How is your mob looking this week? Round 4

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Your Supercoach MobHas been a disturbing week. Terror in the states. Peptides all over the shop. And now the Brent Macaffer late IN tragedy.

Reports are coming in that multiple coaches have been completely decimated in their attempts to exploit the captain loophole. Sources say that the scenario has played out like this. Joel Selwood is given the “VC” for Friday night. He scores a captain worthy 150+. Young Brent Macaffer is given the “C” under the understanding that he is not playing against the Tigers.

He is a late IN and worst fears are realised.

Hope that your mob has not been exposed to this scenario of unimaginable sadness. How are you getting on… what do you reckon we are looking at in terms of par this weekend?

Podcast tonight with Peter Higginbotham (follow on twitter) and The Crouching One (him too) 10.30pm as always on a Sunday night.



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Traded in Kennedy, and Kennedy, for Zorko and Danger. Both had shocker weeks 🙁


Put Macaffer as your captain they said

Selwood intern would give you 300 they said



do it with the chance he might be a late inclusion they said


What did you score Cats26?


1780 after 17,
with 820k in the salary cap I am quite happy.


Having my first shocker mate :'( very disappointing struggling to get 2100 this week after a stellar first 3 weeks and a ranking in the top 1000 🙁


1608 with 15 played


i put the VC on Swan, so now the C is going on Currie 🙂


2060 from 18 doing nicely hopefully get 2400, lost last week with 2290 opponent from last week sitting on 1720 from 18 wtf!!!!! oh and how good is the Cloke man get on him!!!


Looking ok this round with 1900 and 4 more to play so hoping to close in on 2300 with $500K left in the war chest. Finally Swanny rewarded my investment in him and Birch had a massive game.

Man how cherry ripe will Daisy be in 3 or 4 weeks after being the surprise sub yesterday which will generate a ginormous BE. Thanks Bucks! Stevie J also looking juicy soon too.


Having a shocker this week. Expected Big Cox to dominate in the ruck against Carlton, but there weren't enough stoppages for him to even touch the ball!
I guess that's what happens when you don't stick with Gablett, the fantasy gods will get you!
1412 after 15 played, disappointing.


Not great, 1884 from 18. Last minute swap to ablett captain from cox so it could have been worse.

My big issue is duffield – suggestions community? Stick with him or straight swap to someone like hibberd?


That score is fine


swap to hibberd! will be huge for bombers this year hes a rock in my side.


1723 with 3 prems and 3 rooks to play.The jaeger bomb has bamboozled me again. Twice missed out on 100+. Viney had better have a ripper. Those caught out with cpts loophole; as the old saying goes : you wanna dance you gotta pay the band! look forward to tonights p/cast jock.


I'm sorry sir but Viney subbed out for being shit! 12SC


He was subbed out coz of fatigue mate


1870 with Jacobs, Leuenberger, Rockliff and goodes to come. Good to see Shuey and LeCras playing well.


TERRIBLE (once again). Im beginning to doubt myself as a serious SuperCoach. 7 of my 17 players had their lowest score of the year so far this round, including 5 of those being 'unique' players against my opposition in the league comp. FMSC


1723 with 3 prems and 3 rooks to play.The jaeger bomb has bamboozled me again. Twice missed out on 100+. Viney had better have a ripper. Those caught out with cpts loophole


Viney 9…..


1389 with 7 to go. VC on Selwood & C on Currie, so looking good for the loophole.
Skilfully managing to put O'Meara on the bench whenever he has a big score


Yeah I have done that too. I can't predict these rookies. And Viney having a shocker too.


1918 with 4 to go. vc on swan c on kommer. i put it on him as their was no risk of someone getting a late call up. feel bad for the people who put the c on maccafer.

hopefully dangerfield can put 120+ this week and give me my first score ova 2400. Had a few disappointing players this round. But the rough head did do alright this week thank god.


I see & hear allot of people choosing their captain on a non player such as Kommer in your case, and many others who chose Macaffer for example just screwed up.

My point is I don't see the advantage of choosing a suspected non player as your Captain and the VC on a gun player.
Hypothetically speaking just say for some very unfortunate reason SWAN got injured right at the last minute, sure it's unlikely but shit happens.
Why not just put the C on SWAN & VC on another gun like ABLETT or who ever and that way your in a WIN/WIN.

From my understanding, the only real advantage you can gain by putting the VC on a player is when there is a partial lock out, such as round 1.
That way if that player you chose as your VC happens to scored a massive score, you can then change who you want as your Captain but make sure you select a non player. I would NEVER take the risk and select a player as my Captain even if he was only listed on the Emergency list, its just silly.

It's crazy and makes no sense unless im missing something here.


Looking on track for 2200 Jock but SETANT is on fire in the GWS v Melbourne Game. Sadly don't have him


2200 with Viney and Goodes to come. But the way Vineys travelling i wont see many points past that. Pulled the vice captain trick with swan. Good old captain Kommer


Had the loophole on J J Kennedy but scored terribly so put the 'C' on Swan and he smashed out 168. Doing well so far this weekend. 1786 with 6 left.


Im doing ok, traded out the Zork for the Cotchin man, ill be better off this season in the long run but this week no doubt the Zork will bust out 150pts plus. NEVER trade a premium out I say, hopefully the zorks groin is no good but I do have a bad feeling hes going to explode. My other problem is griffin, what do I do with the guy that was meant to dominate with no sandiflaps? Trade down to the burger or hold tight, not sure what the right move is there either.


you will have to trade j griff out sometime during the season so you might as well trade in berger now and make some cash eyyyy


One word….Viney! ;(

Dunce Yank

Goldsack out killed me. Have two zeros at FWD. Uggggh. Cox killed me. Used donut when Kennedy shat bed but picked Cox instead of Swan. Double uggh.


Having a shocker 1643 off 18 traded Danger for Hodge and Luke Brown for Hutchins at least I have $674,000 on bench or premium upgrades round 6.


I only play Dreamteam not supercoach… Scored 2207 in Dreamteam

Front Pocket

When you turn 18 put away the toys and sign-up to the Man's game.


Love it, nicely played lol!!!


Each to their own, no rolling lockout in Dreamteam which is a good thing in my opinion. No need to be a keyboard warrior

Front Pocket

…having said that, I only just broke 2K in SC. JKennedy's, Viney on the park. Thank goodness for Birchall and Libba, and nice to see my faith in Zorko on the way to being repaid.


Disappointing, 2129, used CPT loophole for first time with JPK as VC & Kommer with the C, switched C onto GAJ after below par JPK so worked out OK, wish I used Clokey though! Duds this week – welcome aboard Mr Viney, Mr Jacobs, Mr Hanley, Mr Rockliff, Mr Cox & both Mr Kennedys. Studs – CLOKEY!!!! Honorable mentions to A Walker, O'Meara, GAJ, B Goodes, and welcome back Mr Shuey! Now for next week – have $636K in the kitty, is it time to bring in Buddy? Problem is, who do I get rid of – Neade or Dwyer? Have Cox / Kennedy / A Walker / Rockliff / Cloke / Neade / Dwyer / Rowe as FWDS, wish I had swing room in MIDS! Any advice would be welcomed!


Why would you trade in your cash cows such as NEADE/ DWYER/ ROWE when these players should at the very least reach $300,000 or peak around $350,000
I personally would wait until these players reached $300,000 before considering trading them.

However on the flip side if you MUST do a trade before round 5 then I would defiantly trade out NEADE as Port Adelaide so far has only played the bottom sides. I think DWYER is quite easily capable of reaching a average of 85+

Lastly just remember both NEADE & DWYER are projected to rise over $30,000 this week if they play, I would strongly recommend that you do the trade from NEADE to BUDDY after round 5 is completed and capitalize on that extra $30,000+ Either way good luck with which ever way you chose.

Front Pocket

Hamish Hartlett absolutely ripe for the picking this week? I know Port's season only starts next week, but I smell a gun.


2, 250 odd – won all my matches. Glad i held onto zorko and roughhead


Barely broke 2000 points this week with the same side which broke 2400 last week!!! go figure.. duds include: bartel, martin, kennedy, moloney, hanley, leuenberger, griffin, viney… so disappointing!!!! next to get the boot Viney. WELL DONE majak, you'll bounce back next week!!!


Had an absolutely woeful week, but just gotta move on and it can only get better! Does anyone think i should trade out jon griffin for maric/mcevoy/minson? i have the money but should i save it and wait to upgrade rookies?


I have over $900,000 in my bank. Would it be silly to upgrade Macaffer to Stokes this week?? I honestly can't see macaffer stringing too many games in a row so he's not going to rise in price as fast as Dwyer/Rowe/Neade who are all in my FWD line already


Also last year Stokes' max disposals was 23. This year he has broken that in 3/4 games, and the 4th game he was a sub and racked up 16 disposals.


Dwyer is a gun! scored 45 in half a game a 110 and unfortunate to play solid games in a losing team, and then when you've got the Cloke and Swan show. Has exceptional decision making, still plenty more games out of Dwyer – out of those I'd trade Neade before I traded Dwyer as Port will face some stiffer opposition. Stokes playing great football – good choice. Apparently he was really disappointed with his season last year and so hungry for the football – smart choice


Had a shocker this week! 1939 but with 1 mill in the bank from downgrades early i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Im trading out Stevenson for Birchall who looks to be the goods and will increase almost as much this week.

I'm also looking to cash in a fwd rookie this week so who is my best prem option. At the moment im tossing up between Rockliff and Buddy as i want someone who i can lock in for the rest of the season, but i get the feeling that Buddy may yet drop some more…

Who do i get?


Anyone? Rockliff or Buddy?

Or are there any better premium fwd options?

I've got bartel, Cox and JJK…


2265 which was about 6000ish for the round yet I moved up to 1025th overall from 3000ish about 2000 spots this week. The dude on top's team looks pretty good although he is weak in the rucks and Birchall saving his bacon down back which he wont be able to each week but has 6 premiums in his Fwds and 2 elite/ 3premium mids


…and I dont think Cloke will hit 195 each week but the man does seem to be in red hot form, with better delivery into the fwd line and Q Lynch giving great support – looks ANGRY…would love to get on him this year…


Viney totally rubbed in the salt onto my wound after a pretty horrific weekend.
The 2 Kennedys were so quiet, Bartel not up to his usual standard and the Duffman was meh…


What does everybody think of majak Daw, could be a good downgrade option for rowe next week? He did score 44sc in about 15-20minutes!!!


took 11 marks the week before in the twos. Brad Scott said he got excited by Daws first match even though short. He looks good for an 80 each week which is more than Blicavs. Will be making that trade for sure.


Firstly Jock im glad I took your priceless advice and didn't trade out LeCras, he scored a nice 84 in round 3 and a juicy 124 in round 4 a massive thanks mate.

I am still struggling, I scored 2,091 in R4 & my best score was 2166 in R1 so im not doing to good right now. I had O'MEARA on the bench and VINEY on the turf. I know bloody deplorable Jock. I also left the big COX as my captain which cost me 70 extra points had I stuck with ABLETT but his sore thumb put me off him as my captain in round 4 bloody thing.

I traded out Heath Shaw before the price drop and got J HUTCHINS im still happy I done this move as im not real confident about SHAW this year, I think he will struggle to get a Average of over 85 this season, basically SHAW is to inconsistent for my liking at $540,000 although if he scores around his average in round 5 his price will drop to around $470,000 or as low as $430,000 before his B/E score becomes around the 80 mark & many will think that's a great price including myself if this eventuates.

I now have $875,800 in the bank which im sort of happy with because the COWS should start getting fatter each week now for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

This is where im kind of stuck as to what strategy I should approach keep in mind I still have VARCOE on the bench. The COWS im hoping to fatten up are your common ones such as:
DEFENSE: B GOODS, J PITTARD, J HUTCHINS, L STEVENSON, D TURLICH Although I am considering B GOODS as a keeper thus far in defense.
MIDFIELD: O WINES, J O'MEARA, J VINEY, N KOMMER & K STEVENS who won't go higher then $300,000 he is close to culling but will keep him for another week or two as his price will still improve by $30k to $50k with out a doubt baring injury off course. I didn't get CROUCH as I thought it would be pointless trading out KOMMER for CROUCH.
RUCK: M BLICAVS, D CURRIE who so far is very SKINNY.

As I stated above im in a bit of a dilemma as what's the best strategy.
At this stage I'm thinking im best off waiting at least until round 5 is completed and if S KERRIDGE plays in round 5 then I can trade out VARCOE for S KERRIDGE and generate a extra $141,000 in cash. I can trade out VARCOE for a premium but I quite like S KERRIDGE, there was a fair bit of hype about this kid last year, I actually had him on my side from the start last year.

By trading out VARCOE and getting KERRIDGE this will give me just over $1 Million in the bank, I can then wait a few weeks for my COWS to fatten up and then up grade them to PREMIUMS around round 6 to round 8.

What are your thoughts? Your advice would be appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance Dean.


Dean mate,
looks great. Varcoe – Kerridge, good as it will bring in the cash in the short and long term.
If you don't have hartlett I'd have a look at him, with a BE of 13.


jock, I'd like to thank you for your advice, help and most of all the humour you have brought to Supercoach. However, having watched the final quarter of the Freo – Richmond game three times I can't help but think that there is something quite corrupt about how some players are scored by Champion Data. There is no way on this earth that Cotchin was the highest scorer in this game or deserved even half the points he received in the 4th qtr (100% disposal efficiency was a poor joke at best and to have scored more than Ablett versus the Saints in the 4th quarter is an insult to all of our collective intelligence – I have Cotchin but don't want to win like this). I'm not about to cast aspersions as to the punting pressures to make this score happen but rest assured I have reluctantly decided corruption is involved and gone back to being slightly more popular with the misses and forsaking the hours of research that went into a team I was proud of – largely thanks to your advice. Thanks for the help mate, you are a legend and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, especially those upstarts Crouching and Higgo.