How is your mob looking this week? Round 6

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Your Supercoach Mob

Danger is back in town and it is a magnificent thing to behold!

173 Supercoach points under his belt and some of are shaping up to spend a bit of war chest on the lad next week. Others have the old head in their hands wondering why they got rid of the bloke.

That’s one good news story. But as always there is pain in the community after some of this weekend’s scores. Birchall. Franklin. Watson the Jobe. Cotchin the Trent. Deledio. Cambridge Tom Hawkins. Hartlett. Westhoff. The list of pain goes on.

Hope you’re holding out ok this week… let’s get the discussion happening. How are looking this week and what are your plans for next week?

Can’t bloody wait for tonight’s podcast!


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In DT at the moment om 1208 from 14 🙁 a few player averaging 100 ended up getting shitty scores (watson birch hartlett hoff)


U kept the hoff? I cashed my chips on him for Scotland and not looking back.


1171 with 8 to play. Has an absolute shocking week! Wonder what will be par?


1198/14 with 2 donuts. Still got captain to play tossing up between Cox or JPK.


i looking at 2400 only problem this week is cotch and jacobs


will be looking at around 2100

Mick Klavins

1555 with 8 to come. The question is do I take Vlastuin’s 72 or take a punt on Evans scoring more? I think your right Jock! Take the points and run.

Birch's Buddy

Take the points.


How do you choose once they have played?


1081 off 12 Pendles captain this includes 2 donuts. I traded Wines to Murphy and Pittard to Scotland so need big scores to make 2000. Jacobs and Buddy the only villains so far as can't blame rookies.


Next week will be looking to bring in Vlastuins as a downgrade and upgrade a rookie to Thomas in forward line.


I reversed a trade in of Watson at the last minute, phew, and also put the VC on Pendles. Hello Captain Goodes. Only one hole in the backline, so not a bad week so far!


To quote Charles Barkley, my side is doing “turrible”.


Chose Shuey over Dangerfield, and Walker over Steve J/Zorko, will wait to see who scores well, spewing over not choosing Dangerfield.
Currently 1505 from 14, captain played with a donut to come.
Looking at 2100.


Pretty down on average. 975 from 12 (10 to play). Birchall, Hartlett, Dixon, Jacobs, Cotchin all well down on their averages. Shining lights are Pendles, Cloke, Dusty, and O'Meara getting bang on his predicted 90. Might be lucky to crack the 2K this week, but having used the Captain's loophole on Pendles there should be an extra 161 currently unaccounted for in the SC "predictor" which is nice to have up the sleeve.

I'm somewhat lamenting my decision to go for Dixon over Shaw (Dixon may have been a week or so overripe) but I'm sticking with Dix for the season. Stevie J looks to have been a very good tip as well.

Is everyone trading Dale Thomas in next week?

P.S. I'm currently enjoying the sour grapes being delivered by The Hoff the last couple of weeks. Gotta listen when Jock speaks.


should get over the 2150 mark, though my mane worry is sammy jacobs what to do with him?


Shooting at somewhere between 2150 to 2200. Hoping for a decent game from JPK today as he's disappointed in recent weeks.

Got burnt by Birch, Buddy and Hartlett but at least my latest recruits Shaw and Stevie J paid immediate dividends. Feel bad for all those who placed the C on Jobe expecting a monster game….ouch!

Geez how darn succulent does Daisy look now with his new role running off HBF. An automatic upgrade for me in both DT and SC so bye bye lil Jake Neade and Sammy Dwyer ha ha.

Can't wait to hit that T button later tonight! 🙂

Lids and Watson also look ripe for the picking in a few more weeks.

Birch's Buddy

Yep, loved Daisy's role. He would be an automatic trade-in, but do you think he'll keep that rebounding HBF role? I'm worried that they'll eventually switch him to the forward line.


Yes who could say with certainty but one thing for sure is that he's found his mojo again and at around $420K I doubt there is a juicer upgrade target this week.


Traded in Birchall and Dixon this week!
Bit disappointing considering they had the top 2 averages for defenders before the round!


Yeah I traded in Dixon too mate. He scored the same as the Port boy I culled!


So far this week has been terrible for me have been burnt by sidebottom, birch, Dixon, and hoff I am on 919 from 10, have 12 to play but will be lucky to crack the 2000 marker according to projections


1138 from 12, Gaz captain. Traded in Hartlett for Dwyer and swung him into DEF for some relief back there but that didn't go so well. Jacobs is also disappointing, hold or trade next round?

Birch's Buddy

1389 from 14 (Gaz captain). Score is pretty okay-ish, but I'm still pretty happy with this week, seeing as I don't have Watson, Daisy, Buddy, Birchall or Hartlett. Those are going to be some very good upgrade targets when they bottom out. Then add that to Dangerfield, Duffield (his 92 is still better than Birchall and Hartlett) and SJ.


wines out this week. cothin or kennedy in


same as most, shocking due to some uncharacteristically small scores from premiums.

looking forward though – any views on emerging rookies for post the bye rounds? obviously starting to upgrade those ripe rookies, but are there going to be any more playing rookies coming into range after the next half dozen rounds?

don't want to be downgrading to non-playing rookies if i don't have to. want the coverage in case there is a repeat of round 'defence carnage' in the form of, dare i say it, 'midfield carnage'!!


1156 with 11 to go, Ablett as captain. In for an epic finish in my league match. Playing the top team, he has pendles as VC but Gibbs as an on field donut. Projected scores have us neck and neck. Need JPK to go bang today!


Avoided trading out either Gibbs or Heppel for Hartlett or Dixon……very happy with that decision….only concern today is traded the Hoff for A.Walker instead of Daisy or Stevie J, so hoping that move proves successful!! Kept faith in Danger & wow what a performance!! Thank you Jock & team for advising looking for long term rather than make rash trades this week – have kept all 3 (Gibbs, Heppell & Goodes) in my backline


Walker trade is proving a winner! The guys at champion data love him. He seems to be getting extra points! I guess the system rewards effective ball users and he sure is that this season!


Yep, good thing I picked Walker just in SC & DT……141 SC pts compared to just 89 DT points!!! Huge difference…


1292 for 13 and captain played. Disappointed I didn't put Dangerfield as captain. Will be having one doughnut this round…


Looking to upgrade Neade to Daisy Thomas next week, but worried about his consistency & points…..Pies have some prolific ball winners in the current team & with likes of Luke Ball & Beams still to come in!?!


Bartel, Griffin and Danger trying to save me from Hartlett, Birchall and 2 donuts. With Fyfe, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes and Pittard to come back soon, im fairly happy, considering.


Man o man.. Have pretty much pulled out my hair in that much frustraition and disbelief this week.. I have Birchall, Hartlett who I just traded in :/, Sidebottom killing me again, Westhoff who I wanted to trade out if it wasn’t for 4 of my defenders out this week and to top it off Neade, Dwyer and Stevenson have also underperformed..

Not looking good for this week lads. A lot of us will be down in that trench with u this week jock


in trouble jock. 1207/8 to play, poor performances from many of my premiums


Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Fyfe, Crouch, Rowe, Docherty.
Throw in average games for Hartlett, Buddy, and Charles D.
Need I say more?



Still got Rockcliff, A McGrath, JP Kennedy, Big Cox, JJKennedy and Terlich (E) for Heppell

SC says I get 2225. Hoping for a little more, although with Brisbane being smashed, that won’t help.


Thomas looks like the most likely upgrade, but in two weeks time, Buddy is going to be the biggest bargain of the year!!


He will be cheap, but only a bargain if he comes good! If he has another under 60 point game I doubt I'll even consider him. Potential bargain though for sure


Daisy on the other hand….


Made the sideways trade of gibbs to hanley looking to clinge a leauge win then bang out goes old mate beau (injury prone) waters adding to the defence devastation this week
We love it!!!


Have had an absolute mare' this week. Jobe 66, Deledio 46, Franklin 45, Maric 75, then a sprinkle of 67, 34, 44, 42 from rookies, then to top it off Grimes going down in first quarter. I thought i was half decent at this game……pppfffftttt


Projected 2337 – sitting 1413 overall avg 2274

Started off well with Pendles 161, Swan 118(VC), and traded Pittard to Shaw for 122, with Yabletts (C) 274, and Goldstein 132 was sitting pretty!

…then the HOUSE OF PAIN BEGAN!!!

Grimes 13
Brown 36
Terlich 39
Stevenson 42
Franklin 45
Mayes 50
Kommer 57
Wines 74
Leunberger 83

= 48.77 avg across 9 players out of 22

…and god knows whatever Kennedy (WCE) ends up with…which is not looking good Jock 🙁

With the way Collingwood is playing compared to Geelong and my scores this week, was hardly worth the headspace watching any footy this week….gutted!

Mick Klavins

2003 with cox and Kennedy to come. Looking forward to waking up from this nightmare! Terrible round!


Hey you're score will probably be in the top 10,000 this week. I barely made 2000….Deledio, Hartlett and Dixon shat on me!


Yeah I actually went up overall….damn…didn't expect that


Yeah I got my first win in my money league thanks to my Murphy and Scotland trades this week and I was carrying two donuts. So glad I stuck to my plan.


How many games this season has J. Kennedy (Eagles) only turned up for a half a match and still score well. Imagine if he gets the full 4 qtrs going! Glad to have had him from the start


Yep I had him from round . He and Hanneberry my big wins this season from the start.

PINQ! Makeup & Beauty

shit round for everyone this week i ended up on around 2040 i think this is a reasonable score this round

PINQ! Makeup & Beauty

after having fyfe gibbs and heppell out

vinny mac

Was going to upgrade Dwyer to Stevie J but downgraded him to Kerridge, and then upgraded Pittard to Shaw. Had Gibbs on bench and Goodes on for captains loophole, took Pendles' 322. Very happy with my score of 2245!


2216, no doughnuts for me!

Got rid of Gibbs and went to Heath Shaw. Kept Heppell and Goodes.

Jacobs and few of the rookie forwards are killing me!

So the question becomes, do I keep Jacobs or not??


2133 with one donut, and much chopping and changing to keep it to only one donut.

Welcome aboard Mr Lester! 130 points.


How did I get within 12 points of my last week score? This week within the top 10,000. Last week just within the top 100,000!


no donuts but only looking at 1850,


2215 with one donut on the field. Decided to trade frost > shaw and Blicvas > Gawn. After Friday nights game, posted some good scores with pendlebury loophole, so was happy to leave one short this week and generate further cash by bringing in Gawn, bank balance looking good already


You’ll be happy with your trade of Frost. Did his ACL in the VFL this weekend.


Yep poor bloke so many ACL this year


Lets hope for a sound recovery for all.


2027 this week for me. Kept Heppell, Goodes and Gibbs.

After starting off with Natanui, I traded him in for Maric when he got injured but already I’m looking at him as a trade-in target after today’s performance after he was subbed on. Looked like he was chomping at the bit to be out there. With Maric and Leunberger in the Ruck I’d probably be looking at getting him in the forward line.

As for now I need to decide who to cull. The rookies I’ve got (not necasserily ready):

Colquhoun (will he get a game?)
O’Meara (possible M8)
Currie (will he get a game?)

Who would you be looking to cash in first jock?


I ended up scoring 2163 not bad a lot of under performing players like Stevenson, Heath, birchal, buddy, Zorko and Mayes! It seems 2,350+ was a really, really good score this week and 2,100 to 2,200+ was par!


ended up with 2083 alright considering i had alot of underscoring players and 3 players who got 0


That's a pretty good score with only 19 players!


2315 with out Dangerfield


2152 panicfarted and traded out Gibbs for Dixon after contemplating Heater and Hurn.
Happyish with most of my boys,(Hartlett the exception) Lions let me down would have liked more out of Rocky and the Burger. Glad I kept Danger and Hannerbury is proving a masterstroke thought I would trade him up now reckon he may be a keeper.


Yeah I'm happy to have Hannerbery too. He's the new Kennedy this year I reckon. Have held onto Danger too. Buddy has me pulling my hair out but might just wait as he has GWS, Gold Coast & Melbourne so might not pull the trigger.


Jumped from 17000 to 7000 in ranking.


hey guys i just traded in daisy and crozier for wines and neade , have i made the right moves or should i axe stevenson for laird ? i only have 13000 in the kitty whereas if i make the stevenson trade i have over 100,000 which could help me get buddy next week ! help would be grateful


I just want to apologise to the community, in my own world of pain I posted the lament of my sides downfall……scoring 2060 for the week – and actually went up 40 spots overall….bad form…didn't realise so many others were also having an equally bad shocker


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