Monday Poll – do we wield the AXE on Brett Goodes

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Brett Goodes - GONE?

Brett Goodes has been one of the best defense rookies in the history of Supercoach and/or Dreamteam. 

He has appreciated by $203,100 and is now priced at $331,300 Supercoach dollars. Most have him penned in as somewhat of a keeper, to become a possible 5th defender in the back end of the year… but with suspension a very real possibility does all this change for you?

What will you do with Brett Goodes?

Say Brett Goodes gets 2 or 3 weeks... what do you do with him?

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I think there is a bug with the voting, each time i go to vote it spits me to another page with your pic n the middle??


all good must have been me, it worked this time 🙂


happened to me as well


I got it too. I mean, I like Jock and all, but that pic of his mug popping up gave me a bit of a fright!


Keeping him Jock…if he is suspended for a long time I can trade out one of my rookie mids like Evans and sit Goodes on my midfield bench when upgrading Stevenson to Heath Shaw next week.

When Goodes returns I can see his value going beyond $400,000k


Having problems voting as well


keep in supercoach, trade in dream team


Will keep him this week. Will trade him out next week to a much cheaper rookie if he gets 3 weeks. His performance wasn't great this week. If he gets 2 weeks he comes back in round 8 and then WB will be playing GC so could get high numbers.


Good pick up regarding the Bulldogs schedule


bryce gibbs might miss with a hammy strain


The Blues have pretty much ruled him out for at least one week:

So plenty of pain in our defence especially with Pittard, Stevenson, Goodesy and Duffman all with question marks over them.

Also Hutchins and Docherty starting subs on the weekend and Vlastuin off to a quiet start.


It is time to start getting the backline settled by upgrading those players as their job security has become a little shaky, especially the Port boys who will both be gone for me by next week.


Goodesy was goneskies in my team as soon as trading resumed last night. Needed to harvest one cash cow in the middle anyway so he became the logical choice over Wines, O'meara and Koby.

Upgraded to Watson and am not looking back…


Who did you downgrade Goodes to? Docherty?


Used some of the war chest to go straight from Goodesy (who was in my midfield) to Watson who looks to have bottomed out at $611K.

It also gives me an extra C and VC option and quite timely with the Dons taking on GWS this weekend.


Watson will go berserk against the GWS this week 😉 Good trade.


what is more important? Either:

Get docherty in for stevenson and dwyer out for stevie J OR

Stevenson/Goodes out for Dixon ?


Dwyer > StevieJ
Stevenson JS is looking good with Trengove out for 6 with foot, Pittard might have GS again this week
Goodes could get 3 if he does he might be worth tradind out for Dixson


i might wait a couple rounds to pick the best defender, as i have hartlett goddard heppell and duffield. what do u think?


Might be best, even to wait till team line ups on Thurs, getting Stevie j would be the main, looks like you have good line-up in defence to sit for a week or two


thanks mate, thoughts on docherty?


Doc's looked very good for his short time on the field, cheap and could make lots of coin, only things to keep in mind, Lions have a tough draw for the next couple of weeks, good chance that Doc's could get the vest more often than not, but might be worth the risk as a short term cash cow.. just my .2


Whats the word on Dixon, I see he's killing it but can he keep it up? Hearing reports he's playing like a beast, haven't had the opportunity to watch any of his games but he keeps scoring and booting goals. Whats the low down….


Dixson is playing like a gun, form looks very soild, only thing is if he can stay injury free, he is a good option as he plays both Def and Fwd postions (def only in SC)


I'm not sold on any of the downgrade options on the bubble this week. Goodes would be a good target for an upgrade … to a premium midfielder. But surely it will all depend on what happens Thursday night with the Port defence and Luke Brown at Adelaide (who is in my team) and how much cover we need?

Cold Pies

i just think that this week there is higher priority cash cows to dispose of with gibbs out for a week as well…thinking pittard and stevenson on chopping block. Big question i have is given that everyones forward line is probably the weakest line do we fill that up first?


Gone for mine. I am downgrading because I don’t have the cash unless I downgrade on my Walker trade. If you’ve got the cash and don’t have a Hartlett or someone like that, could be a perfect chance to nab ’em.


Yeah gonna see how long he's gone for first – if its 2 then might hold as he will be champing at the bit upon return, and has proved as reliable a defender as any of the premiums


who should i pick heath scotland, hartlett, andrew walker or heat shaw

G unit



walker for sure




Don't think I can afford to have Gibbs and Goodes on bench with the hope of all those Port back rookies playing. Not many solid downgrade options either. So I've traded out Goodes and Blicavs for Hartlett and Steve J with some spare cash. Might be a mistake getting rid of Goodes this early but it does feel good getting 2 solid premiums for it.


Depends on your priorities for mine. If the long term strategy holds then I'll be hanging on to him. Have gone blicavs out for gawn, and viney out for paparone. Made 150k on the downgrades and set for another quick 100k+ pickup when they mature.

With wines and o'meara set to peak in the next 2 or 3 weeks this cash plus the war chest will see swan, ablest and murthy come in.

Meaning midfield will look like: swan, ablett, peddles, Watson, Sam Mitchell, cotchin, j Kennedy (Sydney), murphy, with basic bench cover with crouch and paparone.

Other lines to be the focus after that..


Will Duffield Play this round Jock?


Taking him out for Laird. After Adelaide and Sydney in the next two, Hawthorn have a dream run of GWS, GC and MELB. I'm using the Goodes -> Laird cash to upgrade Stevenson to Birchall and Neade/Dwyer to Buddy after the sydney game (this week's prices should be out of their system by then).

Andy Mac

Evening All. Love this forum and been lurking for while but now in trouble and after advice.

I have Gibbs, Goodes, Chapman, T Walker, Pittard, Crouch. Which 2 would you be looking at changing this week? Cheers in advance.


T Walker must go ACL confirmed. Suggest go to Roo or Buddy. I’d also consider Goodes to Docherty. Docherty has looked very capable


Mind you, Docherty started as a Sub last week, so buyer beware. Depends on whether you're intending to use him on the bench as cover, or actually going to start on the field.


If you can hold on Walker, Buddy's price will be tasty in a couple.


So Goodes is off 2 games.
Trade or hold?


Yes Goodes gets two. Teen Wolf and Glass also rubbed out for a week.

I'm going wooshka myself but I can certainly understand other coaches benching him until he returns for Rd 8.


Looking to trade Tom Hawkins out as he hasn't been performing.. Andrew walker or zorko?mand do you reckon the trade is worth it r should I hold onto him?


tom Hawkins is struggling to score this year, agreed. and it looks like that will continue as harry taylor is stealing his glory and is in great form.

personally I would go with zorko as he has the potential to attract higher scores e then walker.. one immediate benefit of walker is carlton have some easier games coming up like gcs.

both are in good form, so tough yes but zorko for mine


Not sure who to go with out of d. martin or stevie J… Im leaning towards stevie j because his 160 will sit in his 3-week average for a bit, plus the easy draw, AND the extra midfield time, and the great round 12 bye, but I think he has already reached his peak and his 160 is most likely a one-off, and it doesn't seem clear what his future will hold. martin however has plenty of room for improvement, and is looking in fantastic form with an easier draw than geelong. im kind of torn, so any help would be appreciated 🙂


Yes if I was starting afresh I would probably go Stevie J even though I have Dusty in my own team. As much as I would like to get in Stevie J myself I have other trade priorities including Jobe this week and probably Daisy and Priddo in the coming weeks.

But don't think you can go wrong with Stevie J there.


okay then I'm going with Stevie J here, thanks heaps mate!!


whacked in dean terlich for goodes and traded ollie wines for trent cotchin


ur cashing in wines way too early


I am turning Wines into Watson if all my port rookies are ok down back. I don't think its to early to cash in Wines.


I have kept Goodes and actually got rid of Gibbs, my defence is Birchall, Hartlett, Heppell, Goddard, Docherty and Stevenson this week with Goodes and Pittard on bench.

Traded Up then Traded down

Gibbs > Docherty and Jolly > Hartlett

I feel bad for a lot of people who have Walker, Jacobs, Gibbs, Fyfe and Goodes in the same team as I did a month ago.


What about viney-hartlett rioli-kerridge left with 74'100 only two premiums in forward line PLEASE HELP !!!!!


I have Fyfe, Goodes, Pittard, Duffield, Luke Brown and Gibbs. FMSC FMSC FMSC


Definitely keep Goodes as long as you have other players to take his place. He has a break even of -16.


Not sure what to do with Goodes. Really want to trade him as I have Gibbs also who will be sitting on my bench with Terlich taking over for a couple of weeks. My other emergency defender is Frost who will most likely not play unless he is a late inclusion. This will give me a doughnut in my defence which I dont want. I am thinking of downgrading Goodes, but I have plenty of cash to upgrade him to any premium in the defence possible. What should I do?


Depends who you've got in your side. Goodes to Shaw is a pretty good option…


I'm in a similiar predicament – I've opted to keep Gibbs (1 week out – prem back DPP – good run this year) and upgrade goodes to Dixon – I've got hutchins (sub GC last rnd) Pittard (out) Stevenson (in because pittard dropped) and Brown (crows – poor form, possible sub.) So I'm trading out Brown (maybe hutchins) for terlich. Those 2 have the highest BE and Terlich is in -BE. I'm banking on both port players getting in. Also I'm going to trade goodes back in later.

I do have 2nd thoughts when considering gibss BE (130) but I've decided I'd just trade him in again so I'm saving the trade. And that's the thing really – save trades on 1-2 out week premiums and look cover through upgrades. In theory it will produce a stronger team in the long run.

Cold Pies

Hmmm….maybe ill go gibbs+goodes=hanley+hartlett


I swung Goodes into my mid a few weeks back, so won't cop a donut with gibbs and potentially pittard to miss. My priority this week will be to get rid of hutchins. Sub last week has given him a BE of 42. Need to get him out. Also thinking blitz to gawn


Downgrading him.. and upgrading moloney to a gazza. But who to downgrade too? Frost, laird and docherty all options but which one?


laird or docherty i reckon

Tommy Gun

Frost may be looking at more games in the near future with Toovey doing an ACL


I'm going with Laird. Docherty looks like a sub choice over Brisbane's horror 8-week run.


Currently averaging more than some premiums and has better JS then any other back rookie. The rest should do him good and then he's got Gold Coast, the Saints and Port Adelaide before the bye rounds. Should ton up for those three and be almost a straight swap to a premium. Not sure why everyone's trading.


lovely stuff Mac


Current trades:
DangerTo docherty
MacafferTo Watson
23 trades left after these
$226k in the war chest after these trades.
How do they sound? Decided to keep jacobs, hell come good and im not a big fan of gawn and he plays for the dees.


Sorry 21 trades left after those trades not 23


In other words Danger to Watson and Macaffer to Docherty. The first one is sideways but the second is ok.


I would really love to keep Goodes but I have:

Gibbs/Goodes/Pittard/Stevenson/Duffield/Priddis/Fyfe/Crouch in my team at the moment so surely one of them has to go…


If Goodes was anymore than 2 weeks I may have made the trade, but I'll sit tight. I know that Winderlich is risky with injuries but at $246k it's bloody tempting to trade him in for Chris Mayne who is playing well but averaging less than I hoped for. Makes a nice $190k. I'm a dons fan and I have little doubt that there will be more tons to come if he stays on the park.

Or is it better to stick with Mayne or even make a premium upgrade for under $100k? Thoughts?


Anyone else have Gibbs goodes duffield pittard all in their backlines last week… I did. #struggling


What is the community's thoughts on Harry Taylor from the cats? Good upgrade target? Scored well last 3 weeks but will he keep it up? Atm tossing up between him, Shaw and Dixon.

Have gibbs,goddard and Birch. Not sold on Hartlett.


I'm in the same boat and really considering Taylor. He's been shifted forward a bit at times this season and has dominated, but will he keep up those scores if forward time dries up? I would have said Hartlett last week ( glad I made that trade) but now he's getting pricey for a non- proven scorer. Shaw is looking like the safe bet, but would love to hear some more thoughts on Taylor! If you want a consistent scorer, Hibberd will score 90-110 most weeks in my opinion.


Rivers out for a while so I think Harry will be down back predominantly while he's out.


Thinking Viney out, and grabbing Gray.
Scored 73 coming on with the vest, on the bubble, could be a smokey!

Also looking to loose Hutchins, trade up or down??

Will need to hide Goodes, Gibbs & Fyfe somewhere.


His "bubble" you speak of is a BE of 90. Even if he scores 100 he'll barely go up. I'll wait another week I reckon


Hmm, good point.
May be best to wait.


who is the best option out of birchall, shaw, hartlett, or hanley?


i like Shaw


Goodes to docherty
Dwyer to Watson




Keeping him. Have a paper thin backline I need to bulk up with prems. And his b/e is deliciously low. To slaughter by R8.


Out of the three port defenders (pittard, Stevenson and Heath) which one should I be getting out first? I’m thinking of cutting Stevenson, pittard then Heath in that order, thoughts?


Trading Goodes right now is crazy talk IMHO. He has a BE of 8 with an average of 94. It's only 2 weeks and you have emergencies….. Use them


The thing is that we don't have emergencies. Pittard and Stevenson aren't consistently playing anymore genius.


"Aren't consistently playing" yeah, righto. Pittard has missed 1 with GS, Stevenson hasn't missed a game. Genius…


Got 26 trades left should I downgrade Terlich to Docherty and use extra cash to upgrade Fyfe to Watson I need a answer!!! And what is wrong with Pitaard ready for next week?


i have fyfe and i aint choppin him, i have terlich and i aint choppin this early either. dunno about pittard, im thinkin about choppin him for docherty but im gonna wait til the teams are out rather than stress all week, i got gibbs to. lotta people got problems this week


Cox for martin? maybe even jacobs for martin?


Jacobs for Martin. Cox is too good.


Is it worth getting Watson this week as he faces GWS. Got enough money to upgrade him from Fyfe?




No way Osh thats a classic sideways kneejerk trade. Fyfe has the capacity to score almost the same as ol Watto.
Fyfe 1 week – bench him mate and get Watto with a down/upgrade with your rookies when they are ready.


Cheers Jaso clearly noted. Only my second year playing SC!!!


Hey guys trade out Moloney for Zharkarakis


I trades goodes for docherty and mullet out for josh Kennedy (syd) * was about $5000 short to get Watson


Trades this week:
Goodes > Docherty
Dwyer > Kerridge

I would generally keep Goodes, but I have Gibbs, Duffield, Pittard and Stevenson, all who have a chance of not playing this week. Dwyer's BE now is 45 and Kerridge's job security looks pretty safe with Walker out for the year.


i agree with dwyer. if gibbs start as the sub he will loose a lot of value. what do u think???
will old mick give him the vest and play for a 1 or 2 Qs??


Whose coming in for Alan toovey ? I'm thinking of bringing them in cos their js would be good , should I bring frost in before he jumps in price ??


looks like frost will get the job.


Buckley said he is giving Macaffer a shot in the backline to replace him.


It's all going to depend heavily on who Hinkley puts in his team this week. If Stevenson and Pittard are out then trade them out rather than Goodes since their values have already had their largest increases and will give the opportunity to do one trade up (Shaw, Dixon, Birch) and one trade down (Docherty, Laird).

Most of us might be needing two trades in the backline just to prevent a possible doughnut. Watson and Stevie J are good trade-up premium options this week but I'd prioritise covering a possible back line doughnut rather than doing a pre-planned premium upgrade. In the immortal words of Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

"Relax, don't do it. When you want to come"

It all depends on your overall strategy. Stick to the strategy but change the tactics. As someone wiser than I once said:

"No battle plan survives contact with the enemy"


Any advice/criticisms will be appreciated…

I was flirting with the idea of axing one of either Gibbs or Goodes but I think I've arrived at a better solution.

Decided to stick with those two guys on the pine and traded Pittard out for Docherty and Hutchins out for Laird.

It's obviously a cash generation move and scores will be somewhat affected for this week but looking at the longer term picture with those trades netting me a whack of cash leaving me with just over 400k in the chest and likely generation of 150k with those guys I brought in being on the bubble.


Hi Andrew,

Read below for what I did. I could have just as easily gone with your option of Laird and Docherty and extra cash! In fact I may still do this.


Should I trade Koby Stevens or Jack Viney to get Patrick Dangerfield?

If I trade Koby Stevens it means I have $182,600 spare cash but I lose a player who will play every week and probably score higher.

If I trade for Viney I will have $110,000 spare cash but better playing options as Stevens will play more and probably score higher.

Thoughts would be appreciated,



My backline reads

Goddard, Heppell, Stevenson, Heath, Gibbs, Goodes (Pittard and Terlich)

Pittard is under an injury cloud (hip flexor). So he's out this week for me. Although until the teams are named, it's all just playing with options and hitting the reverse trade button.

As it stands I want to keep both Goibbs and Goodes so.

Viney is out of the Mids and Goodes is moved from Bck to Mids bench. Koby Stevens is on the bench too. In comes Laird

Pittard is out, Gibbs to the backline bench and in comes Ben Reid from the Pies. I pulled up short of cash for Dixon.

T/Up Good plan
T/Down Try again, big fella!

If you think the plan sucks what do you reckon I should do?


one of the better plans I have read, just not convinced on Reid. He's a temporary fix at best. Pity you don't have the cash for Dixon


For Dream Team only, I'd recommend to trade out Goodes for a bubble boy, then do the opposite trade when Goodes is back (or trade out someone else to get Goodes back in). 2 trades to generate $60k-$100k over a couple of weeks I think is worth it in DT but not SC.

I'm doing it.


Is it just me or are other people axing Gibbs instead of Goodes?

They have very similar averages, but the profit made from axing Gibbs is much greater.

I'm axing Gibbs for Shaw, which is a straight swap in terms of cash.

Any comment appreciated.


I believe the rule is "don't trade sideways". Gibbs is a keeper. I think Goodes is a keeper as well, but others may use him as a cash cow, hence the slaughter discussion.


Gibbs was well on his way to a 100+ on the weekend before getting subbed. I think there's a fair bit more upside in the long run with Gibbs over Goodes.


Now that Fyfe has two weeks should I replace him with Watson?


i have him as well but i think priorities are getting rid of dwyer to upgrade to johnson or a mid/def rookie to watson or shaw, i have plenty of mid rookies to cover as well


Yes. I'm trading him to gaz, but am still tossing up whether to go with Jobe instead. I reckon it's a good upgrade.


Will Dwyer to Petrie be a good move? Or a different forward such as Johnson


definitely johnson, his price will rise next week as well and geelong are flying, it is also his 200th and will be served the ball on a plate

The Filth

Brett Goodes should not have been suspended – he must have thought Josh Caddy was a burglar and tried to restrain him..


Goodes- out for 2

Gibbs- 1 maybe 2

Pittard- who knows

Duffield- SHOULD come back

Fyfe- out for 2 weeks

Cotchin- hope he comes up okay from injury

Selwood-not coping well with hard tag (carrazzo+lower)

Underperforming -Mumford & J.Lewis

Anyone else’s depth seriously tested..

Or team getting stuffed right now.. Lowest score 2065 with 2 non scoring players last week, pathetic!


I have similar problems, waiting on teams before trading as my back line will likely face the threat of a scoring donut.

Have downgraded Blicavs to Gawn for cash, and will jump off either Goodes or Stevenson/Pittard to either a bubble boy or possibly Birchall if I can afford him, as my scoring is too low ATM


i have ample cash in the chest and and confused after deciding to keep goodes. i can go:
1. blicavs to gawn for some extra cash
2. dwyer to stevie j
3. viney/koby stevens/evans to watson
which is most important?
4. If pittard and gibbs don't play trade pittard for heath shaw


Watsons going to smash GWS so that's my pick


Hey guys, need some help PEASE!!

I Have FYFE, GIBBS and GOODES … I really have no idea what to do …

Backline I have Campbell Heath to replace either gibbs or Goodes … And have docherty as well but he is most likely a sub if he plays… i dont know if I should make a sideways trade with fyfe .. I can upgrade him to cotchin .. or maybe even sidebottom who is looking consistant at the moment … Or maybe trade out goodes for Dixon? or Heppel .. I really have no idea lol … Help would be greatly appreciated guys!! 🙂
Im sitting at overall 4,165 .. Id like to stay aorund there lol



Hope you don't have PITTARD as well, cause he's out this weekend too. I'd keep GOODES if you have cover and trade either of FYFE or GIBBS for COTCHIN.


ive traded out Goodes for Docherty and upgraded Wines to Sam mitchell. needed to be done to avoid a possible 0 in my backline. and got a mid premium in the process.


Docherty is no sure thing to get a run. Both Maguire and Staker are avail. again although Staker may need a run in the 2's. And Pittard is OUT this weekend too, if you have him.


I forgot to mention Hanley is due back too.

Cold Ass Honky

Need help picking an upgrade defender,


Who's the best bet?




shaw, clearly. you save 70-80k on him, and it's not like you're going to find yourself without all of them in your team. wait for birchall to level out a bit IF he does, otherwise you're at least getting shaw at his cheapest price.


This week was the forward lines turn for attention….Rowe Macaffer Dwyer Neade…..but with the threat of a donut in the backs like everyone else I decided to take Goodes to market… I have gone Goodes into mids and traded to Watson and Brown out for Docherty….Will be sweating on Thursday selections of the Port boys….Pittard especially…..Also probably means more trading in backs in Rd 7 which was my planned Defence week upgrade then Fwds rd 8 and my rd 9 mid upgrade is already done….u gotta do what u gotta do……sitting 352nd this week (Dinomite)


looking a little more closely, it could save me a bit of cash too….Buddy (my rd 6 upgrade plan) will fall in price over the next couple after he stank it up this weekend…..and Neade and Dwyer will rise a little more….so maybe it will work out for the best as long as Jocks Supercoach Gods are kind to us.


Pittard is OUT this week according to Hinkley


Mmmm….reverse trade then…..and Pittard into Docherty


Went Pittard To Birchall….Goodes to Mid Bench….Evans onto the field….Neade My mid backup….Brown my Def backup….if not named still have 1 trade for the week to sort it.


If Docherty doesn't get named (Hanley,Moose and Staker avail) you can always go to Laird (Crows). I like the Pittard/Birchall trade.


With only 1 win and 2 losses so far Im thinking my trades this week will have to be based on points rather than than cashing up?

I know many of you say not to panic, however, it doesnt take long to lose touch with the top 8 in your league!

I've moved Goodes and Stevenson to Def bench and Gibbs to mid bench with Kommer. That leaves me damned vulnerable with Frost, Terlich and Vlastuin on field in Def….seems too weak to me, and my on field Mids of Dwyer, Evans and Crouch is looking shakey.

With $252,400 in the war chest i have a number of options…but until the team lists comes out I'm like everyone else,,,,,,,,,,,,,in limbo!!

Thoughts and opinions are always welcome and appreciated though!!

"Out Pick, Out Play, Out Score"


Crouch won’t play….Dwyer a BIG vest candidate or even omitted… Kommer no certainty to walz back into the top team and with Gibbs on ur mid bench u are staring a DONUT in the face….get ready with that trading finger my good man/woman.


Thanks BubbaNo1……I dont cry at much (well maybe the occasional Nicholas Sparks movie……and ET) But you my friend have made this 47 yo bogan bloke blubber into his lunchtime coffee!!

Looks like the strategy this week will be points not cash!!


Sorry about that…..why do we put ourselves through this torture every year? Incurrable masochists I reckon….Anyways…Maybe You could do this….Put Gibbs back to defence….Trade Goodes to Docherty then u have a heap of cash….Then Trade Kommer or Dwyer or even Crouch ..whoever is not named into Mayes if u want to make cash….or use the Goodes/Dwyer loot to upgrade to a Premium…that should give u a full playing team I reckon


I reckon Stevenson or Pittard to Docherty if one isnt playing and then Goodes to Shaw or another premium. I had a very good plan to get stevie J in but fyfe out gibbs out goodes out has stuffed it so need a premium on the field for goodes!


Does anyone think it would be worth downgrading franklin for some cash either to a rookie or someone like zorko?


No buddy will come back with a bag this week. hold I say!


Fyfe out for two weeks and goodes out for two what to do? Any suggestions?


Trade out fyfe for stevie J and trade out gibbsfor birchall. Goodes stays on bench. but then I have Jasper P?


Not sure JimBob. In my opinion I would keep Gibbs as he is only out for 1 or 2 max and birchall will not keep his current form as you would think the opposition would try and shut him down after his great start to the season. I would be downgrading Goodes to someone like Terlich and that will give you more cash to upgrade fyfe to a Swan, Cotchin, Selwood, Ablett or Watson.


I don't think people know when to drink milk and hold or slaughter the cow and tuck into a nice juicy steak. Crouch is out for 2-3, Viney is unknown, Pittard/ Stevenson are unknown, Goodes is out for 2-3 and Rowe is unknown with Waite now playing. In my team Fyfe is now out for 2 weeks and Gibbs is out 2-3.

Everyone is saying that you should drink milk and not slaughter, but can your team really afford it, mine can't. One of my best trades this year was Viney out last week and Mayes in, this will definitely pay off with the suspension of Fyfe. Rookies are in your team to make money and not to sit on your pine, they're not superstars. If they're out for 2 or more depending on their quality, you should trade them out for cash generation which is what the game is about.

I'm not saying to chop all of your cash cows and i've heard people wanting to trade out Wines, Moloney, Neade and Fyfe. These guys have given you significant money and still have low BEs so they're not done yet. If your going to slaughter your rookies you've got to know who.

I know that this week is a huge opportunity for teams under performing like mine to rise up the rankings and become a real threat. Depending on who's out between Pittard and Stevenson I will be definitely be trading them down to upgrade Goodes and strengthen my weak backline. Surely you guys are on the same page as me.


from the top to the bottom, you really didn't say anything


just a thought community…..have similar difficulties with Defence this week as most. I was thinking of keeping Goodes as he still has some price upside but …..If I hold Goodes and/or Pittard then they will earn me a total of $0 over the next 2 weeks…..If I trade them to Mayes and Docherty then over a 2 week period these two should earn me a bit over $100k between them….by keeping Goodes I have effectively given back half of his price rise over the last 5 weeks….and I will still have to trade him at some point and by the time Goodes is ready to return in Rd 9 Mayes will be at or above him in price and he is such a good prospect he is a definite starter on the field in the fwd line….ie move him fwd and use dwyer/Neade as mid backup……Thoughts?


the question comes down to the value of trades, as season progress, the value of spare trades increases. Use trades every round, you'll be out of trades by round 15. so at some point, you must halt your trading. All you need is full 22 line-up, if you can do this without trading then consider leaving it, it's always good to have spare trades on hand. Keep in mind future downgrade options still exist… eg vlastuin, colquine, staker, currie, witts etc.


Here is my backline at the moment.
Heppell, Gibbs, Duffield, Goodes, C.Heath, Pittard, Stevenson, Frost.
I have got my 2 trades and plenty of options as potentially 4 of these 8 players are not playing. I haven't got a big game this week so don't really mind if 1 or 2 are not playing. My thoughts at the moment are putting Gibbs on the bench, downgrading Goodes to Terlich, B.Ellis or Laird and upgrading Duffield.
Would love your thoughts on who I should upgrade Duffield to and downgrade goodes to and any other suggestions are much appreciated.


Who should I field out of Neade, Dwyer and Macaffer?


Neade over macaffer over Dwyer. I'm pretty sure Dwyer will be wearing the vest or dropped this week. Macaffer is safe as houses.


neade…..he is a tackling machine and is fast becoming a cult hero at Alberton…..then Macaffer as Emg….then Dwyer is a vest candidate or even an omission


could they drop him after this effort to put them in front?. .


play sinclair or neade? or even rowe as he faces the dees?


dangerfield for who??




whos the most important trade this week
duffield, gibbs, viney, dangerfield or jacobs
80k left


None of the above imo. 4 should be playing and Gibbs expected back rd 7. Crouch, Goodes, Fyfe all missing at least 2 & Blicavs, Pittard would be better candidates if you have them.


Cotchin, Cornes, Swan or Watson??? Not sure who to trade out Dwyer for any suggestions


It's gotta be Swan ??


The Cotch is the only player out of the 4 who has score 100+ in every game, Swan had a 91, Cornes had a 81 and Watson a 67. All solid choices, all knows how to play when tagged. Cornes is starting to meet tougher opponents, Swan has to share points with pendles and sidebottom, watson will get tagged everyweek. Teams may not tag cotchin all the time purely because they need to watch out for deledio and martin, both midfield goal kickers where as cotchin is not. Having said that, i'm going sidebottom this week, BE of 21, price drop because of round 2 36 points, he is a lock while beams is absent


I was leaning towards cotchin or should I hold off and trade out Hutchins for Laird, Docherty or Frost or a decent prem seeing as he's pretty much maxed out and I've already used a trade on Jacobs for Gawn, I'm one of the lucky ones who had Gibbs Goodes and Fyfe out in the one go and duffy not sure whats going on with him yet so my back lines looking pretty average.


If you want Swan or Jobe, this is the week to get them.


Jobeor cotch this week mate jobe will tear it up against gws


JOBE WATSON!! GWS this week low BE will tear it up and if you have Ablett and someone who doesn't score on your bench you can put the VC on Watson if he scores really good put the C on a non scoring player then back it up with a scoring player on the bench as emergency. If he doesn't score well just put the C on Ablett. 🙂


Thoughts on a Winderlich as a bargain fwd? Injury prone but can rack them up and looks fit?