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Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – pre round 5

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Father of Fantasy podcast

It is a very special episode this week our beloved community. We come to you from the bowels of the mighty Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) after celebrating a great victory with the Demons.

The Demons dug deep and found something in the second half against GWS and may just have saved their football club. And so it is here today that I call upon you all to dig deep into your soul in this crucial period of the Supercoach and/or Dreamteam season.

The race to get a team full of premium players as quickly as you possibly can is on. Some inexperienced folk out there will miss the start… will not even realise that this race is on. They’ll languish. Others will realise that the time for stuffing with sideways trades has passed… that the time to begin slaughtering your cash cows… may have arrived.

Look forward to your input and conversation below.

Enjoy the show.



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Should I trade Blicavs to Leuenberger and Karnezis to Mayes, or look at trying to get Birchall in there some way, possibly for Duffield?


Karny – Mayes. Yes
Blicavs could wait and week for Daw unless you need the cash?


Hold the Duffman, he's worth trading in I thinks

mr chan

was thinking the same thing with duff to birchall as he might be an unreachable (price) soon if he keeps avg 120's! hmmm…..


Not sure on this, should I get rid of Zorko and get Cloke or wait another week?


Cloke's price will rise around $70,000 after this week. Now is the time to get on him.


Great pod again gang!

Got too many zero players. Not enough scorers.

Mayes > HItchcock
Gibbs, Hartlett or Birchhall > Hurn, S (Gibbie won't get cheaper)
Go Nathan Wright for Hurn?

Have $600K in kitty. Ton o' rooks: Pittard, Hutchins, Terlich, Vlastuin, Viney Crouch, Blicave, Rowe, Daw, Neade, Sinclair. DUNCER NEEDS POINTS!


You obviously don't need coin. So yes to mayes, then birchall ahead of gibbs and hartlett


Right. Getting Birchall. Since I need points, thinking LeCras for Jetta instead of Mayes. Have a lot of rooks. Will have $450K left.

Thoughts? Thanks Kev.


yeah good trades jetta having a shocker and lecras is in form


Getting a little wobbly in the mind.

Instead of LeCras for Jetta, get Cloke. Dependable and value going up.


Thanks John.


Cloke may make sense. My highest FWD scorer is Walker.

Maybe get LeCras next round. Thoughts?


Great podcast jock! Unfortunately last round I was unable to deal with Kommer and Varcoe so I will have to trade them out this round. However, instead of Kommer Hannley may have to be traded out depending on how badly his knee was injured. Anyway my question is who would be a good trade for Varcoe and a good trade for Kommer or Hanley? (I have plenty of cash so that won't be a problem.)
Any help will be appreciated greatly!!!


Sam Mayes will make Jaeger O'Meara look ordinary. He is a gun!


I doubt that! Omera is going to be jet in a team that will be filled with superstars!


What about Le Cras!

john d

varcoe to cloke then stevenson to birchall? thoughts?

luke vallence

who else do you have in your defence for your rookies?


g'day fellas
i have 1 trade left for the week after viney to evans. should i use my remaining trade to get a premium forward(dwyer/neade to cloke/westhoff) or a premium defender(stevenson/pittard/heath to birchall/hartlett)

vinny mac

for now, i went for birchall as he is the most consistent when compared to cloke and westoff.




Who is the best 2 player to upgrade to I have 580,000 in the bank






Or any others you think I should get




Ablett and Danger man


Ablett, danger then zork, roughy and tex


Another Great Podcast guys.

Which two of these trades are the most important.

Pittard/Stevenson to Birchall
Jacobs to Mcevoy/Maric
Viney to Hannebery
One rookie forward to buddy

One more question is 2233 a good score for a first year supercaoch player.

Your help would be much appreciated.


Great score for a first year player


Buddy will drop a bit more i reckon. Birchall will only go up again. He is super consistent as well and he can deal with taggers as well. Get him in i reckon. Maric is still dropping in price. Hannebery looks good as well.


1. Getting Birchall in
2. Getting Hannebery/Buddy


HEY JOCK, have a look at Taylor Duryea.
Hawks midfielder, on the bubble, $115,000, BE -56 (if someone needs to down-trade for a money making rookie looking to rise in price) looking to rise by about $60,000,
Is playing as a defender mostly (i think), but the Hawks are moving many more players through the midfield this year, more than any other year. At one point against Freo in the center bounce I saw Cyril, Isaac Smith, and Birchall. Friggin' Birchall of all people lol. Taylor will be playing every week, coz he actually plays well and helps the team. I'm a Hawks fan. Plus we got another season ending injury in Shoenmakers.


He did ok but plenty of clangers. Matt Spangher will get his chance soon(maybe this week) Hes a straight swap with Shoe if you ask me(same height ) and Lake should be in.I think Hawks will rest Ozzy and drop Savage this week. Taylor might be safe for 1 more week BUT is a trade worth $60,000? Good luck bro, i wouldnt.


duffield to birchall
neade to buddy

good or bad








I think a lot of us Duffield owners will be making that trade this week!


BIRCHALL, I'm a massive Hawks fans, and I'm telling you, nothing will stop Birchall. He has learned how to deal with taggers. Ross Lyon tried to quell his influence on the weekend, up to half time Birchall had 20 possessions, in the next half he got another 17. PLUS, this year more than ever, Clarko is running more and more players through the midfield. I saw Birchall around the center bounce a few times, Sammy Mitchall across half-back. Birchall will only rise in price, and he kicks goals outside 50 and his disposal efficiency is awesome. I locked Birchall in before round 1, everyone should get him in now, trust me. ALSO, look at his scores against the TOP TEAMS, imagine when the Hawks play the lower ranked teams. GET HIM NOW I say. 🙂


Yea might have to go Duffman to Birchall this week. Also want to upgrade Ebert in my mids to Selwood but not enough cash…


Awesome Podcast once again gents!
quite a few options to consider this week, birchall looks to be a must get along with a few others, time for the butcher to cull some cash cows.


gotta love having viney on the field instead of o'meara. sigh


Same, last time i have a Melbourne player on field


I had Byrnes on field. A cool 128 points..But also had Viney instead of O'Meara!!


I thought I was clever having O'Meara on the field till I stuffed it up by having Viney on the field and Crouch on the bench


I get it wrong every week….


Hey Jock I was thinking would this be a good move or a wrong move ? currently my team looks like this
DEF – Hanley , Goddard , Gibbs , Hartlett , Goodes , Stevenson with Hutchins and Terlich as the EMGS

MID – Ablett , Pendlebury , Selwood , Deledio , A. Swallow , Wines , O'Meara , Viney with Crouch and Mitchell as EMG

RUC – Maric , Rowe and Blicavs and Currie as EMG

FWD – Cox , Rockliff , Zorko , Lecras , Dwyer , Sinclair with Neade and Mcaffer as EMG
I currently have 249.700 k in the bank , I was thinking trading Stevenson for Docherty then trading Neade for Franklin having around a grand in the bank . Is this a smart move or should try and keep building cash up ?
Also I noted on Hanley's corked knee and Ablett could be looking injured so I won't do any changes unless they are 100% playing this week .


I don't know much coz I'm a first time Fantasy Football player, but I would seriously consider trading Dwyer or Mcaffer for Cloke now at 480,000 (i think). His score is about to shoot up again massively. Plus, accuracy for goal has improved so much on last year. He's just a lot better at everything, Franklin may still drop yet, but then again, Hawks are playing North Melbourne, and last time they played, Buddy kicked 13 and had something over 230 SC points 🙂


That's Joel Selwood as well FYI 🙂


What do i do with parker? i traded him in two weeks ago, now has a BE of 103. If i trade him out i have 600,000 to spend. Very annoyed at myself changing bennel to parker at the last minute instead of wingard!


Hi Guys,

My trades this week,

OUT: L Brown IN: G Birchall

OUT: J Bartell IN: T Cloke

What do you guys think?

GOOD or BAD…..


Brown to Birchall Yes.
Bartel to Cloke maybe not. Cloke isn't going to score like that every week and Bartel is still averaging 100+. Better of using the trade elsewhere.


Agree with Fabian on Cloke. His 2012 is still permanently etched in my memory…

Stick with bartel


Hi Kev,

Thanks for your comment above mate…..

Please see my reply for yours & Fabian's Comment……what do you think mate…..


Hi Fabian,

Thanks for the comments mate…..reasoning behind the above trade of Bartel to Cloke…..

1. Bartel – firstly i am a cats fan……Bartel is playing as HB/FB role………..I cant see him playing in the midfield or up forward when you got players who are doing really well in those positions….which means his SC scores will start to decrease and eventually his price……i agree he is averaging more than 100 SC PPG this year……mainly because in a couple of matches when Steve J and J kelly wasnt playing, he played in the midfield and up forward…now that steve J is back and J kelly (who might be back next week) he wont be playing in the guts (I think)….and also his winning goal against roos was worth around 47 or 50 points…which increased his average……and i seriously think he will be averaging around 90-95 SC PPG by season end and also he wont be in the top 10 FWDS as well….what do you guys think…..?

2. Cloke – i watched that game against Tigers…….he was awesome….taking excellent marks and kicking straight…..he wasn't good last year becoz of his contract negotiation issues were troubling him……and i seriously think he will be in the top 5 FWD's come season end…..his BE is -39 which means he will go up in price significantly…….he also played well against Hawks and scored 133 SC points…..currently…..averaging 122 SC PPG this season….and I strongly believe that he will be averaging around 110 to 115 by seasons end……what do you guys think?

By making the above trade i will be making around 70 to 80k….Cloke's price rise of +66k and Bartel's price drop off around 10-15k……

What do you guys think now….????


Brown to Birchall a YES but defiantly a huge NO to Bartel to Cloke.

Bartel will be much more consistent then Cloke will be.


Great podcast guys!

Viney = crab

Viney > Sam Mayes
L Stevenson > Birchall


My exact trades this week as well!


nothing said about jack grimes from melbourne? two scores of 120s and 2 of 80s. worth a look at??


I'd steer clear of most Melbourne players


Unfortunately still have L. Jetta, have $537000 to upgrade him with.

Should I go Cloke, or to someone like Monfries or Stokes to save some money to get Birchall in next week?


Time to get rid of Mumford, I have coz in fwd line and Rowe as emergency ruck so can swap Mumford for a fwd.. Who would be good..

I already have buddy.

Clock, Bartel, chapman?any ideas


Hi Jock,

Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I'm sure it'll be a sensation as every week is.

Shocker last week for me. Every single one of my Premos is down this week. Ablett, Pendles, Danger and JPK. On the upside they can't all suck again next week.Only had 5 players score over 100 and still scored 2,100.

Sitting in 702 after week 3. Ranking on Rnd 4 at 91,000. Dropped to overall ranking of 1700.

So this week I'm thinking
Terlich to Birchall
Jacobs out. Cox to ruck and Cloke in.

What do you guy think?


Any rookie fwd/midson the bubble?


G'day fellas, here is my team currently.

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson, Shaw (Hutchins, Terlich)
MID: Pendlebury, Swan, Cotchin, Fyfe, Mundy, Wines, O'Meara, Viney (Crouch, K.Mitchell)
RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Currie, Rowe)
FOR: Rockliff, Roughead, Dwyer, Neade, Broughton, Siposs (McCaffer, Kerridge)
820k in the chest.

Was thinking of going Kane Mitchell to Hartlett, and Broughton to Mayes, leaving me with 709k.

Any advice on trades? Forward line needs work but I think it can hold up for a week or two, thoughts?

Replies and advice would be greatly appreciated.



broughton to mayes is good but maybe try a mitchell to birchall by swinging goodes/goddard/gibbs into midfield


get cloke


considering Dwyer or Macaffer to mayes and duffman to birchall before the gap gets too big.

been stuck in the low to mid 2100's and need to make moves before its all a bit too late.

Thoughts guys?


I'll most likely be trading Macaffer to Mayes this week as well. However, still not sure about trading Duffield out….I'm not really keen on trading to Birchall, because I don't really think he'll average more than 100 for the season. And since he's averaged 127.5 for the last four games, that means he'll only average 94 for the rest of the season, assuming he plays every game.


Sam Mayes (Brisbane) or Michael Evans (Melbourne) for Jack Viney. More short term cash with Evans but not sure I want anymore Melbourne spuds in my team


Cheers Jock


Is it worth getting rid of duffield for birchall? Or am I better off using all my spare cash and trade a Stevenson for him?


Hi Jock and Community,

Who do you think we need to bring in this week between Cloke, Birchall & Hartlett??



Thanks Jock! Great work this week!


Going to bring in Mayes for K. Mitchell. Have to trade Ryder. The Mayes swing allows me to trade a mid or a fwd for Ryder. Should I go Selwood (or another mid) in the middle, or Franklin (or another fwd) up forward??

Thanks in advance.


for a premium you want to check your bye rounds that u wont have to trade them again – any more than 3 in a line same week and then u might have issues for that round


Very good point. Thanks for that.


Pittard to Birchill and have $110,000 in bank or
Pittard to Hartlett and have $181,900 in bank


Thinking of doing 2 trades this week and next week and sit tight till the bye rounds…..

Currently have $485,800 in the bank and ranked 14000 overall….my score in the 4th round was horrible……only 2085 (J Viney in the field)…..disappointed…..thinking of going really hard in trades this week by using my bank balance and bringing in 2 premiums…….

This week trades…..
OUT: Moloney IN: Hartlett
OUT: Viney IN: Birchall
Will be left with $52,700….

OUT: Moloney IN: Cloke
OUT: Viney IN: Hartlett / Birchall (who do guys think to bring in off these 2, HELP ME)
Will be left with $100,200 (by bringing in Hartlett) or 26,400 (if i bring in Birchall)……

Which option above do i need to going for…..i am really not sure…….PLEASE HELP…..

NEXT WEEK TRADES: 2 downgrades…..generate some cash…….
OUT: L Brown IN S Docherty
OUT: Dwyer / Macaffer / Neade IN: S Kerridge…..

will be left with around 200k in the bank…….this is approximate value based on the projected price rise of the current rookies mentioned above…….

What do you think???…….




Birch over hartlett but otherwise probably 1 over 2


keep moloney!!!


I can understand trading out VINEY for BIRCHALL or HARTLETT, I'd obviously choose Birchall first.
However I would strongly hold on to MOLONEY.


What about Rampe?? on the bubble and only 96,000


OUT: Viney IN: Evans. good or bad?


Waste I reckon, everyone has such short memory.. Evans played 1 good game and it was against gws, he could only score 40 odd against west coast.. He will never score above 100 again and will average about 50-60.. And I'm a dees supporter


What do you think about Broughton and Duffield out for Goodes and Birchall?


Bit late i reckon to jump on Goodes


Take out either one for Birchall before his price goes further BOOM!

Adam V

Walker from Carlton?
Reckon he can score 100 for the rest of the year?




Should I slaughter Stevenson for Birchall and trade Karnezis to Mayes (50k remaining)
OR trade Duffield to Birchall and Karnezis to Myaes (300k remaining).



option 1


Had an absolutely woeful week, but just gotta move on and it can only get better! Does anyone think i should trade out jon griffin for maric/mcevoy/minson? i have the money but should i save it and wait to upgrade rookies?


Probably the best time to trade out Griffin. If u want to save money go Minson he will go up a bit the next few weeks and has a good average as well


Mayes or Evans??????????


Mayes will ave 15ppg more easily 🙂


Hey boys, love the podcasts!
I scored 2245 in round 4, and Im pretty happy with it. This is my team so far:

B Goddard, B Gibbs, H Hartlett, H Shaw, B Goodes, L Stevenson (D Terlich, J Frost)

G Ablett, D Swan, P Dangerfield, T Cotchin, B Moloney, O Wines, J O'Meara, B Crouch (K Mitchell, J Viney)

S Mumford, M Leunberger (C Sinclair, D Currie)

L Franklin, T Rockliff, D Cox, J Kennedy, S Rowe, S Kerridge (T Lee, B Macaffer)

Im thinking of slaughtering a cash cow this week, as I have $304,200 in the bank. Should I generate some cash by trading out a rookie who has risen in price such as Stevenson for a cheaper rookie such as Docherty, or trade out a rookie like Wines or Goodes for a premium. Im thinking to trade out Goodes for Birchall or Hanley, or maybe upgrade my midfield and get another premium like Selwood or Kennedy but I want more suggests and approvals. Please give me advice and suggestions.



You'd be mad to get rid of Goodes or Winey while they are still scoring 100s or near to. They are still money making machines. Wait on Hanley as he is out to week anyway. Better off doing the downgrade and, if it doesn't impact on your field leaving it at that -just using them for the cash generation. The rest of your team needs a couple more weeks to make the difference.


Ok thanks! I think Im gonna downgrade Stevenson to Docherty, is that good?


your joking mate slaughtering goodes or wines?


Thoughts on trading heppel for birchall ?

Paddy "O" Furniture

Side ways trade = Bad news


I can pull the pin on Pittard to Hartlett. It will leave me with next to nothing in the kitty but I still have Goodes, Wines, O'Meara, Crouch, Neade, Stevenson, Stevens and Viney to make me more coin. Should I be worried about having no money after this trade?

Forward line is a premium away from being complete, midfield sees three of Wines, O'Meara, Stevens and Viney on the field at the moment..


thoughts on those midpricers and when to go wushkaaa with a down/upgrade, for example jordan russel, luke parker, brent moloney etc


Birchall in for Atley
Leuenberger in for Mummy – need to let the cows fatten a little more.


Makes my backline Birchall, Hanley, Goddard, Gibbs, Goodes, Pittard, (Stevenson, Docherty). I reckon that's just about a set and forget – let Stevenson and Docherty increase some more and then ditch for a couple of backline newbies.
Shame about my other 3 lines though!


birchall vs hanley?
i know that he's suspended


wines to evens then stevenson to birchall remain 113 in the bank
wines to evens then omeara to ablett
or do i keep these rookies and get more money

i prefer option one as abletts price i think will go down a bit more and birchalls price will be still increasing advice please


Wait a week, Ablett has a BE of 163, we all know it's achievable for him but odds are that he won't get that. Wines and O'Meara will go up again this week as Ablett comes down a little further. Costs you much less cash!


Should I trade Gaff up to Dangerfield? Or should I give gaff a couple more weeks, i have a feeling that his scores will improve once the eagles get some form back. Or should I go Viney to Danger?


If you can afford Patrick Dangerfield for Jack Viney you should absolutely pull the trigger this very minute!


Trading Viney to Evans but laves me $3,000 short of Stevenson to Hanley and $6,000 short of Goddard. Viney's 9 is a kick in the teeth! Stevenson to Hartlett it is..


Do you have Pittard or Heath? They are about 10ish K higher than Stevenson – and will get you Hanley


Just wait 1 week and providing Viney & Stevenson play then they will gain in price so you can make the trade you really want at the end of the day.