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Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – pre round 6

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Father of Fantasy podcastWhen the going gets tough the community really kick into gear and this week is no exception. 

Your cash cows are plump. You might even have cash in the bank. You’ve got plenty of trades in the kick.. and it’s time to trade like a fantasy footy wizard and set your team up for one almighty assault on the top 4 of your league.. or for a nice high overall rank.

Enjoy this week’s podcast. There is even some words of advice this week from my late father Mickey Reynolds. Speaking of fathers… I have some special news. As we publish the podcast this week some sensational news has hit the desk….


If you are yet to listen in to our discussion with this 7 year old prodigy click here and have a listen. A special kid.. and a special bond between father and son.

Enjoy the show folks.

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Hey Jock
is it worth downgrading goodes to docherty if goodes is suspended for a couple of weeks?


I upgraded goodes to birchall with jacobs to leuy.


Goodes has got great JS, a low breakeven and is averaging premium numbers. Still questions on Docherty's JS as well.


Jock, not only is your advice worth its weight in gold, the podcast is consistently the biggest laugh of the week. Does anyone else agreeeeeeeeeeee?


Aye! I look forward to the weekly Sunday broadcast as much as that first game on Friday night.


ah ah ah agree Brian!


+1 here!


I agree Brian! And me too FrontPocket!! Jock is inspirational!!


Which forward should i upgrade to out of Bartel, Stevie J, Martin or A. Walker??



Stevie J is looking like my pick, I had him in my team pre injury, so I want him back in. Have to consider Zorko too, BE is 18 so you won't get him any cheaper.


I've only got 24 trades left and am finally somewhat happy with my team. Does anyone reckon I go Blicavs down to Gawn?


I was was just playing with that trade myself, good cash generation and seems to be getting a lot of pill.

Jock I’m looking to upgrade a FWD from either LeCras, Macaffer, Neade and Dwyer. Traded in Mayes last week which really paid off. 190K in the bank, any suggestions?




Consider Walker (Carl)


Thinking the same or perhaps Blivcas to Leuy. Will Depend on what happens during the week as I have Gibbs, Goodes and all the port defenders.


If Goodes gets 3 or more weeks do u reckon its worth trading him to Ablett? (swing gibbs to DEF)


Don't think you can go wrong with that.


Defiantly!! Ablett is in great form and has Freo on Saturday Night Should tear it up!!


Great stuff guys, awesome advice as always. Helping me put everything in perspective, I had another terrible round, ranked in the 9000's overall, but you've calmed me down fellas, I'm feeling good, feeling pumped, still plenty of time to go, we're gonna turn this thing around.

Also Higgo, I am seriously jealous you have Back to the Future pyjamas. I also like the Goodes to Docherty idea. That may give me enough $ to next week upgrade someone like Koby Stevens to Jobe Watson or Trent Cotchin. I like that.

I know the pain CrouchingOne, I was one of the few Taylor Walker owners, tears me to pieces to see him on the sidelines. You haven't experienced football until you've been there at Footy Park, down by the goals, seeing that magnificent mullet blow in the wind like a wind sock. His team mates line up for a goal, doing the 'ol grass in the air trying to gauge the wind, he'll yell at them "Look at the mullet, the mullet will guide you home". It's top notch stuff to see, hopefully he'll be back soon.

I have a few options for Tex. Have enough cash to do a straight swap for Stevie J, Walker, Franklin, Zorko etc. Could take Rowe from my rucks and swap him into my forward line and then trade Walker for Max Gawn or Majak and generate some $. Or I could just downgrade Walker to Mayes for $ also.

Also thinking of dumping Jacobs who has been very ordinary all year. He's part of the reason the Crows mids are down, last year he was giving them first use, tapping it down their throats. Not happening this year, which is one of the reasons your Dangerfields and Thompsons are struggling. I think I'll have more pressing issues elsewhere and he's been called out by Sando so hopefully he'll pick it up elsewhere


any suggestions on jacobs stuffed me over this week


Keep him for now, unless the rest of your side is sitting pretty. Chance McKernan will come in, who will give the Crows a genuine 2nd ruck (Jerka Jenkins isn't there yet). This will hopefully take a bit of the load off Jacobs. He managed to crack the ton in his first 3 games and he wasn't playing flash then either. Sando's giving him notice he needs to pick it up a bit, so I reckon i'll persist with him for a few more weeks and hope he can start turning it around.


How long will Duffield be out or???


He's Playing!


Jock, thoughts on Jason Winderlich, move Callum Sinclair from fwd to ruck, Blicavs trade for Winderlich?

G unit

thinking something along these lines also!


His price is right, hes a proven scorer when he plays, surprised he didnt get a mention in the podcast, a good sneaky one hopefully,


jock, when is nathan bock due back? is he an option to be looking at if he returns soon as a fwd/def swing?


I'd wait until he's played a few before considering him. He'll take a while to find his form after his extended absence. Apparently targeting a round 8 return:


thanks mate


what do you think of axing those crows hey like Jacobs and Danger had enough been patient and sick of those 2 bringing in Leuenberger and Watson while banking an extra 50k


Yeah I’m getting sick of dangerfield also.. Going to trade him for Watson or Murphy. I am leaning towards Murphy as he is playing Melbourne nxt week and should get a big score


Waste of a trade IMO, he is still averaging 90+ and getting better. Right now you should be focused on turning over cows to move into premiums like Watson or Murphy.

The sooner you have 8 premium mids the better, and wasting a trade to jump sideways is a silly move. Stick phat, and if you need encouragement, just look at Zorko this week!


GREAT TRADES! Your making cash and probly getting an extra 50 points! Unless you have injuries or suspensions then you need to focus on that!


2275 with a player scoring 0, another scoring 25 and gibbs and jacobs who underperformed


cash in those cows next week!!!


great pod cast gents, i have to listen to it at least twice to make sure i get all the info an wisdom!!


what do i do with Jenkins?


i traded him out along with Mitch Duncan and got Maxy Gawn and Gazza


He is now THE key forward with Tex out, not sure if thats a good thing for his output or not :{

He will now get the best big defender each week, but he will be getting the ball sent in his direction alot.

Really great question


I think Crouching is onto something about trading up from Wines. Port have played 5 of the bottom 9 teams. That means they've yet to play 8 of the top 9 and 4 of the bottom 9. Port's draw: NMFC, RICH, CARL, GEEL, WB, Bye, GWS (again, already? It was only 10 rounds ago they last played), SYD, COLL, ESS, HAW, etc.

He's strong, he's a gun, but he's young. Viney already needed a rest and he's as tough as grandma's lollies. Great call Crouch.


I reqlly think youve got to give the guy a chance. He hasnt had a single low score. Trade him out if he has a low score. Viney is not the same. He is carrying a huge workload, carrying the melbourne team on his back in just his first season. Wines is playing in a team of players with appetite who are winning. Just dont jump off him too quick just because mr orient himself tells you to do it. I valie jocks words more as he is scoring better, and crouching was the one a few weeks back who told us to consider nick suban. Just give thhe bloke a chance.


Any value in Neade to chris knights


Far too early to trade Wines, unless there are no other fat cows ready to be slaughtered, and if that's the case you're in trouble!


My Score this week was 2337. im happy with that seems… Luke Brown scoring 23 which would of been fine on the bench but Pearce Hanley was suspended and would of played Melbourne! And also had Pittard out! And Gibbs subbed out. Also had Franklin up forward. Had Evans on instead of Mayes wrong choice there. Murphy is in good form but isn't scoring great.only averaging 101. But other than that…Haha good week. If everything goes well next week should get a really good score!


Top stuff guys.

Love this part of the SC season when you have to try and decide which rookies to cull first and which premiums to bring in!
Current team structure onfield is :
Def: 3Prem-3Rookies
MID: 4 Prem-1Mid-3Rookies (Inc Goodes)
Ruck: 1P-1M
FWD: 3Prem-2Mid-1R

I'd love to bring in stevie J this week but I'm content with my fwd line atm given the performance of Mayes,lecca, and JJK. Thinking of bringing in a premium defender, but unsure who. Tossing up between Shaw, who is a proven perform but I'm worried won't end the year averaging what he used to, or Dixon, who has been impressive, but unsure if he can keep it up.


Out of these Rookies who do I get rid of:
Last week I traded Viney for Mayes and K.Mitchell for Evans
I have 144,00 in the bank
And which rookies do I put in for them ??


Blicavs better options out there for Ruck/Mid and Goodes if he is rubbed out


Hey Jock
What do you think of trading out Tex for Winderlich who is on the bubble and looked good on ANZAC day


Gibbs for goodes and Watson for mundy. Thoughts?


Gibbs is injured isn't he?


Yeah he is not playing this round. Thanks


Out of these Rookies who do I get rid of:
Last week I traded Viney for Mayes and K.Mitchell for Evans
I have 144,00 in the bank
And which rookies do I put in for them ??


Have a lot of the same rookies, one player I want to get rid of but its not as important as others is Luke Brown, he is disappointing after a good start. Got rid of Blicavs, the suggestion to get rid of goodes seems a little… early or not at all an option, hes shown he can score 80+ week to week (yes 67 against Geelong!) but I'll stick fat with him through suspension then enjoy the high scores for the rest of the season, probably look at port defenders


I reckon Dwyer and Goodes. Dwyer has peaked and his job security is going to diminish once the big boys come back. Goodes is sounding like he'll be out for 3 weeks.


Thanks Guys!


What should i do with kane lucas? I need to palm him off soon surely


He is playing Melb this week, so you might ride on him for another week at least


Great podcast but I'd like some kind of guideline as to when to start culling these cows. Went too early on Brad Hill last week so am attempting to learn from this mistake and get some advice. Looking at doing a double cull this week to build that bank to spend through the bye rounds.

What BE score or projected price rise is the lowest you should let a cash cow get to before culling? Example Dwyer BE of 36 and proj rd6 price of +13.6k do I leave him 1 more week a milk him dry or cut now?
Thanks muchly


Depends Matt, there's no set rule, for me, you just gotta milk 'em when it's time. If you've got a use for the cash now, I wouldn't be holding onto him just for an extra 13K. If there's another rookie priced player who's about to play his 3rd game then you might want to consider that too as his 1st (and subsequent) price rise is likely going to be more than Dwyers 13K increase.


Hey jock! Fantastic stuff as usual!

Cash is not the issue, but one of Heath, Pittard or Stevenson from port are out for Dixon.

Who gets the chop??


i would get rid of Campbell Heath Mat thats just me


Even though Stevenson was named out of the side and only became a late inclusion when Pittard was sore?


with Jackson Trengove out should bring stevenson back into the side you would think


I would wait until the team selections and who ever doesn't play trade him! If they all play trade Pittard seems to have a hip flexor injury!


Blicavs to Gawn
and either:
Dwyer > Stevie J
Pittard or Campbell Heath > Heath Shaw.

What do you guys think? Will still have 200k or so after the upgrade


Only the first time Stevie j has got over 100 this season also think about Charlie Dixon averaging 115 and has a breakeven of 23 he's gonna go up a lot


Disregard first post i didnt mean to click submit…

I am trading Blicavs to Gawn for cash generation and then going to choose out of the following…..

JACOBS to STEVIE J, swing COX into ruck. Jacobs has really been screwing me up, he looks injured/unfit and i dont want to lose any more value on him before its too late…..$405k left after this trade which I can use to upgrade Neade to Watson next week


DWYER to STEVIE J and take my chances with leaving Jacobs in the ruck….$154k left if I choose this trade


Heath/Pittard/Goodes to HEATH SHAW. Approx $200k left

Thoughts guys?


The main worry for me is Jacobs' BE. He is going to drop a good 20-30k even if he scores 100 this week….maybe 40k if he spews up another score below 80. Before I know it I could have a R1 worth 450 and be stuck with him all year. I'm already keeping faith in Dangerfield, but I just can't keep the faith with everyone!


I think you just have to try and hold tight with Jacobs. I have the same problem with mumford. Took a risk which i thought payed off lovely with his 120odd round 1. Been down hill from there!

I think your better off trading in Shaw or stevie J, but as to who first, i guess it comes down to which line is in most need of a premium?


Jacobs to Stevie J sounds like the best of the bunch. However if Goodes is out for 3 I would be considering giving him the flick.


How does a Jacobs to O'hailpin trade sound? He's a bit injury prone


I dunno, I always thought his only use was knocking out Clokes,. Not a huge fan of the guy, but that's just me.


No. O'Halpin is injured and not playing on the weekend!


Well I didn't do too bad…. 2360, with Gibbs 65, S. Dwyer 38 & Hutchins 24 all included. (Thank you GAJ!)
My team currently looks like this:
Def – Goddard, Heppell, Hartlett, Hanley, Gibbs, Pittard, Terlich, Hutchins*

Mids – Ablett, Watson, Swan, Wingard, Maloney, Wines, O'Mera, B. Goodes, Evans & Kommer

Ruck – Maric, Leuenberger, Rower, Blicavs

Fwds – Cox, J. Kennedy, Rockliff, Zorko, Lecras, Neade, Macaffer, Dwyer*

After the Vest treatment for Hutchins it's time to move him on & Dwyer can go too.

The decision is who to replace them with… (I have $215k in the bank)
Option 1) Birchall & a 96.2K rookie (Fwd/Def).
(This will set my backline up for the season, barring long term injury)

Option 2) Josh Prudden or similar priced rookie & either N. Riewoldt or A. Walker.

With long term plans to throw Goodes back, & upgrade Gibbs to a premium mid.
Also thinking that I might make a move for Buddy in a couple of weeks time, as it looks like his price may drop a little more.

Any thoughts on which option I should look at first.

Old Holbz

Skip Buddy. Honestly, He's not worth the pain. Bloke screwed me on the weekend. ha


Option 1.

Raymond hill

What do I do with roili jock


Send the speedster packing.


What do I do with Jacobs, Duffield, Dangerfield, Viney??


Should I trade Sam Jacobs for Sam Mayes by switching cox to ruck and Stevenson for Charlie Dixon or any other players I should consider thanks


what do i do with cyril jock?


Question question, what to do with Priddis?
His price is gonna plummet for the next 2 weeks with a BE of 186.
Upgrade him now to a super premo like Swan/Watson and trade him back in after 2 rounds when he's cheap?
Or just hold…


yeah get him out and then get him back in again, so you waste 2 trades and still get stuck with an average player, solid logic!


So you're saying I should trade him out and never get him in again?


I'd look at other areas of your team. He'll come good. You've got him there, stick with him.


I think upgrade him to Watson! He should tear it up against GWS. I wouldn't consider getting him back in tho!


I agree on cashing in these rookies but who on earth are the ones to trade in?? Not seeing many downgrade targets


Kerridge docherty and gawn are the main ones. Maybe laird.


hanley or birchall


I'd go the Birch. Didn't like the look of Hanley icing his knee on the bench a week ago so I traded him out of my DT squad for the Birch.

Plus the Lions' draw gets a whole lot harder now whilst the Hawks soon play GWS, GC and the Dees.



Adam V

Goodes to Laird
Dwyer to Stevie J
but it only leaves me with $6,500 left is that a good trade or should I just trade rookies in and save the cash?


Could kerridge’s js security improve with tex out?

And what do we think of a dwyer to gray trade?


Doubt it, he was brought in to replace Van Berlo as the tagging midfield player. I hope Sando manages to find a spot for him when VB comes bac thoughk. Most likely benificiaries of Tex being out would be one of Lewis Johnston and/or Shaun McKernan, however they are both irrelevant for SC purposes for mine.


Robbie gray will not go down in price. He is a proven scorer when fit and Port Adelaide have said he is ready for full playing time. And after scoring 73 pts last week in less than a half of football i can see him reaching his breakeven of 90.


Wait a week before u trade gray in as he'll probably go down


Hey Jock i have a question for you mate?

Should I trade gibbs for or save my trade


dont take the risk with Shaw i no he scored 130 but he will drop in price so if u dont have goddard i would get goddard


Too Serious tells me Shaw's BE is 80, so I would say the time to buy him would be about now. Is there enough points to go around at the pies for shaw to be good value – Swan, Pendles, Cloke, Sidey, and Beams and Ball to come back.


i have goddard mate all good


What do you guys think about these trades?

Out: Blicavs, K, Stevens

In: Gawn, Ablett

After having a look at Ablett in SC gold $680k looks like the lowest he's gonna be all year, and Blicavs looks like the worst of my rookies and Gawny the pick of the bubble boys.


Or does anyone think Viney is a better out option than Stevens?


Either/or mate. Getting Ablett in your side is a win no matter who you trade there. I reckon only question is trading Viney instead of Stevens will cost you $70K more. So if you have a use for that cash and don't need to start Stevens, then i'd trade Stevens. If you need Stevens on field and don't care as much about the cash, turf Viney.


I've got plenty of cash for downgrades, i figure it's gonna depend on whether Viney is playing or if he is just being useless on my bench…


Great podcast as usual gents.

I would like to offer up my kids' enclosed trampoline as a venue for the inaugural Crouching-Reynolds cage fight showdown.

I may also take the liberty of forging a title belt for the winner. Let's get this happening people!

Adam V

What do you guys think about Hibberd??


I like him a lot. Snapped him up as a free agent in my draft league in the first few rounds and have been laughing ever since. However in regular SC don't reckon he's the best buy for $470K.

For just a few dollars more you can get in HepD, Dixon or Shaw to name a few.

Adam V

Ive got Heppel and Shaw you really reckon his a better choice than Dixon i just am not sure about players from GWS and GC can he score like than all year?


Dixon has impressed me and looks like he's headed for a breakout season but there are certainly no guarantees in SC. He carved up my Swannies nicely in Rd 2.

How about Hartlett, Goddard and Birchall then? I realise they are significantly more expensive but am much more confident they will finish a top 6 defender than Hibberd.

But if you feel strongly about him he would certainly be a massive POD only owned by just 3.6% of all coaches and will probably have a big game against GWS this weekend.


Gun and consistent. I'll guess that he'll finish with an average 95-100, but maybe that's not enough. I reckon this season will show some big breakouts in the defense, so it would be nice to pick one of them up cheap if you have the guts!


Hello Community…..

I am so happy this week…….reason scored really really well this weekend……I scored a massive (for me, being a 2nd year player) 2421 points…….which actually pushed my overall ranking to 4683 which is nearly a jump of 10,000 plus ranking (i was ranked at 14,600 odd before rd 5)……..i would like to thank Jock, Higgo, Crouching and all other JOCK REYNOLDS community members for helping me out…….A Special thanks to VINCE GAMBINO for his article "SUCKED IN"…..which actually helped me to do the best trade of this season (hopefully) to get in HARTLETT……..I was tossing up between Birchall and Hartlett……

At the same time i am not telling that Birchall was bad choice or is bad compared to Hartlett……but picking Hartlett over Birchall was a smart move considering the price you were spending……i personally think…….and YES i will be getting Birchall in next three weeks time….who i think will drop in price a bit after his score of 78 or 80 on the weekend………which is good…….

Thinking of getting in C DIXON this week…….i watched the match between GCS VS GWS on the weekend and also after listening to this weeks podcast (which was really good as always)……made up my mind in getting him this week……i had an eye on him since the rd 1…….should have jumped on him a lot earlier…..but not too worried…..I am going to get him this week…….

OUT: Dwyer Swing Hartlett to MID and IN comes C Dixon…….

So what do guys think……..

Got to win my work place league game this week……PLAYING against my BOSS…..and we have a bet going on……so can't afford to lose at all……!!!!

Any feed back much appreciated……………

Thanks again community……..for helping out to ROOKIE players like me…….keep up the good work…….



Yes I saw your Titans in our JR Community League (753633) had a strong finish to the round to top score in our league so well done.

You actually knocked off the No.1 so I have moved into top spot now at this early stage of proceedings so thanks for that one mate!

Also good to see our league in the top 1 percentile (246 of 30,000 odd) so no easy games there.


Hmmm……i didnt know that you are playing in that league mate… your team name "Morgan's Maestros"???……

And what do you reckon of my trade this week mate?

so many headaches in the back-line this week…….GIBBS OUT for this week ATM and dont know for how many weeks though???……got GOODES……need to see how long he will be suspended for……Pittard, & Brown…..not sure what to do with these guys???…….

i actually won against a guy who helped in building my team this preseason…..happy at the same time thanking him for all his help….."JJFYZZ"…….

Thanks for your reply above mate…….



Yes that's me lads. It's hard to argue against bringing Dixon in Raj so looks like a good trade to me. He's playing like a man possessed!

Yes we are all feeling the pinch in the back line. I've upgraded Goodesy to Watson this week to alleviate one of those PITAs.


Hi Glenn & fellow JR community fellas……..

What do you think of this trade……please help……


will be left with $22,000 after the trade……

Birchall or Hanley ??…..not sure who to go for……..please help……

Thanks guys……


Keep Gibbs and either upgrade or downgrade Pittard or Brown

Birchall over Hanley, maybe Shaw for the value option.


One trade for me this week:

Whitfield out (playing an outside midfielder role to much and goes missing)

and Watson in, looks a juicy price and playing GWS this week


Do we trade Dangerfield?!!?! getting tired of him costing me money. Shoud i downgrade or go sideways with him?


Although many wouldn't agree I would move him on perhaps for someone moving northwards like a Zaka or another dipping elite like Jobe, JPK, Swan, Selwood or Lids who have better midfields around them.

The Crows midfield are just getting torched right now and can't see that improving this weekend against the Hawks. So players like Danger, Thompson, Jacobs and Wright are all badly leaking cash atm.


Is culling Dwyer and picking up paparone a good pick to free up some cash.

I have been considering shaun burgoyne in defence. thoughts?


gonna keep Goodes. Averaging the highest out of all the rookies at 90. He will continue to average that and earn more money, and will maybe even be a POD after his two week ban.


Only trades I'd consider this week are cashing in some of my rookies, out of Blicavs (b/e 44), Viney (b/e 36) or Dywer (b/e 45). Only problem is im not really sure who i would downgrade them to. Considering Blicavs to Gawn.

Adam V

What to do in defence Gibbs out for 1 maybe 2 and Goodes looks to be suspended for a few as well??


Gibbs isnt injured he will play and goodes 2 weeks


OK so I don’t quite understand the BE”s. Well I thought I knew, until now. On the weekend Luke Parker scored 124. His BE was 103, yet his price did not go up. I though that if a player scores a higher score than their BE, they rise in price. Also about a month ago, mick the mad posted an article about this, and when he showed the price change formula there was nothing about BE’s on it. So I really need some expert help on this one. I also read that a BE is calculated by dividing the price by 5. Where as I thought you had to do it the way mick the mad showed on his article.


I think Mick did show the breakeven formula in that article (otherwise I don't know where I got this from):
Breakeven = (Current price / 5140 x 3) – (current game score) – (preceding game score)


can anyone tell me what is going on with Duffield and why he did not play on the weekend, is he back in this week? thanks


Sore calf. Should be back this weekend but definitely check the Thursday INS and OUTS before committing to any trades.


How does Blicavs to Gawn and Dwyer to WInderlich sound?


Who should i get for mummy. comes to 483,500 Thoughts


Still not too late to get on Leuey if you don't already have him.

Otherwise I'd be looking at Roughy or Belly.

I have my eye on Sauce Jacobs to bring in about Rd 8 for hopefully less than $450K. He's a better ruckman than he's shown in the first 5 rounds.


thanks for the help


Is anyone else having trouble with D/T trade button on the website. Or is it just me.


Help me guys
Which trade should i do


What do you think about Winderlich, Scott Gumbleton and Robbie Gray?


Fyfe is out this week maybe next week to. And Goodes will miss 2 or maybe 3.


Sorry mate didn’t realize I posted that replying to your comment. Regarding that I would stay away from gumbleton, Robbie gray could be a trade in target in a few weeks, and winderlich is a maybe, but he is also injury prone


Evening all…__Let me tell you a little story of panic and lack of faith.__This week I panicked and instead of taking the advice of this forum I made a trade that cost me a win.__I traded Zorko out for Westhoff. The difference in points had I have left well enough alone? +98 points. Margin I lost by? 28.I t was purely a point chasing trade that back fired for meI want to trade him back to Zorko. I still have faith in him, but what with Goodes about to be hit with suspension (really want to keep him), Vlastuin not firing in his first game (no faith in him), and my cash cows Viney, Terlich, Evans, Crouch, Dwyer, Rowe, Macaffer and Neade (Also have O’Meara, want to keep him too) all about to hopefully peak, Who do I slaughter? 2 cash cows or 1 and Westhoff?__The only bright points were both my rucks (Bellchambers and Leuenberger) scored nice tons for me (Luey being brought in 2 weeks ago…on advice from many here!)…and despite my panic trade and loss I still scored a respectable 2234…my scores have improved week over week (1843 and 2217) due to Jock Reynolds posters!!____Lots to think about this week!!____“Out Pick, Out Play Out Score”__


To trade out Westhoff a week after bringing him in, you'd just be doing the same thing you are lamenting doing last week. Learn the lesson. Don't panic.


Thanks Zimmer….Thats what I was thinking…Trade Hoff would be panicking again, My lesson (hopefully!!) have been learnt.

Its only Tuesday so still a couple of days to contemplate!!


All you Dangerfield owners should keep a keen eye on him this weekend. With Tex out there is a good chance he'll spend even more time down in the forward line. His two tons this year have been when he's kicked multiple goals. He's got the skill level to be a real nuisance down forward, and if he can kick 2-3 goals while still racking up 25 possies, i'll reckon he'll be gold… Of course on the flip side, it could kill his scores even more.



Upgrade cash cow to Heath Shaw or Hamish Hartlett?


I would go with Hartlett


Is bringing gaff and Dixon in to much of a risk? To do this I would have to get rid of goods and stevenson??


I'm thinking of doing a Goodes to Dixon trade myself. Kid looks good from what i've seen, hopefully he can keep it up.


Yeah I agree! The kid just looks hungry!


I know PA have played some easy teams , but they have also won the derby and beat West Coast with a massive come from behind.
Hamish Hartlett is only 22 years old ( on the up), is basically a bonified midfielder this year under Hinkley, and is getting 26-28 possies on average, apart from the one game when he played with a back injury. He has averaged around 22-23 possies in the past, and has only scored so well due to his immaculate kicking disposal and goal kicking tendencies.
i reckon he will finish the year at around $550K, and more importantly, in the top 3 defenders ( wouldn't have him as a mid).


I have Goodes, Fyfe, Walker, Rioli, Glass, Priddis…. I'm in trouble


Yep. Start with Walker and Rioli though. They're gone for the longest out of those guys.


hey cant beat mine goodes, gibbs, heppell, Staker (piked at start) and pittard all in my backline


I am thinking of trading out Daniel Currie and am not sure who to trade in for him.
Here are my options: Max Gawn, Majak Daw and Setanta O'hAilpin

What do you think?
Personally I think Majak Daw, but please tell me if you agree or you think otherwise.



You shouldn't be trading unless you can make some money out of it or upgrade ( after appreciation) to a premium.
Thus, unless you dont have a playing 3rd emergency Ruck, do not trade.
You can urilize Currie in most weeks for the Captain's loophole, and also, Majak has shown from the weekend that he will be hot and cold thereby potentially leaving the door open for Currie.


I would really love to keep Goodes but I have:

Gibbs/Goodes/Pittard/Stevenson/Duffield/Priddis/Fyfe/Crouch in my team at the moment so surely one of them has to go…


Gibbs and goodes out cos of suspension
And pittard and colquhoun not player I don't think,
Who do I bring in this week ???? I'm stuck


Thoughts on Gawn for Jacobs and upgrade Goodes to Ablett?


No Good.

Dawes is suppossely playing in the ressies this week and as such Gawn's life span will probably be 3 weeks max. I dont rate Dawes but as he was ther number 1 trade target they will have to play him. Gawn is a Good cash cow but too much of a step down from Jacobs. Goodes is 'good' enouigh to be your 6th defender and thus need to stick phat with him and sit him on the bench for 2 ( unless you cannot afford to due to league issues)


Gawns's job security might have improved with mitch clarke set to miss the next 6 weeks but I still wouldn't trade Jacobs for him.


Who would you bring in out of Hartlett, Dixon or Zorko?




I've had Zorko from the start, but I wouldn't be that confident on getting him in. That said, I look at all those names and see riskiness. Not sure any can be relied upon to be consistent over the whole season.


kennedy (syd) or montagna??




Kennedy. Depends who you've already got though.


I think i am finally happy with my team!

DEF: B.Goddard, D.Heppell, B.Gibbs, P.Hanley, L.Stevenson, S.Docherty RES: B.Goodes, C.Heath
MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Kennedy, O.Wines, P.Dangerfield, J.O'meara, J.Neade, K.Stevens RES: B.Crouch, N.Kommer
RUC: D.Cox, B.McEvoy RES: M.Blicavs, M.Daw
FWD: A.Walker, J.Kennedy, T.Rockliff, D.Martin, D.Zorko, S.Mayes RES: S.Dwyer, B.Macaffer

Trades this week were
Pittard (OUT) Docherty (IN)
Jenkins (OUT) Walker (IN)


Do you think i should reverse my trades and do it a bit differently?


Not saying this is better but another options is to bring in Heath Shaw, he has bottomed out at $484k and will finish in the top 5-8 defenders for the year, and a forward rookie or midpricer on the bubble depending on how much cash you have.

Maybe a Marco Paparone or a Jason Winderlich if he keeps fit.


(Playing DT not SC)
So stuck on what to do this week.. I have both Gibbs and Goodes in defence but I think I'm going to keep them both as I have Pittard, Stevenson and Terlich for backups.

I also have Westhoff and his BE is +150 so he is most likely going to drop a lot. I like the thought of trading him out for Stevie J who seems to be on the up.

I also like the thought of chopping off Vineys head, moving Goodes to the midfield bench and trading in Hartlett. Not sure who to choose from Hartlett and Burgoyne but Hartlett has a lower BE so leaning towards him.

I also have Kennedy (swans) and Dangerfield who are breaking my balls at the moment and really wanted to get in either Watson or Murphy. Murphy is set to get a big score this week against Melbourne too.

Also considering bringing in a rookie such as Laird or Paparone for some cash generation but I cant fit them all in!

So far I'm leading towards:
IN: S.Johnson & Hartlett
OUT: Westhoff & Viney

Any suggestions are appreciated greatly! Cheers!


Moloney to Murphy could also be decent as moloney's BE is getting up to the 60s


I guess if you've got 2 trades every week you could consider those trades.

Wouldn't it be better to try to upgrade rather than sideways trade the likes of Westhoff and Johnson? Looks like you're chasing scores.


Trade out Goodes to make some quick cash, then trade him in again once he's back. Viney is back this week and I reckon he'll be a bit refreshed and ready to score big again, so I think he's still going to go up in value over the next few weeks – once that damn 9 comes out of his score he should shoot up as long as he holds out three weeks in a row.

Get Westhoff out this week or next. However my opinion is biased. Stevie J is a decent option, but there might be better value around; Zorko, if you don't have him.

Keep the faith with Danger and Kennedy. If you get rid of them now, you'll have bought high and sold low.

(and get onto SC!)


yeah i think i will get rid of goodes for now.. not sure on whether to get hartlett or burgoyne? i had a look at the hawks games coming up and they seem a bit easier then ports so not sure..

yeah i need to stay calm with danger n kennedy.. they will come through! (i hope lol)

and ill get onto SC nxt year haha

cheers for ur help

The Captain

Fellas need advice to bolster the mid or backline…

Have cash to do the following:

Dwyer > Paprone (to free up cash)

Stevenson > Hartlett or Birchell


Wines > Watson or Cotchin

Birch's Buddy

Stev to Hartlett. He has a B/E of 30-something and should rocket to Birch's price. It's now, or wait over a month for him to come down again.


Looking to trade Blicavs this week.
Which is the better option from Daw or Gawn?


Gawn for me


Me too i'm doing that trade.




What's everyone doing with rookies that have stagnated at around 200k (Blicavs and Brown) but have decent js?

Do we just keep them for a bench spot or downgrade?

D Man

What to do with Duffield?

Thumbs up Keep
Thumbs Down Trade (possibly to Brichall)


Shoul i trade Stevenson/pittard for Docherty and then upgrade moloney to Ablett. I know moloney might go up but i think that now is a good time to cash him in whilst ablett is cheap.


Traded Pittard for Docherty, then traded Jack Steven for Jobe, or should i trade Jacobs instead of Steven?


Who's averaging more, and more likely to spit out consistent scores?


In my backline I have Gibbs, Duffield, Goodes, Stevenson, and Pittard. Anywhere from 2 to 5 of these blokes could be out this week. I desperately want to get Jobe Watson in this week, but if I do I will probably have to cop a doughnut in the defense.
WHAT DO I DO?! (I think Higgo will have this same problem this week?)


I have the exact same problem as you lolz!
Gibbs and Goodes are quite certain to miss and I think Pittard has a fair chance of missing as well.
Really wanted to get Jobe in but need to cover for my doughnuts first.


What trades are you looking at. I think who ever doesn't play will go for Docherty, but what about the other trade. I will have to make 2 I reckon. Is Duffield any chance of playing? Also who is the best buy in option at the back? Birchall, Hartlett, Shaw??


Pittard looks most likely to miss so I might cull him first. Not for Doc though coz of his JS under Voss.
I sure hope Duff plays if not I am short by one defender!
I think Birch will fall in price and Hartlett's price a bit too steep for my liking.
Might go for Dixon.


hold neade? or trade him down to rookie? which rookie too?


Hold! still money to be made and JS looks very good. Look to upgrade backline rookies first.

Birch's Buddy

Hold, hold, hold and hold! Surely there are bigger problems on your hand?




is it worth holding stevenson? or trade down to docherty?


I am strongly considering switching Gibbs for H. Shaw and tossing up between trading out Blicavs (and moving Rowe into RUC), and getting in either o’Hailpin (BE -26) or Winderlich (BE 7).

I am liking Winderlich a bit more, but purely from a cash generation and flexibility point of view, leaning towards o’Hailpin.

Any thoughts?

Birch's Buddy

Keep Gibbsy. All good teams have him, and you'd be wasting a trade. We're all in the same boat here.


What to do with Walker?


If you're talking about Taylor Walker, get him out of your team. He won't play another game this year.

Birch's Buddy

Trade to best forward you don't have. Try listing your forward line mate! Might help us help you.


Shaw or Dixon? Shaws form has just came back but Dixon looks real hungry for the ball? Help a fellow supercoacher out!


Shaw is a proven SC’er over a number of years. I think he would be a set and forget if you could get him in.
With Dixon, he has started the year on fire, but you may have to roll with the ups and downs that he may bring.
Even though Shaw’s BE is 79, he has dropped a total of $56k, so could be at his cheapest?

I guess it depends on whether you plan on keeping Dixon for the rest of the season, or use him to potentially upgrade to a premium once he has reached his ceiling?

Birch's Buddy

When Shaw has a good game, he has a REALLY good game. But he manages to balance the extraordinary with the disappointing too. Go for the Shaw risk if you feel like it, mate! If it pays off, you've got a bit of a headstart.




I'm going with Dixon over Shaw for the simple reason that I like the way Dixon has been going about it.


Hi Guys,
I need some help with some trades.
Which is the better trade?
Burgoyne—-> Hartlett and T. Walker—-> Lynch
T.Walker —-> Monfries
All advice will be greatly appreciated!


i would go tex for stevie j


Don't have the cash


what else do you suggest?

Birch's Buddy

I'd go Walker straight to the best forward you don't have.

Cold Ass Honky

Have to get rid of Gibbs or Goodes to avoid a doughnut…

Thinking of downgrading Goodes to Docherty or Laird, the using the cash to upgrade either:
Mundy to Swan
Wines to Mitchell/Jack/Swallow (Andrew)

Whatever happens, the plan is to bring in Priddis when he bottoms out in a couple of weeks.

Current Midfield is: Ablett, Watson, Pendles, JPK, Deledio, Mundy, Wines, O'Meara (Kommer, Jones).

Good idea?

Leaning towards dropping Wines, honestly, as Mundy could end up being a keeper..

Cold Ass Honky

Other option is bringing in Birchall, but i think Mitchell/Swallow/Jack will outscore him though

Cold Ass Honky

Have tentatively done Goodes & Mundy out, Docherty and Swan in


i have jacobs and dangerfield
both letting me down
is it time to trade or hope they start to perform?
also have gibbs and goodes have terlich and vlastuin on the bench

Birch's Buddy

Hey boys, need a bit of help, as always! I really need to defeat my opponent this week.

Got the normal Goodes issue, but I realise that Hawthorn have a GWS/GC/MELB feast in just over two weeks. So what I was initially planning to do was the following:

Laird-Goodes this week.
Use 550k cash to upgrade Stevenson and Dwyer/Neade to Birch and Buddy just before the demolition run.

Then I realised that, Birchall wasn't going to drop by a whole lot before then, so I might as well buy him now. But then I saw Hartlett's B/E of 30-something (which means it was now or wait until after byes). So I tried the following.

Goodes -> Laird
Switch Gibbs into MID to avoid donut and trade Viney to Hartlett.
Then in two weeks, bring Buddy in, but miss out on Birchall vs GWS/GC/MELB

Then there was the side thought of bringing Watson in for Viney, but I don't think that would be a good idea with all my defensive problems.

Any other variations involving somehow bringing Buddy at the bottom of his price curve, just before GWS (that is a definite must) and preferably Birchall too. Does anyone think Birchall will somehow be attainable during the byes?

Also, after two trades this week, I will be done to 21 trades, but should have a complete team + 7 trades by the finals (barring major disasters).

Thoughts. Any replies much appreciated!


Goodes to laird and viney to hartlett both seem like good trades. Great idea on buddy mate, wait until after round 7 when the 57 goes out of his price calculations and he will have dropped a lot in price by then and playes arguably 3 worst teams in the comp!

Birch's Buddy

Thanks buddy!


Fyfe out for 2… has me thinking, maybe trade him. Im thinking Fyfe to Pendlebury/Watson/Cotchin and Blicavs to Gawn.


work on def or fwd rookies this week? im leaning towards def because of gibbs and goodes being out.
now my problem is if i do one downgrade and one upgrade this week in def or fwd it leaves me with little to nothing in the war chest. is it a bad idea to do two downgrades this week to bubble boys to make my war chest grow?
stevenson—>docherty AND pittard—>laird


should i do, for example, stevenson—->docherty AND pittard—–>heath shaw/charlie dixon/hamish hartlett/grant birchall
i currently have $127000 in the bank__thoughts from the community would be greatly appreciated 🙂


im in a similar predicament. i went with 1 downgrade 1 upgrade leaving me with 132k

Kermit the Frog

I think it depends if points or cash are more important to you. I'm thinking about dumping Gibbs(assuming pittard/stevensen play) for Docherty or Laird, but I'm not convinced either will see a lot of game time. I traded in Westoff a couple of weeks ago and am not so sure about him now, so I really want to watch the defence premiums before committing to any of them. I am leaning towards trusting Wayno's hot tip and going with Docherty. Wayno is a Genius.


docherty is a gun! but voss' revolving door means JS is an issue – hanley returns and black and staker will come back into best 22 – dochers might get some vest time – wait for teams if named he is pick of rookie defenders but as i say vossy got issues –


Does anyone know when B. Staker is due back?


Looks like he played on ANZAC day but not in the best players so might need another week or 2.


Overall Rank: 1413 (lost 408 spots from last week)
Team this week:

DEF: Goddard, Grimes, Stevenson, Pittard, Terlich, **Shaw** — Goodes, Gibbs

MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendles, Kennedy, Wingard, Wines, O'Meara, Mayes —- Evans, Kommer

Rucks: Goldstein, Leuenberger — *Gawn*, Rowe

FWD: Franklin, Cox, Bartel, Rockliff, Kennedy, Dwyer — Neade, Macaffer

* Trade 1 = Blicavs to Gawn
** Trade 2 = Brown to Shaw

Had built enough coin for another DEF this week to move ahead in some points, had been eyeing shaw BE and was good to see him having a big game. Might have missed Hartlett and Birchall at this stage. Other option is Heppel against GWS?

THEN to have Gibbs and Goodes both down….means I'm not getting ahead with my trade Im merely stopping the bleeding somewhat.

Hoping Pittard gets up, and Brown passes concussion test – otherwise I might have to trade Goodes and miss out on Gawns cash rise in my rucks. Waiting for full teams before finalising trade.

Would like to see Kommer get a run back in the team, thought he hasn't put a foot wrong so far this season but Ess flying.

RECOMMEND: Those not heamoraghing in the backline to have a look at Winderlich….booted 8 goals in the VFL a few weeks back, played ripper against Pies has had a season in the 90's but had some inj – looks in good form in team playing on belief and solid spread


hey im ranked 1413 to. i rose 1386 but now i got the fyfe, goodes, gibbs, pittard problem goin on. im waiting for teams to come out before i start deciding my moves. if pittard is ruled out then i might chop him. and i gotta think long and hard about fyfe and if ill lose to many points benching him for 2 weeks. also thinkin about using gibbs as a stepping stone for birchall and if its worth it. i got blicavs to but i wont make enough cash of him for what i need to do. i smashed most of my cash last week getting hartlett in. you are right tho ive been playin around testing out different trades and each one i do doesnt feel like an upgrade. what to do what to do…


yeah i think gibbs will come good just miss 1 and yeah trading pittard might be an option instead? got feeling brown might not play this week – hence shaw trade. Fyfe to Heppel might help your team dannyboy if u can swap with Goodes – if you had money up to Ablett but all 3 out for 2 each will hurt ya


I think is a good option…….to hold on to Gibbs and Goodes….

Thinking of doing similar trades this week myself…..i am currently ranked 4683 overall……had a massive week in RD5 scored 2421……and currently having all sorts of problems with suspensions & injuries……Gibbs, Fyfe, Goodes, Pittard, Brown, Crouch……

OUT: Brown IN Dixon / Shaw / Hibberd….not sure who to go for…..

My Backline currently as it stands…..

Goddard, Hartlett, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Terlich, Brown……

OUT: Blicavs IN: Gawn……..

Current Rucks…

COX, Leuenberger, Rowe, Blicavs…….

And final decision on the trades will be made once the teams are announced…….

What do you guys think of trades……..suggestions / commets welcome……..


your DEF looks strong especially when those two return – if u think u can get thru it then maybe one of ya other lines could do with a stevie j trade especially now he is set for more mid time this year..


After the MRP decision on FYFE's 2 week ban……i am actually thinking to swap Fyfe to Steve J and Brown to Heath Shaw or C Dixon…..what do you think…..surely you cant have over 540k sitting on the bench and doing nothing……will effect the scores big time i think……

Comments / suggestions welcome……..



yeah dont know what they were thinkn appealing fyfe's kickn charge? – without knowing your team yeah i think those trades look good. Heppel got GWS this week but im stayn away from bombers for now…maybe just fix your defence holes is what im thinkn – but if you need a fwd upgrade then stevie j is your man – gibbs might be back as blues have longer break…then in 2 weeks bar inj ya team much stronger and cull next wave of rookies


Thanks mate for the reply above…..

I am actually not sure whether to trade Fyfe….may hold on to him……at this point…..i will be making the decision based on the teams tonight……if Brown doesnt get named then may have to bring another defender who is playing this week between Laird and Docherty……or i will be left with no backup in the defenders for gibbs and goodes…….one trade for sure is pittard is out this week for Dixon into my team…..cant afford to loose this week in my work place league……since i am playing against my BOSS…..we have a small bet going on as well…..worst fear is that he will be all over me if i loose……..scary…..



Jesus H Christ Jock, mi team has just been Gillarded – Suspensions, Injuries, etc. Got Balls of steel and i'm gonna take the hit.