How is your mob looking this week? Round 5

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Your Supercoach MobTex Walker stuffs his knee. Bryce Gibbs subbed off at half time. Duffield a late out. Jasper Pittard a late out, Lewy Stevenson a late in. Tommy Hawkins a late out. Matty Priddis gets knocked out and subbed out with only a handful of fantasy points. The list goes on…

The Supercoach Gods have been playing marbles with our cods this weekend – there is no two ways about it folks.

Its the inexperienced fantasy footballer that tucks his/her tail between his/her leg when things get hairy. Its the experienced fantasy footballer that looks at a hat full of adversity.. and sees future opportunity. I challenge you all to galvanise your resolve. To walk with purpose into a stiff southerly breeze. To laugh in the face of the Supercoach gods and come out the other end a stronger coach.

I love this game….

How are you all getting on this weekend? JR Brumby FC looks set for a score somewhere in the vicinity of 2200 Supercoach.

Also.. looking towards next week – what are your plans at the trade table?

Listened into our special midweek podcast this week? He’s 7 years old.. and he’s ranked 10th overall in Supercoach and we chat with him..

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I got SUCKED IN with Clokey, but I'm stickin' fat as he's a long term prospect and his price was justifiable – so long as he doesn't score mid-60's for the rest of the season. I also brought Hartlett on board, and he made up for big T's disappointing score.

1776 from 17, SC is predicting 2250, I'll just be happy to break 2200 for the first time this season.

Looking hard at cutting K. Stevens for J. Selwood next week and possibly trading down a cash cow depending on who's on the bubble as the Selwood trade's gonna empty the warchest.


You just picked Hartlett up at his lowest score of the year – Wonder will people still be doubting the strength of the Port Midfield ??

Got to keep the faith with Clokey now – he will come back but still not sure if he is a 100+ average from here out


Jock thats the thing with SA teams, if they want to play, they'll turn up and play, if they don't and the culture is wrong you get half efforts and poor results. Both Crows and Power have always been like that. I think Port are last years Adelaide who really not as good as their 4th spot finish last year suggests, but played on belief in themselves and each other up the ground. Their structure is much better, they've got some experienced players returning to to their team and obviously enjoying their footy. Building a good forward line there….


I reversed my trade after reading your article. But then considered it again and re-did the trade. I know it's a risk, but it's a risk I committed to. As Jock said recently: Fortius Quo Fidelius.

Despite Cloke's performance the Brisbane boys all went nuts to get me up to 2365. Might be filling the vacuum in Jock's wake after he left the trenches last week.


Brett Goodes looks set to have a week or 2 off after his hit on Caddy Shack last night.
Will be looking to slaughter a couple of cash cows next week (not Goodes) and team is set for around 2,300 this week


Kommer copped 2 for his, so it will be there abouts for the head high contact – if its 3 weeks is that too long to hold?


1797 from 17 captain played. Rocky set to explode against the dees predicting 150 at least


I didn't have the stones to put the C on Rocky, Zorko, or Moloney.


Yep Rocky for a 150 today – Had the C on him but also had the VC on Ablett – taking the VC score 😉


Wise move as Rocky is super-sub today


2168 with rocky and big leuy to play, hoping for 2350, also do i trade goodes if he gets suspeneded or put terlich on the ground, who hasnt been scoring well


Honestly it could be a great POD not having Goodes and his scores may start to decline has the unknown becomes known and teams start to pay him a little more attention .. Its early but I might trade him


2 weeks = keep
3 weeks = trade?


I have Pendles on the loophole but should i stay with that or put the C on Zorko, Birchall,Swallow???


Pendles' score was captain-worthy and it's the safe bet. If you're an adrenaline junkie put it on Zorko.


STAY .. anything over 120 is Captain worthy .. 130+ is great


Take a Risk son!


Pendles all the way mate.

You are just asking the fantasy footy gods to unleash their wrath on you if you try to get too greedy especially this weekend with all that's gone on.


Will be watching max gawn today for a trade in option for blicavs, he is stagnating quickly (BE will be close to his average this week)


1822 with 17 played, had Dwyer/Vlastuin/bGoodes or scoring low, No donuts(fingers crossed)
Cotchin,GAJ (as C, u lil ripper!),Dixson,Omeara,JJK,McVeigh and Rance(i have faith!) all scored as they should.
With Buddy,Birchall,Leuey,Mayes and the Mullett to play, lookning around the 2200-2300 range.


should crack 2300 i dare say .. nice work TheDishD


Thank you DMI, hands in prayer mode, the SC gods have been a fickle butch this round, i might have used a bit of luck up taking PA @$2.20 for the win 🙂


Currently on 2024 with Birchall, Rockliff and Leuey to play.
Sam Jacobs hasn't found form yet.
I picked up Hartlett this week for Viney, best trade I've made yet.


Great Trade – there are still doubters there for Hartlett – will easily finish top 6 defenders this year – and he's had a 38


1923 with Frankin, Hill & Rockliff to play, hoping for 2200. Burned by Gibbs, Jenkins, Dwyer. Stuck with Vlastuins score after Pittards late withdrawal and to top it off I had the captain on Swan & VC on Ablett when it was meant to be the other way round. Playing against a fauy in one if my leagues who has 1770 withe 7 players to play including Franklin, Mitchell, Birchell, swallow. He’s on to a whopper of a score!!


Might be time to say goodbye to Dwyer .. was disappointed with his output this last two weeks now . not easy to score points in a Collingwood team where points seem to flow upwards to their top brass


Agreed, Jenkins for ham n egg burger and Dwyer out for???


15 completed for 1646. Players left Buddy, Evans, Terlich, Rockilff, Mayes, Leuenberger, docherty. Pretty bad this week with Dwyer 38, goodes 67, dangerfield only got 89, and there were a few others like gibbs and that. Hopefully aiming for 2200. What do you think ill get


expect your Brisbane players to go off – should crack 2250


my trades this week were viney for mayes, then stevenson for hartlett. the late change would have made me change my trade to pittard over stevenson, but i traded to early and was locked out. but all in all im happy with picking up hartlett at the right time, he will rise about 50k after his efforts. 1842 with buddy, luey, rocky, moloney and mayes to play. hoping to get 2300+ with brissy to have a big one against the dees.


1819 off 17 Gazza (c) much better than last week, I have buddy, rocky, mayes, matt jones and Luey to come hoping for 2200-2300.

My trade was Hodge to Swan so really happy with that. I unfortunately the week before went Danger to Hodge to make some cash thinking Hodge would play in middle at least I eventually got to Swan :). Next week will be trading Dwyer to Murphy.


1800 with Cyril swallow rocky leuenberger Mayes terlich left. Hoping to get 2300

Should I wait on getting Jobe into my team or get him as soon as possible? Doesn’t look like slowing down

My midfield at the moment is ablett, swan, Pendles, JPK, swallow, fyfe, cotchin, wines, o’meara, crouch


Woah! Crazy midfield.


2350 id say DannyBoy


i hope so mick a good score while many are having an off week would really help get me towards the front of the pack. currently #2799 overall. still a few hundred points off but its all about being consistant for mine.


On 2077 after 19: Rockliff, Moloney, Leuenberger. Hope to crack the 2300 mark for the third time this year.
Next week looking to upgrade a backline rookie to a premium. Who should I get Hartlett, Birchall or Waters?


Not great, not too bad tho. 1636 from 16 with captain. Still have Birch, Buddy, Zorko, Leuy, Mayes and Terlich to play so i'm thinking 2100-2200 looks likely. Haven't scored under 2100 yet so hopefully that won't happen.

=] Gaz as captain! Cotchin, Jaeger and the Josh Kennedys were also great

=[ Mundy, Mundy and Lecras all under performing. Having hutchins on field over Heath and the subbing of gibbs!!

SC Legend.

1,671 for 18!
Tex Walker, Duffield, Gibbs, Dwyer, Kerridge, Maric, Fyfe all underperforming! NOT HAPPY.
Be lucky to crack 2,000 with Buddy, Leuy, Terlich and Zorko to go….

A week to forget!


Fyfe isn't really underperforming in my opinion. I'd consider trading Walker to Walker.


fyfe is killing it this year he is one of my best decisions so far this year, stick with him


Maric, this is the first time this year he has got less than 100, Fyfe has only gone under 100 twice, 96 (rnd1) and 93(rnd5), Gibbs subbed off with hammy tightness(might not be bck next week) hard to call that underperforming, Twalker is gong to be out for 6-10 with knee, Dwyer,Duffield agree prob need to be chopped.


Buddy, Rocky, Mayes and Evans left after a respectable 1923, given Gibbs, Rowe and Goodes having sub par performances. Be looking at another double slaughter this week with Dwyer, Pittard, Terlich and Macaffer all on the block.
Still have question marks over Dangers sustainability over the season. Could be a cut and run option.


1813 from 17, Got Leuey, Rocky, Mayes, Terlich and Roughead to play.

Whats your thoughts on the Bryce Gibbs situation, will go down alot after being subbed off and he seems to have gone back to defence :@


What's everyone's thoughts on Jacobs? I need EXTREME cash generation this coming week so that i can upgrade to Stevie J and GAJ in Round 7, so i was thinking of downgrading Jacobs to someone like Gawn, then downgrading a rookie, maybe goodes or Wines? Would get a solid 500k + with those 2 trades


Jacobs is gone for mine. Playing like crap, something is wrong with him, be it confidence or injury cause he's stinking up the joint at the moment.


Is it true that rockliff is the sub?


oh dont tell me that!!!


yeah he is


i cant move him from his possie on the forward line i hope he can still somehow have a big one, but it might be like the bryce gibbs problem. the majority will be affected so it wont matter a hell of a lot

Good Bloke Dougie

No he isn't


Relax fellas Docherty is the sub.


Having a decent round with 1940 so far and Buddy, Leuey, Rocky and the Birch to go so hoping to score somewhere between 2350-2400.

Upgrading to Hartlett this week certainly reaped rewards and plan to upgrade Goodesy to Watto this week just in time for a GWS massacre and probably Pittard to Heath Shaw the following week with the remaining war chest.

So all looking sweet, injuries permitting of course.


u sound like a man with a plan. where are u ranked so far? your team sounds like its all coming together nicely


Started off very slow with a heavy cash cow oriented team with 6 midfield rookies. But definitely gaining momentum now with very few weak points left in my team now after finally getting rid of all my spud premiums a few rounds ago.

Nothing special with a ranking at 36,000 odd before the start of this round but that should improve considerably after this weekend.

But you are absolutely flying mate. Sounds like you have a decent shot at cracking the top 1000 later tonight so congrats!


yeah thanks mate going nicely, gonna have to spend my trades chopping cows for cash this week as i only have $3500 in the chest but thats the way i like to play. i started with 5 mid rookies and if i dont act soon they will start to bring me down, gotta get kane lucas off the ground, ill hopefuly have the coin to get a selwood or someone like him in 2 weeks but a lot can change in that time.


Amen to the injuries call. I've been burning through the trades despite not having any serious injury issues thus far. Things are just coming together nicely.

…and now that I've said that: touch wood touch wood touch wood.


1558 with Evans, Zorko, Grimes, Mayes, Maloney
Is it time to off load Maloney after this week and then place him up to GAJ, thoughts?


1797 with buddy rioli rocky and Maloney to go hoping the 4 have big ones to push it to 2200+… Think it’s time to cull some rookies this week to upgrade to a prem deff only running 3 atm so think its time for another thoughts as to who?


2058 with only rockliff and leuey left. also sam jacobs may cop the axe next week


im 512 behind my opponent, he has one non player in common to play Rockliff. I have 6 but one is Daniel Rich and hes not going to score many points.. Leuenberger, Mayes, Zorko, Terlich and Burgoyne, am i a chance at all?


Hello Community,

Not too happy this week……my score is 1660, 16 played and with C as Pendles……still Zorko, Rockliff, Roughead, Terlich, Mayes, & Moloney to play….hoping I will get between 2100-2200 range….

My 2 trades last week were OUT: Viney IN Mayes and OUT Stevenson IN Hartlett…….purely went with Mick's suggestions after reading his article regarding Birchall….i think it paid off……and happy getting Hartlett into my side…..

PATRICK DANGERFIELD – I think he is not showing any sort of intensity in his game compared to last year……..thinking of getting rid off him this week to either to Job Watson or downgrade him to a rookie who is on the bubble…….not sure what to do?

Another Trade i will be doing this week will be to downgrade L Brown to S Docherty and generate some cash……i think L brown will start to decrease in his price from now on……he didn't even reach his BE this week……GRRRRR…….

PATRICK DANGERFIELD……what do we do with him……???…….Community please help……



I still don't think i should be trading him out because he is a gun and He could fire up any round. I will keep him till end, unless a long term injury. It's your call anyways.


Ablett as Captain Rocked 320! Traded in Hartlett 140 dumped Duffield.
Copped a few low scores this week Hutchins 24, Gibbs 65 will be be right for next week? Rowe 44, Had Sinclair 79 on the bench. Goodes 67 looks like he might get a little holiday! Stevenson was handy with 87.
My score is 1928 with Rockliff, Buddy, Berger and Mayes to come, wonder how he will go??


I am on 1949 so far with 4 more to play. Got Rockliff, Mayes, Leueumberger and Terlich playing today. What you reckon i will score this week?


Around 2300 at a guess which will be a good score for this round.


Hope So


Scored 2352.


Great score!

I ended up with 2308 so you bested me.


Despite Duffield's late out, Luke Brown's 23, Gibbs subbed off at HT and Sammy Dwyer's 38 Im still looking at a 2200-2300 so pretty happy.


Im sitting 1025th overall and having an avg round will drop some places – couldnt do Capts loop as my emergency was Kommer (first game played) in the split round, so missed out on Yablett as Capt, having played the C on Swan.

Loss 70pts

1. Dwyer has shocker
2. Gibbs subbed off at half – thankfully no inj and common to many teams
3. Luke Brown subbed concussed in same game (first time Ive played him on ground)
3 players on ground for total of 120pts
4. Gray who Ive held since the start of year expecting round 2 return sub vest again – so ended up making the trade to Mayes, then Gray scores 73 from sub vest

1665 of 16

Proj 2200ish – missing the big scores this week will drop plenty

Adam V

1992with 4 to go


doing alright i suppose, 1713 with leuenberger, rockliff, evans, terlich and mayes to go. Had the VC on Pendles, but tempted put the C on Rockliff as he has done very well v Melbourne in the past. Midfield is holding up well, would've been better that Fyfe and Libba got a few more to get their 100s, but Sam Jacobs is really starting to frustrate me. Might even move big Cox to ruck and get in Stevie J for him


hope you didn't put the C on Rocky, only 76 at 3/4 time, may not hit ton!


got 1727 with 3 players left who are big scorers in mayes rockcliff and swoller looking at 2075 or 2100 and I might get rid of swoller if he has a shocker today and bring in d zharkes from Essendon and then swap blicard for matty launburg from brisbane


Swoller, Blicard and launburg. Nice


Ok, so I have a weakened Defence with Gibbs and Goodes likely to be missing so…. Who do I get in place of Jack Frost as I need to get some cover in.

Plus, I am thinking of Swinging Cox into the Ruck in place of Jacobs but again, who to bring in? I am thinking Franklin or Zorko already Have Bartel, Lecras, Neade, Kennedy and Rockliff up there.



Gibbs won't miss anything.


I''m planning the same thing Jonathan with Jacobs and Cox. I have Walker in my FWD line as well, so i'll most likely swap him for Stevie J and trade Jacobs for Mayes. Franklin should be dirt cheap after his poor score again.


What's a pass score for this round? Looks like I'll get around 2160, currently on 2124 with Moloney (on 106) & Rockliff (on 76) to finish last quarter – come on Rocky lift!!!


There is a reason you don’t sideways trade on premiums on ma boy Zorko just proved it! Never sideways trade a premium before round 6! Dangerfield on the other hand still causing headaches!!!


lol, i traded zorko to rocky, not direct but through some upgrades and downgrades, so i got Zorko's 67 but not his 105 and 150, and rockys 113…

ah well, hopefully rocky outperforms Zorko for the rest of the year, which i think he will cos Zorko won't kick 3 every week.


Tex getting injured makes me sad. Think I have to dump Jacobs as well, he's been a shell of the player he was last year. Swing Cox into the rucks, downgrade Jacobs to Mayes and then trade Walker to Stevie J or someone like that.

Terrible round overall, no Hanley, Walker's 30, Jacobs, Mundy and Gibbs getting in the 60's, took the C off Ablett again and it cost me. If I didn't do that late Duffield trade i'd have been short with Pittard pulling out.


2436, very happy. Will have to get rid of jacobs and maybe danger though.


2257 much better than last weeks 2002, lost 2 leagues matches by 2 pts and 29 pts. Cotchins last quarter cost me a win :(. Hoping to climb up the rankings currently around 14,000. Really happy with my trades this week, Hodge down to Mayes and Stevens to Swan. Have $570,000 in bank for some upgrades this week.

The benchmark

Finished with 2280 and took a premium paul chapman doughnut. Thought i had covet but a few late withdrawls got me. Happy with my heath scotland trade B/E of 150+ to hamish hartlett stuff all b/e. 100k + turn around and sisty more points for the round. Even if it was a sideways trade i happy with it


jacobsTo Franklin and Goodes(depending how many games he misses) for hartlett


Finished with 2226, seems like a good score for a round like this but I'm kicking myself for these two reasons:

Duffield and Pittard late withdrawals leaves me with a donut for the round. Terlich as emergency scores a 77, but Stevenson (a late in) scores 87. I didn't have him as an emergency which really sucks.

Had Pendles as VC and was happy with his 136 using the captains loophole. Then Ablett goes and scores bloody 160.

Although it was a pretty dodgy weekend, really happy with one thing; traded in Sam Mayes for Macaffer and I was stoked as he played brilliantly scoring a respected 95.


Same thing happened to me. Was happy with pendleburys score so used the captain loophole. Put ablett emergency and crouch as the on field captain. Then he goes and scores 160. I feel your pain


2455 & wrapped with picking up Hartlett, only downfall was sticking with Pendles with the loopole instead of going with the little master oh well still pumped


I got 2352. Is it good score for this round?


Dude that's great


2275 with 2 premos down back not playing, a player who didnt score, L. Brown with 25 and gibbs and jacobs underperforming!!!


Buddy and Birchall Grrrrrr. Lost all 5 games by not more than 30 points


2292, frustrating round, 13 of my players were 100+ which should really translate to 2400+. Only 2 x 130+ and too many sub 70 scores (Jacobs, Cloke , Hutchins, Gibbs, B Goodes) hurt me in the end.

Studs: GAJ, Pendles, Swan, Moloney, A Walker (very happy with him, took him on from the start), JJ Kennedy

Duds: as above, JP Kennedy and Cox a bit down as well. Also did CPT loophole with C on Currie and VC on Swan. Tossed & turned over whether to switch VC to GAJ, decided not to, and it cost me a league win (lost by 19 points!)

Trades this week: seriously considering trading out Jacobs, moving Cox back to RUC then getting Buddy in – he has Crows, Swans then the 2 new teams so good time to jump on. Was also considering Cyril until his hammy when ping! Will be using my other trade to cash in one of my cows, not sure which one yet (any thoughts – out of Stevenson, Pittard, Viney, Blicavs, Dwyer, Neade), will need to review BE's once updated. Will also be checking for any rookies on the bubble this week to maximise $$.


Scored 2319 with Ablett as captain. Should I slaughter any cash cows this week? Not sure what to do with my trades, knowing that Goodes may not play 1 or 2 weeks. Or should I go ahead and leave my team as it is for round 6 and save some trades.

Adam V

2303 this week with a 39 and 44 from Dwyer and Rowe also Gibbs off at 1/2 time so pretty happy


2352 for me after watching bloody buddy kick 0.5 and cost me my 2400. boo buddy my lowest scoring player this week

vinny mac

Can't wait to see the Carlton players rack up huge scores against the Demons next week!


2361. Only Dwyer and Jenkins let me down.

Raymond hill

What should I do with roiling


2256 and lost my top of the table clash by 6 points. My own fault for getting too clever with the captains loophole and not backing the little master in!


2293 and only won one game of 5. But the win was against mr crimmon in the 2’s (jock reynold division 1). Despite some bad luck so far im 3-0 in that league. Most other leagues im 1-2.


So if Pittard isn't named this week is it time to shaft him? With Goodes and Pittard on the bench, don't like the sound of Terlich and Hutchins on the field.


My brutal start to the season continues with a tight loss…0-3, this week's score of 2145 vs 2217 (not super close but by far the closest in the league).

The Good: GAJ, Swan, Watson, Leunberger, JJK, O'Meara
The Bad: Sauce Jacobs (66), Franklin (57), Sub-affected 22 from Docherty
The Ugly: Not realising you can't reverse trades during the rolling lockout, and trading out STEVENSON for Birchall, leaving me with Pittard and two sub-vested back liners


Not too bad in the end after low scoring from Goddard, Kennedy and Dwyer. Lions saved me with Zorks, Lue, Rocky and Moloney blasting through. can't count on them every week though. Time to shaft Jacobs methinks.


Decent week, 2259, despite Gibbsys best efforts.

A couple of HUGE ins next week.

In: Hanley (from suspension), G, Ablett, Gawn

Out: Blicavs, Stevens

Oh Boy!


Trade out B Goodes?


depends, you got cover??


Which forward should i upgrade to out of Bartel, Stevie J, Martin or A. Walker??


IN TEARS!!!! No fyfe, pittard, gibbs, goodes! Im thinking more pain to come at selection table time tomorrow night. All trading plans torn to pieces. WHAT TO DO????