Monday Poll – Can you smell what THE HOFF has cooking?

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What does the HOFF have cooking?Justin Westhoff has started the season averaging 138 Supercoach points. Can he keep this up?

Many are frustrated with forward selections such as Zorko The Magnificent. Others may look at offloading Ryder if his suspension is long enough. Folk aren’t happy with the Orange Roughy and his first three rounds. I smell some real sideways trading temptation around the joint..

Coinciding with all this forward premium SPUD action is the early season form of THE HOFF. As I discussed in the pre round 4 podcast I am firm in my belief that players like Zorko needs to be held.. and personally.. am not convinced that Westhoff or Port Adelaide can maintain this sensational form in the medium to long term.

The Hoff comes in at $500,200 after his $69,000 price change. The big question you need to ask yourself is this.. what will he end up averaging for season 2013?

I’ll start things rolling… I reckon he’ll finish up the season averaging 95 and I’ll steer clear. He’s played Melbourne, GWS, then matched up on young Talia and Otten yesterday. I reckon his party will be over shortly.

What’s your call on Justin Westhoff?

The HOFF will finish the season averaging...

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Hey Jock,

Hey Jock,

How does a Varcoe to Sam Mayes and Roughead to Leuenberger trade sound? I will have $315,000 left over.

Or do I do they same trade but get Ivan Maric instead of Leuenberger?

The only problem is that I will now have 3 Lions in the forward line and 1 in the ruck.

Do you have any suggestions?



Shulz getting best defander, ATM. He has scored against relatively weak defenses. Not convinced yet




Its a real tough one. Worst case scenario he's going to make a bit of money, Zorko is going to continue going down. He does have the Gold Coast this week though, so another 120+ could be beckoning. I wouldn't have brought him in if I hadn't have seen how good his performance was against Adelaide on the weekend. He does look like he's potentially in for a breakout year.

I'm not convinced Zorko should be held onto either. Why do you think that?


Could burn man Broughton be given the job on Westhoff perhaps?


I hope so, the Hoff will kill him.


I was at the Crows/Power game on the weekend and it pains me to say it, but he looked bloody awesome. Still, he always beasts against the Crows and playing GWS and Melbourne doesn’t have me fully convinced he is past his consistency issues. I imagine he will come back to earth a bit, but the way the forwards are performing this year a guy averaging in the 100-109 range is probably going to be one of the top 10 performers.


Zorko > Kennedy ? Generate some more cash, and Kennedy still has a low BE.


Yes, but probably a week too late.


Yeh I think you missed the boat on that one mate.


Petrie out….who for tho?


I do not have a Ruck/FWD. So I am trading out Zorko for Rowe.
Then subbing Rowe into Ruck for Cox. And then Trading Naismith who is on ruck bench.
THe question I have is if i have the cash, do I go Naismith to Leunberger or Goldstein?

THank you

The Old Dylan

Who is your R2?




Jock, what the hell do I do with my forward line, I've had enough with them!

I've got Zorko, Rockliff, roughead, neade, LeCras & dwyer wth Karnezis & Mcaffer sitting on the pine. I'm happy with my other lines, but my forward line is getting a belting and something needs to be done. Happy to sit on my rookies, it's more the problem of Zorko, Roughead & Karnezis which is the issue.


downgrade karnezis to rowe or mayes
then roughed/zorko to franklin or another consistent premium


Get Andrew Walker for Roughie, Josh Kennedy for Zorko and id say Mayes for Karnezis


Traded kruezer to leunberger. Is this a good trade?




No seeing as Kreuzer is injured i believe


Hey Jock, I am seriously considering putting on Westhoff because I am able to upgrade Varcoe as I have lots of spare cash. Thoughts?


Dont get sucked in, Port have yet to vs a decent side


need to trade varcoe, is it to late to pick up dwyer? him and mayes are the options, they are very similar in price. what are they expected to rise to if they keep the same average of 75ish? to make 200k of further price rises would be worth it i think. and is there anyone else ive missed or should look at?


WCE sinclair


Zorko gone & big lance in. Got a feeling he may tear the dockers apart this week as I can't see a good match up they have for him, but who really does. And then the kangas the week after & we all know what happened last time!


Don't agree with you jock on keeping zorko. He has been deplorable as well as the lions. There is no midfield room for him in there and it appears he can't find enough of the ball as a forward, he also seems to be struggling to find the scoreboard and tackling numbers down as well.
I'll cop the whack on patty dangerfield as his potential is as good as anyone in the competition, and he a notoriously slow starter, I have to say his support network doesn't look as good this year which is concerning, but when the danger man flicks the switch he will drag them all through the mud on the back of his coat tails.
So the danger man is the one to hang onto zorko the great will fulfil the second year blues article that was written on this site.
Trade now before its too late!


Last week went with:
OUT Zorko INDwyer
OUT Ryder INKennedy, JJ

This week looking at :
OUT Varcoe INCox
OUT Watts INHutchins (good call Wayno)

This leaves me with $795k in the kitty, with Karny still to deal with.

Any opinions for a better trade?


Doing the above trades, i end up with:

Def: Gibbs, B, Goddard, B, Heppell, D, Goodes, B, Pittard, J, Hutchins, J (Stevenson, L, Terlich, D)

Mid: Pendlebury, S, Kennedy, J, Deledio, B, Fyfe, N, Selwood, J, Wines, O, O'Meara, J, Crouch, B (Viney, J, Kommer, N)

Ruc: Leuenberger, M, Rowe, S, (Blicavs, M, Currie, D)

Fwd: Cox, D, Kennedy, J, Rockliff, T, Riewoldt, J, Jenkins, J, Dwyer, S (Macaffer, B, Karnezis, P)

Another option if Watts is still banished is to leave him and swap Karny for Franklin?


with that much cash i would make an early upgrade stevenson to a premium back hanly or birchell


Varcoe has to go, and I'm keen to move Watts along.
Trading Watts for Birchell has appeal though.


varcoe to sinclair (WCE)
watts to hutchins or birchall


need some help with my trades this week jock. my problems are zorko, shuey, dangerfield, rich and varcoe. Shuey is my number one concern as he is unable to score a ton against MELBOURNE!! anyway im thinking varcoe to Sinclair and then switch him with rowe. If need be i can hold off on this trade for one more week to take careof other problems. My team is as follows without any trades this week.

DEF) Gibbs, B Heppell, D Goodes, B Duffield, P Pittard, J Stevenson, L (Brown, L Terlich, D)
MID) Pendlebury, S Ablett, G Fyfe, N Rich, D Dangerfield, P Shuey, L Viney, J O'Meara, J (Wines,O Crouch, B)
RUC) Jacobs, S Leuenberger, M (Blicavs, M Rowe, S)
FOR) Cox, D Kennedy, J Rockliff, T Zorko, D Varcoe, T Macaffer, B (Dwyer, S Neade,J)
**i have $190,100 salary remaining


brown to hutchins
varcoe to sinclair


varcoe to sinclair however i think shuey to hanley could be better

Cold Ass Honky

Jock, old mate. Worth pulling the pin on Danger and finally bringing in Wines?

Cold Ass Honky

Posted this on the podcast thread:

4,126th at the moment. Not hugely happy, been cursed by poor decisions i.e who to start on ground, Dangerfield's average performances etc.

Team as it stands is (4,400 left over):

Def: Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Terlich, Frost)

Mid: Pendlebury, Kennedy, Ablett, Deledio, Mundy, Dangerfield, Viney, O'Meara (Kommer, Jones)

Ruck: Maric, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Currie)

Fwd: Cox, Bartel, Kennedy, Rockliff, Dwyer, Neade (Karnezis, Macaffer)

Trade ideas (not including variations) I've thought of so far:
OUT: Dangerfield, Karnezis IN: Moloney, Monfries
OUT: Kommer, Karnezis IN: Wines, Rowe
OUT: Dangerfield, Karnezis IN: Rowe, ANYONE (can afford any player with this cash).

Thoughts community?
Cheers in advance


nice cookie cutter mate.

Cold Ass Honky

Aww make you feel good about yourself, bud? Probably another one of those bitter people stuck with the likes of Zorko, Ryder, Roughead, Pavlich, Shuey etc. FYI Deledio, Mundy, Maric, Bartel etc aren't mainstream picks. I was smart enough to start with the likes of the two Josh Kennedy's, and all of my rookies.


Cold Ass Honky

Anyway ended up downgrading Danger to Wines, and flipping Karnezis for Buddy.


Apparently K Mitchell from Port is set to return to the rookie list. What are people's thoughts on potential options:

($180K in the kitty)

Zorko > Rowe
Mitchell > Moloney


Mitchell > Crouch
Currie > Rowe


Hang on to Mitchell (his price isn't going anywhere), and sideways trade Zorko to Bartel or similar. Then trade in Rowe for Currie?


am i right to be trading out players when they are performing well and trading in players that aren't performing so well? So that i am making good cash???


Depends on who you're trading out. If it's a rookie/midpricer who's reached their cash peak then yes, if it's say trading Pendlebury to Dangerfield to make $100K then no, I wouldn't be doing that.


Thanks Marc! That answer has helped me a lot.

just out of interest, what is usually the cash peak for a midpricer/rookie?


I reckon most rookies peak at around $350K-$400K, but that can be higher or lower depending on their average. Basically when their BE starts hovering around their average score is when you want to trade 'em, You may even trade them before they're peaked if it means you can get a premium who's bottomed out on back on the upswing or because there's another rookie priced player getting games and you want in on the ground floor.


Thanks Marc. You've been great help.

Michael Lauder

Hey Jock!

Is it to late to get wines.. Or should I do anything

I can (shuey for wines) ?



it is too late to get wines. shuey is a good option though


Danger to Moloney, Still generating 170k? Or should I keep danger.

Sam Loy

The Danger issue is killing me. I heard he had the flu the week before Round 1, and apparently he got smacked in the head during the third quarter against Port. I reckon he is still a gun, so trading him out may mean trading him back in later, burning two trades and only making $50k or so.
Then again, he's not the only player who can score over 110.
It's a pickle.


Please help community!!

Who should I downgrade too for Ryder?

I have been think Leuenberger and monfries but I’m not sure which one! and if you guys have any other opinions can u please say

Thank you community


If Ryder is in your ruck then Leuenberger is a great option. You could also downgrade to either Callum Sinclair or Sam Rowe to free up some cash. If he is in the forward line you could either trade for someone like Jimmy Bartel, Dustin Martin, J J Kennedy or if you have enough cash trade to Franklin. You could always downgrade to a rookie like Sam Mayes from Brisbane if you want cash.


D man

Who to Bring in for Zorko?

T/U Martin
T/D Monfries

Or someone else?? I don’t have Bartel.


OUT: Zorko
IN: Franklin OR Westhoff OR D.Martin OR Riewoldt

OUT: K.Mitchell
IN: Crouch
OR swing goodes into the MID and get IN: Birchall OR Burgoyne

any suggestions on who i should go with??


or instead of K.Mitchell, i could get rid of Pittard and trade in Birchall OR Burgoyne


Ps this is my team:
DEF: goddard, gibbs, heppell, duffield, goodes, pittard, stevenson, terlich
MID: ablett, pendlebury, kennedy, sidebottom, dangerfield, moloney, wines, o'meara, viney, k.mitchell
RUC: leuenberger, rowe, witts, currie
FWD: cox, rockliff, zorko, kennedy, neade, dwyer, macaffer, kerridge

$490,800 in the bank


K.Michell has just been put back on the Rookie List and I understand isn't eligible for re-elevation until mid season. Thus, you need to get him out.


Not convinced by Westoff. Just feels to risky when I hit the trade button. Thoughts on Andrew Walker? He's looked good off the half back gettting a lot more of the ball


I agree. Mick seems to have re-invented him, and he's full of running and superfit. He's always been a talented footballer and is giving the Blues plenty of run off the Half Back Line.


I seem to remember Robin Nahas doing something similar to the Hoff's purple patch in 2011 or 2012. Some were sucked in.


Is the Frenchman a viable option?


G'day Jock and community…. Really contemplating on trading in Danger for Hodge while he's cheap at $459K. I just get the feeling that Luke is in for a big season this year….. But then again Danger has the Bulldogs at AAMI this week, which you would think he'll score well. But I'm really losing my patience with the blokes underperformance in the last 3 rounds. I would hate to keep him and then under performs again but by then Hodge will be a lot more expensive. Any advice or thoughts from anyone?


Am always reluctant to trade out a Premo… Danger has a BE of 150-odd so will leak cash, Hodge 43 so will increase in price…your call but you will be dirty if Danger averages more than Hodgey the rest of the way…


Hey Jock from NYC. Big bloody mess. Have Varcoe and Jetta (Swans). Who to ditch? Jetta's value will keep going down. Trade for Sinclair and bump up kitty. Help a Yank, man!


varcoe for rowe or sinclair
or mayes B4 R5


Thanks Chris. Have rowe so will do Sinclair. Hope Jetta gets his shitte together. Def doing mayes next round.


Gday community, trading out roughy for sam rowe and k mitchell for hodgey. Holding onto danger as am happy with rest of side until cash cows come through. thumbs up or down?


forgot to mention trading roughy out of fwd line as i have cox and jacobs in rucks

team changa

sideways trade with shuey? or downgrade shuey?


Hey Jock (and all) – got some issues with my forward line. It currently is – Kennedy, Rocky, D-Mart, Tex, Dwyer, Varcoe, Neade & Macaffer.

Money is no trouble. Thinking of going Varcoe to Buddy/LeCras/Ryder/anyone else??. Thoughts? I am leaning towards Buddy as I think he may have bottomed out and he has demons-GC-GWS coming up. LeCras has a BE of 40-odd so wont grow too much in price. What do people think?


varcoe to rowe or sinclair


You reckon Blicavs to C.Sinclair? Creating 48k?


tippet last year most thought he wouldnt hold his form but had a stellar year – Port seem very much like Adelaide in their belief – maybe the Hoff can keep it up his BE next 2 rounds will see price rises he is winning plenty of footy


JOCK and community need some feedback my team sitting 3071 on those in bold brackets as potential trade $312k in bank

Gibbs Goddard Grimes Goode Stevenson Pittard –Terlich Brown
GAJ Pendles JPK Swanny Wines Viney OMeara Kommer — (GRAY) Varcoe
Goldy Rowe — (BLICAVS) Currie
Buddy Cox Rocky Bartel Kennedy Dwyer — Mcaff Neade

1. Currie > Leuy $120k left [SAFE]

or going bold

2. BLICAVS > Leuy & GRAY > Hodge 17K left [AGGRESSIVE]

option 2 can only happen this week cos of Hodges bubble it could be crippling if Hodge gets inj / rollercoaster but i dont see many potential prems of Hodgeys scoring ability bottom to 450k but it will cost me BLICAVS from ripening properly with Currie still sitting there on a dill pickle

Gray is sniffing selection should I wait give him 2 games then make a call might be able to grab someone bottoming out around time of his bubble? It will allow me to make more coin off Blicavs and use only 1 trade on Currie

Only my 3rd year of SC – should i be aggressive or play the safe game? Some decent feedback analysis from some experienced coachs/minds would be welcomed lads


Sorry posted this in wrong section – no need for replies here.


Hey guys, while we're on the topic of Hoff being a possible breakout, what about Andrew Walker? I've liked this guy for a while and been waiting for a breakout to happen. I don't think Monfries will keep up the 100+ scores but he'll surely make a lot of cash still. Dusty seems ready to pounce aswell


OUT: K.Mitchell
IN: Crouch
OR swing goodes into the MID and get IN: Birchall OR Burgoyne


OUT: Currie
IN: Sinclair

any suggestions on who i should go with??


Is trading in Sinclair from WCE a smart move, when is NicNat due back?


i got Sinclair in for Varcoe to swing in the ruck with S Rowe and big cox.
it is my undertsanding that Nic Nat has O P and could be out for as much as 8 weeks


Completely agree, nicnat will be back in 3-4 weeks and Sinclair will be out


i think its time to get rid of Tex
who is number forward prem i should go with Bartel, Rioli, Buddy
Also for Varcoe is it worth trading him up or going down to a rookie
Who is the best rookie
Sincliar, Mayes or Lee


Last trades for me this week. Team looks solid enough until cows fatten and upgrades can commence.
Have gone with
Atley > Heppell(switch from mids) to Hodge
Varcoe > Cox(switch from ruck) to Leuy
Thoughts Mr Father of Fantasy?


This week
Next week
Currie>Mayes if he plays well.
Need all rookies making money at this stage. I'll just have to get my captains right without using loophole which has worked for me twice now. Holding onto Zorko.


I have 275k and wanna add to the cash to later up grade 2 rookie cash cows to turn them in to prem's. in a couple weeks time.

so my idea is to trade out
Zorko for monfries , to make an extra 78k

And trade Dal Santo who is averaging below what I accept from him.
Down grading him for a cash cow average 100 plus, in for Aaron mullet, and I'll make an extra 180k.

Thoughts please?


trade Zorko for a gun port rookie or koby stevens. creates more money although you wont get as many points. Trade dal santo for a gun port rookie (oliver wines), taylor hunt or mullet (good choice). its up to you. its safer to get the rookies because they perform well but gain you more money to buy the higher priced premiums!


I have all the gun rookies in the mid, such as wines , o merra, viney, koby Stevens already tho…


Is it worth just going Kennedy instead of Westhoff


Also another option other than Mitchell other than the obvious


Depends on the rest of your team, but I personally wouldn't be bringing in 2 mid pricers. It can pay off and work out awesomely, but I'd say there's a big chance one of them will flop and leave you in the same position down the track. I'm sticking to around $270k after this weeks trades and pretty happy with that, but I've been lucky and don't have any issues yet!


i have over 1 million in the bank and have 4 rookies in the midfield by memory (neade, Stevens, viney and o'meara). i want to trade a rookie for a premium (cotchin or deledio). also i am going to trade varcoe due to his injury and poor performances, is josh kennedy from eagles a good pick or select a rookie to generate cash? id like to hear anyones thoughts. thanks


1 Million in the Bank is too much. Your average over 3 rounds could't possibly be over 2050?
If it is, Great planning. Even so, definitely time to get a Premium mid in. Id go Stevens for any genuine premium mid you dont have, and Varcoe for Kennedy ( before he goes up again. That will still leave you with over $400K in the bank and if you have heaps of cash cows, this is more than enough.
My opinion only of course


Forget BURNMAN as a moniker for those fantasy players that hurt the community … PLUM ROLLER is a much better description!!
Hopefully, by using the age old question: Is giving birth more painful than getting kicked in the plums? the JRC (Jock Reynolds Community) will understand my reasoning … Women always maintain that giving birth is way more painful than a fella getting kicked in the nuts. After a few beers, and some heavy deductive thinking, I realized that getting kicked in the nuts is far more painful than having a baby; and here is the reason …. A year or so after giving birth, a woman will often say, "It might be nice to have another child." But, you never hear a bloke say, "You know, I think I would like another kick in the nuts." Getting burnt by a failing fantasy footballer is pain with a capital P!! Just like getting your plums rolled .. PLUM ROLLERS!!


Who has the great Danger and what are you doing with him? He’s getting smashed by the tag but has already dropped in price so much. Would it be with trading him out now or just pray he bounces back?


Dangerfield was doing really 76 SC pts mid 3rd quarter until he met the shoulder of wines, I think he would have reached between 105-110 SC pts if it weren't for that.
I have him and am keeping him all year for that x factor have to build around him now.
Think he will scratch up his first good score against the dogs 125 SC pts.


Got a big knock against Essendon as well. He was a bit of a slow burner last year and finished like a wild fire.. Crows have fairly much the same midfield as last year. Hopefully he breaks free of his tags VERY shortly!


Okay community! Let me know your thoughts on who I should go for a bench cash cow.

Jack Hutchins
Brad Crouch?


Toss of the coin. They both look like solid picks


So with Ryder out for 4 weeks, how are we expecting this to effect Bellchambers scores? I wanted to trade him out to Goldstein but thinking about making 2 downgrades to make cash and sit on Belly for now. I'm in the top 700 overall without any other issues so far. Thoughts?


I traded shuey -> cotchin and traded viney -> crouch.

I still have zorko and will keep him. My thoughts of dropping shuey is because carazzo will do the job on him and I estimate he will get 70-90 this week and cotchin will get 120+ this week and I believe viney will get 10-20 more than crouch

team changa

roughy or shuey trade out?

Go crouching

Pearce Hanley or Grant Birchall?? Who will be the better scorer?


I would say Birchall is the way to go. He seems to be set for a consistant season


Is it worth me upgrading from J Neade to J Westhoff (lock). this would leave me with only $37,100 in the bank. But it would pretty much have my forward line sorted for the season baring injury and form drops.

J. Westhoff, J Kennedy, T Rockliff, T Cloke, J Rewoldt, M Lecras (B McCaffer, C Sinclair(ruck swing with cox and Rowe))

thoughts? This would also mean i have used 2 trades every week (24 Left)

Go crouching

I would say no as Nease's breakeven is -54 and will still earn lots of money.. Look to upgrade him in a few weeks to another forward lock as Westoff might slow down in the upcoming weeks


what to do with Zorko sideways trade to Buddy, Bartel, Rioli, Westoff or trade down to sinclair and generate more cash?


Hey guys really need some thoughts on how Bellchambers will go without Ryder there? Tempted to trade in Goldstein, but thinking it might be best to make cash this round and get a look at Belly against the Saints. If he scores around 90 the price to put Goldstein in shouldn't change dramatically, but I'm wondering if Belly can average 100 over the next 4 weeks?

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