Monday Poll – time to take cash cows to market?

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Is it cash cow slaughter time?How are we all! Time to put the big issue of the round out to the considerable collective genius of our beloved community in Poll form.

There was plenty of discussion on Sunday night’s podcast (click here to listen) about rookies. Is it time to start trading some of your rookies who have played 4 games out to generate som cash for upgrades to premiums?

And so it is that we go to this week’s Monday poll. Which of the following 4 game rookies (if any) do you take to the slaughter yard this week?

Look forward to discussions in the comments,


Which (if any) of these blokes will you trade out this week?

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  1. Matt says:

    Way too early. Most of these guys still have plenty of money left in them. Viney is a tough one with a 9 rolling through next few weeks, but the others are still still going up!

    • jockreynolds says:

      Yeah fair call Matty – I suppose the argument I put up is that there are only a set number of opportunities we will have to conduct the trades required to cash in all of our rookies. By trading one now, you open up the opportunity to cash more of your cash cows in by allowing yourself more time – and also open up the opportunity to fill your team with premiums earlier then every other bloke….

      a real interesting one mate. I'll be trading Pittard likely this week

      • Josh says:

        Pittard to who though??

      • Front Pocket says:

        If you keep Pittard for a couple more weeks it will get that rancid 41 out of his calculations. But then again, that was the only game against moderately quality opposition so it could be a sign of things to come…

        Maybe I should hold my tongue.

    • Mac says:

      I think it's a good thing Viney scored the 9. It means that he will take longer for his price to mature so we can upgrade other rookies first before worrying about him.

      • James says:

        That's my thinking on Viney too. With Kommer also in my squad and only one more round 'til he returns i'll have more time to rotate other rookies out. It may be too late to be looking for quality rookies to generate cash come round 9 or 10.

  2. John says:

    Most are still going up Jock! The only one to think about really is Viney, who has the highest BE of 30. So my thoughts are trade down Viney to Evans, and with the rising premiums such as Hodge and others, i am actually thinking of a trade from Moloney to Stanton and making good use of the Captains Loophole (DT). What do you think community?


      John use and check out Moloney's 2011 he hit 500+ disposals. That is some exceptional company he keeps. Currently on track between 440 and 500 possesions for the year at 22.5 disposals per game,with 5.5 tackles, so there's plenty more 100+ out of moloney and only cost you $360k – you'd take it in any of your other lines so should look at offloading him when his BE and proj start to meet. Should go to $500k with your rookies earning more cash you can get anyone you like later on…probably your last mid to upgrade not your first

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah I second hanging on to Moloney for at least another 2-3 weeks. He's a good reliable asset you have there and still got another $100K to appreciate I reckon.

      Stanton has been one of the biggest burn men in fantasy football history so I would avoid him. Danger, Swallow and Murphy are all cheaper and better selections imo or even Sidebum or Montagna if you just have to have someone who plays this Thursday.

  3. Marc says:

    I said none, but I see it as the type of SC question where there’s no universally correct answer and you’d have to place it in context with your teams selections/performance. You may have to seriously consider trading one if there are some rookies who are on their second game and look like a legit shot to play enough games to generate some cash. You might be able to make $100K+ now from Pittard, plus get in on the ground floor for another rookie priced player.

    Also have to consider other premiums breakevens. Are you $100K short of snagging Dangerfield? Then you may very well want to likely trade Viney out now since the 9 will severly limit his cash generation for the next few weeks. Trade him now to net the extra $ to score a potentially elite premium at a much cheaper price.

    • Spot on Marc – Viney is going to go this week to allow me to upgrade next week – Dywer to Franklin next week with the extra cash I will have in the bank.

      Makes sense for my structures and my team – can't talk for others

      • Saltysalts says:

        Yeah spot on, I see Hartlett as too good to pass up and will trade either Stevenson or pittard out for him…hard to say which one to trade out tho…

        Hartlett has a BE of 13 and will make money anyway if he doesn't turn out to be a permanent addition to my team. I'm liking his chances of a massive year tho

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Mick.. agree mate. Time to pull the old trigger

      • Viney will make me 80k which when added to the war chest should allow me to go Dwyer to Franklin next week (provided they both hit projections this week) .. makes sense to do it now

        Don't trust evens but with a 116 in his rolling average will make cash over the next three weeks and then can be turned into someone else in round 7.
        Must be aggressive now if you want to take out the 50k

        • Pete says:

          Viney to Mayes for me

          Then its time to get on the Birchall train!

        • AFL Guru says:

          I now have almost 1.3 million in the war chest with an average score of 2090. I traded Viney down this week to doped some cash generation. If I have any chance of storming home to the top I need to start picking up the premiums from next week. Birchall and Ablett will be my grabs next week. Franklin and Hanley the week after. Maybe cox after that once his inflated Melbourne score is out of the equation. Roughead will find some form in the next month too. Think ill keep jaeger, wines and crouch the longest out of all rookies as they seem the best emergencies for finals time

  4. Billericay says:

    Thinking not this week but next week with a couple of decent downgrade opportunities (Docherty, Gawn) coming up. Not convinced on Evans, what do people think of Mayes?

    • I like Mayes as a player but I still can't justify his starting price of 160k odd for a cash cow rookie. The only option I have to be is to trade Viney out and would only make 30k by going to Mayes. It would be a straight swap for Macaffer in the forward line, meaning no cash generation .. so I think i'll have to pass

      • Billericay says:

        I've still got Kanye to trade out and I'm thinking that Evans might be fools gold. I stupidly didn't did Zorko > Hanley rather than Mitchell > Crouch last week. Not sure if I'll ever forgive myself.

    • @HJ_Mitch says:

      Mayes is only going to get better.

      • THESALTSHAKERS says:

        Yeah Mayes looks like a gun avg 19.5 disposals, as we've seen from Mullet at north those sorts of stats if can be improved upon will see him over $400k took 10 marks in his first game playing off the wing. The only thought process that would allow me to do this would be if I was to sacrifice another DPP player in a few weeks time. Then having Mayes still gives you that vital link rolling into byes

  5. Tom says:

    I think its time to trade at least one out. With Paddy Dangerfield, Dayne Zorko and Marc Murph all with relatively high BE, their price will drop again this week. I'm looking at trading out one of my rookies and upgrading to one of those premium players in. With Varcoe going down, I'll look to trade him down too and use the cash to get in a top liner. Jock, what are your thoughts on this strategy?

  6. Jason says:

    Out goes Heath & Stevenson incomes Birchall and Docherty (have a bit of cash as well) nothing to gain in waiting – Birchall may go up another $30k and what you get from the cows may not cover it.
    Suppose it depends on what you are after in the game Overall or League

    • Billericay says:

      Do you think Birchall will keep it up? Surely someone will put the hard tag on him soon? Ditto Hartlett, who is very attractively priced this week. Is he going to keep this up when Port play some decent opposition?

      • THESALTSHAKERS says:

        Birchalls give and gets across the HBF this year have been exceptional, especially last week. Seems really fit and demanding the footy, more consistent than most backs and looks to be in career best form – wish I had him at the start

    • Fabian says:

      Docherty has only played the 1 game and will not go up in price after this round. Might be better to wait til next week to make that trade as you can still earn some more cash on your port defenders.

  7. Noords says:

    What do you think about Viney for Evans Jock??

  8. Josh says:

    Out of Pittard, Stevenson and Heath, which one should be traded out??

    • if you are going to do it this week, id say you should trade out the guy with the highest breakeven – check this but that would be Pittard. However he still has the best job security out of all those so if you were planning of having one of these as a bench cover for the season he would be the best to keep.

      • Kev says:

        A b.e of 21 is hardly worth hitting the panic button over! Another two weeks and that 41 will be out of his system

  9. Fabian says:

    I'm thinking Viney to Mayes this week. Agree with you Jock, Coming up to round 5, not going to be able to trade piitard, stevenson, heath, terlich, hutchins, crouch, kommer, o'mera, dwyer, neade, goodes, etc all at the same time.

    I'll be chopping a defender next week for docherty which will then enable me to start upgrading. Tougher decision will be to work out which of the premiums to bring in!

  10. Crab says:

    Viney to Evans and Fyfe to Danger or Delidio or Murph. Thoughts?

  11. @TheDishD says:

    Stevenson>Birchall one cash cow down.
    Now Viney or Brown for Mayes, Evans or Docherty??

  12. Simon says:

    Cash cows are there to upgrade to other players, nothing else.
    Viney has a BE of 30, why hold on to him when his price won't rise much, or could in fact drop, when there are players on the bubble ready to burst out.

    WIth 30 trades, I have no problem with trading down a fattened up rookie to a rookie on the bubble and then slaughtering the new one for the premium.


    I really think trading now is too soon – you want to aim with any trade to make $200k in cash or adding 30+ ppg avg to your team. Any trade outside of that is a wasted trade.

  14. spinnerau1 says:

    Well! A much better round for me! 2217, a much improved score from last week (1843) with thanks to the advice here. Thanks guys!!

    Big question now? Have faith in this line up and hang onto to my trades (27 left) or start looking at off loading a cash cow (sideways?) to generate more cash?

    Currently have $276,500 in the bank and my team looks like this:
    DEF: Goddard, Goodes, Heppell, Stevenson, Shaw, Trelich (Frost, Vlastuin)
    MID: Ablett, Pedles, Swan, Gibbs, Dangermouse, O'Meara, Dwyer, Crouch (Viney, Kommer)
    RUCK: Bellchambers, Leuenberger (Rowe, Currie)
    FWD: Cox, Kennedy, Rockliff, Zorko, LeCras, Neade ( Macaffer, Lee)

    Im pretty happy with it at the moment, but I know I need to make some money to start racking up Premiums soon….but how soon? fine line I think!!

    Once again, thanks for the advice so far and any future advice!!

    "Out pick, Out play, Out score"!!

    • spinnerau1 says:

      Oh yes….2217 was a winning score for me!! Highest in the League was 2294!

      • Kev says:

        Try to stick with specific questions spinnerau1, the rate my team threads are long gone.

        A quick glance at your team and the one issue for me is zorko, he's been bleeding cash and you might want to jump off while you can. That said, he did run into some form over the weekend

        • spinnerau1 says:

          Sorry Kev, my intent wasnt to rate my team, just want to give those with advice (such as yourself) an insight into who I have……no good asking for thoughts and advice if no one knows who I have or dont have, EG…your thoughts above on Zorko…………

          And I've been thinking about that….still have a lingering thought that he'll come good soon!!

    • Tommygun says:

      Play Viney and bench Dwyer

  15. Josh says:

    Viney to Evans and Moloney to Hartlett, thoughts??
    Next week i will look to go Pittard/Stevenson/Terlich/Heath down to Docherty which leaves me with around 150k ish to upgrade some rookies or mid pricers(JJK or Goodes)

  16. dgusto81 says:

    Never get too attached to a cow. Think I’m going to dump Viney for Swan. Even if viney gets 100 he still only goes up 32, 000.

    • reallygusto? says:

      dude, if he scores 100 this week his BE for next week and probably the week after that will go negative…making probably close to another $100k

  17. Too Hottie says:

    Have $450k in the bank, looking to trade J. Russell out for my boy Birch & maybe Viney for Evans which will leave me a good bank to do some trade ups next week. Gary Ablett Snr knows i need it!

  18. Danno says:

    Viney's gone along with Atley. That's let me upgrade to Birchall down back, with Mayes in the guts. I've still got $120K in the chest and opened up my DPP in the middle with Mayes. BE for Viney is still ok but I need to pull the trigger to make use and Atley is stale as a bottle of pi*#.

    • Morse says:

      Danno, couldnt agree with you more ol son. Atley was tipped and expected by many to go to the next level this year and has done nothing but average scores. Too much money invested in mid 70's scores….

      Very dissapointing

  19. Front Pocket says:

    It all depends on your overall strategy for the season. I went heavy on rookies early, which cost me some points this week, but it's balanced out by my heavy bank account. I'll be swapping out one rookie and one mid-pricer for two cherry-ripe premiums.

    I deliberated long and hard about which rookie to offload and decided on Jake Neade. His value was amongst the highest of my rookies, plus he's a Port forward line player, so he might be seeing a bit less of the ball once Port's season-proper starts this week. Neade wasn't on the list so I selected Viney who woulda been my next pick.

  20. Alan says:

    Hi Guys. Huge fan of the site.
    It's Alan here from got a question for everyone. By swinging Viney to Evans it gives me enough cash to put in either Swan or Franklin. On history Swan has destroyed Essendon in previous years, I think in the 170's against Essendon twice, and as we all remember Franklin kicked 13 against North last year. Who would you guys bring in?????. Swan is prob my fav player of all time, but my midfield is already very strong with Pendlebury, Kennedy, Ablett, Cotchin, Watson, Mundy & Wines. As hard as it is, I was thinking maybe leave out Swan take Franklin and set my sights on Dangerfield in a week or two. What does everyone think.( don't forget to check out my website ) chasing some Facebook likes.

    • MadPie says:

      Get Swan or your mad!!!!

    • BKinstry says:

      I'm still not sure about Franklin because of his inconsistency. Swanny looks great but with the midfield you have I see no need of bringing him in. Personally I have Cyril Rioli who is more consistent than Franklin and at the moment is scoring just as much. Maybe bring him in and use that extra money next week.

      • Alan says:

        I like the idea, Thinking Rioli is a good option. At this stage if you had to choose between Cloke and Rioli who would you go for. I know Cloke has a great B/E but im not convinced he will give 100 output consistently. Only concern with Rioli is he tends to miss weeks with minor injuries. That strategy would prob allow enogh bucks to bring in Dangerfield in the following week.

  21. Jay says:

    Hey Jock, should I trade Duffman and Pittard to any two of Birchall, Hartlett, Hanley or Dixon?
    But I cannot afford to have both Birchall and Hanley.

  22. BKinstry says:

    I've popped in Docherty for Stevenson and now I have 300k set up for next week, if everything goes well I should get another win on the board and will be set up for some upgrading for round 6!

    • Michael says:

      Wait one more week for Docherty to play his second game. Stevensons value will go up, so there is only benefit to NOT doing this trade yet

  23. Adrian says:

    Is it worth keeping Hanley for the week or trading him out for Birchall??

    • shaun says:

      I'm keeping him. He still looks to be someone you want at the pointy end of the season. I am waiting a few weeks for Birchall to come down in price.

      • SCaddict says:

        Could be waiting a while though. That 152 will be in his pricing for the next 2 rounds and then the Hawks will be beating up on the likes of GWS and GCS.

        So it will be difficult to pick him up below $600K if you don't get him this week.

        • Adrian says:

          ok cheers

          • Morse says:

            Keep in mind Brchall's first 4 rounds were against good teams that get the ball down his end regularly, this won't happen as much with the likes of GCS and GWS and Melb (rounds 8,9 and 10).

            Might be a huge mistake for me but I'm waiting until after the bye round to pick him up.

  24. Tim says:

    thinking of trading out heath shaw for birchall,
    and then trading out tex for cloke.
    any thoughts?

    • that sounds like a case of chasing last weeks points to me – Two sideways trades that over the coarse of the year are not guaranteed to generate your team extra points.
      I don't understand why Birchall has not received a hard forward tag to date but can only be a matter of time before it happens. I'll wait before bringing him in.

      Cloke has just scored his highest Supercoach score of his career and this is more of an expection and not a rule when it comes to Cloke. He scored 92, 79, 133 in the first three rounds. These are the scores you should expect from Cloke if you are bringing him in. Then the question is will Walker average very similar over the rest of the year.

      I recommend you upgrade the weakest parts of your team first before considering any sideways swaps

      • Tim says:

        Thanks mate, much appreciated.
        On the topic of cashing in on rookies, in the midfield i have Omeara, Wines and Crouch. is it worth trading one of these out to get the price rise from Michael Evans? I'm not too sure, considering they are all playing so well and their prices will rise again next week. Would be great to get your opinion on this

        • Rocksta says:

          The mid rookies you mentioned all have very low BE's and plenty of upside. They are all also very high draft picks/preference picks and as we have seen, good players. I simply do not see the point of getting rid of them now. Maybe re-assess in 2 weeks time. Round 7 is when you need to start looking at upgrading to premiums in different positions ( maybe Round 6 if your scoring over the first few weeks hasn't been flash)

  25. Shaun says:

    Viney to Mayes. Hit the trade button firs tthing this morning after seeing the 9 points.

    What about getting rid of Blicavs? For Sinclair ?

    • John says:

      Try majak next week or even max gawn i reckon you will gain bit more money on blicavs and majak or gawn wont go up

  26. Callum says:

    Really need some help on this one. Two weeks ago i brought in parker for bennel. Had wingard up until 5 minutes before the game. Kicking myself on that one. Anyway im stuck with parker, and after his 46 on friday night his BE is now 103 and that 46 is going to be sitting there the next 3 weeks. Dont really want to trade him out after bringing him in just two weeks ago. If i was to trade him, who could i get in? This is how my team looks;

    DEF: Goddard(mid0, Gibbs(mid), Hepell(mid), Goodes(mid), Pittard, Stevenson, Heath, Terlich.

    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Danger, Parker, Fyfe, Moloney, O'meara, Crouch, Viney, Wines.

    RUCK: Jacobs, Leunberger, Blicavs(MID), Rowe(FWD)

    FWD: Cox(RUCK), Roughy(RUCK), Zorko(MID), Rockliff(MID), Kennedy, Dwyer(MID), Neade(MID), Macaffer.

    $176,000 in the kitty.
    24 Trades left

    Any help much appreciated.

  27. Adrian says:

    clokes breakeven is -39. is it worth bringing him on for tex or zorko?

  28. SAM says:

    jock , who would you trade these rookies for if you have no money in your salary cap (not like i do)

  29. Phong says:

    Last week, I traded in Westoff (Zorko) and Wingard (Mitchell) because they both had -ve break evens, because they had really strong 2 weeks previous. Even if they had a crap round, their value would still go up at least $60K to $70K. These increases are equivalent to having rookies in your side. Westoff went up $72K. Wingard went up $65K this week.

    I have traded in Travis Cloke (Karnezis) with a breakeven of -39. He's projected to $64K. Even if he scores 50, his price will go up by $33K.

  30. SCaddict says:

    Both B.Hill and Viney have been culled this week to make way for Hartlett. Next week it will be Koby and a Port defender for Jobe just in time to make him a VC against GWS, assuming injuries don't rear their ugly noggin. Hopefully Gaz and Pendles will be good to go this week.

    Team shaping up nicely and spud free for over a week now!

    • Scott says:

      hmmm i dno if to go Hartlett or Birchall…

      Birchall has been killing it lately and he has been playing against some pretty tough opponents.. imagine him against the lesser teams!

      • SCaddict says:

        Yeah I already have the Birch so definitely get on him first I reckon. No sign of slowing down any time soon and the Hawks have GWS and GC in another 3 weeks to feast upon.

        • dannyboy says:

          i was tossing up between those two and how to get them in. i got the choice of :
          Viney for Evans and
          Stevenson for hartlett
          Stevens for Evans and
          Stevenson for Birchall

          the birchall option is more appealling as he is a better player and i would rather have him in my team for the journey, even if it meant i couldnt get rid of viney which i would have liked. but thats an issue for another week. i also would have liked to have hung onto koby a bit longer as he has only gone up 50k but all in all i think it will be the right decision

          • SCaddict says:

            It's a close call but would probably go the Birchall option as I'm confident he will finish a top 4 defender.

            Although Hartlett should have a great year I'm not quite as confident there plus there is also his poor track record with injuries that adds an extra element of risk.

            • dannyboy says:

              hey mate after reading sucked in i changed to the hartlett option, hartlett is a really good inclusion with his BE and price where it is, the right time to get him i reakon and even if birchall goes nuts over the next few weeks ill be better of financially with hartlett. this way i can look to use my cash cows properly and look to upgrading my mids as my next phase instead. there are a few juicy mids dropping in price over the next couple of weeks. thanks for the advice tho much appreciated.

  31. Deanbartel says:

    I traded Stevenson (I think Pittard is a better bench player than him in the meantime) for Birchall

    and I traded Viney for Stokes (swung neade into the mid)

    Both players I traded in will increase in price and provide high output.

    I still have $350k in my bank and 13 PLAYING rookies (14 inc SUSP. Kommer) in my side

    What do you guys think?

  32. Gillie says:

    Option 1
    Trade J.Griffen out for Ben McEvoy
    Trade S.Dyer out for D.Rampe then ill have 143,00 on my bank. Or should I get rid of Viney?
    Option 2
    Trade J.Griffen out for Max Gawn for Melbourne
    Then Trade K.Mitchell out for P.Dangerfield
    Thoughts Jock and community?

  33. Sam says:

    Hey guys, there is an iPhone/iPad app called Footy Star which tells break evens for SC and DT.

  34. chooka says:

    Trade out Dwyer for Cloke? Thoughts community??

  35. Rocksta says:

    I reckon its too early to cull the cash cows, as they all still have very low BE's. I will however look at culling one of the Port defenders next week for Sam Docherty. If I go Pittard, this should give me $130K towards the coffers.
    Need to wait and see on Viney, but if underperforms, may have to look at a Kerridge, again performance dependant. This should generate around $100K.
    I want to build the Bank so I can start looking at upgrading to Premiums around Round 8

  36. jockreynolds says:

    Here's a few fleshed out thoughts on the argument:

    Just remember a few things folks when you make your call..

    1. Many of us have 14 or 15 rookies. History shows that in the cut and thrust of injury, restings, comings and goings, you will not get time to cash in nearly as many of these rookies as you might want to

    2. Culling a rookie now – albeit before his price peaks – gives you cash early to build your premiums earlier.

    3. A big advantage you have now in that there are PLENTY of kids on the bubble who wont be there in a few weeks when these rookies peak in price…

    4. The disadvantage in my mind of missing out on the extra $$ that they will accumulate over the next few weeks needs to be weighed up against the ADVANTAGE you get from early cash generation….

    • Gilly says:

      I hear you Jock, no point over fattening a rookie when there are options on the table.

      In addition to point 4 how often do we see rookies cop a vest the week before we want to trade them!

    • Tim R says:

      Hi Jock and Others – I need some pointers.

      Am new to Supercoach this year, but did my pre-season research and have had all the 'must-have' rookies from the start in addition to the usual suspects – Danger, Pendles, Kennedy, Cox, Buddy, Gablett etc.

      What I'm struggling to figure out is strategy this round and in the future.

      – Do try and get some money in the bank by trading a Viney for a Mayes and wait to purchase some guns in a few rounds etc (will have circa $300k in bank if this option)

      – Or is it best to get the gun can afford while I can even if it means sacrficing some decent scorers already? (will only have circa $60k in bank if I execute this option)

      ie I can trade Moloney and D. Martin (who runs out of puff and has a tough few weeks coming up) for Cloke and Birchall while they are still relatively affordable and who I think will be top 5 for there positions come years end? Or is even this still too much of a sideways trade at this stage?

      I scored 2405 (#570 nationwide!) in round three and 2140 in round 4 so not going too badly in either case!

      ANY advice would be amazing as it gets a bit much trying to do it all out without feedback!

  37. Ben says:


    I heard on your podcast you mentioned trading Pittard to Evans…. this isnt possible as Evans is a MID.

    I got rid of that tiprat Varcoe to evans in the MID though

    • Callum says:

      It is possible to trade pittard to evans, just switch pittard in to the mids for someone who can go in the backline such as Bryce Gibbs and trade him out from the MID

  38. jel says:

    Pittard out for Birch, and finally dump Karny for Mayes.
    Still with $565k in the kitty.

    If all goes well, trade Viney next week, swing a fwd into the mid, and grab Franklin.

    Sound like a plan?

  39. Jim says:

    Hey guys need a bit of advice here…. My backline is Goddard, Gibbs, Hanley, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Terlich, Hutchins) and before hearing that Hanley was suspended for a week and a problem with his knee I was thinking Pittard to Docherty and Stevenson to Hartlett, but now with Hanley out it has shaken my plans a bit. Is it worth going Hanley to Birchall and Pittard to Hartlett? Leaving $106,000 in the bank and 2 rookie downgrades next week to boost the bank back up to around $390,000. Nothing to worry about in other areas at the moment, just feel like it's time to build the backline. Thoughts?

    • Joe says:

      How many trades have you used so far? My feeling is that it is too early to pull the trigger on Pittard and Stevenson. On their current averages they are $150k & $128k under their 'real' price. On the other hand Birchall has a nice average of 128, Hartlett of 106.

      Good Luck

      • Jim says:

        Yeah mate, I've wondered if it's too early but they will only hit that top price if they continue those averages and it may be round 10 before they get there. 25 trades left. Interesting times!

  40. Joe says:

    Hi, Thinking of trading Macaffer to Cloke and Rampe to Wingard. Please advise

    Current Team: Goddard, Gibbs, Hartlett, Goodes, Pittard, Heath, Stevenson, Brown
    Ablett, J Selwood, Cotchin, Swallow, Wines, O'Meara, M Jones, Vines, Kommer, Rampe
    Jacobs, Leuenberger, Cordy, Blicavs
    Bartels, Rockliff, Westhoff, Kennedy, LeCras, Dwyer, Neade, Macaffer
    Warchest $689

  41. NiKsTa92 says:

    My current team is,

    Def: Birch,Gibbs, Goddard, Waters, Duffiled, Goodes
    Res: Stevenson, Vlaustin

    Mid: Ablett, Sidebottom, Shuey, Moloney, Wingard, Mullett, O'meara, Stevens
    Res: Viney, Kommer

    Ruc: Cox, Leuenberger
    Res: Blicavs, Currie

    For: Westhoff, Rockliff, Bolton, Kennedy, Dwyer, Mayes
    Res: Neade, Macaffer

    All my trades so far,

    Rd2, Out: Longer, Stringer
    In: Leuenberger, Dwyer

    Rd3, Out: Robinson, Karnezis
    In: Kennedy, Mullett

    Rd4, Out: Zorko, K.Mitchell
    In: Westhoff, Wingard

    Current round, Out: Ryder, Pittard
    In: Mayes, Birchall

    Next week my trades will definitely depend upon how kerridge and Docherty do so I can cull two of my rookies and create some more cash flow followed by upgrading some of my middies to premiums, middies I will most likely upgrade are Moloney, Mullet in two weeks time atm yes it seems like a lot of trades but in the long run I will have my premiums faster then most others.

  42. jimbotraralgon says:

    Hopefully viney gets another week and then cash him in for kerridge via neade into the miss.

    Also wonder if dwyer might be due for a rest with krakour and didak ready to play?

    • Tim says:

      I reckon Dwyer will play, he's done really well for the pies so far in big games. Collingwood will play it very safe with Kraks and Dids, you'd hate to see them get injured again so early into the season

    • jockreynolds says:

      Yep.. I reckon Sammy Dwyer is getting very close to a trip back to the Magoos mate good call

  43. SammyC says:

    Hey guys what do you think about this trade:

    OUT: M. Barlow (FREO)
    IN: LeCras (WCE)

    • The Old Dylan says:

      Chasing points. I don't like it. Barlow is ripping it up, see if you can use a cash cow to get the frenchman in

  44. Papaneri says:

    What does everyone think about gawn? Still have Varcoe so really considering bringing him in & switching Rowe to fwd. Have bigger and better things to worry about next week so thinking of taking the risk with him now as his 97 will bump up his avg & could make me an easy 100-200k overall, even if he drops off & averages 50 like blicavs which would still be acceptable.

    Was thinking of getting Mayes on the bubble but just not convinced on that 164 price tag. Don't think he has the ability to increase price as much as gawn or even kerridge.


    • Deanbartel says:

      I'll be trading Blicavs to Gawn after Gawn's second match 🙂 Bank $100k and watch Gawn fatten! True?

  45. Joeyyy says:

    Hey guys i'm new to supercoach and was wondering if a DPP in emergency can cover the area he is not in? I have traded out viney, moved Goodes into midfield to bring in Brichall and then subbed on Frost so that (hopefully) his donut can be covered by Goodes as emergency this round.

    Here is the team after the trade:

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Yarran, Pittard, Frost, (Stevenson, Terlich)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Danger, JP Kennedy, Moloney, Hannebery, O'Meara, Wines (Goodes, Lucas)

    Will this work?!?!

    • Gilly says:

      I wish it did Joeyyy but your emergency only covers the line that they are in

  46. footyinme says:

    Hey jock my very first question for you is what to do with Pearce Hanley. Have 2 rookies looking to cash in Viney and Kommer. Was going trade these 2 for Evans and Duryea adding 123k into the war chest giving me a total of 160k. Now not sure what to do with Hanely, I could trade Viney to Evans and Hanley to Birchall leaving me with 104k.

    I really need your expert opinion mate!

    • CHRIS says:

      viney to crouch
      hanley to birchell or goddard
      evans looks to have a hard row to hoe in the next few rounds

    • CHRIS says:

      if you have crouch could go viney to mayes instead

  47. Eugene says:

    Do I trade in Selwood or Swan this week?
    With Selwood, will have $28,900 left…
    With Swan, will left $13,600 left…

  48. Joffa's Gems says:

    Viney out Mayes in – again if it suits your structure….Then again Dwyer ( many Collingwood players coming back) for Evans.
    Suggest not going premium trade yet…

  49. spinnerau1 says:

    Evening all,
    Been thinking about this for the last 24 hours or so……..

    Trade out Viney for Evans and Kommer out for Duryea
    This adds $123,100 to my warchest, bringing it to a total of $399,600.

    Kommer isn’t going to go up and Vineys 9 last week really dented his value so I figure get rid of them for Evans and Duryea as they seem to be on the bubble and could bring me another $120,000+ in a couple of weeks.

    I leave it in the capable hands of Jocks Army (yes that’s you guys…and girls!) to once again steer me true!

    “Out Pick, Out Play, Out Score”

    • footyinme says:

      Well I had the same idea and was going to until I noticed that my Peace Hanley is suspended for 1 game. So I could go Viney to Evens and Hanley to Birchall also but sideways trading to gain points sound dumb so maybe I shouldn't?

      • footyinme says:

        Pearce **

        • spinnerau1 says:

          Footyinme…..about 5 minutes after i posted mine i saw yours!!…….Im still mulling it over.

          Sideways are generally frowned upon….but i dont know, maybe they have some merit?

          I think Birchall is a good sideways move personally, I think he can keep his momentum up!

          Much to think about….thank the footy gods that we have Jock and this forum for their wisdom!!

  50. Tim says:

    Hey guys what do you think of this week trades?

    Trade 1: In: Mayes Out: Kommer

    Trade 2: In: Hutchins Out: Vlastuin

    Or In: Daw Out: Currie

  51. Tim R says:

    Hi Jock and Others – I need some pointers.

    Am new to Supercoach this year, but did my pre-season research and have had all the 'must-have' rookies from the start in addition to the usual suspects – Danger, Pendles, Kennedy, Cox, Buddy, Gablett etc.

    What I'm struggling to figure out is strategy this round and in the future.

    – Do try and get some money in the bank by trading a Viney for a Mayes and wait to purchase some guns in a few rounds etc (will have circa $300k in bank if this option)

    – Or is it best to get the guns I can afford while I can even if it means sacrficing some decent scorers already? (will only have circa $60k in bank if I execute this option)

    ie I can trade Moloney and D. Martin (who runs out of puff and has a tough few weeks coming up) for Cloke and Birchall while they are still relatively affordable and who I think will be top 5 for there positions come years end? Or is even this still too much of a sideways trade at this stage?

    I scored 2405 (#570 nationwide!) in round three and 2140 in round 4 so not going too badly in either case!

    ANY advice would be amazing as it gets a bit much trying to do it all out without feedback!

    • G unit says:

      Cloke and Birchill will go up for a while mate, but will settle back down in price as their scoring does the same. Keep an eye on H Shaw, Johnson and J Lewis in the next few weeks as there is real value there. Cloke will be solid but certainly wont be pumping out 130s and 190s that often. He will avg about 95-100. Birchill will be tagged soon and will drop in output too. I reckon anyway!

  52. Sam says:

    Should i trade out:

    Viney -> Evans

    Mundy -> Swan

  53. Zman says:

    Getting Birchall for Hanley or Hurn.

    Hanley: suspension this week plus his value won't be going up any more. Sideways and keep kitty high.

    Hurn: $444K so have to dip in kitty. b/e 90 but only drop a few thousand.


    • footyinme says:

      Is Hanley also injured?

      • Zman says:

        Nope. Just serving one-game suspension.

        My back line: is Hanley, Hurn, Goodes, Hooker, Pittard, Hutchins, Terlich.

        Question is ditching Hanley in sideways worth saving the money against points he generates.


        • footyinme says:

          Well I have him too and I was contemplating the same thing only I dont't have 444k to spend I have 37k haha.

          • Zman says:

            Ha. That's where I'm sorta stuck.

            Ditch Hurn for Birchall, drop $100K and keep Hanley for output OR sideways with Hanley and keep kitty at $450K.

  54. IceColdCousins says:

    Max Bailey?????

    Sooo tempting….

    Yay or Nay

  55. Tom says:

    So my backline consists of:

    DEF: Goddard, Hanley, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson, Terlich

    MID: Pendles, JPK, Danger, Deledio, Fyfe, Wines, O'Meara, Viney, Crouch, K.Mitchell

    RUC: Jacobs, Leuenberger, Blicavs, Daw

    FWD: Cox, Kennedy, Rockliff, LeCras, Neade, Dwyer, Rowe, Macaffer
    $440,200 in the bank, 26 trades left


  56. footyinme says:

    If your using Mitchell for the Doh-nut then trade Viney – Mayes adding $28,900 + $440,200 = $469,100

    Then Stevenson – Birchall leaving you with $128,400

    • Tom says:

      So you don't think that a straight swap from Hanley –> Birchall is a good idea? I would end up keeping the $400k in the kitty and Stevenson could rise another $50k+??

      I like your idea though. A bit worried about only having $128,400 there though…

      • footyinme says:

        I have Pearce Hanley too mate too good to sideways trade I reckon. He is a top 5 defender for mine think of next round when you have Hanley and Birchall mate yeeaaahhhh!!!!!!

  57. Tim R says:

    Too early to use $250k worth of savings and trade in Moloney for Birchall and Dusty for Cloke?

    Too sideways?

  58. McFog says:


    For my VC, should i put Pendles or JPK? Who does everyone think will score higher…?

    • Tim R says:

      Pendles will step it up for the ANZAC tradition! Plus Pies v Bombers will probably be more contested than Swans v Saints.

  59. Dave says:

    Hey guys, would it be better to trade Koby Stevens down to Evans instead of Viney? 50k more and thinking Viney could still get up to around $300 by Round 8 or so. Not sure if Stevens will get too many decent scores.

    • Jim says:

      haha more like $34k more than Viney….a few errors there, but I'm still considering it

  60. Jim says:

    Post round 8…and maybe more like $280

  61. Sunka says:

    If upgrading a defender this week, how important is it to grab Birchall over Hartlett?

    • SCaddict says:

      Birchall is a must have for all coaches at some point…it's really as simple as that.

      Hartlett still has a few question marks hanging over him like how the Port midfield will perform against finals bound teams and will his troublesome hammies hold up against the rigours of a long AFL season.

      Having said that I've had Birchall since Rd 3 so have actually brought in Hartlett myself this week with the favourable BE ha ha!

      Also got my eye on bringing in Heath Shaw in about 3 weeks and then my back six should be set as Birchall, Goddard, Gibbs, Hartlett, Heppell and (probably) Shaw on the cheap.

      • Sunka says:

        That sure looks like a killer backline. What's the rest of your team looking like? Here's my team…

        Def: Goddard, Hanley, Gibbs, Hartlett, Goodes, Pittard, (Hutchins, Terlich)

        Mid: Pendles, JPK, Deledio, Swallow, S.Mitchell, Wines, O'Meara, Mayes (Stevens, Crouch)

        Ruck: Bellchambers, Leuenberger (Sinclair, Blicavs)

        Fwd: Cox, Rockliff, Bartel, Mayne, Kennedy, Rowe (Neade, Macaffer)

        Starting to put the cash away to build, build, build!

        • SCaddict says:

          That's a nice looking team you have Sunka. My team including two trades this week is:

          DEF: Birch, Goddard, Gibbs, HepD, Pittard, Heath, Stevenson, Terlich
          MID: GAJ, Pendles, Swan, JPK, Hartlett, Goodes, Wines, O'Meara, Stevens, Evans
          RUCK: Leuey, Daw, Blicavs, Rowe
          FWD: Cox, Buddy, Rocky, Dusty, JJK, Dwyer, Neade, Macaffer

          Jobe is on the shopping list next week, then Shaw the following week and either Daisy or Stevie J the week after. That's assuming my team isn't struck down by any significant injuries or suspensions or else that plan will likely change.

          • Sunka says:

            Looking nice and set with the premiums mate. Jobe is my 2 week target upgrade for O'meara then Birchall for Pittard. Will probably ditch Bellchambers when Ryder comes back for a Goldstein or similar and keeping a close eye on my fwd line with Bartel, Kennedy and Mayne. One will probably need to go before mid season. Hopefully not! Gotta love this game!

  62. Ben says:

    Is Mayes worth getting? Wanting to get rid of Kanye and also Viney, was thinking of going Viney —> Mayes

    Kanye —> Docherty or Kerridge


    Or is this just a stupid move in general and just stick fat with my rookies?

    • SCaddict says:

      Don't believe it's worth it myself. Reckon there will be better rookies who come on the scene shortly whether it be Vlastuin, Staker, Daniher or someone else.

      Kanye is a handy strategic donut to have but if you have other regular non playing guys for the captain's loophole then perhaps you could consider Kerridge or Evans.

      • Jag says:

        I've got colquhoun to use every week for the captain's loophole, so should i hold onto viney and keep a close eye on kerridge to place into the place of kanye?

        • SCaddict says:

          Yes that sounds like a good idea to me. Gives you another look at both Viney and Kerridge before you commit either way.

  63. Jordan says:

    First year at DT so loving the advice on here.

    My team is:

    Heppell, Gibbs, Goddard, Stevenson, Pittard, Goodes (Armstrong, Vlastiun)
    Crones,swan,ablett,cotchin,stanton,wines, o’meara,viney (Mitchell,Martin)
    Cox,Berger (currie, moller)
    Buddy, westhoff, rockcliff,Kennedy,Dwyer,macaffer (Lee,Gilbee)

    I traded in westhoff for J riewolt and crones for o’keefe. What do you think stick or twist?

  64. team changa says:

    viney to dangerman and bennel to birchell 500k in the war chest. next week will be blicvas and pittard down to majak and docherty. making me 220k the train is starting now boys!! GET ON BOARD

  65. team changa says:

    anyone getting on broc mclean??

  66. Eugene says:

    What do you guys think of Priddis? Is he a long-term keeper?
    Scores have been very consistent thus far but not overly superb.
    I have him in my team currently, should I upgrade him to a Swan or Watson or Selwood or just hold steady?

    • SCaddict says:

      Although it's somewhat of a sideways trade the opportunity to get another elite alternative to better exploit the captain's loophole this year probably makes it worth it. The Eagles struggles missing a number of key players is also evident.

      So if you already have Pendles I would bring in either Watson or Selwood to give you different team options for your C and VC depending on what stage of the weekend they play and who their opposition are for that round.

      I'm planning to trade in Watson next week who should make for a very tasty VC against GWS in round 6!

  67. Robbo says:

    Ok, so I was flying until the weekend when i only scored 2,000 odd. So my question is i have 950k in the bank running in the top 6,000. Should I trade in 1 or 2 premiums, i have all the main rookies.

    Or should i continue to hold on for them to moo some more.

  68. Sparky says:

    Hi All,
    I would have to question to logic of having a sh$t load of cash in the bank. The object of this game is to score, not to make money. My theory is to only have between $0 and the cost of a premium, or better still the cost of a premium less the cost of a rookie cow. When I have this amount I will always trade up to the best possible premium player. This way you are always receiving the best possible score.
    Another way of looking at trading cows is the following. Trade Pittard and Neade for Evans and Cloke (you will have to have a Mid/Def change), Pittard and Neade are expected to rise about about $25k each. Evans and Cloke are expected to rise $70 and $55k respectively. Evans and Cloke are also average about 20 and 50 nmore than the Pittard and neade. Sounds like a win win to me you score about 70 points and make about $75k more.

  69. Kane says:

    Jock, what is the deal with Ablett. Commentators saying he has a wrist/hand fracture that will need resting for 4 weeks at some stage soon. Was cherry ripe to get him in this week in one of my comps but want to know exactly where he's at before committing. Do you have any more info on his current injury status or likelihood of him continuing to play week after week?

  70. team changa says:

    mclean or danger?

  71. Rob says:

    I need a couple of opinions on a potential trade.

    I want to get Birchall in this week as I'm 0-2 in my league. I was thinking of trading out a mid rookie as the port boys have plenty of money left to make and I have both Viney and B. Hill (Haw). Hill has been averaging around 50 and increasing in price very slowly while Viney seems to have better scoring potential but has that 9 in the system for a couple more weeks. So…

    TU: Trade out Viney
    TD: Trade out Hill

  72. Cragels says:

    Just wondering about a few trades I have in mind for this week with regards to all this talk of slaughtering the cows…

    Currently I don't have Gibbs in the team which I am really regretting, so my thoughts were this.

    Trade in Viney to Evans which gives me just enough cash to trade in Pittard for Gibbs. This move only leaves me with 16k in the war chest though which will make it hard to upgrade without downgrading at the same time in the future which might take 2 weeks to get there in some cases for the higher end Prems.

    The teams not going too badly, averaging just shy of 2200 so should I hold out a few more weeks or put these guys in now?


    • SCaddict says:

      I would make a move now and get Gibbsy in this week. Then try to make an upgrade per week by burning two trades each round. Of course injuries may prevent you from doing this every single week.

      That's what I intend on doing for at least the next 5 or 6 rounds to the byes by selectively targeting those proven premiums who have bottomed out in pricing like a Danger, Shaw, Jobe or Daisy in the coming weeks.

      Otherwise you may find you are one step behind some of the better and more aggressive coaches in your leagues who will be taking advantage of the extra trades we have this season and upgrading their team as soon as possible.

  73. Eugene says:

    What to do now that Crouch is out with a hammy, most probably 3 weeks hm…

    • The Old Dylan says:

      I'm getting rid of him, there's too much cash to be made in the time he will be out, and who knows if he'll come straight back in to the side?

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