The Gambino Fantasy Footy Punt Club – round 4

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gambino supercoach punting clubIt’s that time of the week again folks! The Gambino Punt Club is now in full swing as we head into Round 4. If you’d followed my tips last week you would’ve seen we had a narrow win – ending up 3-2.

Fyfe accounted for Goddard easily; Howlett unfortunately held off a fast-finishing Heppell; Jonesy did a number on Grimes; Hanley cruised past Moloney and bloody Rocky couldn’t get the job done over Redden. But as they say, the show must go on! It’s Dream Team again this week by the way dudes click here for all the markets.

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Brent Moloney ($1.80) vs Sam Gibson ($1.95)

I’m always one to gamble responsibly, but a large portion of the earnings made from my delicious ice creams will be plunged on Moloney here. I just think he’s got way too much class for Gibson in this one. Moloney has been a very solid contributor for the Lions so far pumping out DT scores of 96, 101 and 82. Gibson himself has been OK averaging 81 points but the man has only played 15 games and is still learning the rigours of AFL footy. Both may end up going head-to-head in the middle of the ground but I’m super confident in Moloney to bring this one home for us. Jump on dudes!

Daniel Hannebery ($1.80) vs Luke Parker ($1.95)

Some bloody good value for Hanners here everybody. Lukey Parker is a good, honest and reliable footballer but he’s never really been on the radar of any fantasy coaches. As we know, Hannebery is a proven A grade midfielder who’s established himself beautifully up in Sydney. I still can’t believe Hanners didn’t win the Norm Smith last year, Teflon stood to win BIG on that…ripped off! Anyway, he’s an absolute gun the boy from Xavier College (before he got expelled, like myself) and I reckon he’s gonna take another step forward this year. Hannebery won’t necessarily need a super high score to knock off Parker either. Parker’s DT scores have actually been aright this year, but those scores have come against struggles GWS, Gold Coast and he joined in the party against North Melbourne – the reality is he isn’t a consistent fantasy scorer. An average of 66 DT points last year proves this. Get your coin on Hannebery!

Trent Cotchin ($1.72) vs Scott Pendlebury ($2.05)

Gonna be a real close one this, but I’ve done some further research into it and can tell youse to get behind the underdog Pendlebury. Cotchin has been churning out some massive scores so far in DT but Pendles hasn’t been too far behind either. It’s interesting to see that Cotchin has only played Collingwood twice – and on both those occasions Pendlebury has comfortably knocked him off (122 vs 88 and 121 vs 102). This suggests to me that the Collingwood midfield has done enough to keep Cotchin relatively quiet and allowed Pendlebury to run loose. Pendlebury loves feasting on The Crouching One’s Tiges, his last five games against them have ALL resulted in DT scores of 100 or over. I’m on Pendles here!

Richard Douglas ($1.75) vs Matthew Wright (2.00)

Probably not as much value as I was hoping there would be here, but my pennies will still be splashed on Douglas in this one. Douglas is a changed man this year – despite Adelaide’s poor performances he’s knocked out DT scores of 84, 91 and 108. On the contrary, Matty Wright hasn’t lived up to some of the hype surrounding him this year with only one score of 102 above the ton. Interestingly, Wright has only played one game against the Doggies and was completely shut down…only 56 DT points. Even though he’s been in the system for over six seasons, I think this year we might finally get to see the best of him. I’m liking the boy with two first names man!

Jack Grimes ($1.77) vs Adam Treloar ($2.00)

Sorry Jacky Grimes, but I’ll be against ya for the second time in two weeks man. Last week I successfully picked Nathan Jones to knock him off, this week I reckon Treloar will too. This young man Adam Treloar can play. He was on the best midfielders at GWS and has showed no signs of slowing down this year with scores of 75, 91 and 98. Grimes has been a bit of form slump this year – only managing scores of 75, 89 and 59 – for the sake of our bet let’s hope this continues. To be honest it’s a bit of a gut instinct with this one too…Treloar is on the bubble I reckon, he’s gonna get a big score over 100 very soon and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it came against Melbourne. Backing the young fella in this one!

The Supercoach markets are up now as well so make sure you have a gender as well: Click here

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. Send us a tweet @Vince_Gambino on Twitter (we all love our Tweetbox at the JR Community), post any questions/queries about ANYTHING fantasy footy related in the section below and I’ll make sure I get back to youse.

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Pendles has a hip problem?


Yes I've put some money on Cotch in that one. Pendles is under an injury cloud although named and Cotch doesn't get enough respect around these parts.

Also have a SC wager on JPK outscoring Selwood tonight @ $1.80.


since ablett had a problem with his hand, do u think its worth chuckin the captains arm band on pendlebury this week?


pendles is carrying an injury, so he could be subbed at some time, GAJ hand seems to be all ok


Get the loophole on Buddy and name him VC. Averages 136 at Aurora and plays the early game tomorrow so plenty of time to switch to GAJ or Cox against a depleted Carlton ruck lineup if he doesn't churn out 120+.


Am I the only one brave enough to old ryder(on bench)???




Also, I'm going to trade in either cotch or pendles… Which one?


i'd go with cotch


How long will pendles be out for?


I got both but apparantley pendles is playing injured


Do you know hoe long for?


bartel or franklin in.
and what about mcaffer out for Sinclair wce?


I reckon hold Macaffer for now, worried about the vest issue with him, but I think he should come good later on in the year, chuck him on bench.


Also, I think long term, franklin will perform better and get those huge scores.


bartel keep franklin keep Sinclair in for macaffer. And now the question. So franklins price $588 bartels price $544 answer franklin


what trade out currie for Sinclair?


It's a tough one, because I would hold Macaffer and forget about Sinclair, but on the other hand, I might just have no idea what I'm talking about. I guess it's just what you think will be better for the team long term


I think i'll take out currie looks like daw is getting a game before him so it might be hard for him to get a game at the roos


the other option is bringing in berger for currie and putting cox in the forward line and having Jacobs and berger as my two rucks


Hey guys
My mid rookies are Wines, O'meara, Viney, Hill and stevens
Is it worth getting in Crouch as i think he can score better than some of these rookies
eg. Hill and stevens


legends my team is the best because i just copied crouching ones team maw ha ha haaa


Richard Douglas is one of the few bright spots for the Crows this year. Still doing the "Richard Douglas things" that prevent him from being an A grader, but he's upped his output this year and cemented his spot as a solid b-lister midfield player. Get on him this week over Matty Wright so sure.


Zorko and Roughead to Cox and Franklin sound good Crimmo? Or should I look at someone cheaper like Andrew Walker, Dusty Martin or Bartel


Franklin or Bartel?

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