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Supercoach strategy with MickRyder, Kreuzer, Varcoe, Karnezis, Kommer and now Kayne Mitchel-son. We are now three weeks in and we are already seeing some of the more popular picks from the preseason drop away through form, injuries, suspensions or just bad luck.

I would probably put Kanye Mitchel-son into the latter on that list. In case you haven’t heard Kane Mitchell has been placed back on the Rookie List for the returning Nick Salter and won’t be playing any AFL football in the short to medium term. I didn’t personally rate him but to be fair he didn’t really put a foot wrong in all three of his sub appearances and was probably unlucky not to get a chance to prove himself in the starting 21. However it wasn’t to be and this has left the current 17% of coaches who have selected him with a headache they don’t really need. 

Enter Joshus Pruden

Now there is one obvious replacement for Mitchell and that is a straight swap for Brad Crouch who is on the bubble this week as he didn’t play in round one. There are also trades like switching Dwyer into the midfield and picking up Rowe in the forward line or if you already have him one of Sam Mayes or Tom Lee. However all these are pretty obvious and if I know my audience, they don’t flick open my article every week wanting to be stated the obvious. That is why instead of any of the above mentioned players why not instead swap Mitchell for Joshus Prudden instead?

OK so I know what you’re thinking! You either have never heard the name and are like “Joshus WHO?” or you know who I’m talking about and you’re saying “ OK this mad Irish B**tard has finally lost the plot?!?” For those of you in the former – Joshus Prudden is an 18 year old Western Bulldogs rookie who was drafted at pick #50 in last year’s national draft and somebody I don’t see getting a game for the Bulldogs any time soon. So to answer the latter of the two responses, no I haven’t finally lost the plot and there is a method to my madness.

If you recall the latest Podcast from Jock, Crouching and Higgo you will have heard Higgo touch on the emergency loophole or as I like to call it the “Strategic Doughnut”. Higgo managed to gain an extra point by utilizing this strategy in his forward line using Macaffer as his strategic doughnut and taking Sam Rowe’s very impressive 77 as his bench emergency. I know you might laugh at his one point advantage but in another week this could have been easily 10 or 20 points in a game where Jake Neade doesn’t bang out a score over 70. I too adopted this strategy this week and I too gained an extra point because of it. However if I had have a “strategic doughnut” in my midfield I would have already had 102 more points and that community is a significant amount of points. 

supercoach strategy

So how does this all this work ??

You would select the first rookie to play over the weekend as your bench emergency. For my team in this upcoming round, that would be in the game between Melbourne and Port Adelaide, and would be one of Wines or Viney. As I rate Wines far more, I would then select Viney as my bench emergency. Now if Viney recreates that fine round one form and bangs out a score of 100+ I will want to get this score on the field. So what I would now do is put my Stategic Doughnut on the field in the form of Joshus Prudden and move O’Meara to the bench, thus bringing Viney’s emergency score into play.

If on the other hand Viney repeats his round two form and only gets a score around 50pts I would just simply leave Joshus on my bench and hope that O’Meara will better that score in his game. It is very important to note that both the Bulldogs and Gold Coast would not have played while I access Viney’s score. If they had then you would be locked out and unable to move any of these around.

If I revert you back up to the table above you will see that I have crossed out the difference in round one of 45 points. This is because if I was using this strategy in round one I would have taken O’Meara’s score of 72. This is because O’Meara played before Viney and would have been my bench emergency. After his score of 72 I would have been happy with that output as anything over 70 from a rookie I consider a good result. That is my cut off point and if my rookie emergency scores 70+ then I will be taking his score. This can back fire, as in round one Viney scored 45 more points. However as you can see in both round two and three it would have worked very much in my favour and provided me with an extra 102 points.

Finally I have heard you asking all through this article, why would I trade out Mitchell who isn’t playing to another player who isn’t playing? Well that is a very valid point but there is a reason why I have picked out Joshus Prudden for this role. The Western Bulldogs draw is very favorable for applying this strategy to the most popular rookie midfielders. The Doggies play late on Saturday or Sunday over the next 4 rounds and you are guaranteed a second chance on at least one of your midfield rookies in each of those rounds.

The second reason for selecting Joshus is the fact that he is a duel position Defender/Midfielder. This can be very significant for a whole host of reasons. If you have to cover injuries in your midfield many coaches will have plenty of swing sets available down back in the form of Gibbs, Goddard, Hartlett and Goodes. Also this will also allow you to perform this strategy in the back line also. If somebody like Heath or Stevenson manage to bang out a big score of 100+ and are sitting on your bench you can easily switch Joshus for Goodes and take the emergency score down back and still use Goodes’s score in the midfield.

Of course if you do have Mitchell and you feel the extra chance down back isn’t worth the trade then just hold onto Mitchell and use him as your “Strategic Doughnut” or at least consider it as an option. Only you can decide whether or not this strategy will work for your team and your structures. If you have missed out on some of the better rookie options then I dare say you should be getting the likes of Crouch in for Mitchell now. However if you are like me and are positioned nicely for an attack on the 50k and have already got the majority of the best performing rookies, a “Strategic Doughnut” could be that POD that gives you the edge on your way to the top.

Stay tuned ….

Mick the Mad Irishman

…for more gold from The Madman click here



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Great read, a difficult concept explained perfectly.


I have been boggled.

Supercoach rookie

A very interesting article. Which two players should I trade out (if any) ryder, kommer, k. mitchel, karnezis and roughie. Any suggestions who to trade too. This article helps very much.


I'd go with whoever is playing with a high BE


Hey supercoach rookie,
loving the name and we were all rookies once upon a time.
You are in a little bit of trouble there all right !! First up to you have enough cover to take all the doughnuts from Ryder, Kommer, Mitchell and Karnezis ?? If not i'd be moving those on you don't have cover for.
Wait for teams but out of that bunch i'd trade Ryder for Luenberger in your ruck and Mitchell to Crouch in your midfield ..

Hope thats of help to you


I cry with frustration.

A brilliant and thought provoking analysis – thank you Mick – and comment two is just another rmt; the sycophantic last sentence does not hide the lack of thought.


Chels good to hear from you old friend … but why do you have to use words I don't understand .. sycophantic -using flattery to win favour from individuals wielding influence


apologies for thrashing the dictionary Mick.

Naismith of Sydney has the virtue of being $96,200 and having (I think) nine Sunday or late Saturday games. Higgo talked about these guys a few weeks before the season started. So between Naismith and an out such as Macaffer last week I am in a position to run the captain's loop hole most weeks.

Stick with Macaffer Callum, he has all sorts of uses.

Macaffer not playing last week was terrific; I settled for the Sydney J Kennedy's 136 as V and moved the C from Swan to Macaffer. So although Macaffer did not play he earned me 45 points.


Worked a treat for me in round 2. Colqhoun on and Gaff off to get o’Meara’s 120 in the bag.

I thought it but couldn’t explain it as well as this. As Andrew said, explained perfectly. Cheers,


Top Bloke :p

Glad it all made sense to you 🙂


how does this work if i have viney, omeara, wines on field rookies, and crouch and k.mitchell on the bench?


If I understand correctly, it doesn't work this week in that case, coz the other rookies play after, or are also from Port.

Is that right?


It won't work this week mizza because your doughnut in Mitchell will play before or at the same time as all your other rookies … sorry


Does this loophole strategy only work for SuperCoach but not for Dream Team? Some one has told me that the loophole can only be exposed in rounds 2, 5 and 10 for dream team. Is this true?


Marcus this has me confused :/ I actually only focus on the Supercoach side of things but if you tweet your question to Jock, Higgo or Croughing they will source an answer for you on this one


It only works for SC because of the rolling lockout Marcus. DT has a final lookout on Friday evening – hence you cannot make changes after that point.


^ Im not an expert on this but im 90% sure that is correct

Big Mitch

Quick question, wouldn't using the captains loophole be more effective but I guess rookies are fair inconsistent? Cheers 🙂


Big Mitch – why not use both ??


Could you just put K.Mitchell on the ground and choose two emergency mids? ie would you get the higher scoreing players score? Or can you only have one emergency per line?



If you have two emergencies on one line and only one player does not play on field, you will get the LOWEST score from your emergencies


Cheers mate. Love your work.


That would just form another loophole jock. I like it.


Kane Mitchel-SAN! Lift boys.


Would it be worth keeping karnezis as a doughnut then?


too pricey


If macaffer is not playing then i think i would trade him? Any thoughts


Would a dangerfield to hanley trade be worth it, Or keep danger?


If you've taken the ride this far. Keep going with Dangerfield.

Well at least that's what I'm doing. Not into trading one premo to another chasing points.

Rather use the rookie cash bubble and use my trades to try and upgrade more players into premos one


Had Colquhoun (played Sunday) as my captain with Kommer as my bench emergency. Cox as VC. Allowed me to see Cox's 171 before deciding not to change captain to Ablett. Result was 342 for vice captain Cox and got Kommers 93 as emergency. Works a treat.


Does concept still work with the captain loophole? Definately not making the mistake I did last week again!!


Should I keep Zorko or side ways trade to Franklin, Bartel, Rioli, Westhoff or down to Sinclair and generate more cash?


With my midfield "strategic doughnut" ive got kommer on the ground (he won't score due to suspension), O'meara on bench and viney as emergency.

Will this strategic doughnut work if essendon play before gold coast and melbourne?



Sammy, this will not work this week. It will only work when a rookie plays BEFORE the player who has a doughnut.

Step 1: Put your doughnut player on the bench.
Step 2: Put the rookie who plays before your doughnut player on the bench and put the emergency on him.
Step 3: If this rookie scores well and you want to use his score simply sub out a player from your starting line up who you don't think will score that well, for the player who will get a doughnut on your bench.



Without getting too deep into the numbers the other side of the coin also needs to be considered and that is by having a SD (Strategic Donut) you are forgoing the $$$ generated by a rookie.
How many points will be gained by having these double shots with a SD and will the points accumilated in the end add up to the points we will gain from the $ generated off a rookie?
Also remembering that all teams will have players out throughout the year at various stages not by choice and therefore can untilise the SD at these times.

Would love to See a Higgo article looking at this very question as he is surely the only SC mind in the country that could possibly make sense of it all 🙂



This is a very valid point and as i mentioned in the article I think i'd only be trading in a SD if I was happy I picked up the majority of the high performing rookies. I therefore think I don't need the extra cash cow to generate more team value. If one of O'Meara, Viney or Wines bang out 100 every week, making sure you have these scores on field may very well add up to more points than the upgrade you get to make later in the year due to an additional cash cow.

However as you said, the chances are you will have players out over the coarse of the year and you can use this when those times arise. You just won't be guaranteed the second chance in the midfield you will get most weeks by using a specialised SD.

Interested to hear Higgo's option on this one ??


Mick great articel & I get the gist, but you confused me when you said:
"For my team in this upcoming round, that would be in the game between Melbourne and Port Adelaide…"
Port play GC on Saturday
Melbourne play GWS on Sunday


Haha – I have myself confused as well.

I have just confused Viney and O'Meara and their Clubs :/

Paragraph should read:

For my team in this upcoming round, that would be in the game between GCS and Port Adelaide, and would be one of Wines or O'Meara. As I rate Wines far more, I would then select O'Meara as my bench emergency. Now if O'Meara recreates that fine round two form and bangs out a score of 100+ I will want to get this score on the field. So what I would now do is put my Stategic Doughnut on the field in the form of Joshus Prudden and move Viney to the bench, thus bringing O'Meras’s emergency score into play.

Good stop Snudz




Attempting this could really hurt if you are not always tweaking with ya team mid weekend ay


Dilligaf – Could hurt big time it you are not on top of it


I'm sure someone has already said this but anyway. You must losing what a potential 200-300k from doing this "emergency loophole" . It could cost you a potential upgrade. Kane Mitchel-son to Brad Crouch must be definitely considered if you have a trade up your sleeve this week IMO. I like the idea but I wouldn't plan playing a non-playing midfield rookie because that's where you get most of your dough. Just my views and great article Mick, I love your stuff every couple weeks (except maybe the dangerfield one which convinced me to get him :P)



Glad you enjoyed it mate.

Crouch is a very good option all right and as I said if you have missed out on some of the other top performing rookies then I recommend you'd perform this trade. However if you are like me and are positioned nicely for an attack on the 50k and have already got the majority of the best performing rookies, a “Strategic Doughnut” could be that POD that gives you the edge on your way to the top.

I am very disappointed with Dangers output to date but keep the faith, he's still the same player from that article. One big score over 150pts and his average will be back looking respectable. Keep the faith and lets hope he turns it around against the doggies this week.


Hey Jock and Mick,

How does a Varcoe to Sam Mayes and Roughead to Leuenberger trade sound? I will have $315,000 left over.

Or do I do they same trade but get Ivan Maric instead of Leuenberger?

The only problem is that I will now have 3 Lions in the forward line and 1 in the ruck. Too many?

Do you have any suggestions?



Not too many at all – id go option one with Leuenberger in the ruck. Offers better value for money and money to start upgrading next week.


and while all you guys are doing that, im gonna spend that trade picking up an extra cash cow and turn him into another elite premium and get my extra points that way. picking up a player like that wont guarantee that you can use him every week, and there will be those weeks where you use him and your bench player scores more. and also how often does every one of your players play every game, are we really that confident that all of our picks are so 100% correct that we can sacrifice a spot like this? dont get me wrong, its a good plan when it works for ya, i used it myself with cox/mcaffer last week, and that is without going out of my way to do it. each to their own though and i always appreciate all the advice and tips given. if you think this is a good idea then go for it but there are to many negatives for my liking. love ya work tho mick keep the left field ideas coming



Great to hear from you and you make a very strong argument against. I dare say the majority of players will be on your side.

This will put me in the POD side of things – only time will tell who's side will work out for the best.

Thanks for input


Not too many at all – id go option one with Leuenberger in the ruck. Offers better value for money and money to start upgrading next week.


Mick I need your help,

I have a few problems. Scored 2080 , got $386k in kitty used 4 trades. Got Patton, Embley, Zorko and Plowman. Do I hold Zorko and look to dump Patton for a Monfires/Moloney/Mullet? Ditto with Embley? Or dump Zorko for a Hanley/Birchall? I have 11 rookies including the top 10 and coverage for both Embley and Patton. Need you advice please!!

Thanks everyone.


Pure. Bloody. Genius!!!! Wasn’t gonna bother trading Mitchell anyway, but this is extra salt on the bread. Bloody thanks!


neade is causing me problems this week. needed to trade kruzer and downgrade zorko but chance of neade being sub is pritty bloody high and will have to trade varco instead and swap neade to mid bench as i have no fwd cover with macaffer not playing.


Hey Mick help me please my MID is as follows:

(This doughnut idea is still confusing me lol)

Pendelbury, Ablett, Watson, Barlow, Swan, Wines, O'Meara, B. Hill (HAWKS) and my bench is Kommer (Suspended), K. Mitchell.

From looking at this is there any possible chance for a "doughnut" strategy?


pressure point

I have omeara, crouch, viney, and kommer as my doughnut, will this still work?

pressure point

someone please help