Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – pre round 4

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Supercoach podcast round 4

Dangerfield looks as if he’ll be a juicy trade in target in a week or two. So does Roughhead. Maybe your Matty Pavliches or your Duffields. This is the thought process of the Fantasy Footy elite at this stage of the season folks.

You see its not necessarily your starting team that defines you as a fantasy footballer. Its how you ply your trade when it comes to mid season trading. Will you get caught up in a sideways trading frenzy? Or will you sit back and start to strategically map out your path to a team full of premium players?

Hope your team did well on the weekend folks! Would love to hear your stories from the weekend’s fantasy footy and also your plans for round 4.

Enjoy the show.


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What are your thoughts on Luke Hodge Jock? Considering the following:

Pav > Leuy (Cox forward)
Whitfield > Hodge

No doubt he has potential, but the knee is a worry. Looked excellent today.


He had corrective surgery on it, he was eased back into the team, and he says he feels fit. After he was best on ground against the Pies, he said he feels great. I must jump on Hodge, he will produce every week. In my opinion. He will make premium


Had kreuzer, varcoe, O'Meara, crouch, zorko and pittard all on my field. Just can't catch a break at the start of the season


Kreuzer and Vacoe destroyed me this week. Lost 3 games because of those two injuries. All you can do is move on, you should have enough cash trading both of them to get Westoff (cant believe i just said that, where has his form come from, hasnt scored below 100 and is still only 400k) and Luenberger, whos averaging 97 off 2 games so hasnt changed from 300K.


If you cant afford both, Sam Rowe is a good grab at 115k averaging 71 off 2 games.


yeh don't trust westhoff at maintaining it but I am going with leuy. considering rowe


The Legropers Rd 3 Score
Total Score
Rds played: 3
Overall Ranking
of 293,134
Ranked in top 0%
Avg score/Rd
I'm going ok Jock, just need to get rid of Byrnes.


Really need some of my premiums to start playing like they are premiums. It is hurting my score: Not to name (Pav) names…

No choice but to keep the faith though, picked for a reason, now have to stick with him. The only way is up surely.


why you would even consider Pav in the first place @ 593k is beyond me


i had Kreuzer, O'merea instead of Viney, Dixon and L.Brown so to end up with 1990 was expected yet bloody painful!
Ok any word on how long Dixon (GCS) might out for?
Just Traded Kreuzer for Lemb so i hope the ruck curse stops…


Good stuff guys, good to know about the 3 week averages, makes planning upgrades a bit easier as you know after a premium has a stinker it opens the door for a few weeks for his price to go down a bit (or at least stay static) and to upgrade to him. Top stuff.

Looks like the Captain loophole worked perfectly for me this week with putting the VC on Cox and banking the 171.

Tex may have managed to give himself 1 more week, but he needs to cut out the cute stuff, stop playing for frees and play with that mongrel style that makes him great. BE is 145, so he's got 1 more price drop coming up for him.

Also thinking of making Mundy my first upgrade. Good first round, but scores in the 80's and 90's aren't doing much good. Will keep his price static, but I picked him on the prospect of scoring 100+. The bad scores from Selwood and Watson this week are awesome for me as that'll bring their prices down a fair bit in a few weeks.


gday jock ripping podcast, just wondering about nathan bock and where he is at for the 2013 supercoach season?


No mention on westhoff??!! That man has dominated the forward line for 3 weeks!! Zorko the shit stick is out for westhoff!! Crouch has it right about zorks… BURNMAN


i agree jakekuyper he has the highest average


hi everyone,
2425 this week so very happy but only concern is zac smith. charlie dixon seems to be taking alot of points off him, so thinking of downgrading him to a rowe or sinclair but would leave cox and 3 rookies in the rucks. or upgrade him to a prem such as mcevoy but would only leave me with 99,000 or swap him with leunenberger.

also is justin westhoff (500K) worth trading in, negative breakeven, projected to reach 600k in a couple of weeks but has played relatively week teams (gws, mel) and could score less in upcoming weeks with north, richmond, carl, geel to come


Love ya work guys.

Stray thought regarding hutchins the GC rookie defender.

Surprisingly the defenders have been pretty reliable, with most popular premiums and mid prices averaging well and the rookies looking to keep going up in price.

I'm thinking of swinging goodes into my midfield and trading out super sub kane Mitchell, freeing up a spot in my defense for hutchins.

Happy with my defenders and mids ( although would like a bit more from Mundy), not so much fwd line. Injury to Varcoe means one trade burnt. Zorko unimpressive but I want to give him one more chance.Looking to trade in sinclair, lecras and hutchins with only two trades. Time for some planning


do i keep rich and shuey? and dangerfield has dropped so much… and zorko and varcoe… help?


i have the money to trade danger to a premium. just dont want to see him lose me to much more$$$


Don't worry about Danger, you picked him at the start of the season for a reason. He will come good, don't worry about his value.
Zorko looks injured, and i'd get him out. JJK/Bartel look good bets.
Shuey couldn't get a good score v Melb, so he doesn't look to be a keeper.
Rich can't deal with a tag, so looks like he should go too.

Your priorities should be Varcoe to a rookie (Sinclair/Rowe)
Then Shuey to a JPK or even a watson.
Rich shouldn't hemorrhage as much cash as Shuey.

Hope this helps


thanks terry helped heaps


I’m in the exact same sitution with almost all of those players!! Biggest bullshit start to the season!! At this stage, varcoe is a straight out. I can kill two birds with one stone here as the money I get from varcoe to a rookie can give me enough to go shuey to JPK or Watson or pretty much anyone. As for danger, watch hodge over the next week, if he produces what he did on the weekend, downgrade danger to Hodge and you’ll get enough cash to upgrade zorko if needed.


yep true sean


I've gone from Danger to JPK and Zorko to the other kennedy in the forward line


yeah varcoe is gone for sinclair then swing him with rowe into the forward line. not sure about my second trade. I think danger has to stay otherwis i have lost a lot of money however another significant price drop to come this week. atleast rich showed some promise and zorko is perhaps a lower priority. which leavs me with shuey who cant even crack the ton against melbourne….. has to go!!


Suban > Hutchins
Varcoe > Franklin.
What do you think jocky? Was hoping suban to continue his round 1 form after it looked like he was going to play mainly in the midfield but I got sucked in and it didnt pay off!


I traded in Liberatore what happened to him? onl 42 sc points.
what the???


He's 20 years old, your dreaming if you think he could of held 100+ output the whole year


I have 2 major injuries Paton and kruzer and two players who I thought was going to play every game in Aaron siposs and Patrick karnises I have Rowe to back kruzer but I have Maccfa and Dwyer on the bench and since Maccfa didn’t play I got a donut I was thinking of puting Rowe in for kruzer and trading Paton for lecras and siposs for a bargan but I am unsure what player. Help please


Use sentences


Should I dump K.Mitchell (the SUB every week for Port) for Luke Hodge before he goes up in price next week?

I need to off load Roughead and Pavshit, should I trade down Pavlich for LeCras before HIS price rises? or Roughead to Luenberger before HIS price rises…

I'm a novice, but going very well. Scored 2355 last round.


yes mitchell back on rookie list for salter


Need fwd and def help. Have $185,900 in reserves

Wright, S for Gibbs
Jetta for Kennedy (even though I have Varcoe)

Good or shitte?


Disregard. Took your podcast advice. Traded Varcoe for Sinclair. Wright for Gibbs. More money in the bucket. Thanks Jocko!


IN REGARDS to Pavlich, another point to consider. Fremantle play Hawthorn. Ryan Shoenmakers has trouble with big gorilla forwards, Pav might find some form against him. But if the Hawks bring in Brian Lake, which I think they might, then Pav will more than likely be shut down completely, because the best spoiler in the game, Josh Gibson will branch of his man and superman-punch the crapola out of the incoming ball into Fremantle's forward 50. I reckon Pav will have another stinker, if the Hawks bring in Brian Lake and the way the Hawks defense work together to kill the ball coming in. Pavshit traded to Mark Lecras from the clan Lecras for me (who is on the bubble), maybe… hmmm


Schoenmakers has only had a problem with Cloke so far this season. Pav is in career worst form, I think Guerra could shut him down on the weekend, lol.


Yeah Shoenmakers destoryed Tom Hawkins.


Nice work again with Podcast fellas! Would love a bit of advice here.

DEF: Goddard, Hanley, Gibbs – Goodes, Stevenson, Pittard (Brown, Terlich)

MID: Pendles, Kennedy, Mitchell, Deledio, Swallow – Wines, Stevens, Viney (O'meara , Crouch)

Ruck: Bellchambers, Leuenberger (Rowe, Blicavs)

FWD: Cox, Bartel, Rockliff, Mayne, Kennedy, Neade (Karnezis, Macaffer)

$169,000 in the bank and sitting in the top 700 overall.

I sat on Karnezis last round as he wasn't named (no price change) and made more important trades, so he's at the top of my list this week. My first thought was to trade Bellchambers to Sinclair to make a heap of cash, swing Cox into the ruck and upgrade Karni to a premium Fwd. That would leave me around $250 – $300k, but if Ryder is suspended for a few weeks is it better to hold on Bellchambers with less chance of dodgy scores?

I'm liking the first option at the moment but would love to hear any ideas. Cheers!


You're up pretty late, watching Chelsea or something?

I'd sit on Belch until Ryder is back, unless David Hille is named. Otherwise I'd definitely consider using your option.


Nah, no soccer in my world. I stick to the real stuff 😉

The more I think about it, Bellchambers has to go. Better off suring up the rucks and he's up against McEvoy this week. Could barely break even and I reckon he'll only hit big against the lesser teams. Thanks for the feedback mate


What about Bell out, Cox to ruck, and bring in Lance?

Then Karny for Sinclair?


Definitely considered that and still am. Would leave me with $188,000 which is a bit short of what I would like but without any other worries it may be worth it!


As a dons supporter, I'd have no doubt that Hille will play if Ryder is out.


do i trade shuey?


should i trade zorko and bring in martin?


I'm thinking trade Zorko down to Rowe then Vlauistuin to Hanley for Brisbane?! Thoughts??


good trade




Yes, rowe and Hanley will be increasing in price over next few rounds. i dont think vlastuin can break into the strong tigers line up yet, and zorko the magnificent is not being so magnificent


Liberatore omg I traded him in




Yet Another Awesome Podcast gents!
Had another listen this morning, more Biff-o than a VFL round!

Libba…. i would hold onto him, first quite game this year, was tagged up in a big way. He will come back against the crows this week.


Don't know, it takes time to learn how to play well with a tag. I think Libba will be shut down more often and with Boyd coming back in soon….. I glad I didn't get in Libba


guys and girls, what's our opinions on westhoff, walker and martin as trade in options for zorko? walker's defensive role has him seeing a lot more of the ball and looks great too. We all know about martin but is this the yr he finally becomes elite and westhoff the obvious surprise here so far, can he hold this level of play?
Like many of you I'm not waiting on zorko, too pricey to gamble on, so what do we think is the best option going forward? (Pun intended)


who do you go?
Let's look at options vs their opponents.
Westhoff: 100 v Melb, 163 v GWS, 150 v Adelaide. ALL wins.
Walker: 137 v Rich, 70 v Pies, 137 v Geelong. ALL losses.
Dusty: 85 v Carl, 92 v StK, 150 v Dogs. ALL wins.

I feel while Westhoff has been the surprise packet, his form has been great, but weaker defenses. Shulz obviously gets Defender 1. What's his form going to be against the better sides of the comp?

Walker is getting a more defensive role, a bit of mid time, and has played better teams. He has potential. But isn't proven. Not to mention DPP eligible.

Oh Dusty… he is a gun. Explosive potential, but big fade-out risk. When he is on, he is on. While his scores have been mediocre before this week, when he plays 4 quarters, he dominates. Building his tank, 4 pre-seasons behind him and should have fewer low-output games. DPP eligible. The safest bet IMO out of the 3.

Dusty> Westhoff > Walker IMO.

but I could be wrong 🙂

Hope this helps.


Hey guys
I'm thinking of trading out Dangerfield and I'll pick him up later for cheaper
Is it worth bringing goddard into the midfield and bringing in Hanley in the backline



You should back your premuims in mate.
We do have more trades this year, but its a race to prem out your team!
I would definitely bring Hanley in, but try to make cash from midpricers or rookies… Look at Danger's next few games… He's sure to pick back up.


Shuey out Teen Wolf Fyfe in
Zorko out Martin in

What do you think

I hate sideways trades, but this is something that I have to do?


There are certainly worse sideways trades than that. It would probably be better if you traded one up and one down, if you can, or both down to generate cash in waiting for premium upgrades in the next 2-3 weeks.

However TW and Dusty look to be players in form so don't blame you for wanting them in your side.


Can i get some advice on my team
Gibbs, Goddard, Gibbs, Hartlett, Duffield, Stevenson BENCH Pittard, Vlastuin.

Pendlebury, JPK, GAJ, Watson, Wines, Viney, O'meara, Crouch BENCH Kommer, Stevens.

Jacobs, Blicavs BENCH Witts, Currie.

Westhoff, Kennedy, Rockliff, Lewis, Dwyer, Neade, Rowe, Macaffer


with 648,300 in the bank


Gibbs, Goddard, Gibbs?


i mean gibbs , goddard, goodes


Good one mate


648,000 in the bank is way too much cash to hold… that could be in your team gaining money, or more importantly points!!
I'd consider upping your rucks, you could go a witts/currie to Benny Mac, or Cox.
Maybe a Vlastuin to Hanley..
Macaffer to Bartel..
But to get my point across, you're robbing yourself of points matey.


cheers in post-round three i did the trades
dangerfield- JPK
Zorko- Kennedy
i dont have enough trades!
and next week i will probably trade vlasuin for hanley and blicavs to leue in ruck


no i meant currie for luey


Beast team for that much cash in the bank, maybe go Witts for Luenberger and then upgrade Macaffer to Martin?


I need to get out Zac Smith and I've got a heap of cash from previous downgrades. Do i go to Leuenburger or go straight to a premium?

If so, who is the best premium ruck option?


I like Cox (no dog dog), or Big Ben – He is tearing it up!
If you dont have the cash, go luey – he looks good for the price


Leuen is in good form and will make plenty of money, Best Prem ruck atm is Ivan Maric (IMHO) scores of 112,106,120 lost 9k only due to lose 1k next time.
Or Cox, he is just on fire more FF than ruck though.


Hey Jock,

How does a Varcoe to Sam Mayes and Roughead to Leuenberger trade sound? I will have $315,000 left over.

Or do I do they same trade but get Ivan Maric instead of Leuenberger?



get leuy and save money for midfield upgrades


Agree with Rob, Leuy will make enough $ (provided he stays healthy) to where you could cheaply upgrade him again should you wish. Having the extra $300K means you've already banked a rookie upgrade in 4-5 weeks time, or a midprice upgrade now if you're impatient.


Yeah I think I'll go with that. Good advice.

Thanks guys.


Varcoe for J Kennedy west coast anyone's thoughts on that? Bearing in mind I do have Shuey LeCras and cox is it safe to have 4 from the same team!


I have 3 WC and 4 Port guys, it's fine I reckon. It's looking like at most 2-3 of them will be premium keepers, so it's all about scores and cash generation. If they provide you with either or both of those things then it's not a problem for me.


Been my best year of SC so far.

Have only one under-performer that I'm pretty keen to do a straight up sideways trade for… P. Duffield, not the worst, but could be so much better…

Who (in your opinion) would be the safest trade option H. Hartlett, D. Heppel or J. Geary?

Or should I trade down for someone like C. Heath?

(My current DEF: P. Hanley. B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, B. Goodes, J. Pittard, P. Duffield, L. Stevenson, D. Terlich)



If you really want to trade out P Duffield…would probably be going to G Birchall…..safest of safest option i think…..


Birchall. But i would'nt sideways trade mate… Always trade up or down.
I'd keep Duffield, but if you are dead set on trading i'd go to Hutchins (Maximum cash gen)
Then go to Birch in a few when the cows fatten 🙂


Hello Community,

Very poor round for me this week scored only 2118 SC points……L Brown (ADL) and T Varcoe let me down big time….was ranked 3342 before 3rd round and now jumped down to 8703…..really disappointed……

Made couple of trades last week…

Trade 1 was Karnezis to J Neade
Trade 2 was J Russell to L Brown….(was tossing up between L Brown & H Campbell)….eventually went for L Brown……which I think was terrible mistake……should have gone for H Campbell….anyways mistakes happen…..

Have got $483,000 in the bank currently…..


This week I need to do couple of trades, see options below,


OUT: Varcoe IN Leuenberger (by swapping Roughie to FWD)
OUT: Macaffer IN C Sinclair

Will be left with $456,000 after the above trades…..


OUT: Roughead IN: leuenberger
OUT: Zorko IN: C Sinclair
Will be left with $1,065,000…….


OUT: Zorko IN: Westhoff (or any other premium FWD's Need suggestions)
OUT: Varcoe IN: Leuenberger (by swinging Roughie to FWD)
Will be left with $$428,100…..


OUT: Roughead IN: Leuenberger
OUT: Varcoe IN: Westhoff (or any other premium FWD's Need suggestions)
Will be left with $446,300….


OUT: Roughead IN: Leuenberger
OUT: Varcoe IN: Buddy
Will be left with $357,900….

Community, I need help very badly……please help……
Any Comments or suggestions, would be highly appreciated……



Hi Raj.

Priorities from the above ..
1 – Varcoe
2 – Zorko (i never really rated him as a top 10 fwd option)
3 – Orange Roughie (not in top 10 either)
4 – Macaffer
Dangerfield should stay.

I'm a firm believer in NO sideways trades (unless LTI), and no more than 50k in the kitty. You want the cash in the team gaining money and points.

Zorko – Sinclair/Rowe
Varcoe – Buddy/Bartel/Cox

If you have enough, go both to Premiums – seeing you have the cash.
Remember though – Pointscoring and cash generation are your highest priorities.
Sideways trading robs trades and slows you in the race to "Prem your Team".
"Bring in players you see as the top 5-10 in their positions" (THANKS HIGGO)

Hope this helps


Hi Terry,

Thanks for your reply above mate….

Zorko to Sinclair ?… i have already got Rowe in my team….how about Leuenberger?

I dont have Leuenberger in my team….need to bring him in by some means….

At the moment i have gone with Option 3 as per my above comment…..which is
OUT: Zorko IN Leuenberger….
OUT: Varcoe IN Westhoff….what do you think…..or do i need go for Buddy….as i have already got Bartel and Cox……if i go for Buddy i will be left with $360,000…

Thanks mate….


I'm still unconvinced on Westhoff. He has monstered the weaker defenses of GWS and an under-par adelaide… He didnt do that great v Melb.

Buddy's BE is in the 90's so he may rise in price, but his scoring is pretty erratic. Still a good option though.
Leuy is a good bet . he will AVG 95-105 this year i think.

I still think you need to pour your cash back into your team. 360k is way too much to be sitting in the coffers.



Hi Guys,

Terry, much appreciated for your comment above mate, but still not sure, see below for my team structure and couple of options….

I am shattered with my 3rd round score…..very disappointed really…..and I need help very badly….PLEASE HELP…..

Please see below my current team,

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell – Goodes, Stevenson, Pittard (Brown, Terlich)

MID: Pendles, Gazza, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Moloney – Wines, O’Meara, Viney (Matt Jones (MEL), Kommer)

Ruck: Cox, Roughead (Rowe, Blicavs)

FWD: Bartel, Rockliff, Zorko, Josh J Kennedy, Dwyer, Neade (Varcoe, Macaffer)

$483,900 in the bank and currently ranked 8703 overall

I am thinking of making couple of trades this week and please see below for the options……

OPTION – 1: Will be left with $339,700 in the bank
OUT: Zorko IN: Leuenberger (By swinging Roughie to FWD)
OUT: Varcoe IN: Buddy

OPTION – 2: Will be left with $306,400
OUT: Zorko IN: Leuenberger
OUT: L Brown IN: G Birchall or P Hanley (Which one do you reckon?)

OPTION – 3: Will be left with only $18,900 in the bank
OUT: Zorko IN: Buddy
OUT: L Brown IN: G Birchall

Which option do I need to be using………….

I would really appreciate for any suggestion or comments…..

Thanks Guys,


I also got burned by L Brown log way to go so don't give up

I would go option 2 and go Birchall and am also giving L Brown the flick


Hey guys I got 2349 this round which is alright, but still need a bit of cleaning up to do with my team.

DEF: Hanley, Gibbs, Goddard – Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Heath, Terlich)

MID: Gazza, Pendles, J.P.Kennedy, Cotchin, Moloney, Wines, Viney, K. Stevens (O'Meara, K. Mitchell)

RUCKS: Maric, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Currie)

FWD: Cox, Buddy, Rockliff, J.J Kennedy, Dwyer, Neade (Maccafer, Karnezis)

252,900 in the bank, which i am quite happy about.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated, especially on what to do with Karny and K. Mitchell as both have the potential to be Subs, week in, week out.


OUT K Mitchell IN: B Crouch
OUT Karnezis or B MaCaffer IN: S Rowe
K Mitchell will be dropped back to rookie list… per the news at herald sun website….


Are you serious? Back onto the rookie list? Thanks for the heads up


Hi Jake7,
With your cash in the bank, you could drop Karny to Sinclair/Rowe and up Macaffer to Westhoff/Dusty (i'd prefer Bartel, but you don't quite have enough cash.


Ok.. thanks for the reply. Interesting, do you think the Hoff is going to keep his form? Looks amazing opening 3 rounds


Roughead to Leuenberger ??


Yes, that would be a good trade, as roughead will go down and leuy up. And you can free up some cash for an upgrade, which is a bonus


already done my two bloody trades, Jock!

Had enough of Tuck, traded him for JP Kennedy

Also traded Zorko out for Pendlebury

should be good moves in the long run!

team changa

any point still going for cash generation? shuey for rowe? leaving 820k


Yes cash generation is still a very desirable goal post Rd 3 and Shuey to Rowe would be a decent trade downwards to that end.


Possible trades for this round
Varcoe > Crouch
Varcoe > Hutchins
Which one do you think would be the better choice?


Hutchins, 2 solid scores of 78 and 80 against quality shows he can match it.


Hey community, would appreciate your feedback on the best trade options for me at the moment:

$180,100 in the bank

DEF: Hanley, Gibbs, Goddard, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson, (C. Heath, L. Brown)

MID: Ablett, Swan, Selwood, JPK, Fyfe, Wines, Viney, O'Meara, (M. Jones, MK. Mitchell)

RUCK: Jacobs, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Currie)

FWD: Cox, Rockliff, Martin, J. Kennedy, Zorko, Neade, (Dwyer, Macaffer)

Thoughts on the following options:

Zorko > Rowe
L. Brown > Hutchins

Both Rowe and Hutchins due for big price increases, and I can slide Rowe across for Currie later on. Poor score for Brown in defence, but his price will still go up – not sure on this one…

Zorko > Rowe
K Mitchell > B Crouch

Mitchell looks to be a permanent sub option – I reckon Hinkley likes injecting his pace.

Currie > Rowe
Zorko > Sideways trade to someone like Bartel or Franklin?

Is there another option I'm overlooking? I'm leaning towards Option 1 because of cash generation, but the risk is a lower scoring team on the field…


currie to rowe or sinclair (WCE)
brown to terlich or hutchins
mitchell to crouch


My team is now thankfully spud free after cutting loose Zorko and Karny last night. Good riddance you are now someone else's problem!

Can just sit pretty for a few rounds now and watch the cows fatten nicely!


Hey mate, after some advice:
Currently got Varcoe and Zorko in fwds and Roughead in my ruck.
Varcoe is my no.1 priority so I've swung Roughead into the forwards and traded in Luenerger.
I'm not sure what to do with Zorko and Roughead. I'm leaning towards leaving them for one more week. I have Daw sitting on the bench in my rucks and was thinking of trading him to Rowe.


Definitely get Rowe in this week. However I'd actually hang on to Daw as I reckon it won't be too long before he gets an opportunity especially if North keep struggling.

So I would discard either Zorko or Roughy depending on who you feel least confident about. I reckon both players have question marks hanging over them in terms of whether they can return to their scoring averages of last year.

This will generate over $450K in cash which you will find invaluable over the next few weeks as you begin to upgrade rookie cash cows to premiums.


Cheers! Great advice.
I'm quite unsure as to which to trade out. They both have very similar breakevens which makes it difficult.
I'm leaning more towards Zorko because of this 'niggling injury' and because he's also has an easier run of games than Roughead, in my opinion, and yet still scored low.


Yes tend to agree with you and would probably move on Zorko first. Whether it's because he's dealing with an injury or opposition are paying more attention to him this year or Vossy has changed his role he doesn't look like the guy who leapt on to the scene last season.

Of course there's no guarantee he won't go for 130 this weekend but you have to weigh up the risks based on the information at hand.

Roughy's forward ruck swing capabilities also has some value although I have my doubts about his 2013 SC scoring output levels too.


I also cut loose Zorko last Night, but upgraded to Buddy. I'm happy with the trade and like you I will also hold my fire for the next 2 Rounds, unless am hit with Injury or suspension. I have heaps of cash cows, but am only left with $90K after that trade. To improve this I will be looking at a downgrade target in 3 weeks in the ruck or forward line, when I think Blicavs will peak ( can swing Rowe into Ruck bench).
Thoughts SCaddict?


I considered bringing in Buddy but at this stage I'm going with Monfries. Although I doubt Buddy will drop in price any further Monfries should increase in value more over the next few weeks. I was keen on starting the season with Monfries but went with LeCras instead.

But I've liked what I've seen from Gus the with 3 opening tonnes albeit against questionable opposition so that's why he's probably coming in this week instead of Buddy. Still pretty good value at $410K imo.

Plan to bring in Buddy in 2-3 weeks once one of my cash cow rookies has tripled in value. Have $600K in the bank but there's no rush here.

I agree with your sentiments on Blicavs. It's hard to see him scoring much over 60 so his value should plateau soon. But myself personally I will only cash him out if another rookie ruck is on the bubble such as Witts, Currie or Daw or if I'm directly upgrading to a premium ruck.


Thanks SCaddict.


Thoughts on:

Kreuzer to Sinclair (Then put Cox into ruck, Rowe to FWD)

and then

Neade to Buddy (choosing either Macaffer or Rowe to be on field depending)


Do you think it is too late to jump on wines. Could trade k Mitchell for him?


Definitely NOT too late.


This week might be your last chance to get him at a good price. Get him now if you can.


After trading out Varcoe this week for sinclair so i can do the ruck forward swing with sam rowe i have already used 5 trades. after this week should i hold onto my trades for a few weeks so i dont burn them all?
Trades so far:
OUTVarcoe ($257,400) INSinclair ($112,200)
OUTMitchell ($126,200) INRockliff ($520,500)
OUTWalker ($536,000) INDwyer ($96,200)
OUTWatts ($460,100) INPearce ($458,800)
OUTEmbley ($283,600) INWines ($169,500)


Yea, i'd probably hold off until the cash cows fatten up a bit for the moment. Never know when injuries will strike too, so you don't want to be burning a ton of trades early in the year.


DO NOT get wines now! his price should only go down from here!


yeah, mate…thats good reasoning right there…scored +100 pts round 1, had ashocking round 2, scored 120+ pts round 3…How the hell do you think he will go down in rpice? he has cemented his spot in the midfield!!!!


Hey guys, read the trade rules. You've got 2 every week and they don't accumulate.


What do you think about trading out Shuey, swinging Heppell into the mid and picking up Birchall in defence?

Also how about trading Zorko for Westoff? Am I going a little sideways maybe?


Tough one mate. I have neither of them but I reckon they're both a strong chance to come good. Wouldn't be the worst move though. I'm not sold on Westoff yet…wouldn't be suprised if scores mainly 90's for the rest of the season


Is Varcoe to Sinclair and Maccaffer to Leunberger a waste of trades? That would mean I have 3 rookie rucks (Blicavs,Sinclair and Rowe in FWD line), is that a bit of a risk?


After much internal debate I decided to go with the following:
H. Shaw > J. Hutchins
D. Currie > Leuenberger
Leaving me a nice bank balance of $404.8K

Which leaves my side like this.
Def: Hanley, Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Pittard, Hutchins, Stevenson & Terlich
Mid: GAJ, Watson, Swan, Maloney, Wingard, Wines, B. Goodes, Viney, O'Meara & Kommer
Ruck: Maric, Leuenberger, Rowe & Blicavs
Fwds: Cox, JJ Kennedy, Rockliff, Lecras, Zorko, Neade, Dwyer & Macaffer

My reason for dropping H. Shaw, is that he is about to drop in price (due to his massive 51!) he really struggles when tagged & I don't think my defensive rookies are quite ripe to be cut from the vine just yet.
Plus if the projections on the prices are accurate, I should make about 100k in the move, when you combine the estimated drop of Shaw & rise of Hutchins.


Leuenberger looks to be a very important selection this year – i wish I'd put my balls on the line for him in round 1 when he didn't get selected rather than going for Roughead! Leuey for sure.


Looking for some advice from any seasoned veterans of the supercoach community!!

I chose to leave Karny and Varcoe in my side before round 3 as I seen my priorities lying elsewhere at that stage… It's come time to cut loose those blokes obviously but I'm looking for confirmation as to whether or not my current corrective trades are the right ones to make…

Karny out – Mayes in
Varcoe out – Westhoff in

I chose to do the first trade for obvious reasons and got Westhoff in from the cash I already had in the bank. I've got $217 k left in the kitty at this point so I'm feeling that the trade up was a reasonable move to make, especially given that Westhoff is off to a flyer and still going to generate cash post round 4. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated community.


Thoughts on Sinclair? He looks good but I'm thinking he'll be straight out in 4-5 weeks when Nic Nat comes back. Could make some decent cash in the next month though


I reckon – traded zork the dork for him and used the spare cash upgrading currie to berger


Hey guys,
Stuck with Toby Greene for long enough, 47 on the weekend, don’t care if he comes out and gets 160 against melbourne, doesn’t deserve a spot in my team anymore.. And I think it’s time to jump on wines..
Greene to wines
Dud bench ruckman to luenberger to push cox forward adding to my forward line and rucks seems like a good trade.. Agree?

Was joking, Greene scores 160 this weekend I’ll be as angry as jock was with crouching one last night!


DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Pittard, Stevenson, B Goodes, (Terlich, Docherty)
MID: GAJ, JPK, Watson, Dangerfield, Rich, Wines, O'Meara, Neade, (Viney, K Mitchell)
RUC: Jacobs, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Daw)
FWD: Cox, Rockliff, JJK, Zorko, Dwyer, Rowe (Karnezis, Macaffer)

There's obviously several spots that need solutions, but I've ranked my priorities as ditching "Zorko the piece of feces on a stick" and getting in a bubble boy.

Considering the killer recommendation of Zorko>Hanley, and perhaps Hutchins in for Docherty, leaving me with $434,700.

I'm ploughing through trades, but I'll have to deal with K Mitchell and Karny next week. What do you think?


Alternative bubble boy would be K Mitchell>Crouch.


That's what I'm doing this week.

KMichell to Crouch
Karnezis to Rowe.

Leaves me with a war chest of $667,700

Sitting at 702. Ave of 2325


Holy crap!

That is one well chosen team there my friend. How many trades do you have left?


Hello Community,

Need some help have some options.
OUT: Zorko IN: Monfries

OUT: Varcoe IN: S. Rowe

OUT: K. Mitchell IN: Moloney

Which 2 do i go for? Help is much appreciated


Is there any midfield rookies that have played 2 games apart from B. Crouch?


Three players in the gun for me Zorko Mitchell and Daw. Thinking Zorko for Franklin Mitchell for Crouch and Daw for Rowe. Which two this week? Crouch and Rowe both on the bubble and Zorko has a big be and Buddy just 90.


1. Zorko to Buddy
2. Daw to Rowe – this is because Rowe's JS has gone up after Kruezer getting injured and also hoping Rowe will get more Ruck time and eventually get big scores……..its only my opinion though…..


So leave Mitchell at the moment? Crouch is on the bubble but Rowe is a priority I agree with Kruezer out and hardly any rookie rucks playing. I guess there will be other chances to move Mitchell


Hi Dave,

News about K Mitchell is that he is listed back to rookie list… i would probably go for the below two trades,

OUT: K Mitchell IN: B Crouch
OUT: Zorko IN: Rowe

Generate some cash and then upgrade to some premium next week if you have to…..


Hey Jock bit of help would be appreciated.

Westhoff, the real deal?


OUT: zorko & shuey
IN: Kennedy (WCE) & birchall

Good trades? Any other suggestions greatly appreciated


Which 2 of the following should I get IN:

Franklin, Cox, Leuenberger, Bartel.


Franklin and Berger

Big boy

leuey, Cox


Cox and Leuenberger……..WCE have got some reasonably easy next 6 rounds…..and hope Cox would be good in those games……

Leuenberger will average at about 90 to 100 this year and will generate some good cash and he is on the bubble……..


Do you guys reckon now is the right time to get Buddy into my team?
SC Gold predicts that his price will rise for the next 2 games and will only drop to around $588,000 before Round 8.


Btw, my forward line consists of:

Cox, Bartel, JJK, Rockliff, Dwyer, Neade (Macaffer, Karn)


the zorko – hanley trade is a beauty!!
what do you think of my team jock?

DEF: hanley, birchall, goddard, duffield, goodes, pittard, stevenson, terlich
MID: GAJ, pendles, hannebery, rockliff, viney, omeara, crouch, kommer, k.mitchell
RUCK: jacobs, mumford, rowe, currie
FWD: cox, kennedy, martin, franklin, neade, macaffer, dwyer, lee

$237,900 in the bank
used 5 trades now and don't look like using any trades for a while. might jump on a selwood or dangerfield when they go down a bit in the next 3 weeks and upgrade one of my rookies.


missing a mid


And Gibbs in mid * thanks 🙂


Do you think Varcoe to leuenburger is a good trade? and also shuey to moloney or hanley?


Will Nathan Fyfe keep up his magnificence of 100 points or more each week for the whole footy year? please guys chuck me an answer


the hawks will smash him this week!


Gun, will average at least 110 for the yr, just not sure he can go 22 rounds injury free!


I need to make about 4 trades this week… but im probably gonna make these:

Zorko and Roughead OUT for Cox/Bartel/Martin and Franklin. Then next week i'll trade out Blicavs who'll be around 200k to Leuenberger who'll be around 360k.

Sound good?

Cold Ass Honky

4,126th at the moment. Not hugely happy, been cursed by poor decisions i.e who to start on ground, Dangerfield's average performances etc.

Team as it stands is (4,400 left over):

Def: Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Terlich, Frost)

Mid: Pendlebury, Kennedy, Ablett, Deledio, Mundy, Dangerfield, Viney, O'Meara (Kommer, Jones)

Ruck: Maric, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Currie)

Fwd: Cox, Bartel, Kennedy, Rockliff, Dwyer, Neade (Karnezis, Macaffer)

Trade ideas (not including variations) I've thought of so far:
OUT: Dangerfield, Karnezis IN: Moloney, Monfries
OUT: Kommer, Karnezis IN: Wines, Rowe
OUT: Dangerfield, Karnezis IN: Rowe, ANYONE (can afford any player with this cash).

Thoughts community?
Cheers in advance


Your team looks nicely set up. I would go Danger out for Wines and Karnezis for Rowe, This gives you cash so you can make some upgrades round 5 and 6. This is the strategy I have gone with and I am ranked 4,568 and have $680,000 in bank.

Cold Ass Honky

Ended up going downgrading Danger to Wines, but upping Karnezis to Buddy.


Hi everyone. Just wondering would trading Varcoe for Jake stringer be a good pick? Stringer did kick 5 goals in the VFL. If he plays i think he would be a lock. With that money that I get who should I trade Kreuzer for? I am thinking Goldstein (but then would have goldy and Leueberger in ruck and North Melbourne vs Brisbane this week) Not convinced on Sam Jacobs and adelaide. Ben McEvoy or Ivan Maric?

Would love some feedback. Thankyou!


McEvoy is looking like the best option there. Jacobs has been playing shit but still scoring in the 100's so thats a plus at least.


hey guys.
just wondering if it's too late to go to ollie wines of the power?
thinking sideways from varcoe, thoughts?


Not too late, jump on him!


Yeah stringer could go alright if he plays but there's already Sam Mayes at a similar price who should keep gettting games at the Lions. I wouldn't worry too much about Goldy vs Luey. Ruck vs Ruck will happen during the year either way and if you look at some stats it doesn't really effect the scoring much. I think Goldy and Jacobs are good picks at that price. McEvoy and Maric will keep pumping out the scores, just gotta fork out the extra cash.


Ryder out for 4 weeks. I was keen on giving Bellchambers the flick but having second thoughts now. Thoughts?


DEF: goddard, gibbs, heppell, duffield, goodes, pittard, stevenson, terlich
MID: ablett, pendlebury, kennedy, sidebottom, dangerfield, moloney, wines, o'meara, viney, k.mitchell
RUC: leuenberger, rowe, witts, currie
FWD: cox, rockliff, zorko, kennedy, neade, dwyer, macaffer, kerridge

$490,800 in the bank

NEED some help please community, im so stuck on what to do!

i am pretty set on getting rid of zorko, and i have heard that k.mitchell is back on the rookie list.. so i was thinking:

OUT: Zorko
IN: Franklin OR Westhoff OR D.Martin OR Riewoldt

OUT: K.Mitchell
IN: Crouch
OR swing goodes into the MID and get IN: Birchall OR Burgoyne

if i chose franklin and burgoyne i would still have $150,500


OUT: Zorko
IN: Armfield

OUT: K.Mitchell
IN: Melksham


currie to sinclair
mitchell to crouch
B4 R5 kerridge to mayes
need to earn more cash over next few rounds


matt jones or sam mayes?

Pierre Martin Johane

should i trade out Kommer (suspended for 2 rounds) and Varcoe (injured – should come back around round 5) or just keep them on my bench and hope that the rest of my team will play? I was thinking if i did this then i could make cash on other trades rather than having to deal with Varcoe and Kommer. Is this idea completely stupid or is it a good idea??? Please be honest and tell me what you think

Cold Ass Honky

Varcoe will be out 3 months


I am thinking the same things this week. I think Varcoe will be out for more than a couple but could be wrong so was looking for the bubble and it suited me to go with Rowe who should go up after playing his third game this week and also gives me some coverage for Ryder who is out for 3. On the Kommer side of things I was thinking a straight swap for Crouch who is also on the bubble.


Varcoe to Mayes or Leuenberger?


Another awesome podcast gents!!!
Thoughts on my team???

DEF: Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Duffield, Goodes, Pittard (Stevenson, Terlich)

MID: GAJ, Pendles, Dangerfield, Shuey, Fyfe, Stevens, Wines, O'Meara (Viney, Crouch)

RUC: Jacobs, Luenberger (Rowe, Currie)

FWD: Cox, Rockliff, Walker, Monfries, Kennedy, Dwyer (Neade, Macaffer)

10,900k and 26 trades left…
Cheers for any advice 🙂


Ok so i have no idea what i should do this week:

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Atley, Goodes, Terlich (Stevenson, Pittard)

MID: Pendles, JPK, Deledio, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Wines, O'meara, Viney (Crouch, Mitchell)

RUC: Jacobs, Rowe (Blicavs, Daw)

FWD: Cox, Rockliff, Kennedy, LeCras, Dwyer, Neade (Varcoe, Macaffer)
$637.5k left in the bank


-Atley –> Hanley/Birchall/Roberton/Rookie?
-Varcoe –> The Hoff/Monfries/Other?
-Dangerfield –> Wingard/S.Mitchell/Swallow/Watson?
-Blicavs –> Leuenberger?


I'd take Varcoe Out, move Rowe to forwards, Leuy in and upgrade Atley to Hanley (before his price gets ridiculously high).

Leave Dangerfield and aim to bring your rookies/midpricers up to Premiums over the next few weeks, using that big pile of cash you've got.


for atley i would go birchall
for varcoe i would go monfries
for dangerfield mitchell
for blicavs definantly luenberger
all these players that i have named i have in my side and i would also reccomend luke hodge who has scored like a gun consider him cheap due to injuries




And now Tom is deaf from your yelling 🙂
Caps lock is stuck buddy!


Please help community!!
Who should I downgrade too for Ryder?
I have been think Leuenberger and monfries but I’m not sure which one! and if you guys have any other opinions can u please say
Thank you community




Crouching "BURN MAN" higgins out for rest of the season


Hey Jock is this your email
[email protected]

Trying to sort out your own folder for my email


got my man hodgey in anybody else considering him?


For those contemplating ditching Dangerfield I dont see the logic. At worst he is good enough for M8 position. He may drop in price but our premiums are not picked for cash generation. That’s what the rookies are for. Injury is the only reason to get rid of a gun. We need to get our side full of premiums as quick as possible. A sideways trade does nothing but delay that. Just my 2 cents.


Fully agree, but am going to have the bite the Bullet on a sideways trade for Zorko in my Forward Line. It is clear that unfortunately he isnt a lock.


Agree mate. If it's going to re-stabilize the team then I wouldn't think twice about it. Can't just sit there and watch a player keep dropping in price with average scores


Dusty or Bartell or Robbo?


I recon Dusty out of those. Zorko is a tricky one I have him too. If I trade him I am going against what I said above though. I am going to hold him. In the past I would have traded him but not this year. I am sticking to my plan. I have a feeling this one might bit me in the bum though.


Craig, I agree with you about sideways trading and as such have been agonizing about the decision all night. But I am just very sceptical about holding Zorko as a lock. He's only played 19 games of AFL Footy and the reality is I never should have put him in over Bartell in the first place. His tackle count is well down so far and that was one of the main reasons he always seemed to get a decent score week in week out last year.Dusty really hasnt been that bad this year. He only played a half of footy in the first 2 games but absolutely blitzed on the weekend. His BE is 35 so worst case scenario it will be quite a while before he goes back below his starting price. Havent made up my mind 100% yet but Zorko just seems a long way off it at present.


Yep Zorko does not look anywhere near as good as last year and looks like dropping some coin. He may be the exception but I am still going to hold. I know in the past as soon as I have off loaded one of my original premiums they smash it the next round. At worst he could be a very handy F7 bench for me. Especially with his DPP.


To get rid of the sideways trade dilemma, I have decided to upgrade him to Buddy. It will still leave me with $90K in the Bank.


Evening all!
What a shocking start to SC I’ve had!!

A miserable 1843 in a league whos average is only 2034 and the highest score was 2347.
I feel like Im the Melbourne Demons of my League!! The culprits for this poor excuse of a score are:

DEF: Goddard, Heppell, B. Goodes, L. Stevenson, Shaw, Trelich (Frost, Vlastuin)

MID: Pendles, Gazza, Gibbs, Swan, Dangerfield, Omeara, Dwyer, Crouch, (Viney, Kommer)

RUCKS: Bellchambers, Roughead (Rowe, Currie)

FWD: Cox, Varcoe, Rockliff, Neade, Zorko, LeCras (Macaffer, Lee)

$188,600 left
I’m at a loss as to where to go.

My goal is to win my league ($300 for the winner…no 50 grand but still good for a 25 buck outlay!!)

I know I have some good players and rookies that will help me pick up more premium players as the season rolls on but im worried about inconsistency.

Im pretty sure im going to trade Varcoe out for Kennedy. Should I be worried about my Rucks?

Suggestions would be HUUUUUGELY appreciated, as always.

Thanks guys!


I reckon downgrade Roughead to Luey to generate more cash, but you need to do it this week as Luey should go up approx $50K this week. The varcoe trade is a hard one as it will cost you plenty to upgrade to Kennedy( he went up $75K this week – you should have done it last week). That said, you need to get him out as he will be out for up to 3 months. At least downgrading Roughy to Luey will more than cover the outlay from varcoe to Kennedy. leaving you with more in the bank than you started with.


Varcoe out for Mayes from bris had 71 first game highly rated
Roughie for luey
Zorko for cloke
Other than that your side is pretty solid just a bad week stick with it.


I have a very similar team and share your heartache – most other weeks we would be languishing in an oasis of bliss but we have been hammered unmercifully with too many of these players. I am saying your Mids are A1, backs A2, and in the forwards you at least have to deal with Varcoe.Keep LeCras.I am sticking with Zorko – I think he will lift his output as Rockliff, Redden, Rich, Black, start rolling properly. He should get back his starting price with some bigger numbers. Aim for some decent ruck stocks 'cause I think that's a critical weakness – spend your cash and upgrade a ruck. Good luck.


Just heard that Kane Mitchell has been put back on to The Rookie List and won't be eligible again for elevation until mid season.
Also, Zorko has played approximately 20 Games of AFL Footy. I just cant see how he is a Lock, and quite Frankly have lost patience with Him. I hate Sideways trades as I see them as a waste, but I think that's better than keeping a so called Lock whom isn't good enough/seasoned enough to rely on as a lock.
Any Thoughts?


im picking up Monfries. good start and 410k


Hey guys, Kane Mitchel has been put back on the rookie list I hear? I have 2 major worries in zorko and roughead with 300k in the bank. I think I will stick with zorko for now, but I was thinking of trading roughead put for leuy and then upgrading Kane Mitchel to a Luke hodge or a David Hanneberry while they are still at a reasonable price? Let me know what you guys think, would be greatly appreciated!


Thinking this week Zorko our for Buddy or Mitchell out for Crouch and Daw out for Rowe. Buddy has a reasonable be of around 90, Zorko will lose more money and Rowe is on the bubble and Daw not getting a game. That and Kreuzers injury mean Rowe is an astute trade in this week I think.


Any ideas in who i can replace zorko with in my forward line??


I am tempted to trade Zorko for Franklin as I have a decent amount of money in the bank after I trade J.Roughead for Leuey, good idea? Or will Franklins price drop more?


buddys BE is at 93, he has scored 116 and 121 last 2 weeks. its fair to say he wont drop to much more at all mate, get him in i say. i wish i had a choice that easy.




Yes I am faced with the same thing but for me, I will be trading Karn to Buddy.


im finding it hard to justify dropping zorko for dusty, tigers have a hard 3 games coming up. monfries is another option but im currently fielding 4 port players with one on the bench which might make it to many. daisy thomas is one to look at but i wanna give him one more week to prove himself. i can afford bartel but that leaves $800 in the bank and his consistancy worries me a bit. same story with big saint nick, i love this game but bloody hell its stressfull, im sure there is many in this situation so any thoughts from anyone will be much appreciated


I have the same Dilemma. Just cant justify keeping Zorko in as a Lock, and if I trade him will probably go for Dusty (BE 35). Zorko for Bartell is just too much of a cost turn around and the only reason he scored that 140+ 2 weeks ago is becasue he kicked the winning Goal.


I need to drop Watts this week. Unfortunately I missed the Pierce Hanley and Charlie Dixon trains so have decided on a defensive rookie on the bubble. Should I go with Dean Terlich or Jack Hutchins?

My other problem is Jamie Cripps, I chose him as a POD and because of a depleted West Coast midfield, but he is getting the vest and the injury list is shortening. Do I give him more time or trade him out? If so, is it too late to to jump on Chad Wingard or Aaron Mullet? Or should I go with my gut and take the impressive rookie Sam Mayes so I can sell someone like Josh Kennedy (WC), throw Sam forward and buy an out of form premium like Dangerfield in a few weeks?

Thanks for your help!

A Wiser Man

Great podcast as usual, Jock!

I'm down to 27 trades (rookie fix-ups, LTIs). Which of the following should I do this week?

1: Karne > Rowe
Varcoe > Cotchin using Dwyer DPP

2: Karne > Rowe
Daw > Sinclair

Is it worth the two trades to get rid of an LTI and Karne? My thoughts are that those trades are justified if I'm bringing in my first midfield upgrade already.


I like your first option best – BRING IN A PREMIUM

A Wiser Man

Thanks buddy!


not so wise r u bro

A Wiser Man



Hey guys! I nearly scored 2100 last week but I had Ollie Wines on the bench and O’Meara on the field which cost me!

Just swapped out Dangerfield for Pendlebury and Roughead for Cox! Should be raking in some more points now haha!


Roughead to Cox = good
Dangerfield to Pendlebury = sideways – not sure you will get the value you expect from this trade


Hey guys, just wondering, who should I trade in for varcoe? Callum sinclair or sam mayes?


if you can wait a week on Mayers – but if thats not possible I like Mayes better than Sinclair




make up your own mind? it's not that hard.



A Wiser Man

I would go Birchall. Proven consistency. Personal favourite in defence.


Either. Both Guns


Higgins out for the season. Suck that Brad Johnson – you owe Jock an apology for your comments a few weeks ago.


Hi Guys

Any value in Varcoe to Chris Knights?


The only value been knights is currently playing – Vest worry and best 22 worry could mean he isn't playing for that long and don't see him pumping out big scores either

Better options out there for me – Varcoe to Rowe if you don't have him