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flesh for fantasyHello again community,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend of fantasy last week. It was the round that rewarded those who “stuck fat” with their premiums. Dangerfield scored a nice 120, Zorko tonned up for the first time this season and Justin Westhoff just keeps on scoring – 149 v Gold Coast during the week.

This week, due to football on ANZAC Day, we need to be on our game early in regards to trades we’ll make and which rookies we’ll play, because the Coll/Ess and StK/Syd players will be locked away come Thursday night – and you could miss out on chance to downgrade a Macaffer to Mayes for example.

It’s also important in the coming weeks that us fantasy fanatics keep an eye on the BEs of rookies. Many are about to hit their ceiling, and you don’t want to be losing money off your rookies. As the classics say, “know when to hold them, know when to fold them”. This will be discussed in more detail over the coming weeks.

Anyway, here is this week’s edition of “Flesh for Fantasy”.


DANE SWAN (COLL) MID – $642,700 DT/$635,200 SC

– Next 5 Games: ESS (A), STK (H), FRE (A), GEE (H), SYD (H)
– Recent Scores: 136, 103, 91, 168

If you looking to upgrade a failing premium or have the cash to splash, Dane Swan is your man. The tattooed superstar loves to feast on Essendon, with scores of 175, 180, 176, 106 and 142 in his last 5 against them. Dane is in typical Swanny form right now, and really, he’s the type of player that will still score 100+ even on an off day. Many have ignored Dane to go with Ablett instead, so bringing him in would be a nice PoD, and having both him and Gaz in your midfield will set you put for a massive score. So, while Dane may be a touch on the expensive side, if you can afford to get him in, it’ll be a trade that’ll see both your scores and average go up.

HAMISH HARTLETT (PORT) DEF/MID – $423,500 DT/$489,600 SC

– Next 5 Games: WCE (H), NM (A), RICH (H), CARL (A), GEE (H)
– Recent Scores: 123, 38, 118, 144

Hamish gets a mention for the 2nd time this season, and for good reason. Despite that off 38, Hartlett has been sensational this season – finally living up to that potential which saw him go number 4. But that’s not the reason I’m mentioning him in this weeks’ edition. The reason I do so is because of his crazy low BE. Hamish must score approximately 31 in order to receive a price rise, and given his current form, he’ll absolutely smash it. This, therefore, will lead to a price above $500k and I believe it could be a while before he ducks before that. So, what Crimmins is trying to say here is that if you’re considering upgrading a poor performing defender ie Paul Duffield, Hartlett could be the man at his discounted price. You could also get him in the midfield and use his DPP with the likes of Goddard and Gibbs. If you’re a tightarse like myself, Hartlett is a must get this week before he goes up in price.

GRANT BIRCHALL (HAW) DEF – $518,400 DT/$563,400 SC

– Next 5 Games: NM (H), ADEL (A), SYD (H), GWS (H), GCS (H)
– Recent Scores: 122, 126, 110, 152

Crimmins here wil admit Grant Birchall was in my team all pre-season, until poor Matthew Suckling tore his ACL in a NAB Cup hit-out v Richmond. With Brian Lake out too, I was under impression Grant Birchall would have to play more a lock-down role. Boy was this old fart wrong. Grant has been anything but, rebounding off halfback beautifully, and becoming a weapon for this formidable Hawthorn side. This season has seen career-high disposals in a game, career-high kicks in game, career-high goals in a game and career-high tackles in a game. Grant’s elevated himself to another level, and this has been against the competition’s best sides. He’s BE sits at 76, and given his current form, I expect his price to go up even more. Finally, Hawthorn’s draw opens up beautifully, and with games against GWS and GCS, the high scoring is set to continue. If you need to upgrade a defender, Grant’s your man.


MATTHEW STOKES (GEE) FWD – $403,000 DT/$420,800 SC

– Next 5 Games: WBD (A), RICH (A), ESS (H), COLL (A), PORT (A)
– Recent Scores: 93, 78, 125, 103

Matthew Stokes has been a revelation early this season. He has been a beneficiary of Geelong’s successful start to the season, with an average of 26 disposals and 6 marks. He even made an impact as the sub, scoring 78 SC points in what many have labelled as the greatest sub game of all time. Let’s not forget the other 3 games he’s played – collecting 29, 30 and 31 disposals respectively. Selecting Matthew would be a gamble, because I believe he falls into the category of Justin Westhoff – just waiting for it to all fall apart. But, if he keeps playing the way he has in the new role that Chris Scott seems to have given him, there is no reason for Matthew to drop in form. He could be a nice PoD trade-in option if you’re looking at dumping a Taylor Walker or any other failing premium forward.



BRENT MACAFFER (GEE) FWD/MID – $165,700 DT/$175,200 SC

– Next 5 Games: ESS (A), STK (H), FRE (H), GEE (H), SYD (H)
– Recent Scores: 44, 60 58

The Macaffer experiment is over. The dream of having him as a mid-priced forward scoring mid 70s and generating cash came to nothing. He’s now out of favour and not generating any money. The fact he was a late inclusion for Goldsack says it all – will only get a game if someone comes out of side. So, what do you do with him? Sam Mayes is one option. You won’t make much money off that trade, but you are bringing in someone who will. Tom Lee is also another player worth considering, and you’ll get another look at him before his price goes up. Any way you go, Brent must be ousted.

SHANNON HURN (WCE) DEF – $338,700 DT/$444,000 SC

– Next 5 Games: PORT (A), WBD (H), BRIS (A), NM (H), GWS (A)
– Recent Scores: 99, 67, 73, 86

In a game of numbers, the ever-reliable Shannon Hurn has had a down 2013. He’s dropped $44,000 in value, his disposal count is down (including kicks) and he isn’t taking the number of marks he used to in years gone past. Most concerning about all this is he’s currently tracking career high in time spent on ground %. At Shannon’s price, you would be expecting more – considering many of the other defender premiums you bypassed to select him. I believe this is the week you trade him out for another premium defender before guys like Harlett go up and you’re stuck having to blow many trades just to get him out.

KANE MITCHELL (PORT) MID – $123,900 DT/$121,000 SC

– Next 5 Games: In the SANFL
– Recent Scores: 13, 15, 35

No-one teased in the off-season like Kane Mitchell. The 2012 Sandover Medallist was meant to be that mature rookie that would burst onto the scene and make us some serious money. We were all waiting and waiting for that elevation off the rookie list, and when it occurred – many rejoiced. Fast forward 5 rounds, he’s played 3 games (all 3 as sub), he dropped in value and is now back on the rookie list. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him anytime soon, and if you haven’t traded him out yet – do so this week. Given his price, Michael Evans might be a nice option. He should almost bypass Mitchell’s price this week, while also making a handy $20,000.

JACK VINEY (MELB) MID – $182,800 DT/$193,400 SC

– Next 5 Games: BRIS (A), CARL (H), GCS (H), RICH (A), FRE (A)
– Recent Scores: 117, 49, 17, 9

You’re probably wondering why Jack Viney is in the “Get Him Out” category, and I’ll tell you why in 2 words: BREAK EVEN. That numerical value which determines how much you will be worth this round sitting dangerously high for Jack. Approximately 33 is the magical number and now decision has to be made – do you keep 1 more week and back him in to get the 33, or do you cut your losses and go down to a Mayes/Evans. I’m not telling you as such to get rid of Jack this week, but more start thinking about what you do with him – because whether it be this week or next week, not sure Jack has many price rises left in him.


Going up

– Brad Crouch (ADEL), -24 BE

– Sam Mayes (BRIS), -51 BE

– Kane Lucas (CARL), 27 BE

– Travis Cloke (COLL), -18 BE

– Sam Dwyer (COLL), 6 BE

– Mark Blicavs (GEE), 9 BE

– Jaeger O’Meara (GCS), 11 BE

– Lachie Whitfield (GWS), 33 BE

– Grant Birchall (HAW), 76 BE

– Shannon Byrnes (MELB), -22 BE

– Michael Evans (MELB), -94 BE

– Matt Jones (MELB), -34 BE

– Dean Terlich (MELB), -28 BE

– Jack Viney (MELB), 36

– Hamish Harlett (PORT), 31 BE

– Campbell Heath (PORT), 4 BE

– Angus Monfries (PORT), 60 BE

– Jake Neade (PORT), -1 BE

– Jasper Pittard (PORT), 21 BE

– Lewis Stevenson (PORT), 17 BE

– Ollie Wines (PORT), -29 BE

– Dylan Roberton (STK), 10 BE

– Nathan Wright (STK), -16 BE

– Daniel Hannebery (SYD), 62 BE

– Mark LeCras (WCE), 34 BE

– Josh J Kennedy (WCE), 42 BE

– Callum Sinclair (WCE), -39 BE

– Brett Goodes (WBD), -16 BE

– Koby Stevens (WBD), -3 BE

Going down

– Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL), 136 BE

– Heath Scotland (CARL), 159 BE

– Scott Pendlebury (COLL), 161 BE

– Heath Shaw (COLL), 169 BE

– Dale Thomas (COLL), 226 BE

– Jobe Watson (ESS), 173 BE

– Paul Duffield (FRE), 116 BE

– Jimmy Bartel (GEE), 153 BE

– Paul Chapman (GEE), 141 BE

– Steve Johnson (GEE), 138 BE

– Gary Ablett (GCS), 165 BE

– Sam Mitchell (HAW), 173 BE

– Andrew Swallow (NM), 149 BE

– Ivan Maric (RICH), 130 BE

– Kieren Jack (SYD), 146 BE

– Josh P Kennedy (SYD), 156 BE

– Ryan O’Keefe (SYD), 136 BE



I’ve become a bit of a broken record, but it does warm my old heart when I see the questions fly in from punters like you every week. So again, thank you, and here are the burning questions for this week.
@webbmark: the question of the week. Evans or Mayes?

ANSWER: Great question this one, because I too find myself in a similar position. Both have their pros and cons. I like the job security of Mayes – reckon he’ll be a regular fixture for the rest of the season. However, Evans is considerably cheaper and has a lower BE. That said, I worry about Evans job security, and he won’t be playing GWS every week so this round may have been a freak score. However, all that said, I would got Evans ONLY if you’ve got another MID rookie on your bench playing week in/week out – otherwise you could find yourself stuck if you get a late out.

@NunoDP: want to upgrade one of the port rookies to Hartlett. Who should I let go Pittard or Stevenson.

ANSWER: Great to see you’re jumping on the discounted Hamish. For me, I’d go Stevenson. BEs between the 2 are almost similar and Pittard has the ability to score quiet high in SuperCoach. While cash generation is important, you also want to score well and climb up the rankings. But yeah, Pittard for mine.

@galenmunari: thinking about trading out Viney and in a donut who is a DPP for loophole purposes. Thoughts? J Prudden for Dogs DEF/MID $109. Dogs play most Sunday night games of anyone, and around 75% twilight.

ANSWER: Love it. This is the thinking of a coach who will be there abouts at the business end. It’s a smart trade, because while many have been using Macaffer over last few weeks, they were burnt last week when he was a late in. By having the guaranteed donut, you can not only do the loophole, but also use his swing to advantage during the bye rounds. Make sure though you have another MID rookie who will play every week. Last think you want is a late out and be stuck with no replacements on the bench. But overall, it’s smart and will generate cash too.

@Barxy82: is it worth trading K Stevens for Wines? What to do with Hanley this week pittard and terlich on the pine…

ANSWER: Firstly, I believe you’ve missed the boat on Wines sadly. If you’re going to trade Stevens, trade down. Look at either Evans or Mayes as possible targets. Cash generation is important so you can turn a Stevens into a premium down the track. Secondly, hold Hanley and play Pittard. He’s shown he has ability to score well into 90s, and while it’s not a straight score swap for Hanley, at least you’re only losing out 30 points instead of 60. SuperCoach is all about decisions that will maximize score and salary.

So there you go community, some food for thought before the early beginning of round 5. All the best, and remember, any questions you have, simply tweet @Mr_Crimmins or any of the JR community. We’re all in this together.

Mr Crimmins.

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Stevenson to Birchall and Karnzis to Mayes souns good for this week? Very excited about putting the VC on Swanny

The Old Dylan

Swan got the big blue V on Monday for mine!

SC Legend.

Hey Mr Crimmin's,
I've got a bunch of trades flying through my mind. I would like to hear your opinions on them..
I have now been tempted to the Kane Mitchellson to Evans this week and jump on a cash calf.
Stevenson down to Docherty.
Macaffer down to Kerridge.

Hopefully, if these guys get dropped for one week. I'll be able to also do;
Stevenson down to Paparone
Neade down to Lee.

This will set me up nicely with a nice warchest and be able to get a Birchall/Goddard/Rocky in the following week or even a deprived Dayne Beams in my midfield.

Anyway, my question is are all those trades worthy, after all it can never be too many trades when you are growing your war chest?!

Myron Gains

Macaffer is on the bench for Collingwood you numbnut, his BE is minus something and will rise further.

Mr chan

Agreed !


Don't bite the hand that feeds. Go elsewhere and do your own research if that helps.


Once again a great article with much food for thought Mr C!
I traded Birchall this week and Mayes looks to be the other trade but, id love to get hartlett…

SC Legend.

Let me summarize again.
26 trades remaining.
Duffield to Hartlett (?)
Mitchell to Evans.

Stevenson to Docherty.
Macaffer to Kerridge.

Pittard down to Paparone
Neade down to Lee.

Opinions? All worthy trades?


Paparone and lee might have already played three games so that would probaby be a waste of a trade


Pass on LEE his likely to be the SUB most of the time.
I think your trading in to many rookies, I can understand trading in a extra 1 or 2 like MAYNE in round 5 & KERRIDGE in round 6 but that should be enough. I wold stay away from Evans or any Melbourne rookie for that matter as I don't like their job security as stated above. Granted EVANS will maybe generate you $50k to $70k in a week however that might be all he'll play, someone like MAYNE sure his a extra $55k but he will continue to get games & I think he's a future GUN, that's who I would get and by round 10 im hoping he will be worth $400k and then id be trading him out for a serious premium.

However in saying all that, you should have most of the rookies such as GOODES, PITTARD, STEVENSON, TERLICH, WINES, O'MEARA, NEADE, ROWE, DWYER, MACAFFER and by now you should have generated some cash so you can turn these rookies that have already gained $150,000+ into premiums starting from round 6.

If you have any mid priced players around $300k to $400k who are doing crap your much better off getting rid of under preformed mid priced players for a couple of decent rookies and this way your generating cash much quicker.


Trading Viney out this early i believe is a mistake. He has had problems with the ankle this season so that could be an excuse for his poor performance last week, and keep in mind its his first season. Next three weeks he will face the Lions, Blues and GCS. i think he has a few more ripper games in him before a trade is called for.

#1 Jock Fan

fair point, but for those who have viney as a bench player should trade him out for Evans. Breakeven of -94, you cant miss out on these cash cows midway through the season


This is true but if like me and you have Crouch in you side he is a much better option to trade for Evans as his price is going nowhere for 2-3 weeks


Hey Mr C.

Trading Ryder out this week. Can swing things around to get either Selwood, Franklin or Hartlett? Will Hartlett keep up this level? Selwood would mean only two mid rookies on feild, which is comforting. Franklin is Franklin. Will his price be this low again? Any other options you want to throw up.

Thanks in advance. You're a great addition to the community this year.




Franklin, undoubtedly a gun. If I was you, I would see the fixture. Hartlett is a good pick if u need to upgrade ur defence, especially with Stevenson out. Despite that, Franklin is a gun. He will be your X-factor. He is looking good at a cheaper price. I would go with consistency, so therefore Selwood.


Crouch is out for more than 2 weeks. Hamstring injury. Slaughter him instead


Why? He is a great loophole option and scored well last week so will keep going up

Andy B

Yep, get Franklin in.


I have money for Birchall or Hartlett. Which is the first option to get? I am thinking Birchall as Hartlett could be punching above his weight at the moment maybe?

The Old Dylan

I reckon you’re bang on the money mate

Vic City

I'm in the same situation, have enough to upgrade Pittard to either but Birchall will deplete my cash. Reckon you're right on Birchall though.


I'd hold off on trading out Macaffer – if you have room, leave him on your bench. There's limited job security with Neade looking into the future as Gray resumes his spot in the side. Furthermore Kerridge ought to play his second game this week; he's a ball magnet and has scored well in the SANFL – wait a week to reaffirm a downgrade of either Neade/Macaffer to Kerridge


Who to start on my ground
Dwyer or Mayes ??
Thoughts please 🙂


Mayes for mine. Dwyer has played more games and the ANZAC Day clash is always higher pressure than regular season games so it may overwhelm Dwyer. He is a mature recruit though, so it might make no difference.

They're my thoughts anyway. I've benched Dwyer for Rowe despite Dwyer's higher average.


here's my team got $98,800 left in the bank would like your thoughts
goddard, gibbs goodes, heppell, pittard, heath, Stevenson, and terlich
ablett, pendlebury, cotchin, kennedy, wines, Dangerfield, O'Meara, crouch, viney and stevens
cox, Jacobs, blicavs and Sinclair
kennedy, franklin,rockliff, roughead, dwyer, neade, rowe and mcacaffer

thinking maybe macaffer to mayes
and then next week if Docherty peforms well again trade him in for one of the port boys


Should i trade out toumpas vines or crouch


1. Toumpas 2. Viney 3. Crouch (most upside, good loophole option for 2+ weeks)




who on the field mayes, rowe, neade or dwyer?

thoughts please


Definitely go Mayes anyone who is unsure. Mayes has had two 75+ games and has a dpp status. Evans had just one good game, he scored 48 in the first round! and he plays at Melbourne, who dont score well. You invest more money nto mayes, but he will make much more. Also everyones chasing lasts week scores, have you not read mick the mads article about that.


Crouch or Viney out for Evans? Crouch would give me the captain loophole and if only out for 2 weeks will probably be around par in price with Viney after his first game back, with probably more potential to go up quicker from there. Or is it better to get rid of the crouch now incase the injury is more than 2 weeks? Tough decision and could be more important than it seems.


Going for Mayes over Evans after more thought, but still unsure about Viney or Crouch for the trade out!

Cold Ass Honky

Told myself i wouldn't make any trades this week, but Jimmy Bartel worries me. Tempted to trade out Bartel, and bring in young Brodie Murdoch (dont suggest another fwd rookie, im short on cash), in addition to trading out Viney, and bringing in Dane Swan.

Team would then look like:

Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Terlich, Frost)

Mid: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Deledio, Mundy, Wines, O'Meara (Jones, Kommer)

Ruck: Maric, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Currie)

Fwd: Cox, Franklin, Rockliff, Kennedy, Neade, Dwyer (Macaffer, Murdoch)

Next weeks moves would be trading down Blicavs for Gawn, and probably Stevenson (or another cash cow) for Docherty. Leaving the cash to make Dwyer or neade into a premium the following week..

Am i not thinking straight? I just see a big points gain starting Swan and Neade over Bartel and Matt Jones. Had a bad week last week, so dropped to about 6000th in rankings..

Thoughts much appreciated

Cold Ass Honky

Thinking Watson and Paparone instead as my ins


I can justify trading a high priced player or mid priced player to a rookie to generate cash, however I think Bartel could easily score 120+ against the Doggies this week so id keep him.
Out of all the rookies to chose from why in the hell would you chose BRODIE MURDOCH this week is his first game?

If your thinking of getting anyone stick with the two Sam's.
Either get SAM KERRIDGE who I would select as top pick, as there was allot of hype about this kid last year and he scored 70 last week against the Doggies.
Or option 2 get SAM MAYES who has a average of 75 after 2 games and his price will go up $40,000 to $60,000 after round 5.

Good luck either way.


I've also got Bartel and I'm with you on the worry about him but isn't he worth looking at for a couple of weeks? Even if he struggles in the next 2 weeks I would probably be looking at upgrading him to an elite. Yeah sideways it may be, but I can completely justify trades like that. If you insist on downgrading for cash then wouldn't Mayes be a better option? Should average 80+


Sorry Crim but that's a bad call on Macaffer, he has played 4/5 games including tomorrow, and will go up significantly in price this week. He is a hold for at least another week and maybe 2 or 3 more depending on how he scores tomorrow.

By the way as remaining 14 teams aren't named until after tomorrow's lockout, DO NOT TRADE until after teams are named, UNLESS you are planning on bringing in a player from tomorrow's games (ie Cloke, JPK etc). You cannot reverse a trade after the first lockout, so if you trade in Mayes tonight only to find he isn't named tomorrow, you're stuffed.


with Rich out for 8 weeks , pretty sure Mayes will get very good JS and game time.


What trades should I do community?

my team – money $37,100

DEF Hanley*, Goddard, Gibbs, Goodes, Roberton, Pittard (Stevenson, terlich)

MID Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Kennedy, Wines, Dangerfield, O'Meara, Crouch* (Viney*, Kommer*)

RUCK Cox, Jacobs (Blicavs, Currie)

FWD Kennedy, Franklin, Rockliff, Martin, Dwyer, Neade (Rowe, Macaffer)


Reckon you're in desperate need of cash for premium upgrades. So either cash one rookie out this week such as Viney.

Or wait a week and cash out two cash cows for new rookies on the bubble.

Don't think you should engage in any corrective trades as all your existing premiums look pretty good, no real spuds there.


I have same mid field issue of those 3 rookies missing this week if Viney misses through injury. Solution is WAIt until Melbourne name their squad and hope viney gets picked, otherwise I will go Viney to Mayes for DPP and job security.


I don't have Hartlett or Birchall – who should I be making my priority to get in this week? Hartlett obviously cheaper with lower BE, and historically not too bad against upcoming teams… decisions decisions!


I would recommend you pick up Birch. Quite confident he will finish as a top 4 defender.

Hartlett has a little more risk associated with him with his poor track record with injuries combined with bit of an unknown as to how the Port midfield will perform against stronger opposition, hard tags etc.


Note @Brisbane:

Daniel Rich is out with a shoulder injury (8 weeks fracture)

Mayes job security just increased!




Duffield to birchall

Viney to Mayes (or should I go buddy)






what do u think about rampe's job security???
how many games will he play??
will he be the one out when shaw comes back?


is it worth trading monfries to hamish hartlett??

he has only gone up by $80000 so far


Sounds good


monfries still to go up in price


Viney for Mayes
or crouch for Mayes
or maccaffer to mayes
Thoughts please


I would go 1. Crouch to Mayes
2.macaffer to Mayes
3. Viney to mayes


Keep Crouch for the loophole thingy, Viney has to go




Swan for a big one against the Dons today!


Who should I have a the captains loophole as this week??
VC on pendles with C on Ablett or Cox
VC on Ablett with C on Cox
Or even C on Rockliff playing Melbourne


VC on pendles he is the medel guy


Thanks and what about captain if he doesn’t perform?




Should I trade Parker to Hartlett?

Adam V

In Rampe, J Selwood
Out Pittard Viney


Hey Guys
Really want to bring Mayes in this Week, but not sure who for. I was thinking about Macaffer out but his BE is still negative and his is still getting game time. Mayes and Macaffer are around the same price and obviously Mayes will go up more this and probably for the season, but is it worth using a trade for this.

Crouch is another problem, his injury is a hammy which means there is a possibility of him being out for a month. Crouch is a gun, but is it worth having a rookie sit on the pine for 3-4 weeks loosing cash generation. Another problem if we keep him is, If Bernie Vince starts playing some good footy which we know he can Crouch might have problems getting back into the team and could start to cop the vest.

Viney is a different kettle of fish. His round one game was top class for a rookie but he has failed to kick on and scored a dismal 9 for me this week. Viney is young and will prevail in AFL footy to be a gun, but is he ready at the moment and is he capable of averaging over 70 from here which Mayes looks like he is capable of. Also as everyone knows Viney plays for Melbourne and you know what that means.

I was looking at my team and realized that another possibility for me was to move Rowe into the ruck for Currie and then bring Mayes in for Currie in the forward Line.
I would love comments and tips


Is this benny bio???


currie cant move to fwd line


currie out, rowe to ruck, mayes in

do it


With Birch, Gibbs and Hanley already in the backline is it best to go with Goddard or a fair amount less for Hartlett?


If you haven't used many trades yet then go Hartlett, but be aware that he's a more risky prospect than Goddard. But Goddard is a Super Coach touchstone; he's super-consistent at getting 100+ scores, so plan to get him in sooner rather than later.

In a week's time it's likely that Hartlett's value will have gone up a fair bit, and I'd say Goddard for sure. Hartlett's value for money this week is the only thing making me recommend him over Goddard.


Which 3 should I play on field… At the moment I have:
On ground: Dwyer, Macaffer, Mayes
Bench: Neade, Kerridge (emergency)

I was thinking Mayes is a good option against Melbourne.. And both Dwyer and macaffer have been selected to play..

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Personally I would play Dwyer, Neade and Mayes.
In saying that Macaffer is named to play and he probably won't get the sub vest. So he would be a safe option as well. Not sure about Kerridge yet.


hey guys, anyone using B.Crouch as captain loophole thing this week?


Is it worth going Stevenson to Docherty, then Heath to Hartlett?
Or should I wait another week?


docherty is still playing his second games this weekend. a bit of a risk but heath will be loosing a lot of money as his BE is 150. who is ur other defence rookie???


Not sure where you got Heath having a be of 150 from???


It's -5.


he will go up 35k if he scores 60, im thinking about trading him next week for docherty


stevenson is expected to rise by more than 20'000 for next 3 rounds


evans or rampe ???


Do you think Currie will play soon or is it time to trade to someone on the bubble?


I traded hi for rowe who was on the bubble. Doubt currie will play soon with daw now in the team and he looked very good so maybe trade him in when he is on the bubble.


Brent Macaffer – reignited as a defender today – already with 11 rebounding touches and 50 super coach at half time


you would be crazy to get rid of him with a B/E of -25


Doing the captains loophole with peddles and crouch
Got ablett what's a good score to keep pendles?


pendles 135 swan 126. had VC on swan should i keep it or go with ablett as my CAPTAIN?? what do u think ????


rowe or majak daw this week?


Magic MAJAK. 44 points in the first 15 mins. he will be in my team next week. hope he plays.

swan's 126 good enough or abletts as captain??


Both, use rowes, ruck/fwd swing


Really want to bring in hartlett in the midfield, but no one i can think to trade, in a few weeks i could do it with wines, i can do it now but wines' BE is -41! so im not trading him


i have already used 5 trades this year is it worth using 2 more to trade out crouch and viney for mayes and evans


I am not quite sure why everyone wants to bring in Evans. You're all chasing last weeks scores. In the round before he scored 116, he only got 48! I personally am trading Viney for mayes, even though he is 50k cheaper. Buty Mayes will make more. i am also keeping crouch do use the captains loophole. But if you are going to trade crouch, i would switch him to DEF if posssible and bring in Docherty.


Evans' breakeven is extremely low and that 116 will be in his rolling average for next 3 weeks, meaning he is going to go up heaps. Even if he does score 40-50 for next three games


136 enough for pendlebury to stay as captain or put ablett as captain?


Surely you have to take 136… otherwise whats the point of using it?

A Wiser Man

More than enough.

vinny mac

I told myself I'd stick with pendles if he scored more than ablett's avg (130). I'm satisfied with 272.


I took the risk… and the risk paid off!
GAJ against the GWS boys was a must!

Hope you made a risky choice also..

A Wiser Man

How does Matty Wright -> Mayes look this week fellas? Will leave me with 23 trades (all necessary, I'm ashamed to say), but I get rid of an under-performer, give me cash to play with next week and jump onto a cash cow (named on the wing!) in one go. What do you think? Conserve trades for later, or get off Wright, onto Mayes?


wright—Mayes looks good


Keep pendles as captain or make Ablett captain against GWS?


I am keeping Pendles, your call really


Who is better to put on field?
Rowe or Neade? i was first thinking Neade as he has had a fairly consistent start to the season but i think Rowe is needed up forward a lot and could get close to 100. thoughts?
so Rowe or Neade?


I'm putting Rowe on the ground. Neade may be in danger of being subbed or starting as sub, Rowe will start


Trying to get Hartlett in, only way I can do it is:
Zachary Williams for Viney &
Hartlett for Stevenson
Is it worth it?


who are ur DEF and MID roookies?


a little birdy told me that Ablett might not play this week or will be the Sub.i am going with Swan as my captain


Should've used the loophole


ROOKIE MISTAKE!! traded in Viney for Evans then was going to do Kommer > Mayes but Kommer had already played. Cant reverse trades. Fact is ive been on Mayes for last 2 weeks his youtube highlight vids checking his history. He is a gun…

Only possible options are Neade or Gray in my team

1. Do i accept my mistake and forget about it? Let those two make some pts cash and keep the trade?

2. Wait and see if either gets vest this week? then make a trade beforehand? if either cop it will drastically effect their $$$

3. Keep Gray no matter what…baring inj he is still cheap for a 90ppg avg player

Feedback welcomed




I reckon Neade is a good chance to start as the sub this week, but who knows what Hinkley is thinking. I'm thinking there won't be a big price rise for Neade in the next few weeks so he could be a good downgrade option. Gray should get a full game with injury the only risk. I'd keep him at the moment. Will be interesting to see how Port go against the Eagles! Good chance to see where they're at


cheers…thinking the same thing…and who knows what Voss' revolving door policy is like at Brissy with Mayes job security, surely on current form he'd be in best 22 for awhile yet? decisions decisions…


who should be on the field?
daw or rowe?
all thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


Rowe is guaranteed full match…. Daw was concussed so could be a late withdrawal or play and be subbed out mid-game due to injury/fitness concern


k thanks


Louis Stevenson or Nick Vlaustin on the field?


stevenson is an emergency so most likely won't play… so choose vlaustin




plowman or vlaustin?


Vlastuin…. such a let down.. *sigh*


Hi everyone, in need of help!
I thought that Fasolo would break out this year along with Jamie Elliot and Jarryd Blair, but chose Fasolo out of the three of them. He's done horribly and I'm not sure whether to cut my losses and trade hike out or to hold on. What do you all think?


Do I use the loophole and take pendles 136 or back gazza to get more??


Absolutely take Pendles points and double them up especially with GAJ and his sore paw.


Same thing with me, but i am not taking pendles 136. I hope that ablett gets more. only did this because i am not happy with were i am sitting in the rankings.


good call pulls out a thumping 155



Pittard OUT
Stevenson IN


Thanks, buddy!


Hi everyone, in need of help!
I thought that Fasolo would break out this year along with Jamie Elliot and Jarryd Blair, but chose Fasolo out of the three of them. He's done horribly and I'm not sure whether to cut my losses and trade him out or to hold on. What do you all think?


Mayes or Evans?


Lol Westhoff

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