Jock’s post selection video – Round 4

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Enjoy Jock’s weekly pre lockout AFL Fantasy advice video folks – and join in the discussion below!

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Jock, Have got Vlastuin, K Mitchell, Karnezis, Ryder, as well as Zorko.

Thinking of going Vlastuin to Hutchins, and Karnezis to Berger (switching Rowe fwd). Will deal with Mitchell next week (won't lose money) maybe with Mayes (who will be on the bubble.) Obviously that means I keep Ryder for now, (have other issues, so will ride the storm, so to speak).

What do you think. Any other suggestions.


Karnezis named on the extended Bench. What's a bet that if he does play he gets the vest?


Potential vest would still be better than Ryder's 0 in my humble opinion


Karnezis named as Emergency. Going with original plan.

Will use Ryder for captain loophole this week and maybe bring Buddy in for him next week.


Hey Jock, do you reckon I trade Varcoe & Currie OUT for Kennedy & Rowe. OR Varcoe & Vlastuin OUT for Rowe & Hutchins


Cheers mate, will probably go with option 1, which will still allow me to use my emergency loophole in the back line


Who should I put in this week?
Dusty Martin or Westhoff?


tips for captain this week????


Jobe, Swan, JPK, Cox, Cotch/Lids. Would steer clear of Pendles and GAJ this week with injury clouds hanging over them that may or may not impinge on their performance.

Just make sure you use the captain's loophole if you can to get two bites at the cherry.


To trade Shuey down to Hodge and then Roughhead down to Neade/Sinclair? I am looking for cash generation but I'm not too sure on which rookie to bring in for Roughie.. Is there any other options for the Roughead trade?


Maybe even a Monfries?


Pavlich Out Rowe In then Vlaistuin Out Hanley In! Only players not playing are Kane Mitchell and Brent Macaffer. Worried about Pendles and Ablett?


Nice moves Gillie!

Not much we can do about Pendles and Gaz this weekend other than cross our fingers and pray to the Fantasy Footy deities. Though it's certainly worth considering alternative captain options this week if you have others available.

I'll be putting the VC on JPK and the C on Swan who is overdue for a big one anyway.


Jock I need your help,

I have a few problems. Scored 2080 , got $386k in kitty used 4 trades. Got Patton, Embley, Zorko and Plowman. Do I hold Zorko and look to dump Patton for a Monfires/Moloney/Mullet? Ditto with Embley? Or dump Zorko for a Hanley/Birchall? I have 11 rookies including the top 10 and coverage for both Embley and Patton. Need you advice please!!

Thanks everyone.


Jock, want to trade out Karnesis – have enough in the bank to secure any of the top forwards. Already have Dusty Martin, and not sold on the Hoff for long term, but can't make my mind up between A. Walker, Monfries or Walters. Who's the better long term prospect?


Any suggestions on who to pick out of Deledio or JPK?? Who will average higher for the year?


Close call but in Supercoach would give the edge to JPK only based on averages from last year and averages in the first 3 games this season.

But don't sweat it too much as both would be great selections for your team.


I went with Lids just coz im a massive fan of him, pretty happy at this stage seeing as JPK is on 2 at 1/4 time


who do i Trade? currently have
J Kennedy,Monfries,Jenkins,Dwyer,Neade,Zorko-Macaffer,Karnezis
Have 600k in the bank
I was thinking of Witts-Rowe then not sure if to dump Zorko for Cox or Westhoff
Or do i get rid of Varcoe now?


My 2 cents:

Priority would be to get rid of Varcoe, for Crouch maybe (depending on how much cash you have in the bank.)
Witts to Rowe would be the next one.
Zorko can wait till next week, and not convinced re. Westhoff.
You'll probably want to look at replacing Vlastuin too, as he doesn't look like he'll get a look in, and you need your rookies making money.


Since we're on this topic, I have a question for anybody who is free to answer.
Which of these rookies should I field?

Stevenson/Pittard/Terlich (Pick 1)
Viney/O'Meara/Stevens/Crouch (Pick 2)
Dwyer/Neade/Rowe (Pick 2)

Cheers guys!


Terlich showed something last week and I rate a new guy who plays a 1st game in a loosing side, however I would pick Stevenson and Pittard from PT ADL.
Viney O'Mera and Couch
Neade is red vest/green vest for Gray IMO so go Rowe and Dwyer

Hope this is correct advice Eugene but It's what I would do but you have the joystick mate….


Sounds like good advice mate, will definitely consider.
Just tossing up between Pittard and Stevenson now…


shuey for hanley and varcoe for sinclair is this a good trade?


Ya mate good trade


yeah does varcoe go down if i dont trade him cos i could hold off a week and get mayes instead of sinclair and trade out danger or zorko maybe


if i dont trade out varcoe this week will his price go down or not.also which trade/trades are more important: Shuey–>hanley pearce or maybe wingard varcoe–> sinclair or if i wait a week mayes or dangerfield–> cotchin/watson.


Who to put my big C on today?
Worried about the injuries to both the former…


Hey guys I coped three injurys last week in Patton, kreuzer,varco I swoped Patton for Dwyer and kreuzer for goldy and this week griffin and Hanley who got injurys this week and I still got varco I need help on what trades I can do