphy doesn't look good, doesn't even want to sing the song at the end of a game. I say he's struggling and will get cheaper yet.

  62. Callum says:

    G'day there, Great podcast as always. This week i will be getting in thomas, but not sure how to do that just yet. Here are the possible options:

    OPTION 1:
    Out: Wines
    In: Vlastuin ( This will provide a dpp going mid to back, very handy in the long term.)
    Out: Dwyer
    In: Thomas

    OPTION 2:
    Out: Jacobs ( Swith roughy to ruck)
    In: Hannath
    OUT: Rowe
    This option is the cash generation, which would leave me enough money to bring in cotch or watson in next week.

    Option 3:
    In: Thomas
    Out: Dwyer
    OUT: Heath
    IN: Vlastuin

    Help would be great. Cheers!

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon either option 1 or 3 would be fine. Perhaps prefer option 3 the most as Ollie is probably worth keeping around one more week where as I think Heath has already reached his used by date.

    • vinny mac says:

      Option 3 looks very good! I actually seem to like Option 2 as well, but only if you're sure Jacobs will perform poorly for the rest of the season, which I highly doubt.

  63. JimBob says:

    Can someone tell me when Kreuzer is back really want jump on him especially when i have jacobs? Great Podcast! Very well done!

  64. Mitch says:

    What do you think of robbie gray

  65. Jacko says:

    going leuenburger to gawn to get cash for wines to danger.


    • Callum says:

      Keep leunberger for now, he still got money to make. And if you want gawn, get rid of a rookie by downgrading.

  66. Birch's Buddy says:

    Love ya, Jock!

  67. Tim says:

    Hi community thoughts on this weeks trades
    How are these trades looking for this round?

    Trade 1- Out Bennell In Kane Mitchell

    Trade2 Out Dwyer In Walker

  68. Rob says:

    Hi fellas
    Want to get Evans before his price goes up any further. Should i trade him for mullet or moloney?

  69. Chris says:

    Whats are better trades
    Neade down to ben kennedy and dwyer up to jobe watson/josh kennedy
    Neade to Jetta and stevenson to duffield
    Help please 🙂

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      Stating the obvious but Dwyer to Mitchell and neade to diasy might be best

  70. would suck jock off! says:

    who should i get joel selwood or trent cotchin???? please help cheers guys need feedback here!

  71. udi says:

    if both cloke and walker were same price not considering walkers DPP status who would u pick. i need a fwd who has a bye on round 13. fwd thinking about the bye rounds. next week i m going to get Priddris and cloke / walker

  72. would suck jock off! says:

    luke hodge or dale thomas???? need help please help!

  73. sam says:

    hey guys what is the job security for hayden crozier and aaron black..can anyone help

    • would suck jock off! says:

      job security is looking great i would get both if i could but cant! get if you can!

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Harvey is back this week, so he goes onto one of the forward flanks. So it's Black, Sierakowski, and eventually Garner for that other flank. I'd say no.

  74. Dan says:

    Two questions guys. Firstly, is Ablett’s price going to drop any further? And who should i pick out of Stevie J and Daisy this week?

    • udi says:

      stevie J

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Daisy this week. SJ is priced at about 25 PPG above Daisy. Will he do that across the season? I don't think so. Daisy is good value, but you're going to need SJ at some point in the season anyway.

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      love Stevie j. After this week they play low teams and he luvs to beat up on the weak.

  75. Dee says:

    Hayden Crozier… Thought on him Jock? Has scored 85 and 92 in he's 2 games this year with a price of $219K…. Looking to get him in for Dwyer, he's job security at the moment looks good is he worth the punt mate?

    • Dolls says:

      If he can stay in the side.. He's a good sort but Lyon's been trying a few of the youngsters so far this year.

  76. Dash says:

    Is it worth trading Daisy in for JJK? Thomas probably has greater short term cash generation ability, but will he be a keeper? Anyone think JJK could be a keeper?

    • Sunka says:

      I'd look elsewhere for that trade if you really want daisy. JJK dominates when he plays a full game. Seems to go missing for a while in a few games this season, but I'd hang on. I am. Is he your worst forward other than rookies? I'll either be ditching Mayne or upgrading Neade if I want Daisy

      • Dave says:

        Grimes going down meant I used my cash to bring in Shaw. Didn't want to take the risk on Lester. Perhaps I might have to miss the boat on Daisy and bring in some cash ready for Buddy or Priddis next week.

        And yeah, he's sitting at F4 at the moment with only rookies below him. I suppose it comes down to whether he keeps averaging 90+ or heads back towards his previous years of 60s and 70s.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah I agree with Sunka. Both are worthy of a long term spot in your forward line. Are you able to upgrade one of your rookies to Daisy by cashing out another rookie?

  77. Charlie says:

    At the moment I have 7 Brisbane players in my side, I plan on keeping 3, maybe 4. I have Maloney, Rockliff, Zorko, Leuendburger, Hanley, Mayes and Docherty. Mayes and Docherty are just there as cash cows, I’m going to upgrade Maloney whether it be this week or next. I don’t know if the amount of Brisbane players I have should influence my trading? They have a tough draw the next few weeks, and I’m not sure if I should cut some of them now?

    1-This weeks trades I was thinking of trading Dwyer out for a rookie, and then upgrading Neade to a Dale Thomas? But then that didn’t do anything with my Brisbane players..

    2-My other option is to trade Dwyer or Neade to a rookie and then I can upgrade Moloney (who’s brake even is starting to get up a bit higher) to any midfielder, I was thinking Jobe or even a mark Murphy who’s form is just starting to turn around.

    3-Another one was to trade Dwyer or Neade to a rookie and Moloney straight to Thomas?

    4-Or I could not worry about my Brisbane players or upgrading this week and I could just trade Neade and Dwyer for rookies?

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    • vinny mac says:

      In my opinion I'd trade out Zorko before Moloney, who has been more consistent this season. Upgrading to Murphy or Daisy sounds like a great idea!

  78. jocks willy is great says:

    will bryce gibbs be back this week??

  79. marty patton says:

    is it worth putting my VC loophole on joel selwood against the bombers in the friday night clash or not and if he scores bad ill put the captain on ablett against melbourne please guys need some help here any feedback will be great!!!!

  80. Thinking of trading down Josh Jenkins for Gawn.

    What is his job security like?
    Is Jamar injured because I cant see his name on the injury report?

  81. Jarod says:

    Hey guys and girls I am Richmond supporter and The Tiges are like
    Y to bring in Tuck and Foley. Vlastuin came in for Tuck. So is Vlastuin going to play this week. And Lester from Brisbane, any thoughts?

  82. jonty says:

    best downgrade for viney?
    and do you reckon, upgrade or downgrade for daisy?

  83. tom says:

    is it worth trading moloney

  84. @Jacko2128 says:

    what is most important:
    1. Getting Viney out?

    2. Getting Rowe out?

    3. Getting Sinclair out?


  85. Dash says:

    Is trading Daisy in for JJK a worthwhile investment? had to use my first trade to bring in Shaw for Grimes so I don’t have the cash to upgrade a Dwyer etc.

    I think Kennedy has peaked, but is it too sideways? Should I be looking to downgrade a rookie to win back some cash?

    • Dave says:

      Sorry about the double post. Was using my phone and it looked like it didn't submit

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      JJK is a KPP. I generally stay away from them. Daisy will rocket in price, so if this is the only way you're going to get him in, then by all means do so.

  86. pdid says:




    PLSS HELP SOMEBODY??????????????????

  87. @Jacko2128 says:

    what is most important:
    1. Getting Viney out?

    2. Getting Rowe out?

    3. Getting Sinclair out?

    PS. I can provide cover for all of them too.

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Keep Viney. Once that shocker is out of system (after this week), he'll start making cash again. Should get to 250-300k before maxing out.

      Probably Sinclair out, with Nic Nat back. Rowe is a chance to play this week after Waite's suspension.

  88. falcon says:

    Good day Gents, was hoping Higgo that you would bring back “THE MACHINE” this year.Gambino needs a spell, he hasn’t got the intelligent,discerning,acadmic,bright,smart, clear sighted fortitude needed for sports betting

  89. Rob says:

    Is Ablett's price going to drop any further?

  90. Rob says:

    Hayden Crozier vs Aaron Black?? Who do i choose?

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Neither. In any case, Black could be dropped for a returning Harvey.

  91. Jeff says:

    Will be getting rid of the Hoff this week, who's best to trade in for him: A Walker, Bartel, Stevie J, or even maybe Petrie?

    • Tommy Gun says:

      Definitely Steve J. Proven performer with a good run to the bye rounds

  92. Nails says:

    Walker, Stevie J, or McEvoy for Jacobs?

    Can move cox into FWD

  93. Jono says:

    Team is as follows
    DEF: Birchall, Goddard, Heppell, Duffield, Vlastuin, Gibbs, (Terlich, Hutchins)
    MID: Ablett, Kennedy, Rockliff, Moloney, Mundy, Fyfe, Wines, O'Meara(Goodes,Kommer)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Jacobs(Gawn, Daw)
    FWD: Martin, Kennedy, Franklin, Neade, Mayes, Macaffer,(Rowe, Kerridge)

    Thoughts On These Trades

    Option 1
    OUTMoloney ($466,200)INDangerfield ($571,000)
    OUTMacaffer ($228,200)INThomas ($428,200)
    $45, 700 in the bank

    Option 2
    OUTMacaffer ($228,200)INDangerfield ($571,000)
    OUTTerlich ($230,300)INLaird ($115,900)
    $122,100 in the bank

    Also considering trading out Mundy Or Paul Duffield

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Depends on who you want more – Danger or Daisy. If you want Danger that badly, I'd downgrade Terlich -> Laird, switch Rocky in FWD and upgrade Neade to Danger. Either way, try and get Rocky into your FWD line.

    • Daniel says:

      Option 1 but look at Andrew Swallow, more consistent and won't get tagged as much as dangerfield

  94. SammyC says:

    is Danyle Pearce worth keeping in my backline? or should I trade him out?

    Need help peoples cos i have goddard, hartlett, gibbs and b.goodes since the stone age.

  95. Tim says:

    Hey guys which forward should I bring in this week?

    Walker, Bartel, Cloke, Riewoldt or Franklin

    I have already got cox, rockliff, Martin an zorko

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Daisy! I have Walker though, and you really can't go wrong with him. Buddy will bottom out in a couple of weeks. Still primed for huge drops in price. Roo and Cloke have been impressive, but I generally stay away from KPPs (very up and down). Bartel has been impressive in junk-time, but I'm worried that he won't be able to pull of those sort of last-quarters consistently.

  96. supercoachguy says:

    trade dwyer down to who?
    any decent rookie in the forward or mid

    • SammyC says:

      aaron black or hayden crozier are ur best choices

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Not really any good ones at the moment. Maybe Jed Lamb in a couple of weeks. But if Dwyer is a priority, try downgrading somewhere else first, then upgrade Dwyer to Daisy.

  97. Taylor says:

    Hi community,
    First post here on the site, and new to the community this year, and i must say that have loved all the advice and hard work that Jock and the team put in every week, it's certainly helped me out a lot, so thanks heaps to you guys for that 🙂

    Definitely getting in Dangerfield for Brent Moloney, been looking to get Danger for a few weeks now, so i'm confident about making that trade. But also looking to make another trade to get some cash which i will use in the next few weeks to get guys like Buddy, but unsure of who to trade out.

    Was thinking Sam Jacobs, Callum Sinclair, or Sam Rowe to Jack Hannath, or even Lewis Stevenson down back to Sam Docherty. Was going to go Jacobs to Hannath (then swing cox into ruck) at first as i will have 300k left after i've made the 2 trades, but would love to hear people's thoughts 🙂

  98. Tim says:

    I am seriously considering giving Buddy and Zorko one more week.

    If they don't perform, Walker in!

    Is this a good move?

    • Gillie4 says:

      Hold! Zorko didn't play that bad I watched the game and I lot of times he was open in the forward pocket and they kicked it out on the ful! And he also kicked a goal but leunbergar put hands in the back so it didnt count! And as for Buddy is draw gets really easy after this week!

  99. Tom says:

    What are people's thoughts on Deledio?
    He's getting the tag every week!!!! Should i trade him out?

    • Sunka says:

      I'm gonna stick with him at the moment. Hoping cotchin starts to get the tag and Lids has still pumped out some good scores with a tag.

  100. Tom says:

    Is it more important to get Daisy Thomas OR Ablett in this week?

    • Gilly says:

      Depends on your cash status, Ablett is a must have for me. Thomas will still be cheap next week.

  101. Jon says:

    stevie j vs daisy

  102. laterra2511 says:

    okay guys i need you help about my trades this week

    Dywer OUT
    Thomas IN


    Josh Kennedy (from the swans) OUT
    Dangerfield IN ?

    good? bad? is there a better trade i could do ?

  103. @Jacko2128 says:

    Hannath in for sinclair and A.swallow in for wines , this weeks trades.

    Next week, stevenson downgrade to get buddy in for neade.

    Good or what??

  104. Joel says:

    Hey lads,

    In a massive pickle here, back line is depleted, as it stands I have:
    Enright, Shaw, Grimes, Waters, Terlich, Vlastuin – Gibbs & Goodes on the bench.

    Grimes is gone, Waters missing this week, staring a doughnut in the face. Unfortunately may look to cash in Goodes a couple of weeks too early to avoid a 0.

    Grimes for Duffield
    Goodes for Laird


  105. Gillie4 says:

    Heath OUT sub Goodes to defence Williams IN
    Dwyer OUT Thomas IN
    The only problem is I have to trade Thomas into the midfield because I already have 6 premium forwards. Is it worth it and also I don't have enough money for Danger???

    • mcareec says:

      maybe try laird or docherty or even clarke in for goodes I don't think williams will be very good. Started as sub and is only projected to go up like 15k. Make sure you check the team sheets though. Dwyer out for thomas is very good.

  106. Conor says:

    ablett or pendlebury? pendlebury's average is only 2 points lower and he is about 50k cheaper?

  107. Conor says:

    OUT(Grimes) IN(Vlastuin
    OUT(Wines) IN(Ablett)


    OUT(Grimes) IN(Lester)
    OUT(Wines) IN(J.Selwood/A.Swallow)


    • SCaddict says:

      You have to get GAJ into your side especially this week as he will probably go crazy against the Dees.

      So option 1 for sure.

  108. Matt says:

    Stanton is listed as tested. Thought it was more serious and thinking of trading for Pendules. Leaves me with $66K. Gazza, Swan and Kennedy are the other big mids.

    Think still a good move?

  109. Chiefton says:

    Anybody got thoughts on Hannath?

    • Mooseknuckle says:

      I Downgraded Jacobs to Hannath. Basically scoring the same and is about 350k cheaper. I think he JS will be good with Sandilands out. Plus I now have over 600k for upcoming upgrades!

      • Chiefton says:

        Sounds like a good plan. I have Jacobs too, but I also have Currie who is now injured and with Goldy dominating not sure if he will get a gig. So I was think just swapping Currie for Hanath?

  110. 5thQuater-Josh says:

    Hey Jock / Community, How's it going? Do you like this move fellas?

    TRADED – Goodes > Vlastuin (Still suspended, Needed some cash generation)
    MOVED – Neade into the midfield (Swapped, mayes to forward like)
    TRADED – Neade > Dangerfield

    I was also considering this –

    Goodes > Vlastuin
    Neade > Daisy Thomas

    But I've already got maccaffer down forward, swan and pendles in the mid, and dywer on the bench…. So I have enough collingwood players, And Danger is my first crow….

    Do you guys like the move?

    • Deanbartel says:

      I think you'd be stupid to trade Neade out (higher point scoring, lower BE) over trading Dwyer..

  111. Scott says:

    What do you think of these trades:

    I have westhoff and he HAS to go! So this week
    OUT: Westhoff
    IN: D.Thomas

    OUT: Viney
    IN: Vlastuin – on the bubble and can give me some CASH MONEY 🙂

    Next week I will trade (hopefully)

    OUT: Neade
    IN: Buddy

    OUT: Wines or Moloney
    IN: Priddis

  112. Gillie4 says:

    Do I:
    1). Heath OUT sub Goodes to defence Williams IN
    Dwyer OUT Thomas IN


    2). Luke Brown OUT rookie IN depending on team selections
    Sam Dwyer OUT rookie IN depending on team selections

    I also have GIBBS on the BENCH in defence and GOODES on the bench in the MIDFIELD!

    • Sunka says:

      I reckon Gibbs will play this week. Either way I'd hold him. If you're low on cash, I'd go with option 2

  113. Bart says:

    Thinking of upgrading Wines for Pendles & downgrading Zorko to Thomas.


  114. Curtis says:

    Hey guys what are you thinking i want to trade westoff definetley but who out of franklin, cotchin, birchall or danyle pearce, was thinking about getting winderlich in for westoff but any other suggestions would be awsome thanks

  115. mark says:

    Whats everyones opinion on trading dwyer for robbie gray…..

    do you think gray can produce solid numbers?

  116. Scott says:

    How about these trades:

    This week

    OUT: Westhoff and Viney

    IN: Daisey and Vlastuin

    Next week

    OUT: Dwyer and Wines/Moloney

    IN: Buddy and Priddis

    • Dave says:

      That's exactly what I'm doing, but replace Westhoff with Grimes. I think its a good move

  117. Callum says:

    Will rowe play this week, waite has a suspension, and my main priorites are getting rid of dwyer and heath? Only need one more game out of him.

  118. Zach says:

    i have 208k in the bank, i have viney, dwyer, neade, pittard, steveson…which two goes to bring a premium or mid pricer and which downgrade rookie to go to.?? need your help raynolds community

    • SCaddict says:

      I'm hanging on to Pittard and Viney as they have still have more cash to generate. Pittard will probably be back either this week or next week however if you have other donuts in your backline then he may need to be culled straight away if he's not named tomorrow night. Fortunately I do not.

      Dwyer has definitely reached his used by date so he would be the first one I move on. If Stevenson is omitted when the team lists are announced then he would also be top of the list to go.

      Neade you could probably hold one more week with a fairly achievable BE.

      In terms of downgrade options they are certainly thin on the ground with perhaps Vlastuin the best in terms of JS, although his cost may put you off. Hopefully Staker is finally named tomorrow as he would be another one I'd seriously look at.

  119. spinnerau1 says:

    Low score this week (2078) but managed to win by 60!

    Looking at 1 up and 1 down this week

    Have already traded out Dwyer to bring Daisy in (no im not jumping on his bandwagon…was always the plan)

    Considering my 2nd trade to be Stevenson out ( i dont think he'll make much more) for Laird or Docherty depending on who gets named.

    Thoughts? Cheers!!

    "Out Pick, Out Play, Out Score"!!

    • spinnerau1 says:

      Oh! and these trades would reduce my war chest to $183,300….not bad methinks!!

  120. Dolls says:

    Hola Jock and the boys,
    Top show once again. Love this community you've nurtured!

    Need some advice this week and hoping you can help a girl out. Real slow start to the season, but upgrading now will turn the tide.

    Took a punt on Jack Steven at the start of the year, & whilst he hasn't been terrible, he hasn't had the breakout year I'd hoped.

    Thinking of bringing in Pendles this week, with one of the Port youngsters in defence to help with the cash. Or I could move on Ollie Wines instead, but I'm left with no cash for upgrades.

    It goes against buy low sell high but I figure Pendles isn't getting any cheaper & I need an ultra prem to support GAJ, Swan, JP Kennedy, K Jack and young Libba in the mids.

    Other lines are doing ok – took your advice last week & stuck to my structures and turned Dwyer into A Walker whilst taking a donut in def with Hep, Gibbs and Goodes on the sidelines..

    Whatdoya reckon, good move or take the 100 points per game Daisy will bring?

  121. Jay says:

    Hey Guys,
    Good stuff again jock this week.

    This week my plan is: Stevenson OUT Vlaustin IN net $120K
    and Dwyer OUT Daisy IN which will leave me with about $217K in the till for my mids next week.

    My plan is taking shape very nicely with the view to upgrade wines,omeara,lucas, neade and mayes my only rookies left on the field.
    In a great position.

    Just need gibbs and dixon to play this week or im stuffed lol

    Also whats peoples opinion on Hodge? ive had him since the beginning keep or shaft?

  122. Dave says:

    Laird, Clarke or Vlastuin?

    Worried about Laird getting the vest, Clarke and Vlastuin both named on the field. Not sure whether its worth spending the extra money for Vlastuin.

  123. Charlie says:

    Daisy or Kennedy from the swans?